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Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell
Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell
Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell

Lenormand Combinations Ebook

by Lisa Boswell

Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell
Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell
Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell
Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell
Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell
Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell
Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell
Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell
Lenormand Combinations Ebook by Lisa Boswell

01. The Rider Combinations

Clover: The arrival of luck | Ship: A message from overseas | Home: A house guest | Tree: A message from a family member | Clouds: News which causes confusion | Snake: The arrival of a nemesis | Coffin: News of death | Bouquet: A delivery of flowers | Scythe: A warning to be cautious of mail | Whip: A sporting competition | Birds: A message on a social media platform | Child: News about a child | Fox: News about a job | Bear: A message for a parent | Stars: News from a well known person | Stork: The arrival of a baby | Dog: Arrival of a friend | Tower: Mail for the government | Garden: Something heard at a party | Mountain: Slow mail, something arriving too late | Ways: Being told something which causes a dilemma | Mice: A message which causes stress | Heart: News from a loved one | Ring: News about an engagement | Book: Being told a secret | Letter: A postman, a package | Man: The arrival of a man | Woman: The departure of a woman | Lily: Arrival of an older man | Sun: News about your success | Moon: News about your reputation | Key: Special delivery | Fish: A message about money | Anchor: Someone who brings stability | Cross: News which causes your seeker a burden

02. The Clover Combinations

Rider: A postal competition | Ship: Winning a trip | Home: Homely superstitions | Tree: Irish ancestry | Clouds: A positive experience which is dampened | Snake: Luck with regard to an enemy, temporally upper hand | Coffin: The end of a struggle | Bouquet: An unexpected gift | Scythe: The grass needs cut | Whip: Strokes of luck | Birds: A good meeting, harmful chit chat | Child: Finding small amounts of money | Fox: Success at work | Bear: Investments which pay off | Stars: A small but loyal fan base | Stork: An unexpected pregnancy | Dog: An Irish friend | Tower: Small money from the government | Garden: Opportunities for fun | Mountain: Little progress | Ways: Options which are too good to choose from | Mice: Short-term release from stress | Heart: Winning heart | Ring: A contract which is in the seeker’s favour | Book: A little book | Letter: A money order | Man: A lucky man | Woman: An Irish woman | Lily: A successful time during Winter | Sun: A successful time during summer | Moon: Positive recognition | Key: A lucky break | Fish: Finding money | Anchor: Success which is here to stay | Cross: Possible gambling problem

03. Ship Combinations

Rider: A foreign messenger | Clover: A trip to Ireland | Home: A move overseas | Tree: An exotic tree | Clouds: Torrential rain | Snake: An enemy from overseas or with a foreign background | Coffin: A death overseas | Bouquet: An exotic gift | Scythe: Plan cut short | Whip: Frequent trips | Birds: A couple’s trip | Child: A small

| Bouquet: An exotic gift | Scythe: Plan cut short | Whip: Frequent trips | Birds:

country | Fox: A job on a boat | Bear: Foreign parents, foreign boss etc. | Stars: A northern star | Stork: Emigration overseas | Dog: An exotic friend | Tower: A international government | Garden: Party by the sea | Mountain: Progression of a persistent problem | Ways: Moving forward with choices | Mice: Stressful travel, rush hour | Heart: Travel for love | Ring: Progression of relationship | Book:

Learning a different language | Letter: A letter from overseas | Man: A foreign man | Woman: A well traveled woman | Lily: The Sun, a zodiac sign | Sun: A holiday | Moon: Travel at night | Key: Key to a ship, important boat | Fish: International trade | Anchor: The seaside, a beach | Cross: Sickness abroad

04. Home Combinations

Rider: Special delivery | Clover: House in Ireland | Ship: A house boat | Tree: A tree house | Clouds: Confusion at home | Snake: A traitor on your seeker’s doorstep | Coffin: A death in the family | Bouquet: A vase | Scythe: Accident at home | Whip:

Safety threatened | Birds: An old folks home | Child: Youngest in the family | Fox:

Work from home | Bear: The seeker’s mother’s house | Stars: Stable progress | Stork:

Change of home | Dog: A Friend’s house | Tower: Council house | Garden: The seeker’s garden | Mountain: Issues in the family | Ways: The route home | Mice: Mice in the house | Heart: Contentment | Ring: Family commitments | Book: A bookcase | Letter: A message from a relative | Man: A family man | Woman: A homely woman | Lily: Family during Christmas time | Sun: Holiday home | Moon: Reputation in the neighbourhood | Key: House keys | Fish: Investment property | Anchor: Lasting stability | Cross: Family burden’s

05. Tree Combinations

Rider: News about health | Clover: A lucky family member | Ship: Foreign ancestry | Home: Family home | Clouds: Confused family | Snake: Deceptive family member | Coffin: A slow illness | Bouquet: A family gift, an inheritance | Scythe: A sudden death in the family | Whip: Arguments in the family | Birds: Chatting to family on social media | Birds: A younger relative | Fox: A relatives job | Bear: The head of the family | Stars: A famous ancestor |Stork: A baby in the family | Dog: A pets health | Tower: Genealogical records |Garden: A family barbecue | Mountain: Long term health problems | Ways: A family's options | Mice: Health stresses | Heart: A loving family | Ring: Family heirlooms | Book: Books on health and fitness | Letter: A letter from a family member | Man: A homely man | Woman: A family woman | Lily:

Sexual health | Sun: Family happiness | Moon: A family's reputation | Key: Health as a priority | Fish: A family business | Anchor: Stable health | Cross: A genetic illness, an inevitable illness

as a priority | Fish: A family business | Anchor: Stable health | Cross: A genetic

06. Clouds Combinations

Rider: Arrival of further information to clear up confusion | Clover: Confusion over winnings | Ship: Bad weather at sea | Home: Negativity at home | Tree: Health complications | Snake: An enemy puts confusion in someone’s head | Coffin: A difficult illness | Bouquet: Confusion over a gift | Scythe: The end of confusion | Whip: Negative competition | Birds: Confusing conversations | Child: Small amounts of confusion | Fox: Gas lighting | Bear: An uncertain authority | Stars:

Recognition for something negative | Stork: Decisions executed | Dog: Uncertainty over a friend | Tower: Confusion caused by the government | Garden: Confusion at a social event | Mountain: A long-term inability to make concrete decisions | Ways:

Choices made | Mice: Negativity which slowly affects the seeker | Heart: Confusion over a relationship | Ring: Confusion over a contract | Book: Learning more facts | Letter: Mixed up information | Man: A confused man | Woman: A difficult woman | Lily: Dementia | Sun: Bad weather | Moon: Inability to tell between intuition and thoughts | Key: Rain on an important day | Fish: Confusion over finances | Anchor:

Rain at the beach | Cross: A difficult burden

07. Snake Combinations

Rider: The arrival of an enemy | Clover: A false friend gets a lucky break | Ship: A back stabber moves | Home: Enemy lines | Tree: A rival lays down roots | Clouds: A double agent is in the seeker’s life | Coffin: A nemesis dies | Bouquet: A false friend which brings gifts | Scythe: An advisory goes in for the kill | Whip: An adversity is stopped in their tracks | Birds: Gossip heard about a false friend | Child: An enemy results to pettiness | Fox: The seeker had a false friend who they would not ever suspect | Bear: An nemesis gains power | Stork: An enemy gets pregnant | Stars: A false friend makes progress | Dog: An secret enemy who is a close friend | Tower:

Deception causes isolation | Garden: A nemesis shows up at a party | Mountain:

Cheating is a long term obstacle | Ways: An enemy makes a decision | Mice: A back stabber creates problems | Heart: A love/hate relationship | Ring: An enemy's jewellery, valuables etc. | Book: A false friend who likes books | Letter: A misleading message or contract | Woman: A false female friend | Man: A deceptive man | Lily:

Possibly a gold digger | Sun: An enemy who is successful | Moon: Curses, witchcraft | Key: The reveal of an enemy | Fish: Shady investments | Anchor: A rival who is not going away | Cross: A religious deception

08. Coffin Combinations

Rider: A slow illness arrives. Could represent the seeker catching a contagious illness |Clover: An inheritance | Ship: An end to travel plans | Home: A death around the home, in the seeker's town etc. | Tree: Taking care of health after a

to travel plans | Home: A death around the home, in the seeker's town etc. |

illness | Clouds: A double agent is in the seeker’s life | Snake: Negativity which attracts negative people | Bouquet: Dead flowers | Scythe: One death after another, the later being unexpected | Whip: Strife which keeps resurfacing | Birds: Death of grandparents, death of twins | Child: Death in youth, death of a child | Fox: The end of a job | Bear: A highly negative boss, critical parents | Stars: Dashed hopes and dreams | Stork: Running away from the past | Dog: A sick pet | Tower: Government assistance such as disability allowance | Garden: A funeral | Mountain: A chronic illness | Ways: Choices to make after endings | Mice: A deteriorative illness | Heart:

Death of a loved one | Ring: The end of a contractual commitment, divorce | Book:

End of term at school, university or collage | Letter: Wills and inheritances | Man:

A negative man | Woman: A dying woman | Lily: Death of an older man | Sun: Good news regarding health | Moon: Menopause | Key: A significant death or illness | Fish: A drowning | Anchor: Bad health which is chronic but under control | Cross: A death which results in increased responsibilities for the seeker

09. Bouquet Combinations

Rider: The arrival of a gift for the seeker, possibly by special delivery | Clover: A gift of money, a gift of something green | Ship: A romantic trip | Home: A beautiful house | Tree: Wild flowers, flowers which grow in woodlands | Clouds: Values and ethics which are conflicting and confusing | Snake: An act of kindness designed to manipulate | Coffin: Gifts for a gravesite, flowers associated with death | Scythe:

Joy which is short lived | Whip: Values which cause arguments | Birds: Affection displayed on social media | Child: A present for a child | Fox: Flattery | Bear: A gift for a boss | Stars: Well known values and ethics | Stork: A surprise pregnancy | Dog:

Gifts for a friend | Tower: A tax rebate | Garden: Gardening, botanical gardens | Mountain: A habit of apologising too much | Ways: Decisions over an offer | Mice:

Recognition which fades away | Heart: Romantic love | Ring: An engagement | Book:

A secret gift | Letter: A present in the form of paper, such as concert tickets | Man:

A traditional man | Woman: A beautiful woman | Lily: Lily flowers | Sun: Kindness which pays off in the future | Moon: A good reputation | Key: A life changing gift | Fish: A gift of wine | Anchor: Considerate acts which are frequent and long term | Cross: An offering which has become burdensome

10. Scythe Combinations

Rider: The end of communications | Clover: Cutting the grass | Ship: Travel plans cancelled | Home: An accident in the house | Tree: Cutting down a tree | Clouds:

Confusion clarified | Snake: The end of an enemies interest in the seeker | Coffin:

The end of an illness | Bouquet: Pruning flowers, trees etc. | Whip: Strangulation | Birds: Deleting social media accounts | Child: A fresh start, possibly too soon (as in, jumping out of one relationship and straight into another)

accounts | Child: A fresh start, possibly too soon (as in, jumping out of one relationship

Fox: Accidents at work | Bear: A lifestyle change after a health scare | Stars:

Progress after disaster | Stork: Change after disaster | Dog: The end of a friendship | Tower: The end of governmental involvement or assistance | Garden:

An accident at a party | Mountain: An injury which takes a long time to heal | Ways:

An accident during a walk, a hike etc. | Mice: A cut which gets infected | Heart:

Heart surgery | Ring: Broken valuables | Book: Leaving school, collage or university suddenly | Letter: A letter opener | Man: A troubled man | Woman: A sharp woman | Lily: Contentment after shocks | Sun: Happiness after nasty surprises | Moon: Negative emotions | Keys: Keys cut | Fish: The end of a stream of income | Anchor: Accidents at sea | Cross: Endings which are fated, something which is not meant to be

11. Whip Combinations

Rider: News from an estranged person | Clover: Strokes of luck, such as luck in 3's | Ship: Disagreements over travel plans | Home: Discord at home | Tree: Abuse in a family | Clouds: A conflict which causes confusion | Snake: Arguments with enemies | Coffin: Conflict laid to rest | Bouquet: Gifts given repeatedly | Scythe:

Serious psychical abuse | Birds: Arguments on social networking websites | Child:

Child abuse | Fox: Psychological abuse, a sociopath | Bear: Abuse of power | Stars:

An abundance of opportunities | Stork: Contractions | Dog: A trainer | Tower: A gym membership | Garden: Abuse made public | Heart: Abuse of a partner | Ring:

Physical commitments | Book: Secret conflicts | Letter: A fitness plan | Man: An argumentative man | Woman: An abusive woman | Lily: Sexual abuse, sex as a weapon | Sun: Repeated accomplishments | Moon: Consecutive awards, recognition etc. | Key: Significant abuse | Fish: Multiple income streams | Anchor: Consistent arguments | Cross: Physical pain

12. Birds Combinations

Rider: An older couple receive news | Clover: Twins get lucky | Ship: Friends online from overseas | Home: Talks about home | Tree: Birds in trees | Cloud: Gossip causes confusion | Snake: Friends who talk behind your back | Coffin: Being alerted to a death over social media | Bouquet: Gifts from an older couple | Scythe: The unexpected separation of an older couple | Whip: Addiction to validation | Child:

Small talk with younger peers | Fox: Gossip around the workplace | Bear: Selfies at the gym | Stars: Being 'tweeted' by your idol | Stork: Gossip of pregnancy | Dog:

Chats with friends | Tower: Talks with or about an organisation | Garden: Social Networking | Mountain: Gossip which causes problems | Ways: Opportunities for chit chat | Mice: Social media related stress (too many notifications!) | Heart: Talks about love | Ring: Talk of commitment | Book: A secret social media account |

(too many notifications!) | Heart: Talks about love | Ring: Talk of commitment | Book: A

Letter: General chit chat through text, PMs etc. | Man: A twin man | Woman: A gossiping female | Lily: Rumours about someone’s sexuality | Sun: Chats which lead to happiness, happiness to socialise | Moon: A reputation for gossip | Key: A significant conversation | Fish: Business discussions | Anchor: Chats at the seaside, near water etc. | Cross: Hearing gossip which becomes a burden

13. Child Combinations

Rider: A child who brings news | Clover: Small luck | Ship: Small travels | Home: A children's home | Tree: A new tree | Clouds: Rain showers, a small amount of rain |

Snake: A younger individual who is deceptive |

Coffin: Negativity which is small in

amount but obvious | Bouquet: A beautiful youngster | Scythe: Little accidents | Whip: An active child | Birds: Twin children | Fox: The beginning of a new job | Bear:

A baby bear, a teddy bear | Stars: A child Stars | Stork: A newborn | Dog: A puppy | Tower: A small organisation | Garden: A child's party | Mountain: A little mountain, such as a hill | Ways: Small choices | Mice: Children's diseases, such as chickenpox, measles etc. | Heart: A new lover | Ring: A child's ring, jewellery | Book: A youngster's secret | Letter: A small letter | Man: A little man | Woman: A female child | Lily: A virgin | Sun: A little sunshine | Moon: Puberty | Key: Something which appears small but is actually significant | Fish: Tiny investments | Anchor: A child's stability | Cross: A youngster's destiny

