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Popular Culture Part 18

Constant changes, new types of expressing music, eclectic

fashion, and diverse technologies to advance songs
represent the 21st century architecture of popular culture.
It is a culture filled with people who include people
fighting for change, people who desire to degrade other
human beings viciously, and the existence of the corporate
power structure dominating the mainstream entertainment
industry. We are not naïve about this reality. We embrace
discernment and transparency wholeheartedly. That is
precisely why we desire not only social change. We want
people to fully express themselves without oppression and
without corruption too.

Securing your dignity and

gaining wisdom is more
Always Research, important than lusting for
Always Stand up “the bag.” An economic
resource legitimately obtained
for your Rights, and is fine to pursue, but the love
Always love of money is the root of all evil.
Money is a tool (which can be
wisdom plus truth. used for good or evil). It isn’t a
2020 is almost here. Popular harassment. Not to mention, we men act. Some people in this
culture has been an international have culture vultures in our generation act like cursing
reality. Many of the people in generation too. So, I'm going to excessively, threatening to fight
popular culture receive massive keep it real. people unnecessarily, and
popularity and massive scorn. disrespecting mothers is acting
Popular culture is filled with Many evil celebrities have been like a real man. A real man
controversies, unique stories, involved in sexual harassment promotes truth, honor, and
and a lot of historic events. No and other forms of sexual dignity), a distortion of
good fruit comes from a bad relationships, violence, and
tree. Therefore, the fruit of other evils. Today, we witness
many sections of the celebrity Internet personalities like
culture has been rotten filled Diamond and Silk (agreeing
with materialism, shattered lives, with Trump) and DJ Akademiks
sexism, racism, and anti-morality (who disrespects women and
(from adultery scandals, blatantly has colorism and self-
domestic abuse, and other esteem issues. He's another
scandals). Therefore, more Gilbert Arenas. I haven't
people recognize this forgotten about how that
unfortunate reality. Also, people coward DJ Akademiks
understand that not all disrespected the beautiful black
celebrities are monolithic. Some singer SZA either) while we
misconduct (which must be
celebrities are doing egregious, ought to reject distractions. We
condemned 100 percent) for
wrong actions. Some act as have to reject bad media
years plus decades. One
agents of the two party system propaganda and faux role
example of an evil celebrity is
in advancing militarism, models who claim to be
Trump who curses people and
capitalist exploitation, and positive, but curse people out
has shown deplorable actions
conformity to the status quo. In excessively and advance
for years. Also, we condemn any
other words, in order to get nefarious ideologies. Outlets like
form of music that is negative.
things right, people have to TMZ make a living showing
We know that certain hip hop
admit the overt crimes done by information about celebrities in
songs and other songs (like the
U.S. imperialism for centuries an exploitative fashion. Harvey
person 6ix9ine who uses vulgar
(via the acts from the Pentagon Levin and Jim Paratore created
language and says the N word
and the rest of the military TMZ. TMZ is owned by Time
constantly and he's non-black.
industrial complex. Even Ken Warner. Time Warner is owned
No one should say the N word
Burns’ documentary about the by Jeff Bewkes (Chairman and
regardless of skin color. Many
Vietnam War has documented CEO). Many of these
sellout black people support
the evil of Western imperialist multinational corporations
6ix9ine and other like-minded
actions). There are numerous control a large part of the
artists) from other genres of
celebrities who sell out for mainstream media and various
music promote anti-black
money or for the entertainment entities in general.
stereotypes, degrading women
establishment. Gene Simmons Sometimes, you have to realize
(like Wack100 disrespecting
(who was recently banned from that many corporate leaders
people's mothers, disrespecting
FOX News because of bad want profit at the expense of
Afeni Shakur, and disrespecting
conduct) has been accused by human dignity.
Tupac Shakur. I have no respect
many women of sexual
for that. This is not how real
Immigrant rights are Human rights. Immigrants include black people
Not to mention that we should expose far right extremists like Alex Jones. I heard about Alex Jones for over
10 years. He is the person who respects the far right movement including the John Birch Society. He is
unashamed in his bombastic speeches, but this hides his own insecurities (because he knows that he
exaggerates as a means for him to cause his own ego to grow). Jones supports Donald Trump (who
disrespects women, minorities, immigrants, and other people who disagrees with him). That right there
should tell you that Jones is wrong. Alex Jones says disrespectful words about immigrants, many black
people (who disagree with him), and other people. He has supported Cliven Bundy. He spews out paranoia
and made many false predictions about many events. Jones glamorizes overt white supremacist slave
owners like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Many of Alex Jones' documentaries condemn police
brutality, but Jones hypocritically condemns black BLM protesters opposing the police state system. Alex
Jones claims to oppose eugenics, but he omits the links between radical anti-immigration and the eugenics
movement (which I will expand upon in detail during the future). The researcher Chip Bartlet termed the
marriage between conspiracism and populism as producerism, which he mentions: "...has a history of
assuming that a proper citizen is a white male. Historically, groups scapegoated by right-wing populist
movements in the US have been immigrants and people of color, especially Blacks. Attention is diverted
from inherent white supremacism by using coded language to reframe racism as a concern about specific
issues, such as welfare, immigration, tax, or education policies..."
Emma Lazarus and her immortal words I wanted to write about this issue for a long time.
Mark Dice is an extreme reactionary and a notorious
bigot too. He spends his time to claim to lecture
progressives, but he is the one who is a reactionary
that spews not only lies, but stereotypes about people
which he disagrees with. On many occasions, he has
videos where he interviews people in the street to
mock their views and to advance his nefarious agenda.
Also, he is a virulent sexist. He said the following
words: "...Unless Wonder Woman can cook a good pot
Emma Lazarus was a Lines from Emma Lazarus’ roast, she's no woman at all..." I thought about not
Jewish American born The New Colossus is found wasting my time mentioning information about this
from a large Sephardic in a bronze plaque in the coward Mark Dice, but I decided to do this since he is
Jewish family who wrote pedestal of the Statue of
representative of many Trump supporters who abhor
literature. Her words Liberty. It was placed on
inspire immigrants and 1903 in the great city of progressive freedom. He is known to write literature
all freedom lovers to this New York City. I will filled with paranoia and conspiratorial nonsense. One
very day. She was born forever support immigrant of his most evil actions is praying that the hip hop
and raised in New York rights. artist Lil Wayne would pass away. Now, I don't agree
City. with Lil Wayne on many issues, but Dice is really
totally reprehensible to pray for someone to pass
“…Give me your tired, your poor,
away. I know that Talib Kweli refuted Dice before. Yes,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, he or Mark Dice is a notorious racist who mocks the
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, BLM. He lies and says that the BLM wants to terrorize
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, white people.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
-The New Colossus (1883) Frankly, the BLM is about promoting the liberation of
black human beings and have done plenty of positive
actions for years. So, he is a false leader and a deception in our generation. Mark Dice has said the N word
and made a song mocking the lives of black people in America. He's a racist. I call evil people out by name. I
call Alex Jones out. I call Donald Trump out and I call out reactionary extremists out too. I debated far right
wing people for over 10 years and I won't bow down to them. I refuted extremists before. Therefore, we
will continue to promote social justice without apology.

Tomi Lahren is the far right wing extremist who has been criticized for her abhorrent statements. Recently,
she defended Trump's racist comments about Haiti, and other African plus Central American nations. She is
a total disgrace, because tons of Central Americans and black people overseas possess great dignity, huge
accomplishments, and an excellent sense of worth. Trump is a racist for saying that a Mexican judge can't
be unbiased because of his Mexican heritage, disrespecting people from majority nations of color, and by
saying neo-Confederate plus Neo-Nazis included some "fine people." Tomi Lahren is a supporter of Trump
and she's a Republican. We need to call bigots and extremists like her out. Tomi Lahren disrespected
Kaepernick and Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Lahren compares BLM to the Klan, which is a slander. I see
that some people (including some black people who should be ashamed of themselves) want to interview
her, which is also wrong since she wants to propagate her propaganda. Lahren (whose views are what a lot
of white racists think behind closed doors) is slick and tries to ignore (or massively minimize) police
brutality, racism, and the evils of white supremacy in order for her to advance her agenda. Lahren is getting
paid money to disrespect black people. Anyone who allies or agrees with her lies is totally wrong. I will
forever believe in social justice.

Black Lives Matter.

Vulgar media figures like Bill O'Reilly will be exposed by me in this work. I have called out names for years.
Therefore, we have to use discernment to call it as we see it. We don't back down.

Many celebrities are working hard to do the right thing via sincerely helping communities, giving back via
charities, and fighting for legitimate social causes (from environmental justice to racial justice) as well. For
example, many celebrities have heroically knelled in protest of injustice in football games nationwide. We
have to witness the complexities of life in order to understand the truths found in life. The popular culture
world is a billion dollar yearly business. It just doesn’t involve movies or TV shows. It also encompasses
concerts, fashion, marketing, business arrangements, interviews, corporate sponsoring, and a wide array of
activities. That is why many of these people in the celebrity world are bound by contracts, financial
obligations, and other commitments.

To understand how the world is, we have to go deeper into why things are and how things function. We
witness record financial centralization into the hands of the 1% while the poor continue to suffer. We have
to realize the epidemic of homelessness in Los Angeles, and the massive economic inequality plus
gentrification in New York City (which has harmed communities of the poor for a long time). There is no
solution to our problems unless we help the poor and homeless human beings of America including the
world. I read about the thousands of homeless people in Los Angeles alone. During the decade of the
2010’s, there is further expression of shows on Netflix and other independent, Internet based television
channels. There are diverse actresses and actors from Issa Rae to Jessica Williams. These human beings
have shown amazing talent and keen insights on a myriad of issues. We all want freedom and justice.
Therefore, during this era of time, we must act as shining lights in advancing the truth in an in-depth,
unapologetic fashion. We want the end to the system of racism/white supremacy so justice can exist.
During this year of 2018, more wisdom will show and our eyes are on the prize.
The movie about LBJ (by Rob Reiner)
The movie about LBJ has been directed by Rob Reiner. The movie was written by Joey Hartstone. It is about
the complicated legacy of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. LBJ has a dual legacy of the combination of the
legitimately good things that he has done and the terrible foreign policy actions that he has executed (not
just involving the Vietnam War, but him supporting radically far right anti-Communist movements
worldwide from Greece to other places. He explicitly supported the policies of militarism and imperialism
from 1963 to 1969. One example is how Johnson supported the military intervention via Marines in the
Dominican Republic back in 1965. The CIA backed the massacres of Communists in Indonesia by militarized
forces back during the 1960's too). The film has dedicated actors and actresses involved in the project. The
role of Lyndon Johnson is played by Woody Harrelson. Other actors and actresses involved in the movie
include Richard Jenkins, Bill Pullman, Kim Allen, Michael Stahl-David, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jeffrey Donovan,
Doug McKeon, C. Thomas Howell, and Michael Mosley. Rob Reiner said that as a youth, he viewed LBJ as a
militarist extremist as Reiner opposed the Vietnam War back then. Later, he said that he found out more
about the complex character of the late President. LBJ was a President who was vulgar and said racist
comments in private, but signed some of the most powerful, important, excellent, and progressive
legislation in world history.

That sums up a lot of his personality. The film heavily revolves around from the end of the Kennedy
administration (via the evil JFK assassination in Dallas, Texas back in November 22, 1963) to the
development of the Johnson administration. The film primarily focuses on his early years in office. Back
then, Congress was heavily divided on issues of war, civil rights, the economy, a growing Vietnam War, and
the role of government in general. During the beginning of his Presidency, he saw a healthy economy,
steady growth, and low unemployment as inherited from the Kennedy administration. Lyndon Johnson
desired to continue many of the policy proposals that JFK had. Both JFK and Johnson had similarities and
differences. JFK looked at nuance on issues (JFK was more eloquent in describing his love of the arts, his
endorsement of world peace via his 1963 American University speech, and his overt love of literature) while
Johnson was much more aggressive to talk with his political adversaries. Johnson used his tactics of
aggression to get his legislation passed while he was President. This tactic was called "The Johnson
Treatment." JFK was very hesitant in committing extensive ground troops in Vietnam while Johnson
accelerated military involvement in Vietnam more so than any American President. Lyndon Johnson also
used more sophisticated means to get legislation passed.
In the days following the assassination, Lyndon B. Johnson made an address to Congress saying that "No
memorial oration or eulogy could more eloquently honor President Kennedy's memory than the earliest
possible passage of the Civil Rights Bill for which he fought so long." The grief to Kennedy’s death gave
momentum to Johnson to pass civil rights legislation. This goal wasn’t easy. Dixiecrats and conservative
Democrats resisted attempts to gain civil rights and voting rights legislation. LBJ formed the War on Poverty
in late 1963 and spoke about it heavily by early 1964. According to Caro, it was ultimately Johnson's ability
to convince Republican leader Everett Dirksen to support the bill that amassed the necessary Republican
votes to overcome the filibuster in March 1964; after 75 hours of debate, the bill passed the senate by a
vote of 71–2. After filibuster, Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act on July 2, 1964. The Civil Rights Act
banned discrimination in public accommodations and other aspects of society. His Great Society agenda
ultimately is a huge part of Johnson’s domestic legacy. The Great Society was his proclamation to promote
urban development, modern transportation, a clean environment, anti-poverty measures, health care
reform, crime control, and educational reform. It was the biggest involvement of government in the lives of
the people since the New Deal. I'm an economic progressive unapologetically, so I endorse the spirit of the
Great Society. The Great Society cut the poverty rate in half by 1970. The problem was that the neoliberal
backlash (against the legitimate Great Society programs) harmed many working class and poor
communities by the late 1970's to the present.
More than 200,000 human beings came into the
March on Washington on 1963. It was a large
demonstration that wanted equality, jobs, and
justice. The march was a fulfillment of the dream
of A. Philip Randolph and others who desired real
social change.

He won re-election in 1964 and passed the Voting Rights Act too including the Immigration and Nationality
Act in 1965. He funded educational programs. He faced rebellions in urban communities caused by
economic oppression, racism, police brutality, and other oppressive conditions. LBJ had a rivalry with
Robert F. Kennedy over personality and ideology (RFK would oppose LBJ’s views on Vietnam by the late
1960’s. RFK and LBJ didn't get along. Robert F. Kennedy also was an early supporter of gun control by the
late 1960's). The film LBJ looked into a man who represents social change and the contradictions of a
fallible man who supported an unjust war. So, while we should be thankful of progressive legislation of the
1960's, that legislation didn’t exist by one man. It existed by the sacrifice of activists (who were black
people and human beings of every color), who gave their lives in many cases, to cause those great laws
to be signed in the first place. We can’t be naïve about Lyndon Baines Johnson. We should acknowledge his
actions which were correct and not omit his errors (as it relates to Vietnam and other matters) either.
Months from now, I will write more information about LBJ's life and legacy too.
Music Videos
One of the most bizarre and overtly controversial music videos in our time is Katy Perry’s “Bon Appetit.” It
shows how things go on in real life in clear sight, yet skeptics still believe that nothing out of the ordinary
occurs in not only in Hollywood, but in elite circles in general. The meaning of the video is overt and very
transparent. The video shows her being cooked by chefs and offered as a meal to a party of elite guests. In
real life, many cakes of in the form of human beings to exist in the world. Also, many restaurants offer live
people with food on them (and people pay money to eat food off live people’s bodies). Artists like Britney
Spears, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Kanye West, etc. have links to the music
industry elites. These elites influence how they act, pay money, which parties they go to, which movies they
are a part of, and in many cases who they connect with in a business fashion. Some of these folks go into
Dubai and I heard stories about what goes on in Dubai too. The video “Bon Appetit” has sick references to
cannibalism. We don’t need any odes to cannibalism at all. The video shows fictionalized depictions of
torture, exploitation, and dehumanization. All of these things are found in society and these evils have been
promoted by Western imperialists for centuries. The Maafa, the genocide of Native Americans, and the
world empires basically involve torture, exploitation, and dehumanization for real. The lyrics of the song
have sexual references too.

