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October Affirmation
Our Father, our God, may the light of Thy
wisdom, of Thy strength, of Thy power,
guide—as we would apply ourselves in Thy
service for others. In His name we seek.

November Affirmation
Our Father, our God, in my own
consciousness let me find happiness in the
love of Thee, for the love I bear toward
my fellow man. Let my life, my words, my
deeds, bring the joy and happiness of the
Lord in Jesus to each I meet day by day.

December Affirmation
Father, God, in Thy mercy, in Thy love, be
Thou with us now. For we know and we
speak of Thy love. And help us then to put
away, for the hour, the cares of this life;
that we may know in truth that the Spirit
and the Lamb say, "Come." Let them that
hear also say, "Come." Let all that will,
come and drink of the water of life. (262-113)

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October-December 2017 3
F r o m t h e D e s k o f K evi n J . T o d e s chi

A Message for the Holidays

I t became a tradition during
Edgar Cayce’s lifetime that indi-
viduals seeking readings would ask
Brother, the Christ,
his God, the Father,
do unto him… Let
the sleeping Cayce for a personal it never be said, then,
message during the holidays. of a single member of the
Since many were coming from a group that ye offended the
Christian perspective, the message least of any of His little ones...
generally requested was a “Christ- Show ye mercy and love one to another, then, if
mas message.” Some of the groups ye would have love and mercy shown to thee. For this is the
who received readings (such as beginning and the end of wisdom. (5758-1)
Kevin J. Todeschi the original Study Group #1) also
Executive Director and CEO
requested messages. Taken together, Two weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor amidst
this information provides a beau- the growing fear of a world at war, the Glad Helpers Prayer
tiful thematic overview of our opportunity to bring peace on Healing Group asked for a seasonal message that could be
Earth and good will toward all during this very special time sent to everyone; it was eventually sent to all A.R.E. members
of year. as well as all individuals on the prayer list and included the
One of my favorite messages was given to the first study following:
group (Norfolk #1) five days before Christmas in 1936. The
group asked for a reading to better understand Christmas and And though there may be abroad hate, avarice, selfish-
the birth of Jesus. In part, Cayce responded: “For time never ness, and those things that make men afraid—be still within
was when there was not a Christ and not a Christ mass.” thine own heart, thine own consciousness, and know that
The reading goes on to say that any individual who had He is with thee...
been a seeker and had been located near the birth of Jesus in Let that heart, that mind then be in thee as was in
Bethlehem had been able to hear the angelic choir sing; it then Him—“that ye love one another.”
adds that the angels sing for every birth because: It is not in the tempest, not in the roar or the lore of the
might of battle. Though there may be the destruction of life,
For this, then, is in every birth—the possibilities, the glo- of property (as is known materially)—no one can destroy
ries, the actuating of that influence of that entrance again of the soul but self! no one but self!
god-man into the earth that man might know the way. God hath not willed that any soul should perish, but hath
Thus this comes at this time to bring to the hearts and given even His Son, that brought even into the world that
minds of those of that Glad period the fact that not only spirit of Christmas.
1900 years ago but today, He may be born into thine own Let thy message be:
consciousness, thine own understanding… (262-103) There is hope in Him. For there is the promise through,
“Lo, I am with thee always, even unto the end of the
On another occasion, through the efforts of study group world.” (281-59)
member Florence Edmonds, members of the Park Place
Methodist Church in Norfolk received a group reading in And finally, during another of the study group readings,
which Cayce gave each individual person messages, as well as an 18-year-old woman [2468] asked for a personal message
a collective group message that included the following: appropriate for the holidays and received the following: “Let
patience, love and mercy be thy watchwords. Practice them in
This should be the first premise, then, of each individual; thy daily life. For in so doing ye bring into thy experience all
less and less condemning of others and more and more of the joy, all the expectancy, all the anticipation of a closer walk
self-manifesting that love shown by the Father through the with Him—which is indeed the Christ-mass spirit.” (262-116)
Son in the material world; that man, through this pattern, On behalf of all of us at A.R.E., we wish you and your fam-
through this picture of God, may become a living example, ily every blessing as, over the months to come, you celebrate
may walk closer in that way of less condemning. your personal holiday traditions!
For as each individual realizes, as these tenets may be
analyzed, if God had condemned—what opportunity
would there be for man to find his way back to God? Thus
each individual must do unto others as he would have his

4 EdgarCayce.org
Traditions Special Supplement
T he Cayce readings remind
us that the essence of family and
holiday or seasonal traditions is kind-
ends away from the family. Yet another
driver of tradition is education, as seen in
Freemasonry and Rosicrucian traditions
may build a fruitful life.” (1797-1) A
brilliant five-pointed star is a reminder
that “ye have a duty, ye have an obliga-
ness and helpfulness to others, a shared where passages from sacred texts and tion, to be ever a shining light to others.”
appreciation of family and culture, and a entire books are memorized and recited (3037-1)
recognition of the God within us. in elaborate lodge ceremonies. That the study of tradition is im-
This was the message put forth in a Cayce also makes clear that tradi- portant is clear from a life reading for
reading on the meaning of Thanksgiving tions have been practiced since souls a woman who made this her vocation
conducted for the Glad Helpers healing first incarnated. The priestly class in in past lives and is encouraged to do so
prayer group: Atlantis, for example, were charged with again. She was advised to recognize the
performing rituals whose purpose was similarities of the various traditions,
“Thanksgiving is thy opportunity to to raise the consciousness of the popula- “Not as to what it does but the why
show thy appreciation to thy friend, thy tion to a greater relationship with God. of same in the experience—and the
home, thy mother, thy children—yea, The Egyptian legacy of Ra Ta—Edgar emotions created by same…Not their dif-
most of all to thy God...For it is in Him Cayce in a previous incarnation—was ferences, but their overlapping. And what
indeed that ye live, that ye move and have to establish customs, rules, and regu- these teach in the many varied sects, the
thy being. Let thy heart then be glad.” lations that raised his people to a new many varied cisms—not their differences
(3976-21) * level of consciousness. Pyramids were but their unity. These will not only enable
constructed not only in Egypt but in the entity to give to others but in the giv-
Traditions can be as simple as reading what is today Mexico and Guatemala, so ing, in the seeking, in the understanding,
books aloud each night to a child before that hundreds and thousands of peo- broaden—yea , magnify—the vision and
bedtime and as complex as a wedding ple could witness rituals performed by the ability in spiritual things.” (1473-1)
or baptismal ceremony. They can be priests and royalty on their behalf. The No matter what the tradition, Cayce
practices or beliefs handed down from “Lost Hall of Records” might be nothing advises the practitioner to be mindful
generation to generation, or new patterns less than a compendium of the beliefs, of how it influences or informs the way
that come with a marriage or childbirth. traditions, and practices of these ancient we live and work. The important thing
Some will be based on commandments civilizations. is that they conform to one’s ideal and
and righteous principles, others may One thing that traditions all have in are performed or practiced with thought
evolve from one’s cultural, national, common is their cyclical nature—wheth- and intentionality. As Cayce tells us in
or family heritage. They can involve er something is practiced daily, yearly, or 3285-2, “It is the spirit with which ye do
advance planning, special dietary require- once in a lifetime. The cycles of nature, a thing, the purpose that brings weal or
ments, costumes, and could involve only such as the waxing and the waning of woe in its effect in the experience.”
ourselves or hundreds and at times thou- the moon, planting and harvesting, the
sands of people. But regardless of their rising and setting of the sun, or coming of *The 3976-21 Thanksgiving reading is reprinted
simplicity or complexity, and whether a age, determine how and when traditions in this issue’s The Readings Say, page 66.
tradition is new to an individual or has have evolved and are practiced. Such
been practiced in the family for gener- cycles were the purpose of the great
ations, Cayce tells us that the engines cosmic time-clocks—from Stonehenge in
which drive them are both timeless and England to the Pyramid of the Moon in
universal. Peru—and why traditions are intimately
About the Cover Image
A primary driver of tradition is the tied or have their roots in astrology and
of Sky Lanterns
desire to teach and reinforce family, numerology. Man is subject to univer-
Sky lanterns are small hot-air paper bal-
cultural, or religious values. Prayer sal cycles and laws. Tradition is their
loons often used for holidays and festivals
before eating, for example, teaches the handmaiden.
in several places around the world includ-
value of gratitude for the meal and other Just as traditions are cyclical in nature,
ing Asia and South America. For instance,
blessings; putting one’s hands together many employ universal symbols or
during the Yee Peng festival in northern
and bowing upon meeting or greeting archetypes to nonverbally convey a mes-
Thailand, Buddhists launch a multitude of
another is a sign of respect. Tradition also sage. A wreath of holly, Cayce explains,
sky lanterns into the night air to celebrate
connects one generation to the next, as is symbolizes the circle of life that spans
the letting go of the ills and misfortunes
evident in rites of passage such as the bar- the “distance between body, mind, soul.”
of the previous year. Tradition holds that
and bat mitzvah ceremonies in the Jewish (3053-3) A fir tree hung with decorations
if you make a wish when you set off the
tradition, or the Rumspringa in Amish is emblematic of human life and the fruit
lantern, it will come true—but only if you
tradition, when a youth turning 16 is that can come of it. “No man may make
do good deeds the following year!
permitted to enjoy unsupervised week- a tree,” Cayce tells us. “No man alone

October-December 2017 5
Readers’ Pics of Favorite Traditions.
In Denmark, there’s a small cedar Christmas tree (freshly cut from
a children’s park our pasture), candy in our shoes, and sometimes
where children go to even a puppy awaited us. The puppy was so
hang their pacifiers anxious as we rushed to grab and pet him, he
from branches on a often piddled on the floor and on us! You can
ceremonial tree. It’s a imagine the excitement and happiness that filled
way of saying good- the house that evening!!
bye to a trusted friend, —Ms. Lou Umscheid, N.C.
and moving on.
The Pacifier Tree Photo by Stan Shebs —V.K., by email Family traditions are the glue that holds a
via Wikimedia Commons
child’s identity and sense of belonging in place.
I have lots of little rituals, that I never realized It certainly was for me, who grew up in a house- Every Christmas we put Santa hats on our cats
were that until you asked! hold that celebrated a traditional Pennsylvania and pose them for photos (see above). Since we
First thing every morning, I open all the blinds, Dutch Christmas don’t have kids, I buy gifts for kids at a local shel-
step out onto my garden deck, and say hello to Eve. The center ter. We go to the candlelight service at church on
God and thank Him/Her for all my blessings. Then of activities was Christmas Eve and make my mom’s chip dip with
I say hello to all the birds, trees, flowers, plants, a country farm garlic and onions to eat Christmas morning. No
bugs, and butterflies; I greet the sky, clouds, and celebration one likes to cook, so for all holidays, if we aren’t
especially the rising sun. I walk into the dew-wet with a hand-cut invited to a friend’s house, we order pizza.
grass with bare feet and try to get grounded for Christmas tree —Alison Ray, Va.
the day ahead. from the forest
Have you ever pet- surrounding the I’ve been a gypsy for so much of my life that
ted a bumblebee? farm. My grand- most traditions I may have had have fallen by the
I do it whenever one father would cut wayside. The only thing I can think of at this point
is close--they always the tree a few is that for the last 28 years on January 1, I have
let me touch them on hours before Christmas eve, and my sister and read the first 168 pages of Alcoholics Anonymous.
the fuzzy shoulder part I decorated it with strings of cranberry and —Anonymous, Va.
while they feed on the popcorn garlands. A very small creche was the
flowers. Fun! center of attraction on the floor underneath the Our family tradition is that we keep our grand-
I was inspired by a talk I heard by Elisabeth tree. Bing Crosby singing “Silver Bells” filled the children overnight on New Year’s Eve. I’m sure our
Kubler-Ross, who told of a patient who had been air. A piece of pie or cookie would be placed on son and his wife see it as a needed break from the
in a car crash and “heard” a passing motorist the kitchen table. When all was in place, and kids, but we love ringing in the new year with the
praying for him as he was being transported in the preparations completed for Santa’s anticipated next generation.
ambulance. I now pray and ask God’s blessings arrival, the entire family went down to the barn —Doug and Judy Knueven, Pa.
when I hear a siren or see an ambulance or fire to sing “Silent Night, Holy Night.” The black
engine pass by. angus cattle, cats and horses eyed us comically.
Inspired by a mantra I read in the Course in We all sensed a spiritual oneness with the great
Miracles, I repeat the phrase, “My only goal is Creator. It truly was a holy night.
the peace of God,” when I’m annoyed by a traffic —Betsy York, Va.
situation or discourteous driver as I’m traveling
down the road. It really helps to keep me calm
—Susan Lendvay, Va.

Growing up in
Kansas we lived on Image by David Broad via Wikimedia Commons

an active farm. As On every major holiday throughout the year, we

German Catholics, take a walk in Seashore [now called First Landing]
we would excitedly State Park in Virginia Beach—friends and fami-
await St. Nicholas’ ly—a kind of walking meditation. In years past,
day on December during the holiday season, when it was cold, my
An Austin family gathering
6. On that night, son and I (when he was small) would decorate a
before dinnertime, For as long as I can remember we’ve held tree in the woods with berries and popcorn for
we would hear a loud knock on the front door hands and taken a moment of silence before the birds. We also had a bedtime ritual of castor
of the house. A “Ho, Ho, Ho” would be heard as each meal. Though a blessing or grace is rarely oil pack, peanut oil spinal massage, and sleep
the front door closed. We would then be led into spoken, a squeeze of the hand followed by a short suggestions. (How’s that for a Cayce tradition!)
our unheated and closed off front parlor (this affirmation, confirmation, or acknowledgment is —Judith Stevens, Va.
was wintertime, of course, and our front parlor often shared. Our family and guests seem to like
wasn’t heated). We would excitedly enter this the peace that it brings—though kissing your For many years, July 4th was our favorite
frigid room knowing that St. Nick had sneaked neighbor’s hand has sent a few over the edge. holiday for our family and friends! Grounded
in to leave us gifts. There we would always find —Bill Austin, Va. in the great Declaration of Independence, here

6 EdgarCayce.org
was by word-of-mouth; we invited a few peo- Morbid as this may sound, our family tradition
ple and told them to bring their friends…and was to spend Sunday afternoons with our extend-
food…and instruments. All we did was hold the ed family at Druid Ridge Cemetery, which is where
space, and did so every month for 11 years! We many of my relatives are buried. The place was
had anywhere from 15 to 70 people show up right out of a Stephen King novel! While the adults
each month! Little did we know how important tended to the graves and distributed flowers, we
this monthly tradition would become in these children would run and play among the tomb
people’s lives! Couples who met at RendezVous stones. Before leaving, one of our grandparents
ended up dating and making families! Over the or aunts would invariably take us by the hand
years, hundreds of A.R.E. Camp friends came and, standing in front of a particular grave, tell
from around the country to see each other and us stories about the person buried there. Walking
surrounding our own Statue of Liberty (see pho- dozens ended up moving here! Even though we among the graves, hearing all the family stories,
to), we sing patriotic songs, eat tasty treats, and ended RendezVous a few years ago because of made the past a living thing for me. I have since
shoot off fireworks.We came upon this particular our travel schedules, Charlottesville has become gone on to become a professional biographer.
Statue of Liberty one day when we were driving a real hub for A.R.E. activities, in large part be- —S.K., Canada
on Hwy 105 out of Boone, N.C., and bought her cause of the strong base of loving, Camp-related
from the owner who delivered her to us in Glen- people our RendezVous parties helped attract One of the most memorable traditions of my
dale Springs. She has been a wonderful treasure here. And our lives are so much the richer for childhood was in early spring, just after the snow
since. We just love having our representative Lib- having created this joy-filled tradition. melt. Mom and Dad would rouse my sister and me
erty in our yard! She seems to be an embodiment —Patrick and Jane Belisle, Va. out of bed before dawn, bundle us up in blankets,
of both our celebration and of the Word, as rooted and take us to the beach, and we would sit on
in II Corinthians 3:17: “...where the Spirit of the My French-Canadian, Catholic dad grew up on lawn chairs and watch the sun rise. Afterwards
Lord is, there is Liberty.” a dairy farm in Wisconsin.As an additional source Dad would fire up the camp stove and make us
—Bebe Anderson, N.C. of income in springtime, pancakes. —S.K., N.Y.
his family would tap the
In 1991, our study maple trees to make For over 40 years, my husband Alan and I prac-
group attended a maple syrup, and from ticed a personal ritual each New Year that helped
program where that annual family ac- us to put the past behind us and look to the future.
John Van Auken tivity, a tradition was We would set the stage by cleaning the fire-
reviewed the born.To this day—near- place, add fresh wood and kindling, arrange flow-
Cayce readings on ly 70 years after Dad ers, candles, and special objects around the hearth,
1998 as a signpost moved off the family farm—every Easter, he puts and place a special ceramic bowl on the mantle.
of a coming shift a pan of pure maple syrup on the stove, gets it We would then light a fire and sit side by side on
in consciousness. simmering, and cracks in two or three fresh eggs. the couch facing the
John emphasized And then he eats it. Yep! Eggs boiled in maple hearth. After a con-
there was no time syrup. Nature’s best fats and sugars in one special templative medita-
like the present to treat. The perfect Easter food. tion, we would then
work on ourselves before the “shift” happened. —Patrick Belisle, Va. take up pen and
Our group decided to focus on our individual paper, upon which
meditation practices and also join with global Growing up, I always had a fascination with we would sign our
meditators for world healing the following New dressing up. I would take walks dressed as a bal- names, and then list
Year’s Eve. The readings also identify the healing lerina, dine as a princess, and play in the backyard the previous year’s
power of simply being in Nature, especially in as a fox. I think even events. We would
certain places around the world. Since then, then I subconsciously include both the good and bad, triumphs and
I have combined the two: meditating for the realized the sense of failures, things we were proud of, and what we
world on New Year’s Eve and then exploring a freedom dressing up regretted. When the list was complete, we would
natural setting on New Year’s Day. This January, created. Not only do we say a prayer for our blessings and ask forgiveness
2017, marked my first New Year’s walk along the see the world differently for any unintended hurts.Then we would set what
American River in Sacramento, Ca. (see photo) The when we change our we had written on fire and place the burning pag-
American River was home to the Maidu people appearance but we also es into our special bowl. In this way, we would be
long before the Gold Rush; their archeological and have the power of being sending the words up with the smoke and could
energetic presence, found in many spots along the able to change others’ perceptions of us. And, imagine them being received into heaven! Then
river, made for a glorious New Year. when we don a mask, self-doubt and fear can we would focus on the new year ahead by writing
—Gorgiana Alonzo, Calif. disappear and our inhibitions are freed. our goals and hopes for the future on another
Naturally, Halloween was, and is to this day, my document. These pages we would also sign be-
When we first moved to Charlottesville, Va. favorite holiday. Every year as Halloween neared, fore setting on fire, depositing into the bowl, and
(where we live today), we dreamed about the my anticipation grew. I’d spend weeks deciding saying a prayer. (Only in this case, we copied the
things we wanted in our lives: good friends, on who I wanted to be for the night and my mom list for future reference before burning.)
good food, music, and laughter. After some and I would then spend weeks making a costume. This hearth-fire ritual was important for us,
brainstorming about how to attract all that into As an adult, I continue the tradition of dressing up because it was a way to end one cycle with
our lives, we decided to create a monthly potluck on Halloween. It’s refreshing to still have a night purpose and satisfaction and begin a new one
dinner followed by a sing-along jam session: we when I can feel the freedom of being a kid again. with hope and resolve.
called it 2nd Saturday RendezVous. Invitation —V. T., Calif. —Heather Preston, Calif.

October-December 2017 7
Celebrating the Pattern This Holiday Season
n an age like our own, the spir- 37-year-old artist during the holiday season of
it of inter-faith celebration and 1943, “Know that there are those strengths,
ecumenical openness seems to have those assurances that may be found in the
given way to divisiveness among the closer walk with the Christ Consciousness. Ye
religions—at least if we are to believe can make this very real, very personal in thy
the political news. However, the approach experience. This doesn’t imply that you are to
to spirituality and personal transformation become a recluse, or that you are to become
described by Edgar Cayce challenges us today long-faced. It’s the opposite! You must become
to stretch and recognize universal themes. cheerful!” (3578-1)
Edgar Cayce’s idea is that there has always
been a Christmas, a Christ-Consciousness, Rest and Rejuvenation—Practicing self-
which is accessible in the mind of each per- care is an important part of every personal
son no matter their faith tradition. As Cayce transformation process. Rest is an important
The approach to
described it in a reading to a 36-year-old feature of the pattern. Without “down time,”
spirituality and personal bakery salesman in December of 1943, “For we don’t get the rejuvenation we need—phys-
the Master...is the pattern for every man in the ically, mentally, or spiritually. As a 29-year-old
earth, whether he be Gentile or Jew, Parthenian woman was advised by Cayce, “…there is
described by Edgar or Greek. For all have the pattern, whether too much work and too much worry to the
they call on that name or not…” (3528-1) amount of play and relaxation [she’s] taken!
Cayce challenges us
Maybe we can look upon the holiday season as Better divide it up! Did you find the Master
to recognize universal essentially a celebration of that pattern. A pat- worked continually, or did He take time to
tern that was lived fully by the historical figure play? and time to relax? He is a good example
Jesus, but also a pattern waiting to be awak- in everyone’s life!” (528-13)
ened in each and every soul, irrespective of the
faith tradition employed for its awakening. A Sense of Humor—We can find it within
Let’s consider the very nature of that to just say “It’s no big deal” when faced with
pattern. Rather than lapse into theological a frustration or a disappointment. And, laugh
disputes over religious doctrine, the human at human foibles, especially our own. Let’s
family would be better off examining deeply cultivate laughter and play in ourselves and
(and living!) the elements of this template. others. When we do, we’re living a signifi-
Here are just five aspects of the nature of this cant aspect of the pattern. As Cayce told a
pattern, according to Cayce. 25-year-old bookkeeper in 1941, “See the
funny side—don’t be too serious. Remember,
Balance—So much about daily, modern He even made the joke as He walked to the
living can throw us off kilter. It can be a real garden to be betrayed. Remember, He looked
challenge to maintain our center. Whenever with love upon His disciple that denied Him,
we intentionally make a move toward being even as He stood alone.” (2448-2)
balanced and establishing greater equilibrium
as we go about our day, then we are connect- Be Sociable—A fifth and final aspect that is
ing to the pattern of Christ Consciousness. As perfect for the upcoming season is to be socia-
mark thurston, phd, is an
Cayce told a 53-year-old housewife in 1934, ble! As Cayce tells us: “Jesus is the man—the
author, psychologist, and educator
“Hence keep, keep thine balance in all ways, activity, the mind, the relationships that He
who worked at A.R.E. and Atlantic
all things, even as He.” (489-2) bore to others. Yea, He was mindful of friends,
University from 1973 through 2008.
He was sociable, He was loving, He was kind,
He is now a faculty member at George
A Cheerful and Joyful Outlook—approach- He was gentle…” (2533-7)
Mason University’s Center for the
ing life with positivity as the core. There will
Advancement of Well-Being where he
be times of discouragement and sadness; that’s Let us make this year’s holiday season—no
teaches courses about consciousness,
just part of being human. But do we get stuck matter what our faith—all about celebrating
meaning, mindfulness, and spirituality.
there, or can we find a way to reconnect to these five elements of the pattern—elements
More about his work can be found at
the pattern and return to a default posture that live as vibrant potentials in the mind of
of cheerfulness and joy? As Cayce said to a each one of us.

8 EdgarCayce.org
Solstice Rituals
he cycles of the Sun and Moon Ancient traditions from Persia and Egypt
are the origins of, and deeply con- were the basis for the great feast of Saturnalia
nected to, many annual celebrations. in Rome. Saturn was the ancient god of plant-
Ancient cultures were supremely depen- ing and harvesting, and was directly associated
dent on the seasons of year, since the po- with the growing of food in preparation for the
sitions of the Sun and Moon regulate numerous famine months. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn,
processes necessary for life, including mating, the zodiac sign of the Sun on the day of the
planting and harvesting of crops, waters’ tides, solstice in December. Saturnalia was a period
and so much more. when there was a relaxation of social customs,
Many rituals or traditions hinge on or around and anger and quarrels were forgotten for the
the winter solstice—the darkest moment in the moment. Slaves were treated as equals and it
year, when the “sun stands still.” In the northern was a time of great revelry with a carnival-like
hemisphere, the winter solstice is the shortest atmosphere. There were feasts, decorations of
The path of the Sun,
day and longest night of the year. Early cultures greenery, and much gift-giving. Sound familiar?
Moon, and Stars feared that the Sun might completely disappear The Saturnalia celebrations were popular even
during solstice. To avoid this catastrophe, they into the 3rd and 4th centuries, and our celebra-
across our sky have
developed several religious rites and made sac- tions around Christmas and the New Year’s
sparked celebrations rifices to the Sun god in hopes the Sun would remain greatly influenced by these seasonal
we continue to honor return, and they would again have warmth, celebrations.
light, and the ability to grow food. In addition, the Romans had a festival on
throughout the seasons Since an estimated 10,000 BC, Neolithic December 25th called Dies Natalis Solis Invicti,
of the year. cultures were the first farmers who also built “Birthday of the Unconquered Sun,” which was
many structures around the world for the also celebrated as the birthday of the Sun god,
practice of rituals and Mithras. In the year 273, this Roman solar feast
worship of the Sun god. day became a Christian celebration when the
Stonehenge in England, Christian church selected this day to represent
Newgrange in Ireland, the birthday of Jesus.
Karnac in Egypt, and Christmas and Chanukah are considered
Machu Picchu in Peru celebrations of light, and although Kwanzaa is
all contain structures a more recent holiday celebration, it is connected
in alignment with the with ancient harvest celebrations in Africa. The
solstice that focus the major Islamic holidays are based on a lunar
Sun’s light and use it as calendar and are not connected with the solstice
a moment of religious time of the year. There is also some disagreement
worship and celebration. among Jewish scholars as to why Chanukah, a
At the winter solstice, festival of lights, is celebrated during the dark-
some 5,000 years ago, est part of the year, since it is tied to the lunar
the Egyptians set 12 days and not the solar calendar. One Jewish source
of celebration reflecting suggests a pagan celebration was used in order
the 12 divisions of their solar calendar (and the to show God’s victory over paganism. Since the
Raye Mathis, MSW, LSW, did 12 signs of the zodiac.) This 12-day celebration winter solstice was celebrated as the death and
post-graduate work at the Jung was in honor of the wheel of the year. The rebirth of the Divine Sun long before the rise
Institute, Zurich, and has been an as- mid-winter celebration was also in honor of of Christianity, it is also believed that Christian
trological counselor for over 45 years, the birth of Horus, son of Isis, the divine moth- leaders chose these pagan celebrations as the
having studied astrology with Frau er-goddess. This celebration took root in the birthday of Jesus, the Divine Son, in order to
Baumann-Jung, Carl Jung’s daughter. Western world as the 12 days of Christmas from attract pagans to Christianity.
A former A.R.E. board member, Raye December 25 until January 6, the Epiphany. The Across multiple cultures, ancient, pagan, or
mentors on-going astrology-based Epiphany marked the arrival of the Three Magi, modern, the path of the Sun, Moon, and Stars
online courses and serves as faculty the astrologers who saw an omen in the sky, across our sky have sparked celebrations we
at Atlantic University. Contact: raye. possibly the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn continue to honor throughout the seasons of
mathis@atlanticuniv.edu. in Pisces that occurred in 7 BC. the year.