14. Fox Combinations

Rider: Deceptive news | Clover: A fraudster's luck | Ship: A trickster from overseas | Home: A con artist close to home | Tree: A charlatan in the family | Clouds: A trickster brings confusion | Snake: Someone who appears as a friend to con the seeker | Coffin: A calculating individual brings negativity | Bouquet: A job offer | Scythe: The end of a career | Whip: A trap set for animals | Birds: A fake social media account | Child: A child's job | Tower: An authority who is not as they seem | Stars:

Cunning results in advancement | Stork: Change of job | Dog: A friend who is wolf in sheep's clothing | Tower: Governmental red tape | Garden: Creative social manoeuvres | Mountain: A problem with creativity | Ways: A con artist who has choices | Mice: A trickster who irritates the seeker | Heart: A sweetheart scam | Ring: Trickery into an unwanted commitment | Book: A fake education, a degree mill | Letter: A letter of a job offer | Man: A cunning man | Woman: A sneaky female | Lily:

Deception related to sexuality | Sun: Accomplishment as a result of creativity | Moon: Recognition for creativity | Key: Manipulation which is significant | Fish: A Ponzi scheme | Anchor: A long term job | Cross: A job at a religious centre

Manipulation which is significant | Fish: A Ponzi scheme | Anchor: A long term job |

15. Bear Combinations

Rider: Arrival of a new authority figure | Clover: An authority figure grants the seeker luck | Ship: Foreign bosses | Home: The seeker's parents, the seeker as parents | Tree: The head of a family, the seeker's ancestors | Clouds: Powerful confusion | Snake: A strong enemy | Coffin: An unhealthy lifestyle | Bouquet: Gift for a teacher, parents etc. | Scythe: A boss's death | Whip: Arguments among authority figures | Birds: Small chit chat with authority figures, lunch with the boss etc. | Child: An elder's child (such as an aunt, uncle etc.). | Fox: A job in the health and fitness industry | Stars: A promotion | Stork: An authority becomes pregnant | Dog: A powerful ally | Tower: Heads of state, kings and queens | Garden:

Rubbing shoulders with important people | Mountain: Lifestyle becomes a problem | Ways: Authorities make choices | Mice: Health scares serve as powerful motivators for fitness | Heart: Heart health, cholesterol levels | Ring:

Commitment to a healthy lifestyle | Book: A secret authority (such as a secret shopper) | Letter: Signing contracts, partnering with powerful people | Man: A strong man | Woman: A health conscious woman | Lily: An older man with influence | Sun: Rising above peers | Moon: A reputation for hard work | Key: An important matter, person or influence | Fish: Money from parents | Anchor: Stable influence | Cross: Too overweight

16. Stars Combinations

Rider: Steady progress made with a dream | Clover: A lucky break | Ship: Being well known in foreigner countries | Home: Being well known at home | Tree: A famous family member or ancestor | Clouds: Momentary clarity shone on confusion | Snake: An enemy who is famous or well known | Coffin: Progress which comes to a halt | Bouquet: Recognition for generosity or beauty | Scythe: The end of attention, 15 minutes of fame | Whip: Lashings of attention | Birds: A social media

star | Child: A small amount of inspiration | Fox: Progress with a creative project | Bear: A celebrity | Stork: Change for the better | Dog: A famous friend, a famous pet

| Tower: Hopes of establishing an organisation | Garden: An A-list celebrity |

Mountain: Nature, climbing an actual mountain | Ways: Enough influence to have choices | Mice: Fame which causes stress | Heart: the love of the spotlight | Ring:

The seeker’s commitment to their dreams | Book: A secret exposed | Letter: Fan mail

| Man: A famous man | Woman: A fantasy woman | Lily: Being favoured by older

generations | Sun: Great fame | Moon: Recognition | Key: Optimism is the key to progress | Fish: Progress in business | Anchor: Unwavering optimism | Cross: Fame

which is burdensome

17. Stork Combinations

Rider: Change of news | Clover: New found luck | Ship: Move of country | Home:

Move of home | Tree: Health during pregnancy | Clouds: Change brings an air of

luck | Ship: Move of country | Home: Move of home | Tree: Health during pregnancy

negativity | Snake: Change in a female | Coffin: The beginning of the end | Bouquet:

A make over | Scythe: A C-section | Whip: Repeated change | Birds: Water birds | Child: A pregnancy | Fox: Change of work | Bear: A pregnant boss | Stars: Change of status | Dog: A pregnant friend | Tower: Change of government | Garden: New social circle | Mountain: Fertility problems | Ways: More choices, new decisions | Mice: A stressful development | Heart: Pregnancy | Ring: A bird charm | Book:

Change of school | Letter: A new address | Man: A male baby | Woman: A migrating woman | Lily: Migrating to a cold country | Sun: Migrating to a hot country | Moon:

Metamorphosis | Key: Change is key | Fish: Change in business |Anchor: A final move | Cross: Change of spirituality