With lines like “Got me spread like a buffet”, even young children get that this song is about sexuality. Little
kids shouldn't be looking at this video. Yet, the video has more messages than about sex. The producers
and directors of such videos know exactly what the deal is. They use multiple messages in certainly videos
in order for them to spread their messages overtly and covertly. The video has Katy Perry treated as less
than human or as a piece of meat. She acts as controlled totally in the fridge. People put their hands over
her. Later, she is thrown into the flour. She is grabbed and twisted by many people. Later, she is send into a
pot filled with broth. Her hair is chopped off and a new persona comes about. This is her transformation in
the video. Later, the people in the video consume her. People in the restaurant eat her. This is similar to
real life restaurants that allow people to eat food from women’s bodies. Also, one person who does eclectic
art of works of fake cakes of people has been used by Marina Abramovic (an influential and powerful
performance artist). She is known to use art to discuss about the body, blood, and the physical limits of the
body. Marina is friends with James Franco, worked with Jay Z, and has worked with Lady Gaga on her album
Artpop. Marina’s “spirit Cooking” event was about teaching people on cooking traditional soups. She denies
it has anything to do with a satanic ritual (which many far right people accuse her of doing).
She has been involved in the “Devil’s Heaven” event which was an art event where in Watermill Center in
2013 where there is a performance artist woman lying in a pool of a red substance. Another event from
Marina involves a mock cannibalism. In 1972, there is a ball organized by the Rothschilds (i.e. Marie-Hélène
de Rothschild held a Surrealist Ball at Château de Ferrières, one of the family’s gigantic mansions) where a
human effigy has roses around it. At the conclusion of Perry’s video, she is dancing on a stripper pole and
the Migos (which is a young hip hop group that readily shows mumble rap) throw money at her. Other
guests are tied up and abused by sick chefs. A woman’s top is torn apart and another woman is tied up,
blindfolded, and stuffed with an apple. The video ends with Katy Perry about to eat a cherry pie containing
body parts of the guests. This is truly bizarre. People being used like this have nothing to do with
empowerment. It is the same old corporate exploitation that has existed for a long time in the world. The
video Bon Appetit represents the agenda of the mainstream music industry elites: profits and exploitation
at all costs. Many people don’t like human life. We cherish human life.
Leah Remini's courageous exposure of Scientology

Right now, Leah Remini is the most famous ex-Scientologist in the world. She has courageously exposed
Scientology in a creative way by giving interviews and being part of a TV series. She has allowed personal
stories from many ex-Scientologists as well to be shown in public. First, an overview of Scientology must
exist. Scientology is a religious cult created by L. Ron Hubbard (who lived from 1911 to 1986). Hubbard
formed a program called Dianetics in order to promote his views. They or Scientologists claim to use E-
meter and auditing in order to deal with people’s emotions. Its leader today is David Miscavige. It is based
in its headquarters in Gold Base Riverside County, California. Hubbard was deeply involved in the occult. In
fact, he moved into the Pasadena mansion of Jack Parsons (another occultist and Thelemite. Parsons
followed the views of the OTO, which was run by Aleister Crowley. Crowley was a magician and very
controversial, sick person). Parsons and Hubbard worked on the project called “Babalon Working.” This was
a sex magic ritual to summon the incarnation of Babalon or the supreme Thelemite Goddess. I know this is
totally bizarre and it's lunacy, but this is what people like Parsons believed in. Hubbard worked in hypnosis.
Hypnosis has been part of the ancient world for centuries and thousands of years. Part of Scientology is
trying to use auditing to get rid of bad, traumatic experiences.

Hubbard faced criminal charges throughout his life. In 1979, as a result of FBI raids during Operation Snow
White, eleven senior people in the church's Guardian's Office were convicted of obstructing justice,
burglary of government offices, and theft of documents and government property. Scientology teaches the
erroneous view that 76 trillion years span the claims of memories. Scientology opposes psychiatry and
psychology. Psychiatry rejected Hubbard's theories in the early 1950's and in 1951, Hubbard's wife Sara
consulted doctors who recommended he "be committed to a private sanatorium for psychiatric
observation and treatment of a mental ailment known as paranoid schizophrenia." Thereafter, Hubbard
criticized psychiatry as a "barbaric and corrupt profession.” In 1978, a number of Scientologists, including L.
Ron Hubbard's wife Mary Sue Hubbard (who was second in command in the organization at the time), were
convicted of perpetrating what was at the time the largest incident of domestic espionage in the history of
the United States, called "Operation Snow White".

This involved infiltrating, wiretapping, and stealing documents from the offices of Federal attorneys and the
Internal Revenue Service. Scientologists are known to this very day to harass their critics from journalists,
politicians, former Scientologists, etc. Yes, L. Ron Hubbard is known to make racist statements throughout
his life. He made the following racist statement: “…The South African native is probably the one impossible
person to train in the entire world — he is probably impossible by any human standard…” (L. Ron Hubbard,
PAB No. 119, 1 September 1957, as published in Level 0 PABS (c.1968, The American St. Hill Organization).
Scientology teaches that mankind is an immortal being (called a Thetan) not originally from this planet, and
that man is trapped by matter, energy, space, and time (or represented by the acronym MEST). This is very
similar to Gnosticism for Gnosticism believes that many from the spiritual world became trapped into the
physical world (some Gnostics condemn the physical world). Salvation for a Scientologist comes through a
process called “auditing,” whereby "engrams” (basically, memories of past pain and unconsciousness that
create energy blockage) are removed.

Auditing is a lengthy process and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. When all engrams are finally
removed, the Thetan can once again control MEST instead of being controlled by it. Until salvation, each
Thetan is constantly reincarnated. A lot of Scientology is very similar to other doctrines. Since 1953,
Scientology has deceived many, but people like Leah Remini has courageously spoke her mind. Raised as a
member of the Church of Scientology from childhood, Remini left the organization in 2013 and began public
criticism of Scientology. Two years later, she released Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology,
her memoir about her experience with Scientology and reasons for leaving it. In 2016, she followed up her
memoir with an Emmy Award-winning documentary television series on the A&E network, Leah Remini:
Scientology and the Aftermath, to highlight other former Scientologists' experiences. This is why we can
never seek infallibility in L. Ron Hubbard. We should research the facts and find the truth independent of
any nefarious organization.
Jay Z's 4:44

Jay’s Z’s 4:44 was released on June of 2017. It was his thirteenth studio album. It reflected his life and his
new found confessions dealing with his life. This is the first time where I issued a commentary on the album
in a lengthy fashion. His album has similarities and differences to Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Nevertheless, Jay
Z’s album deals with the issues of infidelity, economic empowerment, OJ Simpson, and music in general. It
has been promoted by a diversity of black actors and actresses like Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong’o, and
Danny Glover. One song is named Adnis, which is the name of Jay Z’s father. No I.D. was the famous
producer of the album. Jay Z has said that he woke up one morning at 4:44 am, which gave him the
inspiration to create the album. Many samples of it include funk, soul, reggae, etc. These include Stevie
Wonder's "Love's in Need of Love Today", The Clark Sisters's "Ha Ya (Eternal Life)", Donny Hathaway's
"Someday We'll All Be Free", and Nina Simone's "Four Women" and "Baltimore.” The album wants to
portray a message from a nearly 50 year old grown African American man who feels the need to reflect on
a life that has existed for almost a half a century. In many ways, the album is like a response to Lemonade.
For example, the "You better call Becky with the good hair" line on Beyoncé's "Sorry", with Jay-Z retorting,
"Leave me alone, Becky" in "Family Feud.” However, No I.D. said that to make the entire album a response
to Lemonade was not the intention.