October-December 2017 9
The Invitation
of Ritual
By corinne cayce, ma

he summer before my final year of
graduate school, my classmates and I went
on a ten-day wilderness retreat high in the
Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The central purpose
of this retreat was to prepare for and take a three-day
Looking for forest greenery
backcountry solo. On our own, we were to each find
a spot in the wilderness where we were to stay with- are moving slowly through their great circle. Rituals—daily,
weekly, or yearly—can allow us to pay attention to our place in
out food or shelter for three days and three nights. the great, ever-changing mandala of life.
Before I left on my solo, I worried that the lack of food might When I became a mother, I discovered that ritual quickly
interfere with my decision-making. I worried that I might have became vital. While my children were very small, you would
a panic attack or get sick. Conversely, I imagined that the experi- probably have heard my husband describe this love of routines
ence could be relaxing, that I might even feel bored. In reality, and ritual as “impossibly tied to a strict schedule,” but in the
once I was alone in the wilderness I did not feel bored or have face of keeping another human being alive, my rituals became
a panic attack; I felt pretty sure I was going die from a bear or lifelines. Now, as the mother of growing children, my rituals are
mountain lion attack. I had no house or tent; no weapons, no simple and based on ideas in the Cayce readings—allowing for
fire; I had nothing to protect myself. I was totally unprepared imaginative play, lots of time outside, and stories. The readings
for how scared and vulnerable I felt in the wild. I was amazed encourage parents to establish routines with their children. In
by how quickly all concerns of my normal life disappeared as several readings Cayce noted that when a child is in a healthy
my focus homed in on survival. How could I save myself? rhythm, weaknesses can be corrected. Routines can build con-
In that new and vulnerable place, I found myself turning structive actions that become natural and habitual and lead to
instinctively and entirely to ritual. helpful thoughts and wise decisions.
I followed the sun or shade around the small meadow I had One that will ever be found to be inclined to be neglectful at
chosen for my three-day stay (a meadow, I was now certain, that times. This may never be corrected by scolding, but by giving
bears would come from long distances to eat the small blueber- routine work, or routine formulas, that may bring coordinated
ry bushes along its perimeter). I set up small altars with flowers unison of its thinking. (3204-1)
and items I’d found. I prayed and meditated, sang and danced. Tiny rituals nurture children and their sense of place in this
And each night as I lay down under the stars, I would acknowl- great world, just as bigger, grander rituals do. My four-year-old
edge that this night I might die; I might wake to a bear’s giant recently asked about circles. Each day creates a circle as the sun
face and that would be the end of me. moves across the sky. And just so for our family—from morn-
At the end of the three days, back in warmth and safety, I ing cuddling, to talking about dreams en route to school, to
marveled at what a creature of ritual I had become during those afternoon story time while swinging on the swings, to snack and
days. What had ritual offered me in my fright and uncertainty? garden weeding, to sweeping after dinner—these dependable
And what did ritual have to offer me in my life away from the rhythms ground us and help us feel the circle of our day. Some
bear meadow? During the holiday season, I find it particularly days are rushed with new activities, or we are traveling, or have
helpful to revisit these questions. visitors, each of which brings its own excitement and special-
In our daily lives, it is easy to feel insulated or distant from ness. But when we are in our usual daily rhythm, sometimes I
death. For most of us, there is hardly ever an opportunity to notice a sacred relationship to time. It is then that I realize anew
feel utterly defenseless in the face of, for instance, a wild animal how our simple routines are in fact deeply grounding. I define
attack. Yet all the same, underneath all the layers of busyness in and describe time in terms of these rituals. Our rituals are an
our lives, we know that time is passing. We know that we are offering that celebrates what is meaningful to us. I am reminded
getting older; that life will unfold before us and before those we that I want to choose these rituals, to create our family rhythm,
love in ways we cannot possibly anticipate or control. Whether skillfully and with intention.
we pay attention or not, the sun is rising and setting, the seasons In our home, more defined and exciting rituals are shaped

10 EdgarCayce.org
turned to ritual in the wilderness, why it is
so central to my mothering, and why I am
happiest when held in the circles of our
family rhythm.
For the home is the nearest pattern in
earth…to man’s relationship to his Maker.
For it is ever creative in purpose from per-
sonalities and individualities coordinated
for a cause, an ideal. (3577-1)
Making pancakes in the early morning
light, returning to the same prayer before
sleep each night, picking azaleas and lilac
for birthday bouquets each spring, finding
forest greenery for a Christmas wreath—
there is familiarity to these daily, weekly,
and yearly rituals that invite us to step out-
May Day Festival at the Waldorf School Story time while swinging
side the bustle of our lives for a moment
and to remember our shared family ideal
by our children’s Waldorf schools and by to leave ample time to enjoy it. In advance of loving one another the best we can.
their founder Rudolph Steiner’s funda- of a celebration, we begin singing songs When I was alone in the wilderness
mental belief in human beings’ natural for that particular celebration, gather- with the very real experience of feeling
attraction to and appreciation of rhythm. ing items from nature that are available as though my life could be taken at any
He wrote in Signs and Symbols for the during that time of year, baking special moment, ritual was all I had to rely on.
Christmas Ritual, “Rhythm holds sway foods, telling the stories we know so well. I could not control what would happen
in the whole of nature, up to the level I try to look for that moment when all the out there, but I could bring rhythm to my
of man. Then, and only then is there a preparation and hard work pays off, to time. In that rhythm, I discovered I could
change. The rhythm which through the remember to feel that moment of stillness celebrate, create, and connect to what I
course of the year holds sway in the forces when it all comes together. At a birthday, love about being alive.
of growth, of propagation and so forth, it is usually when we sing. I hear the Ritual is my treasured reminder, with
ceases when we come to man. For man voices of those who love my child and are my children, family and friends, to pause
is to have his roots in freedom; and the watching her grow. I see that her shining time—to stop and notice what is unfold-
more civilized he is, the more does this face is a sparkling reflection of the bright ing around us. As we return to activities,
rhythm decline. As the light disappears at star she is in our life. And I think, “Oh stories, and places each day, each month,
Christmas time, so has rhythm apparent- yes, I remember now: we are here to love. and each year, we can mark how we’ve
ly departed from the life of man. Chaos We are here to enjoy this time together.” changed, and how we are holding each
prevails. But man must give birth again Rituals offer us these vital glimpses into other through those changes. We can
to rhythm out of his innermost being, his how the moments of our lives are grand celebrate for a moment that we are here
own initiative.” pieces in a larger tapestry. together right now. Within our rituals, we
Steiner’s Waldorf schools mark the Joseph Campbell, who could well be acknowledge, “Look at what is happening
change of seasons and holidays with the greatest authority on mythology and right now. Look how we are able to love
festivals. Parents, teachers, and children its place in contemporary culture, writes each other no matter what. Look at how
come together for simple performances in Thou Art That, “another function bountiful is this earth and how precious
by the children, stories, music, and snacks. of traditional mythology is to carry the our time together!”
As these festivals and simple birthday cel- individual through the various stages
ebrations have become part of our family and crises of life—that is, to help persons About the Author
life, I can see how they help my chil- grasp the unfolding of life with integrity. corinne cayce, ma, is
dren—as well as my husband and me—to This wholeness means that individuals a life coach, A.R.E. speaker
adjust to change. They help us to let go will experience significant events, from and writer, and a great-grand-
daughter of Edgar Cayce.
of current seasons and the way things are birth through midlife to death, as in ac- Applying Cayce’s readings is
right now, and welcome what comes next, cord with, first, themselves, and secondly, at the heart of her personal
to feel safe in the face of the reality of with their culture, as well as, thirdly, the and professional life, and
constant change and uncertainty. universe, and, lastly, with that mysteri- brings fresh meaning, pur-
With the traditional rituals— um tremendum beyond themselves and pose and joy to her clients’ lives. Corinne’s Master’s
degree is in Environmental Leadership and studies
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, all things.” This insight into one of the focused on mindful conflict resolution, authentic
birthdays—much of the rhythm and ritual roles of mythology—of which ritual is a leadership, and organizational learning. Corinne can
is in the preparation, so I try to remember part—helps me better understand why I be reached at cayce.coaching@gmail.com.

October-December 2017 11
D o ct o r i n the h o u s e
By Josephine B. Adamson, MD, MPH, CMT

Turkey Teachings
I love celebrations. Gathering together in remembrance
and gratitude anchors us in shared ideals and joy—except
when it doesn’t! Various surveys report that money is the pri-
health. Five years ago, I hosted my siblings, spouses, our chil-
dren, friends, and my father for the first Thanksgiving after my
mother’s death. I had taken time off from work, prepared the
mary source of holiday stress, but other top stressors include house, and baked for several days. A hit-or-miss cook, I had
health concerns, time and scheduling issues, and family drama. asked a generous neighbor to fry a turkey for us. The cooked
Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker, a clinical psychologist and author, bird was gorgeous. Thirteen of us sat around the beautiful table,
humorously describes the recipe for holiday disaster: and my father said a heartfelt prayer of thanks. I carved into
Don’t get enough sleep. Eat nothing but sugar. Don’t move the turkey—raw pink flesh and bright red blood! I grabbed the
except from car to store to car to door. Decorate every inch of turkey platter and ran to the kitchen. Alone, I surprised myself
the house. Dig up memories of past holidays where you were by bursting into tears. In the other room, however, the adults
neglected, mistreated, or ignored by someone or maybe by sev- poured more wine and the kids began a board game. A dear
eral someones. Focus on what you don’t have and can’t do. Try friend followed me into the kitchen and gently moved me aside.
to get to too many places in too short a time. Overspend. The She sliced the raw turkey, microwaved the pieces, and put it all
PTA needs cookies? You agree to bake 6 dozen. The church on a clean platter within minutes. Though my festive guests
needs folks to staff the holiday fair? You take two shifts as a barely noticed the delay, it took me most of the meal to regain
favor to your friend the committee chair. The Cub Scouts need my equanimity.
a place to have a party? You volunteer your house.* Later that Thanksgiving evening when the dishes were done,
Just reading Dr. Hartwell-Walker’s description raises my the same friend reminded me of a birthday party I had forgot-
blood pressure! Listening to our bodies and noticing manifes- ten. Our beloved elderly friend had planned to serve her special
tations of stress, such as muscle tightness, headaches, difficulty North Carolina grilled chicken, and had engaged her adult son
breathing, fatigue, anxiety, constipation, diarrhea, and trouble to cook the meat and apply his mother’s secret method. Fifty
sleeping can alert us to the need to simplify our holidays. When hungry people of all ages were gathered ready to eat. The host
Dr. Charles Thomas Cayce was working with adolescents early carried the carefully marinated chicken from the refrigerator to
in his career as a child psychologist, he used the Cayce readings the secluded grilling area, where half the chicken in the flimsy
to develop a protocol that successfully helped one group elimi- tray slopped out onto the concrete. She hastily scooped it up,
nate their psychiatric medications. The Cayce protocol included rinsed it, and returned to the tray. Despite the careful attention of
recommendations that we can all use to de-stress: spend time her son, the charcoal flames flared up and charred every piece of
outside each day, exercise, eat a healthy diet, get massages, use chicken he had put on the grill. At that point, the host threw up
castor oil packs, hang out with a friend, practice prayer/med- her hands and laughed—and sent my friend and me on a stealth
itation, and use a Radiac® appliance. Though it’s difficult to mission to the closest fast-food restaurant to buy every piece of
stick with a healthy routine during the holidays, keeping these fried chicken they had. We returned quickly with several large
recommendations as goals will help us navigate stress and enjoy buckets which the host spread onto decorative platters, sprinkled
the season more. with reserved marinade, and served. The unsuspecting guests
Enjoying rituals with friends and family is at the heart of raved about the “special North Carolina chicken.” Everyone,
celebrations. The holidays are an opportunity to focus on our including our beloved host, had a great time at the party.
ideals and what we hold most important instead of what the Remembering the chicken incident brought a smile to my face.
media and marketers emphasize. This time of year can be a time My wise friend had given me the moment of grace I needed to
to renew and recommit ourselves to health in body, mind, and refocus on my ideal of relaxing and connecting with loved ones.
spirit. One of my favorite Cayce readings addresses the interplay Acknowledging that my emotions were raw from continued
between health and our relationships with self and with others. grief and missing Mom—not from undercooked meat—enabled
The body renews itself according to the mental attitude it me to adjust my attitude. I hugged my friend, went over and
holds towards ideals, and in the light of the application of hugged my Dad, and, silently giving thanks, joined the loud
relationships to others. And this applies as well in the rela- competitive after-dinner Scrabble® game.
tionships of self. (2081-2) May your holidays be a time of acceptance, joy, and nour-
Staying healthy physically and mentally is especially chal- ishment.
lenging during the holidays; time commitments multiply and
memories intensify. Though I eagerly anticipate the season each *Hartwell-Walker, M. (2016). 8 Ways to Take the Joy Out of the Holidays. Psych
year, there have been holidays that taught me important lessons Central. Retrieved on July 11, 2017, from https://psychcentral.com/lib/8-ways-
about balancing expectations with my mental and physical to-take-the-joy-out-of-the-holidays/

12 EdgarCayce.org
Making Holidays Safe for Pets
s we gather for holiday cele- might also be hidden in unexpected places
brations and join in our traditions, like peanut butter and toothpaste. If eaten by
we can become so distracted by your pet, xylitol can lower the blood glucose
decorating and entertaining to dangerously low levels and damage the
that we might forget the many liver. Be sure to keep all candy out of the
ways our holiday festivities may adversely reach of your dogs and cats. Other foods that
affect our pets. cause problems for pets: grapes, raisins, garlic,
For example, many young or curious pets onions, and macadamia nuts can be toxic to
like to experience new things in their envi- dogs and cats.
ronment by chewing on them. This can be Do not feed your dog fatty table scraps or
a real problem when it comes to decorative cooked bones. This practice can be life-threat-
plants. The beautiful Poinsettia is mildly toxic ening and often leads to severe vomiting and
and may cause vomiting when ingested, but diarrhea. GI upset is the most common rea-
Pets are an important
is not deadly. Mistletoe and Holly are more son for emergency veterinary visits around
part of the family and dangerous. Besides causing severe vomiting the holidays. In fact, the lower intestinal
and diarrhea, if enough of their leaves or ber- eruptions caused by such dietary indiscretion
should be included in
ries are eaten, seizures and death may result. has led veterinarians to rename the day after
holiday traditions. Lilies of all varieties are highly toxic for our Thanksgiving “Brown Friday.”
feline friends. Consuming even small amounts If your pet does manage to get into some-
can lead to death from renal failure. Even the thing harmful, call your veterinarian or poison
Christmas tree itself is considered mildly toxic. control center right away to find out what you
Fir tree oils irritate the mouth and stomach can do to help. It is a good policy to keep these
causing drooling and vomiting in both dogs numbers readily available since the best time
and cats. to plan for an emergency is before something
Holiday decorations can sometimes be bad happens.
tempting play things for dogs and cats alike. As you entertain guests for holiday fun,
Be sure to read the warning labels on products realize that visitors, especially children, may
like spray-on snow. Also, never put ribbons not understand how to best interact with your
around your pet’s neck or allow them to play pet. Also, be responsive to the possibility that
with plastic or foil wrappings. Icicle type tinsel your animal companion may not appreciate
and ribbons are especially dangerous for cats dealing with strangers in the house. If you mix
because in the course of playing with them, these ingredients together and add a dash of
Santa’s Helper stands ready! they will often swallow the decoration, which adult distraction, you have a perfect recipe for
can lodge in the intestine causing a blockage. holiday disaster. (A dish best left unserved.)
Even the additional electrical cords we run ev- In some cases, it is better to keep your pet in
erywhere this time of year are hazardous; their another room, away from guests, depending
sharp teeth can easily puncture the insulation, on your animal’s needs.
causing electrocution. Pets are an important part of the family
Doug Knueven, DVM, is a Be aware that some foods and treats that and it is wonderful to include them in holi-
practicing veterinarian in Beaver, are safe for people can be harmful to pets. day traditions. Many people these days even
Pa. He has earned certification in Chocolate contains both theobromine and caf- give their dogs and cats presents to unwrap
veterinary acupuncture, veterinary feine, which can cause hyperactivity, tremors, with everyone else. May a word to the wise
Chinese herbal medicine, and and even death. Baker’s and dark chocolate be sufficient. Before the celebration begins, I
veterinary chiropractic, and has are the most toxic but milk chocolate can be invite you to take time to consider the holidays
advanced training in natural dangerous if large amounts are eaten. It takes from your pet’s perspective. Understanding
nutrition, massage therapy, and only eight ounces of milk chocolate to sicken a your four-legged friends and taking a few pre-
homeopathy. He is the author 50-pound dog where just one ounce of baker’s cautions will lead to a safer and more joyful
of The Holistic Health Guide: chocolate will have the same effect. holiday season for all.
Natural Care for the Whole Dog. Another toxin from the food category is
For more information, go to xylitol. This artificial sweetener is commonly Send your vet questions to Dr. Doug at
BeaverAnimalClinic.com. found in sugar-free candies and gums but letters@EdgarCayce.org

October-December 2017 13
The Edgar Cayce Story
of Christmas B y M ar k F i n n a n

The Virgin of the Lilies

(1899) by William-
Adolphe Bouguereau
via Wikimedia Commons

he addi- Cayce source elaborated
tional on the deeper meaning and
details significance the birth has for
that the Cayce read- each of us.
ings bring to the story In one such reading Cayce
of Christmas combine to said,
give us a more complete and “Much has been recorded as
comprehensive picture of the respecting this by the writers of the
sweeping cosmic drama involved Gospel, especially by Luke; but little per-
with all its interplay of supernatural forc- fect concept may be gathered except ye as
es, dedicated individuals and extraordinary individuals seek to experience what such
circumstances, all leading to its joyful and And it also has the potential to awaken an advent meant or means to thy life as
glorious conclusion in the birth of Jesus in us the awareness of our own need to an individual. For knowledge of a thing
Christ. In its totality, it is an informative give birth to the highest within ourselves, or a condition and the wisdom that is pre-
and inspiring account of the power and that we too may become as He was, an sented in that happening are two different
presence of Divine Love coupled with hu- expression of God’s love in the ways and things… As these changes come and as ye
man faith, self-sacrifice, courage, and com- days of our lives. make known that as has been the raising
mitment to a spiritual ideal that spanned A series of readings given in the late of that consciousness of His Presence in
ages past. Yet it is also imbued with a 1930s and into the early 1940s for the thine experience, by thy dealings with, by
timeless dimension and a transcendental Norfolk #1 A Search for God study group thy conversation with, by thy life with thy
nature that can nourish all who seek His (262), and other readings given to indi- fellow man, so may ye hasten the day when
light in the present. viduals who in past lives were involved in He, Christ, may come into thine own heart,
The sacred history revealed in Cayce’s the preparation for and arrival of Christ, unto His own peoples, to reign; yes, in the
telling of the story of Christmas can cre- provide many of the descriptive details of hearts and lives!” (262-103)
ate a greater appreciation of the purpose the birth of Jesus that are not mentioned The readings make specific reference to
behind the birth of Jesus and that soul’s in the Gospel accounts. It was in answer- the spiritual education and preparation
eventual role as the fullest expression of the ing questions posed by the first A Search that Mary, from age 4-16, underwent in
true relationship between God and man. for God study group in Norfolk that the the Essene community on Mount Carmel.

14 EdgarCayce.org
The Essenes, we learn elsewhere, were a As the time of birth drew near, the couple leave. What Sarapha didn’t know was that
reclusive Jewish religious sect of men and traveled to Bethlehem. It was a journey of her father was an Essene, a member of
women that embraced the teachings of several days and delays due to Mary’s ad- the same Jewish sect as Joseph and Mary.
the Jewish prophets from Elijah onward vancing pregnancy. They arrived on a cool This was why the family had gone to this
and accepted astrology, the study of solar evening on what would be either January particular inn.
cycles, numerology, and reincarnation as 6 or March 19, in the year 4 AD. The dis- To protect Mary and Joseph from fur-
part of a broader understanding of the crepancy in the dating given in different ther abuse and the disturbing conditions
interaction between the Divine and the readings is due, apparently, to the several inside, the innkeeper felt it best to turn the
human experience. changes in the accounting of time since couple away. As Cayce described it, the inn
Essenes were aware of the cyclical then, along with what Cayce describes as was not the right place anyway.
time-frame associated with the “No room in the Inn!”
ancient prophecy concerning For no inn, no room, could
the coming of the Messiah and “Hold fast to that, O contain that as was being
of the necessity for creating Daughter of the Inn given in a manifested form!
those conditions conducive to Keeper, O the Beholder of (262-103)
its fulfillment. For that purpose, His Glory; O the joyous, Immediately those with
they undertook the instruction gracious feelings that fill the couple and who were
of a chosen group of young thy soul and being with aware of the urgency in-
girls who were offered by their the richness of the earth volved looked for a place
parents with the intention that poured out at His feet, where shelter and privacy
one of them would become with those that experi- could be quickly found. As a
enced the lowly shepherds
the vessel through which there result, Mary and Joseph took
that came to see that
might be the birth. In Mary’s Joseph and Mary Arrive at Bethlehem by glorious sight, and they— refuge in a stable or grotto
case, she was 4 years old when William Hole via Wikimedia Commons too—were not hindered nearby.
her mother Anne presented her from beholding the face “Then—when hope
to the Essenes. Mary, and some of their Savior. And ye, too, O Daughter, may know His face—but turn seemed gone—the herald an-
of the other novitiates, later within! For there ye may meet Him, as so oft ye did in those days, those gels sang. The star appeared,
freely choose to dedicate them- weeks, those months, those years ye recounted in thine inner self those that made the wonderment
selves to this. It is estimated she glorious experiences, those glorious happenings of that day when the to the shepherds, that caused
was about 12 years old when Babe, the child Jesus lay in thy arms. For He is very nigh unto all that the awe and consternation
she was chosen. As Cayce de- call on His holy name. He has promised and His promises are sure, to all of those about the inn;
scribed it, this happened as the to you—to you—to you; and in you may you know! Not listening to some making fun, some
girls climbed the steps leading those fears, but listening to those things even as ye heard during those smitten with conviction that
days when those wonderments were so close a portion of thine expe-
to the altar on Mount Carmel those unkind things said
rience. Embrace him now, even as ye did upon that glorious day when
in preparation for morning must needs be readjusted in
the earth saw and heard and felt her King, her Maker, had taken on
prayers: the earth and become a part of same. So may ye, too, take on God—in their relationships to things
“On this day, as they mount- Him, and become a part of His dealings with man!” (1152-3) coming to pass. All were in
ed the steps all were bathed in awe as the brightness of His
the morning sun; which not star appeared and shone, as
only made a beautiful picture but clothed variations resulting from the soul record the music of the spheres brought that joyful
all as if in purple and gold. As Mary of the individual seeking the information. choir, ‘Peace on Earth! Good will to men of
reached the top step…then there were We are told that the road to Bethlehem was good faith.’ All felt the vibrations and saw a
the thunder and lightning, and the angel quite crowded with shepherds and others great light—not only the shepherds above
[Gabriel] led the way, taking the child by coming in from the hills of Judea to be that stable but those in the Inn as well. To
the hand before the altar. This was the registered for taxation. Mary and Joseph be sure, those conditions were later to be
manner of choice, this was the showing did not travel alone but were accompanied dispelled by the doubters, who told the
of the way; for she led the others on this by some of Joseph’s assistants and others. people that they had been overcome with
particular day.” (5749-8) Upon arriving at the inn in Bethlehem, wine or what not. Just as the midnight hour
It was not until Mary was 16 that her the inn had become crowded with an as- came, there was the birth of the Master.”
marriage to the older Joseph, who was sortment of other travelers whose presence (5749-15)
an Essene associate, took place. It also and behavior made the inn unsuitable for The shepherds, who had seen and heard
occurred on Mount Carmel. The Cayce the birth of the blessed baby. Laughter and the unusual occurrences, soon arrived as
account also confirms the Gospel version jeers greeted Joseph on his arrival with his did the innkeeper’s daughter, Sarapha, who
of the visit of the pregnant Mary with the much younger and very pregnant wife. was similar in age to Mary, and who would
pregnant mother of St. John the Baptist, This was particularly upsetting to the inn- later become her friend.
her much older cousin Elizabeth, in the keeper’s daughter, Sarapha, who couldn’t “As the entity walked into the open upon
hills of Judea. Here the angel Gabriel again understand why her father seemed to be that Eve, the brightness of His Star came
appeared to her. so cruel as to ask the pregnant Mary to nearer and nearer. And the entity heard [the

October-December 2017 15
Angel], even as the Shepherds, ‘Peace on as that expressed in those strange tongues ask ourselves some leading questions. How
Earth, good will to men.’” (1152-3) to the entity, though the entity knew and are we preparing spiritually, mentally and
Sarapha was so was overcome with awe thought and felt and experienced the rev- physically for the Christ child within us?
at what she heard, and at the sight of the erence and awe as shown by all.” (1152-3) Do we try to purify the body, discipline the
newborn in Mary’s arms, that she asked if We learn that although all kinds of mind, and bring about a holistic balance
she could hold the child. The request was assistance was offered, Mary preferred to between the spiritual, mental, and physical,
granted. remain in the stable until after there had so that we may become better vessels for
“As this became a reality, there were been the circumcision, and the customary God’s presence? Do we take part in daily
those feelings, those experiences—Oh that 30-day period of purification had passed. meditation or other practices that allow us
the world might know the beauty, the joy, Cayce draws us into a more meta- to become more attuned to the Divine? Are
the glory of the experiences of His Life in physical interpretation of the event. After we engaged with a group or church that
their own hearts and minds and beings!” acknowledging the historical account as by its nature draws us closer to the Christ
(1152-3) depicted in Luke’s Gospel, Cayce stresses Consciousness? Do we seek God by draw-
Holding the infant Jesus would have a that the perfect concept of what the birth ing close to nature? Do we pay attention
profound impact on Sarapha’s life, as did means can only be known by those who to those dreams, inner promptings, and
events in the days ahead, when she stayed seek to experience what such an advent intuitive insights, and angelic influences
by Mary’s side and cared for her and the means in their own lives. Mary and Jesus that beckon us to follow the light—the
newborn’s needs. both desired to give the more perfect con- heavenly star that shines within us?
“There [in the stable] the entity also saw cept of the relationship of mankind to the Time and again, the individuals in the
the shepherds gather, there the entity also Creator. The lesson for all of us is to be will- study group who sought this information
saw on the morrow the Wise Men—with ing to become a channel for the expression were advised and encouraged to seek to be
their ladened beasts or camels, with all their of God’s love in the world. In this way, the channels, each according to their abilities,
praise for those who had kept the faith, in preparations for the coming of Christ are for the loving expression of the universal
making and preserving, in keeping and pointers to us of the work required to bring Creative Forces.
helping those that were in need, that were about, in ourselves, the birth of that same “Then what are ye doing about it in thy
alone—yet God with them! There were Divine Consciousness. daily life, thy daily conversation? For not
those experiences of the presence as well Drawing from this story, we may well by might nor in power, but in the still small
voice that speaks within, ye may know as
He hath given so oft—‘Peace—it is I! Be
A Christ-mas dream at the A.R.E. not afraid, it is I,’ thy Savior, thy Christ;
By Mark Finnan yea, thyself meeting that babe in thine own
While visiting the A.R.E. some years ago, I had a dream in which I inner self that may grow even as He to be a
was clearly shown that the real meaning of the Christmas message channel of blessings to others!” (262-103)
in the present lies in the birth of the Christ within oneself. The readings repeatedly remind us that
I had attended a talk that day by Charles Thomas Cayce, Edgar’s the birth of the Christ did not just occur
grandson. Although I had spoken to him briefly several times over some 2,000 years ago—but continues to
the years, I had never heard him give a public presentation, other be a living reality in this great unfolding
Charles Thomas Cayce than his remarks during board presentations at Congress, the drama that is the coming into the earth,
(1942-2016) annual membership gathering. So, I was curious to hear what he through all of us, of the universal Christ
had to say, especially since the subject of his talk was the Christ. Consciousness.
It was a moving presentation during which he shared his personal insights and understand- “For time never was when there was not
ing, reinforced with related extracts from the Cayce readings. I found his talk inspiring and it a Christ and not a Christ mass.” (262-103)
reminded me that I had been initially drawn to the Cayce material because of what Edgar had As we celebrate this spiritual season,
to say about the Christ; as the consciousness expressed by the man Jesus and as the spiritual may we recognize, honor, and embody that
ideal for us to aspire to. commitment, dedication, and willingness
That night I dreamt I was walking with Charles Thomas along a hotel corridor, to the right to serve that led Joseph and Mary to man-
of which there were a series of doors. I suddenly found myself opening one of these doors. ifest the love of God and man.
Upon looking into a room, I was pleasantly surprised to see Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus
About the Author
in the traditional nativity setting, and very much alive. For some reason, I then felt compelled to
Mark Finnan, a long-
look further into the room. On doing so, I saw a large television screen in the far corner. On the time member of the A.R.E.
screen was the same living nativity scene. However, this time I was also in it. Although bemused and student of the Cayce
by this development, I felt sheer delight that I could participate in this most sacred event. Then readings, is an author and
the dream ended. playwright. He teaches Ho-
As I analyzed the dream later I concluded that the figure of Charles Thomas represented my listic Integration Process,
and offers presentations
higher self who was guiding me to where it was possible to personally participate in the birth and workshops based on
of the Christ. I had simply to open the door, in consciousness, for this to manifest. For me the the philosophy in the Edgar Cayce material. To
dream was an engaging illustration and incorporation of both aspects of the Christmas story. find out more about Finnan and his work visit:

16 EdgarCayce.org
Sustaining the Afterglow of Christmas
f you are like me, you wish the spell neighbor, of your foe, even your enemy, you
of Christmas would linger a little longer. behold the image of your Savior.” (262-103)
As I get older, that spell has come to have Sometimes we get stuck or confused and
a new meaning. The true gift of Christ- maybe we don’t seem so loveable. Sometimes
mas is the reminder of the real meaning we deviate from the path and appears difficult
of Jesus’ birth. He came to show us the path to love. But realizing that the pattern is always
back to our final union with God. Not an easy there is the least that we can do. By taking the
journey, but a simple one. time to stop and get quiet, we can remember,
The Bible repeatedly reminds us that God is and the feeling will become real again. We can
within each of us and always with us. Jesus re- try to see this pattern in those who are being
minded the Pharisees, “…the kingdom of God difficult. We can remind ourselves that they are
is within you.” (Luke 17:20-21) and “I am with helping us to grow. We can choose to focus on
Help the spell of you always, even unto the end of the world.” the beautiful pattern that lies within all of us,
(Matthew 28:20) just waiting to be recognized.
Christmas linger Edgar Cayce reminds us in several readings There are so many ways we get help with
a little longer by that the Christ pattern is within each one this, especially during the holidays. There are
of us. It was put there
acknowledging the at the moment of our
divinity within. creation. To experience
it, we “need to seek to

by Domenico Ghirlandaio via Wikimedia Commons

experience what such
an advent meant or
means to our life as an
individual.” (262-103)
The possibility of acting,
thinking, and loving like
Jesus is in our genes,
deep down in our con-
sciousness, in our need
to love and be loved.
The message from the Bible is clear—it’s all the high musical vibrations, the word and the
about learning to love. And the pattern, the truth in the Scriptures, the example of the life of
ideal, lies within us. As we follow this pattern, Mary, Jesus, and even the choir of angels who
our love is born again. Each time it becomes proclaimed His birth.
a little more personal in my heart and yours. The fulfillment, the afterglow, of holidays is
The Jesus pattern begins to awaken as the the growing realization that each new day can
music of the season plays its message of love be December 25. Every morning we wake with
over and over again. Accepting others seems the assurance that the Jesus pattern within us is
easier as the love vibration moves through real. We can decide daily to start with the angels
the air we breathe—it contains the “messiah.” singing “Glory to God in the Highest.” Jesus
The carols and other deep compositions hope- foretold that we would do greater things than
fully make it easier to love, even if just for the his miracles. “Whoever believes in me will do
moment. the works I have been doing, and they will do
The Reverend June Bro is a
The Christmas story becomes more intimate even greater things than these…” (John 14:12)
long-time A.R.E. member and friend
and more my story as the years go by. Loving Help the spell of Christmas linger a little
of Edgar Cayce. She is an ordained
becomes easier—whether it is loving God or longer by acknowledging the divinity within
Disciples of Christ minister.
loving my brothers or sisters—for we are all one and choosing to use power to be a co-creator
—Join June Bro for a free “Chat” family. Everyone has that Jesus pattern planted with God, to grow more like Jesus. The true gift
every Tuesday morning at A.R.E. within them; which makes them ultimately of Christmas—and each day—is the possibility
headquarters in Virginia Beach loveable. The Cayce readings remind us, “For of acting, thinking, and loving like Jesus. The
from 10:30-11:30 a.m. as you behold the face of your friend, of your pattern, the ideal, lies within.

