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Session #3: Concentration

Materials: • Affirmation Eggs • Workbooks

• MyPlate poster • Food Models (Eggs, Breakfast)
• Visual schedule poster • Paper Bowls
• Yoga mats • Attendance book & Pen
• Speaker • Food Group Paper tents
• Name tents {students and teachers) • Star of the day stickers
• Playlist • Homework Stickers
• Stickers for Nametags
Handouts • Homework Folders
o Egg Handout
o Session 3 Homework
Time Allotted (30 Preparation & Set-Up (Before the lesson begins):
Min) • Set up mats in half-moon/U shape.
f • Place name tents in front of mats.
Start Time: • Place workbooks at back of and under mat or set to side for assistant to handout.
• Turn Speaker on and sync music.
Finish Time: • Set up food models for nutrition session.
• The teacher should brief assistant about flow of class and delegates specificalty
what support they need for the session.
• Assistant: When students come in, collect homework folders from each student.
Help students get new name tags if necessary.
• Assistant: During class award gold stars to (medallions) to the front of yogis
folders who has com pleted their homework.
Activity #1 - Concentration Talking points
1. Introduce this week's theme, Concentration.
o Teacher says;
• "This weeks theme is Concentration, concentration is the ability
to focus."
• "What does Concentration/Focus mean to you?" " Please make
sure that you are raising your hand, that shows me that you are
ready to share with the class"
Time Allotted (2-5
• "When do you feel it is the hardest for you to concentrate?"
• "Raise your hand if you have to concentrate when you do
homework?". "What about when you take a test?" (give
Start Time:
students time to respond by raising hands)
• ''What happens when you don't concentrate on your
Finish Time:
homework?" (select 2-3 students to share their response)
• "Raise your hand if you find it hard to concentrate when the
teacher or your parent is talking sometimes." (give students
time to respond by raising hands)
• "What can you do to help yourself concentrate or refocus at
those times when you are distracted? (select 2-3 students to
s~r• t~ir reisponse) / ~ ,,
0 0
• tf stude-nts don't f,rst sav rt offrr "CcJuntmg. ' " " ' '
on your btfilth • as somt opt,ons
• ·How do you feel when you concentr,te?" (st-lrct 2-3 S!udr-f'U
to shue their response)
2 le! st~ts now that; ·we will be working evrn more on our Concenfrjt,on
tod4ly. ~ , how well we can focus:
.: "'TM different yoga poses we will learn today will require our
concN"1tratt00, the poses may feel difficult at times, however, use voor
breatl'- to help you concentrate, are you up for the challenge I·

T~nsruon t1> next to Activity:

eacher ·Please q u ett-, stand up for our fun and focused warm up l"
Ac:ivg "2 Simon Yogi Says
1. - eacher Explains,
o " For our Warm up we w ill be playing Yogi Simon Says, which is just like
Simon says.•
o Teacher says and demonstrates with assistant;
• " for exam ple, Yogi Simon says, ra ise one hand."
• Assistant should raise one hand.
• -Yogi Simon says jump once."
nme Allotted {S-
• Ass istant jum ps once. Teacher demos.
10 Min)
• "Jump aga in."
• Assistant doesn't jump. Teacher demos.
Start nme:
o " See Ms./Mr. was concentrating and because Yogi Simon was not sa id
before I said j ump aga in, Mr./Ms. didn't jump."
Finish nme:
2. Instruct students :"We will need our best Concentration, as we are playing. Try to
focus on yourself and what Yogi Simon is saying."
o Various movements and/or Yoga poses (Assistant and Teacher needs to
demonstrate for students so that they know what each pose is -- this can
happen the same time the game is being played)
• Frog Hops
• Down Dog Pose
• Run in Place
• Jumping Jacks
• Push Ups
• Snake Pose
• Warrior one pose
• Mountain Pose
o Play this game for 3 minutes, getting students warmed up.
3. Transit ion to next Activity:
o Teacher: "Now let's take a deep breath, and come to seated position so
we can direct our attention to learn our new breath today."

