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Design Framework for Health Facilities

Alan Ricks and Michael Murphy

MASS Design Group

A tragic example of poor health facility architecture occurred in 2005, when

Extremely Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (XDR TB) was discovered in a
hospital in Tugela Ferry, South Africa. Of the 53 original cases of XDR TB,
none survived. 67 percent of those infected had been recently hospitalized
at the Tugela Ferry clinic and at closer inspection it became clear that the
hospital’s poor design had helped to transmit this airborne disease.

The Design Framework for Health Facilities is an on-line tool designed to

gather resources from a cross-disciplinary field of problems solvers and
confront this crisis of inappropriate health facility design. Developed as an
interactive program, the Framework will be a resource for architects and
health care providers to better understand and develop strategies to resist
tragedies like that in Tegula Ferry and to aid in the creation of contextually
relevant facilities in resource constrained settings.

The framework, developed with the support from United States Agency for
International Development (USAID), World Health Organization (WHO),
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and KNCV
Tuberculosis Foundation, will also be a forum for medical workers to learn
from a forum of architects, planners, doctors, nurses, patients, policy
makers, and epidemiologists. This could have potentially profound effects
on facility problem solving and ultimately help reduce the transmission of
diseases. Included in this submission is a video file showing a draft walk
through of the website interface.

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Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 2, Issue 4, The 1st
Collaborative Innovation Networks Conference - COINs2009. Edited by
Kenneth Riopelle, Peter Gloor, Christine Miller and Julia Gluesing.

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