Instead, Jay-Z wanted to focus on an album "where I talk about the things that I've never talked about.”
There are many messages in the album. The song “Kill Jay Z” was about him wanting to end or kill his ego.
Many people have huge ego and Jay Z in that song desires to move forward in his life. The song talks about
Kanye West and his rumored infidelity. The Song of OJ song is self-explanatory. It is the easiest song to
know about its meaning. It is a song exposing the self-hatred and anti-Blackness displayed by OJ Simpson
(and other self-haters in general). It also has a video that uses the racist anti-black caricatures that was
used decades ago to expose how vicious self-hatred is. I know what he is trying to do, but I do disagree with
showing those caricature images in cartoon form. The song is a cautionary tale about how to be careful in
the industry and to make sure that someone doesn’t lose their own sense of self. The song also references
the concept of economic empowerment and black capitalism. “Smile” is a personal song where Jay Z talks
about his mother being a lesbian. “Caught Their Eyes” is about Prince and streaming rights. The song 4:44 is
a song meant to be an open apology to his wife Beyoncé.
“Family Feud” has many meanings. It discusses the separation within the culture and tensions in the black
community plus at home. For example, in the African American community, there are public and private
debates about fashion, the N word, respectability politics, crime, culture, reality TV shows, education, the
role of government, religion, conscious issues, etc. that spread out sometimes in powerful discourse. Many
people want these debates to be shown in private. Some want these discussions to be shown in public. The
truth is that we must have these discussions in a progressive way, so we can organize solutions. Bam is a
reggae inspired song that uses Damian Marley’s vocals (with usage of a horn and guitar). Moonlight
references the films Moonlight and La La Land. It shows information about the culture. As he approaches
50 years old, Jay Z knows that he can’t have the same mentality as a 21 year old. We grow and evolve as
time goes on. So, this album is an evolution of his views from a young person from Marcy's Projects in
Brooklyn, NYC to an almost billion dollar worth businessman. 4:44 tells the truth about the viciousness of
self-hatred, the importance of black community growth, and the importance of family. The song "Story of
OJ" (which uses the N word, which I don't subscribe to. The N word is offensive because it is used to
dehumanize and disrespect black people. It is used to deny the humanity of black people and it is used to
advance racism and discrimination. That is why it is offensive) tries to advance the narrative that black
capitalism can greatly enrich the black community as a whole, which I don’t agree because of obvious
reasons. The cartoon version of 4:44 has the image of Jaybo which is the caricature. It is no secret that Jay Z
has ties with the establishment for a number of years. He wore a shirt that reads “Do what thou wilt” which
harkens back to the occultist Aleister Crowley. Ironically, Crowley was a vicious racist as shown in his book
The Equinox, and his other literature (he attacks black people, Christians, Jewish people, and believes that
the British are morally superior to the Indians). Jay Z was recently interviewed by Vann Jones of CNN. Van
Jones had ties to the IONS or the Institute of Noetic Sciences (whose website says that they deal with
consciousness and the human potential. Its founder is Edgar Mitchell). Mark Romanek was the filmmaker of
the “Story of OJ” video. The best way to see how the world works is to see those behind the scenes
involved in producing, filmmaking, funding, and other aspects of society.

The cartoon shows the Black Panther imagery. The Black Panthers was a socialist organization regardless of
what anyone says. Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton explicitly supported socialism by their words and
literature. In The Black Power Mixtape, Panther leader Bobby Seale explains in an interview: "We
look at this program as a very international-type program. It's for any human being who wants to
survive...Socialism is the order of the day, and not Nixon's Black capitalism. That's out." Fred
Hampton agreed with socialism. Anyone saying otherwise is wrong period. Not to mention that the Black
Panthers agreed with a revolutionary nationalism or internationalism not cultural nationalism which is
reactionary. The Black Panthers agreed with political and economic power, but not within the confines of

Capitalism is an economic system where a select few of human beings controls the vast majority of the
means of production (involving factories, businesses, lands, transportation, other technologies, farms, etc.).
The primary goal of capitalism is promoting profit and maintaining profit irrespective of other altruistic
motives. There is nothing wrong with black people getting economic and political power. Yet, I don't want
power at the expense of exploiting workers or harming the poor.

We know that Western capitalism has been complicit in slavery, imperialism, genocide, land thefts, various
wars, economic exploitation, sexism, etc. for a long time. Black capitalism promotes the goal of black
people buying our way to freedom via business alone, which is faulty as true liberation addresses the
environment, health, wages, land, poverty, and other important issues. In order words, we need political
power too not just economic power.

One of the most important lessons of 4:44 is that the album gives more opportunities for people to have a
discussion about important issues in our community. It is to see that in our journey, there is no shame in
showing emotion, in being honest, in admitting mistakes, and to develop personal human growth. As Jay Z
is not the complete cause of our problems, Jay Z (who unfortunately hasn't repudiated misogynoir, the
glamorization of nihilism plus anti-black themes in some hip hop music, the N word with the -a at the end
of it, and the system of capitalism) is a victim of the same system of oppression that we all are. Our lives
should be more than about making money, but making our families and our black community strengthen,
so black collective power can grow internationally. We are aware of the black bourgeoisie. Many black
people in that upper middle class and rich class are linked to the policies of the status quo from endorsing
neoliberalism to believing in poor bashing. Many invitation only groups like the Jack and Jill and the Links,
Inc. are filled with black upper middle class and rich black young people. Jack and Jill of America was
created in January 1938 by Marion Stubbs Thomas in Philadelphia. Also, Jay Z is not exempt from critique.
We have to call out wrongdoing. Kodak Black is wrong to disrespect black women and Cardi B (who claims
to be a Blood since she was 16 years old) is wrong to say that his mother's side of her hair has messed up
hair (or calling black women "cockroaches").
Respecting black women is a must in our world. Jay Z is very intelligent. He knows that the system is corrupt
(he knows about Secret Societies and high level political groups), but he wants to use means to possess not
abolish the system. The problem with that logic is that the system deserves to end since it doesn't work to
help the black collective. Jay Z must repudiate not only racism/white supremacy (which he has done).
Again, he has to repudiate capitalist exploitation, misogynoir, patriarchal supremacism, and other evils
promoted by some hip hop artists (and many musicians of any musical genre). In order for us to see the
Promised Land for real, we have to discuss, plan, and take social action in getting solutions made.

The Arrival

The movie Arrival is a science fiction drama film. It has many issues shown in it. It was directed by Denis
Villeneuve. It was written by Eric Heisserer. The movie was based on the 1998 short story entitled, “Story of
Your Life” by Ted Chiang. The movie stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. The movie is
about a linguist Louise Banks, who is enlisted by the U.S. Army to help translate communications from one
of several extraterrestrial crafts that have appeared across the world. She must find out why they have
arrived on Earth before tensions lead into war. The movie explores the issue of communication with
extraterrestrial intelligence. It has been nominated for many awards. It won the award for Best Sound
Editing. The movie starts with the linguist Louise Banks’s daughter, Hannah, who died from in early
adulthood from an incurable illness. The film has 12 extraterrestrial spacecraft appearing at 12 locations in
the Earth. Louise and Ian contacted 2 seven limbed aliens. They call them “heptadopds.”

