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Daniel Lovat Clark with Chris Gerber
BASED ON Zoe Robinson
signed by Jay Little with Sam Stewart, Andrew Fischer, and PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT
Tim Flanders
Enc Knight
~·• •. '*' f.. ~-*! ' " .


.~S')t. .'\
.. ...... ...
I . ' ..'!""l-·~· Chris Gerber
... . ~ .'
... ..,.r .
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• ~v
·., ,.-· Deb Beck


~ I l. ... - .
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......., "
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" David Johnson and Jay Little with Andrew Fischer and Sam
Corey Konieczka
EDGE Studio, David Ardila. and Chns Beck with Shaun Soyke. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER
Taylor lngvarsson. Brian Schomburg, and Michael Silsby Michael Hurley


J.P. Targete Chnst1an T. Petersen


Even Amundsen. Jacob Atienza. T1z1ano Baracchi. Ryan Barger. Matt Chris Beck, Deb Beck, Bryan Bornmueller. John Britton. Emily Cal-
Bradbury, Caravan Studio, Sidharth Chaturvedi, Alexandre Dainche, lan. Andy Christensen. Rene "Wafflefry" DeDon, Matt Devries, J9
Christina Davis. Sacha Diener. Fine Molds. Tony Foti, Ian Fullwood, Duncan. Michael Gernes, Nick Glover, Patrick John Haggerty, Eric
·smuggins· Hanson. Tim Huckelbery, Brian "Ba1anator" Johnson.
Clark Huggins. Jeff Lee Johnson. Adam Lane. Ralph McOuarrie,
Kalar Komarec, Rob Kouba. Dustin Kuntz. Caitlin Ledbetter. Joyce
Mark Molnar. Jacob Murray. David Nash, Mike Nash. Andrew Olson,
Ledbetter. Michael "Memnoth" Ledbetter. Michelle "Minniyar"
R.J Palmer. Anthony Palumbo, Aaron Panagos, Jim Pavelec, Fran- Ledbetter. Lukas Litzsinger, Jason McCord. Carl Meyer, Nate Miller,
cisco Rico. Alexandru Sabo, Nicholas Stohlman. Chase Toole, Alex Mercedes Opheim, Zoe Robinson. Adam Sadler. Bryan Sanchez,
Tooth . Magali Villeneuve. Stephen Youll, Timothy Ben Zweifel. and Gabriella Sanchez. Brian Schomburg. Amy "Hannah Shot First"
the Lucasfilm art archives Stomberg, Jeremy Stomberg. Dominic Tauer. Zach Tewalthomas,
James Voelker. Jason Walden. John Wheeler

Leland Chee
Jennifer Heddie

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ISBN: 97 8- 1-61 661-593-2 Product Code: SWEO 1 Print ID 1528DEC 12
For more information about the Star Wars . EDGE OF THE EMPIRE line, free downloads,
answers to rule queries. or iust to pass on greetings, visit us onllne at


Y ou are about to embark upon an exciting journey through
the Star Wars universe, living by your wits and your skill
with a blaster. one step ahead of the Empire and the worst
The Game Master. or the GM. serves as the Judge and the
storyteller. It's his or her responsibility to present an exciting
examples of the criminal element. The Star Wars: EDGE OF and compelling situation to the other players, and to help de-
THE EMPIRE B EGINNER CAME IS a roleplaying game in which you termine what happens next when those players respond to
will take the role of a character in the Star Wars galaxy and that situation. The GM also takes on the role of every charac-
have exciting adventures! The Star Wars: EDGE OF THE EMPIRE ter in the galaxy not controlled by another player. Characters
BEGINNER CAME 1s specially designed to be your introduction controlled by the GM are called Non-Player Characters. or
to roleplaying games. NPCs. GMs can invent their own stories and adventures, or
use adventures written by somebody else. like the adventure
WHAT IS A ROLEPLAYING GAME? included in this box.
A roleplay1ng game 1s a collaborative storytelling game. Each If you are the Game Master player. you'll keep this book in
player takes on the role of chpracters in the fictional universe front of you It contains everything you need to know to run
- 1n this case. the Star Wars universe. Players work together a fun and exciting game.
to tell a story 1n which those characters work together to
overcome challenges. do battle with dangerous enemies, THE OTHER PLAYERS ARE HERO PLAYERS.
and maybe even make a little profit on the side. Custom dice The other 2-4 players take on the role of individual charac-
are used to add an element of randomness to the game. ters in the Star Wars galaxy. There are four pre-generated
so the outcome of the story isn't known beforehand. Each hero characters included in this box. If you are a hero player
character has unique characteristics and game rules dictat- choose one of the character folios and keep it in front of you.
ing his or her strengths and weaknesses. and use the custom It will explain the character you've chosen to play and give
dice to determine their chances of success or failure at any you a lot of information about how to play the game. Over
given task. the course of the game you will choose what your hero does
and says, and use the dice and game rules to determine
BEFORE YOU BEGIN whether you succeed or fail. Characters controlled by hero
The Star Wars : EDGE OF THE E MPIRE BEGINNER CAME is de- players are called Player Characters. or PCs.
signed for 3-5 players. With the contents of this box you
can get straight to the action. But first you'll need to assign
some roles.


Only the GM should read the rest of this book; 1t contains secrets and surprises
for tl1e course of the adventure and reading ahead can spoil the funl

• l


•MPIRE It contains the adventure and intro-
duces the rules to the players in a
fun, learn as you play format.
The 4-fold map features 4 d1st1nct map images a map of
the Krayt Fang in its hangar bay on
one side, a map of the streets of
Mos Shuuta on the reverse.
and maps of the Cantina

.. . . ..
..,#~ ....
•• ''
• -q '".. . -

and traffic control
center on the same
".;-'~-. - •• "'
. f:·~- •• • side as the streets.
,..._,.... .-· l ... ,. • • ,,
I •
• •• I •
~-- ' "
Each one contains Dual-sided Dark Side of the Force and Light
everything needed for Side of the Force desllny tokens are used to
one hero player. create the Destiny pool


The rulebook describes all of the Star The Star Wars : E DGE oF THE
G AME rules. It's best lo play though the fourteen custom dice used to
adventure contained in this Adventure resolve skill checks and gener-
Book once to learn the rules. then use ate random results.
the Rulebook as a reference for future
play sessions.


These cardboard tokens represent Pens or pencils, scratch paper
the aliens, enemies, monsters. and
heroes of the story. Players can
place these tokens on the table or
on the included game map to indi-
cate where each character is
during a given scene.

T complete, stand-alone product and contains everything
3-5 players need to roleplay on the edge of the Empire. Play-
who have played through the adventure in th is book will very
quickly and easily learn the ru les included in the Star Wars:
E DGE O F THE E MPIRE core rulebook.
ers can enjoy many hours of entertainment with the contents In both games, hero players take the roles of player char-
of this box, first by playing the included adventure and then acters and adventure in the Star Wars galaxy. Both games
by inventing their own adventures. use the same dice and the same core dice mechanic. They
For players who are ready for a more complex. in-depth use the same structure of characteristics. skills. and ta lents
roleplaying experience, the Star Wars: E DGE OF THE E MPIRE (although the exact lists of skills and talents are somewhat
core rulebook is also available. This core rulebook is the different). Both use a flexible system of actions and maneu-
starting point for a complete line of roleplaying products. in- vers to resolve combat and both use similar mechanisms to
cluding pre-written adventures. sourcebooks with more con- detail starships and vehicles. In short. the Star Wars : EDGE
tent for hero players and GMs. and much more. Players who OF THE E MPIRE B EGINNER G AME is a simpler and easier-to-learn
have experience with the Beginner Game will find that the version of the Star Wars: E DGE oF THE E MPIRE core rules.
two games have a great deal in common . and in fact players


T he adventure in this book is written and designed so
that you can begin playing as you read it. It is both a fun
adventure for you and your friends and a way to learn the
rules. Rules concepts are introduced as they come up and
the adventure teaches you everything you need to know as RULES TEXT
you need to know it. If you're ever in doubt about what to
do. let the GM make a decision and move on with the story.
You can look up the "right" answer in the rulebook later. The Another common page element is a sidebar like
important thing is that everyone has fun . this one.

As you play through this adventure. you will see blocks of Sidebars like this contain rules text. You can refer
text Iike this: to these sidebars Lo figure out how to resolve the
action in a given encounter.
Tl1e text in tl1is block is intended to l1e read aloud
lo the l1ero players by the Gi\11. It normally describes Not every page or encounter has a rules sidebar
t11e scene or l11e cl1aracters. and it might include an like this. Although new rules are introduced the
important clue or l1int1 first time the players are expected to use them.
they remain in effect throughout the adventure.
The rules for building and resolving a dice pool are
Eact1 of U1ese blocks of read-aloud text will have 1n described on page 8 On future pages. 1L is
st ructions for when to read il aloud Often. it sl1ould assumed that the players now know how to build
be read as soon as the scene begins · as Ll1e heroes and resolve a dice pool.
step into t11e Canuna. or when the crime-lord's
l11ugs catch sight of tl1en1 Other times 1t ~viii be 111
response to PC action. sucl1 as wl1en t11ey open a
door or if they succeed at a skill ct1eck.

There are four player characters: 41-VEX the Droid Colo-
There may be ol11e1 sidebars like l11is one Tl1cse
nist. Lowhhrick the Wookiee Hired Gun. Oskara the Twi'lek
s1dc l1ars contain supplen1c11tary 1nfo1 1n<1lion
Bounty Hunter. and Pash the Human Smuggler. Depending
and asides to assist U1c GM rn ru1111111g l11c scene.
on the hero players in your game. not all of these PCs are
Son1et1mes 1t1cse siclrl)ars discuss garne conccpls .
necessarily present.
OL11er l.ln1cs U1cy provide aclv1cc These s1clcbzirs
often 1nclurlc cl1aracte11sllcs lor NPCs tt1at are used
in Ll1e encounter.


