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Basir Hargrave January 25, 2018

What is a learning reflection?

It is exactly what is says; it is a reflection on what you learned over the past few days. Answer the

following questions:

1. What is Ethos, Pathos and Logos? (Give an explanation and examples of each.)

Ethos can be described as dealing with credibility, respectability and good character. For

example, someone who is seen as being respectable would be former president Barack

Obama, because his action and decision making seem ethical.

Pathos is, “the path to your heart”, and persuading someone using their emotions as a

tool. For example, in the advertisement by, The Addiction Network, they properly use

Pathos by stating,” Every 30 seconds someone dies from problems with addiction.” This

is an example of Pathos because you are shocked by how many people are affected by

addiction and makes you feel compassion for those affected by addictions.

Logos is a form of rhetoric that focuses on logical statements, evidence, statistics and

facts as a form of persuasion. For example, a proper use of Logos is in Hillary Clinton’s,

“Woman’s Rights are human rights”, when addressing an audience of female world

leaders in Beijing, China. She proclaimed,” It is a violation of human rights when the

leading cause of death worldwide among women ages 14 to 44 is the violence they are

subjected in their own homes by their own relatives.” This is a great example of Logos

because she is using factual evidence to support her argument.

2. What are the techniques to writing a good summary?

Some good techniques to writing a good summary are focusing on main ideas, key

points, using your own words and condensing ideas to make easier to understand. There

are two types of summaries as well, Block Summaries and Point-by-Point Summaries.

In a block summary it is important to include an Introduction or thesis statement,

summaries the text in two or three paragraphs, state if you agree or disagree and finally

write a conclusion. In a point-by-point summary it is crucial to include an Introduction or

thesis, three different summaries stating if you agree or disagree with the text and a


3. In one paragraph, summarize a popular movie.

The film, “Spider-man: Homebound” is about a teenager named Tony Parker from New

York City is tasked with helping the superhero Iron-Man (Tony Starks) and is an

experiment from Mr. Starks. Spiderman must help Mr. Starks defeat a new foe to save

the city of New York.