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1 Introduction

AVEVA Everything3D™ (AVEVA E3D™) allows designers to utilise an array of applications contained within
the program modules. This training guide provides discipline specific training for the Draw module.

Draw is the AVEVA Everything3D drawing production module where drawings are populated with
information taken directly from the Design or Drawing Databases. The associated intelligence with the
Design database ensures the drawing accurately reflects the intended design and updates automatically to
reflect any changes to the model.


The aim of the training guide is to provide designers with the knowledge and skills necessary to create,
dimension and annotate detailed engineering drawings from existing Model data using AVEVA E3D Draw
functions and tools.


In general terms, the course objectives are to provide participants with the following:

 Familiarisation of the AVEVA E3D Draw User Interface.

 An understanding of the Draw hierarchy and defaults to allow the creation of new Drawing

 The ability to create and define Views within a Drawing Sheet using both 2D and 3D methods;
and to further understand how a View may be manipulated and modified.

 The ability to modify Views using Section Planes including Flat, Perpendicular and Stepped.

 The knowledge to be able to create and modify drawing annotation such as Labels,
Dimensions and 2D Draw elements.

 The knowledge to employ Auto-tagging within a Drawing.

 An understanding to create and use Representation Rules.

 The ability to manage a drawing through the use of Revision Control.

 An understanding as to how a Drawing may be exported and printed.

 Chapter 2 Draw Overview & Workflow provides a detailed training outline, together with the outputs
expected of participants.


It is expected that trainees will have completed the TM-1801 AVEVA Everything3D™ Foundations training

Trainees who can demonstrate a suitable understanding of other AVEVA E3D applications and techniques
may also be permitted to undertake the training.

Course Structure

Training will consist of oral and visual presentations, demonstrations, worked examples and set exercises.

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AVEVA Everything3D™(1.1)
Draw TM-1830

Each workstation will have a training project populated with model objects. This will be used by the trainees
to practice their methods and complete the set exercises.

Using this Guide

Certain text styles are used to indicate special situations throughout this document.

Button clicks are indicated by bold turquoise text.

Information the user has to enter will be bold red text.

Additional information notes and references to other documentation will be indicated in the styles below.

 Additional information

 Refer to other documentation

System prompts will be bold, italic and in inverted commas i.e. 'Choose function'.

Example files or inputs will be in the courier new font.

Entering a Draw Session

To open AVEVA Everything3D and login to the Draw module, the trainee must select the following shortcut
or as directed by the Trainer.

or AVEVA Plant > Design > Everything3D 1.1.0 from the Windows Start Menu.

The Login form is displayed.

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AVEVA Everything3D™(1.1)
Draw TM-1830

From the Login form select the Training Project (TRA) by selecting the Project tile TRA Training.

Enter the following login credentials.


Password: A


 The details above are indicative of typical entry to AVEVA E3D projects. Alternative login details may
be supplied by the Trainer.

Click the Draw module tile.

On loading AVEVA E3D Draw, the following default screen layout is displayed.

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AVEVA Everything3D™(1.1)
Draw TM-1830

Setting up the Training Course

In order to complete the exercises and worked examples in the training guide it is necessary to configure the
training environment.

Navigate to the Tools tab and click the Setup button located in the Training group. The
Training Setup form will be displayed.

Navigate to the Draw tab and select the Setup Training

Course checkbox followed by the Apply button.

Close the Training Setup form by clicking the Close button.

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