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Step 1.) Go to www.dfgsh.com, click Sign up as New user link.

Step 2.) Enter your working Email ID then click Sign Up

Step 3.) Log in to your email account. You should receive a confirmation message
from Dataflow QCHP.
Step 4.) Read the message and use the following credentials to sign in to your
Dataflow account.
Step 5.) Go back to www.dfgsh.com, enter the username and password. It will lead you
to this page. Click No. **If you have been screened before, e.g. Saudi Data flow,
clicking on Yes doesn’t give you anything. I think it only applies if you were already
screened for QCHP. Anyways, just click No.
Step 6.) It will lead you to a new page. Just read and understand everything. Click on
Disclaimer: “I agree”. Then click Save and Next.
Step 7.) It will lead you to a new page. Read and understand everything. Click on Save
and Next.
Step 8.) Fill out everything. Application for: NURSE. Category: NEW. Your name
should be exactly the same as it appears on your passport. Leave Qatar National ID
blank. Leave Area blank. For additional Email address, just copy the email address you
used here.
Step 9.) Enter in Current/Potential Place of work in the State of Qatar: Hamad
Medical Corporation. Leave Fax blank. Click on Upload to upload a scanned clear
copy of your passport.
Step 10.) It will open a pop-up. Click on Choose File. It will open a new window.
Browse your file location, choose the file, and click open. Finally, click on Upload.
Wait for the file to be uploaded. Once uploaded, the Upload Document Red box will
change to Document Uploaded Green box. Finally, Click Save and Next.
Step 11.) It will lead you to the Education Details page. 1 Education for Nurse is
required. Fill out the form and upload a scanned clear copy of your original college
diploma. No need for an authenticated document. Once uploaded, Click on Save and
Step 12.) It will lead you to License Page. Fill out the mandatory fields. For license 1,
add your latest license e.g. SCHS. For license type: OTHERS. For license Status:
PERMANENT. Upload a scanned clear original copy of your license. Front and back.
Click on Add more License Details to add an additional license. E.g. PRC License.
Follow the same format then click on Save and Next.
Step 13.) Next is the Employment Page. Three (3) years is the required years of
experience for nurses. Volunteer experience is not considered. Fill out the mandatory
forms. Type FULL TIME. Upload your Certificate of Experience/Employment.

If your last employment is only 2 years, add another experience on the additional form
below. Just follow the steps above.

Click on Next and Save.

***Data flow will not include those additional LICENSE and EMPLOYMENT. They
will only verify the one (1) most recent LICENSE and EMPLOYMENT. After a few
days after you made a payment, they will send you an email notifying you that you
have an additional LICENSE and EMPLOYMENT and you will need to make a new
account (meaning new EMAIL ADDRESS) to request for the additional credentials
using the same barcode that they will provide (***with additional cost per document).
Don’t worry because they will send you the steps that you need to follow.
Step 14.) It will lead you to the Letter of Authorization page. Read and understand.
Click on Print to download the Letter of Authorization. Print it on a blank paper. Sign
it, scan, and upload again. Then, click on Save and Next.
Step 15.) It will lead you the Summary page. Read everything carefully.
If you’re ready to pay: The Click on I understand that by clicking the submit
button below, I will no longer be able to edit or amend my application in any way.
Important: Make sure to review everything carefully. You cannot change anything
once you ticked it. Click on Save and Next.

If you’re not ready to pay: Just log out and go back to this page once you’re ready to
Step 16.) If you clicked on Save and Next, then I assume you’re ready to pay. Online
application can only be paid thru VISA or MASTERCARD. It will lead you to the
amount summary page. Click on I fully agree to Dataflow Disclaimer the click Pay
Step 17.) It will lead you to the payment page. Click on the logo you wish to pay it
thru. Visa or Mastercard. Then it will lead you to a secured page to enter your credit
card information. Make sure that you have the card holder’s working mobile phone
with you. It will send a code thru SMS and is time sensitive. Make sure that the phone
is turned on and with good reception. Immediately enter the code as soon as you
receive the SMS. If successful, they will send you an email for confirmation. Just wait
for about a month for the report. Good luck!!! ~~~peQs