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Sfiort Story
Rosa Gibbons

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_The Conclave
As the first rays of the sun spread over the horizon, bringing light to the darkened plains, d shddow
could be seen sepilrdting itself from the trees of the northern forest, materidlizing intod person moving
dt gre<lt speed across the grdSS. Soon, d little to thel'dst, another figure emerged from the forest, followed
by two more figures coming out from behind d different dump of trees.

Across the hills to the south and west, similar activity could be seen, dS small groups were also
making their Wd}' towards the center of the plain. And as time passed and the light grew, d sort of
enonnous circle ofdark, shddowy figures could be seen, miles wide, as hundreds ofsilhouettes converged
on one spot in the center of the plain.

There could be no doubt dS to their destination. In the center of the plain, cll'drlyvisible even in the
dim light, a mighty tree reached hundreds of feet into the sky, its wide brdIlches stretching out in every
direction. The sun soon began to peek its head over the edge of the horizon, highlighting the green lea~s
dIld glinting off the cll'drwdter of the ri~r thdt ran right under the tree.

The figures continued to make their way toward the tree, dnd in the light ofdawn, individual
fl'dtures began to be discernible. The people themselves were wildly different - short dnd tall, fdir and
dark, mall' and female; huIlliillS, elves, h.llflings, gnomes, half-orcs, even a fewdwarws. But, perhaps
more unuslldi, the growing crowd was also made up ofd widearrayof arllmals. From wolves, foxes,
badgers, and boars, to lions and leopards, I'dch moved across the plain with ease. The air was also filled
with flying creatures, such as birdsdnd bats - every kind ofdnimal seemed to ha~ d representati~.

E~ntually, members of the groups arrived dt the tree. Many paused dt the river to drink or rinse off
the grime of a long journey, but one by one they I'dch sat down under the shade of the tree. As the
numbers at the tree grew, a great hdlf-cirde began to t<lke shape around the tree, cut offon one side by
the ri~r. Each of thearllmals who hdd made the trek was paired with one of the humanoids, and each
beast Stdyed dose by the side of its companion.

The sun continued to rise, and the crowd continued to grow. Yet forall the numbers, it was
surprisingly quiet - only d few murmurs could be hl'drd, here.md there - even the animals were nl'drly
silent. An air of reverence hung over the place, and the more who were added to thecongreg<ltion, the
hl'ilVi.er the feeling became. Thewhole crowd was faced toward the tree, expectantly. Something ~ry
important was coming.

Finally, dbout mid-morning, there were no more figures to be seen on any horizon - the last of the
group hdd arrived. From the front of the mass of people.md dnimals, eighteen people rose dnd moved to
stand together on d long, smooth rock tha.t dcted dS d sort of small Stdge, elevating them just enough thdt
they could be seen over the hedds of those gathered there. A hush fell over the whole throng, dS even
whispers ceased. One of the eighteen, d tall el~n woman with long black hair, stepped forward and, dfter
pausing d moment to survey the seenI', dddressed the multitude. As she begdn to speilk, d halo emanated
around her body, faint dt first, but strengthening dnd growing, shifting into the shape ofldrge, fl'drsome
bear, stdnding on its hind legs.

~My friends," she begdIl, her dl'drvoice cdrrying fardCJ05S the open grdSS, "It was I who called this
gathering together -I who asked the other elders to spread the message of this imperdtive meeting. It has
been manyye<lrs, indeed, since all three of our ddflS hd~ met together here, but today, we face dgrilVl'
danger. Each ofyou is, no doubt, aWdre of the Cduse of this gdthering, becdUsewe hdveall had to face this
new threat which is edch day growing stronger."
A few murmurs from the crowd acknowledged this, and she paused again before moving on, "Long
havev.'e lived in these lands, preserving the natural state and paying our respects to the spirits and gods
that watch over the plants and the animals. And we, too, haw done our part to guard our homes against
those who would seek to destroy what is beautiful and put up manmade monstrosities in their place. The
king ofBarcen is one of these people. The human empire ofBarcen has long been hovering on the edge
of our lands, but now they have begun an invasion. The king is detennined to take what is not his, and is
despoiling our forests, our mountains, our plains, our lakes and rivers. He wants our lands for himself,
wants to take the raw beauty and riches nature has given us and civilize thelTL v.'hat began months ago
with a few scouts darting furtively through our territory has escalated into war. Already the king has sent
armies out to settle the land, to build mines to tear open the earth, towns to bring more people, and forts
to defend themselves from our righteous fury." As she spoke, her tone growing angrier, the bear aura
around her bared its teeth and let out a silent roar.

The crowd was obviously riled up by this speech; a few shouted or cried out against the injusticeof
the Barcenian king. The elven woman raised her hands to call for quiet, and the masses fell silent once
more. A muscular hUIlldIl man stepped forward from the group ofelders, and the elven woman stepped
back to join the other elders. The hard expression on the man's face, combined with his confident stance
and selierallong scars on his anIlS and face would have made him look fonnidable enough, but there was
more about him to frighten than just the evidence of winning many battles. His rough hands ended not
in fingernails, but a set oflong, hard claws; when he opened his mouth to speak, a pairoflong, sharp
incisors could be seen inside, and an enonnous pair of grey wings sprouted from his back.

"lhat we must put a stop to these horrific actions is dear - but we must strike hard and fast, now,
before they ha~'e the opportunity to dig their heels into the ground and stand firm in their forts and
barricades. We have only one chance to stop this; in a few more months, theywill be too established in
our lands for us to be able to drive them out. It is of the utmost importance thatv.'eare victorious from
the start." He paused, letting the urgency of his words sink in. "We must choose which of our clans will go
out against these invaders. Each clan has unique advantages to offer which might be the key factor in
winning this war."

He paused once more, passing his gaze OIil'r the gathered masses before continuing, "My own dan,
the Wild-Skinned, might seem the most obvious choice - we are known forour ferocity in battle, and our
very appearance is the source of many Barcenian nightmares. But we must be able to get close to be
effedive, and our foes have locked themselves up tight in their forts, where they can fire on us from afar
without risking their own lives. Even those of us able to flywould be hard-pressed to get at the enemy
before being filled with ilITOWS.

"The Beastkin Clan is another good choice. The wry fact that they work as pairs isa huge advantage,
as they have two bodies and minds working together as one, giving them the ability to complete multiple
tasks with an intimate knowledge of how their partner is faring and how the other will act. However,
most of the Beastkin arealso best suited to dose, one-on-one combat, and, like my own clan, theywill
lose a great deal of their effeem'eness if they are not able to get inside the forts.

"lhe Spirit Guide Clan can overcome this with their many strong spells; they could fight from a
distance, wreaking havoc on the forts and their defenders until they could break: in. However, once inside
the cramped forts, they will be at a disadvantage, unable to keep enough distance between themselves
and the swords of the Barcenian soldiers.

"As you can see, there are many things to consider in this matter. And we cannot afford to choose
wrong.~ The man finished his speech, and glancing back at the elders, he moved back while another man
stepped forward.

"WI' must seek guidance on who is best suited to sucrl'l'd. There is too much at stake to risk the
chance of mortal mistakes; this third elder said; hewas slim and fair, and nl'dflydwarfed by the huge
wolf at his side. "And that, my friends, is why we are here, at Ylgvaia, the Great Trl'l'."

The silence, the fl'l'ling of veneration, was almost stifling, I'VI'n out on the open plain. The man
continued, speaking words I'ilch member of the audience alrl'ildy knew, "Ylgvaia is the giver of Life, the
symbol of the power, as well as the beneficence, of nature. She gives shade and shelter to all who will
come beneath her branches. But she is more than just a symbol- the Great Tree holds the spirit of this
land. TIris spirit is ancient, older than the gods. The spirit ofYlgvaia will giveaid to those who seek to
preselVl' the land and respect the power of nature. WI' call on her now."

The man turned his back to the crowd, and raising his anns to the tree above, he started tochant,
speaking in the secret language of the druids. Theother elders also turned toward the t:reeand began to
chant with him. And without any further instruction or ceremony, theentire multitude Lifted their anns
and began to chant with them. As theirvoicl'S cried out in unison, a wind began to blow, rustling the
leilVl'S of the tree and stirring the hair of the people. The chanting grew louder as it went on, taking on a
more urgent tone with I'ilch minute that passed.

