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1. What did you say? I _______________ to you. a.- wasn't listening b. am not listening c.- didn't listening d.

d.-don't listen
2. While I ___________________ for English test yesterday, my brother _____________ fun with his friends.
A.- studyed / was having B-. was studying / was having C. -was studied / had D.- was studying / was hasing
3. Mrs Adams was ___________ dinner at 6 o'clock yesterday morning. A.- Have been B.- had C.- have D.- having
4. My neighbour, ________ speaks three languages, is a translator a.- who b.-that c.- whose d.- which
5. Rome is .................. than London. a.- more old b.- older c.- oldest d.- more older
6. Some students are more ____________ than others. A.-smart B.-lazy C.- successful D.- fast
7. The test says that Mark is more ___________ Becky. A.- creative than B.- smarter C.-intelligent that D.-faster than
8. Tom thinks that his car is ___________________ than my car.
A) expensive B) more expensive C) most expensive D) more expensiver
9. Yesterday I ____________ to see my grandparents. A.-went B.- have gone C.-gone D.-go
10. My sister _______ lives in Istanbul is going to visit us. A.- Where B.- wihch C.- whose D.- that
11. That pencil____________ is on your desk belongs to me. A.- which B.-where C.-who D.- which
12. If you can’t find the hotel ________ I stayed last weekend, I can tell you ________ to ask.
a.- which / where b.- where / who c.- where / which
13. ______ they swimming when the phone rang? A. Were B.- Are C.- Do D.- Did
14. Marsha sometimes ___________ her homework. A. doesn't do B. hasn't done C.-has been done D. do
15. Ronnie, I _____________ you in a long time. How have you been? A. was seen B.-saw C.- haven't seen D.- hadn't seen
16. Some people say that it is better to _________ for today. A. -is living B.- living C.-lives D.- live
17. Have you ever ____________ to Canada? A.-Being B.-be C.-been D.-have been gone
18. My cousin works for a company _________ sells laptops. a.- who b.- what c.-where d.- that
19. The computer problem, ______ was unexpected, is now solved. a.-who b.- which c.- what d.- whose
20. This is the book _________ everybody has been waiting for. a.- whose b.- what c.- which d.- whom
21. a.- He’s a lot taller than you b.- He’s a lot taller that you c.- He's a lot taller from you. d.- He is much tall than you
22. What _____ Add and Helen _____ when you broke the glass? A.- are / doing B.- was / doing C.-were / doing D.- did / did
23. a.- The more amazing thing just happened to me! b.- The most amazing thing just happened to me!
c.- The amazingest thing just happened to me! d.- The thing than is most amazing just happened to me
24. Albert doesn't like ___________ on weekends. A.- Works B.- to work C.-work D.- is working
25. She _____ to school on the bus temporarily A.-Goes B.-will go C.- has gone D.- is going
26. What time _____________ up every day? A.- are you waken B.- have you waking C.- do you wake D.- none
27. Don't talk to me now. I _______ the movie. A.-be watching B.-am watching C.- have to watch D.- don't have to watch
28. We never ________________ Mr. Barrientos anymore. He's too busy. A.-Don’t see B.- see C.-sees D.- Haven’t seen
29. Did you ____________ early today? A.- will leave B.- left C.- are going to leave D.- want to leave
30. I have _________ to travel throughout Brazil. A.-always wanted B.-wanted always C. always been wanted D,-None
31. A. Have you been exerciced with Glen? B.- Has Glen exercised lately? C.- Is Glen usually exercising today? D.- None
32. My brother .................hard at the moment, because his colleagues are sick. a.working b.is working c.works d.work
33. What ................... ? a.-does this word mean b.- means this word c.- mean this word d.-is this word meaning
34. Ow! ................ on my foot! a. You stand b. You're standing c. You are stand d.- none
35. What ....................... this weekend? a.- are you doing b.- are you do c.-do you do d.- none
36. What ............ at the weekend?
a.- do you normally do b.-are you normally doing c.- do you normally doing d.are you normally do
37. A: How's your brother? B: He's fine. He ........................ hard at the moment, because he's got his final exams next month.
A.- studys B.- is study C.-is studying D.-studies
38. The train ________ goes to Madrid leaves from platform 2. a.- where b.- who c.- which d.- whose
39. We __________ when we saw the woman. A.- Walked B.- were walked C.- were walking D.-walking
40. Where’s the dog _________ lives next door? a.- who b.- which c.- whose d.- when
41. My friend Caroline, ________ is Scottish, tells funny jokes. a.- who b.- which c.- whose d.- where
42. Tina and Cindy .................... (read) a newspaper. A.-was read B- was reading C.-were readed D.-were reading
43. He occasionally _______________ a headache in the morning. A,-Having B.- has C.-have D.-is having
44. Bill and Willy .................... (play) computer games. A.- was played B.-were playing C,-were plaing D.- none
45. This is the village _________ my mother spent her childhood. a.- when b.- which c.- where d.- who
46. John .................... (swim) in a pool. A.-swum B.- was swam C.- were swimming D.-none
47. The desks, ________ are very old, need to be changed. a.- who b.- what c.- which d.- whom
48. He doesn’t remember the day ________ he left school. a.- why b.- that c.- whose d.- who
49. Do you know anyone ______ has visited Ireland? a.- whom b.- whose c.- that d.- which
50. A: Rachel's a vegetarian so we'll have to ask the restaurant to provide a vegetarian menu. B: .................. fish?
a.- Eats she b.- Is she eating c.-Is she eat d.-Does she eat
51. A: ..................... a tie to work? B: No, but we've got an inspection from Head Office today!
a.- Are you always wearing b.- Do you always wear c.-Wear you always d.- none
52. ................... a coffee? a. Are you want b. Do you want c.Are you wanting d.- none
53. The meal ________ we had at the restaurant was very good. a.- where b.- which c.- who d.- whose
54. “Grease” was the first film ________ I saw at the cinema. a.- what b.- who c.- which d.- where
55. The students didn’t understand ________ the teacher said. a.- what b.- that c.- which d.- where
56. a. He’s the most good in the team at goal scoring .b. He’s the best in the team at goal scoring. c. He’s best in the team at goal
scoring. D.-none
57. a) It’s frighteninger if you look down. b). It’s more frightening if you look down. c.) It’s the frightening if you look down.
58. I ___________________ TV when I ____________ a loud noise.
a.-was watching / was hearing b.- watched / was hearing c.-watched / Heard d.-was watching / heard
59. Tom wasn't reading a book. He ______________ the dog. a. was fed b.fed c was feeding. d. is feeding