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A n cie n t MYS T E R I E S
By John Van Auken

The Origin of
Festivals and Sacred Days
From Nature’s Cycles to Modern Holidays
fter the long era of Lemuria and Atlantis ended, marking the end of the the birth of at least the spirit of the Son ev-
First Creation as recorded in Genesis 6, the Children of God (called the Morning ery year, and on one occasion, the physical
Stars in Job 38:7) re-peopled the earth. But this time they did so as souls encased birth of the Son.
in physical bodies, not as spirits or ghosts or light-beings. In this more-earthly form they
were now vulnerable to the forces and cycles of nature. Consequently, their survival Summer Solstice
depended on knowledge of nature’s cycles, especially signs of change to the physical The summer solstice has a distinct
environment, such as the seasons. For example, recognizing the first day of winter and feature most everyone notices; this is the
the first day of spring were critical, as the days for planting and the days for harvesting day when shadows are at their shortest
were significant dates if one was to maintain sustenance. The most striking indicator of because the Sun, at noon, is at its highest
nature’s cycles is the position of the Sun. point overhead. The short shadow of
summer represents the feminine, Yin, and
Cycles of the Sun: Solstices and Equinoxes the long shadow of winter represents the
Solstice means, “Sun is still,” or holding its position (Sol-sistere). In the earth’s orbit masculine, Yang. In ancient China at the
around the Sun the planet’s axis is pointed most directly toward or away from the Sun summer solstice, the earth, femininity, and
twice each year. One is when the Sun, at noon, reaches its highest (and warmest) point yin energies were celebrated. Its comple-
and the other is when the Sun is at its lowest (and coldest) point in the sky, also at noon. ment was the winter solstice when heaven,
These two positions mark the longest day (summer) masculinity, and yang energies were cele-
and shortest day (winter) of the yearly cycle. In the brated. You may think shadows are minor
northern hemisphere, the Summer Solstice occurs with- things, but shadows were important to the
in a few days of June 21 and Winter Solstice around ancient Mesoamericans (Mayans, Toltecs,
December 21. Quite naturally, festivals were celebrated and Aztecs), who built their pyramids and
around these two annual events. monuments with much consideration as
to how their structures cast shadows.
Winter Solstice In ancient times, shadows on sundials
The winter solstice was seen as the end of the earth’s marked the passage of time in a day as
tilting away from the Sun. This progression appears well as the changes in seasons. Winter
to be the Sun’s descent in the sky. And since the winter shadows are longer than summer shad-
solstice is the end of this descent, it was understood as ows, because the Sun is lower in the sky in
the beginning of the Sun’s ascent again. And so, this winter and higher in the summer.
solstice was associated with the birth of the Sun once Since most ancient cultures considered
more. “Yule” came from an ancient word for infant the summer solstice to be feminine, it
or baby, and “Yule time” was the birth of the celestial was the season of goddesses: Juno (June
baby. From ancient Egypt to Mesopotamia, the winter 2); Athena and Minerva (June 13); the
solstice was perceived as the birth of the Sun. Our three Fates, Anna, and Egypt’s “Night
celebration of Christmas fits perfectly with the Sun’s of the Teardrop” (all June 16); and the
birth and the Son’s birth. Since there is an ultimate oneness, the Universal Forces may “Great Mother” (June 21). June 23
have had to synchronize the birth of the Son with the celestial birth of the Sun. But, honored many, including Aphrodite and
keep in mind that the Christian festival of the birth of Christ wasn’t celebrated until 336 Ishtar (Babylon), Midsummer Bride
AD. Prior to that date, the festival celebrated the Sun’s birth (or rebirth). Edgar Cayce’s (Sweden), Day of the Fairy Goddesses
readings support this claim: “For time never was when there was not a Christ and not a (Aine, Ana, Anu, and Danu in Celtic
Christ-mass.” (262-103) This reading appears to synchronize the birth of the Sun with lore), Epona (Celtic), Aestas (Roman

18 EdgarCayce.org
goddess of summer), and more. Summer into India. Of course, the Mesoamericans (Mayans, Toltecs, and Aztecs) and ancient
solstice is also the season for marriages, Egyptians in Northern Africa were also Sun-worshipers. Their understanding of the
as in “June brides.” It wasn’t until the Sun’s movements and its importance to survival is revealed in their practices, architec-
Christian era that this season shifted ture, and ceremonies. They strived to live in cooperation and coordination with nature.
toward the masculine with St. John’s Day And it is their festivals that have become our holidays!
and the Knights Templar Day (June 24). These cycles of the Sun’s movement were calls-to-action each year, and festivals were
Of course, some ancient cultures always created to gather and alert the community of changes in their environment. But many
had it as a masculine holiday, namely the were also Moon watchers who lived by the Moon’s cycles.
Aztecs’ “Feast of the Sun” (June 24); and
India’s “Shiva Day,” celebrating the divine Cycles of the Moon: The Lunar Calendar
cycle-of-creation dance by the Hindu god The Moon was almost as important to ancient peoples as the Sun. In these cultures,
Shiva. (June 29). calendars divided a year into 12 months using the cycles of the Moon. The sighting of
the New Moon marked the first day of each month. This is the day when the Moon is in
Equinoxes conjunction with the Sun and is invisible from Earth (no Moon, creating a dark night).
Equinox, “equal night” (equi nox), oc- Then, as the days pass, the Moon makes its way around the earth, with the full moon
curs at the time of the year when the Sun being opposite the Sun’s position and thereby reflecting the Sun’s light brightly on the
appears in the sky at the intersection of earth (a bright night). The Latin word calare means the “announcer” or “caller,” and is
the ecliptic with the celestial equator. The the origin of our word calendar, derived from the act of announcing the sighting of the
ecliptic is the Sun’s apparent path during New Moon each month. The oldest lunar calendar is believed to be on a 17,000-year-
a year when viewed from Earth, and the old cave painting at Lascaux and Marshack, a complex of caves in the Dordogne region
celestial equator is a projection into space of southwestern France.
of the earth’s equator. This intersection Lunar calendars had 360 days, 12 New Moons with 29.530588 days between them,
occurs twice a year: the vernal (or spring) rounded off to 30 days. (Curiously, the normal menstrual cycle is around 28-29 days,
equinox (roughly March 21), marking the again linking the feminine with the Moon.) With 30 days per month resulting in only
start of spring; and the autumnal equinox 360 days per year, each culture had to add 5 days, and every 4 years they had to add 6
(roughly September 20), marking the start days to the 12 months to sync with the Sun’s cycles. The exception to this is the “Blue
of autumn. At each of these times of the Moon,” that occurs about every 2.7 years, adding a 13th New Moon which appears
year the Sun rises and sets more directly in in various months. Each of the New Moons revealed important events, and they were
the east and west, and day and night are given names according to these events. Here are the names for New Moons:
of equal length. • January—Moon after Yule (after the birth of the “baby”)
The pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichén • February—Snow Moon
Itzá in the Yucatan is aligned so that • March—Sap Moon (tree sap is running)
the spring and autumn equinoxes cast a • April—Grass Moon (grass is sprouting)
shadow on the northern stairway, creating • May—Planting Moon
a pattern representing the undulation of • June—Honey Moon (time for “honey beer”
a snake’s body as the Sun sets. The effect and June brides)
is enhanced by the huge stone snakeheads • July—Thunder Moon (most frequent time
carved at the bottom of the stairs. Clearly for evening storms)
the builders constructed this amazing • August—Grain Moon (wheat and corn
pyramid with an understanding of the harvest)
movement of the Sun and how it cast • September—Fruit Moon (harvesting fruit
shadows at these specific times of the year. and nuts)
• October—Harvest Moon (final harvest
Sun-Worshipers before first frost)
Among the earliest nature watchers on • November—Frosty Moon (first frost)
Earth were the Sun-worshipers, which • December—Moon before Yule (before the birth of the “baby”)
included societies we know today as the These lunar calendars worked very well for all, except for one culture: the Egyptians.
Celts, Norse, Greeks, Romans, Slavs, the The Moon cycles failed to predict a critical event in ancient Egyptian lives, and that was
Germanic peoples, and the Indians of the coming of the Nile’s flooding season. The Egyptians discovered that this major event
India. All are considered to be descended began on the first day that the star Sirius was visible just before sunrise. The appearance
from the Proto-Indo-European society of this star marked the beginning of the flood season. Because of this discovery, the
originating in and around the Caucasus ancient Egyptians adopted what may have been the first solar calendar, so they could
and Carpathian mountain ranges, which observe “heliacal rising” (stars rising near the Sun, especially Sirius). The Egyptians de-
then spread to Europe and later down vised a 365-day solar calendar known to have existed as far back as the year 4236 BC.

October-December 2017 19
The Origins of Favorite Spiritual Holidays
Here are some of humanity’s special holidays and the origin of each:

• New Year’s was always the first New of the fasting period known as Lent,
Moon of the New Year. In Babylon, which begins 47 days before Easter
this was the first New Moon following Sunday but is considered to be a 40-day
the vernal equinox (late March) when period because Sundays are not counted
there was an equal period of light and and it actually ends on Holy Thursday
dark in a day. In ancient Egypt, the year (Maundy Thursday). Holy Thursday
began with the annual flooding of is the evening of the Last Supper when
the Nile River, coinciding with Jesus created the mystery of Holy
the rising of the star Sirius Communion, the eating of
(June). The Chinese bread and wine as a symbol
New Year began with of the sacrifice of body
the second New Moon and blood for spiritual
after the winter solstice ideals. Lent has been
(February). But it was called “Bright Sadness” endar (named after
Julius Caesar who creat- because it is the suffering Pope Gregory XIII,
ed the Julian calendar and that precedes a great celebra- who introduced it
established January 1 as the tion, as a woman in the pains in October 1582).
first day of the year in honor of Janus of labor that will result in a new
the Roman god of beginnings, Janus, child. It is associated with the sadness • Ascension Day
Caesar’s namesake. of the 40 days in the Wilderness that is 40 days after
eventually led to the Promised Land Easter (after the
• Twelfth Night is January 5th, for the Israelites, and the 40 days that Resurrection)
that last night of the twelve days of Jesus spent in the desert after receiving and is when Jesus
Christmas (these 12 days are known the Holy Spirit and his ultimate victory ascended into
Christ Ascension by Gebhard
as Christmastide). Twelfth Night ends over Satan’s three temptations. Heaven. Fugel: commons.wikimedia.org
on the eve of Epiphany Day, January 6.
Around the world, special pastries are • Easter and Passover originated as rites • Shavuot falls 50 days after Passover
baked on Twelfth Night, and eaten the of life’s resurrection in springtime from and originally celebrated the grain har-
following day for the Feast of Epiphany its death in the winter. For the Jews, it vest of winter wheat (May to June) but
celebrations. In English and French was the time the Angel of Death passed in modern times it celebrates Moses’
custom, the “Twelfth-cake” was baked over their homes as it struck down receiving the law from God on the
to contain a bean and a pea, so that Pharaoh’s people, forcing Pharaoh to Mount (in May).
those who received the slices containing let the Israelites go free. For Christians,
them should be designated king and it was the time when Jesus rose from • Pentecost is 50 days after Easter and
queen of the night’s festivities. Epiphany death. commemorates the descent of the Holy
Day marks the beginning of three major Spirit upon the holy women and the
moments in Jesus young life, before his • April Fool’s Day may be traced back disciples (June).
ministry began: (1) the arrival of the to the bad luck many associate with
Magi with their honor and gifts, (2) his the unlucky number 13! In • Ramadan com-
baptism by John the Baptist, and (3) ancient Persia, the festival memorates the first
the day of the miracle of the water into of Sizdah Bedar (meaning, revelation received
wine. Epiphany comes from the Greek “getting rid of thirteen”) by Mohammed, and
epiphaneia, meaning “manifestation,” was and remains a day of involves 30 days of
actions that make the abstract a reality. celebrations in the outdoors day-time fasting.
with family activities, one of Exactly when this
• Valentine’s Day is in these activities was playing period begins depends
mid-February because it pranks on one another. In upon the sighting of
was originally observed as the modern Solar Hijiri the New Moon on the
the birds’ mating season, calendar (a Persian calendar ninth month of the
and therefore became a tied to the equinox and Islamic calendar (the
celebration of romance. based on astronomical observations) name of that month is, not surprisingly,
the day is celebrated on the 13th day of Ramadan).
• Carnival or “Carnival Day” and the month of Farvardin, a date which
Mardi Gras (meaning, “Fat Tuesday”) is typically corresponds with the 1st or • Eid al-Adha is the “Feast of Sacrifice”
a party feast that precedes the beginning 2nd of April in our own Gregorian cal- on the first of September, commemo-

20 EdgarCayce.org
finest clothes, adorn their homes with • Halloween
lights and decorations, give treats to October 31
children, and enjoy visits with friends marks the begin-
and family. As the month draws to a ning of winter
close, Muslims share their blessings by and was celebrat-
feeding the poor and making contri- ed with bonfires,
butions to mosques. The actual date is masquerading
determined by Ramadan. (wearing cos-
All Saints’ Day in Mexico coin-
tumes), and cides with the Day of the Dead
• Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New telling ghost and it honors deceased children
Year (September) and begins the “Ten stories. and infants.
Days of Penitence.” The New Year
begins with Rosh Hashanah and ends • All Saints Day November 1 celebrates
with the conclusion of Yom Kippur. all the people who have lived good lives,
The centuries-old Chinese New Year Tradition is celebrat- The Ten Days of Penitence are seen as sacrificed their lives for others or for a
ed at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. an opportunity to change for the better. good cause, and are being recognized
rating when God appeared to Ibrahim During this period, a person can write for their deeds.
(Abraham) in a dream and asked him
to sacrifice his son, Ishmael (Ibrahim’s • Thanksgiving Day (U.S.A.) commem-
first-born son—some have this to be his orates the Plymouth Colony in New
second son, Isaac; the Quran does not England having a good harvest and sur-
name the son), to demonstrate his will- viving the coming winter with the help
ingness to obey God. When it became of a Native American named Squanto, a
clear that Ibrahim was going to obey member of the Pawtuxet tribe, and with
God, God intervened by sending his the help of surrounding tribes (the 3rd
angel Jibra’il (Gabriel), who then put a Thursday in November).
sheep in his son’s place. Thus, lamb is
often eaten and shared with the poor on • Mawlid al-Nabi celebrates the birth
this holiday. Eid al-Adha (pronounced of Mohammed, the founder of Islam.
eed-ul-ah-dah) is one of the two most their name in the Book of Life or in It is the 12th day of the month of Rabi’
important Islamic holidays (Eid al-Fitr the Book of Death by changing their al-awwal.
is the other). thoughts and actions. It is a period of
testing one’s heart and mind, of repen- • Advent is the
tance and prayer. season to prepare
for the “advent”
• Yom Kippur, also called the “Day of of baby Jesus on
Atonement,” marks the end of the “Ten Christmas. It be-
Days of Penitence” (September). It is gins four Sundays
the most important Jewish holiday, the before Christmas.
so-called “Sabbath of Sabbaths.” On this Traditions vary
day one fasts, refrains from work, and/ but it is common to have an Advent
or attends synagogue services. For the wreath and an empty manger (awaiting
devoted, it is a 25-hour period of fasting the baby’s coming). The highlight of
and prayer for forgiveness of sin and Advent is St. Nicholas (Santa Claus in
• Muharram begins the Islamic liturgical misdeeds. many cultures) Day (December 6) and
year (September). Liturgical comes from has become a time of gift-giving. Baking
liturgy, meanings “public worship,” and • Thanksgiving (Canada) celebrates a was a big part of Advent, and baking
refers to the annual cycle of religious successful harvest (the second Monday traditionally began on December 20.
holidays. September begins the Islamic in October). Decorating a tree has been a part of
cycle of religious holidays for a year. Advent but traditionally it would have
This holiday began when Muhammad • Shemini Atzeret (pronounced been a Tree of Jesse, an image of a fam-
emigrated from Mecca to Medina (July sha-meeni–at-zer-et, and meaning, ily tree symbolic of baby Jesus’ ancestry
16, 622). “Assembly of the Eighth Day”) joyous- that helps to tell the story of the Bible
ly celebrates the Torah (Five Books of from creation to the Christmas story.
• Eid al-Fitr – The period of Ramadan Moses)—October 12. In the Diaspora
fasting ends with this holiday, rightly (Jews living outside of Israel), an addi- • Hanukkah (“Festival of Lights”) is an
called the “Festival of Breaking the tional day is celebrated with dancing eight-day celebration of the purification
Fast.” At Eid al-Fitr people dress in their and singing. of the Temple of Jerusalem (December)

October-December 2017 21
dating back to our communities. (5) Nia (Purpose),
165 BC. Unlike means restoring our people to their tradi-
the seven-can- tional greatness. (6) Kuumba (Creativity),
dle menorah using all our talent to create more beau-
in the Temple tiful and beneficial communities than
(mystically repre- we inherited. (7) Imani (Faith), means
senting the seven “believe in ourselves” and the goodness
spiritual centers that will come.
or chakras), this
menorah has • The Twelve Days of Christmas is a lost
nine candles. holiday. Traditionally these would be
Technically, this is not the menorah but the 12 days after Christmas leading to
a candelabrum with one master candle Epiphany on January 6 and the arrival
in the middle (the Shamash) with which of the Magi to see the baby Jesus. They
to light the eight candles, and it is these were days for reflecting on what the ”Der Sabbath” by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (1860)
eight that honor the miracle of the oil incarnation means in our lives. During
burning for eight days in the Temple this period, there were three feasts have been many variations of this song
when there was actually only enough dating back to the late fifth century. (1) and the version we sing today was creat-
oil for one day. Of course, the timing of December 26 was and is the feast of St. ed in 1909.
this festival is so close to the Christian Stephen whose generosity gave food
holiday of Advent and Christmas that Many of our holidays have lost some
the two often share similar activities for of their sacred intention, commercialism
children. turning them merely into shopping days.
Christmas now is often just a time for
• Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus buying trees, decorating the tree and
(December 25). house, shopping for big dinners and
Santa’s gifts, and piles of presents under
• Kwanzaa is a seven-day celebration the tree. Valentine’s Day has become
of African people and the “Nguzo a time for buying—chocolates, candy
Saba” or “Seven Principles” to live by hearts, jewelry, flowers, and special

(December 26). These seven principles cards—instead of honoring romance

comprise Kawaida, a Swahili word and love. Easter baskets are filled with
meaning “common.” Each of the seven candy eggs and chocolate bunnies.
days of Kwanzaa is dedicated to one Thanksgiving is more about feasting and
of the following principles: (1) Umoja First published image of a Christmas tree, frontispiece scrambling for Black Friday bargains
(Unity), meaning unity in the family, to Hermann Bokum’s 1836 The Stranger’s Gift than sharing gratitude for a bountiful
community, and nation. (2) Kujichagulia and clothing to the needy, and was a harvest. Despite all of this, many families
(Self-Determination), meaning to day for giving the feast’s “leftovers” to strive to highlight the spiritual and the
identify ourselves and speak for our- the poor (as in the carol “Good King sacred above the profane and perhaps
selves, not how others see us or speak Wenceslas”). (2) December 27 was and simply putting time aside to be together
of us. (3) Ujima (Collective Work and is the feast of the only Apostle not to be to share meals and gifts is of value in our
Responsibility), related to developing our martyred, John the Evangelist, author busy lives.
communities and solving our problems of the Revelation. It is his gospel that
together. (4) Ujamaa (Cooperative opens with the profound words of how Sabbath
Economics), African-American enter- the Word (the Logos) became flesh and A journey through sacred festivals and
prise—developing businesses that profit dwelt among us. (3) December 28 was traditions should rightfully conclude
and is the holy day for remembering with the all-important Sabbath. The best
the “Holy Innocents,” the babies who English word to translate this Hebrew
were two years of age and younger and word is “intermission.” Sabbath is an
pulled from their mother’s arms and intermission from the everyday movie of
murdered by Herod, causing Rachel to life. This special day originated during
weep for her children (Matthew 2:18). the Creation in the biblical book of
The Christmas carol “The Twelve Days Genesis: “Thus the heavens and the earth
of Christmas” was a gift-giving song that were finished, and all the host of them.
began on Christmas day and continued And on the seventh day God ended his
for 12 days. It was first published in work that he had made; and he rested
England in 1780 but is known to have on the seventh day from all that he had
been an older French folk song. There done. And God blessed the seventh day,

22 EdgarCayce.org
ancient mysteries, allow me to point out was changed to huan or xún (every tenth
the ancient practices of a “holy” day or day) in the Tang Dynasty (618–907).
“rest” day in so-called “pagan” cultures In 1961 the Supreme Court of the
and the secular world. United States held that “Blue Laws”
The Babylonians celebrated the 7th, (Sunday rest laws) were not just reli-
14th, 21st, and 28th of each month as gious but were intended to promote the
“holy days”—actually, they were called secular values of “health, safety, recre-
“evil days,” meaning they were un- ation, and general well-being” through

Attribution: Via Wikimedia Commons

suitable for certain activities and those a common day of rest, and that this
activities were prohibited. But they were day coinciding with majority Christian
also considered to be rest days. Tablets Sabbath neither reduces its effectiveness
from the reigns of Cyrus the Great for secular purposes nor prevents adher-
(600–530 BC), and his son, Cambyses of ents of other religions from observing
Persia, indicate these dates were based on their own holy days.
the lunar cycle of 29 or 30 In Russia and other (for-
days and basically con- mer) Soviet republics the
and sanctified it; because on it he had tained seven-day weeks. subbotnik was originally
rested from all his work which God Important to our study is a weekly day of volunteer
created and made.” (Genesis 2:1-3) Then that each of these weeks work on Saturdays and
in Exodus we find this commandment: contained a Sabbath day. had been observed since
“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep In ancient Rome, there 1919. But it is now month-
it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do was a nundinae every eight ly. However, Sundays

Via Wikimedia Commons

days (pronounced nun-dee- continue to be considered
nigh). It was a market day, a “volunteer teamwork”
during which children were day (voskresnik).
exempted from school and From the biblical sabbat-
laborers rested from work ical year came the modern
in the fields or practiced Archangel Michael or ‘Sabbathiel’ concept of sabbatical, a
religious rites. The French Revolutionary prolonged, often one-year, hiatus in the
Calendar had ten-day weeks called career of an individual. A sabbatical is
décades and each included a décadi, a often taken because of some goal, such
leisure day. as writing a book or traveling extensive-
Shabbat (Sabbath) at the Western Wall in Jerusalem is The Zoroastrian calendar, which ly for research. Scientists, physicians, or
often described as a magical experience. contributed to the Jewish calendar, held academics at some institutions receive a
all your work; but the seventh day is a every “seventh day” to be a holy day. paid sabbatical as an employee benefit.
Sabbath [intermission] to the Lord your The Uposatha (pronounced oooo- In some cases. it is an unpaid sabbatical
God; in it you shall not do any work, poh-sah-tah) has been observed since to simply take a break from one’s career.
you, or your son, or your daughter, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha’s time Finally, I must share that the
your manservant, or your maidservant, (500 BC), and is still being kept today in Archangel Michael has another name
or your cattle, or the sojourner who is Theravada Buddhist countries, such as (actually all the angels have many
within your gates; for in six days the Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, names), and that name is Sabbathiel,
Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and Burma (Myanmar). It occurs every meaning “he who guards the intermis-
and all that is in them, and rested the seven or eight days in accordance with sion,” that is the Sabbath break. This
seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the four phases of the Moon, and is a important leader of God’s army of
the Sabbath day time of giving alms angels also has the task of keeping a day
and made it holy.” and withdraw- of rest for incarnate souls.
(Exodus 20:8-11) ing from one’s
Photo Dharma from Sadao, Thailand

About the Author

For the Jews the normal activities. JOHN VAN AUKEN, is
Sabbath is Saturday, Buddha taught that a long-time A.R.E. staff
for Christians Uposatha is for member, international tours
Sunday, and for “the cleansing of leader, current director at
A.R.E., and one of our
Muslims it’s Friday. the defiled mind,”
most popular teachers of
Technically speaking, resulting in inner meditation and mystical
Islam’s Friday service The Uposatha Night Via Wikimedia Commons peace and joy. spirituality. He has ap-
is not a day of rest but of gathering for Laws of China’s Han Dynasty (206 BC peared on several television programs and is the
congregational prayer; they can and do – 220 AD) required imperial officials to author of dozens of books, audios, and DVDs.
work on that day. rest on every mu (fifth day), within a ten- —For a complete listing of John’s upcoming special
Since this column is focused on day Chinese week. However, the rest day activities visit EdgarCayce.org/johnvanauken.

October-December 2017 23
B y J erry L a z arus, M A

Legend has it
that the sage Parashurama,
an incarnation of Lord
Vishnu of the Hindu Trinity,
threw his axe toward the
sea, and the water receded
to where the axe landed—
creating an enchanted new
land, Kerala, for his devotees
to live in peacefully.

Creative Commons CC0 pxhere.com

24 EdgarCayce.org
of Onam
Lower left: National Geographic Magazine named Kerala
as one of the “Ten paradises of the world”
Photo by Shijan Kaakkara creativecommons.org)

Top middle: Traditional dancer celebrating the Onam

Lower middle: The traditional 26-course Onam feast is
served on banana leaves
Courtesy of Sharmilee Jayaprakash at sharmispassions.com

Rght: The perfume of flowers fills the air during Onam

grew up in Kerala, a state netherworld, which made the deities mandala-like floral arrangements are
located on the southwestern coast (devas) fearful of his growing powers. displayed in front yards and verandas
(Arabian Sea) of India. The name Aditi, the mother of the deity Indira, everywhere. This is to give a royal
means “the land of coconuts,” which sought Lord Vishnu’s help to stop welcome to King Mahabali. Onam
is appropriate because coconuts are Mahabali. Vishnu disguised himself as celebrations can last ten days, but most
everywhere in Kerala. So too are a vaamana (Sanskrit for dwarf) and celebrate for three days. The three-
monkeys! Our tricked him into agreeing to give him day festivities are marked by Hindu
most celebrated whatever amount of land he could temple celebrations with elephants
tradition is cover by taking three steps. Having and religious rituals, a wide variety of
Onam, a festival godly powers, vaamana expanded to traditional games, regatta, folk songs,
indigenous to gargantuan proportions. His first step and dances.
Kerala, which covered the heavens; his second covered Everyone buys new clothes and these
is similar to the earth. Having nowhere to place his are given as gifts. But it is the third day
Thanksgiving, third step, he asked the King: “Where that is most anticipated as this is when
only grander. shall I put my foot?” Knowing now a sumptuous feast is shared with family
Though the that the vaamana was an incarnation and friends.
festival is rooted in Hindu mythology, of Vishnu, and there was nothing he How well I remember those feasts!
Onam is celebrated by Keralites could do without risking the lives of his Usually there are 11 essential vegetarian
irrespective of religion, caste, or creed. people, he said: “Place your foot upon dishes served, and sometimes as many as
You’ll find Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, my head.” Vishnu, having recognized 26 items (see photo). As the traditional
Buddhists, Jains, Jews, and atheists alike the humility and noble self-sacrifice meal is served on banana leaves, it was
celebrating with the Hindus. At Onam, of the king, granted him a last wish my task to harvest the leaves from the
identities fall away, and we celebrate before the third step would banish him banana trees in our yard, cut them to
as one people. That’s why I love it so to the netherworld. Since the king was size, wash and dry them, and lay them
much. so fond of his people, his wish was to out as serving platters. I didn’t mind the
The first record of Onam celebrations return once a year to visit them. Thus work knowing the scrumptious feast
dates from 800 AD, though the was born Onam, when the beloved that was about to follow!
tradition goes back much further and king returns home and brings with
is based on a story found in Bhagavata him peace, equality, justice, truth, and
About the Author
Purana, a sacred Hindu scripture. prosperity for all.
Jerry Lazarus, MA, is a
According to the text, there was a Growing up, I looked forward spiritual teacher and counse-
golden age of Kerala when the righteous to Onam more than any other lor with a master’s degree in
King Mahabali ruled a utopian celebration. Traditionally, it is held religion and meditation. He
land where there was no dishonesty, in August or September at the end of leads seminars, workshops,
deception, or unfair practices. the monsoon season, which is also and small groups in South-
port, N.C. Jerry is the author
Mahabali, however, was not satisfied the time of rice harvest in Kerala, and of Dreams: Listening to the
with this paradise. He went to war and the start of Kerala’s traditional New Voice of God, and Saint John Bosco—Dreams: The
extended his rule to the heavens and the Year. Flowers bloom profusely and Guiding Voice. Visit his website: JerryLazarus.com.

