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Science Comprehensive Examination

I. Identification
Analyze the questions carefully, then write the complete answer to the questions in the
blank provided before each number. No erasures. Incomplete answers, erasures, and
wrong spellings are wrong. Be careful, Write Legibly.
_______________1. What do you call the apparatus used to measure temperature?
_______________2. Ph 7 is known as what type of solution in Ph scale?
_______________3. What is that layer that protects us from the intense radiation of the sun?
_______________4. This is the organ that pumps blood to our body?
_______________5. This refers to the systematic body of knowledge?
_______________6. This is the branch of science that deals with the study of life
_______________7. This is the chemical waste product of marine life to water
_______________8. This element is responsible for the vibrant growth of the leaves of plants
_______________9. What is the meaning of Ph?
_______________10. This refers to a type of reproduction where it only needs one parent
_______________11. What do you call the term for diseases caused by viruses?
_______________12. When Iron and Oxygen reacts together, what will it form?
_______________13. These are modified leaves that surround the reproductive parts of a
_______________14. Is a fine to course powdery substance comprising pollen grains which are
male microgametophytes.
_______________15. These are crystalline solids which form directly from cooling magma.
_______________16. Acids will turn blue litmus papers to what color?
_______________17. The enlargement of penis from its original size is called?
_______________18. The monthly period of the female is called?
_______________19. The process of physical changes in the body where a child’s body matures
to adult body?
_______________20. This system is composed of the nerves, spine and brain?
II. Modified True or False
Write True if the statement is correct. If the statement is False CHANGE THE
UNDERLINED WORD to the correct answer and write it on the blanks provided
before each number.
_______________1. Phosphorus is the element responsible for development of strong roots
_______________2. The baby grows in the uterus for 09 months
_______________3. The Penis Shaft is the outer skin that covers the testes
_______________4. Acids will neutralize bases while bases will neutralize bases
_______________5. The Spinal Cord is an organ that serves as the center of the nervous
system in all vertebrate and most invertebrates
_______________6. Bark refers to the outermost layer of stem and roots of woody plants
_______________7. Potassium can be found in the periodic table of elements as Po
_______________8. Aurum is Latin for the metal Silver
_______________9. Sodium Bicarbonate is known as Salt
_______________10. Limestone is an example of Sedimentary rock
_______________11. Shale is an example of igneous rock
_______________12. Silt Stone is an example of metamorphic rock
_______________13. The biochemical cycle by which nitrogen is converted into various
chemical forms as it circulates among the atmosphere and terrestrial and marine ecosystem is
called Ammonium Cycle
_______________14. The region of space where the conditions are best for life to form as
earth is known as the Habitable Zone
_______________15. The gravitational curved path of an object about a point in space is
called Orbit
_______________16. Mars can be a livable planet for humans
_______________17. Meteor is an icy small solar system body, when passing close to the
sun, heats up and begins to outgas, displaying a visible atmosphere or coma, and sometimes
also a tail.
_______________18. Jupiter is the planet called as the earth’s sister planet
_______________19. Venus is the second planet from the sun
_______________20. Mercury has no atmosphere
III. Enumeration
1-9 Planets of Milky way Galaxy (In Order)
1.__________________________ 6.__________________________
2.__________________________ 7.__________________________
3.__________________________ 8.__________________________
4.__________________________ 9.__________________________
10-15 Parts of the Plants
10.__________________________ 13.__________________________
11.__________________________ 14.__________________________
12.__________________________ 15.__________________________
16-18 Layers of the earth
16.__________________________ 18.__________________________
19-23 Give 5 Human Anatomy Systems
19.__________________________ 22.__________________________
20.__________________________ 23.__________________________
24-25 Two things that affect Ph
24.__________________________ 25.__________________________
IV. Matching Type
Write the Letter of the correct answer before the number. Choose the correct answer
from the choices in column B
Column A Column B
Digestive System
_____1. It is consistently J shaped organ joined to the esophagus A. Liver
at its upper end and to the duodenum at its lower end. B. Stomach
_____2. Is the part of gastrointestinal tract between the stomach C. Small Intestine
And large intestine. D. Tongue
_____3. It is a major organ where it has a wide range of functions E. Esophagus
Including detoxification, production of biochemical
Necessary for digestion, etc.
_____4. Known as the food pipe where food passes
_____5. A fleshy muscular organ in the mouth used for
Tasting swallowing, etc.
Column A Column B
Nervous System
_____1. Is an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmit A. Brain
Information through electrical and chemical signals. B. Neuron
_____2. Is a long, thin tubular bundle of nervous tissues and C. Spinal Cord
Support cells that extends from medulla oblongata in the brain stem. D. Cerebrum
To the lumbar region of the vertebral column. E. Hypothalamus
_____3. Is an organ that serves as the center of the nervous system
_____4. This contains a number of small nuclei with variety of
_____5. Large part of the brain that contains the cerebral cortex. It
Is the uppermost region of the central nervous system
Column A Column B
Solar System
_____1. The second largest planet in the solar system next to A. Earth
Jupiter. B. Venus
_____2. The only planet that has the capability to support life C. Mercury
_____3. Also known as the red planet D. Mars
_____4. This planet is the nearest to the sun and known for the E. Saturn
Absence of its atmosphere
_____5. This is the planet that has an extreme content of sulfuric
Acid in its atmosphere and molten sulfur in land.
Column A Column B
Plant Nutrition
_____1. It is responsible for the development of strong roots and A. Nitrogen
For a vigorous flowering of plants B. Phosphorus
_____2. This micronutrient is very important to prevent plant C. Potassium
Chlorosis D. Iron
_____3. This micronutrient is essensial for the development of the E. Calcium
Plant cell wall and membranes
_____4. Responsible for development of fat fruit
_____5. Responsible for vigorous growth of plant leaves
Column A Column B
Acids and Bases
_____1. Ph. 7 A. Corrosive Acid
_____2. Ph. 8.2 B. Lemon Juice
_____3. Ph. 3 C. Neutral
_____4. Muriatic Acid D. Baking Soda
_____5. Considered as dangerous Ph E. Ph. 2-1
V. Fill in the Blanks
Complete each statement below. Read each definitions and write your answers on the blank
Male Reproductive System
1. The part that serves as the urinal duct for the male. This is the external genitalia known as
2. The ____________ is the fluid where the sperm can be found. It serves as the protection
of the sperm as it travels to the female to meet the egg.
3. ________________ is a cell that needs to meet another cell to be able to conceive a baby
4. The external skin that covers the Testes is known as _______________
5. ______________is responsible for secreting a fluid that nourishes and protects the sperm
Female Reproductive System
1. This is where the mature egg cell is released. This organ is known as ____________
2. The fertilized egg will move to ___________ and the egg will grow to baby for 9 months
3. The _____________ is the place where the egg will meet the sperm
4. The external genitalia of the woman is known as _________________
5. Cervix is a cylinder shaped neck of tissue that connects the _____________ and uterus
Hekasi Comprehensive Examination
I. Identification
Analyze the questions carefully, then write the complete answer to the questions in the
blank provided before each number. No erasures. Incomplete answers, erasures, and
wrong spellings are wrong. Be careful, Write Legibly.
_______________1. The general who signed the order to execute Andres Bonifacio
_______________2. The general who is known for his statement “I Shall Return”
_______________3. A Filipino who use his talent in writing literatures to express the abuse of
the Spaniards to the Filipino people.
_______________4. These three priests are executed by what form of death penalty?
_______________5. Who are these three priest known to be the martyr priests?
_______________6. Spaniards are known to be conquerors, what is the Spanish word used to
describe them as conquerors?
_______________7. The Spaniards named the Philippines by the king of Spain. Who is this
_______________8. Who is the president of the 1st republic
_______________9. Who is the president of the commonwealth?
_______________10. Who is this president known for his declaration of the martial law and
known for many controversies of human rights violation during his regime?
_______________11. The father of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?
_______________12. What do you call the swords of the first Filipino tribes like Lapu Lapu?
_______________13. What is the religion bought by the Spaniards?
_______________14. Before the Spaniards came, what is the religion of the Filipino tribes?
_______________15. What kind of government did Emilio Aguinaldo established?
_______________16. Who is the presidential rival of Manuel L Quezon during the election for
_______________17. Emilio Aguinaldo died during the presidency of who?
_______________18. Who is known as the “Batang Heneral” also called by other historian as
the Berdugo of Emilio Aguinaldo?
_______________19. The brave Filipino General who resist the American occupation of the
_______________20. The painter known for his great artwork of spoliarium?
II. Modified True or False
Write True if the statement is correct. If the statement is False CHANGE THE
UNDERLINED WORD to the correct answer and write it on the blanks provided
before each number.
_______________1. Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the sixth president of the 5th republic
_______________2. Jose P. Laurel is the only president of the 2nd republic
_______________3. Elpidio Quirino is the 2nd president of the 3rd republic
_______________4. Ramon Magsaysay is the 10th president of the republic of the Philippines
_______________5. The Philippines is called The Philippine Islands during the Spanish
_______________6. Paco Roman is the soldier died together with Antonio Luna when the
general was assassinated?
_______________7. Felipe Buencamino and Emilio Aguinaldo are the suspects for the
assassination of Gen. Antonio Luna?
_______________8. The Philippines is classified as a Pangea country
_______________9. Throughout the whole history there are 7 republics established
_______________10. A Sea is an area of variable size filled with water, localized in a basin, that
is surrounded by land.
_______________11. The Philippines is located in East Asia
_______________12. The Batanes region is known for stone houses because of the reason of
Batanes is Less devastated by strong storms
_______________13. General Doglas Mc. Arthur said that “I shall return” in order to help the
Filipinos from the Japanese
_______________14. The Spaniards explored the ocean in order to search for the Spicy Islands
_______________15. The Americans dropped the atomic bomb at Nagasaki and Hiroshima in
_______________16. Manila was completely devastated by bombs during the war particularly
when the Spaniards returned to fight the Japanese
_______________17. The God, Gold and Glory are the primary goals of European expeditions
_______________18. Ferdinand Marcos encountered a battle with Lapu Lapu but lost in the
_______________19. Juan Luna is the brother of Gen. Antonio Luna
_______________20. Creek is a natural flowing water usually a freshwater flowing towards the
ocean, lakes or same body.
III. Enumeration
1. President of the 1st Republic
2-4 Presidents of the Commonwealth
2.__________________________ 4.__________________________
5. President of the 2nd Republic
6-11 Presidents of the 3rd Republic
6.__________________________ 9.__________________________
7.__________________________ 10.__________________________
8.__________________________ 11.__________________________
12-13 Presidents of the 4th Republic
12.__________________________ 13.__________________________
14-19 Presidents of the 5th Republic
14.__________________________ 17.__________________________
15.__________________________ 18.__________________________
16.__________________________ 19.__________________________
20-24 Give 5 Examples of (Anyong Lupa)
20.__________________________ 23.__________________________
21.__________________________ 24.__________________________
25-29 Give 5 Examples of (Anyong Tubig)
25.__________________________ 28.__________________________
26.__________________________ 29.__________________________
30-32 Tatlong Malalaking Pulo
30.__________________________ 32.__________________________
33-35 Meaning of HEKASI
33.__________________________ 35.__________________________
36-40 Yamang Lupa
36.__________________________ 39.__________________________
37.__________________________ 40.__________________________
41-45 Yamang Napapalitan
41.__________________________ 44.__________________________
42.__________________________ 45.__________________________
46-50 Yamang Nauubos
46.__________________________ 49.__________________________
47.__________________________ 50.__________________________

IV. Multiple Choice

Read and understand the questions carefully. Choose and write the letter of the best
answer in the blanks given before each number.
_____1. Andres Bonifacio is called what in KKK?
a. Supremas c. Supremantes
b. Supremo d. Supremaliente de heneral
_____2. What does KKK mean?
a. Kataastaasan Kagalanggalangan na Katipunan
b. Kinabisado Kinalimutan na Kamote
c. Kagalanggalangan Kataastaasan na Katipunan
d. Katipunan Kagalanggalangan na Kataastaasan
_____3. Who is the 10th president of the republic of the Philippines?
a. Corazon Aquino c. Ferdinand Marcos
b. Rodrigo Duterte d. Diosdado Macapagal
_____4. Which of the choices are non-renewable resources?
a. Cow c. Grain
b. Trees d. Gold
_____5. Which of the choices are renewable resources?
a. Trees c. Silver
b. Gold d. Coal
_____6. Which of the following is not included as president of the Third Republic?
a. Manuel Roxas c. Ramon Magsaysay
b. Elpidio Quirino d. Emilio Aguinaldo
_____7. The Philippines has a total of how many islands?
a. 7107 c. 7500
b. 7250 d. 7297
_____8. When is the Independence day of the Philippines from Spanish?
a. June 12 1898 c. June 12 1899
b. June 12 1896 d. June 12 1897
_____9. When is the Independence day of the Philippines from America?
a. July 4 1947 c. July 4 1949
b. July 4 1946 d. July 4 1948
_____10. Who is the First President of the Commonwealth?
a. Jose P. Laurel c. Manuel Roxas
b. Manuel L. Quezon d. Sergio Osmena

V. Bonus Exam Part:

Introduction to World, Asian and Pre Columbian American History
Write True if the Statement is Correct, if the statement is wrong write False try to guess
the correct answer. NOTE: each number is 2pts. For false statement writing false is 1
pt. if you guessed the right answer additional 1 pt for a total of 2 pts.
_______________1. The first emperor of the Roman empire is Augustus Caesar
_______________2. Before Rome became the strongest empire their government is a
Republic Government.
_______________3. The Spanish invented the use of gunpowder.
_______________4. The greatest contribution of China is the Great Wall of China
_______________5. The Roman Empire of the new world/ America is the Aztec Empire
_______________6. The Roman Empire of the Asia is the Japanese Empire
_______________7. The emperor who burned the historical documents to make Chinese
history begin in his regime is Emperor Hiro Hito
_______________8. The Korea is divided into three kingdoms named Silla, Baekje,
_______________9. Long before the Spanish invade the pre-Columbian America, the
Aztecs is already an empire.
_______________10. The female Pharaoh of Egypt is Tutankhamen
_______________11. The emperor who execute the Great Persecution is emperor
_______________12. The Samurai originated in Korea
_______________13. The Spanish are known as the Conquistador
_______________14. The Pyramids are built as the tomb of the Emperor of Egypt.
_______________15. One of the greatest contribution of the Byzantine Empire is the Hagia
_______________16. Constantine the Great established the Byzantine empire in Byzantium
and built the city Constantinople inspired by his name.
_______________17. Emperor Nero blamed the Christians for his mistake in the fire
tragedy in Rome and persecute them by Crucifying the Christians, Burning them alive, and
Throwing them to the arena with lions.
_______________18. China was never invaded by other countries but they became an
_______________19. The Industrial Revolution made a great shift in labor in Europe and
other countries because from this era many machines and technologies were invented.
_______________20. The Bobo Plague killed many people in Europe particularly the Roman
_______________21. One of the cause of Roman Empire’s famine is the blockade in food
from Egypt to Rome. This blockade was done by the Babylonian Empire.
_______________22. The water supply of Rome was cut by the Bavarians which cause a
drastic decline in Rome’s population.
_______________23. The Aztec empire fall under the hands of the conquistador Fernando
_______________24. For the Aztecs sacrifice to their gods is important the medium that is
important to them is the sheep’s blood
_______________25. Emperor Shih Huang Di created the ghost army from Terracotta?
English Comprehensive Examination
I. Reading Comprehension
Read each stories and understand it after each stories there are questions to test your
comprehension skills Good luck, remember No Erasures

The Story of Emperor Constantine the Great

Constantine is the son of Constantius who became the deputy emperor of the west. The
emperor of the Roman empire that time is Diocletian. Constantine joined his father in the
campaign of Britannia the modern Britain today. During the rule of his father and Diocletian
the Christians in Rome whether they are soldier or civilian they are being punished by the
emperor of the Roman empire. The worst punishment for the Christians that time is death,
this results to the great persecution because the original Roman pagan religion is being
threatened by the growing Christian religion.

When Constantine saw the vision of the cross in the heaven he embraced the Christian faith
and he and his armies saw the miracle of the cross. Being a Christian emperor he established
his own empire in Byzantium named after the late king Byzantius. There he established the
empire that will be known as the Byzantine empire. From the byzantine empire Constantine
will build his metropolis that will be named after him, The Constantinople.

