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The Map of the Ways of the Resurrection of the Dead

Prepared Cryonics Plastination Digital immortality: Restoration from

while alive restoration based a digital
resurrection on recordings “back up”

Reconstruction Kardashev 3 AI Kardashev 4 AI Kardashev 5 AI

by AI • Reconstruction based on traces Reconstruction of a person with the Total reconstruction of all
- DNA, records, bones, traces, mem- help of a strong AI with acausal possible people using comput-
ory of other people with the help of trade with parallel worlds in MWI er simulations. That is, we cre-
strong AI. and the use of randomness to fill ate a huge number of simula-
• Super-archeology - analyze the in unknown information (that is, tions of the entire history of
entire surface of Earth at the atomic the missing information is filled with the Earth. This can only hap-
level in seach of traces, pieces of DNA a random number generator, with the pen beyond the AI ​​of a galactic
and so on. expectation that in one of the branch- scale
• Resurrection simulation is a es of the multiverse it exactly match-
computer simulation of human life, if es the desired one. Unnecessary
only its DNA and a number of initial branches coincide with other worlds.)
and historical conditions are known

New world New physics New informational Parallel world Simulation

models • New physics: read- traces in MWI • We are in the simu-
ing information from lation, and everything
Finding new physical effects Teleportation to a
the past, worm- is written in the main
that recorded information parallel world in MWI,
holes, time machines computer - we need to
about a person’s thoughts or where the death of
• Observation of the earth read it;
the state of his brain (prints a person has not oc-
from far from space, • And maybe it simu-
of vibrations, traces of chemi- curred, or the estab-
if you manage to get lates afterlife;

cals in bones, quantum radar, lishment of a con-

there faster than the • Maybe we were re-
quantum entanglement, traces nection with him
speed of light and build corded by aliens
of cosmic ray trails that passed
there huge telescopes.
through the brain - like X-rays)
• Quantum archeology

Use of quantum Universal problem solver based on QI improves Eternal return

immortality quantum immortality chances of Everything will happen
That is self-destruction in all branches of the multiverse, again, if you wait eter-
except for those where the desire is fulfilled, and the dead is
cryonics nity according to Ni-
in fact never died. etzsche.

Partial • The same DNA-based clone, educated in the

Reconstruction based on the new conditions, partly similar to his past culture;
expectations of the relatives • Improved version of a person

Transformation Partial with social transformation
• Foundation: an organisation continues the projects of the per-
• Collected writings, catalogue-raisonne, bi- son after he died
ography, biopic movie • Museum: personal belongings, archive, research institute,
• Theatre: transformation during game: cos- • Collected works, chat-bot, books
play, dialogue of voices • Children
• Life inside the memory of another man - in • Family
dreams, in fantasies; shared brain • Monuments
• Transformation into qualia, mood, image, • Legacy, memories of people, heroisation
symbol • Preservation of the cell line and body parts, mummy
• The embodiment of values and ideas
• Symbolic reincarnation: name

• Physical resurrection according to God’s will
• Confluence with God
• Reincarnation
• Afterlife
• Transformation into transcendental
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