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9:05 will be going be better; we lose only 1M instead

of 3M. Tremendous assumption;

Can we get a way without refleeting? Answer is

Regular board meeting
Miguel Lazaro – Prayer
WE need to refleet.
Approval of the Oct 25 2017 Meeting
Need new financing.
Approve! Damn! Minutes.
We will use the proceeds of the sale; bridge

Agenda Once the unit is sold

1. Gstc Board Will buy 35 cars for new account. 20 for new
2. Hirna Presenta world 15 for ESL
3. Transwealth
Prof – malakas ang hatak ng new account sa
4. Okada

Gstc Financials *They are requesting for additional budget for


Exec Summary
Ytd Actuals on track Worst case scenario

1. We phase the purchases to meet the

Financials budget
2. Sell all the unit – surpass the budget
3. Will not take the account of grand hyatt
Loss was due repairs and maintenance
because they were lat
Increase in retails; shares of Sell the unit, wipes out the sale. Can give also
transwealth quote it as expense cash loan.
Net income 7.9M against 8M which is Convert it to cash; use the cash to pay payables
the budget – Rescue Budget – Prof. Andy

5th column – what kind of budget? Sir No point in keeping the vehicle asset. Offering
Coco same budget budget will recast.

BSG – institutional buyer. Bundle ang mahirap

ibenta; easy to get rid. Cash gain and mabilis.
Latest estimate
End of fiscal year loss of 1.8M against Bundle with a fast moving units.
the budget of 554,00

We are on track right now. We want to give

Funding for new project Grand hyatt
visibility. On the budget we will lose 3m but we
review, after shwing docs. Waiting for the
feedback of the examiner.
BSG notice to buy LS500, which is the 2 seater.
It is not practical but it is requested by the GM Its up to us to produce the document and
of Grand hyatt. Instead buy the 3 seater version negotiate – Prof.
of same model in Lexus.
Rough estimate is 7M-8M by prof. budget on
the cash flow basis.

Fleet disposal Sched Cant pay that as a expense.

13M Refleeting it should be funded of sale of

the units.
Operational Updates. Stattion Operating
Prof Income

10M for the Hyatt Top Performers

Effect of the refleeting according to BSG Wathclist

Show were it will start making sense. Refleeting

will be in the next month
Management will assess the station this
Management cant provide assessment . December and will be decisive if the station will
be retained.
Suggestion of BSG, email the figures the net
effect of the refleeting against the previous Ms. Lazaro, don’t need more station.
budget. Will it show better improvement.
Leasing is not margin but not def cash flow
Pro rata on the initial call
Concentrate on strategic place.

BSG – foreign rental? Mig Lazaro – still have but

Accounts receivable in Pampanga. For out of town trips

67% Internal Concerns

33% External concerns Details and soul searching analysis

Prof – it is improvement Ratio of another business

Prepare figures

Collection efficiency

YTD 88% lower of 1% against last year

Prayer :

Bir Assessment We’ve come today to honor you this day, we

ask for your blessing and we ask for your
Informed the board the BIR assessment goes
wisdom to guide us blessing for this agenda. To
down to 18M from 105M. Full audit of the Year;
serve you and serve others.
we have underpayment of Income tax. Paper

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