18. Dog Combinations

Rider: A friend brings a message | Clover: A friend who gambles | Ship: A friend of a foreign background | Home: A dog house | Tree: Marking territory | Clouds: A loyal but negative person | Snake: A pet snake | Coffin: The death of a friend | Bouquet: A gift from a follower | Scythe: A pet’s accident | Whip: Animal abuse | Birds: Older friends | Child: Younger friends | Fox: A friend who only thinks of themselves | Bear: Respect for an authority | Stars: A friend’s fame | Stork: A pregnant friend | Tower: Independence, a lack of close friends | Garden: Your seeker’s social circle |Mountain: A friend’s problems | Ways: A confidant’s choices | Mice: A therapist | Heart: A lover’s friends | Ring: Someone who is loyal and committed to your seeker | Book: Someone who is loyal behind the scenes | Letter: Letter from a follower | Man: A friendly man | Woman: A loyal woman | Lily: Friends with good intentions | Sun: Your seeker’s fans | Moon: An intuitive friend | Key: An important pet | Fish: A business partner | Anchor: Long-term respect | Cross: A priest

19. Tower Combinations

Rider: Arrival of an authority figure | Clover: Luck with the government, a tax rebate | Ship: Progress alone | Home: The security of your seeker’s home | Tree: A lone tree, a tall tree | Clouds: Governmental red tape | Snake: A liar who seems to be untouchable | Coffin: The death of an authority figure | Bouquet: Happy to be alone | Scythe: The end of independence | Whip: Always alone, always single | Birds: Older authority figures | Child: A child who stands out | Fox: Working alone on a project | Bear: An authority figure (boss, lawyer, doctor) | Stars: Recognition, fame | Stork:

Move of premise | Dog: Friends in high places | Garden: An organised party or event | Mountain: Long-term isolation | Ways: Choosing to be alone | Mice: Stress over the government | Heart: Independence, lack of a relationship | Ring: A contract with an organisation | Book: A library | Letter: Letter from the government | Man: An organised man | Woman: A isolated woman | Lily: A retirement home | Sun: A travel agents | Moon: A observatory | Key: Skeleton keys, master keys | Fish: Business tax | Anchor: A lighthouse | Cross: A church

| Moon: A observatory | Key: Skeleton keys, master keys | Fish: Business tax | Anchor:

20. Garden Combinations

Rider: Arrival of guests | Clover: A literal garden | Ship: A boat party | Home: Your garden | Tree: Growing trees | Clouds: Bad weather during a barbecue |Snake:

Snake in the grass (someone who is close) | Coffin: The end of a party | Bouquet:

Pruning flowers | Scythe: An accident at a party | Whip: Strife among friends | Birds: Social media groups | Child: A mommy/daddy/ group | Fox: A liar in your seeker’s social circle | Bear: A weight-loss group | Stars: Networking with important people | Stork: Change of social circle | Dog: Close friends, family friends | Tower: Change of social status | Mountain: Problems with public image | Ways: Decisions about gardens | Mice: Mice or rats in the garden | Heart: Meeting a lover at a party | Ring: Commitment to a party | Book: A book club | Letter: An invite to a party | Man: A public man | Woman: A social woman | Lily: An older man who gardens | Sun: A party outside | Moon: Female friends | Key: A key in the garden | Fish: Networking for business | Anchor: Security is found in their social standing | Cross: Social circles which cause burdens

21. Mountain Combinations

Rider: Beginning to tackle a problem (the rider rides over the hill!) | Clover: Short term relief from a long-term problem | Ship: Issues traveling | Home: A house on a hilltop | Tree: Issues in the family | Clouds: A confusing issue | Snake: Denial of a problem | Coffin: The end to a problem | Bouquet: A challenge the seeker finds joy in | Scythe: An accident on a Mountain | Whip: A problem which keeps popping up | Birds: An older couple who cause problems | Child: A problem child | Fox: Issues at work | Bear: Issues with authority figures | Stars: Long-term fame | Stork: Fertility issues | Dog: Issues with pets | Tower: Problems with government | Garden:

Problems with gardens | Ways: Hill walking, mountaineering | Mice: Chronic stress | Heart: Problems in relationship | Ring: A long-term commitment | Book: A secret issue | Letter: A problematic contract | Man: A problematic man | Woman: A difficult woman | Lily: Problems with arousal | Sun: Issues at summertime | Moon:

Female issues | Key: An important issue | Fish: Money issues | Anchor: Being trapped | Cross: Long-term suffering

22. Ways Combinations

Rider: Choices based on news | Clover: Choices result in luck | Ship: Choices over travel | Home: Choices over home | Tree: Choices over health or family | Clouds:

Choices cause confusion | Snake: Choices based on depiction and fantasy | Coffin:

Choices over health concerns | Bouquet: Choices over gifts | Scythe: Choices which are painful | Whip: Choices which cause suffering | Birds: Choices on social media | Child: Choices about children | Fox: Choices about work | Bear: Choices

suffering | Birds: Choices on social media | Child: Choices about children | Fox: Choices about

about health | Stars: Positive choices | Stork: Decisions for a change | Dog:

Choices over pets | Tower: Choices over official matters | Garden: Decisions made in public | Mountain: Decisions over problems | Mice: Choice causes stress | Heart:

Choices over love life | Ring: Choices over commitments | Book: Decisions made secretly | Letter: Choices put in writing | Man: A picky man | Woman: A decisive woman | Lily: Choices over sex | Sun: Choices around Summertime | Moon: Magic, sacrificial objects | Key: Important decisions | Fish: Business decisions | Anchor:

Choices at the beach | Cross: Decisions which cause burdens

23. Mice Combinations

Rider: Chinese whispers | Clover: Loss from gambling | Ship: Inconvenient travel | Home: A bad home environment | Tree: Deteriorating health | Clouds: Anxious confusion, mental health issues | Snake: Stress caused by a nemesis | Coffin: Death from stress | Bouquet: Discontent with looks | Scythe: Suicide | Whip: Physical scars, pain | Birds: Social anxiety | Child: An anxious child | Fox: A con artist | Bear:

Stress related weight gain/loss | Stars: Troubled but optimistic | Stork: Difficult changes | Dog: A stressed friend | Tower: Loss of governmental aid, benefits | Garden: A toxic social circle | Mountain: Long-term unhappiness | Ways: Choices which all seem terrible | Heart: Heart problems related to stress | Ring: A commitment fading away | Book: Deterioration of mental sharpness | Letter: Loss of a letter | Man: A stressed man | Woman: A sick woman | Lily: Pure stress | Sun:

Achievements which leave the seeker unfulfilled | Moon: Nightmares | Key: An important loss | Fish: Financial loss, theft | Anchor: Chronic stress | Cross: A difficult destiny, cruel fate

24. Heart Combinations

Rider: Lovely news | Clover: Love at first sight, lucky in love | Ship: Love of travel | Home: A home body | Tree: Healthy heart | Clouds: A love of confusion, playing hard to get | Snake: Infidelity | Coffin: The end of a relationship | Bouquet: Gifts from a loved one | Scythe: A broken heart | Whip: Physical love | Birds: Talk with a lover | Child: A love child | Fox: Love of work | Bear: Loving a boss | Stars: Progress in a relationship | Stork: A baby | Dog: Love of pets | Tower: A lonely relationship | Garden: A passion for networking | Mountain: Problems in a relationship | Ways:

Choices in a relationship | Mice: A love of conflict | Ring: An engagement, a marriage | Book: Admiration which is there but not always shown | Letter: Priority post | Man: A loving man | Woman: A caring woman | Lily: Sexual activity | Sun: Love of the summer | Moon: Love of the ocean |Key: An important relationship | Fish: Love of business | Anchor: Stable relationship | Cross: Love of spirituality

| Key: An important relationship | Fish: Love of business | Anchor: Stable relationship | Cross:

25. Ring Combinations

Rider: Commitment to a sporty person | Clover: A charm | Ship: A contract for a holiday | Home: A mortgage | Tree: A promise the seeker makes with family | Clouds:

Commitment designed to confuse the seeker | Snake: Commitment to someone who deceives | Coffin: A contract coming to a natural end | Bouquet: A proposal | Scythe: Sudden end to a contract | Whip: Repeated commitment | Birds: A promise the seeker makes online | Child: A short-term commitment | Fox: A unexpected clause in a contract | Bear: A contract with an authority figure | Stars:

Perseverance which pays off | Stork: A baby for a couple | Dog: Unwavering loyalty | Tower: A contract with an organisation | Garden: A commitment declared in public | Mountain: A long-term commitment | Ways: Commitments which are flexible | Mice: A warning to read the fine print of a contact | Heart: A marriage | Book: A secret commitment | Letter: A contract | Man: An engaged man | Woman: A committed woman | Lily: An agreement made in Winter | Sun: An agreement made in Summer | Moon: A reputation for reliability | Key: An heirloom | Fish: An expensive ring | Anchor: A long-term commitment | Cross: A commitment which is meant to be

26. Book Combinations

Rider: Special documents posted, recorded delivery, currier etc. | Clover: A lucky find | Ship: A cultural discovery | Home: A bookcase | Tree: Family secrets | Clouds:

Confusing information | Snake: A backstabber is discovered | Coffin: A secret illness | Bouquet: The gift of a book | Scythe: An affair | Whip: Private abuse | Birds:

A private communication, a PM, DM or text message | Child: A knowledgeable child | Fox: A secret job, a secret task | Bear: A health expert | Stars: Fame in a chosen field | Stork: A secret pregnancy | Dog: Confiding in a friend | Tower: A local library | Garden: A discovery in the garden | Mountain: A long held secret | Ways:

Knowledge means easier choices | Mice: Stressful education | Heart: A private relationship | Ring: A secret commitment | Letter: Physical books | Man: A knowledgeable man | Woman: A secret woman | Lily: Education later in life | Sun:

Success as an expert | Moon: Recognition as an authority figure | Key: An important discovery | Fish: A secret bank account | Anchor: A hidden beach | Cross: Education sacrificed