. t) I
• • •


T his adventure takes place in Mos Shuuta. a small city on
the desert world of Tatooine. Mos Shuuta is situated on
the top of a tall. rocky bluff. with nothing but endless desert
number If the player characters travel to that location. the
GM can refer to that page number for a description of what
the PCs may find there and how visiting that location may
in every direction around it. As the story begins. the PCs help them in their mission to escape from Tatooine. The PCs
are attempting to escape the servants of the ruler of Mos are expected to start in the cantina (page 8). then visit the
Shuuta, Teemo the Hutt. Each of the PCs is in trouble with junk shop (page 14). spaceport control (page 17). and land-
Teemo the Hutt for one reason or another. as explained in ing bay Aurek (page 24). The other locations in Mos Shuuta
their character folios. The only way to get off the planet are briefly described on page 28.
and escape Teemo the Hutt is to steal a ship and fly to
safety Fortunately, they'll get a chance to do exactly that. THE ADVENTURE STRUCTURE
by stealing a ship called the Krayt Fang from a Trandoshan The adventure is presented as a series of Encounters The
named Trex encounters are numbered and presented in the order that
Hopefully, the PCs won't attempt to climb down the rocky the PCs are expected to proceed. Because the ind1v1dual
cl iff or otherwise leave Mos Shuuta without stealing a ship. rules concepts are introduced gradually, encounter by en-
If they try, explain that the cliff is very sheer and the on ly counter. players are strongly encouraged to proceed in the
entrance or exit that isn't the spaceport is very heavily order presented here. If the PCs attempt to skip an encoun-
guarded ter, the GM can explain that they will be passing over vital
rules. or can allow them to skip and pause the game while
he or she reads the skipped encounter and shares the rules
THE MAP concepts contained within
The adventure map is broken into several sections. The In between encounters, the GM may have to improvise
map includes the stony bluff of Mos Shuuta. the Mos Shuu- the transitions. These trans1t1ons can be as simple as "You
ta Cantina, the Command Center, and the Krayt Fang in its all walk from the cant1na to the junk shop," or as complex
landing bay. as small sub-encounters in their own right. They're also a
great opportunity to mix in some of the color and variety of
The Mos Shuuta map is reproduced here for your con-
Star Wars .
venience. Each location on the map is marked with a page

Once all the hero players have their character folios, it's time
to begin the game ESCAPE FROI\~ MOS SHUUTA

It 1s a period of unrest and opportunity 1n the

ARRANGING THE PLAY galaxy. The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain
control 1n the midst of civil war. l\~eanwh1le. scoun·
AREA drels and smugglers. explorers and expatriates.
and fringers of all types scramble for a living on t11e
The available dice should be placed somewhere within easy edges of galactic civilization It is a hard l1fe. but
reach of all players. The Map of Mos Shuuta can also be these renegades have more freedom and opportu·
n1Ly than any citizen of tile Core Worlds.
placed in belween all players (with its street side show-
ing), so everyone can easily see where the action 1s taking
place. Each hero player should find his character token from On the desert world of TATOOINE. a few sucl1 ren-
amongst lhe available cardboard character tokens and keep egades have run afoul of a local crime boss. TEEMO
1t near his characLer folio. he may wish to use it to represent THE HUTT Trapped in the tiny spaceport of Mos
Sl1uuta. the renegades have no cl101ce but to steal
his character on the game map later during a fight scene! It a starship and flee Teemo's forces Fortunately, a
would also be helpful for each player to have a pencil or pen suitable starship has recently docked at tile landing
and some scratch paper to take notes bay a fre1ghter called the KRAYT FANG. captained
by a Trandosl1an slaver named Trex As they flee
through the suns-baked streets. tl1e renegades duck
RAISING THE CURTAIN into the local cantina to l1ide from their pursuers ...
When everyone 1s ready to begin. read the following open-
ing crawl aloud lo the hero players You can also place the
appropriate section of lhe "Read this First" sheet 1n front of
the hero players, so they can follow along with the opening
crawl (And 1f you have a Star Wars soundtrack available. go OPENING CRAWL...
ahead and crank lhat up, tool)
Each hero now suffers 2 strain to represenl his or her ex-
haustion from running through the desert heat of Tatoo1ne.
Instruct each hero player to mark 2 strain 1n the appropriale
place on his or her character sheet. If a character ever sur
fers more strain than his or her strain threshold, the charac-
ter collapses unconscious. The PCs will have opportunities to
recover strain 1n the future.
The adventure has now begun'
Proceed to Encounter 1 and flip
the map to show the interior of the

• I
• •


I n this encounter. the PCs rush into the cantina moments

ahead of Teemo the Hutt's Gamorrean goons. They have
an opportunity to hide themselves before the goons arrive. PERFORMING THE SKILL CHECK
As the PCs enter the cantina. read or paraphrase the fol-
lowing aloud: To perform this skill check, the active player (the
player whose character 1s performing the action)
You step down a short flight of stairs into tt1e does the following:
cantina's st1adowy co1rimon room. tl1e cool air a
blessed relief fro1ri the scorching heat of Tatooine.
1. Collect a pool of dice - the dice listed on his
The Devaronian bartender pauses in his ct1ores to character sheet for the skill in question. plus
stare at you. his dev1l1sh features intimidating. On a one purple Difficulty die • ·
stage against the far wall. a Twi'lek 1.Noman dances
to recorded music Private booths line the walls, 2. Roll the dice.
and the cantina floor is scattered vv1th tables and Failure Y symbols cancel Success ~ symbols. If
chairs A few patrons turn in t11eir seats to stare at there is at least one Success ~ symbol . the task
you The only other exits you see from the room are succeeds.
what looks to be a storage closet in one corner and
a doorway behind the Tw1'lek dancer. Tt1e arched Those are the bare bones steps of any skill check .
roof above you 1s supported by lh1ck. tieavy struts For more detail, read on ...
You only have a few moments to find a hiding place
before Teemo's t11ugs arrive. VVl1at do you do?
Each PC has one chance to hide himself or herself before Whenever a character attempts an action that has
the goons come in the front door. Doing so is a skill check. a chance of failure, a skill check is performed to
and each PC should make one skill check to determine determine whether or not the action succeeds.
whether or not the attempt to hide is successful. The core mechanic. which determines success or
failure. 1s as follows:
If a PC simply tries to hide in a booth, or under a table,
or in the shadows of the cantina, then the skill check is a • Roll a pool of dice.
Stealth check. But there are other things the PCs may try,
such as: • Failure Y symbols cancel Success ~ symbols
• Convince the Twi'lek dancing girl to let the PC back-
• After all other factors . 1f there 1s at least one
stage. (Charm or Coerce)
Success '# symbol, the task succeeds.
• Stepping into the storage closet and jamming the lock.
(Mechanics) THE DICE POOL
• Climbing up into the support struts where the extra
booze is stored. (Athletics) Whenever a character performs a check, the
player controlling that character called the active
• Getting behind the bar and pretending to be a bartend- player - rolls a pool of dice. This dice pool consists
of both "good dice," contributed by the character's
er. (Deceit) own abilities and pos1t1ve circumstances. and
"bad dice," contributed by the difficulty of the
• Sitting down at the bar as if nothing was wrong, be- task and negative circumstances
cause only a madman would do that. (Cool)
Each character's skill entry on his or her character
Once each hero player makes his sheet has a dice pool indicated. a collection
or her choice, that player shou ld of green Ability dice t and possibly yellow
construct a dice pool and roll Proficiency dice 0 . Therefore, assembling the
his or her skill check. (Each character's dice pool is as simple as reading the
hero player wil l do this entry on the character sheet and gathering the
appropriate dice.
one at a time. in
any order.) t
The GM then adds purple Difficulty dice to the
pool based on the difficulty of the check In this
case, the check is Easy, and the GM adds a
single purple Difficulty die • ·

When the dice are assembled. the active player

rolls and the results are read .


If there are more Advantage O symbols than

Virtually every dice pool consists of both positive dice Threat {§) symbols, the character recovers 1 strain
(usually Ability dice() and 'or Proficiency dice ei
and per Advantage O symbol 1n excess of Threat {§)
negative dice (usually Difficulty dice ()J There are symbols
very few exceptions. and they are noted expressly in
the text as Simple(-) checks If there are more Threat {§) symbols than
Advantage O symbols. the character suffers
1 strain per Threat {§) symbol 1n excess of
THE TRIUMPH @ SYMBOL Advantage O symbols.

In addition to success and failure. each check may

generate positive or negative side-effects or other
Tt1e Triumph @ symbol is a special. even better outcomes. represented by the Advantage 0
version of a Success ~ symbo l It 1s discussed 1t in symbol and the Threat {§) symbol These twists
more detail later; for no~v. simply treat 1t as a Success of fortune are independent of success or failure.
~ symbo l
a check can fail and still generate a positive side
effect via Advantage, or a check can succeed but
with a negative consequence due to Threat.

Advantage O symbols are canceled by Threat

SUCCESS, OR FAILURE? {§) symbols and vice-versa. iust as wrth Success
'.# and Failure Y symbols above If there are
Advantage O symbols remaining once this is
If there are more Success '.# symbols than Failure
done. then something beneficial for the active
Y symbols, then the check succeedsl
character has occurred If there are Threat {§)
Two symbols are used Lo determine success or symbols rema1n1ng. then something harmful to
failure on a given check These symbols are the the active character has occurred
Success '.# symbol and the Failure Y symbol
In this case, the active character may recover
Each Failure Y symbol cancels (and is canceled
1 strain per Advantage O symbol The active
by) one Success '.# symbol If, after accounting for
character suffers I strain per Threat {§) symbol
all the Failure Y symbols, there are any Success
This is the most basic way to use Advantage 0
'.# symbols rema1n1ng, the task succeeds (Extra
and Threat {§), and 1s always available to the active
Failure Y symbols are wasted .)
character; other options will be discussed later.

If al l of the PCs hide successfully. read the following aloud: If any of the PCs fail, read the following aloud.

