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5G Bootcamp
Day 2: Building a 5G System
Presented by:
Dr. Jeffrey H. Reed
Wireless @ Virginia Tech

Dr. Nishith Tripathi

Principal Consultant
Award Solutions, Inc.

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About Dr. Reed: I
• Founder or Co-Founder of
• Wireless@Virginia Tech, one of the largest wireless research groups in the US
• Ted and Karyn Hume Center for National Security and Technology
• Reed Engineering, Consulting Services -- 30+ companies, technology
evaluation, FCC filings, and expert witnessing
• Federated Wireless, Spectrum Sharing
• PFP Cybersecurity, IoT security through DSP
• CRT Wireless, Cognitive Radio Technologies
•Willis G. Worcester Professor of Electrical Engineering
•Member of the PCAST working group that established the US vision
for future spectrum management
•Former member of Dept. of Commerce Management Spectrum
Advisory Committee (CSMAC)
•Advisory to 8 companies
About Dr. Reed: II
• Authored book, Software Radio: A Modern Approach to Radio
Engineering, co-authored two books, and edited seven more
• IEEE Fellow for Software Radio, Communications Signal Processing
and Education
• International Achievement Award from the Wireless Innovations
• Industry Achievement Award from the SDR Forum
• Education: BS (79), MS (80), and PhD (87) from the University of
California, Davis
• reedjh@vt.edu

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About Dr. Tripathi & Award Solutions
• About Dr. Nishith Tripathi:
– Principal Consultant at Award Solutions
– Specializes in 5G and other advanced wireless technologies
– Doctorate in Wireless Communications from Virginia Tech
– Author of numerous research papers and two books (3rd: 5G and LTE-Advanced Pro in 2018!)
– tripathi@awardsolutions.com

• About Award Solutions:

– Trusted training partner to the world’s best networks, globally
– 85k+ students trained on LTE
– 97% recommend our training to their colleagues
– Courses on 5G, LTE-Advanced Pro, and more!

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About the 5G Bootcamp
• Day 1: 5G - What and Why?
• Day 2: Building a 5G System
• Day 3: 5G: Deployments And Challenges

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• List examples of key building blocks of 5G
• Explain benefits of Massive MIMO
• Discuss roles of Multi-access Edge Computing
and Network Slicing in 5G
• Describe how virtualization and automation
technologies can facilitate design and
deployment of 5G

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Building a 5G Network

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A 5G System

NG-RAN 5G Core


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Network Functions Virtualization

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Software-Defined Networking

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Multi-access/Mobile Edge Computing

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Network Slicing

Reference: NGMN 5G Whitepaper

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Journey to Cloud-RAN

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5G New Radio (NR): Example Spectrum
• Sub-6 GHz
– 600 (T-Mobile)/700 MHz
– 3.4-3.8 GHz (Europe)
• Above 6 GHz (e.g., millimeter wave spectrum)
– 24.25-27.5 GHz (24/26 GHz)
– 28 GHz (27.5-28.35)
– 37 GHz
– 39 GHz (38.6-40)

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5G New Radio (NR): Characteristics

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5G New Radio (NR): Massive MIMO

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Self-Organizing Network (SON)
• Think about the scale of the radio network…
• Manual configuration: History
• Drive testing for optimization: History
• Automation via algorithms but human
• Ex: Automatic configuration of cell/sector

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• Key building blocks of 5G include New Radio (NR), 5GC,
Network Slicing, MEC, NFV, and SDN.
• Massive MIMO helps achieve high capacity and high data
• MEC reduces end-to-end delay.
• Network Slicing provides custom QoS.
• NFV and SDN facilitate design and deployment of 5G
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