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SAP Equipment Calibration Process Flow

In order to ensure that the measuring, inspection and monitoring equipment are
in good working condition and fulfill the defined performance criteria, we
regularly calibrate our equipment.

Data, with respect to equipment is maintained separately. Equipment are

subjected to calibration on regular & fixed time intervals.

The results of calibration are recorded and maintained for current and future

The equipment calibration defined here is applicable for safety valves, master
gauges, control gauges etc. Any object, which is to be calibrated, for which,
history is to be maintained are to be created as technical object in the SAP

Calibration can be executed by any one of the following methodologies,

1. Calibration with Master equipment (already calibrated and certified for a

specific period).

2. Calibration by Authorized agencies.

10.10.1 Purpose

• To calibrate the equipment/gauges on regular interval.

• Set Calibration inspection specification.

• Perform classified results recording.

• Specify samples.

• Complete plan of calibration of different objects for a specific period would be

available as Gantt chart.
• To satisfy, mandatory requirements like frequency of electrical inspection,
Lifting equipment and tackles inspection, Master instruments etc., we can
create a plan on its name and assign call frequency and call dates for reminder.

• To analyze the health condition of a gauge and to decide on replacements.

• If any defects observed in the process are to be recorded, Notification of type

C1 is to be created.

Calibration plan

The calibration plan is a type of maintenance plan, which contains task lists with
MICs (Master Inspection Characteristics) and scheduled the same way as a
regular preventive maintenance plan.

Calibration plan is to be created for all the objects that are to be calibrated.

Calibration order

The calibration for equipment is executed through the calibration order. The
calibration order is a particular type of maintenance order (CA01), which can be
created in two different ways:

• Automatically using a maintenance plan (calibration plan).

You use a maintenance plan to control how often the accuracy of a calibration
device or technical object should be checked. system will automatically
generate Calibration Orders for Pending Plans.

• By direct input.

Inspection Lot Generation

On Releasing of Calibration order, system will create insp. lot in background.

MIC & Results Recording & Usage Decision.

The performance criteria, which are to be checked would be created as MIC

(Master Inspection Characteristics) and attached to the task list.

The MIC contains the details of whether the parameter, which is measured is
qualitative or quantitative and the control parameters.

The calibration carried out on the equipment is recorded using this utility (Result

The results recording and usage decision for the technical object / test
equipment are made using the functions in Quality Management.

When the calibration order is created, an inspection lot gets generated along
with the order.

The calibration order has to be treated the same way we treat a maintenance

The calibration order also contains the instruction in the task lists on how the
objects are to be calibrated.