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LINE L  Command that draw simple line from one point
to another.
POLYLINE PL  Connected sequence of line or arc segmented
created as a single object.
RECTANGLE REC  Used to draw a rectangle whose sides are
vertical and horizontal.
CIRCLE C  Creates circles using center point and radius.
 Allows you to draw an arc of a circle. Simply
ARC A specify various combination of center, end point,
start, radius, chord length and direction values.
CENTER C  Creates an ellipse using specified center point.
HATCH H  Standard pattern lines such as rectangles, polar
and path (for new version of AUTOCAD).
 Creates a type of spline known as a Non-Uniform
SPLINE SPL Rational B-Spline, NURBS for short. A-Spline is
smooth curve that is fitted along a number of
control points.
 Closed polygons with equal length sides and
POLYGONS POL angles. It is the simpliest method for creating
equilateral, triangles, squares, pentagons,
 hexagons and so on.
 Used to relocate selected objects. Select subject
MOVE M to move specifically the base point (1) and then
specify second point to determine the distance
and direction of the move (2).
 Command Entry:
 MOVE or M (press ENTER)
 Used to copy objects within a drawing, by
defining a base point (starting point) and a
COPY CO or CP second point of displacement.
 Command Entry:
 COPY or CO or CP (press ENTER)
 Erases (deletes) any selected object(s) from the
ERASE E drawing.
 Command Entry:
 ERASE or E (press ENTER)
 Cut an object at an edge defined by on or more
objects. By default, objects defined as cutting
TRIM TR edges must intersect the object to be trimmed.
 Command Entry:
 TRIM or TR (press ENTER)
 Connect two object with an arc of specified
radius that is tangent the object. Use radius
FILLET F option of the fillet command to specify arc
radius of the fillet. Changing the radius sets the
default for subsequent fillet.
 Command to rotate selected objects at a
ROTATE RO specified base point.
 Command Entry:
 ROTATE or RO (press ENTER)
 Breaks a compound objects into its component
EXPLODE X objects.
 Command Entry:
 EXPLODE or X (press ENTER)