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by clif high
copyright 2016 all rights reserved, claims for invention and labor

Chariot of Time -
January, 2016
covering 2016 - 2029

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© 2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Chariot of Time – January, 2016
All rights reserved
Predictive Linguistics is the process of using computer software to aggregate vast amounts of written
text from the internet by categories delineated by emotional content of the words. Predictive
Linguistics uses emotional qualifiers and quantifiers, expressed as numeric values, for each and all
words/phrases discovered/filtered in the aggregation process. Over 80 % of all the words gathered will
be discarded for one or more reasons.
Predictive Linguistics works as NO conscious expressions are processed through the software.
Rather the contexts discussed within the report in the form of entities and linguistic structures (see
below) are read up in the various intake software programs, and the emotional sums of the language
found at that time are retrieved. Words that are identified within my system as 'descriptors' are passed
through the processing as well. These descriptor words, in the main, are those words and phrases that
provide us with the detail sets within the larger context sets.
As an example, the word 'prophecy' may be read up by our software at a sports oriented forum. In that
case, perhaps, due to the emotional sums around the context, and the emotional values of the word
itself within the lexicon, it would be put into the contextual 'bin' within the database as a 'detail word'.
Note that the context of the use of the word in the sports forum is lost in the process and is of no use to
us in these circumstances. What occurs is that the word is picked up as being atypical in its context,
therefore of high potential 'leakage of future' value. The way this works is that most sports forum
language about future events would be statistically more likely to use words such as 'bet' as in 'I bet this
XXX will be outcome', or 'I predict', or 'I think that XXX will happen'. So it is the context plus
emotional values plus rarity of use within the context that flags words for inclusion in the detail level of
the data base. Further, it is worth noting that most detail level words are encountered in our processing
mere days before their appearance. Within the IM data primarily, and then within ST data next. But a
preponderance are discovered within the IM time period. Perhaps an artifact of our processing, if so,
one not explored due to lack of time (cosmic joke noted).
Words are linked by their array values back to the lexicon using our set theory model (see below), and
the language used within the interpretation (detail words excepted) derives from the lexicon and its
links to the changing nature of contexts as they are represented within our model.
Predictive Linguistics is a field that I pioneered in 1993. The software and lexicon has been in
continual change/update mode since. This is due to the constantly changing nature of language and
human expression.
Predictive Linguistics works to predict future language about (perhaps) future events, due to the nature
of humans. It is my operating assumption that all humans are psychic, though the vast majority do
nothing to cultivate it as a skill, and are likely unaware of it within themselves. In spite of this, universe
and human nature has it that they 'leak' prescient information out continuously in their choice of
language. My software processing collects these leaks and aggregates them against a model of a
timeline and that information is provided in this report.

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© 2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Chariot of Time – January, 2016
All rights reserved
The ALTA report is an interpretation of the asymmetric trends that are occurring even this instant as
millions of humans are typing billions of words on the internet. The trends are provided in the form of a
discussion of the larger collections of data (dubbed entities) down to the smallest aspect/attribute swept
up from daily discussions within that context. Within the ALTA report format, detail words are
provided as noted below. Phrases and idiomatic expressions are also provided as details. In the main,
geographic references are merely summed, and if deemed pertinent, the largest bag in the collection is
discussed as a 'probable', or 'possible' location to the events being referenced within the details.
In our discussions, the interpretation is provided in a nested, set theory (fuzzy logic) pattern.

Aspects/Attributes are: collections of data that are within our broader linguistic
structures and are the 'supporting' sets that provide our insight into future developments.
The Aspect/Attribute sets can be considered as the 'brought along' serendipitous future
forecasts by way of links between words in these sets and the lexicon.

Entities are: the 'master sets' at the 'top' of our nested linguistic structures and contain
all reference that center around the very broad labels that identify the entity: Markets,
GlobalPop, and SpaceGoatFarts, as examples.

Lexicon is: at its core level, the lexicon is a digital dictionary of words in multiple
languages/alphabets stripped of definitions other than such technical elements as 'parts
of speech' identifiers.

The lexicon is quite large and is housed in a SQL database heavily populated with
triggers and other executable code for maintenance and growth (human language
expands continuously, so the lexicon must as well).

Conceptually, at the Prolog software engine processing level, the lexicon is a predicate
assignment of a complex, multidimensional array of integers to 'labels', each of which is
a word within the lexicon. The integers within the 8x8x10 level array structure are

composed of: emotional qualifiers which are assigned numeric representations of

the intensity, duration, impact and other values of the emotional components given
by humans to that word.

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© 2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Chariot of Time – January, 2016
All rights reserved
and also contain: emotional quantifiers which are assigned numeric
representations of the degree of each of the 'cells' level of 'emotional assignment'.

Spyders are: Software programs, that once executed are self directing, within
programmed limits, thus are called 'bots', and within these constraints are allowed to
make choices as to linguistic trails to explore on the internet. The job of the spyders is to
search, retrieve and pre-process (part of the exclusions process that will see 90% of all
returned data eliminated from consideration in our model) the 'linguistic bytes' (2048
words/phrases in multibyte character format) which are aggregated into our modelspace
when processing is complete.

List of entities explored in this report:

The GlobalPop entity represents the linguistic sets within the data that are focused on the
future of humanity, local or global. The 'local future' focus language is aggregated into
our 'global future language' sets. This entity is independent of language, alphabet, or
script form, and thus is our deepest and broadest set for emotional quantifiers and
qualifiers about humanity's future.

USAPop (and any other nation state/territorial reference)

All sub sets of the populace of the planet, within our modelspace are identified by either
a geospatial term such as a regional terrestrial label, e.g. 'AlpinePop', or a geopolitical
label, e.g. 'CanadaPop'. These are used to isolate the subset of the global populace to
which the terms are being applied in the forecast. The terrestrial references are
frequently used to provide a context of 'shared views/concerns', as in 'those things all
mountain dwelling people will have in common separate from other humans'.

The Markets entity is a super set of linguistic structures covering paper debt markets of
all kinds, commodity trading markets, physical swap markets, currency usage (within
populace), digital currency developments, new technology (FinTech),

The Terra entity is the master set for all structures that relate to the planet, and the

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© 2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Chariot of Time – January, 2016
All rights reserved
physical environment of planet earth. This master set frequently and increasingly has
extensive cross links to the SpaceGoatFarts entity.

This master set is where all data that fits under the contexts of [officially denied],
[unknown], and [speculative] arrives. Our processing discovered significant amounts of
data of the [unknown], and [officially denied] over 2000 – 2003 which led to the
creation of the separate entity view labeled SpaceGoatFarts. As may be expected, this set
contains the references to UFO's, Area 51, Break-away Civilization, and other 'woo-woo'

Data Types
IM = Immediacy data with forecasting effectiveness from 3 days to the end of the third
week. Error range is 4 weeks.
ST = Shorter Term data with forecasting effectiveness from the 4th week out through
and inclusive the end of the 3rd month (from date of interpretation). Error range = 4
LT = Longer Term data with forecasting effectiveness from the end of the 3rd month
out through and inclusive of the end of the 19th month. Error range = 19 months.

Terms employed:

Cross links – links from one cell in the data base and its software representation to another due to a
shared linguistic structure or pattern.

Linguistic structure – In my modelspace, a linguistic structure is a 'master set' and all its contained
sub sets (also known as 'directly held' sub sets). At the very highest level, each and all entities within
my model are linguistic structures; which, in their turn, are composed of many sub sets of other
linguistic structures. Modelspace allows for 256 layers of 'nesting' of these sets and sub sets. Each of
which, can and may, be a complex set of its own. Obviously the model is derived from Object Oriented
Programming at its highest level.

Meta Data Layer – in modelspace, when a meme appears directly held in numerous sets, at the same
level of support, it is labeled as a 'meta data layer'. These 'layers' can be thought of as a common
linguistic structure that forms with differing supporting sets in the various entities. For clarity, a meme
in Terra entity would not have the same supporting sets as that same meme in the GlobalPop entity, but
both would be part of the larger meta data layer that the meme reveals.

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© 2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Chariot of Time – January, 2016
All rights reserved
Modelspace – in the interpretation, the data sets are represented on screen in a 'virtual box' fashion in
which a 3d box is drawn and the lexicon linked words from the latest data processing are shown within
the 3d box by position, and color, brightness and hue of the individual pixels. Using an algorithm of my
own design and the predicate calculus of the prolog programming language, modelspace is populated
by these data base representations in a manner that resembles 'scatter graphs', but at a 3 dimensional
level. By toggling on or off several advanced features of our 3d box software, the various levels of
data, and cross links and other technical elements may be displayed.

MOM – model of modelspace. In the very first public release of information from my process, a self-
referencing loop was created by internet articles about the release, and thus the next time the spyders
were invoked, the process crashed on self-referential, circuitous references to my own work. As a
corrective measure, MOM (models of modelspace) was devised as my very improvement on the
process. MOM holds a copy of my interpretation as well as links to areas on the net to exclude from
consideration within the predictive linguistic work.

Set – Our approach involves the use of complex (fuzzy) set theory originating in the software industry's
quest for 'intelligent machines' or 'ai (artificial intelligence)'. In our approach, the fuzzy sets are based
on the ability to define such concepts as 'near', 'close to', 'about', and 'like' among many others which
provide me the ability to assign a numeric representation as a 'quantifier' to human emotions which are
the key element to future forecasting from predictive linguistics.

Temporal Echo – these are linguistic echos across time that will reference the same, previously
forecast, meme and its emotional parameters. The language manifest in both instances, that is, the
temporal (meme) anchor and its echo will be related to each other, though frequently the repeating echo
is larger in both scope and intensity. In some cases the meme is 'completed' in our predictive linguistics
sense of that word by the echo phase of the meme.

TM = Temporal Marker, think of this as a 'book mark' against which you may remember specific
details of the forecast. These are chosen due to some (more or less) easily identified linguistic 'tell-tale'
that we expect to show up in the forecast language within media discussions.

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© 2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Chariot of Time – January, 2016
All rights reserved
Data and Interpretation

The data sets are showing that the California 'methane venting' occurrence is about to get so much
worse that 'evacuations' will occur. These supporting sets are accruing in previously discussed 'blue ice'
forecasts for 'breaking benthic (ocean floor) methane ice releases' sets from past years ALTA reports.
These sub sets have new supporting linguistic structures of some complexity indicating that a multiple
dimensional nature of the 'crisis' in 'methane release' will 'take off' very early in 2016.

The new sets are suggesting that an 'earthquake' will be a temporal marker for an 'acceleration' of the
'release rate' JUST as a 'weather system (of linked low pressure cells)' will cause an 'inversion' over a
large area of southern California such that the 'released methane' will become a 'discussed health
hazard'. These new sets have supporting sub sets for 'elderly (shut ins)' with 'bad air' will be 'falling'
like 'leaves'. Note that the 'bite bad air' sets have been in the data for a long period in 2015 and continue
to gain support. The 'evacuations' of the 'affected' and 'afflicted' are but a small part of the 'impact' of
the 'methane' on 'life patterns' in Southern California.

Some of the new supporting sets show that 'areas in deeper valleys' will be 'bad air zones' as ' tainted
(non methane) air' which is associated with the 'methane release' will 'clog' the 'breathing' of the 'local

Other problems showing from the 'bursting methane release' include 'air traffic routing problems', and
the previously forecast (in 2015 ALTA reports) 'strange lightning forms'. These apparently are going to
be 'neon like' as 'gas concentrations' react to 'energy from space (and airplane engines and such)'. See
USAPop for further discussion of these effects.

Other 'methane' related sub sets are gaining new support for yet more 'release episodes' in the 'oceans'
as well as a 'methane fueled flash fire' in an 'earthquake created surface trench'. These sets may be
referencing a 'pipeline explosion' as there are other linguistic structures for problem with 'pipelines' due
to 'flooding', however the supporting sets are not yet filled enough for a better interpretation.

