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Kenneth R.


Kenneth R. Cabanas, Angelyn V. Mayordomo



CFCST Instructor

TEACHER: everyone’s example

“The hearts of people and opening the minds of children can give you joy and contentment which money could not
buy.” – Teaching as a Profession

Samuel, starts with a challenge that a poor man commonly encountered. He is the second, out of eleven siblings of
his lovable parents. He went to school with his parents’ advice, “go to school and study well, make God your
priority”. He was the topmost of the rank when he graduated in elementary. Ernesto, his father, brought him to his
grandparents for a visit but later they decided to enroll him at Nueva Vida High School at Mlang Cotabato. His
agony of being a far from his parents made him motivated to study well, waking up early in the morning and to
walk almost 5 kilometers just to learn the lessons given by his teachers. Within 4 years his father visited him just
twice without his mother and younger brothers and sisters.

The bitter challenges he faced during those years brought him to the sweet success, he graduated as valedictorian.
It doesn’t end yet, He took his college degree at Cotabato Foundation College of Science and Technology, taking
up BSE major in Biology. He overcome and rise beyond the immeasurable challenges. Without enough allowance,
he is working while studying. He seeks support from his instructors where he got fee of working from them.
Within his college days, he chooses to be an example to the other students who are also in battle to have their
dreams come true. At last, through his efforts he became the first SUMA CUM LAUDE in the college.

In perfect time he finds school where he can teach, from private to public for about 4 years. Later, he was given a
chance to teach in public school as secondary teacher. He was tasked to do office works assigned by his principal
and it became the reason to make him try to take the principals’ exam. Without expectation, he was surprised
when his name was renowned over North Cotabato as the youngest principal. He helps his younger brother
achieve their dreams and most of them are also now in Department of Education, touching the hearts of the

Today, he continues to be a good illustration that despite of poverty a man can succeed as long as determination,
faith and self-discipline is in mind. The secret of his success is not just learning all day all night all the time, but faith
and trust to the creator who made all - the provider of wisdom. This is the right thing imparted by his parents
especially his mother during his very young age which he also applied to his own family. At present, he is the new
principal of Datu Ladayon High School, Datu Ladayon, Arakan, Cotabato. This is the story that couldn’t be
compared to others, the story of Samuel R. Cabañas.

Kenneth R. Cabanas
Feature Story of Sam