Then, without any sign orwaming, the entire gathering Cl'ilsed chanting, falling into total silence. A
sort of fog or mist appeared in theair before the elders, growing thicker and swirling in the wind. It
seemed it was trying to form itself into something - but kept changing its shape. It looked almost like an
I'ilgle before a gust of wind whirled the cloud around, and then it looked Like a rose in bloom for a just a
moment before shifting into a snake, slithering in the air, then swirled into something else. tlllillly, it
settled into the shape of a woman, and though the fog continued to swirl, it kept a fairly consistent
shape. Theelders all knelt down on the rock and bowed their faces to the ground, while the crowd
behind them followed suit. Then the mouth of the misty woman opened, and a voice emanated from the

"Raise your hl'ilds, my children, and look upon me." They obeyed, gazing at the figure with awe in
their eyes. "I know why you are here. I have felt the dXI'S rutting into my trees, have felt the fear and pain
as my creatures are killed in great numbers for food orclothing or simply for sport, have felt the agony as
the very earth is rut open, the wounds dug deep. ThI'Sl' atrocities must be stopped, and I will guide and
help you. However, not one of your clans could succeed against thl'Sl' foes." A few surprised murmurs
rippled through the throng at thl'Sl' words; the clans had always been able to solve theirprobleIllS -each
had been given many missions through the years, and they had always succeeded. Were they going to
have to seek outside help?

The spirit ofYlgvaia went on, "Do not fear, my children. Not one of your clans will be able to defl'ilt
these fOl'S: their numbers are too grl'ilt, their defenses too strong. Never before hdVl' you faced such a
strong enemy. That is why each of you, all three clans - the Beastkin, the Spirit Guided, and the WJld-
Skinned - must work together to drive thl'Sl' killers from the land. It will take a combination ofall your
skills and abilities to defl'ilt thl'Sl' invaders. The elders must work together to organiZl'and perfect the
assault. Follow my instructions, and your victory will be so complete that no one will dare to defile my
lands for many years."

A huge gust of wind swirled and split the misty woman into many small clouds, which quicldydissi-
pated. A great cry arOSl'as the multitude shouted in excitement at the words of the spirit of the Great
Trl'l', confident that their victory over the Barcenians was assured.
Introduction Benefit: The druid gains a circumstance bonus on
all Handle Animal che<:ks I1ldde with her animal
This book focuses on providing a number of companion equal to her class level. (rounded
new options for p~rs ofdruid characters, or dawn, minimum l).
OI:her nanue-themed divine CoISter'S. II begins ",ith ~=;;
a brief sect~n detailing alternate ",,~CombatTrained
abilities for animal rompanions, Replacn: Str/Dex Bonus
simila.r toaltemate class fearures 1bednimal rom"..nioll is
forcbaracters oot taken by extremely skilled al combat.
the animal companion, Bmefit: The animal
rather than the ch.traeter companion's baseattack
himself, in lieu of the bonus is ~ual to its hit
sp«ia.l abiliti~ an dice, instead ofbeing
animal compankm equal to 31.. its hit dice.
nonnalty gains. After Additionally, it gains
that, the book provides Weapon focus and
tluff new prestige Weapon Specializa.tion
classes for druids or in all natural wwpons
druid-like characters. it possesses as bonus
The first of these is the feats.
beast lTIdSler, a prestige class
which focuses on improving Compdnion Heal
the druid's anilTldl companion Replaces: Share Spells
and turning it into a fearsome engine Thedruid learns to channel her
of destruction. The second is the mystic magical powers to heal hercom"..nion.
shapeshifter, which enhances a druid's ability Bmefit: As a standard action, the druid may
to use his wild shape class feature. The final sacrifice a spell she has prepared in order heal her
prestige class is the totemic spiritualist, which animal companion a number of hit points equal
uses the l'O""l!rof animal spirits to enhance the to W pel" level. of the sacrificed spell. A sacrificed
coISter's spellcasting ability, among other benefits. spell of yd Iew'I or higher also acts as the spell
Iesset' restordtion on theanilTldl companion, while
AnimaLCompanion Abilities a spell of 'jth I~ or higher also functions oIs the
spell restorduon, and a spell of 7Ih ll"\~ 01" higher
1bese alternate animal companion options also functions as thespellgre<Jter restoration
rrp1dce existina 5pl"cial qualities that animal
companions obtain. as their mast:er gains ko.l!!s. Conditioned
When your anima.l companion ",'ouk! gain 1M 1'1wdruid"s olIIimal romp.mion is used to
5pl"cial ability that an altematespecial ability hdrdsJUp. and Cdn endurr more ttldn mast.
\\'OI.l.Id~, you IDoI)'choose to Ml:' it g3in the Repla~ Natural armor bonusn
allematespecial ability, instead. C>tK:l:' this choice Bmefit: The- animal companion gains a
is Ini'de, it cannot be changed again laler. The ~iItlCt' bonus to all saving throw'S equal to l/2
following alternate animal companion abilities are the armor bonus it would nol1Tldlly gain.
presented inalphabetical orde!".
Bond Replaces: Link
Replaces: Unk Thedruid has given up the innate psychic
Thedruid has given up the innate psychic ronnection to herromp.lnion, instead learning to
connection /0 herconJpilnion in order /0 8a;/I iI communicale wilh it in an unspoken, primal
greater understanding orit. fashion.
Benefit: The druid and the animal companion attdcksa target that the druid has attacked in the
become more intimately aware ofone another, same round, the animal companion gains a +i
ft't'!ing each other's strong emotions. This circumstance bonus to its attack roll,
functions identically to the empathic link ability
of a wizard's familiar, except it also grallts the Uncanny Dodge
druid a +i bonus on Handle Animal checks made Replaces: Evasion
with the companion. Thednitrld/ companion is ronslantlyon iI/ert for
Ferocious Benefit: The animal companion gains the
RepJ.ces: Derotion uncanny dodge barbarian class feature.
The anim.i1 companion is partiruldrly fierce and
dangerous foran anitrldl of its kind.
Benefit: Whm other creatures become <td)acrnl BeastMda~sute~[L- _
to the animal companion, they must make a Will
~ (IX: 10 + 1/1 the animal companion's hil dice
lhe ",u/f sta)'$. friend. Sht-'SdS much a part
+ the animal companion's Charisma modifier) or
of1Jlt".lS my drm, and ifyou expert my ht-Ip you'rt'
be maJaon fOTI round. This isa mind-affecring
stuck with her, 1M Sdme as my drm. 'Sides, you
fNl'effect. Onaoa creature succnsfulIyS<l\~
coold dOd lot ",urse: thosesrll-s-.-ords)'oo hirt'd,
against this effect, he becomes immunl! to it for
lixexampk. Kill tMrOlO"n mothers ilnd sell tM
",boun. corpses for hog feed. they WOIJld. Shdril hert'
know5 the value of Ioya/ry, dnd has fHO"t'n herself
Improved Uncanny Dodge to bea U11SlI+-onhyalJycoonllt'$S times. The
Prerequisite: Uncanny Dodge Ntlles " .. 'n' fought, the hunts """'\'l!'shared, I
RepJ.ces: lm~ evasion "Ul.Jldn'r trade them for anrthing. No, SilY"'1w1
The anitrldl companion is particuldrly wary ofhis you likedbotJt me, bur ifyotl disrrsp«t herdgoJin,
5IJrrotJndinp. rn be the Ofle ro tear our yotlr thrOdt. •
Benefit: 1M animal companion gains the
imp~ uncarmy dodge barbarian class feature.
-Sharoak TYR', beast lDolSIer, mercenary

