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Teacher’s Name: Noemi Both Level: Pre-Intermediate Date & Time: 7 March 2013

Lesson Aims: To show ss that they can already cope with understanding some newspaper articles. To practise reading for gist and
detailed comprehension. Provide a background topic to generate ideas for speaking. Revise lexical items related to weddings.
Lesson Objectives: A unique and engaging topic of the article with images, which motivates the ss to read it and process it via
questions on handouts. Further discussions to help ss reflect on the reading text or topics arising from it.
Assessment of Aims, Objectives & Outcomes: Ss have completed the tasks and are keen to take part in the follow-up activities,
producing language freely and possibly using the learnt vocabulary
Timetable Fit (how does this lesson link to previous/subsequent ones?): can fit in a unit in any course book on
marriage/wedding/celebrations or possibly animals

Stage Name Stage Aims Procedure – Teacher Procedure – Learner(s) Inter Timin Materials
& Rationale actio g
Lead-in Create interest T shows image of a cow on the WB Work in pairs/3’s t-ss 4 Image of a
in the ‘Brainstorm all the words connected to cows’ Write words on a piece of paper min cow
text/sensitize ss then draws wedding rings
to the topic ‘Brainstorm all the words connected to weddings’
Can you guess the connection between them?

Anticipated problems & solutions:

Ss might not come up with any ideas – leave it hanging in the air as they’ll find it out from
the text anyway (engages ss, it makes them want to read the article)
Pre- Lower Elicit, CCQ, Drill and board the following words: Answer T’s questions T-ss 8 -
teaching frustration Theme (when a child has a birthday party min
any caused by and everyone has to dress as a superhero,
difficult unknown words
‘superheroes’ is the…?)
vocabular in text
y tie the knot (another expression for ‘get
wellies (boots you wear in rainy weather)
muddy (the mixture of soil and water)
a herd of cattle (a group of cows together)
enterprise (another word for business)

‘You are going to read an article’

Anticipated problems & solutions:
Ss don’t come up with the words while eliciting – tell them
Pronunciation to be boarded for: THEME, KNOT

Gist Ss practice Show task, give instructions Ss read text for 1.5 minutes and try to find s 4 Article,
reading reading for Hand out gist comprehension questions the answer for the task. mins Handout with
(skimming general (choose title) questions
) comprehension ICQ: are you going to read the text word by

Pair check, then class check (write only the
letter on the WB)

Anticipated problems & solutions:

Unclear instructions for ss - ICQs

Detailed Ss read for Hand out detailed comprehension questions for text. (6 Ss read for 5 minutes in pairs s-s 10 Handout with
comprehe specific questions) mins questions
nsion information
(scanning) FB:
Pair check, then class check on WB

Anticipated problems & solutions:

Ss might want to know the meaning of other words too – tell them to try and see if they can
guess the meaning from the context

Follow-up Communicative Ss work in 3’s. Set up interview. Sit in 3’s/ Two of you are the recently s-s 12 -
I activity to married couple and one of you is the min
promote Ask groups to collect all the questions an interviewer.
fluency on te interviewer would ask the recently married Interview each other as if you were on TV.
topic couple.
Feedback on task
Anticipated problems & solutions:
ss might feel intimidated to speak /act in front of the class – ask for a volunteer group

Follow-up A personalized Have you ever been to a wedding? Have you Ss work in 2’s, tell each other their s-s 7 -
II fluency- focused ever had a wedding yourself? Tell your partners experience. min
activity about it. What was it like? You can also talk
about your dream wedding if you like.

Feedback on task!
Anticipated problems & solutions:
ss might feel they do not have any thoughts about the topic – give them alternatives

Error Improve Teacher writes three sentences with errors on Correct them in pairs, then class check T 3
correction accuracy WB s-s min

Anticipated problems & solutions: ---