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CT-1010-5Ghz 10 Bands

10 Bands 10.0W with Car Charger

Temperature Lower than 40℃
Work 2.0+ Hours, 5.3-5.9GHz

Specification (Only two models below, 5GHz is 5.3-5.9GHz - cannot be 5.1-5.9GHz)

CT-1010-5Ghz-AGP CT-1010-5Ghz-EGL
Cell 4G WiFi GPS L1 L2, Lojack (America) GSM 4G WiFi GPS L1, L2, Lojack (Europe)
850-895MHz: 1.0W CDMA, GSM900 4G Low 790-830MHz: 1.0W
1800-2000MHz: 1.0W DCS, PCS 920-965MHz: 1.0W GSM900
2100-2170MHz: 1.0W 3G, UMTS 1800-1920MHz:1.0W DCS
WiFi 2300-2500MHz: 1.0W WiFi 11.b & g 2100-2170MHz:1.0W 3G, UMTS
4G WiMAX Sprint 2500-2700MHz:1.0W WiFi 2400-2500MHz: 1.0W WiFi 11.b & g
4G LTE USA iPhone 700-800MHz:1.0W 4G High 2570-2690MHz: 1.0W
GPS L1 +Glonass L1 1560-1620MHz: 1.0W GPS L1 +Glonass L1 1560-1620MHz: 1.0W
Lojack 173MHz 1.0W Lojack 173MHz 1.0W
GPS L2 + Glonass L2 1200-1280MHz: 1.0W GPS L2 + Glonass L2 1200-1280MHz: 1.0W
5GHz:1.0W 5.3-5.9GHz 5GHz:1.0W 5.3-5.9GHz

Total: 10.0 W Total: 10.0 W

Power supply: AC100-240V or 12V Car Charger
Jamming Range Radius 10-30 meters
Working time: 2.0 Hours, Battery:Ni-Mh battery 8000mAH
Each Band can Turn ON/OFF
Weight 1.2 Kg
Dimension: 145 x 95 x 45mm
Warranty: 1 year
America Type:10 Bands Europe Type: 10 Bands
1: Lojack 173MHz 1: Lojack 173MHz
2: GPS L2 2: GPS L2
3: 1800-1990MHz: GSM, GSM1800, PHS, PCS, 3:1800-1990MHz: DCS, GSM1800, PHS, PCS,
NEXTEL, CDMA1900, GSM1900 CDMA1900
4:2100-2170MHz: UMTS, 3G, WCDMA, TD- 4: 2100-2170MHz: UMTS, 3G, WCDMA, TD-
5:2500-2700MHz: 4G Wimax (Sprint) 5:2620-2690MHz: 4G High WiMax2, 4G LTE
6: GPS L1 + Glonass L1 6: GPS L1 + Glonass L1
7:850-895MHz: CDMA 850 7:920-965MHz: GSM900
8:2345-2500MHz: WiFi/Bluetooth, 4G LTE 2300 8: 2400-2500MHz: WiFi/Bluetooth
9: 5GHz: 5.3-5.9GHz 9:5GHz: 5.3-5.9GHz
10: 700-800MHz 4G LTE iPhone 10:790-830MH: 4G Low LTE , 4G WiMax