Moments after you hide yourselves. a small troupe Moments after you hide yourselves. a small troupe
of pig-like Gamorreans carrying heavy. bone-break- of pig-like Gamorreans carrying heavy bone-
ing clubs steps t11rough the door - Teemo's enforc- breaking clubs steps through the door · Teemo·s
ers' They blink their beady little eyes in the gloom. enforcers1 They blink their beady little eyes rn the
peering about Then. seeing nothing of interest. gloom. peering about - and then one lets loose a
t11ey grunt and \'\'hine 1n t11eir primitive language and piercing shriek' You are spotted' Things are about to
turn to go. You know they'll keep looking for you get violent.
until you take then1 out. With their backs turned.
this is the perfect moment to strike'
Continue to Encounter 2.
Continue to Encounter 2

• l .\ I

• •
I n this encounter. a fight breaks out between the PCs and
a group of Gamorreans in the employ of Teemo the Hutt.
If the PCs were all successful 1n their attempts to hide dur-

ing Encounter 1 • then the PCs have an advantage over the At the beg1nn1ng of the first round of combat. all
Gamorreans. hero players and NPCs need to determine 1n what
order the characters will take their turns This is
There are as many Gamorreans as there are PCs. The
cal led the in1t1at1ve order In most cases this calls
Gamorreans are clustered by the door. engaged with one
for a skill check from each participant, but 1n
another, they are at short range from the bar and medium
this case the initiative order will be fixed based
range from the far side of the room. The PCs should note on whether the heroes successfully hid from the
where they are on the cantina map, based on their actions Gamorreans or not Note that each 1n1t1at1ve slot
during Encounter 1. is claimed by a team (PCs or NPCs). not by an
1ndiv1dual character. and the PCs can choose in
what order they use their teams' slots
If the heroes hid If at least one
Combat follows the following steps successfully· hero failed:
1. Determine Initiative - 1n this case. based on 1st PC 1st PC
whether or not the heroes hid 2nd PC NPCs
2. Participants Take Turns - each character takes 3rd PC 2nd PC
one turn. PCs can choose what order they act in NPCs 3rd PC

3. The Round Ends; a New Round Begins - re- 4th PC 4th PC

turn Lo step 2 until the encounter is over.
If there are on ly 3 PCs. ignore the 4th PC slot If
there are only 2 PCs, ignore the 3rd and 4th slots

Each round of combat consists of a series of turns. • Perform an attack with an equipped weapon
In 1nit1ative order, each character participating in
the bat lie will take one turn. Beginning with the first • Use a skill.
result in the initiative order, one member of that
team (PC or NPC) will take his entire turn . then the • Perform a second maneuver.
round will progress to the next entry on the initiative
order. Each PC can use any PC initiative slot. but POSSIBLE MANEUVERS INCLUDE:
each PC can only take one turn per round . PCs can
choose who will act as each initiative slot is reached
1n the init1at1ve order; they don't have to choose • Move to a new location within short range, or move
beforehand. They can also act in one order on one between range bands (engaged to short, short to
round. and a different order on the next round - there medium).
is no permanent connection between a given PC and
• Ready or stow a weapon or other item (such as a
a given initiative slot.
In the case of NPCs. il is normal for groups of similar
• Use a stimpack.
NPCs (such as the Gamorrean thugs) to act at the
same time. Just like PCs. NPCs can act in any order
• Open or close a door. flip a table over to provide
and can change their order from round to round .
cover. or otherwise interact with the environment.
Once all characters have taken a turn . a new round
• Aim - gain a Boost die Don your next attack
may begin.
• Take cover - attackers suffer a Setback die • on
On each character's turn , that character can
their attacks against you until you leave cover or
perform a single action and a single maneuver (in
the situation changes such that you don't have
any order). Actions are not maneuvers; maneuvers
cover anymore.
are not actions.


After all characters have taken a turn. the round 1s

Cl1ar·acLe1s can per·for ma seconcJ n1a11euver on L11e1r over. If the battle is now done (one team has been
turn by suffering 2 sLr a111. 01 b\ using tl1e 1r action as defeated or fled), then the encounter is over and it is
a n1a11euver Characters can never perform more no longer necessary to track initiative. If there 1s more
than 2 maneuvers during their turn, nor may they fighting to do, a new round begins and the process
perform more than 1 action. returns to the "Participants Take Turns" step. During
this new round of combat, the order of initiative slots
remains the same, but the characters may act in a
Example: On her turn, Oskara draws her blaster different order (they are not obligated to use the
carbine (a maneuver) and fires at an enemy (an same initiative slot as they did in the first round).
action). Her shot misses and Oskara elects to
take cover behind a table by suffering 2 strain to
perform an extra maneuver.
Noncombatants. like the bartender. the dancing girl. and
the other patrons. don't do anything important during the
battle. They run for cover and generally keep out of the way; Tl1ese dice are 1ndependenL of Lile difficulty of L11e
there's no need to track their activities. check BoosL dice • make tl1e aLtack rnor·e likely Lo
l1it. Setback drce D r11ake the attack less lrkelv to l11t
Boost drce • can be gained by performing l11e arm
n1aneuver Setback dice D are addecJ 1\·l1en at tacking
a target 1vl10 is rn cover

• l I
I \



In the Star Wars. EDGE OF THE EMPIRE BEGINNER The most common action performed by characters
GAME, range and distance are handled abstractly during a battle 1s to perform an attack with an
wilh a system of range bands There are four equipped weapon against a target in range First
range bands and a special condition known as the attacker should compare the range to his
engaged In order from closest to furthest: target against the listed range for his weapon If
the target'. is too far away. lhe al lacker will have
Engaged Characters are close enough lo touch to move closer. choose a different target for lhe
attack. or do something else wilh his action.
Short range: A few steps away An easy shol with
a blaster ILlakes a single maneuver to move from Attacks are skill checks. and the skill used 1s
short range lo engaged. or from short range Lo determined by the weapon Each weapon has the
medium range. In this encounter. short range 1s skill used to attack with 1t l1sted 1n its description
about half the distance across the cant1na. The active character should gather dice for his
dice pool as 1nd1cated for lhe given skill
Medium range Opposite sides or a room. An
average shot with a blaster Still close enough to be The difficulty of the attack check (lhe number of
easily seen and heard. although characters must purple Difficulty dice + added to lhe check) 1s
speak loudly to be understood It takes a single determined by the circumstances of the attack
maneuver to move from medium range to short
range It takes 2 maneuvers to move from medium If the attack is at short range. 1t 1s an Easy (t l
range to long range In this encounter. medium range check Add I Difficulty die +
spans from one side of the cant1na to the other s1tle
If the attack 1s at medium range 1l is an Average
There are 2 other range bands - Long range and (. .)check. Add 2 D1fflcully dice +
Extreme range - that aren'l important here.
because the cantina is relatively small. If the attack 1s at long range (which 1t won't be as
long as everyone stays 1ns1de lhc canllna). 1t 1s a
You can use character tokens to roughly indicate Hard (. • • ) check Add 3 Difficully dice +
where each character is on the map, and to
esllmate ranges between characters Since the If the attacker is engaged wilh his or her target.
system 1s abstract. rough estimates arc normally it 1s an Average (. .) check 1r 1l's made with
all lhat 1s required. a Melee. Brawl. or Ranged (Light) allack Add
2 Difficulty dice + . If lhe attack is made with a
Ranged (Heavy) attack. 1l 1s a Hard (. • • ) check
Add 3 Difficulty dice + .
CRITICAL INJURY? Characters who use the aim maneuver may also
add Boost dice O to the attack's dice pool
If an NPC suffers a Critical ln1ury. t11at NPC 1s simply Characters who are 1n cover may add Setback
defeated If a PC suffers a Critical ln1ury. refer to the dice • to attacks thal target them Once the dice
Critical ln1ury chart on the back cover. pool 1s assembled. 1t 1s rolled and evaluated like
any other skill check


If the allack is a success. it 1s a h1l and it infl1cls damage on the target. The damage inflicted by the attack 1s equal to
the damage rating of the weapon. plus the number of Success *- symbols left uncanceled on lhe allack. For example. if
Pash fires a blaster pistol with damage 6 and hits his target with I uncanceled Success *- symbol. he deals 7 damage.

The target reduces the damage he or she suffers by his or her soak rating a comb1nat1on of the character's natural
toughness and the armor he or she is wearing. If a character's soak rating reduces the damage to 0 or less. thal character
suffers no wounds Otherwise. the character suffers wounds equal to any rema1n1ng damage For example. 1f Pash shoots
a Gamorrean thug for 7 damage, the thug reduces that damage by his soak value of 3 and suffers 4 wounds

When a character suffers wounds. that character's controller marks them on his or her character sheet (The GM can
use scratch paper for NPCs) When a character's total wounds exceeds his wound threshold , he is defeated
and knocked unconscious. He suffers an immediate Critical Injury and remains unconscious until healed by
another character NPCs who are defeated normally die outright. unless the plot calls for lhem to survive.

If the PCs win :
Characters may spend Advantage ti to do several
things. In general. tt1e active player cl1ooses how
to spend his Advantage ti symbols. 1iv1tl1 the Gtvl's The Gamorreans are defeated! The silence that
approval. Options include ... follows is broken by slovv. unamused applause. Tile
Devaronian bartender approacl1es and laughs a
brittle little laugh. "I guess you're folks \.Yho need Lo
Spend I Advantage ti to recover 1 strain.
get off the planet in a hurry. The good ne1.vs for you
is that I l1appen to knovv that there's a freighter in
Spend 2 Advantage ti to 1n1mediately perform a Landing Bay Aurek right novv. Tl1e bad ne1'l's is t11at
bonus maneuver (still only 2 maneuvers per turn). its captain. Trex. is an associate of the Hull's and
won't just let you on . The ot11er bad news is that the
• Spend 2 Advantage ti to give a Boost die • to reason I know it's still in the landing bay is that 1t
the next attacl< against the target. has a broken hypermatter reactor igniter and won't
be flying anyvvl1ere until it gets a new one installed.
• Spend Advantage ti to inflict 1 Critical Injury on I bet Vorn over at tl1e junk sl1op has one." Tl1en l1e
the target if tl1e attack 1s successful - eacl1 weap- points at t11e door. "Now get out of my cantlna ."
on requires a different a111ount of Advantage ti.
as noted in t11at vveapon's description. If the Gamorreans win :

Spend Advantage ti to do son1el11ing else ap-

A Gamorrean cudgel svvings for your l1ead. and
propriate to the plot and situation.
then ...blackness! You avvaken son1etime later witll
a groan to find the Devaronian bartender standing
THREAT over you l1olding a now-empty slim pack. From U1e
aches and bruises all over your body. you estirnate
that the Gamorreans kicked you in the ribs until they
Threat '§~ n1ay be spent to do several things. In got bored. t11en vvandered off. "Teen10 must not vvant
gen~ral. the GM chooses 1101"' to spend Threat '§~ you dead. but it's still not healtt1y to stay in Mos
symbols. Options include .. Shuuta." says the bartender. "The good nevvs for you
is t11at I l1appen to know that tl1ere's a freigl1ter in
Landing Bay Aurek right now. The bad news is t11at
Spend 1 Threat '§~ to suffer 1 strain. its captain. Trex. is an associate of the Hutt's and
won't just let you on. Tl1e other bad news is t11at the
Spend 2 Threat '§~ Lo allow the target of l11e at- reason I l<now it's still in U1e landing bay is that 1t
tack to immediately perforn1 a bonus rnaneuver
has a broken hypermatter reactor igniter and vvon't
(even thougl1 it's not his turn)
be flying anywl1ere until it gets a new one installed
I bet Vorn over at tt1e junk sl1op l1as one." Then l1e
Spend 2 Threat ~§~ to add a Setback die D to the
points at the door. "Now get out of 1ny cantina."
next attack t11e active cl1aracter performs.

