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Valentines Day – Thoughts of

Love. . .Love. . .Love

A popular song lyrist has written Love is a Many
Splendor Thing! He was soooooo right – to find true love
and share a life together, the ups and downs, the ins and outs,
the three steps forward and two steps back. Then, one day it all
comes together and things smooth out. As you look back in your
memories you can say, “It worked because our life together was
built on love.”
Christian love should endure longer and grow stronger each day that we live. We ought to
practice the moral and ethical standards of Christian principals regarding love toward our
fellow man. Our love toward God should be greater than that we have for our spouse or
family members. Jesus said, “if we love them more than we love Him, we are not worthy of
Him,” Matthew 10:37 (paraphrased). We love Him because He first loved us. I John 4:19. We
are reminded in John 15:9 that Jesus said, “As the Father hath loved Me, so have I loved you.
Continue ye in my love.”
David M. Williams We serve Him because we love Him. We have the love of God in us; we should prove our
Program Director
love for Him by loving and helping those in need. In Matthew 5:24 Jesus said, “I say unto
you love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and pray
Larry Aldrich for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; that ye may be the children of your
Operations Manager
Father which is in heaven”....”for if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye?....”.
Randy Hess John 15:12. We are commanded to love one another. In
Maintenance Supervisor Galatians 5:13, we read
that by love we serve one another. Ephesians 5:2 tells us, “to
Larry O’Connor walk in love.” And Hebrews 13:1 says, to let brotherly love
Greg Mann continue.” Then, last but not least Jesus said, “Greater
Neil Givens love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life
Roger Klein for his friend.” Then I would ask you to read I
Client Supervisors Corinthians 13 and see if indeed you are living your life
in the practice of Christian love. This chapter
David McKnight
concludes, “and now abideth faith, hope and charity,
Van Driver
these three; but the greatest of these is charity (love).”
Solomona Talivaa

Donn Baker What a difference this old world would


John Lofquist be if we who are Christians would just


practice the concept of Christian love.


0 0

Life in the Lobby
(A life all its own)
k The lobby of the mission has a life of its own. A microcosm of life on
l i st the streets of Anchorage, it has a rhythm and cadence that is unbroken
by holidays and vacations. It is an oasis, of sorts, in a desert of lost
er q u
o f hope.
cl L
h n In the pallid, winter day-light, the evening shift gingerly takes their
Jo chairs at the nicked desks. They answer the phone calls and questions,
as the jack-o-lantern orange globe shines between the branches and
buildings. Their “day” slides into an early night while the endless days
of summer are just wistful thinking.

Soon, the door begins opening and closing as the lobby’s nightly guests begin to assemble. The neon signs across
the street flicker, strobe-like, with the passing traffic on Tudor Road. Each guests trudges in out of the bitter wind,
shrugging off the snow and cold. They stamp the well-worn carpet that so many have crossed. No longer do they
seem to notice the stark white walls which are spotted like a leopard’s skin with an eclectic collection of calendars,
bulletin boards, framed photographs, and encouraging, spiritual messages. Everyone is greeted by the watchful eye
of the shift supervisor and occasionally treated to the quick
joke surrounded with an engaging smile.

As warmth returns to fingers and toes, the lines of broken

dreams and empty promises begin to soften on the faces of
the recently arrived. A stomach-tugging aroma of an evening
meal being prepared is rudely interrupted by the sharp tang
of an unwashed body passing by. This brief interruption is
soon soothed with the sound of the chapel’s piano. A quick
look reveals brightly lit, comfortably padded pews and a large
wooden cross on the wall.

There are two cloth covered tables that oppose each other
here in this room. Both of them support pampered plants and
entertain carefully selected reading material. One of them,
however, always wins every holiday season by being chosen to host an expertly crafted nativity scene. The other
table’s resident foliage camouflages the smoked-glass window of the Chaplin’s office. A close look may reveal the
desk lamp, dimly outlining his head, and computer screen blue reflections on his glasses.

