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For service to school and community

BACKGROUND C. CHARACTER. Students’ character is measured by
personal habits and attitudes, appreciation of our
The Silver Garland program is sponsored as a society’s moral and spiritual values and a sense of good
community service by The Ledger. Polk County high judgment as reflected in relationships with others.
schools are invited to select seniors with records of Character may be revealed by an individual’s ability to
outstanding service as Silver Garland candidates. overcome physical and environmental handicaps.
Business and/or community leaders serve as judges in Guidelines for selection of nominees by categories are
each category. Judges individually review and hold outlined in this brochure. These specific guidelines, plus
personal interviews with each candidate to select the the general measurements of achievement, leadership
Silver Garland recipient in each category. and character, should form the basis for selection of
Selection of candidates to represent each school and nominees.
administration of the program at school level is handled All of these factors are considered by Silver Garland
by Polk County Schools. Selection of judges, judging of judges. Their choice of winners rests on an appraisal of
candidates and presentation of awards is administered by the student’s use of these factors in service to school
The Ledger. The Ledger assumes all expenses for the and/or community.

Competition is open to any high school senior in Polk
THE CATEGORIES County schools, public or private. Each school,
regardless of size, may nominate only one candidate in
•ART JOURNALISM each category. In addition, no student may be entered in
•ATHLETICS •MATHEMATICS more than one category.
1. The interested student must complete one original
entry form. Form may be scanned into a computer
document. The original must be properly signed by the
QUALIFICATIONS candidate, faculty member and principal. Entry forms
provide a guide for evaluating candidate’s qualifications.
The essential qualification for a Silver Garland nominee No supporting exhibits such as scrapbooks, projects,
is service. Students who attempt to qualify solely portfolios, or transcripts are to be submitted.
through in class excellence have no advantage in being
selected. The Silver Garland Award in each category is 2. The completed entry form should be given to that
given to the student whose record of service to school school’s Silver Garland coordinator, as designated by
and/or community best exemplifies the unselfish use of the principal.
his or her abilities to help others. The period of
performance is not of prime importance. Work through 3. A school committee or coordinator, as directed by the
all of the high school grades (9 - 12) or any part thereof principal or his/her designated representative, may
may be considered. determine which entry in each category shall be
submitted to The Ledger for final judging.
INDIVIDUAL’S QUALIFICATIONS ARE: 4. Principals should review teacher/faculty letter of
recommendation and verify the statements of the teacher
A. ACHIEVEMENT. Accomplishments, honors and and candidate.
recognition represent evidence of achievement, both in
school and community. Important are the direction of 5. One photograph must be submitted for each nominee.
purpose (as applied to the student’s category), The photograph should be a wallet-size studio portrait
realization of goals and persistence. (i.e., yearbook photo) suitable for reproduction. Photos
should be electronically sent to The Ledger in a JPEG
B. LEADERSHIP. Initiative in constructive programs,
format. All photographs must be labeled on the back, or
poise in facing difficult problems and courage in
as the filename with candidate’s name, category and
meeting responsibilities are hallmarks of a good leader.
A list of elected positions demonstrates general approval
Please use self-stick labels. Ballpoint pens leave
by others, which opens the door to real leadership. How
indentations and felt markers may smear.
this opportunity is used is the prime factor for
6. Make three copies of the original completed entry AWARDS
form. Please be sure that all copies show photo with Each winner receives a Silver Garland trophy and a
original attached to top copy. Original plus 3 copies $1,000 check. Each Silver Garland candidate is awarded
(total of 4 sets) must be submitted to The Ledger. a certificate of merit.

Entries must be received by The Ledger no later than
5:00 PM, Friday, December 17. They should be directed INFORMATION
to the attention of Lenore Devore. (The Ledger is not
responsible for late or misdirected mail.) & INSTRUCTION
1. Entries are accepted by The Ledger only from the

JUDGING official representative from each high school.