Shield Master 8edst lDolSIers an' men and women who h.we
Replaces: E\-Olsion d~oped a deep bond to a specific dnimal.
Theanitrldl companion isadepl olt prol«fing its Acting as one mind and one soul, they work
IJ1d!iler from h.Jrm. together to accomplish their goals.
Benefit: As long as the animal companion is
ad)acrnt to the druid, whenever Ihe druid is hit
Becoming a Beast Master
by a melt'l" attack, the animal companion may
immediately attempt a combat maneuYercheck Beast master.; an' druids, and sometimes
(DC equals theanack raUl. If successful, the rangers or derics, who focus almost exclusively on
attack hits the animal companion. rather than
unlocking the po'I\W of their animal companion.
the druid. An animal companion that has been Together, the two beings liveasd single life (onn,
giwn the guard command with the Handle
relying on one another to defeat their foes.
Animal skill will use this abHityon whoever il has
been told to guard,
Tandem Strike
To qualify to become a beast maSler, a
Replacu: Multi-attack
character must fulfill all of the following criteria.
The ,mimdl comp.1nion is p..lrticularly adept at
Skills: Knowledge (nature) 7 ranks.
diding the druid in combat.
Spells: Able to cast 2nd-level divine spells.
Benefit: Whenever thednimal colnpanion
Special: Must possess an animal comp<mioll,
Table I-I: The Beast Master
Attack Fort R.f Will
Level Bonus Save Save Save Special SpelkaSling

.... .
Animal bond, greater link
') Combat bond (+1)
') ficast master nick
+1 level orexisting dass
+1 level orexisting class
+1 level orexisting class
4,h ') +< '4 Combat bond (+l.), sheltering bond +1 level orexisting dass

5th ') +< +<

" Greater companion +1 level orexisting class
6<h ., ., Combat bond (+3), beast master
+1 level orexisting class

'4 " trick
7th ., ., Improved share spells level orexisting class
8<h " ., ., ",6 Combat bond (+4), lire bond
+1 level ofexisting class
,h ,6 , , ,6 Beast master trick +1 level ofexistin class
Combat bond +s},legen ary
loth '7 ') ') '7 companion +I level orexisting class

either through the llilture's bond, hunter's bond, typically maintain neutral attitudes.
or animal domain class features, or from a similar
source. Simply having a pet does not suffice. Hit Dice: d8.

Making a Beast Master Class Skills

A beast master and his animal companion The bedst master's class skills (and the key
strive to be ilSone, strengthening one another to ability for each skill) are: Handle Animal (eha),
their mutual benefit. Knowledge (llilture) (Int), Perception (Wis), and
Survival (Wis).
Abilities: For the vast majority of bedst Skill Ranks at Each Llm!I: "+ Intelligence
masters, the ability score that detennines their modifier
divine spellcasting (typically Wisdom) is
paramount. Since most rely on their animal
Class Features
companions to handle melee fighting. Strength,
Dexterity, and Constitution Me often ofsecondary
All of the following are clilSS features of the
importance to the beast master. That said, many
beast master prestige class.
beast masters prefer to fight alongside their animal
companions on the front lines, and these would do
Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: The
well to invest in high Strength scores to increase
beast master gains no new proficiencies with any
melee damage, and high Constitution scores in
type of weapon, armor, or shield.
order to gain more hit points. Bedst masters with
the Pre<:ise Shot feat often find that they can
Spells per Day: At each level. a beast master
effe<:tively lend aid to their companion from a
gains new spells per day as if he had also gained a
distance, and so might prioritize Dexterity.
level in a divine spellcasting class he belonged to
before adding the prestige class. He does not,
Alignment: While beast masters can be of
however, gain any other benefit a character of that
any alignment, most tend towards neutrality. TIlls
class would have gained, except for additional
is partly because most beast masters begin their
spells per day and an increased effe<:tive level of
careers as druids, but is also related to their strong
conne<:tion with their animal companions, who
Animal Bond: A beast master's class levels and no HandieAnimaI check is required to teach
stack with levl"ls in all classes that grant an dllimal these tricks to the animal companion. Unless
companion for the purpose ofdetermining his otherwise indicated, the beast master's animal
dIlimal companion's abilities. companion cannot take a given beast master trick
moll' than once. The beast masterchooses the
Greater Link (Su): The mind of a beast trick from the following list:
master and his animal companion be<:omeas one,
allowing him to direct his animal companion to Bleeding Srrike (Ex): Whenever the animal
perform moll' complicated actions than would companion SCOTeSa critical hit with an attack that
ordilldl"ily be possible, with an extraordinary level deals piercing damage, the target also takes 2
ofcooperation. Asa free action, a beast master can points of bleed damage.
telepathically make his wishes known to his
animal companion, enabling him to giw it BonU5 Fear:The animal companion
complex instructions in an instant. The beast immediately gains a bonus feat for which it
master's animal companion attempts to fulfill qualifies.
these wishes to the best of its ability, without a
Handle Animal check being required. Charge (Ex):The dllimal companion gains a
+4 bonus to attack rolls made while charging
Combat Bond (Su): Beginning at 2nd level, rather than the ordinary +2. Additionally, the
your animal companion gains a +1 morale bonus dIlimal companion does not pT<WOke attacks of
on all attack and damage rolls, so long as it opportunity from the target of its charge.
remains within 30 feet of you. At 4th level, and
t"Vl"ry two 1t"Vl"ls thereafter (6th level, 8th level, Extra Trick (Ex):The animal companion
and 10th level) this bonus incll'ases by an immediately learns one of the standard tricks
additional +1. outlined under the Handle Animal skill, such as
attack, come, defend, etc. TIris trick does not
Beast Master Trick: At JTd level, and every count towards the number of such tricks the
three 1t"Vl"ls thell'after (6th level and 9th level), the animal companion can learn.
beast IIlilStercan teach a special trick to his animal
companion. These tricks do not count against the Far Traveler (Ex): The animal companion's
number of tricks the dIlimal companion can 11'dTIl, movement speed increases by 10 feet.

=-c---=----c----cc-cco-~"' .._ .......' %o~---------

Sidebar: Companion, Not Chattel ~
Even though the greater link ability allows a Similarly, the animal companion is unlikely to be
player to direcdycontrol his character's animal willing to charge alone against a dragon because
companion, rather than having to influence it the beast master feels "it will be funny."
through Handle Animal checks, that doesn't mean
that the animal companion is suddenly a mindless That said, while the animal companion does
puppet that simply does as its masterpsychically reserve the right to make its own decisions and
orders it to do. Thedllimal companion has its own balk at the beast master's commands once in a
thoughts and feelings about things, and may while, when the situation really calls for it, it
occasionally disagree with the orders it receives. should generally adhell' to the playt'r's tactical
ForeXdfllple, if the beast master becomeschanned demands in combat, moving as the playt'r directs.
or dominated, and thedllimal companion is able Most likely the pLayt'rwould have had a 95%
to sense that (either with a Sense Motive check, or success rate with a Handle Animal check anyway,
because it is being given sudden orders to attack and there's no point in cheating a player out of
the beast master's party mates and defend a his class feature by giving his dllimal companion
succubus), it maychoose to ignore those orders.

--------=-~< ''''''''.-------- ..
unnecessary airs.
Hamstring (Ex): Whenever the animal ability.
companion scores a critical hit with an attack that
deals slashing damage, the target's movement Greater Companion (Su): At 5th level, a beast
speed is reduced by 10 feet for the next 2f hours. master's animal companion gains the adVdllced
creature template.
Hdrdy (Ex): The animal companion gains
immunity to diseases ofall kinds (including Improved Share Spells (Su): Beginning at
magical diseases). 7th level, the beast master's magical connection
with his animal companion deepens. Whenever
Nawr.ll C.lmoufl<Jge (Ex): Theanimal can he casts a spell with a target of "You," he may
make Stealth checks to hide even while being choose to have it affect his animal companion, in
observed, so long as it is ina natural environment addition to himself. He must be within 30 feet of
for an animal of his type. his animal companion in order to use this ability.

