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Intermediate grammar exercise: future simple (will) or

‘going to’ future

1 John: Did you remember to bring that book I lent you?

Paul: Oh, sorry, I forgot again. I (bring) it tomorrow.

2 Martina: Do you know what to buy your sister for her birthday?

Tom: Yes. I (buy) her a book on gardening.

3 I don't feel like going out this evening. I (stay) at home and watch
4 Elizabeth: There's someone at the door.

Mark: I (go) and see who it is.

5 David: Do you know that Mark (open) a shop in the centre of town?
Jana: Really? What type of shop?
6 I've decided that I (look) for a new job.

Intermediate grammar exercise: past simple vs. past


1 I used my time well while I (wait) for my plane – I wrote some emails.

2 I (not/work) when my boss walked in my office: I was on Facebook.

3 I saw a car crash when I (wait) for the taxi.

4 Tom (have) long hair and a beard when he was at university.

5 It started snowing while I (drive) to work.

6 What (you/do) this time last year?

7 I (not/call) you at 9 o'clock as arranged because I was having a

8 I (still/sleep) when my wife left for work this morning.

9 Why did you bring your umbrella? (it/rain) when you left home?
Intermediate grammar exercise: past simple or
present perfect (1)

1 Jim: How many times (you/try) to pass your driving test?

Michael: Three times so far.
2 When (you/go) to Rome?

3 You look different. (you/have) a haircut?

4 I (not/see) David at all this week. I don't even know where he is.

5 Jim: (you/speak) to Peter yet?

Michael: No, not yet.
6 When (you/start) your job?

7 I (move) house three times in the last five years.

8 My sister (be) to New York three times and she's going again next month.

9 The US President (be) in our country last year.

10 The US President (visit) our country three times in the last two years.

Intermediate grammar exercise: past perfect vs. past


1 I got home and found that someone (try) to break into the house.

2 I celebrated last Friday night because I (pass) my exams the day before.

3 I saw a bad accident on my way here. Two cars (crash) on the

4 I got to the cinema and a minute later the film (start) .

5 I (go) to Ireland in 2008 and then to Sweden in 2009.

6 When I married Helena in 2007, I (be) married three times before.

7 I got to the cinema and saw that the film (already/start)
Choose the correct form of the verbs (infinitive or gerund)

1. I am keen on (work) in the computer industry.

2. Amy decided (see) a doctor.
3. Leila enjoys (read) love stories.
4. Do you intend (study) Italian or English?
5. Do you mind (help) me wash the dishes?
6. Alan asked (talk) to the boss.
7. I can't help (laugh) when I watch Mr Been.
8. If Sara keeps (come) to work late, she'll have
problems with the boss.
9. Liza hates (study) Maths.
10. Are you interested in (live) in Africa ?

Passive sentences – Exercise

1. Julia rescued three cats.

2. The students handed in the reports.
3. Maria crashed into the blue car.
4. Alex learned the poem.
5. Steven has forgotten the book.
6. The mechanic has not repaired the DVD recorder.
7. They play handball.
8. Sue puts the rucksack on the floor.
9. The girls had lost the match.
10. The teacher is not going to open the window.