2. Entry forms cannot be returned.
Authorities in each category are selected by The Ledger.
Each judge individually reviews the entry forms prior to 3. Nominees must attend an interview with judges.
judging and conducts a brief personal interview with Candidates unable to attend the judging will be
each nominee before making their decision. In every disqualified. Please check for previous commitments
case, the judges’ decision is final. Judging sessions will before nomination.
be Feb. 7, 2011 at the Jim Miles Development Center.
4. Students’ names are printed on certificates, awards
Nominees will be notified of their interview time by
and for publication exactly as they appear on entry
letter about a week prior to the judging session
forms. Please double-check spelling!
Attendance is mandatory at the judging session.
5. All nominees are required to attend the Awards
presentation. Nominees may invite as many guests as
AWARDS they want. The ceremony is open to the public. The

PRESENTATION Ledger strives to make the event worthy of the

students’ efforts.
The Silver Garland Awards presentation will be April
11, 2011 at Branscomb Auditorium. Names of the
winners will not be revealed until called to the stage for  
presentation. Attendance is required for receiving the top
Awards Categories
The following criteria serve as guidelines for selection of nominees.
The candidate may have... JOURNALISM
• provided outstanding service through creative ability in The candidate may have...
drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, architecture • provided outstanding service through work on student
or in any visual arts medium. publications.
• sparked school or community projects or inspired, • demonstrated an unusual devotion to the
encouraged or taught others through practical accomplishment of a specific goal designed to benefit
application of creative abilities. the community through work with a newspaper,
• donated creative talents to serve an organization or magazine, or other journalistic outlet.
event which exists to help others. • used talents in written or broadcast media to
enlighten/educate the public.
The candidate may have... MATHEMATICS
• provided outstanding service in physical education, The candidate may have...
student team management or leadership. • provided outstanding service through endeavors to
• contributed to the welfare of others through athletic contribute to mathematical knowledge.
activities. • led individual or group research projects using
• displayed emotional sportsmanship, fair play and mathematical abilities.
unselfish service. • tutored students and/or adults using math skills.
• donated time and talent to teach, coach or lead those
less fortunate. MUSIC
The candidate may have...
CITIZENSHIP • provided outstanding service through use of talent in,
The candidate may have... or knowledge of vocal or instrumental music.
• provided outstanding service in any academic field. • been the inspiring force in a musical group.
• shown an overall willingness to accept and carry out • originated or lead music-related projects of benefit to
special assignments and projects within the school or others.
• displayed exemplary leadership, dependability, civic PERFORMING ARTS
consciousness, and spirit of helpfulness. The candidate may have...
• provided outstanding service as a dramatist, director,
ENGLISH/LITERATURE writer, dancer, designer or technical director in the
The candidate may have... theatrical arts.
• provided outstanding service through leadership by • designed or constructed sets, created original scripts,
initiating or directing activities related to a fuller choreographed presentations, designed lighting or sound
appreciation of English and literary works. systems for community or school.
• used skills to benefit others and encourage a deeper • served to inspire fellow students through the use of
appreciation of literature. theatrical means.
• participated in literacy, young reader, or free library • provided entertainment at a nursing home or a
programs. hospital’s children’s ward.
• reached others, through the written word, improving
school or community. SCIENCE
The candidate may have...
FOREIGN LANGUAGE • provided outstanding service by advanced work,
The candidate may have... investments or application of the principles of chemistry,
• provided outstanding service through the use of physics, biology, earth science, physiology, electronics
knowledge in a language other than English. or computer science.
• tutored other students beginning a foreign language • worked for a cleaner environment in the areas of
course. ecology.
• used translating abilities to assist the community, • led others to the advantages of science through field
school, or mission-related trips. trips, science projects or technical demonstrations.
• inspired other students to choose an area of science as
a continuing education or career path.

The candidate may have...
• provided outstanding service in the field of industrial, business, vocational or
technical education.
• an ability to lead or inspire others through the practical application of business,
industrial arts, agriculture, cooperative, home economics, or technical education.
• tutored others in the areas of vocational studies.
• volunteered time to assist an organization, group or school through computer
education and application.