Skilled (Ex): The animal companion gains a Life Bond (Su): Beginning at 8th level, the
+4 competence bonus toany single skill ..
in...... ",_",b.o~st master's bond with his animal
which it has ranks. .. companion becomes even stronger,
allowing him to channel his own
Staggering Blow (Ex): healing to fuel his
Whenever the animal companion's. Whenever the
companion scores a critical beast master is subject to
hit with an attack that magical or supernatural
deals bludgeoning healing, his animal
damage, it may push the compamon recovers an
target back 5 feet. equal amount of
ViciousASS.lulr (Ex):
As a full round action Legendary Companion
which does not provoke (Su): At 10th level, the
attacks of opportunity, the beast master'sanimal
animal companion can make companion, strengthened
a single attack at his full base by the special bond between
attack bonus. If the attack hits, them, reaches legendary status.
any dice rolled to determine the TIlls can take any of the three fonns
attack'sdamage are treated as though they described below:
had rolled the highest possible result.
Bulw.lrk:The beast master'sanimal
Sheltering Bond (Su): Beginning at 4th companion gains DR 5/-.
level, the beast master's powerful bond with his
companion allO'ollS him a limited ability to protect Ererna/:The beast IIldSter'sanimal
it from physical harm. TIrree times per day, when companion gains fast healing 10.
the beast master's animal companion takes
damage, the beast master maychoose to take that MOUnl.linous: The beast master's animal
damage instead of his animal companion. Any companion gains the giant creature template.
damage reduction, energy resistance, or similar
abilities that the beast master possesses do not Playing a Beast Master
apply, though any such resistances that the
animal companion possesses are applied Beast masters almost universally prefer the
nonnally to the damage. A beast master must be company ofanimals to that of men, spending
within 30 feet of his animal companion to use this most of their time in the wilderness. While many
Art: [IDll~ CI Copyright Can Stock Photo Inc
live away from civilization, they are rarely seen Beast Masters in the World
alone, almost never becoming separated from
their animal companion. "Don't be 50quick tOdssumedll bedS!
IndSU"rs dre cLmgerous swamp hermits; the finesr
Racn: Most beast masters ~ human, due soldier I ever knew waSd bedst mdster. Sir
simply to the f~t thaI humans are uwre Edmund Chdrles spurred his horse to the enemy
prevalmt than other race.. A Luge number are t...-icedSqukk as dny ITWn I t">'t"rSdW. Tnnh be
also gnomes, ....nos.e fo~ for animals., told, I thought he WdSd fool to rush in dloM like
particularly bur:J'OWing ones, is I~. thdr, until I re.Jlized he wasn', dlone. Together, he
Halfling druids ofi:m become beast masters, dnd hissteed ...~rt"d whirl..-ind ofdeath, dad
usually tiling on a riding dog or similar animal gradwJIy the enemy kit b.lck befort' the deadly
as their companions. EMs ....i lo are particularly dSSdU/r."
interested in the fauna of their Vowvlland homes
sometimes become beast masters, as weD, though - T<!YTiIIIl Harnos, guard captain
many prefer to focus on a JIlO['e esoteric bond to
the- mvironmenl. While, in general, dwa,,~ and Daily Life: Beast masters spend ne.uty all of
half-orcs spend less time with animals, and often their time with their animal companion, and can
spurn the beast master's path, a few particularly often be fmmd engaging in dctiviries typical to
devoted druids of those races haw elected to their animal companion, such as hunting.
train as beast maSlers, and they often pI'O'lle the fordging, or simply lounging in the sun. Those
most loyal of all. beast masters who possess the abililyta shape
shift often spend a lot of time in the fann of their
~ligi.on: Mosl beast masters belong to animal companion, to better understdnd and
druidic sects of one sort or another. Many relate to the CIl'iIture with which they spend so
consider animals sacred, or follow deities that do. much time. Rarelydo beastlThlsters sellie down to
Still, some others pay lillie mind to religion, d quiet life of retirement, instead allowing dge-old
drawing their power inslead from an intense instinct to guide and dictate their dctians until the
personal belief in the natural order. A handful of time of their death.
beast masters pray in lemplescompletely
unrelated to their profession, belit"ving that faith Notables: Among beast maslers. fame is
doesn't necessarily ~ anything to do with their rarely a primary concern, and so when a beast
chosen lifestyle. master does ~ some ~I of recognition, it
is rarely beause he was seeking it. Otivar
Other danes: Beast masters~lly Santanderwils one such man, a beast master of
fil\lOr allies who also ~ animal companions. greal~,bound toa great apecalled Chaid,
and can therefore app~te the clost" bond ....ho was forced to leave his woodland home due
~n the beast master and his animal ally. to heavydd"orestarion. Angryat the arrogance of
~ most often associate Voith druids and man in despoiling his new companion's home fOI"
rangers. In general, they 6nd they ~ along well profit, Santander decided to sniIr.:e back against
Voith barbarians and fighters, whodosely match the Eastern TlUlberCompany, and togetherwith
their outlook, and often app~te the- extra Chaid he destroyt'd numerous lumber CdIIlps.
muscle relit"ving the pressure from their Before long. the pair had had a 10,000 gold piea'
companion in combat situations. Many beast reward pl.Ked on their heads by the company,
masters find theen-n'me moral code of paladins though as of ~t none ~ been bra\~ enough to
to be stifling; h~~r, paladins with mounts wiD '0
attempt collect the bounty.
be quickerto eam their respect than those Another such ligure is mon' of a legend than
without. Uke m'lllychampions of nature, beast a man, known in the deep jungle as He Who
masters are n<lturallywaryof arcane casters, Walks With Jaguars. He Who Walks With Jaguars
whose magic they believe to be unnatural, and is said to live in the deepest pim of the jungle,
therefore undesirable. where none but the greatest heroes have ever
ventured. It is also said that he alone travels that Table 1-1.: Beast Master Lore
realm, unarmed, accompanied by the fiercest DC Information
beast, an impossibly large, ghost-white jaguar. The Beast masters have powerful animal
people of the jungle often say that He Who Walks 00
companions who aid them in bailie.
With Jaguars knows a great secret, which hewill A beast master's animal companion can do
tell to anyone who can reach him - hO\o\o~r, few
'5 things that even a druid's animal
ever risk the journey, and no one ever returns.
comp.:mion is rarely cap.1ble of.
According to rumor, a be.-.st master and his
Organizations: Few beast masters feel a
need to fonn organizations, focusing on the close 1.0 animal comp.mion share a single soul, and
bond between themselves and their animal move as one body.
companion, rather than on fonning bonds with Powerful beast masters can grant some of
other beast masters. Most beast masters are quick 1.5 their own life force to their animal
to recognize others of their kind, hOWl"Ver, and are companion in order 10 heal it.
usually glad to lend a hand to anyone else who has
similarly close ties to an animal companion, and
can understand the beast master's connection
with his closest ally. One particularly charismatic
beast master, Jerald Grizzlykin, has begun taking
on disciples, training them in the ways of the Mystic S~J.Ste"r _
beast master. His exact reason fordoing so is
unclear: some say he is simply benevolent, and "'.-.m.-.I one with the ,minldls. I underst.md
wants to spread the skill ofbeastmastery. Others why the wolfhowls .-.nd why Ihe birds sing. As 1
say that he is building a private armyof know them, they also know me. You, too. C,ln
devastating beast master duos-man and beast know this feeling of oneness:.-.11 you mUSI do is let
working in tandem to achieve incredible feats of goo(your worldlyoblig.-.tions and C,lresand
martial prowess. embrdce the beast within. When you do this, you
wiIJ know true strength ,lnd serenity.•
NPC Reactions: The reactions of NPCs
often vary depending on what kind ofanimal the - Kurmal Ragka, the Beast of Many Forms
beast master chooses as his animal companion.
v.'hi.le a man with a horse might be a common Mystic shapeshifters are the perfect
enough sight in any fann village, someone who combination of primal, bestial might and the
insists on bringing his tiger to the dirmer table cunning mind of man. They are the embodiment
might raise some eyebrows. Animal species aside, of nature at its most primal state.
NPC reactions tend to vary from location to
location, with people who live nearwoodlands
being generally more accepting than city dwellers,
Becoming a Mystic Shapesltifter
and local animals typically being better trusted
Mystic shapeshifters are druids that are at
than exotic ones from farawayplaces.
one with their own inner beasts. The can take the
form of any beast and the most powerful are even
Beast Master Lore: Characters with ranks in
said to be able to transfonn into creatures of their
Knowledge (nature) can research beast masters to
own imaginations.
learn more about them. \Vhen a character makes
this skill check, read or paraphrase the
infonnation from the table below, including the Requirements
entries for lower Des.
To qualify to become a mystic shapeshifter, a
character must fulfill all of the following criteria.
Table The Mystic Shapeshifter
Attack Fort R,f Will
..., .... "., ..
Level Bonus Save Save Special
.0 Extended wild shape, namral armor,
wild senses, wild shape. wild congue
Spells Per Day

, ., .,., .,., .... Aspect of the beast

Wild ferocity. wild might
+1 level of e"ist ing class

., ., ., .,
·4 Aspect of the beast +1 level of existing class

6 .6 ., ., Quick wild shape

Aspect ohhe beast, wild healing
+1 level of existing class
·4 .,
Beast talker

.,., .,., .,.,

Aspect of the beast +1 level of e"isl ing class
Shifter's form
Armored hide, aspect of the beast +1 level of existi ng class

Skills: Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks. mystic shapeshifters retain a more pointed world-
Feats: Natural Spell. view, and neutral good, neutral evil, lawful
Special: Must have the wild shape class neutral, and chaotic neutral mystic shapeshifters
feature. are not uncommon.