October-December 2017 25
“In January 1946, shortly after my return
from overseas, I began talking with Trustees
and other members of the Association

Treasures regarding the creation of a department, to

be known as the Edgar Cayce Foundation,
which would insure the systematic preserv-
From the ing, indexing, and extracting of the readings.
This, everyone agreed, was the very heart of

Vault our future activities—the key to the services

we are capable of rendering.”
—Hugh Lynn Cayce
Hugh Lynn Cayce was serving in Europe during WWII
when his father, Edgar Cayce, passed in 1945

Thanks-for-Gladys Day!
The Archival Work Gets Underway alone 14,306 of them—and translating it into else could have accomplished. She re-created
In the early 1950s, at the request of well-defined search terms! Furthermore, once every event from when she was hired in 1923,
A.R.E. Director Hugh Lynn Cayce and Robert the readings were categorized and assigned and went back through the existing archive to
Adriance, volunteer and future president of numbers (for confidentiality), whole series capture the substance of readings that were
the Edgar Cayce Foundation (E.C.F.), a survey of readings (such as on earth changes) had lost or not under her purview. No one else
of the foundation archive was commissioned to be identified and re-organized under new could have done that. Every record forms the
to outline a system whereby the Cayce numbers—and all of this without the aid of a whole of the memories of her life as record
readings could be indexed, classified, computer or the internet! keeper. When you take in the larger picture,
collated, and photographed, and made readily Among Davis’s helpers were Jeanne when you really get into the readings and
accessible to researchers. Special efforts were McCullough, who typed up the index sheets wrap your mind around that accomplishment,
made to maintain Gladys created, secretary Cathey Lucas who you realize that what was created is a spiritual
the confidentiality of double-checked their accuracy, and Ann Ran- script for life in the earth, organized and made
reading recipients. dall, who spent seven years typing index cards useful by one individual: Gladys Davis.”
On January 3, for the card files, one for the E.C.F. and one for After the last reading was processed in
1960, Gladys Davis, the Library. Other helpers included librarian September 1971,
former secretary to Mae St. Clair, who worked for several weeks E.C.F. president
Edgar Cayce and on her own family’s readings, as many as six Robert Adriance
archivist, officially Gladys Davis at work in one-time typists, and a team of Remington delivered the in-
began the monumen- the E.C.F. archives in the Rand technicians who helped conduct the dex, catalog, and a
tal task of carrying 1950s survey and then photographed the completed complete record of
out the recommendations. During the 11-year index and accompanying readings. the readings on 23
project, each of the 14,306 Cayce readings For Gladys Davis, this endeavor was the rolls of microfilm Gladys Davis in the
would be analyzed, supplemental background culmination of her life’s work. So accurate and to the Library of archives in the 1960s
and correspondence selected and attached, comprehensive was the final product that, in Congress for copyrighting. A celebration was
and the data classified and cross-referenced over four decades, few corrections have need- in order! At a “Thanks-for-Gladys Day” gala
for inclusion into a massive readings database ed to be made. Previous to this project, the dinner held that November 27, more than 130
and card catalog to be made available in the readings themselves had only been studied by A.R.E. friends gathered to honor Gladys with
Foundation vault to researchers, and in the a handful of people who had been privileged speeches, songs, and holiday cheer served in
A.R.E. Library to the public. to have access to the vault. Subsequently, style at the Marshalls Hotel, just down the hill
The challenges went far beyond studying tens of thousands of students and researchers from where the E.C.F. work took place.
fading copies of decades-old readings and worked with the readings using the index in
attaching background material that didn’t the A.R.E. Library, and many thousands more
compromise the identities of the 5,700 worked with the readings when they were
individuals who received readings. The more made available on CD-ROM in 1993. Today,
formidable difficulty rested in handling the the readings are available on-line to members
content of the readings themselves. Some throughout the world.
contained as many as 50 reference terms Davis’s successor and long-time E.C.F.
in a single reading, and could cover such archivist Jeanette Thomas has said, “The
diverse subject matter as life in Atlantis, indexing and selection of the correspondence
bone density, and child rearing. Imagine the was solely on Gladys’s shoulders, and she put
difficulty of analyzing even one reading—let those readings together in ways that no one “Thanks-for-Gladys Day” Gala Dinner in 1971

26 EdgarCayce.org
Left: The original 9 ft. x 9 ft. vault was located within the Cayce home on Arctic Crescent with seven file cabinets on each side; Mae St. Clair assisted Gladys.
Center: Researchers at the A.R.E. Library use the new index and readings card catalog.
Right: Gladys Davis, inside the vault after it was relocated into an expanded space when the campus Visitor Center was built.

The Work Continues linear feet of audiovisual materials, 60 linear

Over the years, the physical vault has had feet of photographs, 17 linear feet of artifacts,
many incarnations. During Edgar Cayce’s lifetime, and 12 linear feet of framed artwork. The
the records of the readings were the family’s majority of these materials were deemed to be
personal property and stored in the Cayce home stable and in good condition, although there
and office. In February 1948, the Edgar Cayce was minor evidence of deterioration consistent
Foundation (E.C.F. or “the Foundation”) was with age and use.
chartered to provide sole permanent legal and The assessment contains a prioritized set
physical custody of these historical resources and of recommendations split into short-term and
for many years were housed, first in the Cayce long-term actions. The first action consists of
Hospital Building and then in the Visitor Center developing a foundation of best practice stand-
at A.R.E. headquarters in Virginia Beach. ards. (History Associates is currently working
Now, most of these archival records are with the E.C.F. staff to develop the guiding
stored in the new, state-of-the-art Don and documents for supporting the archives, such as Today, historical photographs, records of the readings,
Nancy de Laski Education Center building. the collection scope, roles and responsibilities, and similar Foundation treasures reside in the Don and
Nancy de Laski Education Center building.
Historical, aging, sensitive, and fragile materials acquisitions policy, and even a proposed fee
are further protected within the Foundation structure to monetize elements of the collection
vault in that building. Microfilm copies of the for commercial use, where appropriate.)
original carbon copies of the readings and relat- Future planned projects include processing
ed correspondence are stored in a climate-con- the many collections within the archive,
trolled facility off the premises. Today, Director including digitizing the historical photographs
of Support Services and Outreach Cassie at a high-quality resolution and watermarking
McQuagge; Library them to make them available for many forms
Manager Laura Hoff; of future use. (The photographs accompanying
and Archivist Karen this article are from the collection.)
Davis, continue to History Associates and the A.R.E. believe this
manage the foundation valuable collection is worthy of recognition
and archives. on a much broader scale than it currently Archivists Kelly Lathrop, Megan O’Hern, and Mark Evans
In January 2017, receives. With proper policies, procedures, of History Associates at work in the archive in 2017
Laura Hoff (foreground)
more than six decades with Karen Davis at and a cohesive intellectual arrangement with
—Venture Inward editors extend thanks to Claire
since the original sur- the foundation’s card its rich potential for digitization, the E.C.F. Gardner and Barbara Zoeckler of the E.C.F. for
vey was conducted, the catalog can successfully promote and provide access their help preparing “The Cayce Family Postcard
Foundation received the results of an archival to the unique contents of this collection and Collection” (Jul-Sep 2017 Treasures from the
needs assessment conducted by History As- Edgar Cayce’s important work, to ever greater Vault). Also, a very special thanks to Conferences
sociates, a corporation in Rockville, Maryland, numbers of people around the world, and for Manager Allison Parker Hedrick for her research
that specializes in historical consulting services centuries to come. and contribution to the creation of that article!
and preserving and managing archival records
and artifacts. The assessment team, consisting To learn more about E.C.F., please contact Laura Hoff at laurah@EdgarCayce.org,
of archivists Mark Evans, Kelly Lathrop, and 757-457-7223, or visit EdgarCayce.org/vault. If you would like to know how you can
Megan O’Hern, evaluated approximately 575 contribute to the preservation of materials in the vault, contact Patrick Belisle in our
linear feet of paper records in addition to 193 Office of Development at pat@EdgarCayce.org or 757-457-7126.

October-December 2017 27
A Holiday Remembrance:
Christmas in Dayton, 1923
B y s i d n e y k i r k patr i c k

ugh Lynn Cayce, Edgar
Cayce’s eldest son, expected
to see his entire family when
his train from Selma, Ala., arrived in
Dayton, Ohio, on Christmas day 1923.
Waiting to embrace him at the station,
he thought, would be his mother and
father—Edgar and Gertrude—his
5-year-old brother, Edgar Evans, and
18-year-old secretary Gladys Davis,
who, just two years Hugh Lynn’s senior,
was practically a part of the family.
But as the train pulled into the station,
and he stepped out of the Pullman
into several inches of new-fallen snow,
there was only his father, looking tired
and gaunt, to greet him on the train
This was the first of several unpleasant
surprises awaiting Hugh Lynn on this
school vacation in Dayton, where his fami-
ly had relocated while he finished his junior
year at Selma High. The next surprise came
when Hugh Lynn caught his father in a
bear hug and discovered that he had stuffed
newspaper under his clothes for, as he
would learn, insulation from the cold. His
father couldn’t afford an overcoat—nor,
for that matter, could his mother or Gladys.
That’s why they hadn’t come to the train
station to greet him.
The truth of the family’s financial plight
came into sharper focus as Hugh Lynn
accompanied his father by trolley to a
neighborhood in Dayton’s poor West Side,
then followed him up a flight of ramshackle
stairs to a second-floor, two-bedroom rent-
al. Back in Selma, his family had an entire
house with a parlor, dining room, and guest
quarters (not to mention a lawn and shade
trees). In Dayton, Hugh Lynn would be
sleeping in the living room; Gladys was
Thanks to the generosity of Morton Blumenthal, six-year-old sharing a bed with little Edgar Evans.
Edgar Evans Cayce would finally get to enjoy a Christmas Christmas dinner was the next dis-
bounty after a lean holiday season the previous year appointment. The Cayce’s routinely
celebrated the holidays at one of his uncle’s

28 EdgarCayce.org
farms in Kentucky, where there would be interested in his work. In Selma, in contrast, ed to stick it out in Dayton! They weren’t
the likes of roast turkey, heaping platters where Edgar had been a church deacon and going to return to Selma and try to get
of pickled vegetables, sausage, and mashed had the best-attended Bible study class in their photo studio back, or try to open
potatoes. In Dayton, the cupboard was anyone’s memory, his services had been another photography studio. Nor would
bare without even a bottle of his father’s in great demand. In Selma, many families they return to Kentucky and rely on the
homemade wine or jars of his jam. Dinner turned to Cayce for help even before seeing charity of family.
for the five of them was a chicken so small, a doctor—but not in Dayton. “That’s what made the big difference,”
as Hugh Lynn later remarked, that he could The blow that hurt the most was the Hugh Lynn would later say, reflecting on
cup the entire bird in the palm of one hand. sudden disappearance of Arthur Lammers the events that Christmas, and how, in ret-
Tension was in the air. Hugh Lynn felt it from their lives. Lammers was the wealthy rospect, what seemed like the end of their
as Gladys and his family bowed their heads owner of a Dayton printing and photo- work as he understood it, was actually the
in prayer, and then in the strained conver- engraving company who had promised beginning.
sation that ensued. He repeatedly asked Gladys and the Cayces a steady income if What Hugh Lynn referred to as “the
what the problem was. “Dad avoided any they relocated to Dayton. Not only this, he big difference” was his family’s steadfast
questions by saying they were getting along had pledged to build a hospital where pa- commitment to doing spiritual work by
all right, people were getting readings, and tients would receive the benefit of Edgar’s putting the readings first in their lives.
things were going to work out. And then unique counsel. This would-be benefactor No matter where his father’s unconscious
he’d ask, ‘How is everything in Selma?’ to had dropped from sight. It was not until the mind took him, the family had faith they
keep me away from what was going on.” new year that the Cayces discovered that were doing God’s work. Come what may,
Hugh Lynn had been shielded from the Lammers was in a protracted legal battle they were in God’s hands and at his mercy.
truth. His mother and father had spent the and would declare bankruptcy and move Out of that commitment had come the
last money they had—a gold coin which to Cincinnati without ever once calling life readings, which forever changed the
was all that remained of his mother’s them. Aside from Edgar’s promised salary, Cayces’ understanding of the dynamic laws
dowry—to buy a round-trip train ticket so money that Lammers owed them for back of the universe.
Hugh Lynn could visit them for Christmas. rent on an office and apartment would also Everything had indeed changed, though
Nor was there money to reimburse the not be forthcoming. Edgar, in fact, still kept the Cayces and Hugh Lynn didn’t yet know
family friends back in Selma who provided an office at the Philipps Hotel in downtown it. Arthur Lammers was out, but another
Hugh Lynn room and board while he fin- Dayton, simply because he could not pay financier, Morton Blumenthal, was about
ished school, or money for Gladys Davis, the bill due upon check-out, and feared for to show up on their Dayton doorstep. And
who had given up a well-paying job as a his arrest if he tried to give it up. thanks to Morton, “the work” would have
bookkeeper in a Selma hardware store to There were no gifts under the Christmas a new home in Virginia Beach, and there
come to work for the Cayces as a stenogra- tree that year—at least not the kind that would be gifts under the tree on Christmas
pher. She hadn’t received a single paycheck Hugh Lynn and Edgar Evans had grown Day, 1924.
and was wearing the same brown dress that accustomed to receiving. Under the tree for Spiritual blessings aside, young Edgar
she had worn on her arrival to Dayton four Hugh Lynn was one of his father’s readings, Evans would receive a model train, toy bat-
months earlier. So impoverished was the a new type of reading that Gladys and his tleships, a cannon, and a red scooter. Gladys
family that the readings themselves were parents were calling a “life reading.” Hugh Davis was hosted to a shopping spree in
being transcribed on wrapping paper that Lynn, of course, was familiar with his fa- New York. Edgar and Gertrude would
was courtesy of the butcher who had sold ther’s health readings; one he had received get a brand-new automobile. Hugh Lynn,
them the Christmas chicken. a decade earlier had saved his eyesight. But who was despairing his family might never
The family’s financial plight was actually what were these life readings about? What be able to afford to send him to college, re-
worse than Hugh Lynn could imagine. did the movement of planets have to do ceived just that. Morton paid for his college
Income from the sale of the Cayce’s photo with one’s career and vocational interests? education at Washington and Lee, one of
studio in Selma, which had supported the And what was this sacrilegious nonsense the finest private colleges in Virginia. There
family for over a decade, hadn’t arrived about past lives? was, Hugh Lynn would later remark, no
in time for the holidays nor would it ever. Christmas 1923, was shaping up to be finer a Christmas for the Cayce family!
Poor management by Edgar’s father, who the worst ever. The family’s great experi-
had been left in charge of the sale, resulted ment—his father giving up his career as a About the Author
in unexpected fees and tax penalties. photographer to turn his life’s work over Sidney D. Kirkpatrick,
co-editor of Venture Inward
Income from giving readings, which to giving psychic readings—appeared a
with his wife, Nancy, is a
had long supplemented earnings from the failure of colossal proportions. They had New York Times best-selling
photo studio, had also proven unreliable. lost everything they had on the grandiose author. His books include
This was because few people in Dayton promises of a businessman who now Edgar Cayce, An American
knew about the readings or what Edgar wouldn’t so much as return their phone Prophet and True Tales from
the Edgar Cayce Archives, co-
did. He had no reputation in Ohio, and calls. And what made everything worse,
written with Nancy (pg 63 and ARECatalog.com).
fellow members of the Christian Church so far as Hugh Lynn was concerned—his Join them on a Valentine Cruise to Mexico, Feb. 11-18,
that they attended proved cordial but un- father, mother, and Gladys too, had decid- Call Regina Mata 281 374-7351 or 832 289-9201.

October-December 2017 29
Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit
B y jac k rose n

If there is that attitude of bringing help and

of keeping helpful forces through the periods
when the applications are made, we may
eradicate almost entirely this deficiency that
is called the Parkinson’s Disease. (4085-1)

Jack and Mary Rosen

hat I call my “spiritual with pain. I was always very cold and is where Cayce encourages us to begin
adventure of healing” began could not get warm. When I would go to examine illness—I had a fairly
when I was having dinner for a walk, the tips of my fingers would good idea of how I had brought these
with my son and his wife, and they turn white. symptoms upon myself. I had recently
pointed out that my hand was shaking, Eventually the pain in my hands and lost my wife. Her mother and father
which I hadn’t noticed. I had recently feet got so bad that I had trouble driv- had also recently passed. During that
been experiencing various aches and ing. Whenever I was walking, it felt as process, and for the entire previous
pains—my thumb would twitch now if puddles of water had accumulated in decade, I had been in and out of hospi-
and then—but as I was almost 70, I just the soles of my feet. Naturally I became tals, emergency rooms, doctors’ offices,
assumed this was part of getting older. depressed and anxious, and as a result, waiting rooms and ambulances to the
Within a month I developed more started making some very bad financial point where the very thought of doctors
acute symptoms. I lost my senses of decisions, which included almost selling was upsetting. During this time, I had
smell and taste. I couldn’t sleep through my house. To say I was in the middle of also made five trips to healers in Brazil
the night because my thumb and index a “dark night of the soul” would be an in hopes of curing my wife of breast
finger would shake and rub against understatement! cancer. Her condition would improve,
each other. This was the scariest part of There is no test for Parkinson’s, but always came back. Simultaneously, I
what was happening, as I was unaccus- only a diagnosis based on symptoms. was in the middle of an intense profes-
tomed to being out of control, especially As both my father and uncle had the sional situation which brought out the
over my own body. At this point I was disease, I knew the symptoms all too darkest sides of me.
still able to hide most of the symptoms well and believed that this is what I had. Into this toxic environment came
from my family and friends. They had I also suffered arthritis, a subject I knew long-term issues that had been per-
no idea what I was going through, only about because I lectured extensively colating within me. My parents and
that I was behaving strangely. on it. And though I received no formal my wife’s parents were both concen-
Even so, this didn’t adequately pre- medical diagnosis, I also figured out I tration-camp survivors. I could never
pare me for what came next. I could no likely had Reynaud’s disease, a blood understand how seemingly godly people
longer turn over in bed without using vessel disease. The issue now was what I had allowed this to happen, and as a
extreme physical effort. I was very stiff was going to do about it. consequence, I harbored a deep mistrust
and had trouble keeping my balance I didn’t have to search out the Cayce of people.
and getting dressed. I had trouble hold- readings because they had been dear Do I sound judgmental? You bet I
ing a pen, and my handwriting became to me for over 50 years. In fact, I was do. That’s where I’m going with this.
ever smaller. I had trouble swallowing; considered an expert, having given Betrayal, or a sense of betrayal, was
food would sometimes get stuck in my workshops on the remedies and using an important karmic force in my life. I
throat. The nails on my toes turned the treatments on my friends and family believed this karmic force, driven by my
black, and one of them fell off. The joint for nearly as long. Now it was my turn personal beliefs, came together to help
on my thumb and big toe became red to pursue and apply the healing. create illness that manifested physically
and swollen, and would start to throb From a spiritual viewpoint—which as disease.

30 EdgarCayce.org
Edgar Cayce always looked upon my lack of true forgiveness was a key treatments for neurological illnesses are
illness as an “opportunity,” and would ingredient of my illnesses, and I believe, very similar in nearly all of Cayce’s read-
invariably ask the sick person why they may be the main cause of much of my ings, including the recommended use
wanted to get better. If they weren’t suffering in this lifetime. My “opportuni- of the Wet Cell Appliance. The only dif-
willing to change and let go of anger, ty” was to practice forgiveness. ference between the treatments Delany
hate, jealousy, or negative traits; if they The Cayce-inspired physical treatment and I chose was: I used the Radiac®,
weren’t ready to come from a place of I chose to use was the protocol Dudley instead of the Wet Cell Appliance that
love and forgiveness, and realize that Delany used to heal himself of MS Cayce more often recommended. (Both
“We are our brother’s keeper,” he would years before, as described in his book, of these and other referenced products,
warn that healing processes would not The Edgar Cayce Way of Overcoming and instructions on how to use them,
be effective. For me, this meant for- Multiple Sclerosis: Vibratory Medicine are available at the A.R.E. bookstore or
giveness of both the imagined and real (available at the A.R.E. bookstore and directly from the A.R.E.’s official manu-
betrayals in my life. I came to realize that Amazon.com.) Delany writes that the facturer, Baar Products, at Baar.com.)

The first month of doing the out-

lined treatment brought no discernable
Here is an outline of what my results. In the fifth week, however, the
treatments involved: pain in my hands and feet began to
subside. My left thumb and forefinger
1. Upon arising, 5 days a week, swallowed one drop of
stopped shaking, and the shaking of
Atomidine in a warm glass of water
the fingers on my right hand decreased
2. A complete change in diet, following the Cayce dietary in frequency. I actually started getting
recommendations (available at EdgarCayce.org/diet). This some sleep!
diet consists of 80% alkaline-producing and 20% acid- Jack Rosen undergoing Radiac That was just the start. Every month
producing foods. I completely eliminated all sweets, fried therapy that followed, the symptoms continued
foods, red meats, alcohol, and more. I strictly followed the to improve, so that by the end of one
dietary guidelines. I also did a recommended three-day apple diet followed by a colonic. year I was 75% improved. As I am writ-
ing this, it is now a year-and-a-half since
3. The use of the Radiac device, in cycles of four days on, two days off. I alternated the use of I have been undergoing the treatment,
Vibradex® Gold and Silver solutions. and I believe that figure is at the 95%
mark. I am not as strict with my diet as I
4. Use of an electric vibrator with which I could reach all parts of my body, which I used on
was in the beginning, but the news here
the same days I used the Radiac. Cayce recommends an actual massage to redistribute the
is that if I don’t do my prescribed set of
energies, but that wasn’t practical for me.
exercises, the symptoms start to let me
5. Walking twice a day as well as doing a simple set of Yoga postures. know they are still there.
I imagine that I will be using this
6. Use of an infrared sauna (in my house), three days a week. Cayce would often recommend protocol for the rest of my life. In
infrared light for arthritis. my workshops, I refer to it as “The
Fountain of Youth Protocol.” This is
7. Castor oil packs over the various parts of my body that were in pain during the first six
not only inspired by my success using
months. I would also massage my hands and feet with Egyptian oil (Arthro Massage Oil).
the Cayce recommendations to treat
8. Use of the Violet Ray over my whole body three times a week. the above-mentioned symptoms, but an
observation I made on my journey of
9. Prayer and meditation each time I used the Radiac. And, my reading material consisted of recovery. My mental clarity and memo-
books related to Edgar Cayce and Eckhart Tolle. Twice a week I participated in Edgar Cayce’s ry have greatly improved. Now that’s a
A Search for God study group meetings, one of which met at my house. I also reconnected blessing on top of a blessing!
with the Gurdjieff organization, where my spiritual search started 50 years ago. In short, I
surrounded myself with like-minded spiritually uplifting people.
About the Author
10. And, the hardest part of the treatment for me: Practicing forgiveness for all the people jack rosen does consul-
who I consciously and unconsciously felt had done me wrong. There is nothing to forgive really, tations and gives workshops
on the Cayce remedies once
since most of our life is spent in a state of mindful unawareness. In other words, all the people
a month at the office of
involved in my particular life drama were all reacting to each other, as was I, on an unconscious Nidia Carrero, MD, located
level that manifested in a tangible way. This is karma and it highlights the importance of what in New York City. See this
Cayce told us: “Watch self go by.” In other words, I had to wake up and see the larger picture month’s Venture Inward
of how and why I was thinking the thoughts and taking the actions that I was. I had to make Calendar of Events, or visit
EdgarCayceheals.com and
conscious what was happening on an unconscious level, and make corrections.
for more information on remedies and products,
visit edgarcayce.org/diet and Baar.com.

October-December 2017 31
Grand Opening of A.R.E. Camp’s New Dining Hall!
By Patrick Belisle

N early 200 friends of A.R.E. Camp flocked to Rural

Retreat, Va., to attend the Grand Opening of the
brand-new Dining Hall June 30-July 2. Participants
It’s hard to believe that just two years after a tragic
fire destroyed the original structure, the A.R.E. Camp
community has manifested this open, nature-inspired,
of the weekend-long event had a lot to celebrate: The
gorgeous building where campers will eat, sing, and
new building is beautiful, the food and festivities were
fantastic, and the heart-centered company was second play for generations to come.
to none. It was a joyful celebration of a momentous
A dinner reception was held June 30, at the histor-
ic Bolling-Wilson Hotel in Wytheville, Va., where the
Dining Hall Fundraising Committee hosted a committed
group of well-wishers. A.R.E. CEO Kevin Todeschi and
I, as A.R.E.’s Development Director, gave special thanks
to the Committee for their successful fundraising efforts,
to John and Sandy LaPrelle for their partnership on the
project, and to Camp Manager Malenka Kaydan for
her heroic efforts over the past two years to keep Camp
July 1 saw the main event: The dedication and blessing
of the new Dining Hall and Shower House at A.R.E.
Camp. A tour and talk about the new building was
led by architect Greg Jackson, who did a flawless job
of bringing nature into the Dining Hall structure and
providing a space that uplifts every visitor. Many were
moved by the sign over the kitchen door which reads,
“Carol’s Kitchen” in memory of longtime Camp Head
Cook Carol Baraff who passed away two years ago.
Next, Shower House project leaders Rich Hopkins and
Hal Costley were also congratulated as they showed
campers around their lovely new creation.
During the Dining Hall Dedication Ceremony, many
plaques and pieces of art were donated, and Camp
Director Duke Miller and his staff were thanked pro-
fusely for their efforts. Finally, Lois Luckett led the group
in a blessing ceremony which culminated in a shout of Architect Greg Jackson brings nature inside and provides an uplifting space.
“Joy!” as the group circled the building’s wrap-around
porch, radiating love and blessings for a long life. What
a powerful event it was! This was followed by delicious
food and activities such as a pie-eating contest, a square
dance, mandala drawing, swimming at the pond, and a
campfire. It truly was the perfect day at Camp.
Grand Opening attendees also celebrated the fact
that the A.R.E. has a new 25-year lease on the Camp
property! So, here’s to at least 25 more years of A.R.E.
Camp community and growth. Thanks to all of you who
participated in this celebration!

Note: Although the buildings have been constructed, we still need to

raise a few thousand dollars to pay off the cost. If you can help, please
go to EdgarCayce.org/camp to chip in what you can. Thank you!

