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Authored by Max Brooks

directed by Marc Forster

Former UN employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), his wife Karin (Mireille Enos) and their two daughters,
Rachel and Constance, wake and enjoy a family breakfast. Gerry tells Constance, the youngest daughter,
that he quit his job to spend more time with the family. On the TV is some news about strife and talk of
martial law. Later, they sit in heavy Philadelphia traffic when the city is attacked by a horde of zombies --
these attackers move very quickly, biting people and the bitten being turned very rapidly. The Lanes are
in a car crash during the panic stampede and Gerry notices it takes approximately 12 seconds for a
bitten person to change.

As the chaos spreads, the Lanes escape from the city in a stolen RV trailer. They stop near Newark, New
Jersey at a large food store where Karin stocks up on whatever food she can scrounge and Gerry is able
to find medication when his eldest daughter, Rachel, who is suffering from a violent asthma attack as a
result of the shock and stress of what happened to them. His wife is attacked by looters -- Gerry shoots
one of them and Karin is let go.

Outside the store the family takes refuge in an apartment complex in Newark. Deputy Secretary-General
Thierry Umutoni (Fana Mokoena) - an old friend of Gerry's - calls and tells the family that he is sending a
helicopter to rescue them, however it will take until the next morning to arrive. The Lanes hide out in a
small apartment with a Latino family. One of the children, a boy named Tomas, speaks English and
translates for the Lanes. Gerry, believing that the best chance of survival is to keep moving, is unable to
convince Tomas' family to leave with them.

The next morning, the Lanes creep through the mostly abandoned tenement trying to find the roof but
the undead detect them and they are chased to the roof. They find Tomas on the way. When Gerry is
attacked by several zombies, they spew blood on him. Arriving on the roof, Gerry steps to the edge,
ready to throw himself off if the blood spilled on his face makes him turn. He doesn't and, after holding
off another horde of the undead, the family boards the chopper and escapes. The helicopter takes the
Lanes to a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier off the coast of New York City with a whole group of other refugees.
On board, there is team of scientists and military personnel are analyzing the scope of the worldwide
outbreak. Thierry is waiting there for them and fixes them up with bunks.
A virologist, Dr. Andrew Fassbach (Elyes Gabel), argues that the plague is a virus, whose origin must be
found in order for a vaccine to be developed. Because of his expertise as a former UN investigator, Gerry
is tasked with helping Fassbach find the outbreak's source. Gerry reluctantly agrees to help, on given the
word that his family will be safe, and is sent to Camp Humphreys, a military base in South Korea, where
an email was received about 11 days prior that stated that the outbreak may have started there.

Moments after arriving at the base, Gerry's team is attacked by zombies. The frightened and cowardly
Fassbach is killed after accidentally shooting himself after slipping on the ramp of the C-130 plane. The
gunshot alerts the zombies roaming the area, forcing Gerry and the crew to run. After being rescued by
the base's surviving personnel, Gerry learns that the zombies are attracted to noise. The soldiers on the
base, lead by Captain Speke, explain that a Korean soldier had been out in the field doing research when
he was attacked and turned. His conversion took considerably more time than what had been witnessed
more recently. The corpse of the infected man attacked the base doctor and both were incinerated.
Speke tells Gerry how one of his men was able to stand in the middle of the infected people and not be
attacked. When Gerry asks the soldier, who walks with a slight limp, how he injured his leg, the soldier
tells him something's been bothering him lately.

Gerry talks to a Ex-CIA agent, Haffner (David Morse), who'd been arrested for selling arms to North
Korea. He tells Gerry a chilling account of how the North Korea government was able to contain the
outbreak in their country by pulling the teeth of every citizen within a 24 hour period, giving its citizens
no way to infect each other through bites.

Haffner tells Gerry to go to Jerusalem, where the Israeli Mossad had established a safe zone just before
the outbreak was officially acknowledged, implying Israel might have had prior knowledge of what was
to come. To get the C-130 refueled and Gerry aboard, Speke's men ride in a fleet of bicycles to avoid
making any noise. Gerry's satellite phone goes off when Karin tries to call him and the undead attack.
The plane is refueled successfully and Gerry and the C-130 pilot manage to escape.

In Jerusalem, Gerry meets Mossad leader Jurgen Warmbrunn (Ludi Boeken), who explains that the
Mossad had months earlier intercepted communications from an Army General in India, who stated that
Indian troops were fighting the "rakshasa", or "dead spirits". Warmbrunn also explains how the center
of Jerusalem was walled in -- the wall is formidable, at least 50 feet high and refugees are being brought
in to the quarantine zone, including non-Jews and Muslims. While Gerry talks with Jurgen, a group of
Muslim refugees begin to sing joyously at finding a safe zone to survive in. One of the women is able to
find a microphone and the singing grows louder. The zombies outside begin to climb the protective wall
forming a massive pile that eventually succeeds in entering the city. While fleeing, Gerry notices that an
old man and an emaciated boy are ignored by the zombies. A young Israeli woman soldier, Segen
(Daniella Kertesz), Gerry's escort, is bitten by a zombie. Gerry quickly amputates her hand to stop the
spread of the infection, counting to 12 until he's sure that she won't turn. Gerry and Segen eventually
make it to the airport and manage to board a Belarus Airways airliner after Gerry's pilot panics and flies

Contacting Thierry, Gerry asks for the nearest WHO or CDC type lab, they are diverted to a WHO
research facility in Cardiff, Wales. While in the air, a stowaway zombie is released from the cargo hold
and attacks a flight attendant. She attacks the rest of the passengers. The plane crashes near Cardiff
after Gerry detonates a grenade to kill the zombies. Segen and Gerry proceed as the only apparent
survivors of the crash, Gerry has been impaled by a chunk of metal. Segen finds him and they walk to
Cardiff and find the WHO facility. Out of contact, the US Navy assumes he is dead and deports his family
to Nova Scotia.
After arriving at the facility, Gerry passes out at the gate and awakes three days later strapped to a
gurney -- his wound has been treated and bandaged. He is able to convince the staff of the facility that
he's there on a specific mission -- the men watching him call his wife's satellite phone. Thierry answers
the phone and tells Gerry that his family were considered "non-essential" personnel and were relocated
to a land-based facility. Gerry is upset but Thierry is able to verify Gerry's identity to the suspicious WHO

Gerry reveals a theory to the wary scientists that since the old man and the sickly boy in Jerusalem were
ignored (as well as a homeless wino Gerry briefly witnessed in Newark that the zombies bypassed, and
the story the soldier with a limp told about the zombies ignoring him), the infected do not bite people
who are seriously injured or already terminally ill, since they would be unsuitable as hosts for viral
reproduction. He volunteers to inject himself with a terminal but curable pathogen to see if his idea
works. However, the wing of the building in which the pathogens are stored was overrun by zombies
after a doctor accidentally infected himself. Gerry decides to go get a pathogen regardless, while Segen
and one of the WHO doctors follow him for backup. They fight their way through the zombies, and Gerry
finally gets to the pathogen vault.

Inside, Gerry fills a small box with vials of pathogens from two separate cabinets. The scientists watch
him on camera, remarking that the left cabinet contains deadly and incurable diseases. Gerry gets ready
to leave and sees one of the undead doctors outside. Cornered and without a suitable weapon, he
decides to inject himself to see if his theory will work. He shows the scientists a note saying "TELL MY
FAMILY I LOVE THEM" and chooses a vial at random from the box. Gerry waits a short time and opens
the door to the vault. The former doctor ignores him and Gerry is able to walk out, past the horde of
zombies that have infested the facility.

After he makes it back to the safe part of the facility, everyone rejoices at his theory's success, and the
doctors cure him of the pathogen. Gerry returns to his family, in a safe zone in Freeport, Nova Scotia.

A "vaccine" derived from deadly pathogens is developed that can act as camouflage for the troops
battling the infected. Air drops are performed, delivering the pathogen to all parts of the world. Human
offensives begin against the zombies, and hope is restored. Russia is particularly successful in halting the
pandemic with military and civilian force. Gerry comments, "This isn't the end. Not even close."
The Age of Adaline

Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) is seen purchasing fake ID's at an apartment in San
Francisco. The forger asks her why she chose to be 29 with her looks, she could shave
off a few years. She smiles and says he's too kind. While leaving, she asks why he
makes fakes ID's when he has the potential for much more. She also notes that the
autographed baseballs on his desk show his real name. "It's the little things that slip
you up", she says.

Adaline goes home to her apartment where her dog greets her. It is seen that during
her 107 years of being alive, she has raised the same dog over and over again. She
notes she is late for work at the library's office of archives.

While working, she opens a film reel and her life is explained. She was born on New
Years Day in 1908, got married, had a child, and became a widow when her husband
suffered an accident during the building of the Golden Gate Bridge. One night, an
unexplainable snow begins to fall as she is driving to her parents house. She suffers a
car accident/lightening strike combination that causes her to remain 29 years old
forever. At first it is not noticeable, but as her daughter (Ellen Burstyn as an old
woman) grows older, it becomes more apparent. One day she is pulled over by a cop,
who takes away her ID as it says she is in her late 40's. She decides to move away and
does a year of research at a medical college but cannot find anything to explain her
condition where she cannot age.

Late one rainy night, she is walking home when two FBI agents follow her. They put her
in a car and try to take her on an airplane. She escapes out the trunk and decides she
will spend her life on the run with a new look and identity every decade. She explains
this to her daughter (now an adult) and they have a heartfelt goodbye.

At present day, Adaline adds a co-signer to her account (her new identity) and has a
flashback to when she first opened the account. She had invested in Xerox and it has
paid off well, which explains her financial situation. She is planning to leave soon to live
on a farm in Oregon.

It's New Years Eve and she enters the hotel to a party. On the wall is a picture of her
with friends and its clearly from many decades ago. She stares at it and moves on to
find her friend who is playing the piano for a party. Her friend is blind and jokes to
Adaline that they're cougars as only young men go after her (her friend assumes
they're both old ladies). A young man walks up to Adaline and she quickly pins him,
Sherlock Holmes style. From his expensive heirloom watch to the paint on his hands,
she knows hes an artist who comes from a wealthy family. As they make small talk,
Ellis Jones (Michael Huisman) walks in the room. They have a moment of eye contact
until a brunette kisses Ellis on the cheek and Adaline looks away.

At midnight, she walks out of the room and calls her daughter. Her daughter sings
happy birthday on the phone and confirms lunch the next day. A young man walks up
to Adaline and tries a smooth line about kissing a stranger at midnight. He asks if shes
heard it before and she says yes, from a young Bing Crosby-type. She says goodbye to
her friend and walks to the elevator.

Before the elevator closes, Ellis pushes his hand to open it and they ride down together.
He tries to smooth talk her and fails. She politely turns him down all the way to her

The next day at work, her co-workers mention a generous benefactor is coming by to
donate some books. Surprise, its Ellis! He brings her books that have flowers in the
name (alluding to their elevator conversation). Apparently, he's seen her before at
board meetings and knew she worked there. He asks her to be in the photograph
they're doing for publicity and she quickly says no, she doesn't like being
photographed. He suggests a date instead and she says no. He then says he'll withdraw
his donation if she declines the date.

In the next scene, they are in the tunnels beneath San Francisco. They found a boat.
He tells her a great deal about himself and then asks about her. All she is willing to say
is "I have a dog". As they leave, he offers to tell her a joke and if she laughs then she
has to go out with him again. He tells a terrible joke and she laughs.

Adaline goes to Ellis' apartment for the next date where they have hot dogs, wine, and
listen to jazz. They spend the night together. The next morning, Ellis is on the phone
having trouble with a work call in Portuguese. (He majored in mathematics and
discovered an algorithm. Ellis friend figured out how to make money off it so they split
the profits and his friend is off in Fiji while Ellis is a philanthropist.) Adaline rapidly fires
off some Portuguese on his phone and leaves.

Somewhere in there is a scene between her and her daughter, who could look like
Adaline's grandmother. She talks about having trouble getting up stairs and wants to
move to a retirement home in Arizona. Adaline is upset and says she planned on
moving to Oregon so they could see each other more. Her daughter urges Adaline to
stop running, as the people who were interested in catching her have long since passed

Adaline also has a flashback to an unknown man. He is fiddling with an engagement

ring. She doesn't go to meet him. Presumably because of this memory, she doesn't
respond to any of Ellis' calls. He shows up her cheap apartment in Chinatown and she
freaks out, demanding to know how he found her address. She brushes him off.

While looking through old photographs, she has a change of heart. Shes clearly very
lonely. During this time, she has had to put her dog down. She goes back to Ellis work
to apologize. They go on a date to an old covered drive-in movie theater. She explains
the history as if she was there (which she was). They drink wine and look at the stars
on the ceiling. He asks her to attend his parents 40 year anniversary party and she
says yes.

On the way there, she drives as if she has nine lives (as a joke) and picks up his sister.
They enter his home and she is greeted by William Jones (Harrison Ford), who
immediately calls her Adaline. She says that was her mother. He's very shaken and
says they were very close.

The next morning William cant stop talking about Adaline which makes his wife a little
annoyed. There's another flashback which explains how they met. Adaline was having
car trouble while she was living in England and he was a soldier studying medicine
overseas. They both returned to America together. She pushed William to follow his
dream of astronomy instead of medicine (he was afraid of running out of time). He was
the one with the engagement ring. He describes things about Adaline that Ellis picks up
on, such as her interest in languages and driving skills.

That night, they play trivia. William is on a 47 game winning streak. Adaline pretends to
not know an answer but after a diss by Ellis she goes all out and wins. The family jokes
that they didn't know what would happen first, Williams loss in trivia or the arrival of
Della a meteor he predicted would come (it never arrived) and also Adaline's nickname.

The day of the party, everyone is out doing things. Adaline talks to William and he
notices a scar on her left hand a scar from stitches he made while they were hiking (its
not explained how her scar doesn't heal or how her hair grows or details like that if
shes immortal). He rummages through an old shed to find a picture to make sure he
isn't crazy. (Yep, same scar.) He runs after her, asking her if this is the reason she left
him. She says yes. He begs her not to run but she says she doesn't know how.

She runs back to the house, writes a note to Ellis, packs, grabs his car keys and leaves.
Ellis comes home and is confused. William doesn't explain anything. Ellis drives his
dad's car to chase after her.

Adaline is driving in the woods when she stops. She calls her daughter and they have a
moment. She decides she will stop running. As she turns the car around, a tow truck
plows into her and drives off. Inexplicably, snow begins falling again. Ellis pulls up and
sees what's happening. An ambulance takes her to the hospital.

She wakes up to Ellis and decides to come clean. Her daughter arrives, sees Ellis, and
says "I'm her grandmother." Adaline tells her he knows and she cries with joy and hugs

One year later, Ellis and Adaline are going to a New Years Eve party. Adaline suggests
her daughter to go out but she has a date night in (another puppy). Before leaving,
Adaline checks the mirror and does a double take. She plucks a gray hair, a sign of
aging. Apparently, a combination of the defribilator and hypothermia have restored her
humanity. Also, Della the meteor arrives. It's 50 years too late, but it shines brighter
than ever.
Authored byAlexander Dumas
In the turbulent days in which France was transitioning away from Napoleonic rule,
Edmond Dantes (Caviezel) and his closest friend, Fernand Mondego (Pearce), aspire to
gain the same two things: the next captaincy of a ship in Morel's (Godfrey) Marseille-
based shipping business and the hands of the lovely Mercedes Iguanada (Dominczyk).

Dantes and Mondego are diverted to Elba on a shipping mission because their captain
requires medical attention. Assistance comes, unexpectedly, in the form of the personal
physician of the exiled Napoleon (Norton). In return for the use of his doctor, Napoleon
demands that Dantes deliver a letter for him and that the mission and the letter be kept
a secret. Unknown to the illiterate Dantes, the letter will provide Bonapartists in
Marseille information of pertinence to a possible rescue of Napoleon. Also unknown to
him, Fernand has discovered and read the letter and has full knowledge of its contents.

On his return to France, Dantes's fortunes peak as Morel names him captain of one of
his ships and an improved station in life prompts Edmond to propose to Mercedes, who
accepts the offer. In the process of being beaten out of the two things that matter most
to him in life, the jealous Fernand knows that the letter Dantes is carrying can be used
to falsely implicate him in an act that might be viewed by local authorities as
treasonous. Fernand, and his confidant, shipping colleague Danglars (Woodington),
betray Dantes by making the magistrate Villefort (Frain) aware of the letter.

Dantes is taken by local authorities in front of Villefort. Despite his determination that
Dantes is innocent of any crime, he becomes edgy upon learning that the letter was
addressed to Noirtier Villefort, a known Bonpartist, and, consequently, a politically
inconvenient father for a young man aspiring to a prominent law career in post-
Napoleonic France. To eliminate all evidence that his father was involved in plans for an
escape attempt by Napoleon from Elba, Villefort burns the letter and has Dantes
arrested and taken to the Chateau D'If, a maximum security prison, where Dantes rots
for over a decade, with no prospects of getting out in the imaginable future.

Dantes befriends a fellow prisoner named Abbe Faria (Harris), who is a great scholar
and who, very gradually, transforms the unworldly Dantes into a wise, learned and
cultivated man. Faria is an old man, however, and when he comes to realize that he is
fatally ill, he tells Dantes of a great treasure and where it is buried.

Secretly placing himself in Faria's burial sack, which is to be thrown over the cliffs and
into the river alongside the prison, Dantes manages to escape. After a dangerous ordeal
in which he mingles with, but ultimately befriends, an enterprising, yet violent, group of
smugglers led by Luigi Vampa (Blanc), he makes his way back to Marseilles. Dantes
now turns his attention to claiming the treasure Abbe Faria had referred to.

After locating the treasure, Dantes's riches are suddenly boundless, but rather than
retiring to a life of leisure, his new raison d'etre is vengeance, with the objects of his
revenge being Fernand (now a count), Danglars (now a baron), and Villefort (now a
chief prosecutor), all of whom live in Paris. As they are now members of Parisian high
society, Dantes realizes that to gain access to them, he'll need to reinvent himself, and
uses some of his newfound riches to purchase a huge estate near Paris. He then
proclaims himself to be the Count of Monte Cristo, and although nobody knows of him,
his claim is very credible in view of his visibly substantial wealth.

The Count plans a party at his new estate and invites many members of Parisian high
society, including all the objects of his vengeance. Now having considerable access to
each of them, one at a time, he successfully sets them up for failure. Danglars is tricked
into an act of embezzlement and Villefort is tricked into confessing to conspiracy to
have his own father murdered within earshot of local authorities.

The Count gains close access to Fernand and Mercedes, who are now husband and wife,
by paying the smuggler Luigi Vampa to pretend to kidnap their son, Albert. This enables
the Count himself to save Albert. Having saved their son, the Count is now welcome in
the home of Fernand and Mercedes.

Taking note of his mannerisms, Mercedes soon works out that the Count is actually
Edmond Dantes, but the Count still has a bone to pick with her, as she married Fernand
very shortly after his arrest and had Fernand's son, Albert (Cavill), not long after that.
This seemed a sign of her infidelity, but the Count ultimately learns that Villefort had
announced that Dantes was dead shortly after the onset of his imprisonment. Fernand,
it turns out, had bargained for this announcement, from which he hoped to gain the
hand of Mercedes, by murdering, at Villefort's request, Villefort's father. Now
understanding that Mercedes had believed him dead, the Count is less incensed by her
marriage to Fernand, but still finds the very short period of time between his
imprisonment and their marriage very unsettling.

The Count is about to turn his back completely on Mercedes. But then, Fernand's
financial ruin from compulsive gambling compels him to leave Paris to evade his
debtors, against whom he has committed crimes. Unwilling to follow Fernand with their
son, Mercedes, finally, tells the Count the truth ---- she had married Fernand because
she had, unknown to the Count, been impregnated by Dantes shortly before he was
arrested. She wanted Albert to have a father. In truth, however, Albert's biological
father is the Count himself.

Finally willing to forgive her, the Count falls in love all over again with Mercedes, and,
with those who had betrayed them out of the way, they resolve to live their lives,
casting aside the dark and regrettable episodes which had robbed them of so many
happy times with each other and with their son Albert.
Authored by Ho-sik Kim

 The film tells the story of a male college student, Gyeon-woo (Cha Tae-Hyun), and the
Girl (Jun Ji-hyun) who is never named in the movie. Gyeon-woo just cannot seem to
catch a romantic break. His prospects are so pathetic that even his mother tries to help,
telling him to visit his aunt for two reasons. Firstly, because Gyeon-woo reminds his
aunt of her son who drowned recently; secondly, because there is a girl his aunt wants
to introduce him to. Gyeon-woo repeatedly puts off going to see his aunt.

The movie begins with Gyeon-woo on top of a mountain, speaking wistfully about a girl
he knew two years ago that had buried a time capsule with him on that mountain. She
had never returned like she'd promised. Next, one sees Gyeon-woo at a photo studio,
having his passport photo taken. He is called by his aunt so that she can finally
introduce him to the girl she's been trying to set him up with. The movie then flashes
back to the past.

At dinner, Gyeon-woo is interrupted by a call from his mother, telling him to visit his
aunt and meet a potential date. He refuses and continues to eat with his friends. At the
train station on his way to his aunt's, he observes a girl, drunk, standing precariously
close to the edge of the train platform as the train approaches; he pulls her to safety
just in time. Inside the train, Gyeon-woo cannot help but stare at the girl wavering back
and forth. He is slightly attracted to her but repulsed by her drunkenness. Finally, she
throws up on a passenger and faints but not before she calls Gyeon-woo "honey". The
passenger aggressively chides Gyeon-woo and tells him to take care of his girlfriend.
Gyeon-woo, completely flustered, carries her all the way to the nearest hotel. While he
is showering, her cell phone rings. Stark naked, he runs out to answer it and informs
the caller of their location. Just as Gyeon-woo realizes there are no towels in the
shower, a pair of women police officers burst into the room and arrest him.

After getting out of jail where he was bullied by gangsters he goes home. His mother
beats him with a vacuum cleaner for not turning up at his aunt's and there is a brief
flashback of his lifetime failings as a student. He receives a call from the Girl
demanding he meet her and explain why he was naked in bed with her. The Girl's
dominating and demanding tone during the telephone call establishes her typical
posture as a xanthippe, an attitude she maintains throughout the film. Both at the
takeaway joint and at the bar to which she drags him she tells him to order, criticizes
his choices and then tells him what to order. Over soju she cries, admits to breaking up
with her boyfriend the day before and gets thoroughly drunk, resulting in a second trip
to the same hotel.

After this second overnight stay at the hotel, she begins to become a more active part
of his life. She visits Gyeon-woo in school and pulls him out of class, telling the teacher
that Gyeon-woo is the father of her soon-to-be-aborted baby. The Girl's mood swings
wildly from joyful to downright violent, but Gyeon-woo puts up with it and lets her
abuse him for her amusement.
She is an aspiring scriptwriter and throughout the movie gives Gyeon-woo three
different screenplays from different genres. The first is an action movieThe Demolition
Terminatorwhich switches gender roles, symbolically having the Girl save her helpless
lover (Gyeon-woo). The second is a wild perversion of a Korean short storySonagiin
which the Girl, having died, asks that her lover be buried along with hereven though
he's still alive. The resulting situation is quite humorous. The last is a wuxia/samurai
movie spoof full of genre clichés and anachronisms. All three feature the same common
thread: the Girl is from the future.

Despite all the horrible things Gyeon-woo endures, he is determined to help cure the
girl's pain. In one scene, he decides to surprise her for her birthday and takes her on a
nighttime trip to an amusement park which ends up quite differently than how he
planned: The pair encounter an AWOL soldier who holds them hostage and rants about
his misery. Gyeon-woo convinces him to release her, and she in turn convinces the
soldier to free Gyeon-woo and go on with his life. Throughout the first half of the movie
she is resolute in her pain, dishing it out in plenty. As the second half comes around,
however, she begins to change: she shows vulnerability.

The second - more dramatic - half of the movie begins with the Girl waiting for Gyeon-
woo after class. They are walking through the university campus when she suddenly
complains about the pain caused by her high-heels and convinces Gyeon-woo to switch
shoes with her. Overjoyed, she tells him to chase her, which he does wearing her high
heels. It starts raining and they return to her home. At her house Gyeon-woo overhears
an impassioned argument between the girl and her mother over her relationship with
him. He does not hear from her for quite some time and his life without her begins.

However, one day she calls him and tells him to bring her a rose during class to
commemorate their 100th-day anniversary. He does this, leading to a touching and
romantic scene where he arrives in disguise and is about to leave the packed
auditorium but is led to the front by the beautiful melody of George Winston's variations
on Pachelbel's Canon in D. The Girl is onstage playing a piano in front of an audience of
her all-female classmates who applaud in approval at his romantic gesture - a similar
gesture, the viewer is later informed, was performed by her previous boyfriend. As the
night further unfolds he is confronted at her house by her parents. Her father is
naturally infuriated that she is drunk again and demands a break-up.

Time passes and one day the Girl calls Gyeon-woo to meet her for dinner. When he
arrives he is surprised to see her with a date. The Girl introduces Gyeon-woo to him as
"her friend." During dinner, the Girl leaves the table briefly, leaving Gyeon-woo and her
date by themselves. Gyeon-woo candidly offers advice on how to ensure her happiness
by following ten rules. He devised his rules from considerable pain, dedication and
devotion to the Girl. When she returns her date begins to explain the rules. It is at this
point that she realizes just how well Gyeon-woo understands and cares for her. She
abruptly leaves her date and searches for Gyeon-woo. Once reunited the two realise
they are at a turning point in their relationship.

They travel to a mountain in the countryside where she unveils a time capsule. During
the previous night the couple wrote their true feelings in letters which the Girl says will
be buried next to a particular tree on the mountain. They agree to meet again at the
tree after two years to read the letters together. After burying the time capsule they go
their separate ways.

During the two year span, Gyeon-woo works hard to improve himself in many ways,
even writing My Sassy Girl which someone has bought the movie rights to, an event he
eagerly anticipates telling the Girl about. When the agreed upon date arrives, he travels
to the mountain but the Girl does not show up. Eventually, he opens the time capsule
and reads her letter and learns the root of her angst and behavior: Gyeon-woo reminds
her of her previous boyfriend who, rather than breaking up with her, actually died
before she met Gyeon-woo. All through the time the Girl and Gyeon-woo were seeing
each other she had been seeing her dead boyfriend's mother, who wants to introduce
her to a nice young man.
A year after Gyeon-woo visits the tree, the Girl finally arrives. Sitting under the tree is
an old man. During their conversation the old man reveals the secret of the tree, that it
is not the same tree; the original tree had been struck and killed by lightning a year
before and a similar tree had been planted by a young man so that someone special
wasn't sad, and that he has read the letters. The Girl says she had hoped that destiny
would bring the couple together during the two years. As the girl begins to read the
letter, she sees a UFO (time machine) flying away. This lead her to believe that the old
man was Gyeon-woo from the future.The Girl then tries to call Gyeon-woo repeatedly,
but she was informed that number is either changed or doesn't exist.

