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MBB Construction Services

4-29-14 Operations Mgr. Typical Project, Business Unit and Business Unit Mgr.
Corporate Support Interfaces

Business Unit Business Unit

Regional Engr. Mgr.
Mgr. of Construction Mgr. of Projects

Project Mgr.

Project Engineering
Site Mgr. Project Engr. Mgr.

Corp. QA/QC Mgr. Corp. Sfty Mgr.

Sitee QA/QC Rep. Site Safety Rep.

General Supt./
Site Technical Mgr. Site Admin. Mgr.
Construction Mgr.

Field Engrs. Craft Supts. Accounting Clerks

Craft Discipline Lead Corp. Controller

Site Subc. Rep.. Support Craft Supt. Materials Mgr.

Corp. Subcontract Corp. Procurement

Mgr. Mgr.
Site Proj. Cntrls./
Equipment Mgmt. HR Rep.

Corp. Proj. Cntrls.

Corp. HR Mgr.
Document Control Survey Crew Office Mgr.

Work Packaging Office Admin