Breathing (If assistant feels comfortable teaching the breathing then this would be a good
time for them to lead)

Activity #3 Bee Breath

1. Assistant explains and demonstrates breath t o students, while teacher
demonstrates with Breathing ball (Hober man Sphere). Assistant Instruct students;
o "Watch and listen first t hen w e will do our breath all together.
• *Sit up nice and tall Criss-cross applesauce:
Time Allotted (2-5 • *Close your mouths and take a Slow deep breath in through
Min) your nose."
• · Now, as you breath out of your nose, make a "MMM" sound
Start Time: with your mouth closed or HUZZ" sound through closed teeth.
• When you "MMMM" it creates a tingly vibration in your lips and
Finish Time: when you ·uzzz" your creating a buzzing sound and you can
feel it when you touch your face and block your ears."
o Practice this breath 4 to 5 times.
• " Now let's try it together, remember sit up nice an tall. Now
take a deep breath in through your nose and when you breath
out MMM or UZ out."
o Ask the students;
• "To try the breath different ways and to notice the different
sensations when you try the breath different ways."
o Then ask the students:
• " How does this breath make you feel?"
o Remind students
• "This breath helps with concentration and uneasiness! We can
use this breath off of the mat when they feel distracted or
o Have students try it with their eyes close and pointer fingers to ear lobes.

Transition to next activity:

Teacher: Prompt students "Stand up at the front of your mat in your mountain
pose to begin learni ng our new Yoga poses."
Activity #4 Concentration Poses
l. Teacher: "alright class before we get into our yoga poses for the week, let's start
by warming up with our Sun Salute A." (teacher leads students through sun salute
A up to 5 times.
o Teacher: Introduce Yoga breathing here. How should the students
breathe during yoga.
• "Please start by breathing in through your nose and holding
your breath at the top." (demonstrate)
Time Allotted ( 15-
• "Breathe out of your mouth slowly like your fogging up a
20 Min) mirror" (demonstrate)
• Repeat this twice.
Start Time:
• " Please start by breathing in through your nose and holding
your breath at the top." Pause. (demonst rate)
Finish Time:
• "Seal your lips and slowly breathe out of your nose while
making the same sound using the back of your throat."
• "Try to focus on the sound of your breath out and notice how it
sollflds like a ocean wave. This will be the breath we use the
entire time we are doing our yoga poses." Repeat ocean
breathing for a few rounds with students.
o Teacher: Begin Sun Salute A
• Ask the students to stand up nice and tall in Mountain pose.
• "Stand up and wa lk to the front of your mat. I want you to
stand tall with arms down to your sides -- you should be feeling
strong and grounded. Now, take a deep breath using the new
ocean breath that you just learned." While you are standing
your feet should come shoulder w idth apart and your arms
should be slightly away from your sides with palms facing the
teacher (teacher demonstrates this as talking)
"N ow you w ill breathe in and reach your arms up to the sky,

look up"
"Now breathe out, fold forward bending over your legs and
• bring your arms around so that your arms are hanging in front
you reaching towards the ground" (tell students that some of
them might not be flexible enough to reach the ground and that
is ok, but they can bend their knees slightly if they need to)
• Tell the student "This is a forward fold"
• "Inhale take your hands to your shins" (For the younger kids --
have them say cheese)
• " Exhale, place hands on the mat, extend legs behind you .
Then, move into a push up position. This is called a plank pose."
(For younger kids you can have them say "Arrrgggh" and
introduce this as a pirate plank pose) Hold their plank for one
breath .
• "Please lower your knees down so that your arms are bent and
your body is laying on the mat. Inhale, and roll to the tops of
your feet pushing a little forward to come up to snake pose. Lift
your heart to the sky and look up." (For the younger kids you
can have them Hissssss)
• " Now exhale, curl toes under, push up raising your tailbone to
the sky and look at your shins. This is called Downward Dog"
(For the younger kids have them Bark once)
• " Inhale, have students look up towards finger tips and come to
their tip toes, then walk or jump feet up to the hands quietly"
• "Inhale, come up halfway place hands on shins" (For the
younger kids they can say Cheese)
• " Exhale and have the kids fold completely forward into forward
• "Inhale, raise arms to the sky by bring them over your head and
Look up t o the sun."
• "Exhale, move your hands together and bring them down to
your heart center (pressing them against each other"
• "Step into mountain pose by bring your arms down to your
side, and palms facing forward . Remember your feet should be
shoulder w idth apart." (For the younger kids have them step
into a star pose which is where they move their arms straight
out to a T and f eet side apa rt -- then they can say Tadaaaa!)
o Repeat up t o five times. (5 minutes)
2. Int roduce Session 3 and its concentration poses. This weeks poses are:
• Chair Pose
• Side Squat
• Twisted Squat Pose
• Tree Pose
• Tw isted Lu nge

