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liner style note taking does not connect

Restructures as much to the way the brain organizes information

Intro the way you If you insert information into your

think brain in a mind map fashion, it is
going to help you learn better

Your attention has a high value

Everyone is trying to get and hold your attention

The currency of attention
recalibrate your attention to what you want

If we allow our attention to drift, our self-esteem and self-confidence is going to go down

clear thinking creates more opportunities

Mind mapping Distracted way of being distorts our ability to see opportunities
facilitates clear thinking Evokes Insights & Perspectives from within

clear thinking is a desired state

Why my mind maps are different


Borrowed from "Direct Response Marketing"
Compelling notes that speaks to the outcome
Outcome based learning
Targets a specific body of knowledge based on outcome

1. Breakdown all the areas you want to improve

Focus Data & Analytics 2. What is the data and metrics for each sub-components that make up the whole that you want
to improve

Find and note the 20% that produces the 80% of results
80/20 Principle
Or take it to the next step. Find and note, the 5% that produces 95% of the results

improving your critical thinking skills will help you with focus
Improve critical thinking skills
sift through signal vs noise

liner notes often times kills the desire for review

In the area

Outside the area

Find meaning in areas that may not seem related

Internalizing through interactive repetition Apply the power of repetition

Deep Reflection for 1 to 2 weeks or more
Relate the findings back to
the information you are
The above 3 generates Insights & Perspectives learning to find connects

Recalibrate you brain to look for opportunities

Keeps you engaged

the more you mind map, the better you get at this

When you don't understand a what perspective,

subject, It is often times more component or meta-
about "where specifically" you element you do not
do not understand it. understand

abstract and granularity 1. Theoretical level

2. Understanding through application

Determining what 80/20 you need to dedicate your study 3. Compare against data & Analytics

4. Generate Insights & Perspectives

Information Hierarchy The above is self-generating and self-revealing

how you learn

How To Mind Map A Business Or Personal you have within you a lot of information
related to what you are learning
Development Book For Maximum Learning
pre-existing information with mind mapping we want
to add new information to the evoke insights & perspectives
3 Areas pre-existing information

All mind mapping areas that I include, feed on each other

What you know you don't know &

what you don't know, you don't know.

we are better able to see the connects

"You can't connect the dots looking

forward. You can only connect them
looking backward" - Steve Jobs

Be able to see things that others can't

see because they don't develop
pattern recognition skills

information is based on some else's experience

learn how to take someone else's documented experience

apply a certain process to gain 1. Theoretical level

produce results faster new insights & perspectives,
optimizations, ways of doing 2. Understanding through application
things, faster routes to the 3. Compare against data & Analytics
outcome, viable ideas,
breakthroughs and innovation. 4. Generate Insights & Perspectives

Organize information in a
way that facilitates
pattern recognition

the answers are always Isolating action steps

in front of you Actions bring clarity

most of the time

we aim to learn
what we know
what we don't
Pattern Recognition Taking action

What you know you don't know & 1. Never thought you needed to learn
what you don't know, you don't know.
some of the greatest Organizing study information in a 2. Avoid learning because of subconscious blockages
opportunity is found in hierarchy manner till you find the action
what you don't know you 3. Need to find a coach, mentor or accountability partner to help you breakthrough.
you take pulls you into an unknown area
don't know. and when you are in this area, you Maybe you are experiencing the "what you
discover elements that you... don't know, you don't know" in this video
while being guided through this mind map,
that is the example of the power right there.

The more actions you take based on the results

you get, the more you can learn how to optimize
based on those results, the further resolve you
will have on your definite of purpose

1 Clear goals from abstract to granular

2 Immediate feedback on actions taken

when you're on a set
3 Healthy ratio of where challenge meets skill
path (definite of
purpose), you'll keep (Flow state) 4 Action and awareness become one
Flow by 5 Distractions taper away and are eventually excluded from consciousness.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 6 Fear of failure tapers away

7 Self-consciousness disappears.

8 The sense of time is altered

9 The activities become “autotelic” (done for it’s own sake).