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Collaborative Structure: CORNERS

Topic/Lesson: Nutrition: Food Pyramid

Activity Mechanics:

1. The class will be divided into groups of four. Each member of the group is assigned to a
specific corner.
2. In each corner of the classroom, there are posted questions that each member of the group
will have to answer.
Corner 1: Carbohydrates
Corner 2: Vitamins and Minerals
Corner 3: Protein
Corner 4: Fats, Oils and Sweets
Questions in each corner:
What kind of food does it comes from?
What is/are its use/s?
What kind of disease can you get from it?
Note: Students are given maximum of 10 minutes to answer these questions before going
back to their original group.
3. After answering the posted questions, each member will go back to their original group and
share their ideas with the other members.
4. Each group is given maximum of 5 minutes to create an output and present the food pyramid
they made using the provided art materials.





Bond Paper

Coloring materials

Required time: 15 minutes

Prepared by:

Estacio, Danielle Ericka Z.

Reyes, Jullie Cess A.