o Teacher: "Come to mountain at the front of your mat and bring both of your
feet next t o each other. Your arms should be a little bit out from your sides,
but palms out. There may be a little space between yout heek but your t oes
o " Now, slowly begin to sit down like you are in an mvis1ble/1maginary chaw:
o HI want you to Inhale and reach your arms up. See if you can breathe here,
challenging yourself, maybe even sitting a httle lower if your breath support.S
c Assistan t: Walk around the room and make sure students are understot1dmg.
Help out and model for students when needed. Help them feel strong and
supported mall poses!
o Teacher: "Now I want you to slowty stand up and move to the front of your
c Teacher: " Come to mountain pose at the front of your mat again. Now step
your left foot back, at the same t ime you are bnnging your arms up irto a T
position .
o Make sure that your T is in the same d irections as your feet . Now look off the
front fingertips. Take three deep breaths."
o " From your Warrior 2 pose, bring your hands to heart cent er and lunge
deeply to your left leg, lifting your right toes up."
o Teacher: "Now we are going to switch sides. Go ahead and switch so your
right foot is back"
o Keep your arms in the T position, and take three deep breaths. Don't forget to
look off the front of you r fingertips"
o Now, bring your hands to heart center and lunge deeply into your right leg,
bringing you r right toes up.
o Assistant: Walk around the room and make sure students are understanding.
Help out and model for students when needed. Help them feel strong and
supported in all poses!
o Teacher: " Great job on the side squat class, now we are going to work on the
twisted squat."
o "I want you to come to strong mountain post at the front of your mat:
o "Take your feet shoulde r width apart and bend your knees until you come
into a yoga squat."
o "Bring your hands to heart center. Then, place your left hand on the heart
and as yo u breathe in reach the right arm up. This is TWISTED SQUAT POSE."
o Assistant: Walk around the room and make sure students ore understanding.
Help out and model for students when needed. Help them feel strong and
supported in all poses !
o Teacher: "Let's meet in mountain pose at the front of our mats, finding our
yoga breath again, in and out of the nose."
o " Next we are going to learn t he tree pose."
o "Try to focus your ey es on one spot in front of you."
o "Bring your hands to heart center and your right foot to your left ankle to
start. Notice your balance, focus your eyes and focus on your breathing."
o · 1f you feel like you have you r balance and you want to go further, slide the
foot higher onto the thigh and reach the arms to the sky. Notice If the
branches of your tree sway side to side. this is okay."
o · 1f you fall o ut of the pose, see if you can come back in and try again."
o Switch sides. Nlets see how you do on t he other side." A lot of times it is
easier for us to balance on one side versus the other."
o "Go ahead and bnng your left foot to you r right ankle."
't forget to breatt"l-e ..
o ffRemember focus your eyes on one spot an d don
' d t t o go further sltde t h~
o " If you feel like you have your balance an you wan '
foot higher onto t he thigh and reach t he arms t o the sky. Not~e If
branches of your t ree sway side to side. t his 1s okay.· ..
o ulf you fall out of the pose, see if you can come back ,n and try again ..
o "Great job, lets come back into Mount ain pose at t he front of out mats.
o Teacher: "I want you to find your yoga breath again, in and out of the nose •
o "W e are now going to work on lunging twist."
o Go ahead and step your left foot back and the same time you are going to
exhale your breath and bring your arms int o WARRIOR TWO POSE.·
o " Remembe r, warrior two is when your arms are in a T and w here you are
focusing through your fingers.ff
o " I want yo u to exhale again and then w indmill your hands around your right
front foot. Now inhale and bring and your right arm to t he sky."
o "See if you can look up and take three deep breaths. Every tim e you exhale
twisting a little deeper. Th is is Lunging Twist Pose."
o Switch sides. " Now we are going to switch sides."
o " Bring yourself into Warrior 2 w ith your right foot back this t ime."
o " Windmill your hands down to your left fron t foot ."
o " Now inhale and bring and your left arm to the sky.n
o "Great job !"