Spend 2 Threat ~§~ to add a Boost die • to· t11e

next attack targeting the active character.
Spend Threat '§> to do sometl1ing else appropri-
ate to the plot and situation

At the end of each encounter, PCs have a chance

TRIUMPH to recover strain. Each PC recovers strain equal to
his Presence score or his ranks in the Cool skill ,
whichever is greater.
In a con1bal situation. Triurnpl1@ symbols still count
as a Success :tf syn1bol and n1ake an attack n1ore likely
Lo l1it or deal more da1nagc. In addition. a Triumph@
syrnbol can be used to inflict 1 Critical Injury on t11e
target. if L11c attack is successful. or trigger any effect
that Advantage ti syn1bols could trigger

I ' •
•l •
,, \

.. .. . ,,. •

I n this encounter, the PCs must deal with an irritable junk

shop owner named Vorn to secure a needed starship com-
ponent - the hypermatter reactor igniter (HMRI). They can't
for less than that. Some of the questions the PCs may ask,
or strategies they may try, are noted below, along with Vorn's
simply purchase the item, as Vorn has already promised it to
someone else. The PCs will have to convince the shopkeeper CAN WE BUY A HYPERMATTER REACTOR
to part with it somehow. PCs may use their various social IGNITER FROM YOU?
ski lls to talk Vorn into letting them have the item, or can sim-
ply stea l it by stealth or by force. "No. I only have one, and it's already pro111ised to
... .. ..'.
_·.; .t
.. "'.!'":~·· -
.. . ~

>1'>. When the PCs arrive at the junk shop, read or paraphrase Captain Trex of the Krayt Fang."
. l
. . ;•

• .. - .• the following aloud:

. ;...
~ .
. . ..
·'r ··"\.', ...· ·



~. . . • 1. - r .? .
: ... . · -~
.... ·• :'- :

"" '
,. •'• t> .
•• ·c•
• .
.... '·.. - The junk shop is immediately obvious by the scrap- OR THE KRAYT FANG?
yard adjoining the low pourstone building. As you
step inside. you see a hunched old l1uman male "Trex is a Trandoshan bounty hunter 1Nho stops
lurking bel1ind a low counter covered vvith disas- over in t\~os Shuuta a few tin1es a year. His ship, the
sembled droid and machine parts. The man glances Krayt Fang , is a beat-up old YT- I 300 light freighter.
up at you. t11en turns to a garbage can-shaped RS A fine ship, if you can keep l1er running."
droid standing at his side. He kicks the droid and
shrieks "You're supposed to tell me vvl1en I have
customers. you bucket of bolts! Go outside and
finish stripping that speeder bike 1Nreck." The droid OFFERING TO BUY THE PART?
trundles off with a surly "boooop" and the man Vorn is happy to sell the part for more than Trex is offering,
turns to you. "Welcome, customers1 As you can since he always wants to make more money. If the PCs choose
see." l1e points at the racks and shelves and enor- this option, they'll have to choose one PC to make an opposed
111ous buckets full of scrap metal and parts, "I have Negotiate check vs. Vorn's Negotiate (. . .). (Opposed checks
anything you could vvant. .. for the right price." are discussed in detail on page 15.) If they succeed, they
negotiate a good price. and Vorn asks only 600 credits. If they
fail, Vorn gouges them on the price, and asks 750 credits.
The characters may now talk to Vorn, ask him questions, and
generally try to convince him to part with his HMRI. The GM
plays the role of Vorn and responds to their questions and
statements as Vorn would . Vorn is reluctant to sell the star- Lying to Vorn is certainly possible. If the PCs choose this op-
ship part because he's already agreed to sell it to Trex (the tion, they'l l have to choose one PC to make an opposed De-
Trandoshan captain of the freighter the PCs are hoping to ceit check vs. Vorn's Discipline (. .). (Opposed checks are
steal) for 500 credits. He won't be talked into parting with it discussed in detail on page 15.)


Buttering up Vorn isn't very effective, but it's worth a try. If
the PCs choose this option, they'll have to choose one PC to
make an opposed Charm check vs. Vorn's Discipline (. .).
(Opposed checks are discussed in detail on page 15.)
However, because Vorn is generally ill-natured, the attempt
wi ll suffer a Setback die • ·


Intimidating Vorn can work. although he's more likely to
agree to sel l the piece than he is to just give it over. If the PCs
choose this option. they'll have to choose one PC to make an
opposed Coerce check vs. Vorn's Discipline(. .). (Opposed
checks are discussed in detail on page 15.)


This is clever, and Vorn will show them the part. This makes
any attempt to steal it later much easier. since the PCs know
what they're looking for and where it's kept.
the PCs have to do is keep Vorn distracted (which can be as
OPPOSED CHECKS simple as engaging him in conversation, or creating a distur-
bance 1n the shop).
Dealing wilh Vorn requires an opposed check. a STEALING THE PART.
check 1n which t11e skill of one character is pilted There are two basic strategies the PCs can use here stealth
against the skill of another Sometimes these and violence. If the PCs use stealth, then pilfering the item
checks are used with the same skill on both sides. without Vorn noticing will require an opposed Skulduggery
such as Lhe Negotiate vs Negot iate example check vs. Vorn's Vigilance (. .). If the PCs choose violence.
above. or the Alhlellcs vs Athletics check Lwo then they must begin a combat encounter against Vorn Vorn
wrestlers would make Other times. one skil l 1s will not be expecting a fight, and he will go last in the inilla -
opposed Lo a different skill, such as the Deceit vs.
tive order. (So the initiative order will be PC, PC, PC. PC,
D1sc1pl1ne example above.
NPC.) His droid simply flees from combat.
When making an opposed check. the active
characLer (the one making the check, 1n th is case
The PCs may wish to purchase something else from Vorn .
a PC) assembles his or her dice pool as normal
He doesn't have any weapons or armor for sale. buL the PCs
The difficulty of the check 1s determined by the
may purchase stimpacks or emergency repair kits
rival character's dice pool 1n the relevant skill For
every green Ability die + in the rival character's
from him for 25 credits each. Vorn has only
dice pool, a purple Difficulty die + 1s added to 4 stimpacks and 3 emergency repair
kits on-hand
the dice pool. For every yellow Proficiency die 0
in Lhe rival character's dice pool. a red Challenge
die e 1s added to the dice pool In other words.
the rival character builds his own dice pool out
of Difficulty+ and Challenge dice e instead of
Abil1Ly t and Proficiency dice 0 . then adds thal
to the active cl1aracter's dice pool to represent
the "bad dice· for Lhe check.

The dice pool 1s then rolled and eva luated

fol low1ng Lhe normal rules In the case of an
opposed check, AdvanLage t> and Triumph ~
could reflect something beneficial occurri ng to the
active character or something disadvantageous
happening to the riva l character Likewise, Threat
<§~ or Despair @ symbols could reflect something
bad happening Lo the active character. or
something good happening to the rival character.
at the GM's d1scret1on



The RS unit. R5-K3. is afflicted with the bad attitude com
mon to its model and hates its master Vorn Tel-Ov1s. If the
PCs go outside into the junkyard and talk to it, 1t will be
happy to go inside. steal the HMRI, and bring it to them All


' •
• •


When the PCs have the hypermatter reactor igniter. it is
time for them to proceed to spaceport control and dis-
able the docking clamps holding the Krayt Fang in place.
Proceed to Encounter 4.


D uring this encounter, the PCs must gain access to the
spaceport control facility and release the docking clamps
holding the Krayt Fang in place. This will require them ei-
To do this, the PCs will have to come up with some sort or
reason for the guards to let them through, then pass an op-
ther sneaking, talking, or fighting their way past the guards posed Deceit or Coerce check vs. the droids' Discipline (e J.
outside, and then gaining access to the computers within . If If the story the PCs come up with sounds plausible, reward
the PCs are clumsy or trigger-happy, they may .have another them with a Boost die D on the check. If it's very unlikely.
fight inside spaceport control. give them a Setback die • · If the PCs fail, the dro1ds tell
Read or paraphrase the following aloud as the PCs ap- them to move along. The PCs can try another way in or try
proach spaceport control. a new story. Each time they try a new story to convince the
droids, they suffer an additional Setback die • as the droids'
The spaceport control facility is a low. squat build- suspicion programming is activated.
ing clinging to the edge of the Mos Sl1uuta bluff. The
front entrance stands open. but a pair of spaceport FIND ANOTHER ENTRANCE AND SNEAK IN.
security dro1ds stand at attention If you're going There's a side entrance the PCs can find if they go looking,
to get off Tatoo1ne. you need to disable the docking and no one will stop them if they walk up to 1t The door 1s
clamps 11old1ng tile Kraut Fang in its landing bay. locked, but the PCs can open it by using Skulduggery (to trig-
and you can only do t11at inside spaceport control ger the physical locking mechanism) or Computers (Lo fake a
You'll have to either get past tllose dro1ds somehO\'I'. valid access code) . This check is Average (. .) If the PCs
or find anot11er \\ ay in
fail, they must find another way in. If they succeed, they find
themselves in a small conference room off the main chamber.
The two droids will deny the PCs access to the building, but FIGHT!
won't attack unless the PCs try to go in anyway or attack the The PCs can simply attack the guards and fight their way in.
droids. The PCs have three basic choices for how to proceed. If they do this, however. the guards inside the facility wil l also
be on high alert and they will likely have to fight inside as
well. The guards are not expecting a fight; each guard makes
a separate Vigilance check for initiative. The PCs will likely
make Cool checks. (See "Expanded Rules: Determine Initia-
tive· on page 18).






Initiative order is normally determined by means

of a skill check performed by all participants
Characters make a Cool check 1f they were
expecting a fight If they were not expecting
a fight. they make a Vigilance check instead
(Different characters can use different skills on
the same initiative check.)

These checks are Simple (-) checks. and no purple

Difficulty dice + are added

Once all the checks have been made. the GM

notes the results of each check and ranks them 1n
order, from most Success ~ symbols to fewest If
there 1s a tie. the check with more Advantage t>
is ranked higher If there 1s still a tie, a PC check
beats an NPC check. It does not matter who
made which check, only if the character is a
PC or an NPC. (The GM may wish to write this
down on some scratch paper)

The GM should now have a ltst of initiative checks,

marked as PC or NPC This is the init1at1ve order
During the ensuing combat. a PC will act each time
a PC slot on the initiative order is reached, and an
NPC (or group of NPCs) wi ll act each time an NPC
slot on the init1at1ve order is reached Remember
that each PC can act on any PC slot - it doesn't
matter who rolled what value. the 1n1tiative slots
belong to the team. not an individual (The same
is true for NPCs).