Once again, the new language accruing to the Terra entity includes yet more instances of 'flooding'.
Levels of 'flooding' (including new data about 'run off melts' from massive snow storm) are described
as 'historic', 'epic', and 'creating new (inland) lakes (with islands)', and hints of a 'new (inland) sea'

In the single instance of the words around 'unprecedented', and 'never before seen', and 'of historic

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© 2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Chariot of Time – January, 2016
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proportions', 2016 is going to be very boring as the data sets have these words showing up so
'repetitiously' from 'politicians' and 'officialdom' when speaking of the 'weather/climate' and its effects,
as to cause the public to start to 'mock' the use of the terms in 'speeches'.

In both the north american and the european centered 'flooding' language there are repeated instances of
'land sculpting', and 'mountains eroding', and 'mountains sliding', as well as 'mud and debris floods'.
These new sets are also showing growth in 'alterations' being made to the 'country side' by 'rivers' that
will be 'breaking banks' and 'going wandering' in search of 'new low areas'.

Many of the data sets are carrying along language that shows that 'governmental statistics' for 'flooding'
of all kinds and all depths will be 'broken' over 2016 across much of the northern hemisphere. The data
sets are showing that 'rains' are being again described as 'lakes -in the -sky', which will 'drain their
contents' onto the 'lands below' in 'shockingly short periods of time'. These 'horrific rain storms' will
beset both hemispheres of the planet with video captures of the damage also reaching what will be
called a 'flood' stage. Further problems from the 'rains from lakes-in-the-sky' will include 'trains' and
other 'land' transportation being 'washed off road beds'. Still more instances of the 'rains' induced
problems will include 'ships' and 'boats' being 'rain flooded' to the point of 'sinking'. In some of these
latter sets, whole 'marinas' will be 'moved' and 'washed away' by 'rain induced floods', and 'shifting
lands'. In deeper sets the linguistic aspect sets have attributes (details at the immediacy data level) that
goes to 'new lakes (muddy, yellow in color)' being 'created (by) floods spilling over embankments'.

The data for 'rains' has supporting sets going to the idea of 'regional doubling' of the 'usual annual rains'
as well as even more 'extreme' instances in which 'rains' will more than 'quadruple' the amount of
'surface waters' that the areas receive. Thus the 'hints of inland seas forming' will show up in the
language being used to describe these instances. Further descriptors for these areas show 'mountain
roads' that will 'abruptly terminate' in 'new lakes', and 'coastal communities' having to be 'evacuated'
due to 'backwash (floods from inland rivers swollen by rains)'.

The 'rains' affecting 'cities', especially 'coastal' cities all over the northern hemisphere, are described as
being so 'violent' and 'intense' as to 'flood out' and 'remove electrical service'. In the data sets these
areas have a new, globally accepted word being created for 'blacked out (social media) due to weather'.
This will apparently be a necessary new phrase or word as so many people will be 'under the umbrella'
over 2016 that 'social conventions' will have to change. See GlobalPop for further discussion of this

We have continuing growth in the sets for a 'questioning of geo-engineering'. New sets show that
mainstream presstitute stories will emerge attempting to 'alter' the discussion of the 'changing skies' of
earth. Yet more sets within these supporting structures contain references to 'assassinated climate
change proponents' as the 'climate' and 'weather' move to the upper levels of consciousness over this
next year. Further sets show that 'geo-engineering' will be a significant topic by mid year. Further there
are some suggestions that the 'crashing dollar financial infrastructure' will have 'major impacts' on the
'geo-engineering effort'. These sets show that 'reduced flights' of chemtrail planes will occur as s result
of 'costs' and 'availability' of 'jet fuels'. Further there are other sets going to the idea that 'the powers
that be' will decide to 'bring geo-engineering out into open' in an attempt to 'continue funding' as the

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Chariot of Time – January, 2016
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'dollar fades' and 'theft opportunities dry up'. This last is also showing as 'curtailing' the 'break-away
civilization' and the 'USA military contractor infrastructure'. See USAPop for more discussion of these

The Terra entity continues new growth in the sets for 'expansion events' and the continuing growth
includes 'sub sea trenches' which are described by the detail sets as being 'disturbing' of the 'global
military infrastructure'. These sets include aspect/attributes that go to the idea of 'broken underseas
cables' that cause something of an 'international flap' as the various 'countries and corporations cast
blame about'. However yet another 'incident' in the area of the 'cable break' will be sufficient to
'convince' the parties involved that it is an 'earth event' which caused the problem. Note that the
presstitute media will likely report the damage as resulting from an 'underseas land slide' rather than the
'trench separation' that the data forecasts as the proximate cause.

The data sets are forecasting huge levels of 'storms' for the Caribbean and the Gulf (and SE) states as
new forms of 'near hurricanes' are seen 'rolling inland' on a 'frequent' basis over very late Summer and
into Fall. The data sets are forecasting a very bad August and September of 2016 for 'late Summer
storms' with 'devastating results' including 'many fatalities' as 'unexpected winds' and 'huge storm
surges' overwhelm the 'coastal abutments'. Major 'evacuations' are showing in the new sets that will
impact areas from the 'tip of Florida' through to Washington DC. {Ed note: please be aware that the
data is showing that the damage to the eastern seaboard from the January/February 2016 storms will be
but a small taste of the August/September 2016 period and its 'extra strong' and 'extra seasonal'
storms. }

There are a number of new sets for the 'destruction of luxury habitation' by 'weather events'. In some of
these sets it is the 'wind' that is the problem in that it will 'break out window' and 'deprive (the facility)
of electrical power' during 'torrential rain storms' that will then 'flood (from the top down) sky scraper
buildings'. Some of the 'destroying weather) is shown as being from 'sub surface (underground)
erosion' of 'soft stone substrates' such that 'whole buildings' will be 'leaning' at 'dangerous levels' and
need to be 'destroyed'.

Some of the 'leaning buildings' are described as becoming 'shifted' due to the 'lifting' or 'sinking' of
'large areas' of 'rock substrates' deep underneath their foundations. This meme is showing as being
repeated throughout this next year across many areas including both continents and islands.

Growing geopolitical problems continue to at least 2025 in a general sense for the planet. Some
countries and populations will be in far better shape sooner, but some places like Europe will see
problems growing into the 2020s, where it will take another 20/twenty years afterward for 'cultures to
self-settle and reform'. In some countries we will see 'renaissance' in full bloom by very late 2019 or
early 2020. The data sets show that 'misfortune', and 'bad times' are the 'primary pumps' for the
'creativity' which is going to 'explode across humanity in the next few years. These sets are indicating
that extremes of 'climate change' and 'political change' will be among the 'prompts' for 'new inventions'

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Chariot of Time – January, 2016
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which will be 'pouring out' in yet again, another use of the word 'flood'.

The data sets are pointing toward a 'war' within the 'global climate change communities' as several of
the 'top people' within the 'humans cause climate change' are 'assassinated'. Note that this may include
'character assassination' in lieu of actual murder. These new data sets are pointing at a 'schism' within
the 'science community' at a global level as new 'energy ration schemes' are floated for 'approval' by
'officialdom'. The data sets are showing that 'global climate change' and the 'religion' that has been
formed around the idea of 'humans' as the 'cause'. Further, there are new longer term data sets that show
that the 'science communities' will be 'shocked' over the 'murders'. The data shows that it will take
'time' for the 'thought of assassination' to 'take root', but that it will do so in the face of 'rising evidence'.
The data further shows that the 'war' will then be 'perceived' by the 'scientists' as a 'purge (by the)
officialdom'. This last is showing as causing a 'visible chaos' within the 'scientific community'.

New 'problems' are forecast for 'the powers that be' and their 'global climate change program'. It seems
that the rise of the new term 'warmist' from within the 'alternative communities' will 'stick'. The
problems for TPTB are that their response of 'climate change denier' is not going to win back any
support. Further the 'tactics' used to make 'conspiracy theorist' into a synonym for 'whack-job' or 'nut' or
'odd one out' are going to be used by the alternative communities (albeit without knowing it) to cast
'warmist' as a synonym for 'dense, stupid, stooge of TPTB/officialdom, and a sleeple, and unaware'.
These 'label battles' between the 'propaganda machine (of officialdom)' and the 'alternative
communities' is showing as reaching a 'peak' in mid June 2016 as the 'tide turns back upon' the
'warmists' in a 'staggering display (by the planet)' of 'new climate patterns'. Many of the supporting sets
for the 'warmists' versus 'climate change deniers' battles show that 'public discourse' will come down to
'shouting' by the 'warmists', that will be 'silenced' (in at least one public video) by a 'response' to the
effect of 'so you really believe computer models admitted to have been wrong for over 40 years?'. Or
words to that effect. As a side note, expect TPTB and the presstitute media to try several different
'labels' to counter the 'warmist' appellation. None of these will work, but as the process continues, the
aware observer will be able to pick out the 'increasing desperation' by the media. In several of the
forecasts, public debate' will emerge in which the 'warmist' stance is itself labeled as a 'religion' and 'not
a science'. The repeated 'tagging' of the 'warmists' as 'ideologues' and 'agenda-istas' is forecast to have
such an 'effect' as to 'bring out' the 'major personalities' to 'respond'. The real problem for the 'warmists
spokespeople' comes as they 'taint themselves' by 'association' with the 'damaged (reputation)' of the
'idea of computer models (for weather)'.

Even more 'pressure' is to be 'felt' by the 'warmists' over 2016 as 'more' and 'definitive proof' emerges
from the 'mainstream media' itself (via international science community) of 'climate change' on Mars,
Venus, and most shockingly, 'the moon'.

Previously forecast 'ufo wave' in past ALTA reports for 2015 are still gaining support for a 'next level
exposure' to 'space ships' over 2016. The data sets are forecasting a 'sighting' rate that would have to be
in the several hundreds per day from about mid March 2016 onward. Further these sets are suggesting
that many if not most of the 'visual inspections' of 'space ships' will have hundreds, if not thousands of
'witnesses'. {ed note: pretty cool!}

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Chariot of Time – January, 2016
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Other 'collective experiences' are forecast to emerge over 2016 as the 'weather', especially 'rains' in
'deluge strength' cause 'social conventions' to change. This will include everything from 'new words' to
describe our 'new unfolding weather experience', to 'new conventions' at a 'social level' necessary to
'cope with' the 'new pressures' of 'being under the umbrella' and 'sheltering from the storm'.

Some of the new 'social conventions' are being described within the data sets as 'reactions' to
'conditions' that 'threaten public health and safety'. These sets include many descriptors for 'military'
and especially bespoke 'naval' intervention in 'public life' due to 'extreme weather conditions'. Many of
the 'coastal flooding' sets within the Terra entity are cross linked over to the GlobalPop entity where we
get hints that 'naval ships' will be 'required' to 're-establish' such things as 'civil order' and 'electrical
services' during and following the 'extreme weather emergencies' of 2016.

The newly forming 'social conventions (under pressure from climate change)' include 'new standards'
for 'dress' and 'habitation'. These sets have supporting values for a 'shift' in the social consciousness of
'what is allowed in public'. These will arise due to 'infrastructure failures' that 'limit social norms', and
'extreme conditions' which are described as 'expanding' the 'social morals'. Many of these sets have
supporting sub sets for 'use (of private (corporate) property) without compensation', and 'bedding down
(where one may regardless of the 'ownership')'.

New sets in supporting positions for the 'extreme weather' instances show that 'buildings' that have
sited on a 'porous rock substrate' will be 'flooded on both sides (inland and ocean)' such that video of
'residents leaving by windows' and getting into 'small boats' will emerge. These sets would suggest that
at least 2/two separate geographic locations will be subject to the 'storm surge flooding' that will
'destroy infrastructure' and 'multistory buildings'. These and other 'extreme weather conditions' will
have 'emergencies' being the 'driving' linguistic for 2016 in so far as the GlobalPop and its 'emerging
social conventions'.