Once you go through each pose, add t hese news poses into a flow w ith the Sun Salute A.
Do this as time allows for the yoga portion of the course.

Transit ion to Next Activity:

Teacher: " Let's meet in seated meditation pose and take an Ocean breath t ogether by
breathing in th rough our nose and sighing out of our mouths. Now lay flat on your mat for
Assistant cues relaxation music.
Assistant: Cue relaxation m usic.

Activity #5 Relaxation Pose

Prep needed during this time:

Assistant: please pass out one egg per student behind their mats. Let students know they
are t o remai n calm and not to t ouch the egg until relaxation pose 1s over. Once relaxation is
over they may o pen their egg after the peace salute and share their affirmations 1f they

Time Allotted (2-5

1. Teacher: Have students lay flat on thei r m ats. Students may lay on bellys or backs
Min) during this time.
o Remind students that this is a time to lay still and as quiet as possible.
Start Tlme: o Remind students t o breath deeper if t hey feel distracted.
o This tim e, expla in w e are breat hing in good energy and exhaling the
Finish Tlme: energy we do not need.
o Rem ind students t his Is a peaceful, safe and rel axing time to ta ke a calm
break from our day an d t o enjoy their rest.

Transition to next activity: Have students ease out of relaxation.

2. Teacher: " Begin to slowly wiggle your toes, wiggle your fingers, stretch a"d react,
your arms over your head and take a deep breath in through your nose ltke you
just woke up for the day- and take a slow breath out of your mouth. Hug your
knees in and rock onto your right side to rest and peacefully and slowly c:ome up
to seated tall."
o "Everyone put your peace fingers on and repeat after me:"
• Peace to me, (Teacher demonstrates, class repeats)
• Peace to you, (Teacher demonstrates, class repeats)
• Peace to Everyone." (Teacher demonst rates, class repeats)

Transition to next activity:

I Teacher: Students may share their affirmations now. " Raise your hand if you would like to
share your affirmation egg today." (1 min)

I o Teacher Instruct students; " You did a great job today ! Now open your
workbooks to page 12 to get rea dy for our nutrition lesson!"

Set-Up for Assistant:

o Be sure to place the food group name tents out.
o For Protein only place the different varieties of egg food models. Fried, Poached,
boiled, scrambled, etc.
o For the other food group limit having too many options out.

Activity #6: Nutrition

Time Allotted (5-
I 10 Min)
We are Going on a Trip to IHOPI
1. Instruct students; "Today we will be focusing on the most important meal of the
day. Does anyone know what meal that is?"
Start Time: o Answer: Breakfast
o Teacher Says "Awesome, Breakfast is the most important meal of the
Finish Time: day, anything for breakfast is better than no breakfast at all!"
o Inform students; "We will be taking a field trip using our imagination, to
I-Hop, for an Egg-Cellent breakfast. We are going to focus on eggs as our
Protein of choice today. We will need a Chef and customers for our
restaurant. We will be using our MyPlate, so we are mindful and
choosing one food item from each food group. Now, can you raise your
hands so we can pick a chef!"
While one or two students are picked to engage as the chef and pick their
plate with the food models, the teacher facilitates the other children
discussing what is going to be on their plate.
• "Alright, for those of you not having a turn to use the food
models right now, I want you to quietly turn to your neighbor
and discuss the breakfast food that you like to eat . Talk about
what you currently eat for breakfast and THEN try and figure out
a plate of food that you could eat for breakfast that includes all
5 food groups. You have about 3 minutes to figure this out with
the person next to you. Be ready for me to call on you to share
your choices with the class."
o While the teacher is facllitatlng that the assistant can be workln1 with
the students and the food models. Choose a student or two to be the
Chef/' s. The Assistant will explain to the student chef; "You will be
standing here behind the buffet, with me giving a plate to_!ach student
we select. We will make sure each student selects their protein, eggs a
nd '
then one food item from each food group."
0 As assistant quietly explains to Chef their job t he Teacher w ill cho~se 4
students to make a plate using the MyPlate. After students make it up,
remind students to "Choose eggs and one item from each category to
make a balanced meal. Also, inform students, "You will have 30 seconds
to choose your foods items."
0 Now, the Ass istant can have the student Chef share the plates with the 4
students. Assistant will remind student chef, " Help your classmates
remember to choose just one food item from each food category."

