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XII Andes Model of the United Nation (ANDESMUN 2017)

The military power of the DPRK

only grows every year, 10 years ago few
Committee: Security Council believed that the DPRK would be capable
Topic: North Korea’s other weapons of of launching the missile for a long
mass destruction (WMD) programs. distance. In fact, as of today, it is not
Country: The Russian Federation. completely clear what is really happening
in the DPRK, as well as in the PRC.

Although the objectives and

Greetings, honorable members of
doctrine of North Korea’s BW are not well
the Chair and present delegations.
understood, security experts point out
Receive a warm greeting from our
that BW could be tactical: North Korea is
President Putin, our Prime Minister and
likely to use biological weapons before or
our people.
at the beginning of a conflict to disrupt
The ongoing crisis over North society and create panic, incapacitate
Korea’s nuclear program. While nuclear societies, and/or cause a significant
programs can be monitored by the military diversion.
number of nuclear tests and the success
The creation of communication
of missile tests, weaponizing and
hot lines, negotiations in the field of
cultivating pathogens can stay invisible
nuclear weapons, the progressive
behind closed doors.
reduction of nuclear arsenals are the
In this context, the cooperation of minimal set of proved measures, which if
the three key nuclear powers — Russia, extended to all nuclear powers will allow
the United States, and China — is to carefully move the world away from
becoming a vital necessity: arms control the brink of a nuclear apocalypse.
and disarmament; “horizontal”
The Russian Federation
proliferation of nuclear weapons (NW);
recommends gathering intelligence
prevention of nuclear terrorism. Russia
online: Internet usage in North Korea has
advocates that the issue of missile
been increasing despite tight government
defense should be taken into account in
control of access.
future agreements on arms reduction.