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”We do not judge the people we love” (Jean Paul Sartre)

There is a moral urge not to judge our fellows, but

unfortunately we do this quite often.
As for the people we love, indeed, we tend to be more
understanding and support them even if they upset us or do
wrong things. For example, the relationship between a
mother and her kids show unconditional love. No matter
how miscouducted behaviour a child or teenager may have,
mother never give up their job to stand by their kids guide
them and love them. That means they don’t judge their
However, in close relations people still criticize relatives
or friends, reproaching them many things. We all fall into
this trap from time to time which leads to fights and
disputes. Close people may become distant and break up for
good. Ideally, we should not criticize or judge people in
general, especially not the dear ones.

”Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating

yourself” (G. B. Show)

People are beings endowed with reason and intelligence.

They are the only ones capable of creating things. They even
create themselves.
Throughout an entire life, a person cannot stay the
same, he or she evolves, turns into somebody else different
from the one he or she used to be. As a child or teenager you
dream of becoming ”someone” and all your life try to make
this dream come true. This is about creating yourself.
However, this process of personal development wouldn’t
be possible if you weren’t able to find yourself. The ancient
philosopher Socrates urged people to know themselves, which
is essential to become a better person. Thus, finding
yourself, in other words, knowing yourself becomes a
necessity and the starting point in the journey towards
your real inner self which has to be shoped up into a
wonderful personality.
In conclusion, you can’t create yourself if you don’t
know yourself. You do have to know yourself, otherwise you
can become a worse version of your self, an avatar who has
failed to reach the right destination.

”The world of reality has limits; the world of imagination is


The world of reality has limits but I strongly believe we

can escape from this world occasionally through
In the first place, the world we live in, especially today,
has many bounderies imposed upon us by social
conventions, rules, laws, predjudices which limit the free
spirit of man. I think, like J. J. Rousseau, that the man
needs to stay free as he was born and he needs to set free
from these ’chains’.
I also believe that a way out to freedom is escaping into
imagination which is boundless. Man is endowed with
reason and imagination. As a result, be can create a better
world at an individual level, at least, where he can take
refuge. This is different according to each of us: some like
reading or watching films, others like wriling and creating
things. The world we create is a counterpoint to the
oppressive world we physically live in and which, sadly, can
limit us spiritually.
In conclusion, there is no doubt that physically we are
subjected to this real world. However, we can be spiritually
free by means of imagination. Let’s be escapists!

”Life is really simple but we insist on making it


Whether life is simple or not, it seems to we that people

tend to complicate it even more. They would prefer to
overthink it rather than live it.
First of all, the way we live our lives depends on the way
we view them. There are optimistic people who consider life
simple and enjoy it to its full extend. Even if there are
pitfalls and hardships, they turn them into opportunitives
to learn something and improve themselves.
On the other hand, pesimistic people complain all the
time, having regrets about the past or fearing the future.
Thus, they fail to live in the present and view life as the
heaviest burden they can ever carry.
They may not live the most complicated existence in
comparision to others, less fortunate, but they still are
In conclusion, I strongly believe that the way you think
is the way you think is the way you live and you can
progravive your destiny life according to your thinking: be
it positive or negative.

”Commitment is an act, not a word” (Jean Paul Sartre)

Nowadays more and more people are getting shallow in

relationships and they don’t prove commitment anymore
like they used to. It seems to me that commitment has
become just a promise which is never kept.
To begin with, commitment is an act not a word.
Unfortunately, people get involved in superficial
relationships that show no commitment or they just make
promises they will never keep. This happens because the
world has become more material where everybody is focused
on making money and commits to their own interest.
Friendships have been put in danger. Even family
relationships. Maybe, only where there is unconditional love
(mother-kids), commitment is total and genuine.
Commitment should be translated into deeds or acts.
You have to take action if you are really commited to your
relations or to your career. Commitment means that you
care and you are actively involved and interested in
offering help and support.
In conclusion, if commitment can be stated in words
and declarations, it can not be proved without acts.