With the emergence of the 'armed response' forecast to the 'refugee invasion', the data our mining is
picking up relative to the EuroPop sub sets are showing that 'guns' and 'personal weapons' of all kinds
will be taking up a much larger percentage of the 'words' used in public regarding the 'contention' over
'resources' in Europe. The new data sets are indicating that 2016 will bring very large 'social shifts'
throughout Europe as 'populations' will 'react' and 'try' to 'repel' the 'foreign invaders'. The data sets are
also forecasting the 'break-down' of many 'EU' 'policies', 'conventions', and 'practices' under the
'overwhelming flood' of humanity. These will include not only the 'border conventions' but also are
indicated to involve the 'trans-shipments of foods', and 'monetary transactions'. These latter sets are
arguing for a 'bitcoin' adoption rate increase by the 'indigenous population' of 'Europe' as many of the
'technically literate young people' are showing as 'waking up' amidst the 'political/social turmoil'.

The 'contention' sets within the EU geographic referenced data seems to be indicating that a real 'street
battle' will emerge in Southern Europe (Italy?) between the 'local crime gangs', and 'refugee crime
gangs'. These sets are showing this 'engagement' between the 'local culture' and the 'invading refugees'

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Chariot of Time – January, 2016
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as producing very long term consequences which will include a 'complete change' of the 'local political
power structure'. Other sets around this 'engagement' suggest its use as a good temporal marker for a
new 'wave' of 'bitcoin adopters' as the 'locals' will 'push back' against 'national edicts' which 'took away'
their 'money'.

New growth in the 'core peoples movement' sets gains support for 'politicians' being 'personally
attacked' in their 'local power base' for 'siding with EU (and refugee) interests' against the 'local
population'. In some sets this will be so severe as to cause the 'politicians' to require 'police assistance'
to 'flee' their 'homes'. In other areas the sets are showing that news stories of 'refusal (to sell to)
politicians' will become much more frequent as 2016 progresses. In some of these sub sets, there are
indications of 'EU (central) censure' being 'placed' on 'local facilities' which 'refuse to serve politicians'.
These 'sanctions' by the EU officialdom are indicated to become 'very valuable' as 'business advertising'
as the 'anti-politician' meme takes hold.

Many new sets are pointing toward a 'developing emigration wave' within the 'technically savvy young
people' of the EU. The 'emigration meme' includes 'early movement' by 'french college graduates' to
'northern south america' in early 2016 following yet more 'political instability' within France. The data
sets are continuing to gain support for a 'politically provoked financial crisis' that will 'strike down'
some form of 'public education' such that even more 'economic pressure' grows on 'young french

Other sources for 'emigration pressure' on EU population are indicated to include 'extreme weather'
coupled with the 'degrading resource base'. These 'weather' sets are showing that some regions of
'mountains' in EU will be 'washed out' such that 'whole villages' will need to be 'rebuilt', but given the
'political crises' in the region caused by 'refugee invasion', the 'local population' is forecast to 'move out'
and 'move away' rather than 'try to rebuild'.

The shorter term and immediacy data sets are filled with EU geographic references that are within sets
going to the idea of 'bizarre weapons'. These 'improvised weapons' are forecast to be 'used against' the
'politicians' and 'bureaucrats' as well as the 'invading refugee army'. These 'bizarre weapons' are
forecast to include the more mundane 'cars and trucks', but now we also have sets for 'light air craft
(being used to drop bags of manure/shit)', and 'trains (being stopped in protest)', and 'slingshots (being
used against politicians)'. Other referenced 'weapons' include 'truck loads (of vegetables)', and 'water'.
The 'water' sets show that 'home made water cannon' will be used in upcoming 'protests/battles' this
Spring (northern hemisphere). Also the 'water' references include 'shit' and 'urine' being used to 'attack
the water' of 'politicians'. These sets show that 'urine' is going to become something of a 'theme' attack
method in the EU after a 'court' rules that 'pissing' is a lawful form of 'expression', and does NOT
represent 'hate speech'. Other 'new (innovations)' in 'improvised weaponry' will include the forecast
(from years ago in older ALTA reports) of 'phones' being used in a 'synchronized manner' for 'display
and sound purposes as 'weapons' during 'protests' and other 'political venues'.

Other sets with EU geographic references include a 'new archeology discovery' that will be linked to
the 'Mars' photographs. See SpaceGoatFarts entity for more discussion. This 'discovery' is directly
associated with the word 'war' in way that suggest that the 'underground habitation' will be visible as a

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Chariot of Time – January, 2016
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'war prompted response'. The data sets are showing many repeated examples of 'ancient' at an
emotional level that may redefine the word in the lexicon.

Yet more EU focused sets are 'extreme weather' supporting sets that are forecasting a very rough time
for the British Isles and northern EU over the latter part of winter as 'cyclonic forces' will be 'pushing
(flooding) storms' through toward the east on a 'depressingly regular basis' (almost daily).

The immediacy and shorter term sets have new aspects labeled as 'accidental captures' that will be
overlaying the 'european media' for these next 9 to 10 months. As the 'accidental captures' sets have
formed, there are several major memes within them. One is the 'accidental capture' on video of 'bad
behavior' by the 'rich and powerful'. Further the 'accidental capture' on video will also include the
'locating' of several 'thieves' by way of someone's 'accidental choice' of a 'particular restaurant' and their
'desire to photograph' the 'meal'. Apparently some fellows will be seen in the background on 'social
media' and end up 'incarcerated' before 'lunch is finished'. Other 'accidental captures' have to do with
the 'CERN LHC collider' and its 'accident prone' history which is indicated to take a very 'dramatic'
turn that will be 'accidentally captured' on 'tourist video' (which will go viral at a new rate to set the

Other EU focused 'accidental captures' are forecast to include the 'disgusting alterations (made to the)
genitalia' of a 'royal personage' which will be 'accidentally revealed' again by 'tourist video' (apparently
they will be taking video of one boat and our 'self-maimed personage' will be on one in background).

New data sets are showing that the 'house of saud' is going to 'lose' its 'grip' on 'Arabia'. Following the
'monetary crash' the data shows that the 'king' and 'his minions (officialdom)' will find themselves 'in
contest' for 'power'. The data accretion patterns describe a situation developing as a result of 'failure' of
'military planning' that creates conditions for a 'palace revolt'. Further problems arise from 'gross
corruption' and 'faith in (bad) numbers'. These two sets are interlinked and are in support of the idea
that the 'kingdom officialdom' has been 'hollowed out' in the 'finances' by 'internal, hidden corruption'
which will come to light just as the 'house of saud' is 'desperate for money', and 'relying upon' the 'bad
numbers' for their 'salvation'.

The 'financial instability' is indicated to set up a 'military disaster' and an 'internal revolt' both at the
'civil service (functionary)' level and by 'foreign workers'. These sets are going to support the idea of a
period of very intense 'internal fighting' that will include 'armed battles' through 'government office
buildings'. There are a number of sets in support of the idea of 'street battles', but these appear as a
result of the 'departure of (the house of) saud' as the ArabiaPop attempts to 'fill power vacuum'. These
sets are also in supporting positions for the 'oil too useful to burn' as the 'saud' fall from power will be a
temporal marker for the 'new discoveries' about 'materials (made from petroleum)'.

A large number of cross links from these sets terminate in the 'paper debt destruction' sets of the

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Chariot of Time – January, 2016
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Markets entity as well as the 'fractured political process' in the USAPop sub set.

The data sets continue to grow for the USAPop to 'take over' as the 'global center' for 'alternative
medicines'. These data sets continue to gain new supporting values for USAPop getting a 'dose' of the
'alternative mindset' due to the 'emergence' of the 'break-away civilization' over these next 2/two years.
The idea from the detail layers is that the 'populist movement' for 'return to self-sufficiency' will take
the 'off-the-grid' meme to new levels as hundreds of thousands of 'new converts' will be 'flocking' to 'all
things alternative' including 'alternative medicine' both the 'use' and the 'production' thereof. These data
sets were originally within the ALTA report of late 2005. These sets have continued to grow new
supporting sets for a 'cultural revolution' within the USAPop over these next 15/fifteen years that is
described as 'totally/completely establishing' a 'new cultural identity' for the 'USAPop' within the 'view
of the global populations'.

Also USAPop is going to 'take over' the 'alternative everything' over these next 30 years. These sets
show the USAPop gaining a 'reputation' as the 'nexus' for a 'consciousness awakening'. Note this does
NOT include the 'new age movement' nor any of its variants. The idea coming across is that USA will
become the new 'india' insofar as being the 'center' for 'new developments' in 'awakening process'
including the appearance of a number of 'visibly enlightened individuals' over these next 10/ten years.
The whole 'alternative' definitions also includes 'alternative science' in which the data is showing that
by '2030' the USAPop is the 'dominant force' in 'new science' including 'eletro-gravitics'. In point of
fact, the data sets are forecasting the 'emergence' of a 'new flying (anti-gravity) vehicle industry' within
the USA.

With the collapse of the 'shale oil industry' (see Markets entity) and 'ancillary products' in the USA, the
'distributed (across the land)' and 'cluster bedroom communities', and 'long distance (greater than 8
miles) commuting' all also collapse into 'dislocations' by early 2021. The 'demolition' of the 'suburbs'
for the 'metals' and other materials', long ago forecast in ALTA reports, is showing as being a 'national
(works) program' by mid 2025. In that year, the data is forecasting that 'more (detached) housing' will
be 'demolished' in North America than will be built. There are several sets indicating global social
trends will be powering this change in the USAPop social order. First we find that 'climate' has/is
becoming so harsh in many places in continental north America that 'migration waves' are occurring.
Secondly, the development of 'oil' into a 'base resource' for 'material production' (see Markets entity)
alters the 'energy equation' such that a further incentive toward 'denser living' is also indicated to be
'shaping social trends'. Third we note that 'generational differences' (see SpaceGoatFarts entity) have
the Millennials and subsequent generations more 'naturally accommodating' to 'denser living

And not the data sets are showing that 'restrictions on travel' are going to be descending on the
USAPop, and according to the data sets, by way of an 'edict' from 'authorities'.

Some of the bit more bizarre longer term data is discussing a 'poisoning' episode in late Summer
(northern hemisphere) which is going to be both 'ironic', and 'fitting' as a 'golf course' will be

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'discovered' as the 'source of poisons' which will be affecting many of the 'Wall Street movers and
shakers' as well as 'major party politicians'. The data further goes to the idea that many of these
individuals will be 'crippled' as a result of the 'toxic exposure'. Further sets show the story continuing in
the media over the next 2/two years as the 'victims' will be intermittently featured in the media as they
'go to extraordinary lengths' for 'cures' from the 'toxic disaster'.

Longer term data sets are showing that an 'oil (to burn/refine) crisis' will emerge late in 2017 or early
2018 in which the 'automobile (use) industry' simply 'shuts down'. The lack of both 'incentive to drive
(anywhere)', and the 'availability/cost' of 'gasoline/petroleum' will be such that 'freeways' in some of the
most heavily traffic areas today will be 'empty' to the point that the space can be used for 'bicycle
racing' and 'kite flying' and even 'habitation construction'. Further, the data sets are pointing toward
areas in the South West of USA in which 'freeways' will become dominated by 'land-sail-vehicles'
designed for the 'nearly perpetual winds' as well as the 'dry air conditions'.

A number of new sets are pointing to a 'false flag' attack on the USAPop by the 'neo-cons' in the
'criminal cabal'. Unlike all their previous 'false flag' attacks, apparently so many people involved are
'disgusted' with the 'failures' and 'stupidity' that this 'false flag' attack creates an 'opportunity' for 'blow-
back' which we MAY see manifest as an 'assassinated neo-con' at the 'site' of the 'crisis play' being
'enacted'. Further data has the words 'rebellion' and 'mutiny' associated with 'US military' and the
'object' of the 'mutiny' will be a 'crazy plan' by the 'criminal cabal'.