When a character attempts a skill check. t11e GM sl1ould determine t11e difficulty of l11e cl1eck The difficulty of
combat checks and opposed checks has already been discussed. but the Grvl must also use his best Judgen1ent to
determine the difficulty of ordinary skill checks.
Simple Routine. with the outcome rarely in question Usually not rolled unless the GM
wishes to know the possible magnitude of success. or Setback dice indicate
the possibility of complications.
• Picking a primitive lock, tending to minor cuts and bruises, finding food and
shelter on a lush planet, shooting a target at short range.
•• Picking a typical lock, stitching up a small wound, finding food and shelter on
a temperate planet. shooting a target at medium range or trying to strike a
target while engaged .
••• Picking a complicated lock, setting broken bones or sutunng large wounds. finding
food and shelter on a rugged planet. shooting at a target at long range.
•••• Picking an exceptionally sophisticated lock, performing surgery or grafting
implants. find food and shelter on a barren desert planet. shooting at a target
at extreme range.
••••• Picking a lock with no comprehensible mechanism, cloning a new body, finding
food and shelter on a planet without breathable atmosphere.

When they get inside. the PCs find themselves in a tasteful
antechamber. with several seats for visitors and a few sickly-
looking potted plants. The spaceport control proper 1s down Now that the characters are outside the confines
either of two short corridors. When the PCs venture down a of the cant1na. combat may occur at a longer
corridor. read or paraphrase the following aloud: range on the streets of Mos Shuuta

Long range. Down the street A hard shot with a

You step through the doorway into a large ct1amber. blaster; a blaster pistol cannot make the shot at
cro\vded \\'1th computer equipment and centered all Characters must shout to be heard clearly and
around a large holo display sl101v1ng a plot of the
1t may be hard to see details It takes 2 maneuvers
local aerospace Standing 111 front of the display
to move from long range to medium range or rrom
1vitl1 Iler arms folded bel11nd lier back 1s a hurnan
long range to extreme range
1-voman St1e appears to be 111 charge and. as you
\Vatch. st1e speaks into a l1eadset in a formal. com-
Extreme range The furthest range at which
manding tone "ln1penal sl1uttle Lan1bda-11258.
characters can see and interact Characters
this 1s Overseer Brynn \\'Ith spaceport control You
cannot hear one another even if they shout Only
are cleared for landing. Welcome to Mos Shuuta "
some sniper rifles or vehicle-mounted weapons
A half do1en tecl1n1cians of different species 1-vork
at consoles and two security droids stand near t11e can shoot this far. It takes 2 maneuvers to move
door1vay. Your attention 1s pulled to the floor-to- from extreme range to long range
celling transpansteel \v1ndo\vs against t11e far \vall.
looking out over t11e desert of Tatooine. \vl1ere an
Imperial sl1uttlc is corning 1n for a landing. or one of the other spaceport techn1c1ans to disengage the
clamps (see "Convince Overseer Brynn" above. and perhaps
"Fight!" as well).
If the PCs have already fought their way through the
droids outside. then the droids inside will immediately at- FIGHT!
tack them and Overseer Brynn joins in - roll for initiative and Once both droids are defeated. Overseer Brynn surrenders
begin combat (Both teams should use Vigilance in this case.) and agrees to help the PCs. If Overseer Brynn is killed. then
Otherwise. the PCs have simi lar options as before. the PCs can release the docking clamps at the central com-
mand console without having to make a ski ll check.
CONVINCE OVERSEER BRYNN TO UNLOCK THE Once the docking clamps have been disen-
DOCKING CLAMPS gaged. the PCs can leave. Proceed
Overseer Brynn 1s a little more clever than the droids out-
to the Interlude.
side. but the PCs can still attempt to talk her into opening
the clamps with a clever story and a Charm. Coerce. or De-
ceit check opposed by Brynn's Discipline (. .). If they fail.
Overseer Brynn tel ls them to leave. If they don't, the droids
attack. See "Fight!" above.


No one's paying attention to the PCs. so they can simply
walk up to the closest computer console. gain illicit access,
and release the docking clamps themselves. This is an Aver-
age (. .) Computers check If they generate any Threat
~§} symbols. a small alarm is triggered and Overseer Brynn
asks them what they think they're doing. The PCs will have
to think quickly to convince her that they're harmless and
should be let go! See "Convince Overseer Brynn" above.
but add a Setback die • to any check. Or the PCs can just
run away - no one pursues. If the PCs fail on the Comput-
ers check. they will have to somehow force Overseer Brynn



• r I



U P until now, the adventure has been dehberately very

linear to help teach the game and to ensure that the
cnllcal plot elements were put in place But now the PCs DESTINY
have accomplished the majority of their goals and can steal
the Krayt Fang and fly away at any time. They may wish to Both the GM and the hero players can use the
explore Mos Shuuta a bit first, or see what's up with the Destiny pool to upgrade skill checks Each lime a
Imperial shuttle that just landed They may wish to come check is performed, the active player may choose
up with some creative way to get Trex off his ship so it'll to spend 1 Desliny to upgrade one of his Ability
be easier to steal Or they may wish to proceed directly to dice + to a Proficiency die O Then the other
Landing Bay Aurek and secure their new ship, flying off into players (often the player controlling the character
the double sunset who is the target of the action in question) may
do the same. spending 1 Desuny to upgrade
But first, it's lime to award the hero players some expen·
ence and learn about destiny!
one of the Difficulty dice + to a Challenge die e
When the hero players do this. they spend 1 light
Desuny by fl1pp1ng a Destiny token from its light
side to its dark side When the GM does l111s. l1e
EXPERIENCE AWARDS spends 1 dark Desliny and does the opposite If
As the heroes continue their adventures and overcome new there are no Destiny tokens showing the correct
challenges, they will be awarded experience points by the race that player cannot spend Desuny points
GM. typically at the end of every play session. The heroes until some have been flipped
may then spend those experience points to purchase new
ranks of skills and talents from their specialization trees.
Now that the PCs have completed one of their primary
story goals (secured everything necessary to steal the ship
and escape). they are awarded 10 XP. Each of the hero play- NEXT STEPS

ers should turn to the next page of his or her character folio • If the PCs want to explore the rest of Mos Shuuta be-
now, where the "level-up" procedure is explained. He or she fore moving on, flip to the "Other Encounters 1n Mos
should also be sure to note the strain and/or wounds he Shuuta" section on page 28 If they spend a lot of
or she has suffered, as well as his or her current amount of time exploring and don't take any precautions against
money or any other changes to his or her character (spent being discovered by their pursuers, then another troupe
stimpacks, etc.). transferring that 1nformat1on from his or her of Gamorreans or a squad of stormtroopers may catch
first character sheet to the new one. up with them - refer to Encounter 2 or Encounter 5 for
guidelines as to how to run those encounters.

THE DESTINY POOL • If the PCs want to investigate the arrival of an Impe-
rial shuttle, then they will shortly find themselves con-
The PCs are more than just smugglers. bounty hunters. and fronted with a squad of stormtroopers looking for them!
renegades. They are the main characters of the story, and Proceed to Encounter 5
they are touched by the Force with a great destiny. This des-
tiny 1s represented in part by the Destiny pool • If the PCs want to move directly to the landing bay and
leave the planet. then proceed to Encounter 5 They
BUILDING THE DESTINY POOL won't be able to escape Mos Shuuta without dealing
Each hero player now rolls the white Force O die once. For with at least one stormtrooper patrol.
each white pip rolled, place a Destiny token in the Destiny pool
• If the PCs are unsure of how to proceed, the GM should
with 1ts white side showing. For each black pip rolled, place a
encourage them to proceed to the spaceport and com-
Destiny token 1n the Destiny pool with its black side showing.
mence Encounter 5 as they run into a squad of storm-
The Destiny pool 1s a collection of Destiny tokens that both
troopers on the way
the GM and hero players can manipulate: 1t should be placed
somewhere w1th1n reach of as many players as is practical.

I n this encou nter. the PCs encounter a group of stormtroop-
ers on the streets of Mos Shuuta and must fight them off
or run away.

The stormtroopers answer to an Imperial officer who has

arrived on the Lambda-class shuttle, Lieutenant Herk1n. Her-
kin has some (not entirely legal) connections to Teemo the
Hutt and has placed his stormtroopers at Teemo's disposal,
so the stormtroopers are now also looking for the PCs The
stormtroopers break into three-man teams and spread out
through Mos Shuuta. interv1ew1ng locals and looking around
on the streets. When they catch up to the PCs. the storm-
troopers immediately call for help from another nearby
trooper tea m. When the PCs encoun ter the stormtroopers.
read or paraphrase the following:

Sudclenly. the crowds thronging L11e streets of L11e

settlement part and you see a cl1illing sigl1t: three
soldiers in t11e white armor of the Empire's elite -
stormtroopers' As you sec tllcm. you realize the
lead trooper 1s pointing right at you You hear his
voice break t11rough L11e cro1\'d. sounding mecl1an1cal
t11rougl1 his armor's speakers "There they are." t11e
stor111trooper says "Get t11en11" As you turn to es·
cape. you see a second group of L11ree stormtroopers
approaching down a side street. This cou ld get tricky.

There are two groups of stormtroopers. The groups have

three stormtroopers each The first group 1s at medium
range. The second group 1s at long range down a side street.
(Use the Mos Shuuta streets map and place the standups
appropriately.) As soon as the PCs are spotted, roll for initia-
tive using Vigilance. (If the PCs have used some clever strat-
egem to get advance warning that the stormtroopers are
coming, the GM may let them use Cool instead.)



