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Non-Modifiable Factors

Precipitating Factor
 Male
 Diet consist mostly of fruits meat and
 68 years old vegetable
 Famy history of DM /arthrithis/ HPN  Businessman(restaurant)
 Filipino
 Hypertension Diabetes Mellitus Trajenta 5mg
Type 2

Dysfunction of the beta Decreased sensitivity of

Blood Blood Blood sugar exceeds Glucose cannot Gluconeogenesis
cells in the pancreas the cells to insulin Osmolality viscosity renal threshold enter cell activation

Production of impaired Glucose is unable to Fluid shifting Blood Favors Glycosuria Cellular Lipolysis CHON breakdown
from Flow bacterial Starvation
insulin enter the cells intracellular to growth
Accumulation Lack of insulin
Osmotic Sensation of of by product
Tissue Infection Diuresis hunger
decreases available
Desensitization of the Glucose remains in the Intracellular Perfusion glucose for cell
liver and extremities to blood stream DHN metabolism
the levels of blood  Urine Polyphagia Fatty Ketones
glucose Output Acid
Thirst Wound s
Sensation Healing

Polyuria Atherosclerosis
Continued release of Cellulitis
glucose by the liver foot Ketonuria
Risk for Micropathy
SPO2: 93% imbalanced n fluid
Hyperglycaemia less than body
Edema on left foot Diabetic
Neuropathy Retinopathy
Promote active/passive
Insulin Resistance ROM exercises Altered comfort related
Loss of Sensation Blurring of vision Decrease in
Risk for falls Deep breathing inflammatory process
Tingling/numbness bicarbonates
Ensure safety
Hardening of the Decrease kidney Metabolic acidosis
Therapeutic socks glomerulus function
Risk for decreased
Tramadol IV PRN for pain cardiac output to
Decrease in cardiac
160/110mmhg contractility
glomerulosclerosis BUN:57.7mg/dl
CREA: 262 mg/dl Furosemide 40mg/tab
Nephropathy NACOH3 65mg/tab
Cilostazol 50 mg/tab