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“Our Lord and our God, we firmly believe that you are here.

that you see us that you hear us. We adore

your profound reference we beg your pardon for our sins and the grace that we spend this time of
meeting fruitfully our immaculate mother, St. Joseph, our father Lord our guardian angel.

Executive Summary

1. Year to date better than budget

2. Expenses Stabilized
3. Top line sales
4. Key accounts

Discussion Points

1. GSTC Financials
2. Daily Business Reports
3. Creating of Avis Credit card
4. Operations of Updates
5. Fleet management as service

 Gross Revenue

Special Project – Pag Ibig rounds in the Luzon

Three Phases
Special Projects
Special Project was not the main reason for the increase of the revenue.

 Daily Business Report

Rescue plan superseded the previous budget

 Account Receivables

External Concern – 28%

Internal Concern –
1,300 – Central Billing – Avis international

Revised Billing – BSG

1. Underbill
2. Wrong client name
3. Without the signature of Passenger
4. Wrong amount

Creation of Avis Credit Card

Collection efficiency – 59%
Target Collection Efficiency – 55%
Prof – Projection of Revenue is 37% which is not happening
Revenue is not coming in

Internal – lose of accounts; service

External – Uber/Grab
*Find a way to tie up with Grab/Uber

 Operations Updates
Leasing account

Top 3 Long Term Focus

1. Mobility as a service
2. Fleet management as a service
3. Connected city

Immediate Projection – Greece Licensee Conference

1. Global Network
2. Avis Tour Pal (App)

Coco – Mobility as a service

As an asset; status symbol

Prof – Avis will enter a new mobility game like Uber or grab

To be more creative than Uber/Grab

 Fleet management as a service

To develop a system and provide it as ours

The Taxes must be on Guevent – BSG

Conversion of some Avis cars to Grab – will downsize the Avis but will continue to explore other

 Access to a Global networks

Creation of Avis Tour Pal – virtual Tour Guide on Mobile Phone

“self-Guided Tour”
The revenue will be share with the App developer

Revitalization and Modernization Program

1. Short Term
 Call Center
2. Midterm
 Front and back Office

Taxi Now Davao and Tcomp

 Grab for Work

o Tie up with Grab
o Avis Central powered by Grab
o Charged to the room
o Convenient
o Call center Support

2 Target Market of this Project

 Small Hotels
 All competitive hotels
 Uber for Rent
 Lazada Express – Independent Contractor for 5 years
 Mitsui & Co.

DSG – Issue in monitoring the Vehicles in real time?

Coco – thru GPS, monitoring the movement of the Car with automated transaction receipt

 Labor Case of Arlene Espiritu et al.

The decision of the NLRC was in favor to G&S TC

10:55am end