Warning' Squads of l111pcrial stormtroopers can

be extremely dangerous to lo1v level PCs PCs 1vho
cavalierly attack stormtroopers expecting an easy fight
may be quickly defeated The Gtvl 1s encouraged to
point out tl1at Imperial storn1troopers l1ave a fearsome
reputation and suggest tl1at tile PCs 111ay 1\1sh to flee

• r


Minions are the nameless individuals that the

PCs encounter and perhaps fight in droves in
their adventures 1n the Star Wars universe An
individual m1n1on is generally not an especially
dangerous threat. as m1n1ons often have
poor characteristics. no ski lls. and low wound

The GM may choose to use minions in groups.

in wh ich case several special ru les apply. Minion
groups are always comprised of identical m1n1ons.
and groups of minions can be much more
dangerous than m1n1ons 1nd1vidually

A group of minions acts together and behaves

in most respects as a single character All of the
minions in the group take their turn at the same
time . and they perform the same action and/or
maneuver An attack or ab1l1ty that targets one
minion 1n the group targets the entire group

The minion group has a single wound threshold.

shared by all members of the group This wound
threshold is equal to the sum of the wound
threshold of every member of the group (For
example. a group of 3 stormtroopers · each with
a wound threshold of 5 - has a wound threshold
of 15.) Each lime any member of the group
su ffers wounds. the wounds are applied Lo the
roup's wound threshold lnd1v1dual members of
ttle group are defeated one-at-a-time. each time
If& total wounds suffered exceeds that group
member's share of the total wound threshold
For example. when the stormtrooper group
passes 5 wounds. one stormtrooper is defeated
When the total wounds suffered exceeds l O.
the second storm trooper 1s defeated When the
total wounds suffered exceeds 15, then the third
and final stormtrooper 1s defeated If the minion
group suffers a Critical Injury. 1t 1mmed1ately
suffers wounds equal Lo the wound threshold of
one member of the group (1n other words. one
member of the group is 1mmed1ately defeated)

When minions perform checks. they use the

characteristics of a single member of the group If
the check is a skill that is listed under the "skills"
section of the minion's entry, then the group
receives a bonus if there is more than one minion
working together For every m1n1on beyond the
first in the group, the group counts as having
one rank in that skill For example. a group of 3
stormtroopers counts as having 2 ranks 1n Ranged
(Heavy) and rolls a dice pool of toO when
making Ranged (Heavy) checks The same group
has no ranks of tra1n1ng 1n Pilot (because that skill
is not on the list in the stormtrooper description)
and would roll • • • on Pilot checks


Up until now. each character entry has included

the dice pool for each skill that the character
was likely to use However. in the course of a
roleplaying game. 1t 1s 1mposs1ble to predict all
of the potential directions the story can go and
1t may be necessary for the GM to make skill
checks for NPCs 1n skills that are not noted 1n
that NPC's entry The m1n1on rules also preclude
simply including a dice pool for each sk ill, because
1t may change based on the circumstances When
determining the dice pool for a skill check. players
perform the follow1ng steps

Identify the governing characteristic for the skill

check Each skill entry on the hero character
sheets 1nd1cates a governing attribute for each
skill: GMs and hero players can both refer to this
list A list of sk ills and governing characteristics 1s
also included 1n the rulebook on page 22

Compare the value of the governing characteristic

to the rank of the skill. The active player collects
a number of green Ability dice t equal to the
larger value The active player then exchanges a
number of those green Ability dice t for yellow
Proficiency dice 0 equal to the smaller va lue
These dice form the core of his dice pool.

For example. the Athlellcs skill is governed by

Brawn A character with 3 Brawn and 1 rank of
training in Athletics has a dice pool of ttQ A
character with 1 Brawn and 3 ranks of tra1n1ng 1n
Athletics also has a dice pool of tt(). A character
with 2 Brawn and 0 ranks of training would roll
. .. and a character with 2 Brawn and 2 ranks of
traini ng would roll 00

During battle with the stormtroopers. one group

of stormtroopers seeks cover and shoots at the
most threatening-looking PC. The other group
of stormtroopers rushes forward to engage in
melee. The stormtroopers fight to the death.
If the PCs run away, the stormtroopers pur-
sue unless the PCs Lake steps to cut off pur-
suit. The PCs may duck down a side alley, or
create a diversion, or create a barrier of some
kind to discourage any pursuers. Stormtroop-
ers can be very dangerous enemies. so the GM
1s encouraged to let the PCs get away 1f they have a
moderately clever idea


• l I I

• i
~ .
In this encounter, the PCs gain access to Landing Bay Aurek
and the Krayt Fang, the starship docked there. They will
have to contend with a particularly powerful and dangerous
Once the PCs are aboard (and Trex is not, either because
enemy, a Trandoshan named Trex, and his security droids. they somehow tricked him into leaving the ship or defeated
him 1n combat), proceed to Encounter 7.
As the PCs approach Landing Bay Aurek. read or para-
phrase the following aloud:

• A large pourstone l1angar looms before you. an

enormous letter aurek stenciled onto the building's
side. As you approach. you can see through the
open hangar doors to the cavernous interior. vvhere
a rusty-looking light freighter rests with its loading
ramp deployed. All you have to do is get to that
ship and you can leave Tatooine!

Two equally-rusty security droids stand outside the

entrance. If you want that ship. first you'll have to
get by them.

The droids will challenge any PCs that approach and re-
fuse them entry to the loading bay As at the spaceport com-
mand center. the PCs will have to find a way past the droids
to get in Currently, Trex is on board the Krayt Fang in the
cockpit, going over some systems diagnostics. There are two
security droids at the front door of the hangar and two more
at the base of the loading ramp.


Pretending to turn one of their number in for a bounty can get
Trex to leave the Krayt Fang and come talk to the PCs, if the
dro1ds can be persuaded that they're telling the truth. (Deceit vs.
Discipline ie n If the "bounty" offered is Lowhhrick. the attempt
gains a Boost die O ; Trex always enjoys hunting Wookiees.


Th·e droids ask to see the HMRI, then let the PCs go right in
to install it. Trex will come greet them as they board the star-
ship, and they'll have to use Deceit vs. his Discipline (. . .)
or a fight will start right there!

There's a side entrance to the hangar, which is locked. Open-
ing the lock is an Average (++J Skulduggery or Comput-
ers check If the PCs fail on this check, one of the security
droids from the entrance comes to see what they're doing.
Once the lock 1s opened, there's no way to sneak past the
droids at the foot of the loading ramp, but a Stealth check
opposed by the droids' Vigilance (+ J can let the PCs sneak
up to the front door and close and lock it from the inside. so
the first two security droids can't come to Trex's aid.

As soon as a fight begins, the droids send out a distress call
to the other two droids and Trex. Trex takes cover within his
ship and shoots anyone who approaches the loading ramp.
If the ship is boarded, Trex retreats deeper into the ship,
blasting as he goes.

I n this encounter. the PCs take their positions on board
the Krayt Fang and fly to safety. Before they can break
orbit and make the iump to light speed. however. they are
attacked by enemy spacecraft'
As the PCs prepare to depart. each of them must choose If l11ere are fevver L11an PCs. tl1en not every crrvv
a crew station. One PC {probably Pash) must serve as pilot station will be filled. Tl1is is okay If ll1e group 1s
and take the pilot's chair in the cockpit. There are two laser lacking gunners. l11e Gtvl sl1ould reduce l11e nurnber
cannon turrets on the Krayt Fang, one on the top (dor- of TIE fighters cl1asing l11em by 2 (so there 1s only
sal) and one on the bottom (ventra l) of the ship, and each one wing of TIEs lo evade). If U1e group is lacl<rng an
one of these can take one gunner {probably Oskara and engineer. lt1en srn1ply assume ll1at tl1ey l1ave installccl
Lowhhrick) The fourth PC (probably 41-VEX) can man the lhc 1-ltvlRI and can escape in 6 turns. The sl1111 cannot
engineering station. fly 1ivilhoul a pilot
If the PCs delay. or can't decide what positions to take.
the GM should inform them that a group of stormtroopers
have iust arrived 1n the hangar bay and are setting up what Once the PCs are settled in position. they can launch the
seems to be a very large gun pointed at the Krayt Fang It's Krayt Fang and fly into the skies above Mos Shuuta (This
time to go' does not require a skill check - it's a trivial task) Read or
paraphrase the following aloud:

THE HYPERMATTER REACTOR IGNITER The Kray/ Fang tl1run1s around you as its engines
power up, lifting througl1 Lhe hangar bay cloors ancl
into l11e bright sunslight of L11e Tatooine sky Soon.
Astute PCs will rcrncn1llcr t l1at they are supposed to t\~os Shuula vanisl1es bellind you as you 1ace out
1nsta ll ll1c hyper1na11er reactor ig11iter (1-IM l<I) before over the Dune Sea ancl climb tovvards outer sriace.
ll1cy leave Tl1ey probal)ly don·t have lin1e to do so
before tllcy launcl1. hut sec tl1c "Install Hypermattcr Suddenly, an alert klaxon blares! f\s you leave
ReJctor Igniter" action in 111e list of starsl11p actions Tatooine·s atmospl1cre. several spherical starf1gl1ters
;ind ni:ineuvcrs wit11 cJisllnclive l1exagonal vving assemblies appear
on the ship's scanners. screaming in on an intercept
course - TIE fighters' The starfightcrs shoot past. la-
The 1-IMRI 1<; not needed to lake off. If t11e PCs ilSk ser cannons blazing. and sparks fly from a console rn
11 they need l11e l--ltv1RI . .:illo\v t11ern to make an Easy the cockpit - you've been hit' You·re not clear of tile
(0 1Knowledge check to cleter rn1ne tl1at t11e HMRI 1s planet's gravity well yet ancl can't jump Lo light speed
only nrcdc(J 10 1urnp 10 lrghlspcecl. not to IC'ave the without tt1e l1yperspace reactor igniter installed.
planet ·s zit n1ospllcr r You'll t1ave to deal with these TIE fighters first

• f .\ I
The TIE fighters give the Krayt Fang a glancing blow and

. # the Krayt Fang suffers 2 system strain. A hero player should
• keep track of the Krayt Fang's system strain and hull trauma
• on a sheet of scratch paper.
The TIE fighters have already reached close range from
the Krayt Fang There are four TIE fighters (unless the PCs
have only one gunner. in which case there are 2) The TIE
fighters act 1n wings of two fighters each. The PCs will have to
shoot down all the TI E fighters or survive until the hypermat-
ter reactor is warmed up (about six rounds after the igniter
1s installed) and escape. Once they have done so. they have
fin ished the adventure!


Starsh1ps have characteristics iust like characters.

but the nature of their characteristics is very
different Here's a quick summary·

Silhouette: The size of the vessel. from I (person

sized) to 10 (the Death Star)

Speed: The speed of the vessel Faster vessels

can cover more ground and have an edge 1n

Handling: If this is a positive number, this many

Boost dice D are added to any Pilot check made
to steer the vehicle If it 1s a negative number.
that many Setback dice • are added to U1e Pilot
checks instead

Defense: The number of Setback dice • that are

added to attacks against the ship thanks to its
deflector shields

Armor: Similar to Soak, Armor reduces 1ncom1ng

damage the ship would otherwise suffer

Hull Trauma Threshold: When a starship suffers

damage that isn't blocked by Armor. this damage
1s suffered as Hull Trauma When the amount of
Hull Trauma exceeds the Hull Trauma Threshold,
t11e starship 1s disabled or. 1f an NPC ship, 1s

System Strain Threshold: Starsh1ps can suffer

strain much like characters and for the same
reason (Lo perform a second starship maneuver.
or as a consequence of uncanceled Threat ~§~ on
checks) To differentiate it from personal strain.
this strain is called System Strain, and when a
starship suffers System Strain 1n excess of this
Threshold. the ship is disabled Important note
System strain cannot be recovered by rolling
Advantage tJ on checks It can only be repaired
by the ship's crew using the Damage Control
acllon (see below)




Starship combat broadly follows the same rules as personal • Gain the Advantage (Action): The pilot of the star-
scale combat- initiative order is determined. participants ship maneuvers to gain the advantage over an enemy
take turns. etc. vessel. The pilot chooses another ship and makes a
Pilot check: 1f he is successful. he has gained the ad-
The actions and maneuvers available during each charac-
vantage over the enemy ship and everyone on the
ter's turn are determined by his crew station and are sum-
pilot's ship ignores the penalties associated with Eva·
marized below. Changing crew stations is a maneuver sive Maneuvers. both on the part of the pilot's ship
and the target ship, when shooting at the enemy ship
GUNNER This bonus lasts until the end of the following round
• Attack with a Starship Weapon (Action): Attacks with or until the enemy ship uses Gain the Advantage in
vehicle mounted weapons use the Gunnery skill. Since return . The enemy's attempts to Gain the Advantage
the Kroyt Fong and the TIE/In starfighters are close to on the pilot's ship suffer an additional Difficulty die + .
the same size. all attacks with starship weapons 1n this
encounter are Average (. .) checks. When a starship The difficulty of the pilot check 1s based on the relative
weapon deals damage, that damage is reduced by the speeds of the two vessels Because the TIE fighters are
target ship's armor The damage is then applied as hull
trauma. and if a starship suffers hull trauma 1n excess
faster than the Kroyt Fong, the check 1s Hard (. • •1
of its hull trauma threshold, it is destroyed or disabled • Evasive Maneuvers (Maneuver): The pilot sends his
ship on an erratic course that makes 1t hard to predict
• Aim (Maneuver): Just as in personal combat, the gun- his movements. When a ship using evasive maneuvers is
ner may aim to add a Boost die D to his next attack. attacked. the difficulty of the attack is upgraded once.
(One of the Difficulty dice + is replaced with a Challenge
die e. If all the Difficulty dice + have already been up-
graded to Challenge dice e. a Difficulty die + is instead
• Damage Control (Action): A crewman at an eng1neer- added.) When a ship using evasive maneuvers attacks.
1ng station may attempt to repair either hull trauma or the same penalty applies. (And when two ships using
system strain suffered by the ship. To do so. he must evasive maneuvers trade fire. the difficulty is upgraded
pass a Mechanics check. The difficulty of the check is twice.) The effects of Evasive Maneuvers last until the
Easy (+ ) if the ship has suffered no damage, Average beginning of the next round .
(. .) if the ship is damaged. On a successful check. one
point of system strain or hull trauma is repaired • Stay on Target (Maneuver): The mirror image of eva-
sive maneuvers. a pilot who stays on target keeps his
• Install HMRJ (Action): The ship cannot iump to light- vehicle steady and follows a predictable path Crew on
speed until its HMRI has been installed. A character 1n a ship that 1s staying on target may upgrade their attack
the engine room can do so by performing an Average rolls (exchanging one Ability die + for a Proficiency die
(. .) Mechanics check Once the HMRI is installed. 0 ) once. (If their Gunnery pool is already all Proficiency
1t takes a little while to boot up; the ship will be able dice 0 . instead add one Ability die + ). Anyone attack-
to jump to light speed 6 rounds after the reactor is
installed. Each

Success*' symbol beyond the first re-
duces this time by 1 round. to a minimum of 2 rounds.
ing the ship that is staying on target receives the same
bonus. The effects of Stay on Target last until the be-
ginning of the next round .
If this check generates 3 or more Threat ~§> . or a De-
spair @. then the emissions of the hyperdrive attract
the attention of another 2-ship TIE fighter patrol. which TIE FIGHTER PILOT
arrives 2 rounds after the check 1s made. (Note that The TIE fighter pilots can use a limited subset of all of the
this action is special and unique to this encounter. PCs above actions Specifically:
won't be performing 1t in most starship battles.) • Attack With a Starship Weapon (Action)
[LOSE RANGE • Aim (Maneuver)

• Evasive Maneuvers (Maneuver)

Starship combat uses d1st1nct ran ge bands on a
n1ucl1 larger scale than personal combat Instead JUMP TO LIGHTSPEED
ot the engaged condition. starsl11p con1bat adds At the end of the round 1n which the HMRI comes online. the
another range banc1. close range. tl1at is close1 tl1an PCs automatically jump to lightspeed. The adventure is over!
sl1ort r angc


• •
• •! I

, •

I f the PCs spend some time exploring Mos Shuuta. they

may visit the following locations and meet the following
characters (and find the following things) there ...
Offworld Trader's has anything one could want, but abso-
lutely nothing useful, and always at too high a pnce

LANDING BAY BESH & The water tower 1s the tallest structure 1n Mos Shuuta
WAREHOUSE BESH Climbing to the top of the tower (an Average (. .) Athlet -
The second landing bay is where the Imperial shuttle lands. ics check) would give any character an excellent view of the
It 1s sure to be crawling with stormtroopers; see Encounter entire town.
5 for characteristics and advice. Warehouse Besh is close to
the landing bay and currently unoccupied. PCs may be able SLAGWORl<S
to hide 1n warehouse Besh to spy on the Imperials. Three Gamorrean overseers (using the same stats as Gamor-
rean guards) oversee the wretches who labor 1n the slag-
BARRACKS works. The slagworks consists of several m1neshafts de-
Two dozen of Teemo's Gamorrean guards dwell here. At scending into the Mos Shuuta bluff as well as a smelting
any given time, six of them are malingering about. Should facility where the ore removed from the mines 1s converted
the PCs actually manage to fight or sneak inside, a careful into a useable state. In the guard house is a small box with 3
search reveals 75cr worth of cash and a great deal of worth- st1mpacks and a toolkit containing 2 emergency repair kits.
less garbage. It looks like these items have been placed here so that the
Gamorreans can tend to the needs of the workers and the
TEEMO'S PALACE machinery, but judging from the amount of dust on them
the guards have never even touched them . About two dozen
Teemo the Hutt's opulent palace 1s enormous and stnk1ngly
workers of various species labor 1n the shafts or the smelting
designed It 1s guarded by more Gamorreans and security
facility at any given time.
dro1ds. and a large amount of servants. supplicants, and
guests fill its many halls and galleries. Teemo himself is cur-
rently 1n residence and any attempt to reach the Hu tt will
certainly be thwarted by his many guards. A riot of ramshackle tents. huts. and hovels clinging to out-
croppings of rock, the shantytown represents the (complete-
ELECTRO GATE ly unsafe) dwellings of Mos Shuuta's poor population The
various "islands" of the shantytown are connected to Mos
The only way off the rocky bluff of Mos Shuuta is the stone
Shuuta proper by rickety rope bridges with planks of rusting
spur at its southwest corner. The spur is guarded by a nor-
scrap metal. Any check on one of these bridges that gener-
mally-dormant electrogate and a group of four Gamorreans
ates a Despair@ symbol may result in someone falling
The electrogate is currently switched on as the Gamorreans
search for the PCs, and a small group of brown-robed Ja-
was has gathered outside the gate. insisting they be let in
to trade with the settlement. Nothing can pass through the A grotesquely fat Twi'lek male named Hotho Allaran over-
gate until it is disabled, a Hard ( • • • } Computers check. sees the droid market at warehouse Aurek.
He 1s assisted by a t1m1d protocol
DEWBACI< STABLES drord designated XL-77, or
"Exel • Since Trex has a rep-
A human woman so dark she seems burned black by the
utation for using droids
suns presides over the Dewback stables. Her name is Clarelle
and she has a short temper and no patience for anyone who in his bounty hunting
work, Hotho is ea-
doesn't know how to ride a Dewback. Six of the giant lizards
ger to meet with
are 1n residence at the moment, and Clarelle will rent them
out for I OOcr per day each. Trex and sell him
some droids.
Just across the alley from Vorn's Junk Shop is the Offworld
Trader's, marked by a rusty old stylized rocket ship. Bengara,
the male Tw1'lek proprietor. spec1al1zes 1n fine goods from
offworld. including luxurious clothing, exotic art objects,
and difficult-to-find foodstuffs and spices. In short,

A s the PCs jump to hyperspace in their stolen starship, this
adventure is over. But their adventures in the Star Wars
galaxy are just beginning1
invest in new or upgraded skills and talents. Each of the hero
players should turn to the final spread of his character folio
now, where investing experience is explained. He should also
be sure to transfer information from his previous character
sheet to the new one. The usual award is 15 experience
LOOT AND CREDITS points, with a possible bonus for achieving significant story
goals or excellent play. The suggested experience award for
Often, adventures end in a payday. A bounty is turned in. A
this adventure is 10 experience points. in addition to the
valuable cargo is delivered. A precious relic is stolen or re-
10 experience points they should have received during the
covered. Financial rewards are strong motivators, especia lly
INTERLUDE section. This makes it a tota l of 20 experience
for characters living on the fringes of the Star Wars galaxy.
points. a fitting award for their achievement of acquiring a
But there are many other rewards that can be gained. and
new starship!
this adventure includes one of the most exciting: a new star-
ship! Now that the PCs are in possession of their very own
YT-1300 light freighter, they can go anywhere. They have a
mobile base of operations and a powerful tool for smuggling, The GM should award experience points after every session.
space battles, and other adventures. The amount awarded is typically 10 XP per character for a
session of two or three major encounters and a handful of
Furthermore, after searching the Krayt Fang thorough ly,
minor ones. An additional 5 XP bonus may be granted for
the PCs may find credits and valuable cargo . Some of this
reaching key milestones or completing story arcs. The GM
cargo can serve as adventure hooks, helping to guide the
may consider awarding an extra point or two of XP for excep-
PCs from one adventure to the next. Some of the cargo may
tional roleplaying or highly clever thinking.
simply be useful equipment, or highly salable, and a source
of additional wealth . The GM should give the hero players an idea of the source
of their XP. For example. they may receive 5 XP for avoiding
The PCs should find raw cash on the ship equal to 1,000
a bounty hunter and another 5 XP for successful ly transport-
credits per PC.
ing their cargo to their client. Any bonus XP that is awarded
shou ld definitely be explained to the players so they may
aspire to those standards in future sessions.
Furthermore. it is customary to receive an award of experi-
ence points at the end of each session which the PCs can

Having escaped from Teemo the Hutt's clutches on Mos If Trex survived (or if he was left for dead in the spaceport:
Shuuta. the PCs have acquired a starship and can go any- Trandoshans are notoriously hard to kill), he may come after
where in the galaxy! But when faced with a galaxy full of op- the PCs for revenge! The PCs may wonder how he keeps find-
tions. how do you choose where to go next? Adventure lurks ing them in every port of call and have to take their ship to a
everywhere, but sometimes the PCs need help finding it. specialist to find the transponder he left there, broadcasting
The Krayt Fang could be full of adventure1 Each item or their location.
person the PCs find when they explore the ship could be the Teemo the Hutt may still be hunting the PCs. and a gun-
start of a new adventure. Maybe there's a prisoner in the ship full of bounty hunters could be hot on their tails. Finding

holding cells with a bounty on his head - but another bounty the leader of the bounty hunters and convincing him to give
hunter is still on his trail. Maybe a strange alien device is up the contract may be difficult, but it's certain ly better than
resting in the cargo hold. When it powers up mid-flight, it being chased forever!
deposits the ship on an uncharted world! Even something as The PCs may wish to return to Mos Shuuta in the future.
simple as a cargo hold full of a valuable but illicit substance Perhaps they wish to settle their debts to Teemo, or to take
will make the PCs think carefully about where to take it and revenge and take him down. Or maybe another job takes
how to sell it without running afoul of the authorities: an ad- them to Mos Shuuta. but they must keep a low profile. In any
venture in its own right. For that matter. if the ship suffered case. if the group revisits Mos Shuuta the information in this
any damage then getting it repaired is likely a priority. booklet wil l be useful to the GM.