Hit Dice: dm.

Making a Mystic Shapeshifter

Mystic shapeshifters recognize that their Class Skills

true fonn is not their physical one, and aim to
find a fonn that reflects their inner spirit. The mystic shapeshifter's class skills (and the
key ability for each skill) are: Acrobatics (Dex),
Abilities: Though they have spellcasting Climb (Str), Fly (Dex), Knowledge (nature) (Int),
ability, most mystic shapeshifters serve as primal Perception (Wis), Stealth (Dex), and Swim (Str).
warriors, and benefit most from having Skill Ranks at each Level: 1. + Intelligence
impressive physical ability scores. Of these, a high modifier.
Constitution is often the most important,
allowing them to absorb the punishment that Class Features
their position in the thick of battle is likely to
afford them. Next in importance are Strength and All of the following are class features of the
Dexterity, which allow the mystic shapeshifter to mystic shapeshifter prestige class.
mete out damage to his foes while avoiding
similar attacks from his enemies. Finally, even Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Mystic
though they are primarily melee combatants, a shapeshifters gain no proficiency with any
high WISdom score is also beneficial, because it weapon or armor, though they are proficient with
will improve the power of their spells. any natural attacks granted by this prestige class.

Alignment: Mystic shapeshiftersare nearly Extended Wild Shape (Su): The duration of
always of at least a partially neutral alignment. the mystic shapeshifter's wild shape class feature
Most mystic shapeshifters are true neutral, as they is increased to 1. hours per druid level.
attempt to get in touch with their inner animal,
honing and shaping their spirit into something Natural Armor Increase (Ex): A mystic
they regard asa more natural state. Still, some shapeshifter's skin becomes thicker and tougher
as he incl"e<'ses in l~l. At lSt, 4th, ?th, and loth F,mgs: The mystic shapeshifter's leeth extend
1~1, a myslic shapeshifter gains an increase 10 his into wicked fangs. He gains a primary bite attack,
existing nalural armor (if any). Thesearmor which deals 1d6 poinlsofpiercing damage (for
bonuses stack. Mediwncreatures). Additionally, ifhis fonn
already possessed a bile attack, he irx=ases its
Wald ~ (Ex); A mystic sha~er damage dice by one step.
gains low-ligill vision. If be already possess«!
law-light vision, it increases to allow him to see Fins: The mystic shapeshifter's hands and
four limes as far as a human in dim conditions, feft become webbed, impl'OYing his underwater
instNd ~ as tu, as normal. mobility. He gains a swim speed rquaJ to half his
base land speed. H.Mng a sv.im speed further
Wald Shape (Su); A mysricsha~et"s grants him a -+8 racial bonus on any S\.\.im check
class levds stack with Jeo.~ in all cl.Jsses that to perform a spKiaI aetlon or aYOid a hazard, and
grant wild shape for the purpose ofdetermining allaws him to take 10 on a Swim check, elo'eO if
how" IT\ilny times per &y be can use lbe ability, and distracted or endangered when ~imming.
whal shapes he can transfonn into. finally, it allows him 10 use Ihe run action ~trile
swimming. provided that he swims in a straight
Wild Tongue (Ex); Mystic shapeshiflers are line. If the mystic shapeshifter already possessed a
able to speak no IT\iltter what fonn [hey take. A swim speed, that swim speed increases by 10 feet.
mystic shapeshifter can speak normally while
transfonned with his wild shape ability, ~n if his Gil/s:The mystic shapeshifter grows a set of
form would not nonnally allow him 10 do so. gills, allowing him to breath underwater. He can
now breathe water just as ...-ell as he breathes air.
Spells per D"y: Beginning at 2nd level, and
every ~n-numbered I~I after that, a mystic HOOl·es:The myslic shapeshil'ter's legs grow
shapeshiftet gains new spells per day as if he had stronger, and his feet become cloven hooves. His
also gained a level in a spellcasting class he land speed increases by 10 feet.
belonged to before adding the prestige class. He
does not, hO\<-'e'o'er, gain any other benefit a HQrns: 1he mystic shapeshifer grows a pair
chaneter of that class 'M>UId haw gained, except of horns or antlers. He gains a primary gore
for additional spells per day and an incre<tsed attack, which deals 1d6 points of piercing damage
effeetr.'e I_I of speUcasting. (fur Mediwn creatures). AdditionaUy, if his fonn
already possessed a gore attack, he incrNses its
Aspeoet of t}w, Beut (u); At mil le\'el, a damage dice by one step.
lII}'Slic sha~er begins totm on minor traits
of his inner beast. He gains one or the following Keen Senses: The mystic sha~er's
aspects. which he keqJs ~ ~nen he transforms q'eSight sharpens, giving him lhe ability to see
inlO another form, 5UCh as using his wild shape like a binli... Hegainsa ..." racial bonus on all
class feature or being transformed by a polymorph ~n sl:ill checks.
spdl. At 4th lelod, and elo'et)' Iwo lelo'els lhereafter,
he gains an additional aspect from !1M' list. Unless Scent: The mystic sha~er's sense or
Olherwise indicated, each aspect can be laken only smell impIU'o'eS dramatically. He gains the scent
O~. special quality. If he alreoldy possessed the scent
special quality, he can now detect scents at up to
CI<1ws:The mystic shapeshifter's nails twice the nonna! range.
elongate and harden into dangerous weapons. He
gains two primary claw attacks, which deal1d4 Thick Hide: The mystic shapeshifler's skin
points of slashing damage (for Medium creatures). toughens, and his lliltural annOt bonus toAe is
Additionally, ifhis fonn already possessed claws, increased by H.
he increases their dalT\ilge dice byone step.
Wings: The mystic shdpeshifter grows a pair Shifter's Form (Su): At 9th level, a mystic
of feathery wings. He gains a fly speed equal to shapeshifter learns to shift parts of his body to
half his land speed with dVl'rage mdneUVl'rability. protect his vital organs from a potentially deadly
If he already possessed a fly speed, his existing fly attack. Once per day, when the mystic
speed inCrl'ilse5 by 10 feet. shapeshifter would be hit by a critical hit or i l l
attack the deals precision damage (such a5an
Wild Ferocity (Ex): At JTd 1l'Vl'1, a mystic attack that dealt extra sneak attack damage), he
shapeshifter gains the ferocity special quality may use this ability as a freeactian to negate that
while he is using his wild shape class fl'ilture. If effect. TIlls prevents any extra damage that would
the Cl'l'ilture he is transfonned into a1reddy be caused by a critical hit, as well as any
possesses the ferocity special quality, he no longer additional effects that occur on a critical hit (such
loses I hit point each round while fighting at 0 or as the bleeding critical feat), and also negates any
fewer hit points, as long as he reDldins in that precision-based damage, or effects that relyon
form. precision-based damage (such as sneak attack
__===d='~~~",'::.', or the bleed effect of the bleeding critical
Wild Might (Ex): Beginning at Jrd ;" rogue talent). TIlls benefit applies to
level, a mystic shapeshifter uses his only a single attack. Additionally,
wild shape to transfonn into the mystic shdpeshifter gains
CI'l'iltures that are exception- the shapech.mger subtype.
.illy ldI'ge for their species.
When in wild shape, he Armored Hide (Su): At
trl'dts his size as one loth level, a mystic
category larger for the shapeshifter gains the
purpose of calculating ability to have annor
CMB, CMD, carrying and shields he is
capacity, and any size- wearing meld into hillL
based special attacks he Ifhe does so, he retains
uses or thdt die used the annor's annor and
against him (such as grab, enhancement bonuses
swallow whole, and to AC while using wild
trdffiple). shdpe. In essence, this

ability grants all annor that
the mystic shdpeshifter wears
Quick Wl1d Shape (Ex):
Beginning at 5th level, a mystic the wild annor special ability.
shapeshifter can change his form more
&Isily. He can use his wild shdpe class feature
asa swift action, rather dlim a standard action, a Playing a Mystic Shapeshifter
number of times per day equal to half his cldSS
1l'Vl'1, rounded down. Mystic shapeshifters are generally quiet and
reserved individuals who prefer to be left alone to
Wild Healing (Su): At 6th 1l'Vl'1, a mystic their contemplation of the greater wilderness and
shapeshifter gains fast hl'illing 5 as long as he is their place in it. 1'hat said, most mystic
using his wild shdpe class feature. shapeshifters feel the call to adventure at some
point in their lives, whether due to a desire to see
Beast Talker (Sp): At 7th level, a mystic new things and tra~1 to new places, or because
shapeshifter is so in touch with his inner beast they feel a need to proted their land and territory
that he is able to talk with animals. He is from some encroaching threat.
constantly affected as though by the spell speak
with ,JninJ,lls. Races: While mystic shdpeshifters can be

Art: [IDll~ C Copyright Can Stock Photo Inc

found among all races, elves are the most common bU!, for<1 while there, you know, I wasn't sure
race amongst mystic shapeshifters, due to their what to think.~
natural affinity for nature as \o\--ell as for magic.
Half-orcs Me also prone to become mystic -Timothy Hamlin, caravan guard
shapeshifters, as they value the physical
augmentations that mystic shapeshifters enjoy, Daily Life: The majority of mystic
and theirorcish blood gives them a feral side that shapeshifters live out in the wilderness, far away
allows them to more easily access their inner from the hustle and bustle ofcity life. They tend
beast. Humans, gnomes, and halflings make up to spend most of their time in animal fonn,
the majority of the rest of mystic shapeshifters. hunting and living off the land just like the beasts
Dwarven mystic shapeshiftersare quite rare, they emulate. They usually live by themselves in
mostly due to the fact that few dwarves are called secluded parts of the world, as they generally do
to be druids in the first place. not appreciate visitors. Though mystic
shapeshifters do take on activities besides those
Religion: While all mystic shapeshifters of animals-----'Such as using their spellcasting and
revere nature, very few of them are actually human intelligence to protect their territory from
religious. TIlls is not to say that they are not those who would despoil it-most mystic
spiritual, but that they do not adhere to any sort of shapeshifters would prefer the simple life of an
organized religion, preferring instead to commune average animal. In fact, it is not uncommon for a
directly with nature in their own Wily. Those that mystic shapeshifterwho has ~retired" to spend all
do embrace religion usually gravitate toward his time in the fonn ofan animal, spuming his
nature- or animal-oriented deities, though some humanfonn.
prefer to worship primal gods of bestial ferocity.
Notables: Very few famous mystic
Other Classes: Mystic shapeshifters tend to shapeshiftersare actually known by their own
get along well with others that are at home in the names. They usually tend to be referred to as the
wilderness, such as druids and rangers, who share ~Beast of Felor's Rest" or other similar names.
the mystic shapeshifter's reverence for the forces One notable mystic shapeshifter is Kurmal Ragka,
of nature. Many mystic shapeshifters feel a dose also known as the Beast of Many Forms. He is
kinship with Iycaonites and lycanthropes ofother most notable for single-handedly protecting the
sorts. A mystic shapeshifter will sometimes take hamlet of Rathbore from the repeated attacks of
such a character under his wing and help him hobgoblin raids for three straight months. During
acknowledge and cope with his own inner beast in that time he took many fonns, each more strange
a constructive manner, as the mystic shapeshifter and wonderful than the last, which is where he
does. Mystic shapeshifters, with their bestial got his nickname. Not all famous mystic
features, typically unnerve characters ofa more shapeshiftersare kind protectors, however: a
progressive or ~civilized" bent, and such characters notorious hobgoblin known only as the Night
rMely get on well with a mystic shapeshifter. Stalker is said to lead a "pack" consisting of
bargests and evil v.-erewolves. TIlls pack has been
Mystic Shapeshifters in the World terrorizing countless settlements in the
highlands, and a bounty of 10,000 gold coins has
"I thought I WdS seeing things,.l1 first. Theil / been offered for the Night Stalker's head.
thought il must be some kind ofgod. 1 wdsn't sure
which Olle, bur rm d roldier, 1 didn't redlly stop to Organizations: Loners by nature, mystic
i/sk. 1 knew it couldn't be ni/lUrd1: everyone knows shapeshifters don't usually fonn large groups.
thdl wolves don't have big while wings, huge That doesn't mean that they dislike the company
dnl1ers, dnd hooves on their b.Jck legs. Sa when 1 of fellow mystic shapeshifters, however. In many
S<lW it come diving OU! of the sky ,,lI1d Stdrl cases, an older and more experienced mystic
Sdvdging thoseorc bdSti/rdS, well... Of course, shapeshifterwill serve as aguide and mentor to a
i/fterwdrds I found our he was some rort of druid, younger mystic shapeshifter, helping him harness
his true power and find his own way to oneness Totemic SpiritlJalist
with his inner beast. In rare cases, they will
sometimes fonn a pack consisting of both mystic ·We,lrt'dll,l polrt of n,lture. The life blood of
shapeshifters and olher shapechangers, such as the world flows through dll of us. The spirits of
Iycanthropes. These packs typically do not have the land gT;lnt us lheirstrength, even though
names, at INst in a human sense, but some of m,lnydon't Te,l/ize it. l,lm,lt one with thesespirifS
them sIill become widely \mown. ,lnd I feel their power flow through me like the
piercing howl of the ,,'oil The voire of the I.llld
NPC Ructions: MOSI common foll: find the guides me to where I am needed. I tr,l.'el this I.md
feral appearance of the mystic shapeshifter off· with the grace,lnd powet" of the ,,"OIr;
putting and, at times, quite frightening. Manyof
!he problt'rTIS that mystic shapeshifters 00 in the ~Kiera of the WOM-s
'Mlrid an' primarily caused by being mislabn for
some othel- kind ofcreature. They are often TOlemic spiritualists an' speUcaster5 who
mistaken fOl" ",wev.'O}'''~ or other lycanthrope$, ~ the Lmd and channel. the po\\-'ers ofanimal
and so often must dedi ",ith Ihesame kind of spirits into !heir own spells.
trNtment as th~ creatures. Many ~pers
""OUld sooner lei the barbarian who JUS! acddrndy
knocked !he inn's fronl door off its hinges SLly for
Becoming a Totemic Spiritualist
fret- than lei a mysIicshapeshiftn slay in the
Totemic spiritualists an' usually druids that
Rabies. Those that understand and reafu.e!he
wish totakr t:har I'I"\~ of the land and
truth aboul the mystic shapeshifter lend 10 trNl
natuTe to a new I~
!hem no different lhan lhey would tl"e.lt any other
Mystic Sba~u Lore: Char<w:ren \\-ith
ranks in Knov.iedge (nature) can research mystic To qualify to become a totl"mic spiritualisl. a
shapeshiften to learn more aboul them. When a character must fulfill all of th~ foUOI+-ing criteria.
character makes this skill check, read or
paraphrase the infonnarion from the lable below, Skills: KnmI-~ (natuTe) 5 ranks..
including the entries fOIIO\\-'\'1 Des. Spells: Ability to cast Jrd-It'Vd divine spells.

Table z-z: Mystic Shapeshifter Lore Making an Totemic spiritualist

DC Information
Myslic shapeshifters are druids that are in
touch wilh their inner beast.
Totemic spiritualisl:s ~ speUcasler5 who ~
their devotion and tit'S 10 their specific lotem to
Mystic shapeshifters are druids Ihat are imp~ their speIIcasting power.
15 said 10 bt- able transfonn into any kind of
animal or magical beasl. Abilities: Asdivine speUcasten, ,llotemic
spiritualist's most important ability score is her
WiSdom, as it will likely del~nnine her saving
throw Des, as well as her bonus spells pt'lday. A
totemic spiritualist also benefits from a high
A mystic shapeshifter c"n "ssume "ny form Dexterity score, as this increases her AC, making
her harder to hit, and also improves her ability 10
lo5 im"gi""ble. They c"n become all sorts of
fight her opponents from a diSldnce.
f"milst ic creat ures.
Ch"r"clers who achieve this level of
Alignment: Totemic spiritualists can be of
success can learn dt't"ils about a specific any aligrunent, though neutral alignments are far
30 mystic sh<lpeshifter. his aClivities, and the more common than those without a neutral
"rea in which he operates.
Table 3-1: The Totemic Spiritualist
Attack F.rt R,f Will

, •• .. •• .
Level Bonus Save Save S'" Special

.. .,.. .... .,. Spirit boon, totem spirit

Spirit channeling
Spells Per Day
+1 level of existing class
+1 level of existing class
,, ., .. .,
) Spirit boon +1 level of existing class
.) Spirit sight H level of existing class
., .) Spirit boon +1 level of e~isting class
6 .,.,
.) .)
.) Totem summoning
., +1 level of existing class

7 Spirit boon +1 level of existing class

., .,.,
Improved spirit Sight
Spirit boon
Totemic spells
+1 level of existing class
+1 level of existing class
+1 level of e~isting class

component. The vast majority of totemic also gained a level in a divine spellcasting class
spiritualists are true neutral, foUowing the she belonged to before adding the prestige class.
examples of the totem spirits they revere. Still, She does not, however, gain any other benefit a
some apply their own highly human philosophies character of that class would haw gained, except
to their totem devotion, and occasionally totemic for additional spells per day and an increased
spiritualists ofextreme aligmnents, especially effediw level of spellcasting.
chaotic good and chaotic evil, will arise. These
tend to fight pitched battled against civilization in Totem Spirit (Su): A totemic spiritualist
the name of their patron animals. must choose her totem spirit. She can choose
from bear, boar, eagle, fox, orwolf as her totem
Hit Dice: d8. spirit. Though other totem spirits may exist, these
five are the most common. A totemic spiritualist's
choice of totem spirit will have a large impact on
Class Skills
her other class features.
The totemic spiritualist's class skills (and the
Spirit Boon (Sul: At 1St level, a totemic
key ability for each skiU) are: Acrobatics (Dex),
spiritualist begins to gain power from her totem
Climb (Str), Fly (Oex), Knowledge (nature) (Int),
spirit, gaining a spirit boon. She gains a new spirit
Perception (Wis), Stealth (Oex), and Swim (Str).
boon at Jfd level, and every odd-numbered level
Skill Ranks at each Levl!I: z + Intelligence
thereafter. The nature of the boon is based on the
totem spirit she possesses, as detailed below.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the Strength o(the /kdf (Su): At 1st level, a
totemic spiritualist class. totemic spiritualist's carrying capacity (including
what she can push, lift, or drag) is treated as
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Totemic though she were one size category larger than she
spiritualists gain no proficiency with any weapon actually is.
or annor, but are proficient with their natural
attacks. /kars Fury (Su): At Jfd level, whenever a
totemic spiritualist is reduced to less than 1/2 her
Spells per Day; At each level, a totemic maximum hit points, she gains a +4 enhancement
spiritualist gains new spells per day as if she had bonus to her Strength score. TIlls bonus lasts for
one minute or until the totemic spiritualist is Flight of the Eagle (5u): At Jld level, a
healed to 1/2 her maximum hit points or above. totemic spiritualist gains the ability to fly, as the
spell, for a number of minutes per day equal to
Be,Jrs Bulk (Ex): At 5th level, a totemic twice her totemic spiritualist level. These minutes
spiritualist increases her maximum hit points by 2 need not be consecutive, but are always in
per totemic spiritualist level. She continues to increments of at least I minute.
accrue bonus hit points as she gains levels in
totemic spiritualist, toa maximum of 20 bonus Eagles Crace (Ex): At 5th level, a totemic
hit points at loth level. spiritualist gains a +l deflection bonus to her AC.
TIlls bonus increases to +2 at 10th level.
Improved Bear's Fury (5u): At 7th level, the
enhancement bonus to Strength that the totemic Improved Flight of the Edgle (5u): At 7th
spiritualist gains when reduced to less than 1/2 level, a totemic spiritualist is now under the
her maximum hit points increases from +4 to +8. constant effect of the flyspell. This can be
suppressed or resumed as a swift action.
Clawsofthe Bear (Ex): At 9th level, a
totemic spiritualist gains two claw attacks (which T,Jlons of the Edgle (5u): At 9th level, a
dealld4 damage edch, if the totemic spiritualist is totemic spiritualist gains two claw attacks (which
Medium). deal1d4 damage edch, if the totemic spiritualist is

Endurance of the 80dr (5u): At 1st level, a

totemic spiritualist gains a competence bonus on Cunning of the Fox (5u): At 1St level, a
all Constitution-based ability checks equal to her totemic spiritualist gains a competence bonus on
totemic spiritualist level all Stedlth skill checks equal to 1/2 her totemic
spiritualist level.
Bwrs Toughness(Ex): At yd level, a totemic
spiritualist gains the ferocity special ability. Fox·s IIlStincts (Ex): At Jld level, a totemic
spiritualist gains a competence bonus to initiative
Hide of the Boar (Ex): At 5th level, a totemic checks equal to 1/2 her totemic spiritualist level.
spiritualist gains a +2 natural annor bonus to her
AC. 1bi.s bonus increases to +4 at 10th level. Crace ofthe Fox (Ex): At 5th level, a totemic
spiritualist gains a +2 dodge bonus to her AC. 1bi.s
Improved Boars Toughness (Ex): At 7th bonus increases to +4 at 10th level.
level, a totemic spiritualist no longer loses I hit
point edch round while fighting at 0 or fewer hit 5tealth of the Fox (Ex): At 7th level, a
points. totemic spiritualist gains the ability to move at
full speed with no penalty while using the Stealth
Tusks of the /Jodr (5u): At 9th level, a skill.
totemic spiritualist gains a gore attack (which
deals Id8 damage if the totemic spiritualist is F,Jngs of the Fox (5u): At 9th level, a totemic
Medium). spiritualist gains a bite attack (which deals IdS
damage if the totemic spiritualist is Medium).

5kill of the Edg/e (5u): At 1st level, a totemic

spiritualist gains a competence bonus on all 5kill of/he Wolf(5u): At 1St level, a totemic
Perception skill checks equal to 1/2 her totemic spiritualist gains a competence bonus on all
spiritualist level. Survival skill checks equal to 1/2 her totemic
spiritualist level. creature's spell resistanct', that crea.tu~'s spell
resistanct' is reduced by an amount equal 10 her
Speed oflhe Wolr(£X): At}l"d ll'\l!~ a totemic totemic spiritualist 11'\'1'1 for one minute.
spiritualist gains a competence bonus to her land
ffi(J\.l!ment speed eqwl to 5 feet per two totemic Boor.The totemic spiriNillist's spells can
spiritualist levels she possesses. push back thecreatute5 they affect. Creatures
thai fail Sil\~ or h.nl! damage inflicted upon them
WolfPdck TdCtics (£X): At 'jth It"'<ti, a totemic by a totemic spiritualist's spells may ~ bull
spiritualist gains a +l. cornpet:ence bonus on melee rushed by the spell The totemic spiritualist may
attack and damage rolls made against a target ....ho make a bull rush attempt, using m castel" ll"'o'd +
isadjacent toone or mo~ofthetotemic her WISdom modifieT, rather than hel" CMB, and
spiritualist's allies. This bonus in<:reases to +<t at opposed by the till&f!'l's CMD. The totemic
loth le\ti. spiritualist need not ~ adjacent to the CJ'N.tllI'e to
use this ability. 1his ability othl'r"-isf' functions as
Nose of the Wo/f(£X):At]lh 1I"'o'd, a totemic a normal bull rushattempt.
spiritualist pins the scenl special qu.ili~'Y~
.....:::::=:::::....~ £aB'e: The totemic
F.JnBsoflhe Wolf(Su): At spirituillist's spells benefit from
9th level, a totemic spirirualist the eagle's keen eye sight.
gains a bite attack (which When she casts a spell that
deals IdS damage if the requires an attack roll, she
totemic spiritualist is may instead roll twice
Medium). and take the higher of
the two rolls as her
Spirit Channeling result.
(Su): At 2nd level. a
totemic spiritualist gains Fox: The totemic
theability to channel the spiritualist's spells are
I'SSI'nct' of her totem harder to identify.
spirit into spells she casts. Onlookers must succeed
She can use this ability a on a Perception check (DC
nwnber of times per day 10 + the totemic spiritualist's

