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Wehmeier 1

Ms. Wehmeier
Desert View High School – Spring 2018

Course Description:

This course examines societal development from the industrial revolution to the present
day with an emphasis on emerging ideologies, expansion of empires, growth of nations,
and an increase of global interdependence. Students develop an understanding of current
world issues and relate them to their historical, geographical, political, economic and
cultural contexts.


1. Be on time and ready to work.

-Understand and follow attendance and tardy policies.
-You will be responsible for making up any missed material.
dndd bgi -Begin working on bell-work as soon as you arrive.

2. Be respectful of the environment around you.

-Mutual respect is expected from everyone at all times.
-Foul language will not be tolerated.
-Food and drink will not be allowed in the classroom. (Water with cap is only exception)

3. Work until you are dismissed.

-I will dismiss you every day, not the bell.
-Make sure you understand what is expected of you for the next day.

4. Follow all school rules.

Ms. Wehmeier 2
World History

All class assignments, quizzes, projects, exams, and bell-work will contribute to your overall grade.

Grading Scale
10% Assessments
20% 40%

Class Work

Assessments Class Work Projects Semester Final

A= 90-100% B= 80-89% C= 70-79% D=60-69% F=0-59%

What can I do if I am having difficulty in this class?

Before going to your counselor, it is advised that you talk to the teacher first! Please see me for a pass to
come to my classroom during your ECAPP period. You may also work with me during Tutoring after
school on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Spring Semester Schedule:

3rd quarter- Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, and the Great War
4th quarter- The Second World War, The Cold War, and Our World Today
Ms. Wehmeier
World History 3

Behavior Consequences:

Rewards for outstanding class participation or model behavior.

1st outstanding performance or behavior
-Verbal Praise.
-Student may listen to music during independent study.

2nd outstanding performance or behavior

-Phone call to parent/ guardian.

3rd outstanding performance or behavior

-Excused from next worksheet assignment.

Penalties for disrupting classroom learning environment:

1st offense- Verbal warning.

2nd offense- Phone call to parent or guardian.

Lunch detention with the teacher in the classroom.

3rd offense- Mandatory conference.

Referral to the principal.

Classroom Procedures:
 If absent it is your responsibility to make up for missed work. Only assignments turned in on time
will receive full credit. Late work will be accepted according to the Freshman Academy
 The first 5-10 minutes of each class will be devoted to bell-work. Be ready to begin when you
 In order for a tardy to be excused a note or a pass must be presented to the instructor. Arriving
more than 30 minutes late will result in an absence. 10 absences will cause you to lose credit
from this course.
 Laptops are for class use only. Turn off and put away all cellphones and other personal devises.
Ms. Wehmeier
World History 4

About Ms. Wehmeier:

I am a graduate student at the University of Arizona in the “Teach Arizona” program; I will be awarded the
Master’s degree in Education in May. I received my BA in Classics from Valparaiso University and I also
received my MA in Classics from the University of Arizona.

Student Contract

I, ______________________________________ (print name), have read and understand the

above course syllabus and expectations.

Student Signature _______________________________________________________

Date ______________

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Your son/daughter is enrolled in my World History course, a requirement for graduation. The syllabus accompanying this form
should give you an idea of what we will cover during the semester. The syllabus also outlines the expectations that I have of
students in the course.
By signing this form, you acknowledge that you have read the syllabus. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me

Thank you,

Jessamyn Wehmeier

Parent/ Guardian Signature _______________________________________________ Date _______________