A Monkey Maze This game involves moving cute little monkeys through mazes. Once you begin playing, it’s difficult to
stop, as each level becomes harder and harder to finish. Most children under 10 will find the game very hard as players
need to quickly finish each maze before the sand clock runs out. Although the creators say that it can be played in
groups, it is not recommended as group scores aren’t kept and players need to remember their scores each time

B Pajama Panda Remember how much kids loved this game on the PC? Finally, it’s available for PlayStation. In this
adventure, kids solve problems with the little superhero, Pajama Panda, as he journeys through a human body. The aim
of the game is to help restore peace and order on Earth while learning about food and diet at the same time. Children
meet funny characters and solve problems by collecting objects, answering riddles, and playing games. This video game
is best for children aged 6-9, and can be played just as easily alone as with a parent.

C Rocket House Rocket House is an interactive kid’s game where they explore a rocket house with the Cosmic Family! It
features coloring and solving simple puzzles. Kids will have a great time meeting the family, their crazy pets and plenty
of colorful monsters. Using the controls like a magic wand, kids can find crazy cartoons, funny stories, and playful mini
games. They’ll need adult help, as it was created for the very young. It’s only available at the moment for PlayStation

D Brainy Brainy gets young kids thinking and is good for their memories. It’s full of trivia questions in a variety of
categories, from animals to health, and it even asks different questions depending on the age of each player, making it
perfect for parties of mixed age groups. Players can compete against each other or play cooperatively. The time given to
answer the questions is more than enough. With both competitive and cooperative game modes and 20,000 questions
in multiple categories, the fun is virtually endless! We can’t wait till it comes out on PC
Which game…
60 gives players a limited time? 61 has puzzles? 62 teaches children to remember things? 63 was for
computers before? 64 is best played in groups? 65 is for all ages? 66 is too difficult for nine-year-olds?
67 needs children’s parents to play with them? 68 takes into consideration the age of the player? 69 teaches
children about correct eating habits?

70 Adam went to bed late because…a. he was fixing his computer. b. he didn’t feel tired. c. his son felt sick.
71 Adam’s son returned to bed at… a. four o’clock a.m. b. six o’clock a.m. c. a quarter to seven a.m.
72 At ten to eight, a. Adam’s alarm clock went off. b. Adam got up. c. Adam left home.
73 In the morning, Adam didn’t have time to… a. wash. b. have breakfast. c. buy petrol.
74 Adam borrowed money to buy… a. a bus ticket. b. lunch. c. petrol.
75 This evening, Adam will… a. relax and watch TV. b. spend time with his family. c. be very busy.
----76 This year, the course will run for... A six weeks. B seven weeks. C eight weeks.
77 The problem last year was that...A few people wanted to attend. B there were too few workers.
C there was nothing to do on rainy days.
78 This, year, for the first time, children will.A do creative activities. B do new outdoor sports. C organise events.
79 Molly doesn’t think children will come for six weeks because...A it’s too expensive. B they will do the same
activities again and again. C their parents will want to spend time with them.
80 It’s important that parents of children attending the course...A: pay the full amount immediately.
B: choose the activities the child wants to do when they apply. C: inform Molly about any food the child cannot eat.