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MasterBrace® P 3500

Epoxy primer for MasterBrace Laminate system

DESCRIPTION VOC Content : 3.22% from test

MasterBrace P 3500 is a two component 1.49% (SS5: Part
solvent-less epoxy system which when mixed B2)
yields a penetrating medium viscosity primer Flash point (Pensky- 95oC
Martens closed cup)
For use as a primer prior to the use of the Mixing ratio : by volume 1.67 to 1
MasterBrace 4000 adhesive when used in
By weight 100 to 60
conjunction with MasterBrace Laminates.
Weight/Volume Part A 1.139 g/L
Part B 1.096 g/L
 Excellent adhesion to concrete substrate – Mixed 1.120 g/L
Ensures transfer of loads
Mixed viscosity : Temperature Viscosity
 Solvent free – Low VOC and non-shrink
10oC 200 cps
 Pre-packaged – avoids on site errors o
ensuring quality control 25 C 400 cps
32oC 1,200 cps
 Cures at low temperatures – suitable for a
range of climates Working Time, based on 3.8L sample
PROPERTIES Temperature 25oC
Pot-Life 70 min
Adhesion strength on glass 2.62
Surface preparation
Adhesion strength on carbon, 2.87
MPa(ASTM D4541:95e1) Remove all grease, oil, dust residual curing
Tensile strength, MPa (ASTM 35
compound, mould release agent or other
D638:00) contaminants that could impair adhesion.
Tensile strain at yield, % 1.8 Spalled concrete should be cut back to sound
(ASTM D638:00) concrete and made good suitable MasterEmaco
repair products.
Tensile modulus, MPa (ASTM 2,097
D638:00) Laitance should be removed preferably by light
sweep blasting or hydro-jetting. Mechanical wire
Flexural strength, MPa 55
(ASTM D790:01) brushing may be appropriate for small areas.
Apply MasterBrace P 3500 as primer using roller
Flexural modulus, MPa 1,672 or brush and wait until dry for the adhesive
(ASTM D790:01)
Compressive strength, MPa 73
(ASTM D695:96)
Mechanically mix component A before adding
Compressive modulus, MPa 2,320
(ASTM D695:96)
component B. When component B has been
added, mix for approximately 2 minutes until a
Generic Type : 100% solids amine- homogenous mix has been obtained.
cured liquid epoxy.
Application of MasterBrace P 3500
Colour : Part A Amber
Part B Clear
Mixed Amber
MasterBrace® P 3500
Apply MasterBrace P 3500 by brush or roller to
the prepared substrate at a coverage of 4- SHELF LIFE
6m2/Kg. Allow to become tack free before
application of the MasterBrace 4000. MasterBrace P 3500 can be stored in tightly
closed original containers for 12 months at a
moderate temperature.
Typical consumption of 4-6 m2 per Kg PRECAUTIONS
PACKAGING For the full health and safety hazard information
and how to safely handle and use this product,
MasterBrace P 3500 is available in 1 and 5kg please make sure that you obtain a copy of the
packs BASF Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from
our office or our website.

ID#MasterBrace_P 3500v1.1-ASEAN-0113
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