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 1944 Born in Cleveland, Ohio

 1965 Graduated with diploma of nursing from St. Luke’s Hospital

School of Nursing

 1987 Graduated with RN MSN from Frances Payne Bolton School

of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)

 1987 Began teaching at The University of Akron College of Nursing

 1991-2001 Development of Comfort Theory

 1991 Published article A taxonomic structure for the concept of


 Began development of cell grid diagramming types of comfort and

context in which comfort occurs

 1991 Published article An analysis of the concept of comfort

 Analysis of the word “comfort,” from its Latin roots to the meaning

in everyday language. Article also includes how the word has been


 1994 Published article A theory of holistic comfort in nursing

 Began developing a diagram of the aspects of comfort. Article also

includes six defining factors that examine why comfort is a

significant middle range theory

 1995 Published article The art of comfort care

 Describes benefits of including comfort care into practice. Article

includes testimony from a student nurse who applied comfort care

to practice. Began development of comfort as a standard outcome

of nursing 2001 Published article Evolution of the mid-range theory

of comfort for outcomes research

 Article written to be a guide on the evolution of comfort as a theory

and describing how comfort can be tested and adapted to the

6/27/13 Personal Background- Katharine Kolcaba: Middle Range

Nursing Theorist

 1997 Graduated with PhD Nursing from Case Western Reserve


 1997 Developed web site called The Comfort Line

 Name comes from a method of determining levels of comfort in

children in which a vertical 10cm line is drawn and patients rate

their level of current comfort between the statements of “ I feel as

comfortable as possible” and “I am as uncomfortable as possible”

 2003 Published her book Comfort Theory and Practice: A Vision

for Holistic Health Care and Research

 2007 Retired from full time teaching, continues to teach part time

while developing and researching Comfort Theory

Awards And Honors

 2006 Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Omega Chapter, Researcher of the

Year with Dr. Therese Dowd

 2005 Mary Hanna Journalism Second Place Award in the Best

Practice Category by American Society of Perianesthesia Nurses, in

recognition of the article by Wilson, L. & Kolcaba, K. (2004).

Practical application of Comfort Theory in the perianesthesia

setting. Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing. 19(3), 164-173. (Invited


 2003 Excellence in the Utilization of Nursing Research, award

from Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Omega Chapter

 2003 Advancement of Science Award from Midwest Nursing

Research Society, End of Life and Palliative Care Nursing

 2002 Mary Hanna Memorial Journalism Award for American

Society of Perianesthesia Nurses, March, 2003, in recognition of the

article entitled Comfort Care for Perianesthesia Nursing by Kolcaba

and Wilson (2002).

 1999 Links2Go Key Resource Award for The Comfort Line. 2nd place

among all nursing theory pages

 Hartford Institute and American Association of Colleges of Nursing

(AACN) 3rd annual award for excellence in Baccalaureate

Gerontology Curriculum (leader of Nursing Care of Older Adults,

where most of the innovations were housed).

 1997 Marie Haug Student Award, excellence in aging studies, from

Case Western Reserve University

 1997 Invited Research Consultant, comfort studies & theory, MNRS

 1996 LM Hiemenz & LC Perry Memorial Scholarship, tuition

support, American Nurses’ Association

 1997 Honor a Researcher Award, MNRS

 1995 Lillian DeYoung Research Award, outstanding research

development, and Chapter Research Grant for completion of

dissertation study, Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Omega Chapter

 1994-present Who’s Who in American Nursing

 1991 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Health, Case

Western Reserve University Internal Grant

 1987 Cushing Robb Prize, outstanding work in MSN program, Case

Western Reserve