They researched the written language. Rogue soldiers plant a bomb in the craft. China's General Shang
issues an ultimatum to the aliens, demanding that they leave within 24 hours; Russia, Pakistan, and Sudan
follow suit. Louise goes alone to the craft and it sends down a shuttle to transport her inside. The alien
explains that they have come to help humanity, for in 3,000 years they will need humanity's help in return,
and the "weapon" is their language, which opens time to allow the future to be foreseen. Louise's visions of
her daughter are premonitions. The Chinese stand down. Other countries followed suit. During the
evacuation of the camp, Ian expresses his love for Louise. They talk about life choices and whether he
would change them if he could see the future. Louise knows that she will agree to have a child with him
despite knowing their fate: that Hannah will die, and Ian will leave them after she reveals that she knew
this. The movie deals with symbols. The movie shows human beings being near destruction based up on

Celebrity outreach for Hurricane relief

During the brutal Hurricane season of 2017, many celebrities (and other people) have stepped up to the
plate to help the victims in the Caribbean, in Florida, in Texas, and in other places of America. Involving
Hurricane Harvey, J. J. Watt, Tyler Perry, Jamie Fox, Keven Hart, and others have send money and resources
to help the victims. This situation of rebuilding areas is a long process. Also, celebrities have helped the
victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has an urgent end for bottles of water, blankets,
medical supplies, electricity, and other infrastructure in order to assist human beings who live there. As for
this Hurricane season, a lot of people have shown a great deal of kindness. Part of expressing that kindness
involves charitable donations sent to the victims suffering throughout the continent of North America.
These times continuously teach us that when one person is suffering, then we all suffer. Not to mention
that many people feel alone and giving them a helping hand can make all of the difference in lifting up the
spirits of our fellow human beings. We have never given up the faith either. After long years and decades,
we still harbor the same Dream in our hearts. We believe in the creed of altruism and we will permanently
advocate for love and justice.
The Black Panther film

One of the most anticipated films in our time has been the movie Black Panther. It was released on
February 16, 2018. It is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. For months, people have
praised this movie as inspiring, historic, and filled with talented black actors and actresses. Tons of reviews
give it great marks for its storyline, creativity, and excellent acting. You do feel a sense of motivation to
honor the project. The film is produced by Marvel Studios and it was distributed by Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures. Ryan Coogler is the director of the movie. The screenplay was created by Ryan Coogler
and Joe Robert Cole. There are many famous actors and actresses in the film. They include: Chadwick
Boseman (as T’Challa or the Black Panther), Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Michael B.
Jordan, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, and Andy
Serkis. The plot involved the character named Black Panther or T’Challa returning home as king of
Wakanda. Yet, he found out that his sovereignty is challenged by a longtime adversary in a conflict that has
global consequences. As early as 1992, Wesley Snipes wanted to a Black Panther film. Today, the film has
be released worldwide. The movie follows events of Captain America: Civil War afterwards. King T’Challa
comes to Wakanda. He knows about two enemies conspiring to bring down the kingdom. He must team up,
as the Black Panther, with CIA agent Everett K. Ross and members of the Dora Milaje—Wakanda's special
forces—to prevent a world war.

Lupita Nyong’o plays Nakia, who is T’Challa’s former lover and an undercover operative of the Dora Milaje.
The Dora Milaje is the all-female special forces of Wakanda who serve as T’Challa’s bodyguards. Danai
Gurira played Okoyke. She is a strong Wakandan and a traditionalist from the Border Tribe, who is the head
of the Dora Milaje. Gurira said that the fighting skills she learned playing Michonne (from the Walking Dead
show, which is found in AMC) complemented the skills of Okoye, but that "there's a lot of ways that they're
extremely different ... Okoye is a whole 'nother thing."
Gurira described the Dora Milaje as "more like a secret service in a sense that it’s also very much about
intel. It’s not just military," with Okoye the head of intel. Regarding Okoye's stoic demeanor, Gurira said,
"She can be serious, but she also has an unexpected sense of humor. She has a heart, but for her country
and for her people. She’s not a person who doesn’t connect to human beings as a result of what she does."
Angela Bassett plays Ramonda or T’Challa’s mother. Forest Whitaker plays Zuri or an elder statesman in
Wakanda. He is the keeper of the Heart Shaped Herb. He is a spiritual, religious character. The Black
Panther character is a politician and a warrior at the same time. He is determined to make sure that society
doesn’t disintegrate and he respects the people of his land.

There is no doubt that the movie does show the cultural influence from Africa. Boseman was taught the
Xhosa language by John Kani in order for him to prepare for his role in the film. Xhosa is a language spoken
by Africans especially in the southern regions of Africa. The Kingdom of Wakanda hasn’t been conquered by
colonialism or imperialism. Some supporters of the Afro-punk movement love the film. Ta-Nehisi Coates
and Roxanne Gay supported stories dealing with the Black Panther. Another World Fantasy Hugo and
Nuebula Award winning novelist Nnedi Okorafor is dealing her story entitled, “Black Panther: Long Live the
King” by December 2017.

Many people can't wait for the global release of the Black Panther movie. The movie is historic, because of
many reasons. Many people who saw the movie have said that the film not only talk about Africa. It
discusses issues about the African Diaspora as well. Not to mention that the majority of the cast members
of the film are black people. The director is a young black man whose name is Ryan Coogler. Tons of movie
critics have seen the movie and praised it in a powerful way. Many young kids are going to watch the movie
as a product of funding campaigns. It has inspired the growth of the Afrofuturist movement. Afrofuturism is
about the merging of science fiction with black African themes or pro-black themes in them. Tons of young
people are into Afrofuturism and those from across age brackets. Black Panther is definitely a piece of
inspirational cinema that will inspire others. The movie Black Panther is historic and it shows once again the
power and the intellectual strength of black people.

The Glory of Afro-Futurism

Afrofuturism is a movement that incorporates
not only science fiction literature. It is about the
display of art, music, and other aspects of the
lives of black people. Comic books, novels, and
movies have Afrofuturism in its composition.
During this time, a manifold of researchers have
recognized the basic vitally important
contributions of Afrofuturism. Likewise, self-
expression, new possibilities, advanced
technologies, and eloquent narratives consist of
this great movement.
The late Sister Octavia Estelle Butler was
a genius. She lived from 1947 to 2006 and
wrote science fiction that inspired The image to the left
creative expression. She won many awards shows literature
and she was born in Pasadena, California. written by Sister
She was the first science fiction writer to Ytasha Womack. She
receive the MacArthur Fellowship. believes in total self-
Kindred and Fledgling were some of her expression and wants
novels. Other forms of literature has been Afrofuturism to
written by her too. further spread
globally in its cultural
Some of the Characters of the historic Black Panther Movie

Chadwick Boseman Lupita Nyong’o Michael B. Jordan Danai Gurira plays Daniel Kaluuya
plays T’Challa or plays Nakia or plays Erik Stevens. Okoye. She is a plays W’Kabi. He is
the king of the T’Challa’s former He is a Wakandan proud Wakandan the confidant to
African nation of lover and operative exile who wants to and traditionalist T’Challa and his
Wakanda. of the all-women overthrow T’Challa. form the Border best friend. He is
special forces of He is the villain of Tribe. She is the the head of
Wakanda (called the movie. head of the Dora security for the
the Dora Milaje). Milaje. Border Tribe. He
This force makes defends Wakanda.
up T’Challa’s

