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6.1. Design Concept

Bicol River: The Majestic Serpent of Bicolandia

Equally historical and functional,

Bicol River witnessed Naga City’s enormous

growth from a riverine village to one of the

first-class cities in the Philippines.

Encompassing 33 municipalities and 3 cities,

Bicol River has long been used by Bicolanos

Fig. 1.1. Aerial View of Bicol River. Photo taken from: as a medium for transportation, livelihood,

and hygiene – hence making it one of the most vital icons of Bicol's development as a region.1

To commemorate Bicol River’s massive contribution not only in Naga City but in the entire

Bicol region, this project will be using the said body of water as the main design inspiration.

Utilizing smooth lines and texture that give the impression of water and fluidity will be encouraged

to further embody the design concept. Also, the dominant colors for this project will be white, blue,

and green. Blue and white symbolize the river itself while green signifies the vegetations

surrounding the river. To make use of the carbon dioxide emissions and abundant sunlight due to

the soaring height of the building, vertical gardens and other landscaping techniques will be used.

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6.2. Design Objectives

1. To design a high-rise mixed-use building, marketable and attractive to all types of


2. To design high-rise mixed use building in a way that can maximize rentals and leases for

the developer; the ratio of saleable to non-saleable shall be 70:30. If attainable the overall

rentable space areas for the building could be at approximately 80% of the better, which

must include the parking spaces at the basement

3. To design a mixed-use development conforming to the existing codes

4. To design a building that shall serve as a landmark in the project area with sustainable

plan/design features and deliverable at an attainable cost

6.3. Design Philosophy

One with Nature

Due to the increasing modernization within the city, vast grasslands and greeneries are

starting to lessen - therefore compromising the city’s environmental stability. To help in

eradicating the said problem, this project, while being a high-rise mixed-use structure, will house

various landscaping solutions such as vertical gardens, pervious pavements, and the like. This

structure as one of the city’s symbols of commercialization will also serve as a nature oasis within

the city.
6.3. Design Considerations

a. Security

Security is the state of being secure and being free from danger,

fear, and anxiety. 2 To manifest this consideration, this project will

strategically place security devices and control rooms.

b. Aesthetics

Aesthetics is relating to the state of having a pleasing

appearance.3 With the Bicol River as the project’s design concept,

this structure will give an “easy-to-the-eye” vibe hence conforming

to the project’s objective as a hospitable and friendly facility.

c. Comfort

Comfort means to give strength and to ease the grief or

trouble of someone or something. 4 Along with accessibility, a

maximum level of comfort will be given to the end-users by

providing adequate furniture, appropriate color schemes, and intricate planning.

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d. Zoning

Zoning relates to the division of an area into zones, as to restrict

the number and types of buildings and their uses.5 Along with security

and accessibility, this structure will provide proper transitions between

public, semi-public, and private spaces.

e. Landscape & Environment

Landscape is defined as a section of rural scenery that can

be seen from a single viewpoint.6 Meanwhile, environment is the

aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, or influences.7 With

abundant vegetation being one of the project’s dominating characteristics, this structure

will use proper landscaping strategies and greeneries appropriate to the area.

f. Accessibility

From its root word “accessible,” accessibility is the state of being

easy to approach, enter, use, or reach.8 With the structure aiming to cater

people from all walks of life, proper planning and design considerations

will be used to induce ease of access, especially to children, persons with disabilities, and

the elderly.

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g. Building Technology

Building or construction technology are the tools and techniques for the creation of

buildings, dwellings or places for people to escape the natural elements.9 Being a high-rise

structure, this project will utilize modern building materials that are efficient and energy-


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