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1E2001 Paint Inspection Standards Version 1.

Printed: August 2012

Dry Film Defects per 2500 cm2 Overspray Defects – any area Fisheye / Defects per 2500 cm2 Defects Defects – any area
Thickness A1 Non-intended A1 None
Crater A1 1 Max ( ≤ 2 mm in diameter) Under A1
80 microns (3.2 mils) –
paint on Not acceptable
Primer / topcoat systems
a finished A2 None
Small round
A2 2 Max ( ≤ 2 mm in diameter)
Decals A2 on surfaces
Thickness 75 microns (3.0 mils) – depressions
Gauge painted where decals
B DTM topcoat B in the B 3 Max ( ≤ 2 mm in diameter) B
surface. Acceptable if not visible are applied.
50 microns (2.0 mils) – paint film.
1E2397 High temp paint C in assembled position. C
C C 5 Max ( ≤ 2 mm in diameter)

Runs / Defects per 2500 cm2 Dirt, Dust Defects per 2500 cm2 Blisters Defects per 2500 cm2 Lint / Defects per 2500 cm2
Sags A1 0 A1 4 Max ( ≤ 1.25 mm in diameter) A1 1 Max Hair A1 1 Max ( ≤ 5 mm long)
Non-uniform 1 Max A2 5 Max ( ≤ 1.25 mm in diameter) bubbles
A2 Runs ≤ 15mm, Sags ≤ 30x10mm A2 2 Max A2
leveling 2 Max ( ≤ 5 mm long)
or raised
of paint due 2 Max B 10 Max ( ≤ 1.25 mm in diameter) B 5 Max, No clusters
B delaminated B 5 Max ( ≤ 5 mm long), No cluster
to excessive Runs ≤ 25mm, Sags ≤ 40x15mm
C 15 Max ( ≤ 1.25 mm in diameter) area in the C 8 Max, No clusters
application. 5 Max paint film.
C Runs ≤ 25mm, Sags ≤ 50x25mm No clusters
ALL ( 4 or more within C 8 Max ( ≤ 5 mm long), No cluster
5 mm of each other ) ALL None greater than 1.5 mm in diameter.

Paint Defects – any area Hardness Defects – any area Pinholes Defects per 2500 cm2 Seam Defects – any area
Coverage A1 Complete coverage on A1 Holes or A1 None Sealer A1
Sealer shall completely cover
all surfaces. group of holes A2 None Adhesive seams and joints.
A2 A2 For handling: that result A2
Edges shall not show any B 3 Max, No clusters material When painted, sealant shall have
ASTM D3363 – in an
metal substrate through the paint, C 5 Max, No clusters used to B complete paint coverage.
B Pencil B HB Minimum unpainted area
except when DTM powder Hardness Set None greater than 1.0 mm in diameter. seal seams Paint shall be uniform
topcoats are used. at bottom B&C Cluster = 4 or more defects within and joints. with no cracking.
of pinholes. 5 mm of one another.

Masking Defects – any area Adhesion Defects – any area Corrosion Defects – any area Scratches / Defects per 2500 cm2
A1 Surfaces where no paint
A1 Red or white A1 Scuffs A1 1 Max ( ≤ 5 mm long)
rust showing
is allowed by Engineering A2 Intrusions A2 2 Max ( ≤ 5 mm long)
A2 ASTM D3359 through A2
as specified on part number on
Adhesion Method A the paint. None B 2 Max ( ≤ 15 mm long)
drawing or purchase order, B coating
B Test Kit B
shall be masked with 4A Minimum
surface. C 4 Max ( ≤ 15 mm long)
C suitable masking materials. C C ALL Not beyond the depth of the coating.

Defects – any area

Color A1 ΔECMC ≤ 1.2 (None Black) Laser Defects – any edges Polishing Defects per 2500 cm2 Solvent Defects per 2500 cm2
ΔECMC ≤ 4.5 (Black)
Oxide A1 Marks A1 None Popping A1 None
A2 ΔECMC ≤ 1.2 (None Black) None: All thermal
ΔECMC ≤ 4.5 (Black) All thermal Craters
A2 cutting oxides from laser, Marks A2 None A2 ≤ 0.5% ( ≤ 0.5 mm )
B ΔECMC ≤ 1.2 (None Black) cutting oxides
plasma, and flame created by
ΔECMC ≤ 5.5 (Black) shall be Acceptable if not visible
B cutting processes must be polishing a B B ≤ 2% ( ≤ 0.5 mm )
C ΔECMC ≤ 1.2 (None Black) completely from viewing guidelines.
completely removed. painted
ΔECMC ≤ 6.5 (Black) removed. C ≤ 3% ( ≤ 0.5 mm )
C surface. C ≤ 4%
ALL Visual and / or instrumental
color match to CAT standard.

Orange Defects – any area Water Defects per 2500 cm2 Dry Defects per 2500 cm2 Total Defects per 2500 cm2
Peel A1
5 Min (Except when 1E4602 Spotting A1 None Spray A1 None Defects A1 3 counts of defects Max
powder is specified) Whitish A2 None
Uneven Granular Applies only 4 counts of defects Max
surface 4 Min (Except when 1E4602 blemishes in A2 None A2 Solvent Popping area ≤ 0.3%
A2 B 2 Max ( diameter ≤ 10 mm) texture finish when there are
powder is specified) areas where a
appearance, 7 Max ( diameter ≤ 10 mm), that has multiple defects 7 counts of defects Max
ring is left C B ≤ 4% B
resembling an B Uniform after the spot No cluster* low or present in the
Solvent Popping & Dry Spray area ≤ 3%
orange skin. of water has Cluster* = 4 or more defects within 5 mm no gloss. inspected area. 12 counts of defects Max
C Uniform of one another. C ≤ 6%
evaporated. C Solvent Popping, Polishing Marks &
Dry Spray area ≤ 6%

Gloss High Med Semi Low

Exceptional Surface Quality - Surfaces in prominent locations that are highly visible on the finished product and appearance is of exceptional importance to the customer and impacts the visual perception of the
80 (60º) 60 ± 5 40 ± 5 15 ± 5 A1
A1 60 (20º) (60º) (60º) (60º) product. These surfaces are usually manufactured from thin materials of exceptional quality that are 5 mm or less in thickness.
80 (60º) 60 ± 8 40 ± 5 15 ± 5
A2 40 (20º) (60º) (60º) (60º) Premium Surface Quality - Surfaces in prominent locations that are highly visible on the finished product, and appearance is important to the customer and impacts the visual perception of the product.These
surfaces are usually manufactured from thick materials of exceptional quality that are more than 5 mm in thickness or thicker materials that will require special operations to achieve surface finish requirements.
B Gloss must be uniform over the
Gloss Meter
entire surface. B Surfaces in locations that do not significantly impact the visual perception of the product and may not be readily visible.
C All inspection should be conducted
with a minimum lighting level of
C Surfaces in locations that are well hidden inside the products and are not readily visible. These surfaces do not impact the overall visual appearance of the finished product. 1076 lux / 100 ft-candles
with natural light if possible.
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Finish Paint Surface Classes Substrate Defects: parts should be inspected from a
Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow AC & AF = A2 Reference the 1E4436 Substrate Defect Poster for acceptable levels. 90o viewing angle and 1.2 meters away.