Life in the Lobby. A close look will reveal; a reflection of the Life of our Lord.
We invite you to visit us on the web or
drop us an E-mail with your comments
and suggestions

Problem 2: The Mission’s “NewLife” program
attracted its own land use/zoning issue because
“NewLife” is not “an emergency shelter.” The
t s
r r Municipality of Anchorage believes that the
e ye Mission’s “NewLife” program is a “habilitative care
t us
a s-M facility” or “correctional community residential
center” which the current B-3 zoning does not
st om support, but which the PLI or I1 or I2 zoning would
Th support.
n k
F ra Problem 3: A problem with fire code/land use
violations in 2005 closed the Mission’s “NewLife”
dormitory at 2815 E Tudor. Further fire code/land
I am a Mission volunteer. I start by recognizing the use issues reduced emergency shelter bed space at
efforts of the many volunteers who have labored and 2823 E Tudor. The net result was a lost of about 56
prayed for and financially supported the Anchorage beds per night (about 20,400 annual bed nights).
Gospel Rescue Mission from its establishment in
Collateral Affect on Others: Brother Francis
downtown Anchorage in about 1965.
Shelter, as a result of Mission’s lost beds, has
Fact: The Mission’s vision is Jesus Saves and its operated well over its designed operating capacity
mission is a ministry of rescue and recovery. of 131 beds/night. Currently BFS is sleeping
Question 1: To fulfill its vision and mission, does from 171 to 200 nightly – 30-50% over-capacity
the Mission need to move from its Tudor location – causing BFS to dig deep in its skinny pockets
to more appropriately zoned land? to come up with the additional operation expenses.
Question 2: Supposing the Mission does move, The Mission’s loss of bed space has impacted
what does the community need from the Mission the operations of just about every member of the
for the next 100 years? Municipality’s Emergency Shelter Provider Group
– BFS of course, AWAIC, Clare House, Covenant
I do not offer answers. Here is what I have House, McKinnel House and others. The homeless
discovered while inquiring: Anchorage’s Project themselves have increased the camping (and their
80s required the Mission move from downtown to suffering) in Campbell Park negatively impacting
its current Tudor Road home in about 1987, which the Mission’s neighbors.
led to today’s three problems.
What Others Want: I discovered what I believe the
Problem 1: The Mission currently sits on B3-zoned Municipality and the Emergency Shelter Providers
property, on which “an emergency shelter is a legal Group want from the Mission: continuance of
nonconforming use.” Under today’s Anchorage emergency shelter services and “NewLife”, plus the
land use policies the Mission needs to sit on PLI addition of (lots of) transitional housing units for
(public lands and institutions) or Industrial 1 or moms and kids, dads and kids, intact families and
Industrial 2 zoned property to operate a “homeless singles. In closing, I have met so many individuals
and transient shelter.” For instance, the Mission’s in the last two months who love and care for this
primary contemporary, Brother Francis Shelter, sits state’s homeless men, women and children, and
on PLI zoned land. The Mission’s current location who love, respect and worry about the Mission.
on Tudor is smack dab in the midst of Anchorage Be prepared to volunteer for action for the
2020’s (the Anchorage’s comprehensive land use Lord’s lovely Mission on the Move. Pray for
plan) proposed redistricting to a “major employment the leadership of the Anchorage Gospel Rescue
area” surrounded by high density housing. Mission. This report to be continued next issue.

From Double-M
at bare minimal cost. A few months ripped away from the walls and
i es went by, but the move didn’t change lifted one side of it straight up in
on anything. I was still struggling the air. Just when I thought the roof
m ts es with all the problems I had before. was going to fly away to another
s I was sitting in my rickety little part of the island, the wind let up
o m shack one evening and there was a enough to allow the roof to slam

Jer storm brewing up on the mountain.