The city of Constantinople encountered many problems during the reign of Constantine and
his successors because earthquakes are evident in Constantinople. During the reign of
Constantinople the greatest contribution of Constantine is the Hagia Sophia.

In his personal life Constantine has 3 kids his 1st son to his 1st wife was named Christus and
his 2 other son is from his 2nd wife Fausta. Constantine being the most powerful person in his
time, his wife, Fausta is plotting a black propaganda for Christus to stop him being the next
emperor. Fausta wants his 2 sons to become the next emperor after Constantine die. She
executed a propaganda to destroy Christus in the eyes of his father. She cried to Constantine
and told the emperor that his son, Christus is trying to seduce her. In his rage, Constantine
ordered to capture Christus and execute his own son. After he released the order, Constantine
discovers that her wife’s accusation to his son is just a propaganda but it’s too late the
soldiers are already there and they already killed Christus.
_______________1. Who plotted the propaganda for Christus?
_______________2. What is the propaganda for the son of Constantine?
_______________3. What is the greatest contribution of the Byzantine Empire?
_______________4. Who is Byzantius?
_______________5. Who is the emperor of the Roman Empire during the time of
_______________6. What is the name of the 2nd wife of Constantine?
_______________7. How many kids does Constantine have with Fausta?
_______________8. What is the name of the metropolis constructed by Constantine the
_______________9. What is the religion of the Roman Empire?
_______________10. What is the former name of Britain?
_______________11. Who is the father of Constantine?
_______________12. What is the position of Constantine’s father?
_______________13. What is the major problem of the Constantinople?
_______________14. What did Constantine saw in the heaven?
_______________15. Where did Constantine established his empire?
_______________16. How many sons does Constantine have?
_______________17. The Constantinople was named after who?
_______________18. Who ordered the execution of Christus?
_______________19. What do you call the empire that Constantine established?
_______________20. What is the religion that Constantine and his army embraced?
II. Abstract Noun and Concrete Noun
Write A if the noun is Abstract noun, and C if the noun is Concrete noun.
_____1. Cancer _____6. Independence
_____2. Doctor _____7. Cat
_____3. Cake _____8. Mad
_____4. Adobo _____9. Diabetes
_____5. Idea _____10. War
III. Mass Noun and Count Noun
Write M if the noun is Mass noun, and C if the noun is Count noun.
_____1. Dog _____6. Rice
_____2. Doctor _____7. Cat
_____3. Water _____8. Rose
_____4. Sugar _____9. Gravel
_____5. Salt _____10. House
IV. Spelling
From the transcriptions given, read them correctly and write the correct spelling of the
_______________1. Drag-uh n _______________11. Kuh n- doh- luh ns
_______________2. Muhn-ee _______________12. Prins
_______________3. Bloo _______________13. Skwish
_______________4. Pen- ee _______________14. Deth
_______________5. Strahyk _______________15. Lahyt
_______________6. Kuh m- pleet _______________16. Lej-uh-buh l
_______________7. Spair _______________17. Pruh-nuhn-see-ey-shuh n
_______________8. kween _______________18. Grohth
_______________9. Dih- vou- uh r _______________19. Brawt
_______________10. Wont _______________20. Gloo- mee
V. Synonyms
From the given words write the correct synonyms for each words in the blanks given
before each number.
_______________1. End _______________11. Cold
_______________2. Sad _______________12. Mistake
_______________3. Yell _______________13. Close
_______________4. Dirty _______________14. Quiet
_______________5. Nice _______________15. Large
_______________6. Happy _______________16. Friend
_______________7. Paste _______________17. Kid
_______________8. Make _______________18. Death
_______________9. Small _______________19. Hurt
_______________10. Choose _______________20. Cry
VI. Antonyms
From the given words write the correct antonyms for each words in the blanks given
before each number.
_______________1. End _______________11. Cold
_______________2. Sad _______________12. Mistake
_______________3. Connected _______________13. Close
_______________4. Sick _______________14. Quiet
_______________5. Nice _______________15. Large
_______________6. Fat _______________16. Friend
_______________7. Pass _______________17. Kid
_______________8. Make _______________18. Death
_______________9. Hard _______________19. Light
_______________10. Smart _______________20. Long