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Choose the best answer.

1. Aini lives in ______________.

A. Taman seri indah C. taman seri indah
B. TAMAN SERI INDAH D. Taman Seri Indah

2. There are some ___________ in the basket.

A. mangoes C. manggose
B. mangoss D. mango

3. My father and I like to play badminton.____play in the evening

A. We C. He
B. They D. She

4. Arissa is my cousin. ______ is ten years old.

A. She C. We
B. He D. They

5. My uncle is a doctor. _______ works at Pantai Hospital.

A. He C. They
B. She D. We

Choose the words that has the same meaning as the underlined words

6. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables can make you stay healthy.
A. sick C. well
B. dizzy D. happy

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks

Anis ___7__ a healthy girl. ___8___ sleeps and gets up early in the morning
every day. Anis takes a healthy food and drinks a lot of ____9___ . She also
exercise daily.

7. A is 8. A He 9. A fruits
B am B Him B water
C are C She C lemon
D has D We D soft drinks
Choose the meaning of underline words.
10. Aireen goes to bed early every night.
A. late C. well
B. fast D. easy

Choose the sentence with correct punctuation.

11. A. Raisya and Alya like to eat Durian.
B. raisya and alya like to eat durian,
C. raisya and Alya likes to eat durian,.
D. Raisya and Alya like to eat durian.


Look at the picture. Choose the best answer.

This is Adam and his family. Mr. Ahmad is his ____12____. His mother’s
name is Mrs. Aishah. He has a __13___ and a sister. They are going shopping. His
brother is sitting _14 __ the trolley . He is very excited. His sister is holding his
mother’s hand. Adam __15__ standing beside the trolley. They looked very happy

12. A sister 13. A sister 14. A at 15. A is

B father B mother B of B are

C mother C father C in C am

D brother D. brother D above C we

Read the information and answer the question.

I am Azureen . I am nine years I am Danial. I am nine years old. I

old. I like to dance. I have been dancing like to play football. I play football
since I was three years old. with my friends. Every weekend I get
I am learning ballet now. I want to be a up early to play football. I want to be
ballet dancer when I grow up. a football player when I grow up.

16. What is Azzureen’s hobby?

A. playing football C. cooking

B. dancing D. drawing

17. Since when she had that hobby?

A. since she was baby. C. since she was three years old.
B. since she was nine years old. D. since she was six years old.

18. What is Azzureen’s ambition ?

A. She wants to be a teacher. C. She wants to be a singer.

B. She wants to be a doctor. D. She wants to be a ballet dancer.

19. Who likes to play football?

A. Azzureen C. Azzureen’s friend

B. Danial D. Danial’s classmate

20. Why do you think Danial gets up early during weekend?

A. to help his mother C. to dance with Azzurreen

B. to play with Azzureen D. to practice football with his friends

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