I got into a heated argument with
back down like the lid on a cigar
box. The air pressure generated
my wife about livings so far by the roof slamming back down
away from everything. She had was so strong it deafened my ears.
just taken the car and left. It was So there I sat in the middle of the
“The fear of the lord is the just a few minutes later when the floor in an eerie silence broken
beginning of knowledge, but fools storm began to intensify. The wind only by this ringing in my ears I
despise wisdom and instruction” started howling and my little shack still experience today.
Proverbs 9:10
I remember
I spend my life thinking I was thinking at
obtaining knowledge as I grew in that point I
understanding in earthly things. was dead.
Always thinking the things that Sadly I also
could be touched or materially thought it
manipulated is what life was all didn’t matter
about. But at the same time there if I was. I
was something else present in my could still see
thinking. There seemed to be a the violence
void, a kind of empty place that r a g i n g
was always there. I knew in my around me
heart I was missing something, but because
but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was unable
There was a void and a need to fill to hear
it. anything it
Drinking beer and smoking pot was surreal. I lowered my head
began vibrating as though a fright
was a normal thing for me to do as if I were submitting humbly to
train was going by just outside the
in my life and it helped fill that the storm. As I sat there looking
void temporarily. The longer I did between my legs at the floor I saw
the same things, the longer things Everything on the shelves and the the bible laying open to Chapter
remained the same. My life was table top was dancing around and one of the book of James. And I
at a point where everything was falling to the floor. The wind was began to read. As I read the words
a struggle. My job, my marriage, howling so loudly it reminded me they began to make sense to me.
friends and family, everything in of the noise of an uncontrolled My mind came alive and I was
life was getting hard to handle. trumpet blast echoing through the able to grasp understanding. I was
I knew I needed a change, so I air. I was sitting in the middle of amazed because I’ve read these
moved to Hawaii. my one room shack in awe and words so many times with no
confusion from the violence of the effect, but now they were alive to
I bought some cheap property high storm. Fear was just beginning to me. My life changed instantly as I
up on a mountain and built a shack set in when, with great force, the read the words of James:
wind slammed my makeshift door

“but let him ask in faith, with no
open and at that moment the roof
doubting, for he who doubts is like
Minded to Single in Purpose.
a wave of the sea driven and tossed I found myself homeless in in all his ways.”
by the wind. For let not that man Anchorage. Sleeping anywhere James 1:1-8
suppose he will receive anything I could, working odd jobs when
from the Lord, he is a double- I could find them. It was tough Once again these words stirred my
minded man, unstable in all his just trying to keep going. I was heart and once again I was reminded
ways.” miserable, homeless, and hungry! that I was that double-minded man
James 1:6-8 James was talking about. It didn’t
It was on a wet windy day when
take a rocket scientist to figure out
I knew at that moment I was that I found out I could get a bed and
I was unstable in all my ways. That
double-minded man James was a meal at the Anchorage Gospel
evening I learned of the “NewLife”
describing. It was then that I asked Rescue Mission. When I got
program at the Anchorage Gospel
the lord for forgiveness and to there I was fed a hot meal, man
Rescue Mission. The next morning
help me with my life. That void I it tasted good to my tired and
I was accepted into the program
carried with me was filled with a empty stomach! In order to get a
and have been continuing in it
peace and love I never had before. bed for the night you are required
ever since. Once again the void
to attend evening chapel services.
It didn’t take long before I started in my life was being filled by the
That service was the first one I had
falling away from God’s grace. love of our Lord Jesus Christ. This
attended in over five years.
Even though Jesus Christ was the time the seed has fallen on fertile
strongest influence in my life, that As I sat there waiting for the ground. I’m confident my restored
seed was not planted in good soil. service to begin I reflected on how relationship with Christ will stick
I quickly fell away from trusting much of my life I had wasted by this time because of my new
in God. I didn’t continue to be not trusting God. I wasn’t clear understanding of God’s word and
obedient and receive his blessings on where I had gone wrong I just because of the many tools I have
of joy and peace. After a while I knew I went wrong somewhere. As learned here at the Mission. Some
started to go through life again I was sitting there, deep in thought, of these tools Christians have been
with emptiness not unlike the void I began to get a sense something using for hundreds of years to
I was looking to fill earlier in life. was familiar. The Pastor had started successfully endure struggles and
But things were different now; his message in the book of James. hardships through out life. Tools
they were a whole lot worse! I He was speaking on the very same such as prayer, reading God’s word,
could sense God was trying to get scripture that led me to Christ in memorizing scripture, assembling
my attention. But I wanted to do the first place! together with other believers, and
things my way. many others. It’s truly an awesome
“My brethren, count it all joy when thing to see God working to give
Terrible things started happening
you fall into various trials, knowing food and shelter to the homeless
in my life. Family members were
that the testing of your faith and hungry people of Anchorage.
dying but the worst was when
produces patience, but let patience
my mother died. My grief was
have its perfect work, that you may I would like to thank the staff of
overpowering. My marriage of
be perfect and complete, lacking the “NewLife” program and all the
twenty five years ended in divorce.
nothing if any of you lack wisdom, supporters that contribute to the
I was stabbed in the chest and while
let him ask God, who gives to all Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission.
I was recuperating someone robbed
liberally and without reproach and You have made it possible for me
me of all my worldly possessions.
it will be given to him. But let him and others like me to successfully
Yet despite all this I was drinking
ask in faith, with no doubting, for renew our lives using God’s plan.
more and more which lead to
he who doubts is like a wave of the You are in our prayers always.
my going to jail for drinking and
sea driven and tossed by the wind
driving. My life was ten times
for let not that man suppose he will
worst than it had ever been before.