The film then cuts to Gyeon-woo entering a subway station, wearing the same suit he
was wearing at the beginning of the movie. The flashback has ended and continuity is
resumed from right after Gyeon-woo leaves the photo-studio. Gyeon-woo is caught
outside the shutting doors of a train, presumably ignorant at first of the Girl's presence
on the train but after a few seconds of staring he seems to realise whom it is he sees
from behind. As the train pulls out he runs along but has to give up.

At lunch with her deceased boyfriend's mother after a year-and-a-half, the Girl is
surprised to hear a familiar voice apologize for his lateness. The mother introduces her
nephew Gyeon-woo, whom she has been trying to introduce to the Girl for years. The
mother, who is Gyeon-woo's aunt, tells the Girl to go out with him, hoping that he could
make life easier for her. She then tells Gyeon-woo that the Girl can give advice to him
about his impending trip to England, to which he replies, "I don't have to go anymore."
The pair hold hands under the table and the Girl says she thinks she met a man from
the future (Gyeon-woo's future self). The final shot flashes back to the anniversary
scene, where the pair show their ID while entering a bar in school uniforms.
Winston Groom (novel), Eric Roth (screenplay)
 The film begins with a feather falling to the feet of Forrest Gump who is sitting at a bus
stop in Savannah, Georgia. Forrest picks up the feather and puts it in the book Curious
George, then tells the story of his life to a woman seated next to him. The listeners at
the bus stop change regularly throughout his narration, each showing a different
attitude ranging from disbelief and indifference to rapt veneration.

On his first day of school, he meets a girl named Jenny, whose life is followed in parallel
to Forrest's at times. Having discarded his leg braces, his ability to run at lightning
speed gets him into college on a football scholarship. After his college graduation, he
enlists in the army and is sent to Vietnam, where he makes fast friends with a black
man named Bubba, who convinces Forrest to go into the shrimping business with him
when the war is over. Later while on patrol, Forrest's platoon is attacked. Though
Forrest rescues many of the men, Bubba is killed in action. Forrest is awarded the
Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism.

While Forrest is in recovery for a bullet shot to his "butt-tox", he discovers his uncanny
ability for ping-pong, eventually gaining popularity and rising to celebrity status, later
playing ping-pong competitively against Chinese teams. At an anti-war rally in
Washington, D.C. Forrest reunites with Jenny, who has been living a hippie
counterculture lifestyle.

Returning home, Forrest endorses a company that makes ping-pong paddles, earning
himself $25,000, which he uses to buy a shrimping boat, fulfilling his promise to Bubba.
His commanding officer from Vietnam, Lieutenant Dan, joins him. Though initially
Forrest has little success, after finding his boat the only surviving boat in the area after
Hurricane Carmen, he begins to pull in huge amounts of shrimp and uses it to buy an
entire fleet of shrimp boats. Lt. Dan invests the money in Apple Computer and Forrest
is financially secure for the rest of his life. He returns home to see his mother's last

One day, Jenny returns to visit Forrest and he proposes marriage to her. She declines,
though feels obliged to prove her love to him by sleeping with him. She leaves early the
next morning. On a whim, Forrest elects to go for a run. Seemingly capriciously, he
decides to keep running across the country several times, over some three and a half
years, becoming famous.

In present-day, Forrest reveals that he is waiting at the bus stop because he received a
letter from Jenny who, having seen him run on television, asks him to visit her. Once
he is reunited with Jenny, Forrest discovers she has a young son, of whom Forrest is
the father. Jenny tells Forrest she is suffering from a virus (probably HIV, though this is
never definitively stated). Together the three move back to Greenbow, Alabama. Jenny
and Forrest finally marry. The wedding is attended by Lt. Dan, who now has prosthetic
legs and a fiancee. Jenny dies soon afterward.

The film ends with father and son waiting for the school bus on little Forrest's first day
of school. Opening the book his son is taking to school, the white feather from the
beginning of the movie is seen to fall from within the pages. As the bus pulls away, the
white feather is caught on a breeze and drifts skyward.
In a one whole sheet of paper, write your names.
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