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 This paper has 2 pages.
 This question paper has only 1 section.
 Reading time of 15 minutes will be provided for this paper. The paper will commence after the
reading time and continue for the duration mentioned above.
 All questions are compulsory..
 The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].
 All questions are to be attempted separately.

1. State True or False for the following. [5]

i. A computer processor's speed is measured in terms of hertz. ……………………..
ii. There can be more than a single processor in a computer. …………………….
iii. The data in RAM remains even after the power is switched off. ........................
iv. The hard disk drive is the main memory of a computer. …………………………
v. The storage capacity of a DVD is much more than a hard drive. ……………………

2. Choose a correct answer. [5]

i. The value 2.66 GHz refers to which of the following.
a. The RAM storage capacity
b. The microprocessor speed
c. The resolution of a monitor
d. Hard disk space

ii. Which of the below memory storage option is known as the main memory of the computer?
a. RAM
b. ROM
c. Hard disk
d. Pen drive

iii. A kilobyte is equal to ......

a. 1024 bytes
b. 1024 kilobytes
c. 1024 megabytes
d. 1024 gigabytes

iv. Choose the odd one out. Give reason for your choice.
a. Ubuntu
b. Redhat
c. Debian
d. Windows

vi. 1 GiB is approximately equal to .....

a. 1.074 Bytes
b. 1.074 MB
c. 1.074 KB
d. 1.074 GB

3. Answer the following questions. [20]

i. Choose odd one out. Give reason for your choice. [2]
a. CD
b. SD Card
c. Pend drive
d. RAM

ii. Write units of measurement against each of the following components. [2]
a. Memory
b. Processing speed

iii. Why is the CPU known as the brain of the computer? [2]

iv. Identify the hardware and software elements from the below list: [2]
a. Monitor
b. Web browser
c. MS Word
d. Mouse
e. Scratch
f. Motherboard

v. Put the below steps of booting a computer in the right sequence. [2]
a. BIOS identifies and initializes the hardware devices.
b. BIOS gives control of the operating system to the OS.
c. BIOS runs on a computer.
d. BIOS loads the operating system

vi. What is topology? [2]

vii. Write the difference between Internet and Intranet. [2]
viii. Define Hub. [2]
ix. What is networking? Give two advantages. [2]
x. What is meant by client? [2]

4. Answer the following questions. [10]

i. Explain the different types of topologies used in computer networks.


ii. Write the difference between LAN, MAN & WAN. [5]