Transition: Use your attention grabber to get the students attention again (suggestion :
Clap once if you can hear me, clap twice if you can hear me" - OR" Use a clap sequence to
grab their attention - you clap and sequence and they have to repeat it)
o Once you have the student's attention then you ask them to " make sure they are
seated crisscross apple sauce on their mat"
o "What did you all put in your yogurt parfait?" Please raise your hand and share
with the class"
c "Great" Ok, we are now going to discuss what you w ill be taking home with you

o Teacher: " Alright class please raise your hand if you do not have a homework
o Assistant: help any students who do not have a homework folder.
o Teacher: " Please raise your hand if you brought your homework back from last
week. "
o Teacher: Briefly review homework answers or just the general concept from
Session 2. (30 seconds)
o " I am going to give you a few handouts to take home today. One will be a handout
ta lking about eggs and protein . The other will be your homework that you are
going to need to bring back next week."
o Assistant passes stack of each handout to first student of each row to pass along
to their right until the row ends. Or front to back - whichever is going to take the
least time
• "Tell the students to please take one and pass it back, even if they don't
have their folder, they are going to take the papers home"
o "Class please take your egg handout and put it in the left pocket of your folder to
share with the people you live with when you get home ."
o "Now take your homework and slide it in the right pocket of your folder."
o "Please close your folders now and set them in front of your yoga mat for now.
When we leave today and finish cleaning up, please remember that these are very
special folders and we want to always do our best to earn as many stars as we
can! "
o "You guys are doing a great job and we are so proud of you. Keep up the great

Transition to Next Activity:

Teacher: "You guys did a great job today, let's all come to our seated meditation pose and
get ready to review what we learned today.

Assistant: Once last round is over, please collect all materials from the nutrition game and
out away in supply bins.
Activity #7 Review
1. Review, material learned;
HWhat was our theme todayr (10 seconds)
• Answer = Concentration
0 " Why should we always eat breakfast?" (10 seconds)
• Answer= It is t he most important meal of the day.
• Remind students Hit also helps us concentrate."
Time Allotted (2-5 o What new Yoga poses did we learn today? (10 seconds)
Min) • Answers:
• Chair pose
Start Time: • Twisted squat
• Tree pose
Finish Time: • Side squat
• Twisted lunge
2. How can we use Yoga off the mat to help us concentrate? (call on up to 3 students
with hands raised.)
3. What was our theme from week 1 or 2? And today? (30 seconds)
Answers: Energy was session 1, Strength was session, and today?

Transition to next Activity: "Wow you guys really know your stuff! Let's stay calm, peaceful
and seated and get ready to clean up for the day."

Time Allotted (S- Activity #8 Clean Up:

10 Min) Teacher: '-'You did a great job today. Remember when you roll your mats be mindful and
roll up your mat as tight as you can. Then bring your yoga mat up and create a single file
Start Time: line in front of Mr./Ms. (insert assistant's name here) and wait patiently while we work
together to get every single mat into the black carts."
Finish Time: • Teacher: "Great Job everyone, let' s line up peacefully after and wait for our
Teacher Reflection:
Please remember to email your teacher reflections within 24 hours of teaching each
session .

Session Date:

Session Number:


• What were the highlights of this session?

• What were the challenges of this session 7

• What would you change about this lesson 7

Other comments or suggestions: