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MFDS 2 Manchester Exam Day 2 (18/5/2016):

1) 18 year old boy with no significant medical history. Doesn't smoke nor drink. Congenitally
missing lateral incisors, had orthodontic treatment finished 3 months ago, which created space for
the laterals. He is currently wearing a removable denture, but wants implants.
2) A 20 something year old girl with depression and on amitryptylline came in with pain on her left
cheek. An OPG was provided. The 28 is buccally placed and distally rotated towards the cheek.
The 38 is vertically- partially impacted. Explain management.
3) A woman who has been seeing you for the past few months came in with a problem in her
gums. You had constructed a bridge from 13 to 23 using high quality metal fused to porcelain, and
along the outline of the bridge, the gum was swollen, and inflamed. She complained of itchiness
and burning. She maintains excellent oral hygiene and has seen the hygienist a few weeks ago,
however this problem hasn't disappeared. It only appeared after the bridge had been placed. After
questioning, patient mention she had an allergic reaction to a metal bracelet at some point in her
life. A photo of the gums was provided.
4) A man who smoked 20 cigarettes a day for the past 30 years, and drinks 6 beers a day
everyday has come in complaining of an ulcer on the left hand side of his tongue which has been
present for 4 weeks and is becoming uncomfortable. He is concerned and would like to know what
he should do about it.
5) An OPG was provided for a patient complaining of pain in the lower right side on eating and
biting. Periapical pathology on the lower right first molar. Second premolar had RCT with a well
defined radiolucency around it. Explain what is happening and outline management.
6) A mother of a 9 year old child attended your practice worried about her childs teeth. He had
fallen at home a few hours prior and his upper central incisors are both intruded. A photo was
provided. Outline management.
7) A policeman came in complaining of injury to his two front teeth which are crowned and have a
post in them. There is vertical root fracture in both. An OPG was provided. Manage his concerns.
8) A 70 something year old woman who's husband recently died of cancer came in complaining of
loose lower dentures. She's had these dentures for 4 years and they are the 3rd set of dentures
she's had over 20 years. The ones before this one were okay, but they had just gotten old which is
why she replaced them. This is the first time the dentures have become loose. You are provided
with an OPG which shows a very very thin resorbed mandible, and a photograph showing that the
ridge is not visible in the oral cavity (covered by think oral mucosa). Explain the possible treatment
options to the patient. She wants a denture that will stay in place.
9) A patient came in complaining of "teeth got smaller" and sensitivity. He is fit and is in his 20s or
30s. He is not aware that he clenches his teeth or grinds them. He wants treatment.
10) I really can't remember the last question guys I'm sorry. If I do, I'll post it.