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Describe the Summary

The movie started with the prisoners singing while doing a hard and huge labor
for the higher ranked people, later on Javert the inspector gave a parole to 24601, Jean
Valjean. Jean Valjean was lost and bullied while on the run and later on came to a holy
place, the chapel, which humanity came to him and helped him. The Bishop fed and
dressed Jean Valjean and took care of him. He helped him move up and give him a
reason to live a fine and decent life
Six years passed and Jean Valjean has gone up a high rank, higher than
inspector Javert. He became the mayor of a town and a factory worker. Javert did not
recognise Jean Valjean as the prisoner 24601 because he was using the alias Monsieur
Madeleine until a clue came to him when Jean Valjean helped a man that is pinned
under the wheels of a cart, the moment he lift it Javert was reminded of prisoner 24601

Jean Valjean met Fantine who turned into a prostitute in sacrifice to save her
daughter, Cosette. But sadly Fantine died. Jean Valjean promised to take care of
Cosette. In search of finding Cosette he coincidentally met her in the dark woods and
then took her away from the evil couple, Madame Thenardier and Monsieur Thenardier
that abused her. Cosette turned into a fine lady and was involve in a love triangle with
Marius and Eponine. They sang about their feelings.

A fight led by Enjolras upon the barricades occurs. The fight led many persons
dead from the group of rebellion. Jean Valjean took care of Marius when he was injured
and escaped through the sewers, and the war prevails. Inspector Javert took his life.

Marius soon goes well and reunites with Cosette. Thenardier tried to convince
Marius false things about Jean Valjean so that Marius will loath him, he tried to tell that
Valjean was a murderer upon showing Marius the piece of coat he tore off as evidence.
Marius was surprise as he recognizes the fabric as part of his own coat and then
realizes that Jean Valjean was the one who rescued him from the barricade; he then
confronts Thenardier about his wrongdoings and give him a chance to flee to America
where he became a slave trader. Marius rushed to tell Cosette the good news and then
goes to Valjean to reconcile but as they arrive, they found Valjean near death. Valjean
tells Cosette about her mother’s (Fantine) story and name. He dies with content and
was buried.

Les Miserables. The foul interpretation of crime and dignity. Looking down and
the unfair treatment to the weak. All about poverty and greediness. The war between
the weak but strong and the strong that only depends on their power, also the weak. A
fight to be heard and answered.