Letitia Wright plays Winston Duke plays Angela Bassett plays Forest Whitaker plays
Shuri. She is T’Challa’s M’Baku. He is the Romonda or the Queen Zuri. He is the elder
younger sister and the warrior and the leader of Mother of Wakanda. She statesman in Wakanda.
princess of Wakanda Wakanda’s mountain is the mother of T’Challa. He is the keeper of the
who designs new tribe called the Jabari. She gives great insights. Heart Shaped Herb. Zuri
technology for the She is given respect by is a religious and
country. She is very her son and others in spiritual human being.
smart. Wakanda.
My Views on the Black Panther Film
*There are many storylines mentioned in the film Black Panther (from issues of Blackness, the Diaspora,
war, technology, monarchy, imperialism, geo-politics, etc.). Also, you are free to disagree with my views since
we're human. Disagreement is fine and we are diverse in our interpretations and we have the right to express
our interpretations too. Many far right people & white racists hate the film, because of its emphasis on
Blackness. Many sincere, great conscious people including Hoteps (who are not conscious people, but black
people who are bigots, xenophobes, xenophobes, and misogynists) have issues with certain aspects of the
film because of its political narrative. Some of them feel that it omits certain, important points. In other
words, they view the character Killmonger as the real hero while T’Challa as the more of the compromising
character. They view Killmonger as wanting to liberate black people worldwide while T’Challa desiring
compromise with the global power structure. What is the truth? I took my time to think about it and here are
my nuisance views (of describing the Black Panther film's strengths and imperfections). The film came from
the views of Stan Lee (like Otto Preminger, he used many themes to interpret black life in their own minds as
only black people can know fully comprehend the pain and the struggle of the black experience). Many
characters from Killmonger and T’Challa express contradictions and imperfections. Killmonger is right that
black people worldwide should be unified and end the prison industrial complex plus police brutality.

Yet, he is wrong in advocating mayhem and destructive violence in nefarious ways in getting towards that
aim. There is a difference between positive actions (like legitimate self-defense, community building, and
growing networks among the African Diaspora) and mayhem or nihilism. Killmonger has a legitimate reason
to be upset at oppression (as he was a victim of oppression,
neglect, and disrespect. He lived in Oakland, California which
was the home of the Black Panther Party back in 1966), but uses
the wrong approach. He even said that he desired to kill
children to enact his agenda, which is sick. T’Chaka is wrong to
murder Killmonger’s father. T’Chaka is the super capitalist.
Killmonger’s father’s name is N’Jobu (who shows a love for
black Americans and black people in general). N'Jobu planned
to share Wakanda's technology with people of African descent
around the world to help them conquer their oppressors.

T’Challa (who is more nationalistic in Wakanda) wants change, She is Letitia Wright. She plays Shuri,
but he is manipulated by a CIA agent to try to end his problems. who is T’Challa’s 16 year old sister and
In essence, the movie was about the views of nationalist and princess of Wakanda. She is a very smart
revolutionary views. There is nothing wrong with being a person who uses technology to benefit
revolutionary or a progressive nationalist, but history is shown the area of Wakanda.
by many want to divide and conquer black people among
diverse ideologies in order to maintain the status quo. We see this plainly in the FBI’s COINTELPRO. Both
Killmonger and T’Challa claim to be for black people. Yet, Killmonger is wrong for killing black people in the
movie (as he is no hero in my eyes. In the film, he was about to kill a 16 year old black teenage character.
This is not revolutionary. Killmonger supported black people who agree with him, but he wanted to kill black
people who oppose him, which is anti-black by definition. Nakia was more progressive than both Killmonger
and T'Challa). Killmonger makes legitimate points about black empowerment internationally, but he does evil
in claiming it to be justification for his goals. Killmonger works with the character of Ulysess Klause, whose
grandfather was a Nazi. Klause is a real villain in the movie since he wanted to steal vibranium for economic
and exploitative purposes. T’Challa acts too compromising to the CIA agent (the CIA agent acts in the “white
savior” archetype in the movie. He saves the life of Nakia) and the Western elites in general.
We know that the CIA, in real life has harmed communities worldwide (from Operation Ajax, etc. The CIA and
imperialism go hand in hand. It is no secret that the CIA and the military industrial complex influence the
production of movies in America). The CIA agent in the film in a way agitated conflict between T'Challa and
Erik. Imagine if Erik and T'Challa united, despite their differences (plus go forward in a more positive
direction), to cause Wakanda to be a springboard to cause black liberation worldwide? That would be great.
T’Challa speaks to the United Nations in desiring his goals to be accomplished, but he doesn’t seek
revolutionary change per se. He seeks reform and certain moderate policies of wanting Wakanda to be open
to the world. Many people in real life have a strong desire to advance African American and African unity as
a way to overthrow the system of oppression in general. One of the most powerful quotes in the film is when
Erik Killmonger says the following words before he dies: “…Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who
jumped from ships because they knew death was better than bondage.” This is historic since no movie in the
history of mainstream film (during the 21st century) has a person who said these words. So, while Killmonger
(who had no future plans but to be the sole ruler of the world without oversight and with unquestioned
authority) was right in much of his goals, he used evil methods in trying to reach those goals. The lesson of
Killmonger is that we don't use evil means to get righteous ends. We use righteous means to get righteous
ends. You can make the case that Killmonger's views are similar to the views of Hoteps. The lesson of
T'Challa is that we should be open to the world, but we ought to never compromise to the same institutions
oppressing us. That is not an option. Also, T'Challa, despite his imperfections (i.e. him trying to be too
moderate in his approach), actually cares about the black women around him, seeks their counsels, and
fights for them. Some have compared Erik's character to Malcolm X and T'Challa's character to Dr. King.

Yet, many even conscious people ignore the

revolutionary views of Dr. King. We already
know Malcolm X was a revolutionary. That's a
fact. Malcolm X constantly fought oppression
and desired the unity of black people
worldwide to end the oppressive Western
power structure. Dr. King was a revolutionary
too because he opposed the Vietnam War,
criticized capitalism, wanted civil
disobedience, praised democratic socialism,
and fought against imperialism including
The Black Panther film will be written about for years and poverty. Some people don't know of these
decades to come. What is true is that it is our duty to facts. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called the U.S.
honor, defend, and respect black women period. The government the greatest purveyor of
three black women in this picture have shown amazing violence in the world today (in his speech
acting skills. from April 4, 1967 in Riverside Baptist
Church). Dr. King was illegally monitored and
persecuted by the FBI. T'Challa's character is not going to say those words from Dr. King in that film. T'Challla
should be compared to someone else (like President Barack Obama as Chadwick Boseman admitted in an
interview) not Dr. King.

African Americans and Africans alike are victims of the same system of oppression in real life, so anyone
hating on Africans or African Americans are traitors period. African Americans have made a huge sacrifice in
the freedom movement in general and our contributions must be honored and acknowledged period. The
black women in the film of Wakanda are shown as independent, strong, resourceful, and determined. This is
massively different from other films outlining massively overt misogynoir. Yet, many women in the film are
still minimized in their roles, personalities, and outlooks. Killmonger wants Wakanda to share its healing
powers and technology with black people internationally in establishing a new society under his control.
Killmonger isn't an egalitarian as he wants centralized power onto himself. Killmonger is not a role model
either since he expresses misogynoir by killing his girlfriend, scoffing his aunt, choking a woman elder, and
injuring Nakia. He has a lust for power. While he legitimately criticizes European colonialism, he ironically
wants to use similar tactics (from the colonialists) in gaining power for himself. Likewise, the land of
Wakanda (which is run by a monarchy) hoarded resources while poor people do exist in Wakanda. One
Wakanda tribal leader is so anti-refugee that he says, “if you let refugees in, you let their problems in.” That is
wrong and shameful as refugees deserve human rights period. Wakanda must get its house in order too.
Don’t get it twisted as economic inequality is real. Actor Chadwick Boesman gave a recent interview saying
that T’Challa isn’t a hero because he abandoned the call to liberate black people globally. I believe that
Killmonger is not a hero, because of his murder of innocent black people (including harming black women),
his misogynoir, and his nihilism. T’Challa isn’t a hero per se, because he compromises too much to the
Western political establishment. The real heroes of the film mostly are the black women especially Nakia
who sincerely wants liberation of black people globally for altruistic reasons.

There is great value in Pan-Africanism since we need more social, political, and economic unity from across
the Diaspora. I believe in Pan-African unity. What do we take from this? We take that while we love black
people and we desire black liberation, we have to use a fair analysis of the film Black Panther as a means for
us to acknowledge the magnificent talent of black actors and black actresses while not keeping our eyes off
the prize (which is ultimately black liberation). There are complexities in the movie. This is a historic movie
(with imperfections and strengths) and movies can’t liberate us. The genius of black acting (including the
excellence of black director Ryan Coogler. We support great black directors and great black actors plus black
actresses) is on full display in Black Panther. Also, we recognize the historic value of the actual Black Panther
movement (filled with inspiration and fighters against police brutality and imperialism from Bobby Seale,
Jamal Joseph, Barbara Easley, and to Afeni Shakur) at the same time.

Also, another great point should be mentioned. We have to support more black comic book writers, painters,
artists, and other writers of science fiction. We have to promote more of our black people owning the
narrative of our own stories. For change comes when we own our resources legitimately and produce them
for the benefit of the people collectively. That is not only right, but it's common sense. Many conscious
people are absolutely correct that unsung black comic book creators must be honored and respected of
their magnificent talent. One great black comic artist who is also a visual artist doing great work is Mshindo
Kuumba (which has been written about by Kushite prince and other people). He has works on the Internet
constantly. Regine Sawyer is a black woman and an independent artist. She has many comics and a
production company. She wants young black girls to witness great, positive images of themselves, which is a
noble, excellent goal. Independent artists deserve our support. Ian Wade, Marcus Williams, Saina Six, Eric
Dean Seaton, Greg Burnham (who created Tuskegee Heirs comic), Jennifer Crute, N. Steven Harris, Jaycen
Wise, C. Michael Forsyth, Anthony Montgomery, Imani Lateef, Nia Griggs, Chris Miller, Marguerite Abouet,
Clemen Oubreberie, Loyiso Mkize (who is a graphic designer/artist from Butterworth, South Africa), and
other black people have made amazing imagery in their works. Supporting black artists is a reflection of
doing what is holy. We have to control of our own media and express our ideas, so black people can witness
our greatness in a higher level. We want white racism to be abolished and ended worldwide period. These
black creators deserve much recognition for their passion, their creativity, and their love for black people.
Controlling our images is a necessity. Not to mention that we must have an international solidarity with the
working class and the rest of the oppressed (in rejecting neoliberalism & imperialism like the heroic Sister
Claudia Jones did over 50 years ago) as our unity grows our strength. Our Black heroes (whether real
fictionalized) should be shown to the black youth and black people in general indeed. We believe in
liberation for all black people not blind, nihilistic vengeance. Black Unity and Black Power is a must.


Celebrity Secrets
For years, there are more and more revelations of how Hollywood and the film industry functions. The
modern film industry started in the 1890’s. The early period of film started from the 1890’s until the start of
the sound era which is circa 1927. In 1898, there was the Robert W. Paul film called “Come Along, Do!” Paul
was a British film pioneer. It featured more than one shot. It showed an elderly couple too. As Seen
Through a Telescope came about in 1900. Also, by 1899, animation in movies existed. There was the 1902
short film Fun in a Bakery Shop where a lump of dough was made to smile over the course of a three frame
sequence. It is no secret that modern Hollywood history is filled with movies that show information on
manipulation, mind control, the occult, and other aspects of society. Tons of researchers and authors have
done serious, excellent, and yeoman's work in documenting the symbolism and the various messages found
in some of the most famous movies in history. During the early 20th century, feature films grew too. Many
people have talked about the secret society influence in Hollywood. It is a fact that Hollywood does have
ties to Freemasonry. For example, Walt Disney was a member of the Masonic youth organization called
DeMolay. Many early entertainment business leaders were Freemasons like Louis B. Mayer, Tom Mix,
Darryl F. Zanuck, and Cecil B. DeMille. The Scottish Rite Masonic Temple is found on Wilshire Boulevard in
Tony Hancock Park.

A former 33º Freemason, the late Rev. James Shaw exposed the doctrine and rituals of Freemasonry as
having their basis in the Kabbalah. One Freemason named Manly P. Hall (who was a 33rd Degree
Freemason) wrote the following words on Freemasonry:

“In Freemasonry is concealed a mystery of creation, the answer to the problem of existence, and the path
the student must tread in order to join those who are really the living powers behind the thrones of
modern national and international affairs.”
― Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Freemason

J.S.M. says about Freemasonry’s views on light in the following words: “Light is the key which opens the
door to our mysteries, and it is the same Light which ‘shines in every letter of the Koran,’ and is the Light of
Mithra, who is the light of Ahura-Mazda. It is the same Light from which Moses shaded his eyes when it
appeared to him in the bush…It is that Light of which it is written in our Scriptures that ‘the Light shineth in
the Darkness and the Darkness comprehended it not.’ “


Here are more Manly P. Hall quotes: “The true Mason is not creed bound. He realizes with the divine
illumination of his lodge, that as a Mason his religion must be Universal. Christ, Buddha or Mohammed. The
name means little, for he recognizes only the light and not the bearer.”


"Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity - an outer organization concealing an inner

brotherhood of the elect...It is necessary to establish the existence of these two separate yet
independent orders, the one visible and the other invisible.

The visible society is a splendid camaraderie of free and accepted men enjoined to devote
themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, patriotic, and humanitarian concerns. The
invisible society is a secret and most august fraternity whose members are dedicated to the
service of the mysterious arcanum acandrum (a secret or mystery).
In each generation, only a few are accepted into the inner sanctuary of the Work."
-Manly P. Hall - Lectures on Ancient Philosophy

Many Components of Freemasonry

“…that the Entered Apprentice oath, obligation and annexed penalty, was in itself vicious-and such
ought never to be administered man to man.” –President John Quincy Adams.
Masonic Bodies Masonic youth organizations
*York Rite, Prince Hall *DeMolay, A.J.E.F., Job’s
Freemasonry, Continental Daughters, International Order of
Freemasonry, Order of Mark the Rainbow for Girls, etc.
Master Masons, Holy Royal Arch,
Scottish Rite, Knight Kadosh,
Order of Royal and Select
Master, Royal order of Scotland,
Side Degrees Famous Masonic People
*The Shrine, Royal Order of *Albert Pike (who was a
Jesters, Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Confederate traitor), James
and the Grotto. Anderson, William Preston, Albert
Mackey, William Schaw, Thomas
Smith Webb, Elizabeth Aldworth,
Masonic groups for women Famous Masonic places
*Order of Amaranth, Order of the *The House of the Temple in
Eastern Star, Co-Freemasonry D.C, Lodge Mother Kilwinning,
Freemasons’ Hall in London,
Detroit Masonic Temple, etc.