32 EdgarCayce.org
A.R.E. News Around the World

Manifesting the Cayce Work: A Message from the Board of Trustees

By William “Bill” Austin, A.R.E. Board Chairman
It has oft been given that this [association] is not under any schism or ism or any
E dgar Cayce’s dream, to build a hospital where
patients could benefit from his readings and
students could study the principles put forth in his
individual tenet other than that which has been of old, “I am my brother’s keeper!”
That should be the cry that should be in the heart of every member, every individual,
“I am my brother’s keeper!” (254-91)
work, took shape in 1927, when the Association of
National Investigators (A.N.I.) was created to serve
as a nonprofit research and service organization.
Less than a year later, the Cayce hospital opened its
doors and Atlantic University (A.U.) began hiring
faculty. Unfortunately, from the get-go, A.N.I.,
the hospital, and A.U. suffered administrative and
financial difficulties as well as personality conflicts.
Operations shut down in early 1931.
Shortly afterward, under the leadership of Edgar
Cayce’s son, Hugh Lynn Cayce, A.N.I. reorganized
and founded the Association for Research and
Enlightenment (A.R.E.). A new era began with a new focus. New A.R.E. Ideal and Mission Statements!
Between 1931 and 1945, direction was provided in 116 By Lora Little, A.R.E. Board Trustee
readings conducted for the Board of Trustees. These readings
focused on how best to: develop the A.R.E., serve its mem-
bers, and share and apply this potentially life-transforming
O ne of our board’s primary responsibilities is to ensure
its vision for the future aligns with its core values and
original mandate. Regular review of our organizational ideal
information with seekers. To succeed, the board was advised and mission statement is the foundation of that process. Mis-
to work together in a cooperative spirit for the common sion statements for top U.S. nonprofit organizations average
purpose of making manifest the love of God. anywhere from 9 to 15 words so that staff, volunteers, and
In doing so, the A.R.E. has been a success. Though we have members can easily call it to mind, and the public can quickly
suffered many trials and tribulations, we are now, in 2017, discern the purpose, goals, and values of an organization. The
manifesting Edgar Cayce’s dream in ways that would have most recent A.R.E. mission statement, revised in 2010, while
been difficult to conceive of 90 years ago. well written, was too long to be easily
The Cayce “hospital” is, in many ways, memorized (70 words!). That’s why
The A.R.E.’s Ideal/Vision:
“back” in operation. The health services we went to work writing another.
are thriving. Atlantic University has been Global Manifestation of Oneness Starting in 2016, the Strategic
revived and is growing. Millions of seekers and the Love of God and All People Activities Committee (SAC) in-
are exposed to the Cayce readings online The A.R.E.’s Mission: volved the entire Board of Trustees,
and in print. And, under the leadership of our CEO, directors, and the staff
The mission of the Association for
CEO Kevin Todeschi, our talented directors, at A.R.E. to begin the process. In
dedicated staff, and generous volunteers Research and Enlightenment is to addition, the committee utilized the
from around the world, the A.R.E. is trans- create profound opportunities for participation of three at-large mem-
forming the lives of people everywhere. personal change in body, mind, and bers representing our international
Having had the good fortune and honor spirit through the wisdom found in volunteers, youth and young adults,
to serve on our board for five years and the Edgar Cayce material. and a former board member who
act as its chairman for the past two, I am had been involved with the last ideal
pleased and delighted to look to our future. and mission review. The project re-
How can A.R.E. best serve our members, customers, and the quired much discussion, debate, and creative wordsmithing,
world in the 21st century? What profound opportunities do through 13 conference calls and three board meetings over a
we want to focus on providing for personal change in body, nine-month period!
mind, and spirit? Are we ready for a potential new influx of The group agreed that we wanted the statements to evoke
members should a major Edgar Cayce movie be released? a deeply felt response; recognize our connection to the
We will address these and other questions as we continue Edgar Cayce material; be brief, global, gender-neutral, and
to explore our vision for the future. You can help by sur- easily memorized; and be accessible and understandable
rounding the A.R.E., our board, staff, and volunteers with to all faiths and cultures. We are pleased to report that our
light, love, and gratitude. As the readings urge: “Be glad you hard work and mutual soul-searching has resulted in new
have the opportunity to be alive at this time, and to be a part and more concise statements that received final approval by
of that preparation for the coming influences of a spiritual unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees at the June 2017
nature that must rule the world.” (2376-3) meeting.

October-December 2017 33
A.R.E. News Around the World

Crazy Water for Crazy Times!

By Sidney Kirkpatrick

P eople have been attracted to the healing waters

of geothermal wells and natural springs since
before Roman times. Cold or hot, drinking or
bathing, everyone can benefit—so say the Cayce
readings, which recommend specific locations
based on the mineral composition of the water.
This is what inspired me to join Texans Dennis
White and Clark Wicker on a road trip to
Mineral Wells, Tex., home of Crazy Water, whose
products were referenced in over a dozen Cayce
readings on improving eliminations.
Located approximately 80 miles west of Dallas,
Crazy Water takes its name from an 1881 legend
in which a woman suffering from dementia started drinking Clark and I drank #3, which
from a well on the property of Bill Wiggins. People slowly is described as “Pretty Crazy,”
began to notice that the crazy old lady was not so crazy and ended the day with #4
anymore. Had the water from the well alleviated the lady’s (high-test), which is described
“crazies”? as “The Craziest.” The only
By the 1890s, visitors were camping on adjacent prop- difference between these prod-
erty and buying water for 10 cents a glass from the “Crazy ucts is the concentration of 10
Well.” Mineral Wells, known as “the town that Crazy built,” naturally occurring minerals,
was on the map. Among the early visitors was Ed Dismuke, which include lithium, calcium, Dennis White and Clark Wicker
who was told by his doctor that there was no remedy for his magnesium, potassium, sulfate, enjoying Crazy Water
ailing stomach. Dismuke began drinking the water and was and silica, with a total alkalinity (CaC03) of 621 (for #4).
healed, prompting him to buy the property, open the Famous All of us experienced the benefits: a mild stress-reducing
Mineral Water Company, and start distributing Crazy Water and mood-enhancing uplift and, later in the day, increased
products all over Texas. Eventually, Mineral Wells expanded eliminations (especially with the high-test), followed by a very
to become a spa resort town with four bath houses, seven sound sleep. I hit the pillow and didn’t stir till the morning
pavilions, two sanitariums, 46 hotels and boardinghouses, sun shone in my face! Readers will please note, however, that
and 123 different wells! in addition to drinking the water, I marinated in a hot tub of
When interest in mineral baths tapered off in the late Crazy Water at the Crazy Water Bath House for a joint-loos-
1930s, the company turned its attention to Crazy Crystals, ening, muscle relaxing, skin-clearing 45 minutes. What could
made from the minerals extracted from the water. This is make for a finer Cayce-related field trip!
the product that Cayce most often recommended, but is no
longer being produced. The mineral water, however, which is —For a complete history of the company, to receive their newsletter, or to
still sold today and shipped throughout the country, comes learn how to obtain Crazy Water, visit DrinkCrazyWater.com.
with a unique sales pitch: “Call us crazy, we don’t mind. Our
all-natural mineral water has been making people feel good
inside and out since 1881. Telepathy Remote Viewing Near-
As the only mineral water Death Experience Precognition
bottled in Texas, our water After-Death Communication Animal
boasts loads of benefits that Communications Lucid Dreaming
other bottled waters can only
envy. Pretty crazy, huh?”
Clairaudience Clairvoyance Out of
Dennis, Clark, and I—all Body Experience Spirit Visitation
fans of the Cayce readings— Have you personally experienced one or more of the
didn’t think the claim was above psychic phenomena? Venture Inward wants to
crazy, which is what prompt- know your story for a special 2018 Psychic Supplement!
ed our visit to the Crazy Please write a paragraph or an entire page (no guaran-
Water cantina for some bot- tees it will all be published) about your experience (and
tled water. Dennis ordered include any relevant photos if you have them) and send
up Crazy Water #2, which is them to us at letters@edgarcayce.org by December 1,
Crazy Water products since the described on the packaging 2017 with “Psi” in the subject.
early 1900s as “Just a Little Crazy,” while

34 EdgarCayce.org
A.R.E. News Around the World
Edgar Cayce Scholarship Program!

Hazel Zachar
Member Appreciation
E ach year a $1000
Edgar Cayce
Scholarship is awarded
to Virginia Beach-area
San Antonio, Texas graduating high school
Member since 1972; Life Member since 2006 seniors who write an
essay on how they plan
Why I give back to to “make the world a
A.R.E.: The sense of purpose
better place in which
and responsibility A.R.E. has
given me has helped me when to live.” Created by 2017 winner Nicolette Pember with
prolonged family health problems Kevin Todeschi and Kevin Todeschi
became overwhelming. I hope and funded by long-time A.R.E. member Nancy Clark and the
pray it can help others through George Clark Foundation, A.R.E. has awarded more than
their challenges as well. My $23,000 since it began 10 years ago. The goal of the pro-
support in any form has always gram is to attract young people to the helpful concepts in
been directed toward keeping the Cayce readings. This year’s winner is Nicolette Pember
A.R.E. active and meaningful. of Ocean Lakes High School, who wrote her essay on St.
Background/work life:  I was raised on an Iowa farm Mary’s Home for Disabled Children, in Norfolk, where she
and attended a one-room school house for the first eight grades. volunteered for the past six years. Two honorable mentions
During World War II, I was a cadet nurse at the University of of $500 each were given to Sean Burtner and Thomas Low,
Colorado, and from there went on to serve all around the world. also from the same school. There were 26 applicants. Be-
I received a B.A. in Education and a B.S. in Nursing from the sides their essays, other criteria included their grade point
University of Colorado, and an M.N. from UCLA. I went on to averages, test scores, acceptance at a college or university,
serve as a career Army nurse and retired as a full colonel in 1974. and ability to maintain a well-rounded life with sports and
Gifts to a.r.e.: I wanted others to be able to attend A.R.E. volunteer activities. (A.R.E. staff members, volunteers, and
conferences which I found so inspiring, so I established Hazel’s their family members are not eligible for this scholarship.)
Fund. It’s an A.R.E. endowment which provides scholarships to
those who may need some financial assistance. Another gift gives
me great pleasure too. I honored Gladys Davis Turner and all Sierra Leone Tragedy
the “Women of A.R.E.” with the renovation of the porch on the
Cayce Hospital building. It is now part of the Cayce/Miller Café
and is so beautiful–with a grand view of the A.R.E. campus and
W e regret to share with you that mudslides in Sierra
Leone took hundreds of lives as well as the Edgar
Cayce Center there. Approximately 10 percent of the
the Atlantic Ocean. Here is a trivia question for you: Did someone deceased were affiliated with that A.R.E. Center. Please
actually fund the renovation of the Visitor Center restrooms? Yes, include the deceased in your prayers and meditations. And
I did! Because we can all benefit from that one. if you are able to send a financial contribution to help them
Special A.R.E. memories: In the early 1970s, I read rebuild, you can always give to the International Red Cross
There Is a River. It was as though all the Bible stories and my or to the Water Bearers, which have campaigns specific to
own questions came together in a meaningful oneness like a the Sierra Leone floods.
jigsaw puzzle. Next, I was able to attend several conferences at
Virginia Beach; Hugh Lynn Cayce, Elsie Sechrist, and Everett Irion
were some of my favorite speakers. Gladys Davis (Turner) would
Thank you, Team Cold Spot!
spend her evenings at the Marshalls Hotel with a few attendees.
Her sense of inner peace was so inspiring. That time with her D r. Hollis King, co-author of the recently published
Cayce-inspired epilepsy study (see Jan/March
2017, Venture
is still special to me. It is also wonderful to hear the in-depth
presentations given at the recent conferences I have attended. Inward) reports his
And, of course, being part of the Grand Opening of all the new successful presenta-
buildings in 2014 was unforgettable as well. Special thanks to tion at the 3rd Neu-
Pat Belisle and Kevin Todeschi for that one, and for all their work rological Disorders
keeping the A.R.E. thriving. Summit, which was
Personal activities: Now at 95, I am, as the Bible says, held in San Francis-
“old and full of years.” Ah! But the joy of a daily walk and talk co in July of 2017.
with the Master…and friends. All is well. “We now have a
scientific article published and a scientific conference
Want to contribute to A.R.E.’s work? presentation on the topic,” Dr. King said. “Next step
Contact Development Director Patrick Belisle at is to get our study replicated for scientific consistency
757-457-7126 or patrick.belisle@EdgarCayce.org and go for a clinical intervention study.”

October-December 2017 35
A.R.E. News Around the World

Coming Full Circle: Adding Spirit to the Prison Edgar Cayce: Starring
Outreach Program Spencer Tracy!
By John Thomas as told to Judith Stevens
I n the letter excerpted below, Cayce biogra-

W hile working at the Kentucky State pher Thomas Sugrue describes his vision for
Prison in Eddyville, Kentucky, as an Edgar Cayce movie to Edgar’s long-time
a Classification and Treatment Officer friend, David Kahn:
(something akin to a social worker), an September 29, 1943
inmate asked me about the Edgar Cayce Dear Dave:
material. It was 1975, and he wanted to It occurs to me that if and when you talk
start a study group at the prison. I was a with movie men…you could ask them about
member of A.R.E. and agreed to sponsor There Is a River…and tell them they are overlook-
the group and obtain a special room ing a book that is more naturally a movie story
where we could meet each week. than any I have seen for a long time.
After contacting Judith at the Prison John Thomas and Prison Outreach Program This is not because I wrote it; I have written
Program and receiving free A Search for Founder Judith Stevens standing in front of other books and
God (ASFG) books, the Eddyville #1 the “Eddyville #1 Prison Group” plaque in the did not feel this
ASFG group began meeting with four A.R.E. Visitors Center Main Auditorium way. It was some-
participants. The group continued until 1980, when I left prison work to obtain thing I could not
a Masters’ degree. While outside prison, I attended the Hopkinsville, Ky., study escape: as I wrote
group with D.D. Cayce, as well as a group in Houston. Having tasted the “fruits” of the chapters, the
self-examination, I found I didn’t want to be without a group anymore. incidents shaped
themselves into Spencer Tracy was author
Fast-forward a few years to my retirement, and I was needed to care for my el-
derly mother who developed dementia. When she died in 2015, I put our house on scenes, and I got in Thomas Sugrue’s choice to
play Edgar Cayce in a movie
the market, and when it sold, in an act of faith, I purchased a townhouse in Virginia the habit of seeing version of his book There Is a
Beach and packed up my six cats and household plants and drove to “Mecca.” Spencer Tracy in River. Image By Fox Film Corpora-
Meanwhile, I was praying and asking Hugh Lynn and Charles Thomas (whom the role. I’m not tion via Wikimedia Commons

I had known) and Edgar Cayce (whom I had not known) to direct me to where movie-struck…it is just that Edgar Cayce’s life
I might do the most good in volunteering at the A.R.E. The first day I arrived in cries out for screen treatment…
Virginia Beach and as I was unpacking the phone rang. It was Judith Stevens. She Consider what the reviewers said—that it is
welcomed me home and asked if I would be interested in helping her with the an “American Protestant miracle story.” Is that
Prison Outreach Program. And that is where I have been ever since. not enough? Why go to Lourdes, when the
I have my own desk and workload, answering letters from inmates all over same story is here, in terms of Kentucky farms,
America. I’ve even found a “niche”—helping prisoners interpret and better under- Texas plains, and the Atlantic tides?
stand their dreams. So though Judith accused me of “bringing the big guns” (the Edgar Cayce’s life is the story of Everyman,
three Cayces) into my decision-making process, I feel I was led right to where God magnified and projected against a backdrop
wanted me to be! Supporting the Prison Outreach Program has become one of my of America. This is why I thought Hollywood’s
fondest spiritual traditions. readers would seize upon it as a natural. The
life of a saint or a martyr is thrilling enough in
—Plans for stocking prison libraries, state by state, are in the works, along with a concentrated itself, but here is a saint and a martyr who is
effort to start A Search for God Study Groups within prisons to help inmates begin to practice the just an American guy, a Protestant, a married
concepts they are reading about. The program seeks your prayers. If you are interested in finding man—it is an ideal mixture of the American
out how you can help, please contact us at prison@edgarcayce.org, or call (757) 457-7120. success story matched with the SPIRITUAL
success stories of the saints. See what I mean?
The Prison Outreach It is a love story, too, and in all of love’s

Program wants to manifestations and nuances: love of a good

involve more
woman, love of home and family, love of coun-
try, love of God, love of truth, love of integrity…
inmates and more Think of the scene when young Edgar rides
A.R.E. volunteers in from the fields on a horse which has never
in its life-changing been ridden: the consternation on the faces of
work. the men—then, as the horse’s owner mounts
him and is thrown, the fear, the suspicion, the
Devil-hatred. And the frightened boy, packing
Won’t you help us by his things to go to the town…
being part of this Contact Judith Stevens at Think what the camera could do with a
800-333-4499, ext. 7120 reading: as the words of diagnosis come from
transformative process? or prison@edgarcayce.org
the sleeping man the camera can envision

36 EdgarCayce.org
A.R.E. News Around the World

Nadean Philips
them—showing the scene of the fall from the carriage whereby Aime
Dietrich was hurt… Volunteer Appreciation
I would think that reincarnation could be left aside and a simple,
homespun document of a man serving God in a way not familiar to
the people, could be made of this heart-breaking story. In Hopkinsville,
before the bearded doctors in Bowling Green, in Selma, in Texas, in Austin, Texas
Dayton, at Virginia Beach—readings are given, and the pitiful things: the Member since 1970; A.R.E. Regional Coordinator 1988-2014
lame, the halt, the blind—see, walk, and live. Yet the eyes of the multi-
tude are turned away, unbelieving. What inspired you to
It is, you see, a great PARABLE, a great ALLEGORY for our times: volunteer for the A.R.E.?
I attended a lecture by Elsie
our age of skepticism, rejecting faith, rejecting God, rejecting miracles,
Sechrist where she quoted from
rejecting His Sign... the readings, saying: “Many
Well, why should I have to pep YOU up about Cayce? But aren’t you would be drawn to this Work but
a little bewildered that the sharp-eyed folks in Hollywood haven’t seen only those meaning to carry it
its possibilities? forward would remain.” At that
Always, Tom moment, I knew I wanted to be
among the group that would
carry the work forward. In my
case, service to others sounded
A.R.E. Development Director noble and rewarding too.
Patrick Belisle swears to Venture
Inward that embracing Shirley What special memories stand out?  My most precious
MacLaine is part of his job memories involve working with like-minded seekers. It’s fun to plan
description. (Last October at the and execute activities that have the potential to bring happiness
Virginia Film Festival.) to someone or even help change a life for the better. And, those
activities involving humor run a close second. For example, when I
became Regional Coordinator I visited study groups and members
in each state. I would fly into a city and rent a car (always the least
The Boys of the A.R.E.! expensive). Once I arrived in Tulsa where they did not have the car I
Rumor has it the models selected for the next A.R.E. calendar will be requested but told me to take my pick. I laughingly said, “Just give
speakers and volunteers (left to right) Bill Austin, Jon Shatat, Sidney me a Cadillac,” which, to my amazement, they did. It was no ordinary
Kirkpatrick, Don Carroll, Greg Little, Bob Baker, Peter Woodbury, and Cadillac, but a BIG red Cadillac, as long as a battle ship. Off I went
John Van Auken. singing “Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the
plains.” Only thing, every time I tried to lock the car, a siren would go
off—announcing to the world, “Help! Help! Someone is trying to steal
this car!” I got a lot of strange looks and none of them sympathetic.
What events/activities have you most recently
been involved with? I work with Field Conferences helping
with our Austin summer program and the Texas Spring Retreat near
Palestine. I have taken books to Houston for their program. It meant
leaving home at 5:30 a.m.—but it was fun and always good to see
old friends. I also help make books available at the San Antonio and
Dallas/Fort Worth programs.

Cosmic Connections! What are your personal activities right now? I

continue with sincere plans to sort and pack up everything in my
Q: What is the cosmic con- back room. It is stuffed to the ceiling with interesting articles and
nection between Edgar Cayce things! That’s the problem. They are too interesting. I start reading
and the long-running CBS and suddenly the day has passed and I haven’t done anything I had
drama series The Waltons? planned. I tried to take one of June Bro’s suggestions of asking the
Creative Spirit for help; but unfortunately, I start reading before I start
A: Both the parents and pa- praying and it goes downhill from there. But, tomorrow is another day.
ternal grandmother of actress In the meantime, I keep a ‘DO NOT ENTER’ sign posted on the door.
Michael Learned (mother Ol- Nadean can be reached at 512-327-7355, or by emailing aresw@
ivia Walton) received Edgar sbcglobal.net
Cayce readings, and actor Ralph Waite, Michael Learned
Richard Thomas (John Boy), and Richard Thomas (center) Want to contribute to A.R.E.’s work?
was the perennial favorite in the 1970s to play Edgar Contact Levan Burgin at A.R.E. Volunteer Services
Cayce in a movie version of his life! 757 457-7191 or Levan.Burgin@EdgarCayce.org

October-December 2017 37
A nn o unc i n g
The Enlightenment Series:
Monthly Practices for the Soul
In 2018, the A.R.E. will present a year-long special, The Enlightenment Series:
Monthly Practices for the Soul. Each month focuses on a spiritual lesson, based
on the A Search for God material, with complementing video lectures, lessons and
study materials (accessible in the members area of edgarcayce.org). Venture Inward
will take part in the year-long series, with related feature articles and content.

As an announcement preview to the 2018 Enlightenment Series,

we offer this introduction on meditation.

The Importance of Meditation

In Personal Transformation
Excerpt from Edgar Cayce’s Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality

B y Kev i n J. Todesch i

F or countless individuals, the Edgar Cayce readings have

been instrumental in providing an entirely new understand-
ing of the spiritual nature of humankind. From Cayce’s perspec-
more attuned to the Divine. In the language of the readings,
both are explained as follows:

tive, that relationship is not a thing far off—or something that is For prayer is supplication for direction, for understanding.
relegated to the “hereafter”—rather it is a personal connection Meditation is listening to the Divine within. (1861-19)
that can be experienced right now in everyday life! Meditation Then set definite periods for prayer; set definite periods
is important because it can provide individuals with the means for meditation. Know the difference between each. Prayer,
for gaining a personal awareness of and connection to that in short, is appealing to the Divine within self, the Divine
relationship. from without self, and meditation is keeping still in body, in
mind, in heart, listening, listening to the voice of thy Maker.
What is Meditation? It is not musing, not daydreaming; but (5368-1)
as ye find your bodies made up of the physical, mental and
spiritual, it is the attuning of the mental body and the physical Although some schools of thought contend the mind gets in
body to its spiritual source. (281-41) the way of the meditator and must therefore be blanked out,
Cayce suggests whatever the mind dwells upon becomes a great-
For some, meditation is as natural as prayer. It is the practice er portion of the individual’s core. For that reason, the readings
of quieting our physical bodies and our minds, and focusing our provided an affirmation for meditation which corresponds to
attention inward instead of upon the material world around us. each of the lessons in spirituality.
Meditation promotes coordination at three levels: physically, we The creative potential of the human mind is so powerful, the
begin to relax; mentally, our busied thoughts become quiet and first study group was told that an individual who focused upon
we become focused; and, spiritually, we can become attuned to spiritual things alone could become a “light unto the world”;
the presence of the Divine. Each of these levels enables us to deal whereas an individual who focused only upon selfishness would
both more effectively and more lovingly with the people and become a “Frankenstein.” For that reason, one’s intent is ex-
events in our lives. tremely important when practicing meditation. Ultimately, the
Although we may think of prayer as telling God what we intent of meditation is to learn how to better express divine love
need or want, Cayce believed that true prayer was not so much in our interactions with one another.
a petition for things as it was an expression of one’s desire to With this in mind, anyone can meditate by following a few
gain an awareness of the Creator’s will in our lives. Prayer simple steps. First, get into a comfortable position. It’s probably
invites God to work through us. Meditation, on the other hand, best to sit in a chair, keeping your spine straight, your feet flat
is clearing aside all random thoughts so that we might become on the floor, and your eyes closed. Find a comfortable place

38 EdgarCayce.org
For, ye must learn to meditate—just as ye have learned to walk, to talk . . .
Edgar Cayce Reading 281-41
for your hands, either in your lap or at your sides. In order to carry over into a greater portions of your day and life.
help with a balanced flow of energy throughout, the readings Sometimes certain physical sensations may occur in medita-
suggested keeping your palms down against your legs or closed tion. These sensations are simply a result of the movement of
against your stomach. Slowly take a few deep breaths and energy (often called the “kundalini” or even “spiritual energy”)
begin to relax. Breathe the air deep into your lungs, hold it for a rising through the seven endocrine centers of your body: go-
moment, and then slowly breathe it out. With your mind, search nads, leydig, adrenals, thymus, thyroid, pineal, and pituitary.
your body for any obvious tension or tight muscles. You can try The regular practice of meditation creates healing on many
to relieve the tension by deep breathing, imagining the area is levels. As you focus on a positive affirmation you may find
relaxed, or by gently massaging any tightness with your finger- your negative habit patterns will begin to change to be more in
tips. When you have become comfortable and more at ease than keeping with your positive affirmation. It is while practicing the
when you first started, you are ready to move on. silence of meditation—by relaxing your physical body and by
If you wish, the Cayce readings recommended a breathing quieting your conscious mind—that you can set aside your daily
exercise to assist in even greater levels of relaxation and attune- concerns for a moment and attempt to attune yourself to the
ment. First, breathe in slowly through the right nostril (covering spiritual side of who you really are:
the left nostril with your hand or thumb, and keeping the mouth
closed), then pinch your nostrils and breathe out through the Meditation is emptying self of all that hinders the creative
mouth. Repeat this for a total of three times. Second, with your forces from rising along the natural channels of the physical
mouth closed, slowly breathe in through the left nostril (cover- man to be disseminated through those centers and sourc-
ing the right), then cover the left and breathe out through the es that create the activities of the physical, the mental, the
right. Repeat this, as well, for a total of three times. spiritual man…for a greater activity in this material world.
After the breathing exercise, begin to focus your mind on (281-13)
one, single, peaceful, calming thought. Instead of thinking about
what went on at work or what has to be accomplished with the As we take the time, each day, to relieve our thoughts and the
remainder of your day, try focusing on a single thought such as countless cares we seem bombarded with, we can begin to rees-
“I am peaceful” or “I will be still and feel relaxed.” You can also tablish an awareness of our own spiritual nature. In one respect,
use a verse or affirmation with a spiritual focus. prayer is talking to God, but meditation can be like listening to
The first “stage” of actual meditation involves thinking about that portion of our being which is in constant communication
the message of your affirmation. In one of the examples cited with the Divine.
above, you would think about the words “I am peaceful.” After The most important relationship we all share is the one we
a few moments of thinking, you should be able to move onto the have with the Divine. In exploring that relationship through
second stage of meditation, which is feeling the meaning behind meditation, we come to know ourselves as well as our connect-
those words. For example, you could continue saying the words edness with one another.
“I am peaceful”; however, the feeling behind these words can be
much more meaningful than the actual words themselves. 2018 Enlightenment Series
In this second stage, try holding the feeling in silent attention, Monthly Practices for the Soul
without needing the words of the affirmation. Gently bring your January—Cooperation July—Patience
focus back to the words of the affirmation every time your mind February—Reflection August—Awareness
begins to wander. That is to say, first begin thinking of the words March—Ideals September—Prayer
of the affirmation, and then try to concentrate on the feeling April—Faith October—Karma and Grace
behind them. Don’t let yourself become discouraged when you May—Empathy November—Oneness
find yourself thinking more about distractions than you are fo- June—Community December—Love
cusing upon the affirmation. It will take time to teach yourself to
be able to think about only one thought. Spend anywhere from
3 to 15 minutes trying to hold the affirmation silently. These About the Author
longer meditation periods will become natural after you’ve had Kevin J. Todeschi is Executive Director and CEO
of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Enlighten-
some experience. ment (A.R.E.) and Atlantic University (AU), managing
To end meditation, consciously send out good thoughts or the day-to-day operations of the Edgar Cayce organiza-
prayers to other people or situations in life. At this point, you may tions. As both student and teacher of the Cayce material
wish to open your palms to help the energy of meditation flow for 35 years, he has lectured on five continents in front
through them. If you have been focusing upon peace, try to send of thousands of individuals. A prolific writer, he is the
author of more than 25 books, including the best-selling
a sense of that peace to someone you’re concerned about. As you Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, Edgar Cayce on Auras and Colors (co-au-
begin to practice meditation daily, it will become easier, and you thor), and Edgar Cayce’s Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality, from which this
might also notice the peace sensed during meditation will begin to article is adapted.

October-December 2017 39

The Science of Smile

Smile and the U niversity of Kansas Scientists Tara Kraft
and Sarah Pressman, who study the links
in your brain that regulate a wide range of
physical, mental, and cognitive functions
world smiles between stress and smiling, have concluded
that smiling while doing mundane chores or
which include sleep cycles, weight control,
and act as mood stabilizers. A neurotrans-

with you... (1261-1) otherwise unpleasant tasks lowers a person’s

heart rates and blood pressure. They found
that the effect was especially pronounced for
mitter imbalance can thus trigger a range
of complications that can lead to obesity,
depression, panic attacks, bipolar disorder,
participants who produced a big ear-to-ear and many other conditions. Rather than
KEEP thy smile of encourage-
grin as they went about their chores. The ex- join the legions of people taking pharma-
ment…for it lightens the heart of periment led the researchers to conclude that ceuticals to treat such conditions, a round of
many. (254-101) when faced with stressful situations, it may laugh therapy might be just what the doctor
be a good idea to put a smile on your face, should order!
Cultivate the ability to see the
if only for a moment, as this lowers stress. If this were not enough, studies reveal
ridiculous and to retain the This “grin and bear it” or “whistle while you that smiling people appear more reliable,
ability to laugh. For, know—only work” formula has the added advantage relaxed, sincere, and attractive. This is
in those that God hath favored of tricking our brains into believing we are the conclusion of The Face Research
is there the ability to laugh, even happy by unconsciously triggering memo- Laboratory in Scotland, which asked
when clouds of doubt arise, or ries of happier times. (The key factor here is a group of men and women to rate the
when every form of disturbance facial muscle memory. The more accustomed attractiveness of thousands of people in
arises. (2984-1) a person becomes to smiling, the more the photographs and in person. Smiling people
brain establishes neural links that tie happy were rated far more attractive. As this
SMILE and laugh often. Seek to memories together, the easier it becomes to and other studies show, this is likely why
find and read those things that smile, and the happier one becomes.) Smiling Hollywood actors practice their smiles and
are…humorous. (1306-2) in the midst of unpleasantness then becomes invest in expensive orthodontics, opting for
a self-perpetuating physiological response straight, white teeth. A million-dollar smile
Laugh under the most straining that increases chances for true happiness. can truly translate into millions!
circumstances. (1823-1) “The next time you are stuck in traffic or Last comes the matter of endorphins.
are experiencing some other type of stress,” When the smiling muscles in our face
Keep an attitude of helpfulness, says Pressman, “you might try to hold your contract, signals are sent to the brain that
cheerfulness, hopefulness. BE face in a smile for a moment. Not only will stimulate the release of these happiness-in-
OPTIMISTIC! At least make it help you ‘grin and bear it’ psychologically, ducing hormones. Laughter (especially
three people each day laugh but it might actually help your heart health belly laughs) releases a sheer explosion of
heartily by something the body as well!” endorphins in the brain and is one of the
says! It’ll not only help the body; There are other healthy reasons to put a physiological reasons why children are hap-
it’ll help others! (798-1) smile on your face. Smiling reduces the lev- pier than adults. They smile and laugh 20
els of the stress-inducing hormone cortisol times a day more than the average adult!
which can lead to cardiovascular disease, How best to put a smile on your face?
Smile and the world smiles with
mental illness, and obesity. Smiling—or the A Swedish study reveals an important
you—frown and it turns its back energetic boost that comes with laughter contributing factor: It is near impossible to
on you. (1261-1) and good cheer—also strengthens the keep a straight face when surrounded by
immune system which, in turn, again pro- people who are smiling at you. Thus, the
motes health and increases the likelihood adage, “smile and the world smiles with
of happiness. Further, smiling has a positive you,” is not only true, it could be the key to
A Wayne State impact on the balance of neurotransmitters happiness itself.
University study
of 1950s baseball
players revealed
that those with the
highest-octane smiles
lived the longest.
Among the study
participants was
Duke Snider, who died
in 2011 at age 84.
The four faces of John Van Auken, renowned for producing boisterous belly laughs

40 EdgarCayce.org
The Good Morning Man
C ommuters to the Farragut North Metro station in northwest Washing-
ton, D.C., call Larry Tutt “The Good Morning Man” because of how he
greets them on their way to and from work. “Good morning!” he excitedly
calls out in a gravelly voice from a folding lawn chair on the corner of 15th
and K streets. “Where’s that beautiful smile?” and “Don’t you look great this
What is remarkable about Tutt is that his smile and greetings aren’t
considered a nuisance, but have a positive impact on the passers-by with
whom he makes eye contact.
As first noted in the press
by Washington Post col-
umnist Petula Dvorak, and Dr. Matthew Hertenstein, professor of psychology at DePauw
University, Greencastle, Ind., studies yearbook and childhood
later captured on YouTube photos to document a correlation between how often people
videos, Washington’s army of smile and the likelihood they’ll divorce.
stressed-out lawyers, lobby-
ists, administrative assistants,
and tourists alike momentar-
Can Your Yearbook Photo
ily look up from their phones Predict Happiness?
and smile back at Tutt. He has
become such a beloved figure
in Northwest Washington
A ccording to happiness researcher Dr.
Matthew Hertenstein, childhood and
school photographs are indeed an indicator
that when he doesn’t show up of future contentment. As he has documented
on his preferred street corner in his book The Tell: The Little Clues That
(his morning session begins at Reveal Big Truths About Who We Are, those
6 a.m.), commuters ask him who smiled least in old photos, compared to
where he has been. Children those who smiled most, were five times more
aren’t afraid of him; they gig- likely to be divorced at some point in their
gle and put coins in his cup. lives.
Vietnam War veteran Larry Tutt holds court on the corner of As science now reveals, and Similar results were generated by a
15th and K streets in Washington, D.C. what students of the Cayce University of California at Berkeley study
readings have long known, Tutt’s morning blessings and generous smile which used 30-year-old yearbook photos
have both a psychological and a physiological effect on those with whom he to predict favorable outcomes in marriage,
crosses paths. A few kind words, coupled with a smile, stimulates our brain’s personal relationships, and career prospects.
chemical reward mechanisms in ways that even chocolate—the well-regard- Those with the widest smiles as children
ed pleasure-inducer—cannot match. Research shows that in addition to became adults who consistently scored the
lifting mood and reducing stress, smiling is contagious. One grinning face highest on standardized tests of well-being and
helps to produce another, or as Cayce told a music teacher, “SMILING is general happiness.
catching, sadness drives away.” (518-1) To the Glad Helpers prayer group, Even more revealing is the research of Ernest
Cayce counseled: “Smile” that “ye become lights to those that sit in dark- Abel and Michael Kruger of Wayne State
ness, to those that wander… It costs so little! It does so much good, and lifts University, who studied 230 photos of 1950s
the burdens of so many!” (281-30) baseball players. They divided the photos into
Equally remarkable is the fact that most commuters crossing Tutt’s path three categories: no smile, partial smile, and
believe he has nothing to be happy about and little or no reason to be wish- a full-on toothy grin. They next matched the
ing others well. A 63-year-old war veteran, Tutt walks with a limp and a cane player’s smile rating against his age at death,
because of a truck accident, has served time in federal prison for burglary, controlling for factors such as how long the
and was evicted several years ago from his tiny apartment. He has never players continued to play ball, whether they
been married, had children, or held a job for very long. By his own admis- had a college education, and their body-mass
sion, he is schizophrenic. Yet, by all accounts, he’s happy—incredibly happy. index. The conclusion: players who smiled fully
“God makes me happy,” he tells passers-by. “And God told me to make at the photographer were only half as likely to
others happy.” And so, as noted by Washington Post reporters commuting to die during any given year as those who smiled
work, since 2009 Tutt has sat down at the corner of 15th and K streets, a few only partially or not at all. Those who showed
blocks from the White House, and shouted, “Good morning!” a half-hearted smile lived longer than those
Why does he choose this particular street corner to work his spell? “People who didn’t smile. Those who lived the longest
here need it the most,” he says, and with a smile, adds, “Travel safe!” were those with the highest-octane smiles!

October-December 2017 41
SIXTH in a Series of 10
P a r a n o r m a l R e s e a rch Serie s
By Henry Reed, PhD

ESP: Not Just Good, But

Good for Something!*
Applying Edgar Cayce’s Philosophy
of Intuitive Guidance
M ore than two decades
ago, an article in the magazine
First for Women stimulated an unprec-
to-know” type questions that we might
genuinely pose if seeking the counsel of an
excellent psychic. Liaros and I then worked
their time, but not recommend.
“Any manner or form of work of any
nature [is]only given credence by the results
independently with the list of psychics obtained.” (3744-1)
edented number of new inquiries to wishing to audition. We each presented The significant finding from our ap-
the A.R.E. The article concerned the our personal list of questions to all of the proach—the news that sparked the
rewards and challenges of getting a reli- psychics, but worked with them in our own magazine article—was that Liaros and I,
able psychic reading, and mentioned the preferred way. when shifting our focus from who were
A.R.E. as a source for a list of psychics Liaros talked to the candidates on the the “good” or most “accurate” psychics to
who had proven to be worth consult- phone, as that is how she and many psychics those who were the most “helpful” or “good
conduct their sessions. She would ask one for something,” found ourselves agreeing in
ing by providing exceptionally helpful of her five questions, listen to the response, our evaluations, even when pursuing differ-
psychic guidance. The news flash from give some feedback, have some discussion, ent questions in two different ways. Cayce’s
Virginia Beach that triggered this article and then move on to the next question. My focus on results-obtained led to a new and
was, ultimately, our research method. preferred “blind target” method involved reliable method for evaluating psychics!
mailing my questions to them, with each Something new and useful had been created
Accurate vs. Helpful question sealed in a separate envelope. My out of the ideas in the readings, it attracted
Guidance written instructions asked the psychic to the attention of the general public, and set
Our method grew from our experience respond to the question before opening the an important precedent for our subsequent
as A.R.E. conference attendees. As part of envelope; then to open the envelope, read research.
the Edgar Cayce Legacy conference held the question, and comment on the initial
for many years at A.R.E. Headquarters, response. They would record their responses Phenomenon or Service?
participants would each receive two psychic on a cassette and mail it to me for review. We also focused our study on helpfulness
readings by members of a panel of partici- Thus, the candidates responded to the rather than accuracy, because we already
pating psychics. We based our approach on same two sets of questions, presented in two know that ESP is real. Countless labora-
Cayce’s advice to seek more than a single very different formats. Listening to several tory studies, using a variety of methods,
source for psychic guidance. different psychics responding to the very have accumulated an enormous amount of
The selection of suitable psychics for same questions made comparisons possible. evidence that, beyond a shadow of a doubt,
such an opportunity was therefore critical. I would recognize themes that kept appear- extra-sensory perception really does occur.
For this task, Edgar Cayce’s eldest son, ing, although in different vocabularies. My Dream ESP, in fact, is one of the more val-
Hugh Lynn Cayce, personally recruited confidence in the psychics would increase idated methods for observing paranormal
the well-documented professional psychic, when they told me something I knew to be events. But what, in this context, does vali-
Carol Ann Liaros, and she and I collaborat- true. Most exciting was when I’d hear some- dation mean?
ed to create a realistic auditioning process. thing that created a spark within me, like an In most laboratory experiments, the
Liaros had participated as a psychic in many AHA reaction. I would feel “seen” in a new evidence consists of a mathematical rela-
published laboratory experiments, with way, a way that I could recognize, now that tionship between two known groups of
good results, but felt that the meaningful it was pointed out. My own intuition could data: the information contained on the
test was in an “on the job” setting, being recognize meaningful possibilities, and target and the information contained in the
of real help to a person in need. We created after a good reading I would feel energized. perceiving participant’s responses. Being
that context by each writing down a set of It was easy to decide which psychics I’d “accurate,” or getting it “right,” means that
five personal questions. These were “need- recommend, and which ones I’d thank for the person’s response can be matched to the

42 EdgarCayce.org
target. What’s not considered, however, is
that this method produces no “new” knowl-
edge or information; it only demonstrates
that the perceiver could produce a response For ESP to be good
that matched the target. The demonstra- for something and
tion that “ESP was validated” becomes the
“phenomenon.” Beyond simply proving not just good, we
that ESP occurs, what good does it do? It
can increase confidence in the perceiver as must find “actionable
to their potential abilities, yes indeed. But intelligence” in the
what happens when attempting to validate
psychic guidance in a situation where the guidance, and then test
answer is not pre-known?
Consider this example from an exper- it through application.
iment in remote viewing, a procedure
that has been able to demonstrate almost
anyone’s ESP ability. The remote viewer
is given instructions; for instance, describe
the surroundings at this point on the plan-
et: 31 N 57 latitude, 35 E 11 longitude. move “paranormal” forward into public Liaros and I tried a variation on the
Experimentation has proven that tasks acceptance but will truly make a difference Thurston method on two of our online
such as these are quite doable. Spoiler alert: in people’s lives. circles. In what we have called an online
At that point on the planet is Mt. Moriah, “What does such information as may “Remote Empathy Circle,” we obtained
Jerusalem. The average viewer can describe come through such a channel produce in the similar results. Members of the circle each
elements of the scene: “bright sunshine, tan experience of individuals…does such make submitted a question regarding a person-
color everywhere, dry feeling in the air…” them better parents, better children, better al challenge. One question was chosen
The researcher can then attempt to match husbands, better wives, better neighbors, randomly, and the author remained undis-
the viewer’s report with what a camera better friends, better citizens? And if and closed. The circle participants then used the
sees at that point on the planet. What if the when it does not, leave it alone!” (1135-6) “Inspired Heart” meditation (described in
researcher instead asked, “What is going As one example of how to evaluate the Jan-Mar, ‘17 Venture Inward) to attune to
on there, what is the focus of events?” “accuracy” of the results of an intuition the chosen (but undisclosed) question and
that might be a more difficult question, circle, we have Mark Thurston’s doctoral then spontaneously recall a personal mem-
as a different kind of information is being study of the Dream Helper Circle. He con- ory that was to serve as a teaching story for
requested. Nevertheless, someone could ducted the experiment through the mail, the author. The participants next analyzed
go there physically to see if it matched the involving more than 100 dreamers, each the memory for a personal lesson and sub-
viewer’s account. However, what if the task dreaming for one of two focus people by mitted their response to the circle. Rather
was, “What initiative will improve quality sleeping on an envelope containing their than compare the focus person’s response to
of life there?” Now we come to a much name. To statistically evaluate the dreams actual memories versus “control” memories,
more difficult question—but one truly for accurate ESP, Mark presented each focus we analyzed how the different participants
worth answering—moving from identifying person with the entire dream collection, rated the memories. Could they recognize,
facts, or recognizing situations, to making which also contained dreams that were not from the memories shared, whether it was
suggestions. How could we evaluate the intended for anyone. Each focus person had their own question that had been the undis-
viewer’s response in this case? What would to sort through the dreams and pick out ones closed focus for the circle? We asked, “On a
we match it to? There is no existing reality that seemed to describe themselves, their scale from 0 to 100, how would you rate this
to compare to the response. Any suggestion life situation, and especially their targeted memory/lesson regarding how well it speaks
would have to be tested through actions question. Would the focus person be able to to your challenge/question?”
taken. For ESP to be good for something tell the difference between the ESP dreams In the first circle, the person whose ques-
and not just good, we must find “actionable intended for them and the other dreams not tion had been the focus gave an average
intelligence” in the guidance, and then test it intended for them? That was the question to rating of 90.5 to the memories. The other
through application. be answered by the statistics. One of the fo- players gave an overall average of only 35.8.
Switching focus from accuracy to help- cus people was indeed able to identify, with That difference is certainly significant. In the
fulness reflects a concern Cayce often statistically significant accuracy, the dreams second circle, the focus person gave an av-
expressed: Are we interested just in the phe- that were dreamed for her. Thus, Mark erage rating of 80.6 to the memories, while
nomenon, or are we dedicated to creating concluded, the information in those dreams the other participants recorded an overall
something serviceable? During A.R.E. con- for that focus person were accurate beyond average of 30.2. Again, it seems that the
ferences and programs, Liaros repeatedly random chance. The dreams matched the re- “matching” memories are specific enough
encourages people to identify practical uses ality, and thus we might conclude that there to be recognized.
for psychic ability. This will not only help was some extrasensory perception involved. These cases suggest that the memories

October-December 2017 43
that cropped up in response to the undis- things whose qualities and interactions can feelings, and the intuitive imagination. Just
closed focus question were “accurate,” or be mapped onto mathematical constructs. as Cayce notes that “truth is a growing
relevant. Such success at “matching” the Rather, his approach is more akin to that thing,” Native science does not assume
response with the intended target is what is of indigenous people, a “Native science.” that creation has fixed laws awaiting dis-
meant by “accuracy” —and which strongly The Jungian perspective on the “ar- covery through objective knowledge and
suggests that ESP is at work. chetypal psyche” provides an interesting mathematical modeling. Instead, wisdom
But more importantly, in follow-up, focus linkage between Edgar Cayce and the grows with experience. Rather than making
people in the Remote Empathy Circle re- indigenous consciousness. Jung noted that knowledge a commodity for the material
ported generally positive comments that the so-called “primitives” have a sophisticated marketplace, what folks actually have to
circle provided useful, helpful information. worldview, one that is derived from the offer one another are their stories. More
The most common remark concerned the unconscious mind as it interacts with nature than once did Cayce advise that referring
healing experience of receiving empathy, and its abundant sentient beings. Edgar to abstract principles or published studies
such as simply feeling “lighter,” or no longer Cayce seems to have attuned to that central is not as meaningful as speaking from our
concerned about “finding an answer.” One intelligence, and so it would make sense to own personal experiences.
person noted that the answer to her dilem- find parallels between his philosophy and “If the self or soul self comes to depend
ma was now clear, but that it would take that of the natives. too greatly upon external influences...then
some time before she could work herself A good resource for this comparative it is not self-development. And self-devel-
up to following through. Sometime in the study is the book Native Science: Natural opment in its relationship to the Creative
future, it will be interesting to find out how Laws of Interdependence by Gregory Forces... is ever the better.” (440-12)
these results have evolved, to see if the expe- Cajete, Associate Professor of Education at In this spiritually-grounded scientific
riences made a lasting difference. the University of New Mexico. There is a method, we can appreciate the individuality
significant congruence between the essence of our experiential perspectives.“Research”
The Scientific and the of Edgar Cayce’s perspective on evaluating occurs as we compare stories to draw
Intuitive guidance and the Native American ap- our own lessons, and growth happens as
In the study of every soul that would proach to science. we continue to test and apply our under-
be a channel to make known more of the In the Native world, “Spirit” is the core standing. Cayce certainly partnered with
mysteries of this journey of the soul, test reality, and its other name is “energy.” “experts” and individual professionals, but
each for that which will be constructive in Everything derives from Spirit, and thus we he also relied on and participated with a
thine own consciousness in the fruits of the are embedded in an energetic relationship circle of people with a common ideal who
Spirit; and the work becomes helpful to with everything—all of creation. Whereas were sharing their experiences. The Native
all. (5752-3) Western science idealizes mental constructs American viewpoint might recognize the
Of the many approaches to evaluating that provide prediction and control over na- Remote Empathy Circle as a shamanistic
our intuitive experiences, Cayce’s approach ture, the Native science seeks wisdom to live healing ceremony indigenous to the Cayce
to obtaining and validating guidance is in harmony with nature, which they see as community.
“scientific” in spirit, because it encourages the expression of Spirit in Earth. Anything Research methods matter when it comes
a skepticism prior to receiving validation we do to the world we do to ourselves, for to validating experiments and experiences.
through our application of the guidance we and the world are one. As Liaros and I learned (and Cayce knew),
that comes through. Yet, Cayce’s approach Native Americans insist that paying close guidance can arrive via multiple meth-
is not necessarily based on the “science” of attention to one’s experiences is crucial, ods—but what matters more is whether it
our Anglo-European materialistic mythol- yet one must use all the channels of per- helps.
ogy, which assumes a world of separate ception—not just the senses—including *Title based on “Be not merely good; be good for
something.” (279-1)

Discover Your To participate in a new series of research

Ideal Self projects involving receiving intuitive

guidance via heartfelt memories,
email henry.reed@atlanticuniv.edu.

Join or Start an About the Author

Henry Reed, PhD, an
Call Leigh or Karen at
A Search for God emeritus professor at Atlantic
University, is a research psy-
x7190 or x7166 Study Group! chologist by training, and the
author of several books and
scholarly articles describing
his research on developing
ways of applying the concepts
in the Edgar Cayce material.

44 EdgarCayce.org
God’s Other Door
As there is consciousness in sleep that is not ture.” At my surprise, she said, “That is what
physical—in the sense of physical awareness— we do around here.”
so there is a sense of consciousness in the same Once, Margaret told me about two of her
manner when the physical is entirely laid aside. lady friends who called each other every day
(1824-1) to check in. One day, one of the ladies called
the other several times throughout the day and
argaret was my sister. She got no answer until late afternoon. When her
was there when I was born friend finally answered the phone, she said,
and I always knew that her “Oh good. I thought you had died.” To which
loving spirit was with me, no her friend responded, “Not today.”
matter what was going on. These wonderful women lived full, fruitful,
Her calm and tender love was as real to me and loving lives—and were not afraid of death.
as my own breathing, and it still is, though on They accepted it, as part of life, with both grace
March 8, 2017, she graciously moved into the and peace.
next chapter for her soul. I am deeply Margaret was sick for only two weeks,
sad but cannot grieve because the in and out of the hospital, but moved
reality of her love and life still into hospice care when it became
shine beautifully in my own. obvious she was ready to move
Margaret lived 99 years on. All her children and grand-
fully with all of life’s good children were able to spend
times and hard times and time with her. Her youngest
was grateful for them all. In son and his wife were with her
our family, she was always at the end, as she drifted in and
the calm and peaceful one out of consciousness. She began
who prayed daily for each singing hymns, quietly at first,
one of us. One of my nephews, but her voice got stronger and she
when he was going through a dif- began singing Indian hymns known
Gladys and Margaret 1934 ficult time said, “I will get through Gladys and Margaret
as Bhajans. Every so often she would
this because I know Aunt Margaret is 2016 stop and say, “Ayah is here.” She sang for
praying for me.” two hours! Her minister came and spent a short
She lived by herself after her husband died time with her, said a prayer and blessing and
until she was 96, when she moved into a before she was out of the room, Margaret took
retirement home across the street from her her last breath. I glory in the sight of Margaret
church. In filling out the forms for the move being welcomed by a multitude of the Heavenly
there was a question about whether she played Host as she, accompanied by our Ayah, sang
a musical instrument. She wrote,“drums.”This and drummed their way to her “reward.”
was because when we were girls in India, our Her son and his wife wished they had re-
Ayah taught her to play the Dholuk (an Indian corded the singing but they were in such awe
drum played with both hands). Her retirement and bliss that they just had to live it and tell
home had a harmonica band and she became us about it so that we could, in our own way,
part of it. experience the blessed glory of such a passing!
Margaret, Ayah, and Gladys Last spring, I was talking to her on the phone Both Margaret and Ayah welcomed me into
and she asked, “Do you remember Betty?” I this world. And I know they will be there when
had just spent a week with her and I remem- I am ready to take that journey. Their presence
bered Betty well, so she continued: “We were is real every day of my life.
going to go to a wedding and I was driving, but
gladys Taylor McGarey, md,
Betty up and died so I had to drive by myself.” For there is no death, only transition from
MD(H), a pioneer in holistic medicine
While I was visiting her, she wanted us to have the physical to the spiritual plane. Then, as the
and study group member since 1957,
our picture taken together for the retirement birth into the physical is given as the time of
uses Cayce concepts in her consulting
center. When that was done she sat up straight the new life, so then, in physical is the birth into
practice in Scottsdale, Arizona.
and said, “Now it is time for the obituary pic- the spiritual. (136-33)

October-December 2017 45
Andrew Taylor Still:
The Miracle Man from Kirksville
B y Ke n A llego, C M T, D O ( C A N )

ike many dedicated dren from disease, about which he wrote:
students of the Edgar It was when I stood gazing upon three
members of my family, two of my own
Cayce health readings, my
children and one an adopted child, all
interest began with the man. I was dead from the disease, spinal meningitis,
so enthralled by There Is a River, the that I propounded to myself the serious
first biography of Cayce, that I went questions. In sickness has God left man
on to study the Cayce/Reilly style in a world of guessing? Guess what is
the matter? What to give, and guess the
of massage therapy and completed
result? And when dead, guess where he
5-year training in Osteopathy with the goes? I decided then that God was not a
Canadian College of Osteopathy in guessing God, but a God of truth. And
Toronto, Canada. Although I continue all His works, spiritual and material, are
to study the health readings as part of harmonious. His law of animal life is ab-
solute. So wise a God had certainly placed
my work, I remain deeply interested in
the remedy within the material house in
Cayce’s personal story and, in particu- which the spirit of life dwells.
lar, his connection with osteopathy His children’s deaths became a turning
and its founder, Andrew Taylor Still. point in Dr. Still’s life. As he searched for
By studying Dr. Still and his work, an answer to his questions, he concluded
that an intelligent creator had given man
you and I can better understand why
the cure to his ailments within his own
Cayce recommended and discussed body. To better understand His ways, Dr. Dr. Andrew Still, Founder of Osteopathy
osteopathy in his readings and person- Still was pushed to study anatomy in even
al correspondence over 4,000 times! greater detail. He did so now by dissecting Testing Osteopathy
human bodies, many of them exhumed One of Still’s most important early
The Beginnings of Osteopathy Native American cadavers. With this cases was treating a child with dys-
Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917) study, he reasoned that symptoms such entery, a form of gastroenteritis, which
was a medical doctor who learned his as fevers, diphtheria, typhus, liver disease, in the 19th century was called flux. The
trade from his father, a frontier doctor. and sciatica were just effects, and pro- primary symptom of flux was that the
By skinning squirrels and hunting, he posed that the causes originated from the patient would have diarrhea with blood.
became familiar with nerves, muscles, nervous system being over- or under-stim- Other symptoms included abdominal
veins, and bones. Then, as later, Andrew ulated. He also speculated that the pain and fever, which back in those days
Still was quick to voice his discontent misfiring of nerves would either result in often resulted in death—as Still expected
with the medical practices of his day, excess blood, causing congestion; or in the in this particular case. The child, which
which made him a target of ridicule by lack of blood, resulting in starvation of he found in the street, was covered with
physicians and laymen alike. Although the the organ. This is what he proposed might bloody “flux.” Standing nearby were the
criticism affected him emotionally, Still be the cause of disease. He then experi- child’s mother and the boy’s two siblings.
believed that it ultimately strengthened his mented by manipulating and adjusting the The mother and her children appeared
resolve. “When a man has a truth, abuse body, and found upon occasion that if the to be of limited means. Troubled by the
does him good,” Dr. Still wrote in his strain from the vertebrae was normalized, child’s condition, Dr. Still offered to help.
autobiography. the body was restored to health. On June When he touched the boy, Still noted
An abolitionist, Dr. Still joined the 22, 1874, Still was so confident in the cu- that the child’s lower back was very
Union Army and served as a surgeon rative power of his new-found discovery warm, while his abdomen was cold.
during the Civil War. Before the war’s end, that he gave it a name, osteopathy, from Although he had not understood the
he would see the death of three of his chil- the Greek word osteon, meaning bone. whole process of the disease, something

46 EdgarCayce.org
The American School of Osteopathy

intuitively or instinctively led him to Andrew Taylor Still’s Spiritual

manipulate the boy’s spine. He reasoned Interests and Philosophy
that through pressure and rubbing he Although osteopathy is a science- Dr. Andrew Still, left, demonstrating osteopathy
could realign some of the vertebrae from based profession, there is no doubt
the “really hot places, back to the cold that Dr. Still had an interest in spiritual
places.” He started at the base of the subjects and philosophies. He respected accounts involve Al Layne, the hypnotist
child’s head and continued to do this God’s wisdom with the human body who helped Cayce overcome aphonia
down the child’s entire spine, working and its ability to heal itself. He was also (voice loss) in 1901. As the story was told,
on him for several minutes. When he had fascinated by the soul and obsessed in Layne had learned osteopathy through a
finished, he asked the mother to let him discovering its physical location in the correspondence course, and after helping
know how the child progressed. The next human body. Unable to find a physical Cayce, started treating patients who came
day, the mother reported that her sick location within for the soul, he began to to him. Due to his lack of formal training,
child was alive and well! In his autobiog- search outside of the body, or “beyond as well as complaints from the medical
raphy, Dr. Still said that he recalled that the grave” as he put it. Although Still community, he shut down his practice
he treated “…seventeen severe cases of never acknowledged that he was influ- and enrolled in the Southern School
flux in a few days, and cured them all enced by theosophy and other spiritual of Osteopathy, in Franklin, Ky. Here is
without drugs.” philosophies, there are unmistakable where the story takes a delightful twist:
parallels in some of his published and two of Layne’s classmates, with the help
The Founding of the American unpublished works. Canadian osteopath of their professor, plotted to embarrass
School of Osteopathy Jane Stark, in her thesis entitled Dr. Still’s Layne and Cayce by exposing them as
The popularity of osteopathy grew Fascia, has written extensively on this frauds. The plan was for Cayce to give a
over the next two decades. With that subject. Stark mentioned that Still may reading in one of the unused classrooms,
popularity came students wishing to learn also have been influenced by writings of while next door a lecture was being given
from Dr. Still. First came his own family the famed mystic, physician and philos- by the esteemed Dr. Robert Browning, the
members, and then former patients and opher, Emanuel Swedenborg, as well as school’s dean and one of the most highly
interested laymen, and by 1892, they the American-born spiritualist Andrew respected osteopaths in the country.
incorporated the American School of Jackson Davis. Additionally, Still seemed While the reading was being given, one
Osteopathy in Kirksville, Mo. Included to have interests in channeling and student was to open the door between
among those students were women. automatic writing. (An unpublished diary the classroom and lecture hall so that Dr.
Regarding his support for women and with philosophical information, allegedly Browning would overhear the reading,
their equality, Dr. Still said, “To me they obtained by automatic writing, was said find the diagnosis to be fraudulent, and
have proven that if man is the head of the to have been destroyed family members.) throw Cayce and Layne out on the street.
family, his claim to superiority must be in Charlie Still, Dr. Still’s grandson, said that The plan backfired. Dr. Browning, and
the strength of his muscles and not in his A.T. also tried to contact an Indian spirit his colleague, Dr. Percy Woodall, were
brain.” named Matah, asking her philosophical so impressed with Cayce’s diagnosis and
With osteopathy flourishing, the once questions. Ultimately, however, Dr. Still grasp of anatomy that Cayce was report-
small town of Kirksville found itself busy came to trust his own intuition and did edly invited back to the school so that his
with patients who traveled from near and away with advice from others. prodigious talents could be studied.
far. To accommodate the influx of people,
a railroad and a train station had to be Edgar Cayce’s Introduction to Cayce and Dr. Still Meet
built in Kirksville. Also, with the increase Osteopathy Still and Cayce met in Kentucky,
of student registration, a new building Cayce’s autobiographical writings tell though the circumstances and date are
was constructed which housed specialty the story of how he was introduced to not clear. In all likelihood, the meeting
departments, such as surgery. Dr. Still and other pioneer osteopaths. All came after the incident with Layne at the

October-December 2017 47
Southern School of Osteopathy, where Cayce in trance offered an explanation this praise “the highest honor” that had
Dr. Still was known to have lectured. why this might be, but the reason could ever been paid him.
Cayce claimed to have been treated by well have been—as the director of the The greater picture of the relationship
Still. Further, he may have given Still Osteopathic Museum in Kirksville has between Still, Cayce, and osteopa-
a reading, but no reading is on record surmised—that Dr. Still’s school was thy, however, is yet to be written, for
(this was before a dedicated stenogra- likely the most open to Cayce and the although modern-day osteopathy is
pher joined the Cayce staff). Whether or advice from the readings. used for pain management, there can be
not a reading was given, their meeting Some of the other historic osteopath- no doubt that its pioneers and greatest
left a big impression on Cayce, who ic doctors Cayce recommended also champions—Cayce and Still in par-
later described Still as one of the most endorsed his psychic and diagnostic ticular—saw the benefit of osteopathy
remarkable men he was honored to abilities. Most notable was Dr. Percy in healing all disease, and that the real
have met. Woodall, the professor who was origi- miracle of the human body is that it is
nally involved in the plot against Cayce uniquely capable, given the right condi-
Dr. Still’s Death and the and Layne. He would later sign a testi- tions (and with God’s help), of healing
Continuation of Osteopathy monial of having witnessed the readings all medical conditions.
In 1914, at the age of 86, Dr. Still and acknowledging that Cayce indeed
suffered a stroke that made it diffi- had a very special gift. Dr. Hildreth, the About the Author
cult for him to speak. Three years founder of the prestigious Still-Hildreth Ken Allego recently
completed his dissertation,
later, on December 12, 1917, he died. Sanatorium, which treated mental pa- “Edgar Cayce’s Connection
Osteopathy, of course, continued to tients through osteopathy, also thought to Osteopathy and the
flourish, thanks in small part to its highly of Cayce. In correspondence Soul’s Influence on Disease,”
frequent reference in the Cayce readings, between Hildreth and Cayce, Hildreth for the Canadian College
along with the special deference in the had nothing but praise and encourage- of Osteopathy. Currently
he works as an osteopath
readings and in correspondence that ment for the Virginia Beach seer, whom in Montreal, Canada, and lectures to the general
Kirksville grads were given over other he acknowledged was greatly helping public regarding health, mind, meditation and
schools. Neither Cayce the man nor people with his ability. Cayce considered spirituality.

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October-December 2017 49
Soul Survivor Revisited:
The Reincarnation of a
WWII Fighter Pilot
B y B ruce L e i n i n ger
Lt. (junior grade) James M. Huston, Jr., VC-81 FM-2 Pilot

My wife and I did not set out to prove reincarnation when we published Soul Survivor: The
Reincarnation of a WWII Fighter Pilot. We represented the facts as we knew them to be. With absolute
certainty, the spirit (soul) of James M. Huston Jr., whose body died in WWII on March 3, 1945, reincar-
nated in my son James M. Leininger, born on Good Friday in 1998. Since then, my world of belief has
changed and continues to evolve to a more beautiful and complete understanding of eternal life.

The Reincarnation Reality I also hope that it opens people’s eyes up James’ outcries as he flung his head back
Early on in our research process, I had to reincarnation. I hope it opens people’s and forth caused fear and trepidation in
rejected reincarnation, because I was afraid eyes up to the fact that reincarnation can me. I have four other children and noth-
of the unknown. How can a soul come happen, it is a possibility, it’s not a lie.” ing like this had ever occurred with them.
back? Upon much reflection, I determined Our family’s drama has shaped within What was happening to our son?
James’ experience was not inconsistent me a new spiritual ideal. It has brought me My repeated thought was from the
with my faith. God tells us our souls go to an attunement of energy and thoughts movie The Exorcist. I truly wondered if
on forever. The events of James’ past life that honor the “I AM” through my I might have to get a priest to help James.
memories have been verified and provide thoughts, words, and actions in the cur- But thankfully, over the months ahead,
a glimpse of this proof of eternal life of the rent dimension of my eternal existence. It the nightmares were not as frequent and
soul. The corroboration of all these facts has also brought me to the A.R.E., and the James relaxed, sharing with us things that
were beyond coincidence, accident, or study of reincarnation that so many others were on his mind—which is what sent his
probability. We are all part of a plan, and before me have undertaken: finding insight mother and me searching for answers.
my spiritual acceptance of this was, and in the Cayce readings. On August 27, 2000, Andrea was in
remains, the impetus for my soul’s growth. our bed reading a Dr. Seuss book to James
My vigilance has always been to observe Crashing Planes and Beliefs when he said,“Mama, little man’s airplane
the fruit our story bears. Soul Survivor was Our family’s odyssey began in late April crash on fire…”
published in June 2009, and continues to 2000, when our 2-year-old son, James, By this time, we had so many questions
be fully alive in fourteen countries, where began to awaken several times a week for James that we didn’t know where to
it positively touches the spiritual lives of thrashing and shrieking from nightmares. begin, but every time we tried to raise the
readers. This includes atheists who have This process continued for several months. subject, James had stonewalled. He would
told us that they need to rethink their He would lie on his back in bed screaming only talk on his terms, when he was ready.
beliefs because of our story. We have not as he kicked and clawed the covers as Andrea said,“Let me go get Daddy, okay?”
encountered a single instance in which the though he was trying to kick his way out as she hurried to me down the hallway.
story has not had a positive impact on the of a box or coffin. “James is talking about the little man.”
spirits of those exposed to it. About two months into this violent rou- Instantly, I was out of my chair and in
That vision comes full circle to eternal tine, his shrieks became discernible words seconds we were sitting on the bed trying
life for each of us, as it has our son. After when, one night my wife, Andrea, woke to keep the strain out of our voices.
our book was released, he revealed a me with great urgency saying, “Hurry, you Andrea asked: “Who is the little man?
wisdom beyond his years when he told have to listen to what James is saying.” “Do you remember the little man’s
a reporter, “I hope our story helps people I stood in his doorway and began to pick name?”
understand the meaning of how precious out the words. “Airplane crash! Plane on “James,” he responded.
life is, how fast it can just blow away. And fire! Little man can’t get out!” He didn’t understand, I thought. He was

50 EdgarCayce.org
James M. Huston, age 21 James M. Leininger, age 18 Andrea, Bruce, and James Leininger

repeating his own name, as a two-year-old “That sounds pretty Japanese to me.” through the book when James sauntered
might if asked his name. Andrea became James said,“No, it’s American.” He gave down the hall wanting to watch cartoons.
frustrated because she didn’t know how me another annoyed look, as if I should I invited him to look at pictures in the book
to push him into answering our questions know such things. with me instead. We reached a page that
more fully without upsetting him. Little As Andrea put him to bed, I retreated to showed an aerial photograph of Iwo Jima,
did we realize that he was referring to a my office where I logged onto the Internet and James immediately pointed to it and
fighter pilot who shared the same first in search for “Natoma.” After reading sev- referenced the WWII battle.
name (and for that matter, the same middle eral pages of hits on the word “Natoma,” “Daddy, that’s when my plane was shot
initial)! I found something that shook my world. I down.”
I took over the questioning. “Who is the was staring at a black-and-white picture of “What?”
little man James?” a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. Natoma Bay “That’s when my plane was shot down.”
“Me.” There was no hesitation. No had seen action in the Pacific in World War “James, what do you mean?”
pause or dramatic flourish. He was talking II. Andrea came in, and I showed her what “That is when my plane got shot and
with no emotion about something he was I had found. We stood stunned in front of crashed!”
remembering. the screen. Just the thought of that moment After settling James in front of the TV
“Son, what happened to your plane?” still makes the hairs on my arms stand. watching cartoons, I quietly regained my
James replied, “It crashed on fire.” The following October, James presented composure and rushed to my copy of
“Why did your airplane crash?” a second puzzle piece when he gave us the Natoma Bay’s history. She had been in
“It got shot.” name of another man in his dream: Jack the battle and supported the U.S. Marines
“Who shot your plane?” Larsen. “He was a pilot too,” James said. invasion by of Iwo Jima in February and
James cocked his head and looked at me Through the Internet, I found the names March 1945.
as though I had a hole in mine, and said, of 170 men named Larson or Larsen who In December, yet another piece of the
“The Japanese,” with a disgusted look as were killed in WWII. Assuming our Larsen puzzle fell into place. Leo Pyatt, a member
though I should have known the answer. was one of them, I then focused on World of the squadron (VC-81) serving with
I felt as if the air had been sucked out of War II aircraft carrier combat deaths and Natoma Bay during the war, confirmed
the room. found a website with 89 pages of over Jack Larsen had indeed been a fighter pilot
“Do you remember what kind of an 7,000 names. The printer ground out the attached to the Natoma Bay squadron,
airplane the little man flew?” pages at a pace that seemed to be moving and had fought in the battle for Iwo Jima.
“A Corsair,” he answered without in slow mourning for the dead. Leo had seen him take off from the carrier
hesitation. I had two points of reference—the ship and never saw Larsen again; which I as-
I flinched, as if I’d been punched. How and Larsen’s name. There were other facts. sumed meant Larsen had been one of the
could James even know the name of a Natoma Bay had been commissioned casualties of war.
World War II aircraft, much less say with October 14, 1943, so the lost Larson or How could James know this man’s
certainty that it was the aircraft in the Larsen would have to fit into the time- name and on what carrier he had served?
dream? frame ending in August 1945. I also had It was another startling moment where I
“Do you remember where your airplane the aircraft, the Corsair, which did not was baffled and infuriated by this blazing
took off from?” enter Naval service until about June 1944, enigma. How could this possibly be a
James said, “A boat.” as another narrowing window. Now, all I coincidence? How could our young son
Hesitantly, I asked “Did your boat have had to do was link them together. know such things?
a name?” On the morning after Thanksgiving It was shortly after this that my mother-
“Natoma.” came the triangulation point. I had ordered in-law suggested reincarnation was the
“Natoma, huh?” the book The Battle for Iwo Jima as a answer. Now this was just too much! The
“Natoma,” he repeated. Christmas gift for my father. I was paging very thought of it repulsed me.

October-December 2017 51
Yet, in the days ahead, I couldn’t stop by James. I did not want to panic; children
thinking about what she said, because it always have bad dreams—but those darn
answered questions that made no sense facts again. How did James know the
any other way. Getting to the point of ac- names of WWII airplanes, an aircraft carri-
cepting reincarnation as a reality, however, er, and a fighter pilot? As these connections
was no easy thing. came into ever sharper focus, I struggled
with resolving my belief system with
Resolving Mysteries the facts and was forced to consider the
My goal was to reach a logical resolu- possibility that reincarnation was indeed
tion to the drama that was unfolding in real, and that somehow or someway, what James with his soul sister Anne Huston Barron,
our household. Reincarnation was not was taking place in our family was part of 2004 Natoma Bay Association Reunion
going to be part of that resolution, because God’s plan. Once we opened our hearts
I didn’t believe in it. No right-minded and minds to this reality, so much else young man’s face in the cockpit.
Christian would, or so I thought. The began to fall into place. Miracles can and The only seeming contradiction to our
Christian promise was a trip to heav- do happen if we open our hearts to them. child’s account was the type of plane. Our
en—not a periodic reappearance of the As it turned out, Jack Larsen hadn’t died James identified a Corsair. According to
immortal soul in some random future in- in the war. He was the only fighter pilot official Natoma Bay reports, Huston
carnation. The soul did not make selective from VC-81 that was a member of the was in an FM-2 Wildcat. This presented
cameo visits back to our realm. To think Natoma Bay Association. Leo Pyatt had quite a conundrum until we visited James
otherwise was to leap into flakey “New been correct when he said Jack flew off Huston’s living sister. She presented us
Age” speculation. one day (to another assignment); it was with a photograph of her brother on the
My uncertainty about what was hap- my mistaken conclusion that Leo meant Natoma Bay standing astride a Corsair.
pening to my son caused a gut-wrenching he died. There were other WWII airmen This was photographic proof that Huston
internal struggle that took me searching who, we learned, gathered for annual re- had flown a Corsair, while assigned to VF-
for answers in C.S. Lewis’ book, Mere unions. With their help, first by phone and 301, on an earlier assignment. An official
Christianity. Perhaps if I followed Lewis’ then in person, and with a lucky response record that accompanied his insurance
path of questioning, I could sustain a to a query I posted on a veteran’s web- papers had been incorrect.
solid, unshakable foundation of faith as site, Andrea and I continued to add new If I needed any further corroborating ev-
I confronted this challenge. What I came pieces to an increasingly complex puzzle. idence of reincarnation—and at this point
away with from reading Lewis was that There was only one pilot who flew off the I didn’t—our son’s conversation with his
the Bible is full of mysteries. Reincarnation Natoma Bay whose plane crashed and now elderly sister from his previous life
could actually be one of them, because, burned in the battle for Iwo Jima. He was was the most convincing of all. Our James
like it or not, this was precisely where the Jack Larsen’s squadron mate and friend, recognized his sister immediately, called
facts of my son’s story were taking us. 21-year-old Lieutenant James M. Huston, her by her childhood name, and knew
Like my wife Andrea, I love my son who lost his life March 3, 1945. such details as a portrait her mother had
James dearly. Our primary concern was Among other airmen who had flown painted of her as a child.
for his well-being. We wanted to protect that same day and witnessed the event was I am certain the spirit of James M.
him from harm. If indeed this strange Jack Durham, who flew with squadron Huston Jr. was reincarnated in my son
business of reincarnation was the truth, VC-83 from USS Sargent Bay. We eventu- James M. Leininger on Good Friday in
how would this effect James’ life? How ally interviewed four airmen from VC-83 1998. And that fact has broadened my
would it effect the loving and Christian who corroborated the nightmare details world of belief to a more beautiful under-
household we sought to maintain? described by my son of being trapped in standing of eternal life.
The words “I’m back” came repeatedly a burning plane. John Richardson, one I’m embarrassed to think how ignorant
to mind, as demonstrated by scores of of the four witnesses, was close enough I initially was about the miracle that each
articulated memories, facts, and behaviors to Huston’s aircraft that he could see the of us embody. We are truly a community
of one, living in a fountain of eternal life
that is wondrous to behold. Nurture your
THE RADIAC® soul, for you are on an eternal journey!
"Good for Everyone"- Cayce About the Author
Meditation • Relaxation • Spiritual Unfoldment Bruce Leininger, a
Wet Cell DVD retired human resources ex-
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CATALOG! James, now a young adult,

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BAAR PRODUCTS, INC. Electrical Immune has only fleeting memories of his previous life and is
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moving forward with his current one.

52 EdgarCayce.org
Effort and Surrender
ay and night. Active and passive. yesterday and today and forever.” The reading
Work and rest. Doing and being. goes on: “These things, these words, to many
These are just a few examples minds become contradictory, but they are in their
of the divine dynamic from the inception not contradictory…” (276-7) In some
mysterious, unmanifest Source of all traditions, this seeming contradiction between
things. This same dynamic is at play within us as an “ever changeable” and an eternally changeless
we choose to consciously align with our deepest Universal Consciousness has been addressed in
impulses to heal, grow, and evolve. There are terms of “Being” and “Becoming.”As Being, God
times when commitment to conscientious effort is changeless and formless. As Becoming, God is
will make the difference between growth and fully present as both the evolving world of form
stagnation. But there are also times when our and the consciousness that is awakening within it.
greatest breakthrough will come only when we
cease the constant effort, and surrender to what Rev the Creative Engine of this Paradox
In surrender we accept is. To be or to do; we must find our own balance Our existence, like that of our Source, involves
we are already one between these two poles. this great paradox. We exist in the state of pure,
formless perfection, where we have never been
with the Creator. Effort and Surrender anything other than one with God. But we also
There is nothing to do, Effort is the domain of work and commit- share our Source’s presence in matter. We are here
ments, the things we are willing to do in order in a world of form where things change, grow,
nothing to accomplish, to change ourselves, our lives, or the world. We and evolve. Divine Presence permeates this realm,
nothing to change, may use affirmations and guided meditations to too, but that Presence is not yet fully conscious in
reach desired goals or “build” new qualities into matter. It becomes conscious as it wakes up within
nothing lacking. All is our nature. We work consciously with the law of us. From this point of view, our active processing
perfection. cause and effect. We frame our choices and prior- of earthly experiences allows us to awaken and
ities around the process of becoming something become carriers of consciousness that transforms
greater or more whole than ever before. This is this world of form, even as it transforms us.
the active side of our role as co-creators, where In the state of surrender, we dive into the well
the divine is bringing forth something new in of perfection and wholeness that already exists.
this world of form and we are active partners in This can happen during meditation, where we
that process. put aside the habit of trying to do anything—
By contrast, surrender relates to the realm of even meditate “well!”—and instead just soak up
pure Being. Here, God (by whatever name we call the Presence within. Surrender can also happen
that Source or Ground of all Being) simply is, we when we let go of resistance to situations and
simply are, and that is enough. Where the effort circumstances that cause us frustration or worry
Lynn Sparrow Christy, the author mode actively seeks to remove obstacles to our or hurt. This is not a passive surrender tinged with
of this issue’s column, will alternate awareness of oneness, in surrender we accept we despair, but rather an active surrender where we
with Eileen Malo. They co-direct Path- are already one with the Creator. There is nothing trust that there is a deeper current to the stream of
ways to Integration, A.R.E.’s newest to do, nothing to accomplish, nothing to change, events in our lives. And then, precisely because we
offering from the Tarsia Center. Lynn’s nothing lacking. All is perfection. At this pole of have dipped into the renewing well of effortless
experience as a growth mentor our experience, we learn to simply step into an surrender, we find ourselves empowered with
includes work with thousands of ever-present “okayness” to be found underneath greater motivation, energy, and insight concerning
clients as a hypnotherapist/life coach every mental-emotional state. And when we do, the efforts we make.
and more than 40 years presenting we encounter grace. We cease trying to make As we process the “stuff” of which our growth
the Cayce material. She is the author anything “happen.” We fully release ourselves and healing is made, we get increasingly better at
of several books and courses based into “beingness” and let go of any inclination to navigating this polarity of effort and surrender.
on the Cayce readings. be less than satisfied. We hone our ability to discern when to renew our
Eileen Malo has also been a discipline—and when to stop trying so hard. We
student of the Cayce work for over 40 The Great Paradox find a rhythm between times when it is important
years. She is the principal of Emerging These two poles reflect a great paradox at the to put forth more focused effort, and times to
Edge, a life coaching and consulting heart of existence. One Cayce reading expressed surrender to the embrace of ever-present being. It
firm. She also serves on the faculty at this paradox by presenting the idea that God is in this dynamic flow that we participate in the
Atlantic University. is “ever changeable” yet also “ever the same, divine pattern of Creation.

October-December 2017 53

Leaping Forward on My Life Path:

An AU Student Retrospective
B y J i m P y ra

To strive is to find. personally and professionally. For me, of my father in July 2015, and my last
To be is to succeed. the Master of Arts Program has played a interactions with him, brought some of
Success and failure are part of the joke. powerful role in my journey of personal the transpersonal material I was studying
HARD lessons to learn. development. into sharp focus. I had experienced some
Years prior, I studied in a Soto Zen fascinating encounters with memories of
A Creative Course Buddhist monastery, training in the my father in different roles within past

came to Atlantic University (AU) Shambhala Way of the Warrior, and life regression sessions, and some of those
in 2013, intrigued to study creativity practicing zazen (sitting meditation). Like experiences were emphasized by his last
and curious about the holistic nature many, I have searched for something that words to me, even though I had never
of transpersonal studies. resonates with me on a level that goes discussed my regression experiences with
I had been running a couple of family beyond religion, and yet is greater than him. Past life regression can provide fasci-
businesses, keeping up with chores on mere self-indulgence, a subject that Cayce nating insights into one’s relationships as
our small horse farm, and still trying to touched on in several readings. well as one’s own subconscious and super-
have some time to spend with my family Individuals need never to attempt to conscious minds, regardless of whether we
when I enrolled, so I chose a slow pace justify themselves for their hope, their believe in reincarnation.
of study with only one course each term. desires, if they know the author of that In my case, the connections and alter-
Completing only three courses per year they desire, and know whether it is for native aspects of my relationship with
meant that it would take self, self indulgence, self aggrandizement, my father were too powerful to ignore.
me four years to complete or for the glory of God and the honor of This led me to conduct a highly personal
the program, but it was a self! (2775-1) directed study as part of my AU program,
comfortable pace for me. While I was studying, it was a time of in which I used my own experience with
I completed my stud- many transitions. I changed jobs multiple the regression symbolism of my karmic
ies in 2017, having not times before settling at a company that family relationships to develop an ana-
only learned about and builds eLearning systems similar to the on- lytical approach for helping other people
become intimately more line distance programs that I experienced through hypnotherapy, and especially
familiar with these spe- as a student at AU. My wife also took regression work. As Kevin Todeschi
Our Spanish cific areas of interest, but a new job, we decided to sell our farm, [A.R.E.’s executive director and CEO]
mare Flamente also having grown both and my father passed away. The passing has noted, switching roles between par-

The founding principle of the Master of Arts in 1) To encourage students to personally test and apply these core
Transpersonal Psychology at Atlantic University (AU) is concepts in order to grow toward integration of body, mind, and
the recognition of the existence of a dimension to human spirit; and
nature that is greater than the individual. At the basis of
2) To encourage students to transform the growth they experience into
this philosophy is the belief that connecting with this
deep and meaningful service to others.
larger part of one’s self is instrumental in heightening
and invigorating creativity, health, and one’s full human This unique experience is available to those seeking profound personal
potential. Therefore, the curriculum in the Master’s growth and enrichment through Master’s level instruction. The academic
program focuses on the nature of humanity, the nature program is an innovative learning experience that expands the student’s
of the universe, the nature of reality, and holistic living. vocabulary and knowledge in this field of study, while also augmenting
This principle is expressed through twin goals: various professional career paths.

54 EdgarCayce.org
ents and children seems to be frequent broadened my perspective. I have gained iconic but rather, humbly, as Cayce would
among many reincarnation case histories new and deeper knowledge, but more than have preferred.
described in Cayce readings. that, I have not only
enjoyed but also grown
Exploring Coursework from my interactions
The Introduction to Transpersonal with fellow students,
Studies was an effective foray into the many of whom have
discipline. Courses such as The Inner Life, diverse backgrounds
Spiritual Crisis, Creating a Meaningful and experiences I
Life, and The Psychology of Creativity would never have been
exposed me to various strategies for enter- exposed to outside of
ing into mental states that allow contact AU. All of these expe-
between the conscious and unconscious riences have fueled my
minds. Creativity held a special place in personal growth and
Cayce’s readings as his description of understanding of my- Walking the labyrinth in front of the old hospital building was rejuvenating.
the Creative Mind was “ever the build- self, and have answered
er.” (2265-1) The Integrated Imagery my original questions about creativity and My first Integrated Imagery residential
Regression Hypnosis series also provided how it works. visit made me want to better understand
me with practical instruction and experi- variations in client responses to hypnotic
ence as both a hypnotist and as a subject The Importance of Presence induction techniques. I researched hyp-
undergoing regression sessions. As an elective part of my studies, I notherapy training programs and found
Courses on research methods and para- took the Integrated Imagery Regression the most applicable to my questions to
psychology helped to put a real-world Hypnosis series of courses, all three be the program offered by the Hypnosis
perspective on some of the more esoteric of which required a residential visit to Motivation Institute (HMI), founded by
aspects of transpersonal studies. At the Virginia Beach and at which time I was and based upon the work of Dr. John
residential sessions when we would come exposed to the Cayce readings and the Kappas. Determined to better understand
to Virginia Beach in person, having the op- greater work of the A.R.E. Attending the incredible powers of hypnosis and
portunity to interact with other students residential sessions seemed like a siz- to be able to use them to help people, I
and the volunteer teaching assistants was able expense and inconvenience at first. enrolled in the HMI’s year-long advanced
invaluable. At the first session, volunteer However, I cannot overstate the benefits program of study and completed my
Bert Carlson unwittingly provided me that I received from them. Not only were certification as a hypnotherapist as I
with a mature male role model who had they more intensive and personally inter- continued my AU studies. I subsequently
successfully integrated a technical mindset active than distance learning in general, took additional training in Transpersonal
and career with his own transpersonal but I also gained a greater appreciation Hypnotherapy before launching my own
explorations and engagement in helping for the work of Cayce and those who have private hypnotherapy practice. So, I could
others. I am grateful to Bert for his open studied him. use my directed study project to not only
discussions about when things may seem I took some extra time around these explore my own relationships, but to also
“too woo-woo,” which helped me to sessions to allow more time on campus, examine ways to support my hypnothera-
remain engaged with the transpersonal including many enjoyable hours brows- py clients, based upon my own regression
experiences of myself or others without ing in the bookstore with its eclectic mix experiences.
feeling that I was “losing my grip.” of offerings, or attending survey lectures I have been able to use what I learned
In all courses, whether online or in and workshops. The library was a great from the diversity I experienced through
person, interactions with other students resource, with its Circulating Files, collec- my interactions with AU’s faculty and
through discussions and class exercises tions of compilations of Cayce’s readings students from all over the world; they
were important for broadening my per- on specific topics. The meditation room each have different ways of thinking and
spective and enriching the pure academic overlooking the ocean was satisfyingly different spiritual beliefs. I find that I am
experience of reading source material and peaceful and walking the labyrinth in more accepting and open to the concerns
writing essays. I applaud the style and front of the old hospital building was re- and belief systems of hypnotherapy clients
structure of the program as being highly juvenating. The campus facilities, in their and other alternative healers who some-
effective in making transpersonal subjects historic setting with original prints and times have unique spiritual perspectives. I
come to life, and allowing each student pictures of Edgar Cayce and his family, have always considered myself a person
to draw upon their personal experiences help remind everyone of the influence and tolerant of the beliefs of others, but now
and beliefs. Participation in the program amazing abilities of the founder of the I apply that tolerance in a practical way.
did more than advance my education—it school, without being overpowering or As the readings tell us: “As He has given, it

October-December 2017 55
will ever be found that Truth—whether in exercises, interaction, and inspiring activi- rected study, and my culminating project, I
this or that schism or ism or cult—is of the ties that have led me to grow and broaden have not passively absorbed information,
One source. Are there not trees of oak, of my thinking in ways I could never have but rather I have lived it, created from it,
ash, of pine? There are the needs of these predicted. I have advanced on my personal and expounded upon it. I completed my
for meeting this or that experience. Hast journey, and explored aspects of myself fourth and perhaps strongest novel to date
thou chosen any one of these to be the all and my relationships in ways I never ex- and have a plan for my work ahead. The
in thine usages in thine own life? Then, pected from a distance education program. completion of my degree is far from being
all will fill their place. Find not fault with “First, analyze thyself. Know thyself, for an end point. I am employing those new
any, but rather show forth as to just how he indeed that knows himself knows his skills to help people use these amazing
good a pine, or ash, or oak, or vine, thou God also.” (3004-1) healing techniques.
art!” (254-87) “So does it behoove every soul to so And, it is a launching point to a great
live and so act, in its contacts with its fel- new personal beginning. Or, at least, it
Personal Growth & Outcomes low man in its business and commercial has been a leap forward along my life’s
In July 2015, the death of my father life, that it will not be afraid to stand on path.
put my father-child relationships in my the corner and watch self pass by—in
About the Author
present and past lives into a new perspec- relationship to its activities with its fellow
Jim Pryra, MA, MCS.,
tive. The background work I had done man.” (531-1)
CHt, CCHt, CAHA, a
led me to a greater exploration of the I have also made lasting and meaningful hypnotherapist and hand-
works of C.G. Jung, where I found much friendships among some of the students writing analyst, devotes his
inspiration and many useful techniques and faculty that I’ve had the pleasure to practice to helping clients
for further self-reflection. The directed work with. I feel part of a unique commu- of all ages make positive
changes in their lives. He
study contributed to my understanding nity of practice.
and his partner share their
of myself, my relationships with my father, Finally, through all the writing and home in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, with three
and my attitudes toward my own creativ- discussions of my studies, and particularly rescued dogs and two horses. To learn more
ity. It has also enriched my relationship through my regression experiences, my di- about Jim and his work visit www.jimpyra.com.
with my inner Guide and allowed me
to establish a more focused practice of
using self-guided imagery. It has therefore
increased my own level of self-awareness
if not consciousness.
As part of the directed study work, I
learned about and connected with ad-
ditional resources such as the Archive
for Research in Archetypal Symbolism
(ARAS), the Joseph Campbell Foundation,
and Imagery International, and I have
maintained those connections. I became
one of the volunteer administrators for
an online group to keep alumni of the
Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis
program connected. I also enrolled in the
Conscious Living Program of the Centre
for Applied Jungian Studies, and pub-
lished a paper in the Imaginews Journal
about my own regression work.
My student experience at AU has pro-
vided me with a rich understanding of
the nature of the transpersonal and how
the holistic view of mind, body, and spirit
are manifested by everyone in his or her
own unique way. Classes provided the-
oretical context, augmented by fantastic
opportunities to personally explore and
experience transpersonal growth through

56 EdgarCayce.org
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Locals believe it is a tool for communicating with the beyond. Kites can be up to 40 feet in diameter and are very heavy.


