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English 110: 21st Century Science Fiction

Dr. Amber Strother

Spring 2018
Research Project: Part 1
50 points

This portion of the assignment requires that you will submit a proposal for the text you wish to
use for the research project. You will need to do some presearch to gain an understanding of
what materials are available on your text. In 1-2 paragraphs, respond to the following:

1. Which text would you like to focus on for the research project?
2. Why have you chosen this particular text? What interests you about it?
3. What do you already know about your text and what do you expect to focus on in your
4. Provide MLA citations for 1 scholarly source and 1 popular source that you have located
on your text. You do not have to have read the source, but I do want to see evidence of
your presearch.
5. List at least one question you have for me at this point in the project.

Due: January 26, by 11:59 p.m.

Research Proposal Rubric

Proficient Competent Novice

22-25 18-21.9 0-17.9

Responds to all Attempts to respond Does not respond to

questions. Offers to all questions. all questions. Does
Information and
insight into text Offers some insight not offer insight into
choice and author into text choice and text choice and
interest. author interest. author interest.

13-15 11-12.9 0-10.9

Attempts to show
Demonstrates presearch. May not Does not
evidence of presearch include effective demonstrate
Evidence of
and awareness of citations or show lack presearch. Does not
what is available of awareness of what show any awareness
regarding text choice. is available regarding of source availability.
text choice.

8.5-10 7-8.4 0-6.9

Attempts to follow Does not follow MLA

Effectively follows MLA formatting formatting
Formatting and MLA formatting guidelines. Contains guidelines. May
Conventions guidelines. Contains some errors that do contain errors that
few to no errors. not interfere with interfere with clarity
clarity or readability. and readability

Overall Comments: