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HSST Computer Science

1. Which of the following is not a transmission medium?

a. Telephone lines b. Coaxial Cables

c. Modem d. Microwave systems

2. A band is always equivalent to:

a. a byte b. a bit

c. 100 bits d. None

3. How many OSI layers are covered in the x.25 standard?

a. Two b. Three

c. Seven d. Six

4. Which among the following is not part of the TCP header of a TCP/IP packet?

a. Sequence number b. Acknowledgment number

c. Window size d. Protocol

5. Layer one of the osi model is ?

a. Physical layer b. Link layer

c. Transport layer d. Network layer

6. The FDDI network is an example of:

a. Bus b. Star

c. Ring d. Mesh

7. Dijkstra’s algorithm facilitates ?

a. Multipathing b. Shortest Path Routing

c. Isolated Routing d. Centralized Routing

8. ACL stands for

a. Automatic control language b. Access control list

c. Associate cache level d. Amortized Circular Lists

9. A sniffer is

a. A computer that configured to capture all traffic on the network

b. A DNS server c. virus scanner d. Hardware lock

10. A protocol used for secure sending of data over the internet is:

a. SMTP b. FTP


11. The buffer overflow attack is caused by

a. Vulnerability in the design of a networking protocol

b. Vulnerability in the implementation of a networking protocol
c. Vulnerability in human behaviour
d. Vulnerability in software

12. The _____ cipher recorders the plain text characters to create a cipher text?

a. Substitution b. Transposition

c. Either a or b d. Neither a nor b

13. A gcd(a,b)= x and gcd(b,c)= y, then gcd(a,c)= is

a. xy b. gcd(x,y)

c. xy/gcd(x,y) d. None of these

14. ______ is the science and art of transforming message to make them secure and immure to
attack ?

a. Cryptography b. Cryptanalysis

c. Cryptology d. All the above

15. The sort method that switches adjacent elements, if needed after comparison?

a. Heap sort b. Quick sort

c. Insertion sort d. bubble sort

16. Merge sort uses

a. Divide and conquer strategy b. Backtracking approach

c. Heuristic search d. Greedy approach

17. The running time of the following fragment of code is:

for(int i=0; i<20; i++);

for(int j=0; j<N; j++);
for(int k=N-2; k<N+2; k++);
cout<<” “<<j<<endl;

a. O(N log N) b. O( log N)

c. O(N2) d. O(N)

18. The average time required to perform a successful sequential search for an element in aarray
with n elements:

a. n/2 b. (n+1)/2

c. (n-1)/2 d. 2n

19. How many nodes are there in full state space tree with n=6 ?

a. 65 b. 64

c. 63 d. 32

20. What do you call the selected keys in the quick sort method:

a. Outer key b.Inner key

c. Partition key d. pivot key

21. The recursive function defined by f(n)=1 if n=1 and f(n)=n+f(n-1) computes the value:

a. n2 b. n!

c. n(n+1)/2 d. 2n

22. Which of the following sorting methods will be the best if number of swappings done, is the
only measure of efficiency?

a. Bubble sort b. Selection sort

c. Insertion sort d. Quick sort

23. The order of the binary search algorithm is:

a. n b. n2

c. nlog(n) d. log(n)

24. Sparse matrices have:

a. Many zero entries b. Many non-zero entries

c. Higher dimension d. None of these

25. Merge sort uses:

a. Divide and conquer strategy b. Backtracking approach

c. Heuristic search d. Greedy approach

26. In a depth-first traversel of a graph G with n vertices, k edges as marked as a tree edges. The
number of connected component in G is

a. k b. n-k-1

c. n-k d. k+1

27. A non-linear data structure from among the set given below is:

a. queue b. Stack

c. linked list d. tree

28. Evaluate the pre-fix expression -*63-41 will result in :

a. 25 b. 23

c. 15 d. 12

29. Stdio.h is a part of:

a. comment section b. C Standard Library

c. Compiler d. Main Function

30. Which of the following operator has lowest precedence?

a. ! b. +

c. = d. ==

31. One execution of a loop is known as a(n)?

a. Cycle b. Duration

c. Iteration d. Test

32. Which of the following language paradigm allows the programmer to express algorithms
derived from a top-down design?

a. Logic b. Function

c. Object oriented d. Procedural

33. In java MVC stands for

a. Model View Controller b. Model Video Controller

c. Mobile View Controller d. None of the above

34. In java MVC stands for

a. Model View Controller b. Model Video Controller

c. Mobile View Controller d. None of the above

35. Which one of the following is a valid statement?

a. char[] c = new char[]; b. char[] c = new char();

c. char[] c = new char[5]; d. char[] c = new char(4);

36. Floating point representation is used to store which type of values?

a. Boolean values b. whole numbers

c. Real integers d. Integers

37. In computers, subtraction is generally carried out by ?

a. 9’s complement b. 10’s complement

c. 2’s complement d. 1’s complement

38. What characteristic of RAM memory makes it not suitable for permanent storage?

a. Too slow b. Too bulky

c. it is volatile d. unreliable

39. To extend the connectivity of the processor bus we use:

a. PCI bus b. SCSI bus

c. Controllers d. Multiple bus

40. The OR, XOR and AND function can be performed by _____ of the computer in a CPU

a. CPU b. Register

c. ALU d. ALL

41. Speed of a microprocessor determined by

a. Address bus width b. Data bus width

c. Clock d. None
42. Modem communicating using the V.32 bis standard operate at:

a. 9600 bps b. 14400 bps

c. 28800 bps d. 56000 bps

43. The first modern computer is called ______?



44. Which of the following is not true for a microcontroller?

a. Microcontrollers have special instruction for bit manupulation

b. They are commonly used in embedded systems.
c. Microcontrollers with Harvard architecture are variable
d. Microcontrollers cannot run without external memory

45. The address bus of 8086 CPU is:

a. 10 bits b. 20 bits

c. 24 bits d. 36 bits

46. The interface chip used for data transmission between 8086 & 16-bit ADC is?

a. 8255 b. 8259

c. 8253 d. 8251

47. Which of the following interrupt is both level and edge sensitive ?

a. RST 5.5 b. INTER

c. TRAP d. RST 7.5

48. Which of the flag will be affected by the instruction INC AL, if AL=FFH?

a. Zero, Carry b. Zero, Auxiliary carry, Carry, Overflow

c. Zero only d. Carry only

49. Let p be the risk probability. L be the loss, then Risk Exposure(RE) is computed as ?

a. Executes an instruction supplied by an external device through the INTA signal

b. Executes an instruction from memory location 20H

c. Executes a Nop d. None

50. In the relational models, what is termed as cardinality?

a. Number of attributes b. Number of constraints

c. Number of tables d. Number of tuples

51. Which one of the following is not SQL statement type?

a. DUL (Data Update Language)

b. DDL (Data Definition Language)
c. DCL (Data Control Language)
d. DML (Data Manipulation Language)

52. Organizing the database in computer disk storage is done in:

a. Physical design b. Analysis

c. Implementation d. Logical Design

53. A Collection of data that includes name , address, phone number etc. Of a person?

a. Field b. Record

c. Byte d. Character

54. A relation in BCNF with no mulitvalued dependencies is in :

a. 1NF b. 2NF

c. 3NF d. 4NF

55. The Operator used concatenate two string in ORACLE is:

a. || b. #

c. $ d. %
56. DML is used for

a. Addition of new structures in database system

b. Manipulation and processing of database
c. Definition of physical structure of database
d. Description of logical structure of database

57. The memory which allocates space for DOS and application is called

a. Expanded memory b. Cache memory

c. Virtual memory d. Conventional memory

58. Dispatcher function is to :

a. Put task in I/O wait b. Schedule tasks in processor

c. change task priorities d. All of above

59. Which of the following memory allocation scheme is subject to external fragmentation?

a. Segmentation b. Swapping

c. Demand Paging d.Multiple contiguous fixed partitions

60. Remote computing services involves the use of timesharing and ?

a. Multiprocessing b. interactive processing

c. Batch processing d. Real time processing

61. Dirty bit is used to show the :

a. Least frequent used page b. Most recently used page

c. page with corrupted data

d. Page that is modified after being loaded into the cache memory

62. The technique of improving the priority of process waiting in queue for CPU allocation is

a. Starvation b. Ageing

c. Revocation d. Relocation
63. Memory bank experiencing too much contention from processor?

a. Fan-in b. Fan-out
c. Hot-spot d. Thrash

64. Which of the following could be a deliverable for a software system?

a. Users guide b. source code

c. Requirements Documents d. All of above

65. What do you call, “where the object hide their inner workings of their operations from the
outside world and from other objects ?

a. Polymorphism b. Generalization

c. Encapsulation d. Composition

66. Boundary value analysis is a method for:

a. White box testing b. Mutation testing

c. Black box testing d. Structural testing

67. Which one of the following is NOT a size metric?

a. LOC b. Function count

c. Cyclomatic complexity d. Program length

68. The aim of software engineering is to produce software that is:

a. Fault free b. Delivered on time

c. Delivered within budget d. Satisfies user’s needs

69. Which of the following is not a characteristic for Testability?

a. Robustness b. Observability

c. Simplicity d. Operability
70. Let p be the risk probability. L be the loss, then Risk Exposure(RE) is computed as ?

a. RE=P+L b. RE=P/L

c. RE=2*P*L d. RE=P*L

71. A XOR B is equivalent to :

a. (A+B).(B’+A’) b. A’B’+BA

c. AB+B’A’ d. (A+B’).(B’+A)

72. 8 4 2 1 is the :

a. BCD code b. Gray code

c. Excess- 3 code d. ASCII CODE

73. A full adder circuit with x,y and z as input bits produces a output , the binary sum represented

a. x+y+z b. x XOR y XOR z

c. xy XOR xz XOR yz d. xy+xz+yz

74. Totempole output is characteristic of the logic IC family:

a. RTL b. CMOS

c. TTL d. IIL

75. Flip-flop is the basic structure of the device:

a. Hard disk b. Memory

c. Cells d. Speakers

76. Gray code for the decimal number 7 is:

a. 0111 b. 0101

c. 0100 d. 1011
77. What is universal gate?

a. AND b. NOR

c. XOR d. NOT

78. Context diagram explains

a. The overview of the system b. The internal view of the system

c. The entities of the system d. none of the above

79. Function point can be calculated by


c. UFP*Cost d. UFP*Productivity

80. When the inheritance is private, the private methods in base class are ______ in the derived
class (in C++).

a. inaccesible b. accesible

c. protected d. public