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• Tai Yin in Wealth

Translated from here.

Tai Yin... [?]. This star equates with the moon, hence being born during the night is the most reassuring.
If Tai Yin is alone in the Wealth palace, the person has predestined affinity with money and riches.
Should the native not be energetic and vigorous at work or in his or her career and profession, things
still go unusually smoothly. Also, making a profit the individual frequently makes more than the quota.
If Tai Yin has a high rating in the Wealth palace, the native happens upon a lifetime of affluence. In the
case of Tai Yin having a low rating in this palace the person is unable to hold on to money and wealth.
Or the money goes to the individual's children or other people.
Tai Yin # Lu: This combination is indicative of a storehouse for wealth, riches, and valuables. The
native has money entering from far away places. The person receives help and assistance from the
opposite sex to do with finance and economics.
Tai Yin # Quan: In a man's chart he depends or relies on a woman, that she acquires the money. In a
woman's horoscope, she can take to entrepreneurship and venture; to begin an undertaking, to start a
major task. With much toil there is success.
Tai Yin # Ke: A woman... [?]. A man having Tai Yin # Ke in Wealth obtains assistance and backing
from his wife to get hold of money and riches.
Tai Yin # Ji: In a woman's chart she is lacking in strength re career stuff and starting major tasks or
initiating an undertaking. In the cycle charts Tai Yin # Ji means loss of investments.
Tai Yin and Tian Ji: Empty-handed the individual is able to establish him- or herself.
Tai Yin and Tai Yang: Meeting with Zuo Fu and/or You Bi the native acquires no small fortune.
Tai Yin and Tian Tong: The person is of innate money luck. It is easy for the individual making
money. He or she has a lifetime of prosperity and plenty. With a high rating and seeing Lu Cun, Zuo
Fu, You Bi, great wealth.