New sets are suggesting that 'dollar chaos' and 'global currency crises' will 'intrude' on the USAPop
elections to the point of 'causing doubt' even about 'hold them' (in some regions). Much of this 'dollar
chaos' is also supporting the 'rapid collapse (of) municipal governments' as their 'funding' is showing as
'ceasing' like a 'spigot shut off'. This causes, within the data sets, an 'uphill screaming (for dollars)' from
the 'local government' to the municipal government', which in its turn screams to 'county/parish
government', and they in turn 'beg from state government' which is itself 'throwing fits' to get
'money/funding' from the 'federal government'. The data sets are showing that 'existential crises' for the
'state, county, municipal, and local governments' will arrive with the 'storms (hyperinflation) and
weather' of 'August' and 'September' of 2016. In a curious way there is a pairing of the month names of
April and May as being very significant for humanity at many many levels, and then we get temporal
echos for another, just slightly less 'impacting' pairing of 'August/September'. One of the follow-on
effects showing within the longer term data is the 'crushing costs' of the 'national elections', and the
many 'serious political problems' that result. Some of these problems will be 'cries' that 'political
advertising' is being 'denied' due to 'extreme poverty (of the political party)' as 'contributions', even
those from the 'very wealthy' will be 'cut by 2 (out of 3) dollars'.

As part of the 'dollar chaos' sub sets the descriptors brought in show that 'cash limits' will be 'imposed'
by the 'usa government' as they 'set limits' on 'cash deals'. The data sets show that there will be a huge
outcry as 'some transactions' are 'set to zero' (meaning not allowed in cash at all), and others will be
'pegged so low' as to 'cause' an 'instant/overnight black market' in 'cash sales'. These sets are showing
that 'used automobile sales' will be 'forced' into 'third party brokers' as the 'cash limit' will be 'too low to
purchase' a 'used car/truck'.

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Not that there will be a lot of sales activity anyway. Data sets are pointing toward a 'shedding of the
trivial'. This set is showing that the 'cost of the trivialities (of recent years)' will be such that things like
'holiday decorations', and 'free (anything)' will disappear seemingly 'overnight' once the 'hyperinflation'
manifests. The data sets show a form of 'austerity' will be 'imposed by corporations' in that there will be
a 'major wave (of) cost cutting' in all 'dollar based businesses'. This will affect everything from
advertising (on the internet)' to 'local taxes' as 'businesses' are showing as 'being crushed' to the extent
that the 'largest ever (wave/period)' of 'businesses failures (in America)' is just ahead over this next

Further impacts of the 'shedding of the trivial' are forecast to emerge as the 'military contractor
infrastructure' takes a huge 'loss' in its ability to 'stay funded'. These new sets are showing that many of
the 'contractors to the USA military' are NOT prepared for 'lean and mean' times, and are/have been
'pushing funding to the limits possible' for 'so long a duration' as to be 'incapable' of 'operating on less
dollars'. These new areas of support show that the 'military contractor infrastructure' will be
'devastated' by the 'near total collapse in funding' to the point that 'hundreds of thousands of layoffs'
occur. These sets are extensively cross linked over to the SpaceGoatFarts entity were the terminating
sets show that 'leaks of technology' will follow the 'lay-offs' as they move through the 'former military
industrial complex'.

As modelspace is progressed past the March/April 'paper debt blow-up', the new supporting sets, both
longer and shorter term values, are indicating that an 'echo' of the 'Spring paper debt (destruction)
episode' will occur some time after August 2016. The data is specifically labeling this temporal echo as
a 'second wave (round)' of the 'debt destruction'. Also involved and temporally linked to this 'second
wave of debt destruction' in 2016 are a number of sets for 'USA bankruptcy' at the 'federal reserve
level'. The idea coming across is that 'Federal reserve notes' are 'shredded' and 'bundled' for 'burning' as
they are 'more useful' as 'fuel' than as a 'currency'. These sets are also extensively cross linked to the
'failure' of the 'political dictatorship' and the '(continuing) crumbling (and fracturing)' of the 'political

There are repeated new sets all going to support the idea of 'federal government (being) unable) to pay
its bills' such that 'employees (of subcontractors)' and some 'agencies' will be 'walking out en mass
(after no pay for 2/two months)'. These new sets are bringing in details within the shorter term values
that show a period of huge 'labor unrest' for the US government as the 'many attempts' to 'pay federal
workers' with 'bankruptcy IOU's' will 'fail'. There are even supporting sets suggesting that some 'federal
agencies' will be 'attempting' to 'pay with food'. According to the data sets this 'work for food' plan is
NOT going to go over very well as the 'recipients' are shown to be 'disappointed', and 'discouraged' by
the 'MREs' that will be 'presented' as 'payment'.

Other sets show that later in 2016 there will be hundreds of instances of 'federal employees' who will
'loot' their 'workplaces' for 'anything of value' as a 'method' of 'obtaining compensation'. Thus for a
short period following each of these various incidents, the 'local populations' will be 'bartering for', and
'trading with' many formerly 'classified items'.

As modelspace moves through the 'looted classified material (as barter money)' period, the number of

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cross links over to the 'break-away civilization' and its 'self-introduction' to the 'remaining (unaware)
power structure' begins. The data sets are indicating that the previous 'distribution system bust' that
began in mid 2016 with the 'cessation of imports (to USA west coast)' has, by later in the year,
significantly impacted the 'break-away civilization' in some 'key commodities'. This in its turn is
supported by a number of cross linked sets going to the idea of 'small group encounters' between
'break-away guys' and 'local fellows'. These sets suggest that several, heavily populated areas along the
'eastern seaboard' will be 'sites' for these 'meet-ups' with the 'break-away civilization'.

The cross links over to the SpaceGoatFarts entity terminate in sets that go to the idea of 'planned' and
'moderated' forms of 'contact' in which the 'break-away guys' will be 'incredibly careful' to 'construct' a
'particular outcome'. These sets are reinforcing the links and the lexical structures which are pointing
out that the 'break-away civilization' is 'needy', and 'limited' by these 'key commodities'. Further that
there will be a designed 'effort' to 'minimize' the 'exposure of secrets' but at the same time to 'secure (a)
good negotiating position'. These combined sets suggest that the limitations' of the 'break-away
civilization' will be 'hidden', and that the 'negotiating stance' will be that the 'break-away guys' are
doing the 'earthers' a ' favor' by even bothering to 'speak with them'. However the data sets are also
quite clear in saying that 'once begun' the 'contact channel' will be 'enlarged' and 'continuous' from that
point forward. There are many sets going to the idea that the 'cover' for the 'hidden vulnerability' will be
'soon discovered' by the 'earthers' and that the 'relationship' will NOT develop as the break-away guys
would have it. These sets further are reinforcing previous, and continuously growing sets for the 'space
alien wars'. Note though that the 'break-away civilization' is NOT space alien based.

As modelspace is moved into the March/April 'paper debt destruction' period new sets for the 'political
fracturing' of the 'USA duopoly' arrive at a very furious pace. These sets are growing in support of
lexical structures for a 'distribution nightmare' that will begin as a 'credit squeeze' on 'energy suppliers'
{ed note: more toward power plants than gas stations, but both are heavily represented, just differing
geographic areas}. These sets are showing that a 'mid tier bank' that had 'held contracts' for 'energy
delivery' will go 'belly up (bankrupt)' in early 2016 such that a 'ripple on' effect will begin. This 'energy
supplier' is showing as 'waging' a 'losing battle' for about 2/two months, then itself 'going into seizure
(due to bankruptcy)' which will be brought on by 'falling funding', and 'significantly eroded income'.
This 'energy supplier' is indicated by its position within a developing bulge within the Markets and the
USAPop entities as being at the 'center' or 'heart' of the 'distribution crash'. The start of the 'distribution
system shut down' is contemporary with the emergence of the 'layoffs' in the 'secret black projects'
world of the 'hidden military industrial complex'.

The 'distribution crash/collapse/cessation' within the USAPop section focuses more on the 'personal'
rather than monetary or corporate impacts. See Markets entity for a discussion of those data points.

Though there are a great many sub sets in supporting positions for the ''distribution
crash/collapse/cessation', within the USAPop the primary supporting sets are dominated by 'death', and
'dying'. Probably not a good sign.

The 'death' and 'dying' sets in support of the 'distribution crash' are first seen with 'drug denial (lack of
deliveries)' and 'lack of life supporting technology'. Please note that previous ALTA reports had

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discussed 'hospitals' that are indicated to 'fail' due to a 'sudden/catastrophic liquidity seize up'.

Then, as modelspace progresses through the year, a contextual shift begins in the supporting sets such
that by mid year the primary supporting sub sets are from 'extreme heat' and 'weather/climate' causes.
Then as we move modelspace further along in the year we go through two more contextual shifts, one
in late Summer or early Fall in which the primary supporting sets briefly turn to 'violence'. Following
this the last of these contextual shifts occurs as we move back into weather, only this time, it is
primarily supported by 'flooding' and 'freezing'.

These sets are also extensively cross linked internally within the USAPop entity and terminate in the
'fracturing political system' sets. These sets are also form supporting sets for the 'doubt' about the
'federal USA elections'.

Within many of the disparate areas of the USAPop entity are sub sets going to the 'sky' and the
'strangeness' and 'bizarre displays' that people will presumably be witnessing in 2016. The data sets are
forecasting a year in which 'atmospheric changes' will create very 'rare/unusual conditions' that will
allow for 'bizarre displays' of 'anomalous visual effects'. These will include instances of 'airplanes'
being 'witnessed' by 'large crowds' in 'odd attitudes' and many 'hundreds of miles' from their 'real

The data sets are showing that a 'crisis level' wave of 'deaths' from all causes is going to induce
something of a 'paralysis' within many areas of the 'funeral industry'. Besides the 'liquidity crisis' that is
affecting the 'whole' of the country, the 'funeral industry' is showing a being hit by 'labor problems' due
to 'dollar degradation/hyperinflation' JUST as the 'continent death rate' begins rising significantly. New
supporting sets show 'funeral homes' with 'no room' as well as 'hospitals' and 'officialdom hold areas
(for dead bodies)' all in 'crisis mode'. Further 'employees' at all the levels within the 'funeral industry'
will be 'quitting', and 'energy supplies' also threatened. Some of the sets for 'labor troubles' include
supporting sets for 'radiation exposure' from 'corpses' that will be 'mentally affecting (fearful)' the

Also contributing to the 'death' language within the USAPop are the many sets for 'radiation
(associated) diseases'. These sets have sub sets that provide a view of a 'rising death rate' with
'radiation' as a 'serious' component, that will be 'ignored' for most of the year. The data shows that later
in 2016, during other crises, it will be reported that the 'death rate' across the northern hemisphere is
higher and rising. New sets are gaining values for an 'exposure' of the 'impact' of 'fukushima radiation'
on 'death rates' in the 'fifth year' and 'onward for 50 more years'.

Other sub sets within the 'radiation fears' sets are gaining support for a 'meme' of 'west coast (north
america)' radiation levels being 'so severe' that it will affect 'housing choices' all along the 'coast' as the
'radiation fears' are 'intensified' by events (mainly deaths and mutations) in 2016. These new sets are
showing that from Canada to Mexico, the 'west coast real estate market(s)' will be in a severe 'tumble'
as the 'fears spread' to the point that 'parents' will be 'urging' their 'adult children' to 'flee the coast' in
order to 'spare the grandchildren'. NOT that they will apparently have to do much in the way of
persuasion as the data accretion patterns show that the 'fears' will be 'very much affecting' the 'younger

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The sets are showing that 'radiation fears' (and reality) will be 'cratering' the 'housing markets' in
formerly 'financially hot market areas' such as Vancouver, and San Francisco. Many of the 'business
(entrepreneurial) class will be 'fleeing to southern hemisphere' locations, even 'taking their businesses
with them'.

The 'distribution system crash' also gains new supporting sets for 'military (emergency) involvement'
and 'air lifts' (which will fail). Other supporting sets are for 'force (required) to protect' the 'hastily
assembled distribution centers' {ed note: oddly a large number of 'wall mart' related words showing
up}. Further down the supporting chain we find that 'riots', and 'theft', and 'corruption at all levels' will
be 'marring' the 'introduction' of the 'federal government managed emergency distribution system'.
There are many sets showing that 'federal agencies' and 'departments' will be in 'collision' with each
other as they all 'stumble about' trying to 'replace' the 'dying Just-in-time 'imports based' system.

Many of the previously forecast 'strange energy (radiation) from space' sets are also gaining support
and/or cross links to the 'radiation' caused 'death and disease' sets. These are showing mainly as a
forecast pending 'sky event' in which 'radiation' is showing as creating 'neon sign' like 'clouds' that will
be 'iridescent' and 'glowing'.