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(AREchicagocenter@gmail.com) Margaret Dwyer 248-541-0128
Tucson • Nov 4-5 (eagle1062@sbcglobal.net)
Spiritual Healing Sessions LOUISIANA
Malcolm Smith/malcolmsmithhealer.com Covington • Oct 14 NEW JERSEY
Gina Sperry 520-403-7541 Prophecy and Earth Changes Westfield • Nov 18
(equusartgina@gmail.com) Laura Jackson Reincarnation Unnecessary: How to
Marlene Duet 985-893-9025 Make THIS Life Your Best Life!
CALIFORNIA (a.r.e._marlene@hotmail.com) Peter Woodbury, MSW
Sacramento • Oct 31-Nov 2 Register Online at: ARE-southeast.org
Spiritual Healing Sessions NEW MEXICO
Malcolm Smith/malcolmsmithhealer.com MASSACHUSETTS Albuquerque • Nov 11
Wilma Jackson 310-829-14 Boston • Nov 18-29 Edgar Cayce on the Light and Dark
Spiritual Healing Sessions Forces, Angels, Fairies, and Ghosts
Santa Monica • Nov 10-12 Malcolm Smith/malcolmsmithhealer.com John Van Auken
Spiritual Healing Sessions Aantre Kennedy 781 848 8860
Malcolm Smith/malcolmsmithhealer.com NEW YORK
Wilma Jackson 310-829-1425 Plymouth/Middleboro • 2nd and 4th Fridays New York City—NEW!
Coffee with Cayce—Presentation and 4th Saturday of every month
Vacaville • Oct 14 Group Discussion Integrative Medical Center
Edgar Cayce on the Light and Dark Betty 508-673-0477 (bettyp508@aol.com) or 928 Broadway, New York, NY 10010
Forces: Angels, Fairies, and Ghosts Dorine 508-947-1695 (dorinew48@gmail.com) Edgar Cayce Remedies Workshop
John Van Auken Jack Rosen (edgarcayceheals.com)
Quincy • 3rd Saturdays Hosted by Dr. Nidia Carrero M.D., who works
COLORADO Monthly open meeting and program with the Cayce Protocols
Denver • Oct 14 Jeff Bagley 617-479-9361 Jack Rosen 845-667-0338
After We Die: An Exploration of Death, (jefftb9@gmail.com) (nidiarcarreromd.com)
Heaven, Ghosts, and the Soul’s Journey
Beyond Death Woburn • Oct 7 A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center
Echo Bodine Reincarnation Unnecessary: How To New Address: 153 W. 27th St., #702-704,
Make THIS Life Your Best Life! New York, NY 10001 (212-691-7690)
CONNECTICUT Peter Woodbury, MSW Offers a wealth of spiritual-growth groups,
Meriden • Oct 21 weekly/monthly classes, workshops, holistic
Edgar Cayce on the Unseen Worlds: MICHIGAN health services, Cayce books and remedies, and
Past Lives, Future Lives and the Afterlife Detroit area • Nov 4 psychic/ intuitive readings.
Gregg Unterberger, MEd, LPC Toward a Deeper Meditation: Eastern Visit EdgarCayceNYC.org for their ongoing
and Western Methods and Concepts calendar of events, or call 212-691-7690
John Van Auken
For info call HQ toll-free: 800-333-4499

58 EdgarCayce.org
NEW YORK, continued NEW YORK, continued TEXAS
New York City Thursdays For upcoming events, call Southwest Region
Oct 20-25 Prayers for Healing Group 512-327-7355
Spiritual Healing Sessions Facilitators: Norman Curtis and Paul Dorogoff
Malcolm Smith/malcolmsmithhealer.com Hunt • Oct 5-8
212-691-7690 Sundays Texas Fall Retreat at Mo Ranch
Sunday Inspirations Prophecy and Updated Earth Changes
Oct 20 & 27, Nov 3 Facilitator: Rev. Charles Julian Laura Jackson
How to Be Peaceful and Happy Nadean 512-327-7355 (aresw@sbcglobal.net)
Minister Janet Lovell Prosperity Support Group
Facilitator: Catherine Outeiral VIRGINIA
Oct 28 Charlottesville • Oct 28
Lecture and Demonstration: Spirit Art Dream Study Group Dream Doorways: Spiritual Experiences
& Communication Facilitator: Paul Dorogoff in Dreamtime!
Sandy Ingham, International Medium and Cheryl Baer-Bernath and David Riblet
Trance Spirit Artist Event dates are subject to change—please Joanne DiMaggio, 434-242-7348
check our website or call us for the latest. (arecville@gmail.com)
Oct 29
Workshop: Embracing Spirit Art OHIO Fairfax area • Nov 4
Sandy Ingham, International Medium and Columbus/Westerville • Nov 4 Many Lives, One Source: Understanding
Trance Spirit Artist Meditation Retreat and Afternoon Speaker Karma, Grace, Reincarnation, and Your
Moments of Grace: Exploring Near- Place in the Divine Plan!
Nov 18 Death and Related Experiences Peter Woodbury, MSW
3-hr Astral Projection Techniques Linda Manley, RN, FNP
Training Darian Torrance 614-276-0256 Virginia Beach
IAC NY, instructor TBD (Darian.Torrance@gmail.com) or Atlantic University Visit AtlanticUniv.edu
Marguerite Marshall 614-478-2702
Nov 19 A.R.E. Headquarters
Breaking Out of the 3D Matrix into PENNSYLVANIA The A.R.E. Visitor Center offers free activities
Your 5D Self Philadelphia • Oct 27-29 to all guests. For an advanced search of all
Maureen St. Germain Spiritual Healing Sessions upcoming events and times, visit EdgarCayce.
Fundraising event for ARE of NY Malcolm Smith/malcolmsmithhealer.com org/conferences.
Polly Hickman 917-582-4007
Dec 2-3 (pollyhickman@comcast.net) Free Activities
Akashic Records Level I Daily, 2 p.m.
Maureen St. Germain Pittsburgh area • Nov 11 Edgar Cayce Legacy Movie
Awakening the Spiritual Master Within: Also available on-demand;
Dec 10 Soul Growth Secrets from the Edgar Ask at the lobby desk
5-Hour Subtle Energy Workshop Cayce Readings and A Course in Miracles
Trisha Hargaden, IAC Tom Baker, MDiv, LCSW Daily, 2:30 p.m.
Guided Tour of Visitor Center
Ancestral Repatterning: Tracing the For a schedule of group meetings to discuss Edgar Daily, 3:30 p.m.
Origins of Your Illness Cayce topics (in Spanish), contact Dolly at: 787- Lecture on a Topic from the
Laura Silvana Aversano 765-3574 or 787-397-0440 (edgarcaycepr@ Readings
gmail.com) or go to EdgarCayce.org/nearyou
Ongoing Events: Weekdays, 12 noon
Saturdays, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 9 TENNESSEE Staff-Led Meditation
Edgar Cayce Psychic Fairs Burns, Montgomery Bell State Park • Nov 10-12
Leaping in, Letting Go: Transformative Tuesday, 10:30-11:30 a.m.
Oct 24, Dec 7 Teachings from the Cayce Readings on Join June Bro for a “Chat”
Cayce Healing and Wellness Fairs Making Friends with Death
Corinne Cayce, MA Wednesday, 9:30 a.m.
Mondays Greta Heru 901-206-6289 Glad Helpers Healing Prayer Group
A Search for God Study Group (gheru19@hotmail.com) carememphis.org (with Laying on of Hands)
Facilitator: Paul Dorogoff
Nashville • Oct 14 Thursday, Bi-weekly, 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Tuesdays Heal thy Self! Edgar Cayce’s Remedies “Work Readings” Study Group
Meditation Practice Group for Better Health
Facilitator: Theodora Lazos Dr. Jean Paul (JP) Amonte Saturday, 1 p.m.
Starr Messick 917-553-9357 ESP Testing and Demos
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Across Canada
Headquarters Conferences Nov 18 Marilyn Kendall Smith 866-322-8209
For upcoming A.R.E. Conferences in Virginia Psychic Fair & Holiday Gift Bazaar (studygroups@edgarcaycecanada.com)
Beach, see below and on inside and outer back
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Open to all. Life Members (and a guest) may Sundays, Wisdom Workshops Spiritual Movie Nights
attend one of the following 2017 marked (**) Marty Ozols 604-290-5366
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Reincarnation Unnecessary: How to Metaphysical Exploration Group
Make THIS Life Your Best Life! Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage Anjali or Norman Thomas 250-338-1690
Peter Woodbury, MSW Continuing Education Workshops
Cayce/Reilly School of Massage is celebrating its ONTARIO
**Dec 29-31 30th Anniversary in 2017! Niagara Falls • Feb 23-25, 2018
Annual New Year’s Conference: Visit CayceReilly.edu for a complete schedule Raising the Inner Light
A Search for God: Edgar Cayce’s of Continuing Education workshops, many are John Van Auken
Roadmap to Enlightenment open to everyone. Teresa Wasowicz
757-457-7134 (workshops@caycereilly.edu) (guidingstar@rogers.com)
This year’s annual Headquarters New Year’s
conference, A Search for God: Edgar WASHINGTON Peterborough
Cayce’s Roadmap to Enlightenment, will Seattle • Oct 21 Dec 7
offer special discounts to groups of five or Search for the Otherworld The Metaphysical Meaning of the
more, as well as a number of scholarships, to Freddy Silva Christmas Story
allow more current and potential A Search EastWest Bookshop 206-523-3726, Mark Finnan
for God study group members to attend. eastwestbookshop.com Helene Thibert 705-745-7188
In addition, a reception and gathering for (helene_thibert@hotmail.com)
study group members will be take place WISCONSIN
on Sunday afternoon. For those unable to Wauwatosa Mondays 3:30pm
attend the December 29-31 event, several Oct 14 A Search for God
presentations will be available online at The Solar System: A Spiritual Study and Discussion Group
no cost. For details go to EdgarCayce.org/ University and Journeys to the Helene Thibert 705-745-7188
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800-333-4499. Susan Wisehart and David Birr
Kevin Reger 414-322-6552 or Toronto (Downtown) • Mondays 7 pm
The Forum (vfuller@wi.rr.com) A Search for God
Hosted at A.R.E. HQ monthly, Wed, 7-9:15 p.m. Study and Discussion Group
Day Schwartz 804-693-5192 Nov 18 Susan Lappin 416-466-5324
EdgarCayceForum.net Heal Yourself through Abdominal (susanlappin67@gmail.com)
Self Massage
Oct 25 Gene Boldetsky
We Are Psychic – The Edgar Cayce Kevin Reger 414-322-6552 or
Experience (vfuller@wi.rr.com)
Don Carroll

Nov 29
Edgar Cayce and the Mystery of the
Lisa Pethybridge

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60 EdgarCayce.org
NEW TOURS Coming for 2018
2018 offers some exciting March 8-25, 2018 June 24-30, 2018
new adventures and a
Pilgrimage to our A.R.E.
Vietnam and Cambodia Bimini and Dolphin
Tours lineup! Check us out!
led by Peter Woodbury, MSW
Join Peter in the sacred lands of the Bud-
led by Jennie Taylor Martin and
dha. See the holiest temples of Vietnam Joan Ranquet/Animal Communicator
and Cambodia. One theme of the tour is
Healing and Grace as
you revisit some of the
sites that were once
war torn but now are
restored to their former
radiance and magic.

Jennie Taylor Martin and Joan Ranquet

A Tour Like No Other! May 13-26, 2018 will bring A.R.E.’s return to Bimini with
the Cayce readings on Atlantis, reports
Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Travel Programs Greece and the on the current and past findings, and the
provide the unique experience of
visiting special areas of the globe that
Greek Islands wonderful opportunity to learn from a
master about just what the Dolphins have
led by John Van Auken
have historical, spiritual, or metaphys- to say about it!
Classical Greece and the Greek
ical significance tied to insights found Islands of Mykonos, Patmos,
in the Cayce readings. Our tour leaders Rhodes, and Santorini. Repeat
have extensive backgrounds in the of our most popular Greece
Cayce material and are your guides adventure —highlights from the
readings, the sacred mountain
to a deeper, more fulfilling journey. monasteries of Meteora, and a
Mediterranean cruise.

July 8-14, 2018 August 25-31, 2018

Ecuador and the Alaska Cruise
Galapagos led by John Van Auken
Cruising to Alaska is one of the
led by Kevin J. Todeschi
most popular tour destinations
today. Top that by sharing the
“I have traveled with several different tour beauty and wonders of our
companies. A.R.E. Tours have been my most ruggedly beautiful scen-
favorite.” —H.M., Springtime in the Canadian ery in America with insights
Rockies Tour 2017 from the Cayce readings and
time spent with one of our
“From a personal most popular speakers…not
inward experience, Join Kevin as he revisits one of the to be missed.
the trip was prob- most beautiful places on earth, tropical
ably the most Ecuador, and the natural wonders found
wonderfully re- on the Galapagos. See why Ecuador is September 18-30, 2018
vealing trip I have
ever taken.” —K. S.,
one of the friendliest nations, visit our
Cayce Community there, then head for The Way of the Camino (Light!)
Darwin’s world of wonder–all on the led by Renee Branch, CMT
Scotland Tour 2017
same fabulous tour. For fans of Shirley MacLaine’s
Camino, here’s a chance to
“I have never felt make the pilgrimage to
more at home Santiago de Compostela,
with a group as I without sore muscles!
Join us on a less strenu-
did with the A.R.E. ous, lighter-paced version
Travelers .” —S.D., of the way with accom-
Scotland Tour 2017 modations in quaint and
comfortable hotels.

October-December 2017 Your Adventure TODAY! 800-333-4499 • EdgarCayce.org/tours 61

oneering doctor who founded the
AHMA), when it comes to body,
he sum of its parts. That’s because
o the other. And when body-mind-
care, the whole can flourish.

ilder. The physical is the result.

of the “father of holistic medicine,”
the inspiration for his transforma-
lternative therapies, which he has

nd research with advice from the Your Practical

lueprint for healing that each of us
ment throughout.
Guide to
a neurosurgeon, psychologist, and

ic Medical Association (AHMA).

refront of alternative medicine and
for innovative discoveries in medi-
and authored more than 25 books.
rd of Scientific Medical Intuition,
xpert on medical intuition. Learn


The Spirit is the life. The It took the group eleven years to apply Gain a whole new perspective on
Mind is the builder. and compile the twenty-four lessons that Edgar Cayce’s core principle that
The physical is the result. became A Search for God, Books I and II. “mind is the builder”—and what it
Stock #680 Price: $16.95 Stock #370 Price: $24.95 means for you.
A.R.E. Members $13.56 Sale Price: $19.95 Stock #681 Price: $6.95
A.R.E. Members $15.96 A.R.E. Members $5.56 With an Edgar Cayce
on the Supernatur
Noted metaphysical expert John Van Auken
into beings of other realms with his simple yet t
on Angels, Fairies, Demons, and the Elementa

Van Auken’s prose style reads so easily that you

sitting and then find yourself amazed at the kno
knowledge of the secret lives and motivations o

Angels • Fairies • Sprites & Elves

Dark Forces • Elemen

Van Auken gives special attention to insights

combines his knowledge with that given in th
(1877-1945), the most-document psychic of m

A special chapter on “second sight” gives you

to sense these mysteries beings from other realm
make themselves present.

John Van Auken is a director

and is one of the organization
traveling throughout the U.S
audiences on the body-mind-
Edgar Cayce readings. He is
on the Cayce readings, the Bible, ancient pr
meditation, and ancient Egypt. John conducts
abroad, and is a tour guide to the many sacred


4/7/2016 10:55:42 AM

Cayce’s Prophecy Predicted the Past + Present + Future = NOW The definitive book of the Cayce
Dead Sea Scrolls! Stock #729 DVD Length: 90 minutes readings on and about the Bible.
Stock #676 Price: $16.95 Price: $24.95 Stock #663 Price: $27.95
A.R.E. Members $13.56 A.R.E. Members $19.96 A.R.E. Members $22.36

Edgar Cayce Series-12 Book Set

Over the years, A.R.E Press has released books containing readings on topics
such as Atlantis, Dreams & Visions, Reincarnation & Karma, Soul & Spirit and
many more! All of these books (currently totaling twelve) are now available in
this specially priced set. #K688
Save more than $25 when you buy this specially priced set.
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#668 $17.95 DVD. #737 $24.95 #661 $16.95

A.R.E. Members $14.36 A.R.E. Members $19.96 A.R.E. Members $13.56
Angels, fairies, Demons and the Elementals

e Perspective
ral World Angels, fairies,
offers fascinating insights
thoroughly researched book
u may finish the book in one and the
owledge you’ve acquired—
of our supernatural brethren.

s • Little People
With the Edgar Cayce Perspective
s found in sacred texts and
he readings of Edgar Cayce
on the Supernatural World
modern time.

tips on how you can begin

ms on your own and as they

r at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.,

n’s most popular speakers,
S. and abroad to address
-spirit topics found in the
s an acknowledged expert

rophecies, world religions,

s seminars in the U.S. and
sites around the world.


Bestselling author of Edgar Cayce on
the Spiritual Forces Within You

#669 $12.95 #665 $15.95 #675 $17.95

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#6548 $16.00 #672 $17.95 #2002 $9.95

A.R.E. Members $12.80 A.R.E. Members $14.36 A.R.E. Members $7.96



Lapis Lazuli, Multi-Moonstone, and Amazonite Jewelry

Cayce’s readings valued Lapis Lazuli for both its healing property and the enhancement it brings to our psychic
abilities. The readings indicated that moonstone’s vibrations are in accord with aiding in “the best thou may
accomplish.” Both lapis and moonstones are favorites of psychics who believe lapis enhances intuition (as Cayce
said) and moonstones aid in seeing the future—a combination that is perfect for developing and exercising psychic
talents. Amazonite heals and opens the heart and throat chakras to enhance loving communication. It also opens
the third eye and intuition.

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet with

Sterling Silver Prayer Bead
Stretches to 7 ½ inches.
#880 $29.99 A.R.E. Members $23.99

Wooden Bead and Chakra Gemstone Bracelet

Stretches to 8 inches.
#881 $16.00 A.R.E. Members $12.80
This bracelet consists of gemstones in the order
of the chakras in your body and assists with the
#671 $16.95 alignment of your chakras for that reason. Details
A.R.E. Members $13.56 online at ARECatalog.com.

Gemstone Malas
Braja Malas contain 108 genuine gemstone beads and each mala strand is ethically produced. Prayer mantras
are chanted while the beads are knotted, and the maker of these beads says, “We pray that meditating on these
mala helps you in your spiritual sojourn.”
Malas and Bracelets can be purchased separately or as a set.

Multi-Moonstone Amazonite Mala

Mala and Bracelet and Bracelet
Mala #885 $114.99 Mala #887 $114.99
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Amethyst Bracelet 6 mm Smokey Quartz Bracelet 6 mm

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Moonstone Bracelet 6 mm Stacking Gemstone Bracelet Set

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Amethyst Lotus Amethyst Pendant Amethyst Power Set

Flower Ring #K731 $144.85 Sale
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Astrological Forecast Karmic Astrology Report

Let our forecast help you plan your next 12 months! Aspects of the moon reveal unresolved
#8010 $24.95 A.R.E. Members $19.96 past-life issues.
Advanced Forecast Astrologer Edition #8020 $19.95 A.R.E. Members $15.96
An in-depth, detailed report for advanced astrologers.
Edgar Cayce Present Life
#8034 $29.95 A.R.E. Members $23.96 Astrological Profile
Your astrology according to the Cayce
Birth Profile readings!
The position of the planets at your birth
#8033 $24.95 A.R.E. Members $19.96
have meaning!
#8009 Birth Profile $24.95 Your Spiritual Path
A.R.E. Members $19.96 Reveals characteristics that define your
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Edgar Cayce Past-Life Profile #8025 $19.95 A.R.E. Members $15.96
What lives would a Cayce reading have
revealed to you?
Numerology Profile
#8004 $19.95 A.R.E. Members $15.96 Learn your Life Path, Expression, and
Heart’s Desire.
Solar Return “Your Birthday” Report #8044 $19.95 A.R.E. Members $15.96
Your “Solar Return” sets the tone for your next year!
#8049 $24.95 A.R.E. Members $19.96


A Thanksgiving Message
from Edgar Cayce

On November 20, 1938, on the brink of World War II, Edgar fering, to thine own mind becomes very little.
Cayce delivered a reading on the subject of Thanksgiving to A What, then, will ye—as servants—yea, as children of a living God,
Search for God Norfolk Study Group #1. of a living promise to thee—do about such a period, such a day?
GC: You will give…information which may stimulate in the For the day itself is as nothing. Remember how He as the Teacher
hearts and minds of those gathered here a greater appreciation of the of teachers gave that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for
true spirit of Thanksgiving, and which may be to all those to whom the Sabbath!
it is sent an inspiration and an explanation for Thanksgiving even in Then remember, Thanksgiving is thy opportunity to show thy
the face of personal problems and spreading world-wide fears and appreciation to thy friend, thy home, thy mother, thy children—yea
hatreds that seem to dominate so many minds today. most of all to thy God!
EC: Yes, we have the subject here; and many there be that appear As it may be truly said—of all the days for man’s opportunity,
with the desire to give their own interpretation upon such a subject. of man’s making, of man’s concern—truly Thanksgiving should be
But rather would we choose—from the more universal need of those nearer and dearer to the hearts of those who are appreciative of Life
here, as well as mankind everywhere—that thought, that purpose, and its opportunities, under any experience!
that attribute of man’s choice to show, to give thanksgiving for not
For remember, it was instituted not under plenty but under needs.
only the blessings as may be the experience of many but the fuller
meaning of the appreciation of Life itself and the opportunity which What is the need then of man in this day of disturbed mind, of
is offered to all through same to become more and more aware of anxieties?
their relationship to the Creative Force or God. That ye may re-consecrate, rededicate—each of you—thy heart,
It is well that ye be reminded, then, of how—in those periods thy body, thy purpose, to the living God!
when there were the preparations in the lives and experiences of a This is the message then that should be to all.
peculiar people, under unusual circumstances, in extraordinary en- Let this day of Thanksgiving be not only that wherein to enjoy
vironments—they were reminded, not in their days of plenty but in that which may satiate the body, that which may make for the
the days when each day they were given only sufficient for that day, gratifying of appetites of the body, but that day when each of you
that periods were to be, should be, set aside when thanksgiving was may give thanks to God for being alive, with the opportunities to
to be a part of their activity—their remembrances for all the joys, raise thy voice in prayer, in praise, in thanksgiving for the love He
the sorrows, the disappointments, the hopes that were and might hath shown, that He showers upon thee day by day!
be theirs if—if—they would but hold to those promises; relying—as And as ye do this—in the spirit of love, in the spirit of truth, of
it was necessary in those days, those hours, for a complete depend- patience, of longsuffering—ye will receive that awareness of His
ence—upon the bounty of a merciful Father, who had a purpose in closeness to thee. And this will bring you to the greater knowledge,
the bringing out, in the edifying, in the directing. the greater understanding of what He would have thee do.
And today, as ye look back upon those experiences, ye—Too— Let thy life, thy experience then, be not without purpose.
find thyselves chosen.
What do ye then purpose to do with his promises to thee?
Have ye chosen Him?
In this land ye may give praise for freedom of speech, for the
For as was given then,“If ye will be my people, I will be thy God!” opportunities to raise thy voice in whatever way and manner ye
This is a universal experience, then. To each soul gathered here, to choose.
each soul throughout the land, to each soul as may be in all lands: For know, as He taught, the principles of life are that as ye do
“If ye will be my people, I will be thy god!” unto the least of thy brethren ye do unto thy Maker.
Then in this land—as ye understand—when in the experiences Then, as ye give thanks, as ye give praise to thy friends for kind-
of a handful of those seeking a place where they might worship nesses, for gentlenesses, for those things that make thy experience
God according to the dictates of their own conscience, the bounties more bearable in a cruel world—under circumstances oft where a
of the land were in such measures as to preserve their lives—then troubled heart is made lighter—how much greater in this day…
there was the proclamation that thanksgiving must be in the mind how much more ye would give thanks to God!
and heart of each soul.
For it is in Him indeed that ye live, that ye move and have thy
… Then, to all: As ye do in the spirit of true thanksgiving come to being.
realize, as ye find in thy daily experience with thy fellow man—he
Let thy heart then be glad. (3976-21)
that is unappreciative of opportunity, of care, of thought, of longsuf-

66 EdgarCayce.org
Inspiring Speakers, Extraordinary Events
A.R.E. Virginia Beach Conferences and Training Programs
OCTOBER 21 NEW! Soul Growth Saturday january 20, 2018 NEW! Soul Growth Saturday
Reincarnation Unnecessary— Edgar Cayce and Prophecy:
How to Make THIS Life Your Best Life! Understanding the Times We Live In
Peter Woodbury, MSW, explores the insights Cayce gave to John Van Auken, author of the best-selling 2038: The Great
18 people who were told that this lifetime could be their last Pyramid Timeline Prophecy, will present an in-depth look at the
incarnation—and shows you what YOU can learn from them! predictions for our times and why change must occur. Explore the
Includes guided group regressions to access the wisdom of your prophecies of the Bible, Jesus, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and
soul. Co-sponsored by the Cassina Tarsia Center. ** more. Discount when combined with January 21.
Peter Woodbury, MSW
October 21; 22-27; 27-29
january 21 NEW! Soul Growth Sunday
OCTOBER 22-27 Very Limited Enrollment Practical Astrology: Forecasting Your
Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy Year and Your Soul’s Path
Training Certification Master Astrologer Kathy Rose teaches how the guidance and influ-
Learn this popular healing modality with Cayce teacher, psycho- ence of the planets relate to you personally, as you learn to use your
therapist, hypnotherapist, and Harvard University graduate Peter own chart to track your positive and negative cycles through 2018.
Woodbury, MSW, trained by Dr. Brian Weiss; you will be certified Feel confident knowing what each new day could bring! Includes a
in Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy—A.R.E. Certificate awarded. FREE natal chart. Discount when combined with January 20.
Register early—this limited enrollment course sells out every year!
Kevin Ryerson february 15-18 NEW!
November 10-12
OCTOBER 27-29 Very Limited Enrollment Edgar Cayce Meditation Training and
Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy Mentoring Certificate Course with
Advanced Intensive Meditation Master John Van Auken
This advanced-level course, limited to 10 students, provides one- Whether you want to enhance your personal meditation routine,
on-one training in the use of advanced regression techniques, as start your own program, or boost your current career, you will gain
both client and therapist, for deep soul connection and healing. the skills you need to successfully practice—and teach others—
Led by expert trainer, psychotherapist Peter Woodbury, MSW. Edgar Cayce-based meditation and mindfulness techniques. Open
Certificate awarded. to all levels, novice to experienced. Certificate awarded.
Mark Thurston, PhD march 4-9
December 29-31
NOVEMBER 10-12 Foundations in Hypnosis: Training and
Our Annual Psychic Development Certification Course
Conference Mastering Your Natural Be certified in Hypnosis by the A.R.E.! Experiential training in
Psychic Abilities hypnotherapy techniques for weight loss, pain control, and
We are all naturally psychic, and this experiential weekend will more. With one of our top-rated and most experienced trainers,
give you practical hands-on ways to develop and apply your psychologist and master hypnotist Dr. Jason Parker. Limited
innate intuitive abilities and take them to the next level! Train enrollment—register early to ensure your place!
with renowned psychics and intuitives including Kevin Ryerson,
Carol Ann Liaros, Robert Ohotto, Mary Roach, and more. Register NOW!
John Van Auken Call: 800-333-4499 toll-free
January 20; February 15-18 International: 757-428-3588, ext. 0
DecembeR 29-31 Website: EdgarCayce.org/
Our Annual New Year’s Conference conferences
A Search for God: Edgar Cayce’s Email: are@EdgarCayce.org
Roadmap to Enlightenment Show your conference badge to get 10% off purchases in the
Explore this great work and learn to apply these lessons to A.R.E. Bookstore and Gift Shop.
accelerate your soul grown and spiritual awakening with Mark ** Open to everyone; Life Members may redeem their Life Member
Thurston, PhD, Lora Little, Karen Boldt, Judith Stevens, and pass for this program.
more. Plus, ring in the New Year with a festive party with music, Programs, speakers, and tuitions are subject to change. Check our
Dr. Jason Parker dancing, refreshments, and a peaceful midnight meditation. **
website for updates. Use code C17VI when registering.
March 4-9
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