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FDJSFLKASDFKSDAFSDCompulsory Military Service Should

be Abolished Everywhere

At present, one of the rights that FDSAFDSFASDmost identifies the human

beings is the one of freedom, perform the obligatory military service supposes
to give two years of your life to the service of the country, without the possibility
of election. This constitutes a violation of that right, preventing the availability of
these young people to perform different activities such as higher education or
technical studies, as well as to work and provide them family economic

Another important reason why compulsory military service should be abolished

is that, during the two years, young people not only lose the opportunity to
develop themASFSDAFDSAFADSselves as useful professionals for society and
support their families; but also, inside the military institution they obtain skills
that will not be useful to them in the modern world, except in case of a military
crisis, and that once they finish this service they will forget quickly the obtained
knowledge as this will not be appSFASFSDAlied to any activity in their daily

It is well known that the treatment given to persons performing this compulsory
military service, is based on abuses by superiors with the incorrect purpose of
teaching "order and discipline" and sometimes the treatment received can be
considered as inhuman. I personally have relatives who have performed
compulsory military service and although everyone says that it is true that it
forms you well in certain aspects, everyone also agrees that there are many
human rights violations.

The consequences have repeatedly killed the lives of many soldiers in various
parts of the world. As a result, we see that compulsory military service in the
world is only a sign of violence, mistreatment, violation of human rights and
corruption. These crimes are unpunished, and abuse of power is also observed.

Some people argue that military service “does you good”. Two years in the
army, you hear people say, “will knock some sense into him”. The opposite is
usually the case .Anyone would resent being pushed and bullied for two years,
all in the name of ‘discipline’. The military mind requires uniformity and
conformity. People who do not quite fit into these characteristics suffer a lot and
may even finish the forced service with serious mental disorders. There are
many useful ways of spending two years in order to be a better person. Serving
in the armed forces is not one of them.