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Revision No: Date:

Operation / Activity: Last Review by: Date:

Working Adjacent to Public Areas
Personnel / Property at Risk Prep by: Date:

Site to be applied App’d by: Date:

Element Hazard Uncontrolled Control Measures Residual Risk

Risk Value Value
Working Adjacent to Public L S R L S R
Site Vehicles 3 2 6  Segregated walkways for public members around working 3 1 3
striking members area.
of the public  Exclusion zones erected and marshalled by CBUK operatives.
 Trained and competent erectors and banksman to be used to
move vehicles.

Public Members 2 5 10  Exclusion zones erected and marshalled by CBUK operatives.

being trapped by
 An unobstructed passageway of not less than 600 mm wide to
the slewing motion
be maintained available between the counterweight and any
of the crane
wall, other equipment etc.

Fumes  All plant items, which are producing fumes, are to be

positioned such that all fumes and exhausts are directed away
from the public areas.

Severity (S): 1-minor 1st aid, 2-Minor hospital referral, 3-RIDDOR (over 3 day), 4-Major injury, 5-fatality
Likelihood (L): 0 - Very Remote, 1 - Remote, 2 - Occasional, 3- Probable, 4 – Frequent
Hazard Rating S x L (0-3 = Low, work can 4-7 = Medium, Work needs additional controls, 8 or more = High, Work shall not commence)
NG / 0430 /RA

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