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Title: Vimsottari & Udu dasa

Om Gurave Namah

Dwadasottari dasa
Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they
have to say something.

9.1 Applicability
Dwadasottari dasa is the 112 year dasa scheme applicable in those chart where the Lagna in the
Rasi Chart is in Sukramsaka (i.e. in the same sign as occupied by Venus in the navamsa chart).

9.2 Dasa Scheme

The eight planets, excluding Venus shall furnish the dasas. The order of the planets is Sun,
Jupiter, Ketu, Mercury, Rahu, Mars, Saturn and Moon. As in the earlier cases, we believe that it is better
to understand the methodology of derivation of the scheme rather than just memorizing. Consider the
planets in the order of the Weekdays (including Venus). Starting from the Sun, every fifth planet shall
furnish the succeeding dasa. Thus, Jupiter, the fifth after the Sun follows. The fifth after Jupiter
[Jup(1), Ven (2), Sat(3), Rahu(4), Ketu(5)] is Ketu and hence Ketu shall follow Jupiter. Similarly, the
fifth from Ketu [Ketu(1), Sun(2), Moon(3) Mars(4), Mercury(5)] is Mercury and the dasa of Mercury
follows that of Ketu. In this manner, every fifth planet starting from the Sun gives the order Sun,
Jupiter, Ketu, Mercury, Rahu, Mars, Saturn, Moon & Venus. Since Venus is the governing planet (note
the peculiar condition related to Sukramsa) its influence will be felt though out life irrespective of dasa.
Hence, expunging Venus from the order, the final order of Sun, Jupiter, Ketu, Mercury, Rahu, Mars,
Saturn & Moon is obtained.

9.3 Dasa Period

Starting with 7 years for the Sun and increasing uniformly at the rate of 2 years for every
succeeding planet, we obtain their dasa periods.
Table 42: Dwadasottari dasa periods
Nakshatra Planet Dasa
27 Revati 19 Moola 11 Poorva Phalguni 3 Krittika Sun 7
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Title: Vimsottari & Udu dasa

26 Uttarabhadrapad 18 Jyestha 10 Makha 2 Bharini Jupiter 9

25 Poorvabhadrapad 17 Anuradha 9 Aslesha 1 Aswini Ketu 11
24 Satabhisaj 16 Visakha 8 Pusya Mercury 13
23 Dhanista 15 Swati 7 Punarvasu Rahu 15
22 Sravana 14 Chitra 6 Ardra Mars 17
21 Uttarasadha 13 Hasta 5 Mrigasira Saturn 19
20 Poorvasadha 12 Uttara Phalguni 4 Rohini Moon 21
Total 112

9.4 Dasa Calculations

Count the number of nakshatra (in 27 nakshatra scheme) from the Janma nakshatra to Revati
(27). Expunge multiples of eight (8). The remainder counted from the Sun in the order or the dasa
scheme indicates the planet which shall furnish the first dasa. Balance of dasa at the time of birth is
determined by the standard method based on the longitude of the Moon in the Janma Nakshatra.

9.5 Illustration
Chart 37: Telecommunication expert

Revati is the favorite nakshatra of Venus and causes its exaltation.
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Title: Vimsottari & Udu dasa

Table 43: Dwadasottari dasa-case 1

Dwadasottari dasa (applicable if lagna is in Sukramsaka): Maha Dasas:
Jup: 1953-06-13 (20:18:04) - 1962-06-14 (03:35:04)
Ket: 1962-06-14 (03:35:04) - 1973-06-13 (23:16:05)
Mer: 1973-06-13 (23:16:05) - 1986-06-14 (07:10:44)
Rah: 1986-06-14 (07:10:44) - 2001-06-14 (03:36:33)
Mar: 2001-06-14 (03:36:33) - 2018-06-14 (12:05:03)
Sat: 2018-06-14 (12:05:03) - 2037-06-14 (09:00:21)
Moo: 2037-06-14 (09:00:21) - 2058-06-14 (18:04:09)
Sun: 2058-06-14 (18:04:09) - 2065-06-14 (13:07:31)

Applicability: Venus is placed in Pisces 28 08’ and is also in Pisces in navamsa. Lagna in Rasi Chart is in
Pisces. Thus the condition of Lagna in the Rasi chart (Pisces) being in the same sign as occupied by
Venus in navamsa (Pisces) is satisfied and Dwadasottari dasa is applicable.
Theme & Life: The theme must hover around Venus and here we find that the native’s life was full of
girl friends, romance and the like. Venus is exalted and vargottama. He loves beautiful cars and owns a
Mercedes, Saab and other vehicles. He has a huge wardrobe which is a room by itself! The clothes seem
to get old very fast and need replacement with the latest fashion. He is often ahead of many film stars in
clothing. Venus in a watery sign will show a lot of traveling. He has been traveling since a kid, going to
all the best schools all over India, and finally traveled to the US for higher studies in Mercury dasa,
Moon antardasa. The Moon is placed in the ninth house of higher studies. He has traveled all over the
globe and many times to Europe. Thus the theme is very clear – iha loka sukha i.e. all the best of things
in this world are to be enjoyed like this beautiful life.
Unfortunately, the sixth lord Sun conjoins Venus and his plans for marriage and his father
cannot come together. The dasa of Rahu dominated the period from 1986 to June 2001 and Rahu in the
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Title: Vimsottari & Udu dasa

fifth house is like a snake in the sleeve. Rahu aspects Venus and all relationships invariably ended because
of a lack of faith. Finally, he did get married in November 1999 due to the blessings of Mercury (Rahu
dasa Mercury antardasa) as it is the 7th lord. Being in the 7th house the spouse was a foreigner and the
marriage was in a foreign land. Mercury is also the fourth lord and is conjoined Bhratrikaraka Mars. His
mother and younger brother attended the grand wedding with limousines and all paraphernalia that an
exalted Venus should give. With the advent of Mars dasa in 2001 June, spouse left for Australia and
some differences developed. Mars is afflicting the 7th lord Mercury. It is a yoga karaka and is involved in
a powerful Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga. The future seems bright.