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I. Objectives
Given a series of illustrations and discussions, 80% of the students are expected to:
a. explain how different types of mechanical energy change its form;
b. feel the importance of mechanical energy to our daily lives;
c. illustrate how mechanical energy change its form.

II. Subject Matter

Lesson: How Is Mechanical Energy Transformed
Reference: K - 12 Curriculum Guide - page 66
K - 12 Science and Technology 9 - pages 296-299
Materials: pictures related to the topic, activity cards, charts

III. Procedure
A. Motivation:
Do you know that Mechanical Energy Changes its form?

B. Presentation:
Present the illustration in how Mechanical Energy changes its form.

1. Group Activity:
 Activity 1:
Direction: Observe the picture shown. Answer the questions that follow.
How the Archer performs its work? What energy does he apply? What
transformation of energy as the arrow drawn until the arrow released? Explain
how potential energy transforms to Kinetic Energy.
 Activity 2:
Direction: Observe the picture. Answer the question that follows. Feel free to
express in your own opinion based from the picture.
1. A driver parks his car. He feels fuel and checks the wiring. He sits and let
the car moves. What transformation energy does it show?
 Activity 3:
Direction: Illustrate how mechanical energy changes its form.

1. Mechanical Chemical Radiant

A car
2. Mechanical Electrical Chemical

Flashlight & Lighter

3. Mechanical Chemical Light Energy

2. Publishing of the Group work

3. Reporting of the Activity Done
4. Discussions for Clarification

5. Generalization:
1. What did you do to the different transformations of energy?
2. What is mechanical energy?
3. How mechanical energy transformed?

6. Application:
DIRECTION: Explain by illustrating the following transformation.
1. Why does the ball fall in the ground? What transformation of energy
does it form?
2. Why the roller coaster does pulls up and down? What transformation
of energy can you draw?
3. Why does a vessel move from one place to another place? What
energy does it shown & transform.
4. When a man ties his body with and elastic string from a pole and
contain jump was made. What energy does the string shown?
5. Why does the matchsticks change or transform to chemical to radiant
energy when it rubs to other object?

IV. Evaluation
DIRECTION: Explain briefly the Mechanical Energy Transformation.
1. Why does a cable turn into liquid? What transformation of energy can
you draw out?
2. Why does an airplane fly? What transformation of energy can you
3. Why does a matchstick turn into radiant? What changes can you draw?
4. Explain why the flashlight makes its light after putting a battery? What
energy can you draw?
5. Explain why the water at the top of the falls change it energy when it
V. Assignment
DIRECTION: Explain the transformation of energy of the following.
1. Weight Lifting
2. High Jumping
3. Ball Rebounding
4. Ice Melting
5. Car Moving