The longer term sets newly accruing for USAPop include reinforcing aspect/attribute sets for the 'food
aid (to USAPop from GlobalPop)' as well as 'relief boats (docking in eastern and especially Gulf
ports)'. These new sets have some small levels of temporal markers that are centering around Fall
(northern hemisphere) 2017 as the 'beginning of aid convoys (to USAPop)'.

The 'aid convoys' are showing as 'continuing (for) months' as a confluence of events cause 'major
(continent wide) disruptions' across North America.

Sets for the 'maker' communities across the USAPop are gaining supporting sets for both 'contention'
with the 'officialdom' (reason not yet clear), and for 'resurgence (of) influence'. The 'contention' is
showing as arising due to some 'conflict' that arises during a 'makers meet-up' and the 'dying (political)
duopoly'. It is showing as a reasonable temporal marker for some major turning within USAPop and
the global markets, but is otherwise (so far) not showing as really significant. However the 'resurgence
of the makers' across the USAPop picks up in mid 2016 as the 'distribution system' grinds to a 'halt'.
During the movements of modelspace across late Summer and into Fall of 2016 the 'makers' within the
USAPop are going to 'gain status' at a social level. This will be due to the 'desperate needs' that will
'create (a new) black market economy'.

Interesting sub sets for the 'new economy' show that 'tax collectors' from the 'deep state' at all levels
will be 'overwhelmed' and 'dysfunctional'. These sets are indicating that large scale 'failures' within
'governmental infrastructure' are 'hampering' the 'federales' at all levels in their 'desperate efforts' to
'keep (their power) viable'. These new sets for 'breakdowns' within the 'financial structures' that are
'internal to government' is co-incident with the larger 'financial infrastructure degradation' sets we see
accruing to the Markets entity.

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A number of sets within the new aspect/attributes accreted to the USAPop entity are reinforcing the
previously forecast 'secession wave' meme within the USA. As modelspace is moved through late April
and onward, the 'fracturing' of the 'political system' will become more 'acute' as 'funding fails' amidst
other 'disasters' for the 'candidates' and their 'parties'. The idea coming through these sets is that 'states'
will be 'reacting' at the 'governor' level to the 'new Federal edicts' which will be 'placing financial
burdens' that the 'bankrupt states' cannot endure. This will add 'gathering support' within the 'broken
bits' of the 'residual political system' in the 'states' that will lead to 'rebellion' and 'secession' language.
This will lead over 2016 to the previously forecast 'seizures' of the 'military bases' in the western states.

The data sets are also indicating that in late Fall of 2016, the 'return wave' of the 'american
soldiers/military' will begin in earnest as 'dollar death', and 'political upheaval (in USA)' cause 'major
relocation' of 'personnel' throughout the 'military'. This temporal marker will be used as THE indicator
(in the future) of the 'death of the American Empire'.

Following the lead of the 'German emigration industry', the data sets are forecasting that 'enterprising
Americans' will also begin to 'facilitate' and 'tout/advertise' the 'emigration to the southern hemisphere'
meme. The data shows that 2016 will have some 'early instances' of this within both the German and
USAPop, but that it will be after the 'terrible American Summer of 2016' that the 'viral' nature of the
'emigration meme' takes hold. At this point the data is forecasting that 'recruiting' will begin for
'specific skill sets' from the Millennial generation of the USAPop. This is indicated to cause all sorts of
displays of 'bad emotions' on the part of the 'political establishment' here in USAPop, but also to cause
many new 'social dramas' to emerge as 'families grapple' with 'emigration' as 'a way out' of the many
problems here in USAPop, but primary motivators will be 'radiation damage/fears' and 'destruction (of)
economic hope', as well as 'emerging political chaos'.

In an echo of the 'events on-going' in China, several sets within the USAPop are showing that the 'legal
system' is going to be 'reeling' from the 'bringing of corruption charges' against 'prominent individuals'.
These 'charges' are forecast to include 'arrests' that are so 'shocking' within the context of the 'controlled
media and political life' here in the USA that forecasts of 'videos' being made 'about the personal
emotional reaction (to the arrests)' continuing for 'weeks' after the 'first' of the 'shocking arrests'.

There are sets going to 'lawyer (organized) jail breaks' for the 'offending charged individuals'. These
sets are showing that 'arrested people' (including CEO's and politicians) will be 'jailed' in 'unusual
places' in an 'attempt' to 'keep (them) prisoners' in spite of a 'corrupt legal system'. These sets are
showing that the drama will include 'daytime assassination attempts' on 'arresting sheriffs' and
'marshals', in which 'deputies', 'assassins', and 'presstitutes' will be 'involved' and 'injured'. Further sets
show that 'county outrage' with 'judges' will have the 'judges hiding (for their lives)' amidst the 'viral
video' streams of the 'take over' of the 'courtrooms' by the 'population'. In at least one instance, the data
is showing that 'GMO foods' will be 'forced upon' the 'prisoners' as their 'only food choices' and that
further the 'very people' who were 'forcing GMOs on the population' will be 'complaining' to the
presstitute media about being 'forced to eat GMO diet'.

The data sets for the 'anti-corruption backlash' against the 'established power structure' is indicating that

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some 'enterprising' young people will begin to 'consume' the 'courts' with 'filings/pleadings' at 'personal
suit' levels in attempts for 'redress' against 'blatant public crimes'. The point apparently will be to 'get
publicity' which will work so much better than the organizers had hoped due entirely to the
'inappropriate (video captured) response' from the 'judicial officialdom'. The data sets are forecasting
that in the same (emotional) manner that the Battle of Concord is cited as a 'triggering event' within the
first American Revolution, the 'judicial seizure' and 'courtroom revolt(s)' of 2016 will be cited as a
'triggering event' for AmRev2.

The 'fracturing' of the 'political system' within the USAPop is indicated to have 'global' ramifications at
many different levels. Some of these identified within the new data are the rise of 'extreme political
parties' at the 'county' level which will 'cause election chaos' from mid 2016 onward as the 'politicians'
try to 'preserve' their 'power base' against an 'emerging anti-corruption, anti-establishment wave'. The
'international' ramifications include 'fleeing politicians' causing problems with 'former political allies' as
their PowersThatBe try to 'accommodate' their 'cousins' at the 'expense (of) relations (with) USAPop'.
The 'chaos' that will be introduced into the 'social life' of the USAPop with the 'fracturing of the
political (bribery/pay-off) system' cannot, according to the data sets, be overstated. The 'foreign funds
flows' are showing as being 'disrupted' and 'aid packages deferred' (which are a source of corruption
globally) as 'major charities' and 'governmental aid programs' are 'attacked' by the USAPop due to the
'endemic corruption'. Note that much of the 'emotional pressure' for the 'anti-corruption wave/meme'
within USAPop derives from the 'sudden reduction (in) purchasing power' as the 'federal reserve note'
goes into 'hyperinflation'. The 'impact' of 'sudden, crippling, mind numbing poverty' as the 'federal
benefits programs fail' (due to 'dollar purchasing power implosion' early in 2016) and the shift into
'hyperinflation' causes 'continent wide popular reaction movements' to arise during the 'distribution
system failure' period.

The 'speed' with which the 'new opposition parties' form is going to be 'noted' in the presstitute media
and will be a 'shocking' manifestation to TPTB and 'officialdom'. The 'speed' itself is indicated to
'cause' the 'reaction' in the 'judiciary' that 'precipitates' some of the many forecasts for 'courtroom
drama' over 2016 and 2017.

International 'reactions' to the 'developing political chaos' within the USAPop are forecast to range
from 'intervention' suggested by NATO fanatics, to 'give them (people) space (to work it out)' from the
more level headed nation-state 'leaders'. Much of the concern of the 'international community' is, of
course, the 'nuclear arsenal', and the data sets are forecasting that this will be a much repeated phrase
throughout the 'political turmoil period' here in the USAPop.

Of course there are very thick cross links between the USAPop, sub set 'political turmoil/fracturing' and
the Markets entity. Some of these links are hinting at 'markets' in the USA being 'frozen/seized (up)' by
the 'political instability'.

The new, top level supporting data says that the Chinese are developing 'space ready, super dense,
crystalline, light-weight,radiation resistant plastics' from 'crude oil' that while 'multiple stages in the

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process' is still going to be 'cheaper than any metals' for space. These sets are also going to support the
sets gained in modelspace just over a year ago when the primary supporting sets for ChinaPop started
showing a 'jump' or 'bulge' in 'officially sanctioned' and 'officially supported' efforts for 'innovation',
and 'creativity'. Note that the 'officially sanctioned creativity' sets are very heavily weighted with
words for 'engineering' and 'technology', now over 56% and growing in these areas.

Many of the new ChinaPop 'innovation' sets are also tied internally within the GlobalPop entity over to
the many, and various 'space exploration' sets. These sets are also extensively filled with geographic
references to Russia, as may be expected, but also to India, and Pakistan. Further sets within the 'space
exploitation' sub sets in ChinaPop are now gaining support for 2/two 'new initiatives' which likely will
be announced near the 'Chinese new year'. These 'new initiatives' include 'permanent, Chinese manned
presence' in 'low earth orbit' via 'linked space stations' which will be hinted at using 'new propulsion'
and 'stabilizing technology'. The other major 'new initiative' to be announced is 'sub sea robotic mining'
on a scale heretofore not imagined. These sets are cross connected to the 'space exploitation' sub sets in
several areas, and the cross links hint that the larger agenda behind the 'robotic mining' is going to be
'sub sea habitation' in the very near future.

New sets for the 'chinese central controllers' show that other 'new year' moves will be less publicized
but will become visible nonetheless as 'chinese small arms manufacturing' is showing as receiving a
'boost' from 'central controllers'. These sets are also suggesting that the 'types of arms' manufacturing
will become a very closely held secret but rumors of 'ray guns' will 'leak out'. Other sets are showing
that 'new forms' of 'personal body armor' will be 'developed' by 'chinese industry' from the 'light-
weight, but dense space-plastics. These will be rumored to 'accept' up to 'several thousands of rounds
(of lead ammunition)” before breaking down. The linguistics are showing that the 'body (and vehicle)
armor' will work, not by 'repelling bullets', but rather by 'absorbing' them in the 'outer skin' of the

The data sets are forecasting that the 'chinese central controllers' are going to spend considerable 'time
and treasure' on their 'military resources' over these next '10/ten years', and the plans are described as
becoming 'visible' within the msm/presstitute media of the west (although not so much in USA whore
media) as the 'chinese navy' begins to undertake some 'modernization', not of its 'equipment', but of its
'command structure'. For those who listen, words will be spoken by the 'chinese central controllers' that
will hint at a desire for a 'navy (military in general)' that is 'space capable, and ready'. These
'reorganization moves' within the 'chinese military' will be both 'used' and 'misinterpreted' by the
'western media whores', but also are showing as largely being 'overlooked' such that in '2/two years
time' the GlobalPop will be 'shocked into silence' by 'Chinese naval actions'.

Other 'shocking' news forecast to come from China includes 'rumors' that will have some 'evidence',
including 'video' (apparently), of a 'Chinese air planes' that will be 'engaging (with) space aliens' in a
'aggressive UFO encounter' over 'mainland China'. This is one of the many GlobalPop sets that
forecasts a 'UFO' to be 'viewed/video captured by tens of thousands' of witnesses in 2016.

