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How to Handle Objection – Dan Yuen:

1. Objection
 Never take an objection personally. Rejection is different/aimed at you
 They will think they know more about this business than you do
 We are a Trained independent business owner
 What people are doing, is they are making assumptions
 MOST PROSPECTS Won’t know what you already know
 First objection….is usually fake. Not the real reason why

FIRST OBJECTION - Goal is EDUCATE the public about what this all about

2. I’m Too busy: I don’t have the time = NUMBER 1 excuse to get rid of you even if they have the
time (easiest way to handle an objection is common sense. Common sense will work every
time) = what they are doing is the reason they don’t have the time. What they are doing isn’t
a. Respond: AGREE With them:
i. “Hey I understand. I’m a busy guy too. But is your BUSY-NESS, getting you
what you want out of life?” (Challenge them)
ii. “Are you busy and PRODUCTIVE? Or are you just busy?”
iii. “And if you don’t change what you’re doing right now, do you see yourself
getting any less busier in the future?”

iv. It isn’t because of a time issue. It’s because of a lack of mentorship prioritizing
their schedule. No one ever taught them to be time efficient and time

v. Ever had the opportunity to take a time management course?

vi. It isn’t the time. It’s what you do with your time that determines what kind of
lifestyle that you can live.

vii. If you’re soo busy, you have 9 kids,…. Then you know what to do? You need to
find a new vehicle that will free some hours in your life.
1. How long can you physically work before you burn yourself out?
17 hrs a day/7 days a week? How many years can you keep that going?
2. How much time will that give you to spending time with your family?
Doing what you love to do, having free time?
viii. So is that your goal?
When you started your career or whatever you’re doing now or whatever your
job is. Was your goal so busy that you didn’t have time,

3. Is it a Pyramid?

4. I’m Not a Saleperson

5. I don’t know a lot of people

6. The products are too expensive

7. I only do things 100%

8. What would my friends think?

9. I read something Negative Online