receive anything from the Lord; he
is a double-minded man, unstable
Living Memorials PLEASE
. . . .touch lives as they honor the memory To include the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission in
of loved ones and friends. your WILL or ESTATE Planning.
In Memory of
Esperanza Casas
by Martha Cashen Where There Is Love
In Memory of Where there is love
Tyler Beckham The heart is light,
by Duane and Neva Marsh Where there is love
In Memory of The day is bright,
Where there is love
George and James Clyde
There is a song,
by Suzane Clyde To help when things
In Memory of Are going wrong.
Mickey Robert Dinsmore II
Where there is love
by John and Donna Poff
There is a smile,
In Memory of To make all things
Mike Howerton Seem more worthwhile.
by Carol Howerton Where there is love
In Memory of There’s quiet peace,
A tranquil place
Dale Lindsey
Where turmoils cease....
by Loren and Carolyn Leman Love changes
In Memory of Darkness into light
Mary And makes the heart
by The Parkers Take “wingless flight”—
Oh, blest are they
In Memory of
Who walk in love....
Steve Novak They also walk
by Marie Schave With God above,
And when man walks
In Honor of With God again
Mary Pat Sigudson There shall be
by Patrick and Astride Rider Peace on Earth for men.
Used with permission
In Honor of
William Allen Crabtree PRAYER REQUEST
by William and Hyun Crabtree Please pray for your Rescue Mission everyday. Pray that
the Director and Staff will seek God’s will in everything that
In Honor of they do. Pray for Godly wisdom that the things that are
Dr. Ken and Sharman Collins accomplished will be for the glory and honor of the Lord
Jim and Sally Copen Jesus Christ. Also, pray for those in the “NewLife” Recovery
Dr. Thom and Elaine Hathaway Program. Pray that they will be successful in their recovery
and will continue in their discipleship training pertaining to
John and Tammy Reading
spiritual growth. Sometimes they get so discouraged in their
Larry and Bette Ross efforts for change to take place in their life. It would be an
Pat and Laurie Marifjeren encouragement to them if you would just send a note or a
Zig and Muff Zellmer letter and tell them that you are praying for them. I know that
by Vicki Turner you do not know their names but that does not matter—God
knows. You may want to pray for our quests that stay here
each night. Pray that their heart will be open to hear and
accept the Gospel message as it is presented each night.
Bro. Don

Thank You
For a Wonderful Christmas!
Your gifts made it possible for us to provide for our
clients and guest in 2007
We Can’t do it without you!

Greetings from our “NewLife” men.

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