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New data sets are indicating that an 'alliance' between 'India' and 'Russia' is going to cause a 'political
stir' within the 'western political power structure' in 2016 as 'Russia and China' will be 'gaining
(recruiting) vast numbers of Indian engineers' for a 'new venture' that is described as 'joining Arctic to
Equator'. Further the data has new sets showing that 'Turkey' and 'NATO' will be 'crying' and 'objecting'
to the 'choice of India', however in counter point to this the data shows that an 'upwelling (of) pride'
among 'Indian youth' will be 'overpowering' the 'discordant emotional language' from Europe globally
as the 'new venture begins'. The data sets are showing that the 'Indian recruits' will form the core of the
'largest (to date) engineering project' on the planet, and that as a source of 'wealth' and 'national pride'
the 'Indian youth' will carry this 'work internally' as a 'success base' for '2/two generations (about 42
years)'. Problems are showing within this 'engineering build' as the 'Indian engineers/staff' will be in
close contact and 'working and sweating' with the 'Chinese participants'. The data shows nearly a 'year'
of 'racial/emotional problems' that will then be 'put behind' by a 'crisis of life (at risk) on the project' in
which the 'Indian engineers (and other workers)' will be seen on 'Chinese television' to be 'risking their
lives' to 'rescue chinese workers'. The data says the 'act of courage/sacrifice' will be 'so honored' in
China that 'Indians' all around the planet will be 'discovering China (as a friend) for the first time ever'.
The data sets contain new sets that show that by 2025 the 'act of sacrifice' on the part of the 'Indian
rescuers' will have become part of the 'Chinese national narrative' such that 'centuries' of 'antagonism'
are 'siphoned away (out of the (national) mood)'.

Other sets are pointing toward a 'reconciliation' with 'Pakistan' such that 'roadways are being built' in
2016 to provide support for 'cross border trade' that has, at its core, 'Russian industrial requirements'.
These sets are further extensively cross linked to the SpaceGoatFarts entity where they terminate in
'space exploration' and 'space exploitation' sub sets. Other sub sets are also showing that 'Pakistan'
becomes the 'route to China' for the IndiaPop participants in the renaissance of the 2020's.

Data sets that are extensively cross linked over to the SpaceGoatFarts entity are suggesting that during
the renaissance wave about to be emerging into public notice by 2020, an early 'riser' will be a 'new
form of mining (mineral extraction)' in which 'frequency' of the 'material sought' will be the 'key' to not
only its location, but also its 'removal'. The basic idea is a form of 'mineral identification' will be
possible based on the 'frequency' of the 'vibratory lattice (of its base alloy/ore)'. This in turn is going to
lead to the ability for a new type of 'electrically powered mining machine' to 'extract minerals by
liquefaction'. Note we are NOT discussing anything like fracking. This is more of a 'dial in the
frequency' of the 'ore being mined', and it will 'disassociate' into its constituent parts there, and you 'sort
out what you want' from the various 'atomic streams'. The nucleus of the 'inventions' is described as
coming from a 'mathematics' and 'musical genius' in the 'Andes' who, in some ways, will be the
'defining genius' of his/her 'generation'. These longer term value sets are just now beginning to get
some level of details for this 'new mining method', and its 'underlying principle discovery'. These sets
are suggesting that it may take 4/four or more years for the first notice of the practical results, but that
the 'development/creation of the idea/prototype' will be 'visible' in msm (presstitute media) over 2016.
These sets are cross linked extensively over to the SpaceGoatFarts entity where they are terminating in

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the 'in-coherencer' sets. The SpaceGoatFarts sets are major sub sets with developing supporting layers
in both entities and it may be that the data is pointing toward a single source for two very disparate uses
from the same 'idea discovery'. The data sets show that 'German emigration' (see Markets entity), and
'new electrics' will be associated with this 'fundamental discovery'.

New sets that are in supporting position for the 'extreme weather' sets within the Terra entity terminate
over in the GlobalPop entity in the 'oceania' sub set. These new aspect/attribute sets are describing a
situation in which 'rising waters', as well as 'extreme storms' will be used by TPTB to 'force' a 'large
population resettlement'. While the data shows a number of years involved within the totality of the
process, the focus is on 2016 as the 'beginning' of the 'effort'. Underlying this 'relocation and rescue
plan' will be a 'discussed desire' by TPTB to 'take over' the 'lush islands' for themselves. Repeated
instances of this meme will surface in 2016, especially the first half of the year, as TPTB begin to
'make desperate moves'. {Ed note: alternative would be 'to make moves out of desperation'}.
The 'relocation and rescue plan' is described as 'absolutely chaotic' in its impact on both the 'affected
populations', and the 'global markets infrastructure'. Over the course of time, the 'actions' taken by the
'respondents (those humans living on the islands will be designated 'respondents' for some reason by
TPTB)' will include 'kidnap', and 'murder', and 'assassination' of both 'TPTB' and 'officialdom
personnel (sent to carry out the expulsion orders)'.
A number of new words and phrases are expected to emerge from the 'oceania' confrontation with
TPTB. These are merely noted as it would take too much time to detail these at this point.

The Markets entity has a large and growing set of lexical structures that are in support of the idea of a
'mid tier bank melt down'. Note that this is not a single bank, but rather seems to be supporting the idea
of a whole 'class of banks' which will fail. Much of the language reads in a similar fashion to the
Savings and Loans banking disaster of last century. These new sets are in support of the idea of the 'tier'
of the 'banking system' that 'deflates overnight'. Please note that we have repetitious appearances of the
'overnight' supporting sets such that this is forming up as a very key component of how this episode
will be reported by the MSM. These sets are going to the idea of the 'sudden' aspect of the 'banking tier
collapse' as 'captivating' the presstitute 'minds' such that this is the key element focused upon.
As the previously forecast March/April {ed note: plays out over 2/two months} 'paper debt destruction'
episode begins and the 'banking tier collapses', the data sets are pointing toward a 'secondary impact' in
the 'energy supply markets' both for 'gasoline' and 'power plant fuel(s)”. These sets are showing the
'crises' in 'energy' to be so 'acute' as to 'force federal (government) edicts' and many 'pronouncements'
from the 'government'. The data suggests that 'price controls', as well as 'military presence
(intervention)' will be attempted by the 'federal government' in response to the 'steadily worsening
The data growth for the 'crisis in energy supplies' has 3/three instances in modelspace. The first is the

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initiation period as the dollar based paper debt system undergoes its 'debt destroying spasms' in early
2016, then 2/two other episodes follow. The first episode will be during a 'violently cold' period which
will cause 'millions' of people to be 'heat deprived' as 'energy supply systems' are 'suddenly in crisis'.
This episode is showing as being 'resolved' and is reasonably 'short' in duration. However the
continuing 'damage' will participate in the 'summer 2016 (northern hemisphere) energy crisis'.
The second energy crisis of the year is also showing as a 'liquidity' crisis for a 'key supplier' as well as a
'contractually broken' supplying 'partner'. These sets show that 'unabated heat' and 'breakdown' of
'public electrical supply' in many cities along the 'east' and 'gulf coasts' of the USA will be the
proximate cause of 'heat deaths' and 'heat' induced 'shutdowns' of 'key infrastructure' including the
'ability to trade (all forms of paper debt)'. These sets appear intermixed with the many sets developing
for a 'terrible weather' year. The 'summer heat' crisis is followed by yet another 'hard freeze' in the
'winter (northern hemisphere) 2016/2017', and so the data sets are showing 2016 as being 'bound by
bookends' of 'weather catastrophes' with a terrible period of 'sweltering death' mid year.
Apparently the 'cause' of the 'energy crisis' will be a 'contractual arrangement' that is so 'complex' as to
'fail meaningful interpretation'. This then causes a 'series of lawsuits' and 'denouncements (in the
MSM /presstitute media). This then produces an 'escalation' of 'defaults' and 'stand-off positions' which
are described as 'quickly hardening'. Thus the 'impasse' at the 'liquidity' level that causes both the
'energy suppliers' and the 'recipients' no end of 'grief' and 'dysfunction'
The longer term data sets have a clear juxtaposition of two large memes occurring in early 2020's.
These two memes are the 'ice age' and the 'infrastructure breakdown' (globally) which are showing as
being 'conjunct' to each other such that 'oil based energy supplies (are failing)' just as the 'ice age bites'
into 'human habitation'.

The data shows that by this time a significant portion of the global 'refineries' are 'gone' or 'damaged'
by either 'climate' or 'war' or 'earthquake', and that 'fuel oils' are in short supply, and that prices are
high. The world at that time is being described as using far less energy for 'manufacturing', and that,
depending on where one is on the planet, the primary use for 'fuel oils' is either 'transportation' or
'heating'. There are some indications for 'fuels (to) combat ice age conditions' that will be used for 'new'
and 'temporary' forms of 'habitation' to be 'constructed', but most will be employed in 'moving
materials' around. This state will continue until a 'definitive breakthrough' in 'materials science' is
'announced'. This seems to be coming from 'Russia', and is going to be the announcement of 'how to
create' almost any 'non-living, and non metallic compound' from 'oil'. This new technology is indicated
to 'sweep' the globe and 'initiate' a 'wave of compounding inventions' over the last half of the 2020s.
The 'oil as base substance' technology is going to transform both our perception and use of 'oil'. The
data sets show it will soon thereafter become 'too precious' to 'burn'. Further long range sets go to the
idea of 'prospectors' in the USA who will be 'making a living' in 'recovery' of 'old plastics' in 'land fills'
as the 'plastics' will be 'returned to oil' for 'reprocessing' into other material.

Over the whole of modelspace movement across all of 2016 – let me restate this for clarity – the data
sets are showing that across the whole of next year, 2016, the 'housing industry' in all its 'facets' will be
'trashed' by 'developing financial (and economic) circumstances'. These new sets are showing that a
multitude of inputs to the 'real estate prices' globally will be causing 'complete up-ending'. Some of

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these supporting sets include the 'radiation fears (and reality)' which will 'depress' the 'real estate prices'
all along the 'western north american continent'. Other impacts will include 'chinese new policies' of
'repossession' of 'stolen assets in situ' such that 'deeds to property' do NOT convey 'surety of future
funding'. Other elements will include the 'degradation' of 'infrastructure by weather/climate' in some
previously 'attractive global cities' in the northern hemisphere. These sets include 'London'.

Further influences on the prices for 'real estate' are showing as including 'political instability' within the
'USA'. Within these sets are supporting sub sets going to the idea that 'military actions' in several
eastern 'seaboard cities' will cause an 'exodus (of) foreign capital'. These sets are cross linked over to
the USAPop entity have some suggestion that the 'neo-cons' in 'power' will 'play the wrong card' with
their next 'false flag' such that 'global public backlash' emerges that will include 'switching to bitcoin' as
an 'action item' in the 'plan' to 'get off the dollar'. Further, the 'false flag' sets are pointing to a 'big
mistake' in which the 'action' will result in 'global abandonment' of the 'USA' as a 'desirable housing
location'. Many other sets also show that the 'visible signs (of the) political fracturing' will also
'contribute' to the 'real estate price changes'. In some of the 'luxury' areas of the 'southeast and gulf
states' we have numerous sources for 'price instability' that will include 'large scale shifts (losses)' in
'federal funding' as 'cut backs' in all forms of 'above (black projects) funding' ripple out into the 'states'.
Many of the worst hit states will be those dependent on 'intelligence contractors' as 'tax and job
sources'. Further, other sources of 'problems' for 'real estate prices' in the 'fair weather, luxury markets'
will include a 'loss' of the 'fair weather' part of the equation.

Given the 'radiation reality' that will be 'seeping in' to the 'general public consciousness' over 2016, as
well as the 'extraordinary weather changes' all across the northern hemisphere, it is easy to understand
why the 'economics of diaspora' will favor 'emigration (to) the southern hemisphere'. The data sets are
showing 2016 as being the year in which the 'flow turns' and the 'new waves (of people movement)'
will be 'to the south'. These 'new waves' of 'emigration' are showing as 'responding' to the 'siren call' of
'honest chances (at prosperity)' for 'hard working, intelligent people'. The data sets are showing that
over 2016 and 2017, the 'emigration meme' will become so 'rooted' in Germany that this country will be
the 'center' of the 'industry' created to 'facilitate German emigration to South America (and to a lesser
extent, South Africa'. The data shows that the 'German emigration machine' will be so well tuned as to
attract 'emigrants from all over Europe' to southern germany as the 'gateway to South America'. Further
the data is showing that such large scale movements of German people occur as to alter the 'linguistic
balance' in several countries in South America. Further the supporting sets are also showing that the
'renaissance' will 'blossom' with 'German engineering' and 'manufacturing talent' hitting the South
American continent.

Almost all of the new sets growing in support of the 'migration to the south' contain Bitcoin sets as part
of their supporting linguistic structure. These sets are showing that Bitcoin will 'blossom' in South
America as young people use the blockchain to 'move (what little) wealth' to the 'south' for 'new lives'.
Further, the BTC sets are also showing that 'technically savvy Germans' will be a 'new wave' of 'bitcoin
adoption' in South America as they 'relocate' and 'establish' the 'new electrics', and other 'new
manufacturing centers'.

Some data sets are showing that by the end of 2016 we will see 'advertising' from South American

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countries aimed specifically at 'recruiting' the 'disaffected young technologically literate people' from
Europe (and specifically the Ukraine). The data also shows that these adverts will feature Bitcoin as a
component; much like 'bitcoin accepted here....y'all come live in our country...'.

The Bitcoin associated sets are showing that a temporal marker of a 'bitcoin to US dollar' value of
between 640 and 650 dollars to the Bitcoin sometime JUST prior to the 'paper debt' markets going into
'spasms' and 'seizures' and 'trading chaos'.

Much of the new data growing around the 'Bitcoin' descriptor sets in the various entities are showing
that the 'adoption rate' and 'use rate' for BTC as a 'currency' is going to 'accelerate' due to 'decaying
paper debt instruments'. There are a number of sets in which there are supporting structures for 'lock-
up' or 'isolation' that are within the 'US dollar' sub sets. These sub sets are growing from a 'sudden', and
'devastating' 'loss of flow (of the dollar in commerce)'. These sets have supporting sets that are
indicating that media will be carrying stories of 'dollar unwind' and 'dollar abandonment (at a 'retail'
level)'. These stories are showing as growing in the media just ahead of a 'run into BTC (bitcoin)' that
will take it from its current levels to the mid $600 range.

Several new areas of growth in supporting sets for the 'volume' of 'bitcoin transactions' are showing that
a 'quintupling' of the 'peak volumes' (of 2015) will be occurring over the course of this next year. These
sets are showing that the 'millibit' and 'decibit' ranges in 'fractional bitcoins' are going to receive a
'boost' by way of both the 'dollar/paper debt destruction', and new 'technologies' for 'easy payments'.
The 'quintupling' of the 'volume of transactions' in BTC is showing as a prime driver for the 'increasing
prices (in other currencies)'.

Further, within the BTC sets at the higher level of the descriptor we have new sets showing that 'dollar'
and 'other currency' problems with 'holding value' will be at the center of the 'rise (to) dominant
position' (among global currencies) by 'bitcoin' over 2016 such that by mid 2017, the data sets are
showing that 'more places (geographic)' will 'accept bitcoin' than 'dollars'. Much of the new support for
BTC acceptance is coming from 'dollar rejection', and 'Fed note abandonment'.

New supporting sets within the Bitcoin set are linked to the 'lose of ownership' by the 'house of saud'
over the 'oil revenue' from 'arabia'. Some of these sets are suggesting that the 'production' will be 'taken
off line' by mid 2016 as the 'saud officialdom' goes into 'survival mode'. These sets are also suggesting
that 'huge spikes' in 'oil price' and 'disruptions' in 'supplies' will be 'impacting large areas of the planet
as the 'chaos' of 'political change' in 'Arabia' takes hold. Further problems from the 'saud loses' and
'seizure (of the princes' wealth)' will include 'gold delivery' problems globally, as well as a
'failure/abandonment' of what the data calls 'saudi paper' and which is referring to 'all notes, debts,
bonds, and promises' made by the 'former house of saud'. As a side note, the data shows that the 'only
friends' that the 'fleeing saudi (former) royals' will have will be shown to the 'intelligence services' of
'israel'. At that point, even the 'USA government' (that which remains)' will be 'attacking' their 'former
allies'. Much of the new supporting sets are cross linked over to the 'solar disease' sub sets from
SpaceGoatFarts entity where the terminating sets are for a 'global markets balancing' as a result of the
'collapse' of the 'state of saud'. Further data sets are attributing this 'failure' at the 'state/kingdom' level
to the 'poor military' decisions, and a 'stunning victory' by the 'oppressed (yemenis?)' which itself is

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described as 'firing up (global imagination)' during an 'intense night (of strife/warfare)'.

During the time of the BTC temporal marker development (moving into mid 600's), the data sets are
showing that 'silver to gold' ratio is changing, as well as the 'rate of price increase' will also be
changing. These sets are showing that an 'unequal' amount of 'bidding' for 'silver' will be 'supporting the
price' as 'many hands' are described as 'reaching out' for 'any physical silver' that they can get
'delivered'. Many sets are also newly accruing to the 'delivered' word indicating that there will be a
number of media stories showing that 'deliveries' will be 'reported failed', and others will be reported as
'stolen in transit', though these latter sets are also supporting 'fraud' and 'insurance claims' as supporting
sub sets.

These sets within the 'silver' and 'gold' areas within the Markets entity are directly connected to the 'real
estate' sub sets. These are also extensively cross linked over to the GlobalPop entity where the
supporting terminating sets are showing that 'real estate prices' in many areas will be 'dropping (by over
half)' within a period of time so short as to be perceived and reported as 'shocking', 'devastating',
'destroying', 'calamitous', 'crisis (level)', 'crushed', and many other words to the same emotional tone.
The detail sets are showing that in some areas already hit hard by lower real estate prices from 2008,
that an additional 50/fifty percent of all 'real estate workers' will lose their jobs due to 'small business
closures'. Other areas with a higher price support structure from 'overseas buyers' or 'luxury markets'
will suddenly find 'lower end properties' going down 60/sixty percent, while 'expensive villas' will be
'90/ninety percent off', and further described as 'insurance fire claims (waiting to
now...that sort of thing)'.

The 'silver' sets are further linked to the 'technology' sub sets (as may be expected), however yet more
(continuing) growth has occurred in the sub sets where 'silver' is being described as 'too precious' to
'consume in industrial processing'. These sets are arguing that 'failures' in the 'base metals miners' will
be 'catastrophic' over the next 5/five years such that 'rake off silver (secondary product of base metals
mining)' will 'disappear' over these years. Further the data shows that 'silver prices' will be 'reflective'
of the 'infinitesimal supply' as the 'high end users (military secret projects and medical)' will be 'paying
any price (in dollars)' to get 'physical silver'. Even with the 'destruction' of the 'mid and lower tier' uses
for 'silver' in 'industrial processes' as the 'prices rise', the data suggests that the 'high prices' will be 'so
high' as to 'compel' the 'opening' of 'old silver mines'. The problem of 'super tight supply' is showing as
continuing over at least the next '25/twenty five years'. Further the data sets are filled with new
supporting sets for a 're-birth/blossoming' of 'new mines', but these sets are also indicating that 'current
(mining) technology' has already hit its 'peak' of 'recoverable silver'. These sets also have longer term
values that indicate that the 'renaissance' will produce a 'new form of mining' in which 'atomic
frequencies' will be used to 'locate' and 'melt in-situ' the 'ores' desired such that they can be 'pumped' to
the 'surface'. These descriptor sets have many similarities to the 'oil recovery' business descriptors, but
only after 2028.

The 'renaissance' is repeatedly referenced and increasingly so within the Markets entity as the future
manifestations of the 'renaissance (technology)' come closer to our current now. The longer term sets
continue to grow new supporting sets for a 'resurgence of labor' as 'new technology' comes on line. In
the case of the 'frequencies mining process', the data sets are describing 'work (jobs)' in which people

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will 'drive (the) suction snout drone' far underground as it 'sucks out ores'. Basically the work could be
considered to be 'intelligently following' the 'veins of (sought after) materials'. Other work will be the
'frequency dowsers' who will use 'methods' to locate the 'sought after ores' that are based on
'frequencies hearing'. {ed note: language from the data sets so we will have to move into a future
understanding before these words will make total sense}.

The 'frequencies mining' data sets are also cross linked over to the 'incoherence-r' technology that will
be developing from the 'fundamental understanding' which is forecast to emerge over this next year.

New long term sets are gaining in support for the 'renaissance technologies' which will be developing
in early 2016. These new 'technologies' are showing via directly held values as well as cross links, to be
favoring, over the very long term, a 'rise in analog systems engineering'. These sets are showing a very
great 'gain' over the next 20/twenty years for the 'new analog (approach)' being very 'productive' in
'developing (other) new technologies' such that a 'new economy' is seen (by late 2016 when it is
actually recognized for what it is) being born.

Other 'new economies' will be something less than 'well received' as the 'cannabis states' grow in
number over 2016. The various 'populations' affected are all for the 'legalization wave', but TPTB and
their 'officialdom minions' are going to start to 'voice objections' as they 'reference (the) abrupt drop-
off' in 'pharmaceutical profits' as 'populations switch' from 'OTC antidepressants' to 'marijuana
products'. Further, all the 'numbers' cited will show that 'cannabis reduces (the) need for hospitals (other
medicines)' to the extent that the 'health care 'industry'' itself is 'altered by local legalization'.

Other aspects of the 'cannabis economies' will be bringing something of a 'boom' in 'pot tourism' as
well as 'new forms (of) industrial hemp products'. These latter sets are hugely populated with longer
term values going to 'decades' of 'innovation' arising from 'hemp' at a 'fiber (and oil) level'. Many of
these sets are cross linked over to the 'climate change' sets within both the Terra entity and the
GlobalPop entity. In the latter, the terminating sets include descriptions of 'cannabis' as a 'political
response' to the 'warmists' and their 'agenda brothers'. In a sort of 'damned if you do and damned if you
don't', the data sets are showing that TPTB will be 'maneuvered' into 'industrial hemp legalization'
across the planet. First a few areas will make 'large profits' from the 'hemp production', causing the
'economic argument' to be used in other areas as the meme spreads globally.

Further problems for TPTB arise from the 'cannabis states' as the level of 'authority disrespect meme'
rises in direct proportion to the amount of cannabis consumed. The data accretion patterns are
forecasting that the 'mind control' efforts of TPTB will be 'diminished' in proportion to the 'spread of
legalization of cannabis'.

Other sets in the supporting structure go to the idea that 'canna-business' will be a 'major (only good
one outside of precious metals and bitcoin) new economic meme' in 2016 through 2020. In some of the
new sets there are cross links over to the 'loss (of) effectiveness' of the 'propaganda press' that is
directly connected to the 'spreading cannabis legalization' across the planet. While the 'propaganda
press' is shown as 'losing influence' (especially during the political fracturing later in 2016), several
'new media' will arise that will be in 'supporting positions' for the 'canna-business boom'. In the

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USAPop cross links there are several terminating sets that show that 'new canna-media' will, late in
2017 be the 'major source' for 'reliable information' coming out of the 'devastated areas (of north
america)'. Further sets are showing that in 2017 and beyond, the 'canna-businesses' will be a major
source of funding for 'start ups' and 'innovation' in the 'alternative energy' and 'alternative flight
(methods)' spaces. These sets have large geographic reference bases for 'new tech' to be 'financed by'
the 'canna-businesses' in areas such as Oregon, Washington (state), Colorado, the Carolina's (causes
real problems for TPTB later in 2016), Columbia, S. Mexico (silver connection here), Uruguay,
Gambia, Somalia, Nigeria, and other African nations.

The data sets are indicating that the 'awakening' wave that has moved through global humanity since at
least the early 1990's will be 'touted' as being the 'cause' of some 'curious changes' in 'humans' that will
be noticed over these next few years. Not only surface variants like 'new skin colors', and 'new
colors/shapes (for) senses', but also 'internal differences' in both 'physiology' and 'operating
biochemistry' will be noticed and 'finally' discovered to be 'separating generations'. Further the data
shows that the 'effect' will be 'backtracked' and a 'beginning placed' on the Millennial generation.