equal to J + her WISdom
modifier. ~./ modifier) to notice that she is
class iI'\-'t'I + her Denerity
casting the spell. Funher-, she adds her
As a swift action she can cbanneI her totem castel" Ieo.ti to the Spellcraft IX: for other.; to
spirit, granting additional power to a spell she identify the spell she is casting. If their checks fail
casts whiJe channeling. The ~ bBJe6t is by 5 or more, they mistakenly ~lieYe she is
determined by the totemic spiritualist's choict' of casting an enlirdy different spell (selected. by her
totem, as outlined ~low. While a totemic when she ~ casting).
spiritualist is channeling hl'l" totem spirit into her
spell, a faint silhouette of her totem spirit can ~ Wolf: The totemic spiritualist's spells can
seen surrounding her like an aura. trip the creatures they affect. Creatures that fail
Sil\'t'!i or ha.vedamage inflicted upon them by th~

Bedr: The totemic spiritualist's spells can totemic spiritualist's spells may be tripped by the
batter down the magical protections of her target. spell. The totemic spiritualist may ma.ke a trip
She gains a COll1petence bonus equal to her attempt, using her caster level + her Wisdom
Wisdoll1ll1odifier on caster ll'\ll'l checks made to modifier, rather than her CMB, and opposed by
overcoll1e spell resistance for the spell she is the ta.rget's CMD. The totemic spiritualist need
casting. Arldiriona.lly, if the spell does overcOll1ea not beadjacent to the creature to use this ability.

Art: bDoflp' CI Copyricht Can Stock Photo Inc

TIlls ability otherwise functions as a normal trip Playing a Totemic Spiritualist
Most totemic spiritualists dwell alone det'p
Spirit sisht (Su): At 4th level. a totemic in the wilderness as hennits, living the lives of
spiritualist gains low-light vision and darkvision wise men and seers. Many take responsibility for
60 fet't. Additionally, she can see invisibility, as great swaths of wilderness, protecting the land
the speU, for a nwnberof minutes perday equal from any who 'WOuld despoil it. Others actively
to twice her totemic spiritualist level. These seek out spiritual individuals to whom they can
minutes need not be consecutive but are always spread their dt"\'Otion to their totem spirit.
consumed in increments ofat ledSt 1 minute.
Races: VVhiIe totemic spiritualislS can be
Totem Summoning (Su): At 6th Ie\'el, a found among all taces, eh'l"S are the most
totemic spiritualist can summon an a\atar of her common due to their ~ of nature. Most
chosen totem to aid her in combat. TIlls aYcltar eM5 choose fOXl'S or'WOl"es as their totem spirits,
materializes in an wwccupied square lO-ithin JO though eagles an' not unheard of. Humans an'
feet of the totemic spiritualist, forming a body alsoquite common due to their ~lenct' in the
from the environmenl around the totemic world, and they run the full range of potential
spiritualist, often fonning from mud, rocks, totem spirits. Half--0rt':5 and otherdemi-humans
vegetation, and the like. It takes the ~pe of the an' not uncommon ilIIIOngst totem spiritualists.,
totl'lDic spiritualist's totemanimaJ, and fights though they typically lend towards such totem
100-aIly OIl her behalf fot o~ minute or umil spirits as bears or boars, with the occasional wolf.
dobU)N, dissipating into nothingness in either Halflingsand ffi\·aru5 cardy become totemic
<_. spiritualists, but ~ sometimes do, usually
choosing fOXl'S or l'ilgles for their totem spirit.
TrNt the totem aYatar as an .anifnolI
companion of theappropriate type (using bl'-ar Religion: ~ all totemic spiritualists an'
for bear, boar for boar, bird for tdgle, dog for fox, quite spiritual, and could e\WI ~ said to be
and 1Wlffor1Wlf), lO-ith the totemicspiriruatist's religious in their de\'Ol.ion 10 natu~ in genetal
effectn'l' druid 1e\"eI being equal to twice herclass and their totem spirit far more specifically, it is
I~.L incrediblyrare for a lotemic spiritualist to worship
.my kind of deity. lbqr are often too wholly
A totemic spiritualist can use lhis ability a absorbed in their peBOnal ~lationship with their
number of time pet day equal to her WISdom 10tl'lIl spirit, whom tbt-y regard as mo~ ofa
modifier. menlor and an ally than as a deity. SliD, SOI1ll'
totemic spiritualists do de\tiop a certain ~ligious
Improved Spirit Sight (Su): At &h le'\ld, a fervor for their totem spirit. and this typically
totemic spiritualist is now undet the constant leads to a very zealous and bloody crusade waged
effect of the see invisibility spell. This can be in the spirit's name.
activated or dtdetivated as a swift action.
Other Oasses: Totemic spiritualists often
Totemic Spdh (Su): At loth level, a totemic find the closest kinship with others who sha~ a
spiritualist can use het spirit channeling mo~ close bond to nature, such as druids and tangers,
often. In addition to her nonnal uses of this or else 10 characters with strong religious fl'E'lings,
ability, she can now spend a full-round action who can understand, in part at least, their bond
that pfO\lOkes attacks ofopportunity to cause al.J. with their totem spirit, such as clericsand
spells she casts for the next minute to be affe<:ted paladins. They tend to get on fairly well with most
by her spirit channeling. This does not consume a spellcasters, howt"\ll'r, areane or divine, and
daily use of her spirit channeling ability. appreciate thea~ragewizard or witch's
understanding of the metaphysics of thewotld.
Totemic Spiritualists in the World differentiate them because of the small totems
and trinkets they carry. They are usually treated
"She wouldn't shut upaboUl how our no different than any other druid or person of a
operations in this (orest are endangering the lives wilderness profession.
o(the5e worthless be,l5ls. So I told her that I don't
Colle wh,ll she thinks olnd thill it W,lS going to tolke Totemic Spiritualist Lore: Characters with
more th.m just olledruid to stop us. You should ranks in Knowledge (nature) can research
hdl't'seen the look 011 her (<lee when she stormed totemic spiritualists to learn moreabout them.
offbdck imo the woods. Hey - did you he<lr \Vben a character makes this skill check, read or
th<lt? It roullds like ch.Jlllillg. ~ paraphrase the infonnation from the table below,
including the entries for 1<M"er DCs.
-DMtan Blackmoore, moments before his death
and the de5truction his logging camp Table 3-2: Totemic Spiritualist Lore
DC Information
Daily life: The majority of totemic Totemic spiritualists,]fe druids that draw
spirituali5tslive out in thewilderne5s, far away 00
power from a totem spirit.
from the hustle and bustle ofcity life. They tend
to spend most of their time communing with
nature and the spirits of the land. They mrnally
live by theIIl5elves in secluded parts of the world;
most prefer to live in lush fOre5ts, though it isn't
unheard of to find totemic spiritualists roaming
the grasslands.

Notables: Since very few totemic Totemic spiritu,llists eventually gain a

spiritualists actually introduce themselves, very 25 constant spirit companion that can grant
few are actually known by their names, instead blessings to their allies.
known for their totem spirit. The totemic
spiritualist, Keira of the Wolves, is easily
r!'COgnized by the full wolf pelt she wears as a
hooded cloak. She is known for her staunch
opposition against logging and trapping, and her
violent means of putting an end to these
practices. It is said that she causes the very forest
to rise up and crush those that exploit the land for
their own benefit.

Organizations: Totemic spiritualists tend to

be loners and hermits, but that doesn't mean they
don't fonn covens or other organizations. These
groups tend to meet only at certain times of the
~ar, and usually not forvery long. They often
consist of totemic spiritualists that share the same
kind ofanimal spirit, though it isn't unheard of
for groups of totemic spiritualists with different
animal spirits to exist.

NPC Reactions: Most common folk can't tell

the difference bem-een a totemic spirituali5t and a
regular druid. People can usually only