- \

T he Star Wars galaxy is full of adventure. Whether your
PCs are 1deal1stic revolutionaries or scoundrels whose
hearts of gold are w~ll-tarnished, there's never a shortage of
weaker. the Rebels must rely on secrecy and flexibility to
keep themselves safe from the Imperial forces. and they
are always seeking gifted smugglers. spies. and ne'er-do-
places to go, people to meet, or things to do wells to assist them in their struggle against the Empire.
Recently, the Empire's mighty superweapon known as the
Death Star was deployed to destroy the peaceful core
A GALAXY TO EXPLORE world of Alderaan Shortly thereafter. the Rebels won their
first major victory against the Empire at the Battle of Yav1n,
Hyperdrive was invented (or re-discovered, depending on
where the Death Star was destroyed. The Rebel Alliance 1s
whose version of the story one believes) about twenty-five
currently enjoying a rise 1n confidence and sympathy, with
thousand years ago, and. since that time. the history of the
many new recruits and even whole worlds throwing off the
galaxy has been one of exploration and expansion. Major
yoke of Imperial oppression
hyperspace routes cross the entire galactic disc. connecting
thousands of worlds into one galactic civilization. From the For their part. the Empire makes frequent use of bounty
remote desert world of Tatooine to the shining city-planet of hunters to track down and apprehend suspected Rebel
Coruscant. from the Core Worlds where the Empire's grip is agents. Their white-armored stormtroopers are a constant
strong to the lawless Outer Rim, a human being cou ld visit a presence on many worlds, a reminder that despite its re-
new planet every day and never see them all. cent setback, the Empire remains the most powerful force
1n the galaxy.
But huge swathes of the galaxy still remain unexplored.
Who knows what new treasures could be discovered at each
new star? The relics of a long-dead c1v1lization? A rare new
crystal with healing properties? Rich deposits of valuable A GALAXY OF
cortosis ore? Buried pirate treasure? Anything is possible! OPPORTUNITY
With the civil war raging and the Empire struggling to enforce
A GALAXY AT WAR its control over many systems, the galaxy is rich with oppor-
tunity for those who live on its edges. As the Empire tightens
The galaxy is currently caught 1n the grips of a civil war be- its grip, criminals need catching, keeping bounty hunters
tween the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. About 20 years gainfully employed As pirates and rogues take advantage
ago, Chancellor Pal patine seized control of the Republic and of the chaos. mercenaries are required to defend colonists
transformed it into the Galactic Empire, an autocratic regime and those too unimportant to assist either side 1n the war
where the Senate. with its representatives from every civi- Contraband needs smuggling, and everywhere the neglected
lized world. had sharply reduced power. the ancient mystic and the downtrodden need assistance ... for a reasonable fee.
order of the Jedi Knights was persecuted and destroyed,
There's opportunity to be had indeed. A bold group of
and a pro-human agenda was enforced, with potentially dire
rogues and renegades could go far and do much on the edge
consequences for the galaxy's aliens.
of the Empire ...
The Rebel Alliance. also called the Alliance to Restore
the Republic, fights valiantly against the Empire. Militarily

T he Game Master has the hardest job at the table, since
he's trying to manage many characters at once and keep
the session moving He can also have the most rewarding
for inspiration - specifically, the rule in improv of "say 'yes'·
When someone invents a fact of the scene that enhances the
story or moves the plot forward, and it could just as easily
JOb, as he has a unique role in the collaborative storytelling be true as not, saying "yes" is usually the right thing to do
experience, one with great creative freedom and rewards. Usually hero players are becoming inventive because they're
There are a few key pieces of advice that can make the GM's looking for a way forward in the plot, so working with them to
job easier and ensure a better game for everyone. build or discover that way forward keeps the story moving.
Of course, that doesn't mean that everything should al-
ways go their way all the time. Perhaps the PCs have some il-
legal goods they wish to sell. The smuggler player may ask if
One of the most common mistakes made by new GMs 1s
he knows any contacts who might wish to buy the goods The
to conceal too much information from the other players, or
answer could be "Yes, but the last time you met he tned to
to make the assumption that the PCs will succeed at every
kill you." Now the PCs have a way forward-a possible buyer
task If the v1lla1n of the story is hiding in a secret warehouse,
- but also a complication, something to consider and deal
but the PCs fail their checks to find the warehouse. then the
with Maybe they should use an intermediary or iust make
story can gnnd to a halt The simplest solution to this 1s iust
sure to bnng their weapons in case a fight breaks out
to not roll for checks that must be passed for the story to
continue. Another answer 1s to have an alternative means of The dice system 1s very flexible and rewards this style of
progressing the story For example. the PCs fail to find the play 1n two ways. First of all, it's quite easy to allow a player's
villain's warehouse. but he learns that they are searching for improvised idea for an action or plan to be determined by
him and sends out his minions to attack the PCs. The PCs are a dice roll. "Can I shoot the stormtroopers as I fall to the
still" punished" for their failure (they have a battle they could street?" "Yes, but the check will receive two Setback dice
otherwise have avoided) but now they have another means • • because you're falling and because you only have a
to progress the story, by interrogating the villain's minions or moment to make the shot." Secondly, the dice-particularly
tracking them back to their lair. Advantage t>. Threat ~§~ . Triumph @, and Despair @-lend
themselves to improvisation very well. The dice symbols can
DELEGATE be inspiration for new complications and unexpected boons
The GM can have a lot to keep track of, especially during as the story moves in new directions.
busy scenes like combat or a space battle. It's okay to del-
egate some of the responsibilities to another player at the TREAT THE OTHER PLAYERS LIKE ALLIES
table For example, one player could keep track of initiative Remember that all the players at the table have the same
and call out the next 1n1t1at1ve slot each time a player finishes goal tell a fun story. It's okay to admit you don't have total
his or her turn It's also entirely reasonable to let the hero mastery of the rules-the group can work together to resolve
players keep track of their own experience points, money. a rules dispute in the way that is the most fun and best for
and equipment In extreme cases. an entire NPC or space- the story It's okay to admit to being caught flat-footed by a
ship could be delegated to a hero player whose PC isn't in- dec1s1on the PCs make, and to ask for a break to plan out the
volved 1n a given scene This both makes the GM's job easier next few scenes. And it's okay to throw the question to the
and keeps that hero player involved in the scene. table. what happens next? What's the best way to interpret
that Despair@ symbol? The answer to the question "Does
SAY "YES" AND ''YES, BUT" my character know anyone in this town?" can be "I don't
Roleplay1ng games are collaborative, improvisational story- know; does he?" Playing a roleplaying game is a collabora-
telling experiences. It can tive project, and you're all on the same team .
be helpful to look at tra- Lastly, and most importantly: If everyone is having fun.
ditional improv. theater you're doing it right!


• r '
• • • Ir an NPC suffers a Crilical Injury, for sin1pliciLy's sake that Nl)C 1s simply defeated . If a player char acLcr suffers a CriLical
Injury. lie suffers ill effects based on the number of Critical Injuries l1c is currenlly suffering from . Eacl1 Cril ical Injury
persists until it is healed . Sec page 19 of this Rulebook for more information on healing and recovery.

First Critical Injury Easy (+ J Immediately suffer 2 strain No ongoing effect.

Second Critical Injury Average(++1 Suffer a Setback die • to your next action. No
ongoing effect.

Hard (
+++1 Suffer a Setback die • to al l actions unlil Lhis
Third Critical Injury
Critical Injury is healed.

Fourth Critical Injury Hard (

+++1 PC is incapacitated until this Critical Injury 1s healed

Success ~ symbols are canceled by Failure Y symbols; 1f there SYMBOLS AND DICE
are any Success ~ symbols left. the check succeeds

Tri umph @ symbols count as Success ~ symbols and may also

be spent to trigger a powerful positive consequence.
Ability Proficviency Difficulty
Advantage tJ symbols 1nd1cate a positive side effect or conse- Die . Die O Die t
quence. even on a failed check They cancel and are canceled by
Threat ~§~ symbols
Failure Y symbols cancel Success ~ symbols. If there are
enough Failure Y symbols to cancel all the Success ~ symbols.
Challenge Boost
the check is a fai lure.
Die . Die 0
Despair @ symbols count as Fa ilure Y symbols (they cancel
Success ~ symbols) and may also be spent to trigger a powerful
, 8
negative consequence 0 •
Threat ~§~ symbols 1nd1cate a negative side effect or conse-
quence. even on a successful check They cancel and are can- Setback Force
celed by Advantage tJ symbols. Die • Die O


When a character attempts a skill check. the Gtvl should deLermine the difficulty of L11e check . The difficul ty of
combat cl1ecks and opposed checks l1as already been discussed. but the GM must also use his best jud gement to
determine the difficulty of ord inary sk ill checks
Simple Routine. with the outcome rarely in question Usually not rolled unless the GM
wishes to know the possible magnitude of success. or Setback dice 1nd1cate
the possibility of complications.
• Picking a primitive lock. tendi ng to minor cuts and bruises. finding food and
shelter on a lush planet. shooting a target at short range.
•• Picking a typical lock. stitching up a small wound . finding food and shelter on
a temperate planet. shooting a target at medium range or trying to stnke a
target while engaged
••• Picking a complicated lock. setting broken bones or suturing large wounds. finding
food and shelter on a rugged planet. shooting at a target at long range.
•••• Picking an exceptionally sophisticated lock, performing surgery or grafting
implants, find food and shelter on a barren desert planet. shooting al a target
at extreme range.
••••• Picking a lock with no comprehensible mechanism, cloning a new body, finding
food and shelter on a planet without breathable atmosphere.