Other data sets within SpaceGoatFarts are attempting to describe a 'new technology' that we will label a
'incoherence-r'. The data shows the 'incoherencer' to be a 'device' developed in 'private eastern lab' that
will 'alter the coherence quotient' of 'cellular structure' of 'biologic matter'. Apparently a 'dangerous'
device but one with huge potentials as it will 'turn matter' into a 'goo' that is 'constituent parts', or 'base
proteins'. While sort of yucky in concept, the idea has practical application in totally 'undoing disease
science'. The data is showing that the idea behind the device is to be able to 'tag tissue types by
frequency' within the body, and then to 'send out (rays) that hunt down and de-cohere' the 'target
tissues'. The data sets are also suggestive that this is but an evolutionary stage toward the 'reverse effect'
some years down the road wherein the device can 're-build (or build anew) in situ complete human
organs'. So...pretty cool. Looks to be making its first appearance, almost unnoticed (probably by
everyone but us guys), in late 2016 or early 2017. The data does suggest that 'leaks of information'
about some of the 'fundamental discoveries' will be showing up about 6/six months ahead of the first
'crude application'....which may be in 'crime scene' or 'bio-hazard clean-up' areas.

Other, more immediacy data sets dominated include some new sets going to the idea that 'pheromones'
will be discovered to be used 'by fighters' within 'professional fights (multiple millions wagered)' with
the 'intent' to 'weaken' the opponent at a 'hormonal response level'. Many of these sets are also cross
linked over to the 'DIYBio' sets of previous reports and are pointing to the rise of a 'new scents
industry' in which 'illegal pheromones' and other 'epigenetic triggers' will be sold on a 'black market' for
'nefarious purposes'. The data sets relating to the 'fighters' show that 'scents' will be discovered to have
'detectable' and 'debilitating' effects on human body. Some of the effects cited include the 'inappropriate
opening/cycling' of the 'vein valves' in the legs, and 'rising core temperatures' to the point that
'weakening effects' are perceptible. Other sets report 'blurred vision', 'loss of hearing (excepting only
your own heart)', and 'excessive sweating'. Some of the more visible effects will include 'loss of control

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over bodily functions' including 'bowels' and 'bladder', but also 'nasal mucus production'. So sounds
like for a while anyway the 'professional fighting' business is going to be very messy indeed.

Other and perhaps stranger forecasts are arising from the convergence of an old ALTA forecast of a
'time accident' and a 'cafe (full of people)' as 'witnesses/victims', and the newly arrived sets that are
suggesting that a 'local time-space experiment (in a lab)' will be 'bumped (into rotation)' and that will
cause a 'squidge' out of 'time'. When this occurs the 'cafe patrons' will be 'witnesses' to the
'disappearance' of a 'man out of space/time' in front of their eyes as he 'crosses in front of the building
(in which the lab is housed)'. Other effects in the 'time distortion' are forecast to 'linger' in the area for a
number of 'weeks'. This will 'come to the attention' of some 'hidden authorities' who will be 'exposed' as
they 'seal off and investigate' the 'semi-persistent time anomaly'. The idea coming out of the data sets is
MAYBE hinting that the 'time accident' forecast will be a 'secrets revealed' moment for those who pay
attention as a 'section/division' of the 'break-away civilization' will be 'forced' into more or less 'public
view'. Also there are sets indicating that the 'investigators' themselves will become 'participants' as the
'time problem' is described as 'softening local reality' and 'amplifying' some form of 'electrical system'
that in turn causes the 'investigators' to have to 'fall back' and 'cordon off' the area. Again, something
that will be 'bringing unwanted public scrutiny'. Ed note {'time accidents' will not necessarily display
any form of 'debris', though they may (as in this instance forecast), it will be unpredictable in its nature
and amount. Thus some 'time accident' locations may look totally normal until you wander in and your
consciousness encounters wonky time}.

The SpaceGoatFarts entity is further forecasting that the 'break-away guys' will be very upset by the
huge number of UFO's that will be attracted to the 'time accident location'. This further causes 'public
uproar' and several dozen videos, and puts additional pressure on their 'problem of containment'.

As a developing sub set of the 'time accident' primary descriptor set, there are some indications that the
whole 'industry' of 'psychiatry' and 'mind medications' are going to take a 'big hit (to credibility)' as the
'details (of the time-space warping accident)' bring out the issue of 'consciousness' as a 'necessarily
participating factor'. These sets would seem to be indicating that some form of 'taint' will go to
'psychiatry' in general as 'tens of thousands' of people 'directly witnessing' or 'directly perceiving' the
'time-space accident' and its 'ripples' will say 'bullshit' to the 'pronouncements' of the 'many
psychiatrists' who will in essence be saying 'delusional people' at the request of the 'government(s)'
involved'. The detail sets would seem to be providing a 'spreading influence' as 'thousands' of people
make 'video testimonials' as to the 'effect on themselves'. True, the 'field' will be 'polluted' both by 'paid
trolls', and 'nut jobs', but there will still be 'thousands' of 'true personal accounts' of the 'time-space
ripple accident'. In these sets there are supporting sets going to the idea that 'government' and the
'break-away civilization' will be 'beset' by 'problems' as a result of the accident that will last for '5/five

New sets accruing to the 'secrets revealed' set within the SpaceGoatFarts entity are growing in support
of a 'ditch' that will 'develop' within the 'continent' (maybe Antarctica) such that 'ice shifts', and 'ice
(moves) away (from the ditch)'. These sets may be referring to another instance of the 'expansion of the
earth' showing up. These sets are showing that a 'major effort (lots of workers)' will be 'relocated' in
response to the 'ditch' showing up that is described as so large as to 'reshape' the 'continent'.....which

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ever it may turn out to be.

Abandonment of the 'digital world' in favor of an 'analog' approach to 'engineering' has developed as a
complete new lexical structure within the SpaceGoatFarts entity. These data sets are showing that the
'limitations' of 'digital thinking' will be a hot point of discussion in 2016 in several area of human
activity including 'space engineering' and 'infrastructure engineering'. Much of this language is
focusing on 'new electrics' and 'new magnetics' areas of endeavor in which the 'forces' and 'strengths (of
fields)' are such that 'digital structures dysfunction'. This will apparently surface within mainstream
academic and engineering media prior to making it to the presstitute media. In the case of the 'new
magnetics' these sets are showing a 'giant' and 'fundamental' breakthrough into a 'new physics' that will
be both 'exciting' to the GlobalPop (especially the millennial generation), as well as being 'frightening'
to ThePowersThatBe and the 'deep state'.

The 'rebirth of analog' is being described as both a 'rising' and 'obscured' trend. The latter descriptor
points to 'misinterpretation' of the 'rise of analog' under lots of other 'names/labels' before some
'visibility' and 'proper naming' occurs. At this point we will have, as described by the detail data sets, a
'burgeoning/growing/creative analog world' that will be the 'realm' of the 'new generations'. While not
the 'death of digital' per se, the 'resources' attached to 'digital understanding' of the 'universe' will be
'waning' while 'analog rises'.

Along with the 'rise of the analog (approach to the) world', the data is showing that the 'fears' of
ThePowersThatBe will be 'manifesting'. Further sets are going to a 'rise of humanity's (internal nature)'
as a 'necessary part/component' to the 'analog view of reality'. New supporting sets continue to grow in
these areas that include 'disruptions' and 'breakdowns' of the 'digital world' that will 'deprive TPTB' of
'intrinsic power'

New sets with a 'yemen' geographic anchor are forecasting some really spectacular 'UFO sky shows'
that will apparently 'persist for weeks', much to the 'delight' of the GlobalPop as a few 'enterprising
yemeni kids' will 'organize' the 'safety of scientific expedition' and 'news crews' to the 'center (of the)
UFO activity'. These sets are indicating that a 'desert floor littered with UFOs ' will be visible in
msm/presstitute media and alternative videos in late 2016. These are primarily longer term sets in
supporting positions but extensive cross links over to the Markets and ArabiaPop entity are more
dominated by shorter term and immediacy data sets which suggest that the 'UFO sky show' opening is
not that far out into the future.

Many other new 'space' based sub sets are accruing at a very rapid pace as modelspace is moved from
late Spring (northern hemisphere) into Summer. At that point we have new 'Mars' focused sets which
are pointing to a 'reveal' of 'ancient (alien?) archeology' The forecast is for a 'discussion' in the
'academic press' about 'mars (intelligent life)' and 'buildings' with 'other infrastructure' that will be
'plainly visible'. Some of these set are suggesting that the 'control' over the 'photographic stream' from
Mars will 'change hands' such that 'unfiltered/unaltered images' are available for the 'first time' to the

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We do not usually forecast, directly, from the results of TPTB entity, however, events and new data sets
are moving so rapidly, it seems remiss to not touch upon the subject in a few key areas. By way of
disclaimer please note the WHY involved with not reporting what the data may show for the (powerful)
scum-of-the-earth. Thus one may assume that it is necessary to be both symbol literate and careful in
reading these lines and 'the space between them'.

TPTB entity are showing that a 'push back' meme is developing at a large number of levels against the
'elite agenda'. This is forecast to include 'new attacks (on) politically correct speech mongers', and
'GMO foods rejections' at levels that TPTB had NOT anticipated (and to the extent that they will
accuse Russia of 'fomenting (food) revolution'). Other areas include 'housing' and 'medicines' both of
which will be significantly impacted by the 'wave (of) cannabis legalization', though the real 'fear'
showing in TPTB entity around 'cannabis' is its 'negation (of) their mind control efforts'. This 'fear' is so
prominent in some sets that it has deeply developed lexical structures indicting a 'global plot' to 'move
the social acceptance' of marijuana use 'back to the 1930's'. These sets are curiously deeply involved in
the supporting sets for the 'CFR (council on foreign relations)'.
Also within the 'push back' meme within TPTB entity, are a number of sets going to the idea of
'radicals' who will be viewing 'kidnapping' as a 'socially acceptable' way to 'influence' the 'policy
decisions' of the 'elites'. These sets read very much like a thriller movie in that they show at least one
instance in which the 'kidnapping' is temporally proximate to a 'key vote' with the 'victims' of the
'kidnapping' being the 'family' of a 'key politician'.
Other new growth in 'kidnapping' as a descriptor within TPTB entity show that an 'agenda kidnapping'
will make the 'presstitute media' with enough 'force' to 'cause mimics' which will further be exacerbated
by the next round of media until TPTB are themselves made to 'imposed a media blackout' which was
the very response they were maneuvering to avoid.
The 'kidnapping' sets also have at least one instance in 2016 (before mid year?) in which the 'rescue' of
the 'victim' is going to do a lot to 'tarnish' the 'reputation' of some 'military units' as they will 'blunder'
and 'destroy/kill the victim' in the 'rescue process'. This last set also has that process being so
'egregiously over-the-top' as to 'kill civilians' and 'destroy (nearby) businesses'. These sets have many
'marine' and 'boat' sub sets suggesting that the 'victim' will be 'held' on a 'boat' (likely in a marina)'
which, according to the data, will get the 'shit blown out of it' in the 'too fierce rescue attempt gone
Other problems for TPTB are indicated to arise from the 'dollar death/financial system dying' area and
will specifically focus on the 'inability' to 'pay minions' such that 'desertions' occur along with 'thefts' of
'troubling materials'.
Further sets in the 'kidnapping' sub sets are showing a 'reveal' developing which is going to
'emotionally devastate' many of the 'sheeple/sleeple' in the USAPop as the 'release' of the 'information
about the kidnapping' will show it was 'performed' in a 'military-like fashion' (early language
describing the bold, broad daylight 'snatch' of the victim) due to the instigators being 'a military
unit'....and an active one at that. Hmmmm..

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Conclusion: Wheels come off ...
Time, tides and events are all increasing in their impacts on us. Tides due to the changes in the planet
under our feet as it reacts to changes within the larger solar system which are reflected in the changes to
the sun. Events are racing ahead at a speed never before seen and it is going to increase. The very
nature of interconnectedness of humanity will increase the apparent speed of events as a side effect to
our awareness of them. Time is increasing as the universe gets larger, while this process is both
(reasonably) steady, and continuous, there are periods (such as now) when palpable increases emerge in
the 'feeling' presented by time and its dynamic and energetic interaction with our consciousness.

As the sun drags the expanding earth and its increasing oceans of both water and event through our
enlarging sea of universal time, humans get the privilege of increasing awareness JUST as there is ever
so much more of which to become aware.

Which begs the question; is it better to bounce off the back end somewhere along the less traveled
dusty road? Or ride along tightly gripping for dear life until the wheels come off the Chariot of Time?

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