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Rekha Rajan.

PGT (Eco)

Project III term:

An enquiry into the family budget of working class families in

Thiruvananthapuram city.

Last Date of Submission: 27th February 2009

Home work:

Last date of submission: 19.01.2009

1. Record the daily expenditure, quantities bought and prices paid per unit of
the daily purchases of your family for two weeks. How has the price
changes affected your family.
2. From the following data construct Index number for the year 1994
assuming 1992 as the base year by simple average of price relative

Commodities Price in 1992 Price in 1994

(Rupees) (Rupess)
A 40 60
B 60 75
C 100 130
D 90 135
A 25 25

3. What are the main problems in Human capital formation in India?

4. Discuss the need for promoting women’s education
5. Make a list of Human Development Index rank of India over the years.