27. Letter Combinations

Rider: A letter on the way | Clover: A lottery ticket | Ship: News from overseas | Home: Deeds to a house | Tree: A medical bill | Clouds: A negative communication | Snake: A message from an enemy | Coffin: News of a death | Bouquet: A love letter | Scythe: News of an accident | Whip: Junk mail | Birds: An email | Child: A birth certificate | Fox: A work contract | Bear: A gym membership | Stars: A certificate

| Birds: An email | Child: A birth certificate | Fox: A work contract | Bear:

of achievement | Stork: A green card | Dog: A pet’s papers | Tower: A building permit | Garden: An invite | Mountain: A long term contract | Ways: A flexible contract | Mice: Lost documents | Heart: A marriage certificate | Ring: A commitment on paper, a contract | Book: A certificate from school | Man: Letter from a man | Woman: Letter from a woman | Lily: Messages from spirit | Sun: A postcard | Moon: A birth chart | Key: An important document | Fish: A bill | Anchor: A message in a bottle | Cross: A baptism certificate

28. Man Combinations

Rider: A new man | Clover: A man's money | Ship: A man's holiday, lads holiday | Home:

A man's home | Tree: A man's family | Cloud: A man's confusion | Snake: A man's enemy | Coffin: A man's death | Bouquet: A man's gift | Scythe: A man's accident | Whip: A man's abuse | Birds: A man's twins | Child: A man's child |Fox: A man's job | Bear: A man's boss | Stars: A man's progress | Stork: A man's change | Dog: A man's pet | Tower:

A man's authority | Garden: A man's garden | Mountain: A man's obstacles | Ways: A man's choices | Mice: A man's annoyances | Heart: A man's intentions | Ring: A man's commitments | Book: A man's books | Letter: A man's text | Woman: The most important woman in a man's life | Lily: A man's sexuality | Sun: A man's happiness | Moon: A man's reputation | Key: A man's priorities | Fish: A man's wine | Anchor: A man's security | Cross: A man's burdens

29. Lady Combinations

Rider: A new woman | Clover: A woman's luck | Ship: A woman's transport | Home: A woman's house | Tree: A woman's health | Cloud: A woman's uncertainty | Snake: A woman's deception | Coffin: A woman's illness | Bouquet: A woman's beauty | Scythe: A woman's accident | Whip: A woman's argument | Birds: A woman's grandparents | Child: A woman's younger relative | Fox: A woman's trickery | Bear: A woman's parents | Stars: A woman's dreams | Stork: A woman's pregnancy | Dog: A woman's followers | Tower: A woman's organisation | Garden: A woman's social circle | Mountain: A woman's delays | Ways: A woman's options | Mice: A woman's inconveniences | Heart: A woman's love | Rings: A woman's rings | Books: A woman's knowledge | Letter: A woman's private message | Man: The most important man in a woman's life | Lily: A woman's maturity | Sun: A woman's success | Moon: A woman's hormones | Keys: A woman's keys | Fish: A woman's investments | Anchor: A woman's stability | Cross: A woman's destiny

30. Lily Combinations

Rider: An ice skater | Clover: Small amounts of sex | Ship: Retirement to an exotic country | Home: Retirement home | Tree: Evergreens | Clouds: Bad weather, snow |

sex | Ship: Retirement to an exotic country | Home: Retirement home | Tree: Evergreens |

Snake: An older man who deceives | Coffin: An illness associated with old people | Bouquet: A gift from a will | Scythe: The death of an older relative | Whip: Kinky sex | Birds: An older couple | Child: Innocence | Fox: Cunningness used for good | Bear: A older female | Stars: Hope for sex | Stork: A baby called Lilly | Dog: An older pet | Tower: Old age benefits from the government | Garden: Open sexuality | Mountain: Long term calmness | Ways: Mature choices | Mice: Boredom | Heart:

Love of sex | Ring: Commitment in old age | Book: Hidden sexuality | Letter: A letter from an older relative | Man: A mature man | Woman: A sexual woman | Sun:

Winter sun | Moon: Contact with spirits, intuition | Key: The key to peace | Fish:

Money for retirement | Anchor: Lasting peace | Cross: Pain with good intentions, painful medical treatment

31. Sun Combinations

Rider: Triumphs approaching | Clover: Winning a holiday | Ship: A cruise ship | Home: A holiday home | Tree: Health improvements | Clouds: Clarity | Snake: A lie which took place during the summer | Coffin: A cure | Bouquet: Beautiful weather | Scythe: A sudden but happy ending | Whip: Sun burn | Birds: Exotic birds | Child: A longed for child | Fox: Career accomplishments | Bear: A male authority | Stars:

Great achievements | Stork: A baby born in summer | Dog: Holidays with friends | Tower: Standing out | Garden: A barbecue | Mountain: Obstacles fading | Ways:

Holiday choices | Mice: Stress in summertime | Heart: An achievement your seeker is passionate about | Ring: A longed for commitment | Book: A holiday brochure | Letter: Passports | Man: A successful man | Woman: An accomplished woman | Lily: A happy sex life | Key: An important accomplishment | Moon: Success with psychic development | Fish: Great financial increases | Anchor: Long-term success | Cross:

Being destined for triumph

32. Moon Combinations

Rider: Recognition approaching | Clover: Positive reputation | Ship: A boat | Home: A psychic family | Tree: Hormones | Clouds: Confusing emotions | Snake: Suspicion | Coffin: Hormonal trouble | Bouquet: The gift of psychic ability | Scythe:

Magic/intuition used for evil | Whip: A period | Birds: A lesbian couple | Child: A female child | Fox: Creativity | Bear: Strong emotions | Stars: Fame, celebrity status | Stork: Psychic development | Dog: A pet fish | Tower: Standing out, being recognised | Garden: Recognition out in public | Mountain: Being known for something long term | Ways: Using intuition to make decisions | Mice: Stressful cycles, menstrual problems | Heart: Love of the psychic world | Ring: Commitment to intuitive development | Book: A spiritual book | Letter: Psychic messages | Man: A famous man | Woman: A psychic woman | Lily: The menopause | Sun: Great

book | Letter: Psychic messages | Man: A famous man | Woman: A psychic woman |

achievements, incredible success | Key: An important opportunity | Fish: Creative business | Anchor: The ocean | Cross: Mainstream spirituality

33. Key Combinations

Rider: Do not ignore what you have been told | Clover: Remarkable coincidences | Ship: Important travel plans | Home: House keys | Tree: A special tree | Clouds: The solution to confusion | Snake: An enemy who needs dealt with | Coffin: A cure | Bouquet: An important gift | Scythe: A significant warning | Whip: A life changing competition | Birds: Important social media communication | Child: A special child | Fox: An important job | Bear: A parent | Stars: A great dream | Stork: A significant change | Dog: An important friend | Tower: A large cooperation | Garden: The key to public respect | Mountain: The key to your problems | Ways: An important decisions | Mice: A burglary, a break in | Heart: The key to your heart | Ring: A life changing commitment | Book: A locked book, a diary | Letter: Important contract | Man: A remarkable man | Woman: A significant woman | Lily: Wintertime is key | Sun:

Remarkable success | Moon: Significant recognition | Fish: The start of a business | Anchor: A notable result | Cross: The key to your suffering

34. Fish Combinations

Rider: Money on the way | Clover: Good investments | Ship: A trip over water | Home: Working from home | Tree: Money growing on trees | Clouds: Unsure about money | Snake: A loan shark | Coffin: An inheritance | Bouquet: A costly gift | Scythe: Loss of money | Whip: Strokes of money | Birds: Business chat | Child: A water baby | Fox: A new job, a raise | Bear: A considerably large raise | Stars:

Business success | Stork: Financial change | Dog: A business partner | Tower:

Money from the government | Garden: Wealthy friends | Mountain: Alcohol problems | Ways: Choices with investments | Mice: Financial stress | Heart: A passion project | Ring: Antique jewellery | Book: Antique books | Letter: Stocks and shares | Man: A rich man | Woman: A business woman | Lily: A wealthy older man | Sun: Financial success | Moon: Business creativity | Key: Financial solutions | Anchor: A sea, a lake | Cross: Money as a burden

35. Anchor Combinations

Rider: An expected arrival | Clover: Luck that lasts | Ship: An Irish shore | Home:

Stable home | Tree: Seaweed | Clouds: Consistent confusion | Snake: An nemesis who lives next to the beach | Coffin: Lasting end to a situation | Bouquet: Good for engagements | Scythe: Lack of accidents | Whip: Stockholm Syndrome | Birds:

Lasting into old age | Child: Secure beginnings | Fox: Stable job | Bear: Stable

| Whip: Stockholm Syndrome | Birds: Lasting into old age | Child: Secure beginnings | Fox:

health | Stars: Success which lasts | Stork: Inability to change | Dog: A reliable pet | Tower: Trapped in a building | Garden: Lifelong friendships | Mountain:

Trapped in a situation | Ways: Lack of choices | Mice: Feeling stuck | Heart: Long- term relationship | Ring: Long-term commitment | Book: Reliable information | Letter: Plans on paper, a will etc. | Man: A stable man | Woman: A secure woman | Lily: Contentment | Sun: A beach holiday | Moon: Recognition which lasts | Key:

Important consistency | Fish: Reliable sources of income | Cross: Permanent suffering

36. Cross Combinations

Rider: A spiritual messenger, a prophet | Clover: A lucky charm | Ship: Traveling despite it being a burden | Home: A church | Tree: A genetic disorder | Clouds: An uncertain sacrifice | Snake: A burdensome enemy | Coffin: A painful illness | Bouquet: A religious gift | Scythe: A difficult end | Whip: Crucifixion | Birds: Old church goers | Child: A child who suffers | Fox: Struggling at work | Bear: A parent who suffers | Stars: A lucky star | Stork: A change of fate | Dog: A dog who is a burden | Tower: The church as an institution | Garden: A religious meet up | Mountain: Permanent suffering | Ways: Difficult decisions | Mice: A deteriorating illness | Heart: A heavy heart | Ring: An unwanted commitment | Book: Suffering in silence | Letter: A paper cut | Man: A religious man | Woman: A burdened woman | Lily: Arthritis | Sun: Destined for success | Moon: Destined for greatness | Key: A painful solution | Fish: Money which causes problems | Anchor: Burdens which remain consistent

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