Albert Pike (who was another 33rd Degree Freemason. He was also a Confederate general and he penned
the song “Dixie to Arms”) had written in Morals and Dogma promotes the falsehood that some people must
not have access to the truth. He admitted that Masonry has links to the Kabbalah too. Here are his own

“Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all
except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols
to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and
to draw them away from it. Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would
pervert it. So God Himself incapacitates many men, by color-blindness, to distinguish colors, and leads the
masses away from the highest Truth, giving them the power to attain only so much of it as it is profitable to
them to know.” - Morals and Dogma pages 104 and 105

"The Kabalistic doctrine was long the religion of the Sage and the Savant; because, like Freemasonry, it
incessantly tends toward spiritual perfection, and the fusion of the creeds and Nationalities of Mankind. In
the eyes of the Kabalist, all men are his brothers; and their relative ignorance is, to him, but a reason for
instructing them. There were illustrious Kabalists among the Egyptians and Greeks, whose doctrines the
Orthodox Church has accepted; and among the Arabs were many, whose wisdom was not slighted by the
Mediæval Church...The Ancients, and Pythagoras himself, whose real principles have not been always
understood, never meant to ascribe to numbers, that is to say, to abstract signs, any special virtue. But the
Sages of Antiquity concurred in recognizing a ONE FIRST CAUSE (material or spiritual) of the existence of the
Universe. Thence, UNITY became the symbol of the Supreme Deity. It was made to express, to represent
God; but without attributing to the mere, number ONE any divine or supernatural virtue."
-Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, 1871, p. 625-626

The Names of Secret Societies and other Mysterious Organizations (Past and Present)

The Knights Templar Freemasonry The Hermetic Order of Ordo Templis Orientis
the Golden Dawn

The Bavarian The Rosicurcians The Scroll and Key The Skulls and Bones

Today, it has been over 300 years since modern Freemasonry existed (in London in 1717. Freemasonry
existed before 1717 too). There are links among Freemasonry with the Royal family too. For example, King
George VI and The Duke of Kent have worn full Masonic regalia. King George VI (after whom the movie
“King’s Speech” was inspired) was the father of Queen Elizabeth II. The Duke of Kent is Queen Elizabeth II’s
cousin and the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England. It is obvious that Freemasonry deals
with much secrecy and it is involved with the occult. The same British Royal Family and other European
Royals were complicit in imperialism, slavery, and other atrocities over the centuries (in advancing the
evil agenda of racist white supremacy). Today, Western imperialists aren’t just found in America, but in
Europe too. I don't follow Freemasonry because of many reasons, because it has oaths that involve death
(even if it isn't to be literal), it shows deception on low level members, it calls people "Worshipful master,"
and its doctrines are views that I reject. Even though I don't agree with Freemasonry, I am not a fascist. So, I
don't believe that Freemasons should be persecuted. People have the right to believe in whatever creed
that they desire in peace. This is what democracy is all about. Likewise, I have my democratic right to

By World War I, new films came about from the racist Birth of a Nation in 1915 to others. When the Birth of
a Nation came out, a massive protest was enacted against the film, especially from Trotter and the NAACP.
Corporations grew in power. Films used more advanced forms of light. Film grew as an art. Cecil B.
DeMille’s The Cheat in 1915 described American society.

The sound era started in 1927. The 1927 film Metropolis was ahead of its time. It described a futuristic
urban dystopia where it follows the lives of Freder, the wealthy son of the city's ruler, and Maria, a poor
worker, to overcome the vast gulf separating the classes of their city. It is based in 2026. The movie
mentions economic inequality, corporate exploitation, and the plight of the workers. It shows a robot
dancing, an inverted Pentagram, and other symbols in the film. Movies existed in China and Japan too.
Sound spread. Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, and Olivia De Haviland were actors and actresses during this era
from 1927 to 1959. World War II had war dramas and other films about romance too. 1941 movies like
Citizen Kane revolutionized movies. It was directed by Orson Welles. The 1950’s saw McCarthyism and the
House Un-American Activities Committees investigating Hollywood during the 1950’s. Many talented
actors, writers, directors, and producers were blacklisted unfairly. People have the right to be Communist
or not in a free society.

Films back them dealt with the Cold War and other things. Asian films
had a Golden Age. For long decades, there has always been an occult
link to many Hollywood actors and actresses. One example is about
Lucille Ball. She was involved in the occult, numerology, and astrology.
Lucille Ball claimed that the spirit of late actress Carole Lombard came
to her, advising her that her true destiny was in TV. Greta Garbo,
Rudolph Valentino, Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich, Sammy Davis Jr.,
Jane Mansfield, Tina Louise, Peter Sellers, and others have dabbled
Here is Grace Kelly, who married either in automatic writing, psychics, or other forms of the occult.
to the Knight of Malta Rainier III, Mae West, who promoted many films with sexual themes in them,
Prince of Monaco. Grace Kelly admitted to using psychics. Regardless if people believe in spirit
was a famous movie star. Rainer possession or the occult or not, many Hollywood people and
III once ruled Monaco. He had numerous corporate leaders believe in these things even back in the
conflicting visions about Monaco day.
economically against the elite
shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis McCarthyism and the Red Scare harmed the democratic rights of
(who was one of the richest men humanity back during the 1950’s. That agenda was not only is
of the 20th century). nefarious, but it was based on one pernicious lie. That lie is that every
Communist on Earth is out to get people and make a worldwide,
totalitarian empire to rule the world in a brutal fashion. We know today that Communism is not monolithic.
We know of the crimes of Stalin. Also, we know of the many socialists and communists who disagreed and
opposed the totalitarian and vicious actions of Joseph Stalin too. Stalin even murdered communists and
socialists in the USSR who opposed him. Stalin was right to oppose Hitler during World War II, but he was
wrong for his actions of dictatorship being utilized in the USSR.
McCarthy believed that Communists infiltrated Hollywood, the
government, and other aspects of society in a plot to take over
American society. He was a far right conservative who was funded
by the big banking elite. As early as the 1930’s, the House Un-
American Activities Committee at first targeted Nazi sympathizers
(who were evil people) and then later its target was the
Communists. The Smith Act in 1940 made it illegal for anyone to
teach, advocate, or encourage the destruction of the government
of America via force or violence. Many American communists
would be charged with violation of the Smith Act. After Roosevelt
passed away, the Cold War existed. Truman and Eisenhower were
Paul Robeson heroically stood up
ardent anti-Communists. Truman promoted a loyalty oath among
against McCarthyism. He spoke
federal employees that wanted to oppose Communism. During
out against colonialism and against
the Red Scare, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted and racism. He fought for the human
executed for the accusation of passing atomic secrets to the freedom of black people and the
Soviet Union during the 1950’s. On April 22, 1954, McCarthy rest of humanity. Paul Robeson
started the Red Scare hearings live on ABC television. The heavily lived in the great city of
establishment supported him initially. When he targeted the Philadelphia too. Robeson worked
military and became so anti-civil liberty, even media leaders like with the two great geniuses
Edward R. Murrow opposed him (because he or McCarthy was W.E.B. Du Bois and Lorraine
advocating the violation of the freedom of speech and the Hansberry. He was a singer, an
freedom of conscience). In other words, a Communist or a non- actor, an activist, and a person
Communist shouldn’t be violated of his or her human rights who never compromised his core
because of his or her political views. convictions.

By June 9, 1954, Joseph Welch (an army attorney) told the senator, “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at
long last?” He wanted to criticize McCarthy’s attacks against his own assistant counsel. McCarthy was
censured by the United States Senate on December 2, 1954. His was reprimanded by the Senate since he
had done “conduct contrary to senatorial tradition.” Many innocent Hollywood people were victims of
McCarthyism. Some had their careers ruined because of a sick campaign to suppress free speech. Dalton
Trumbo was a screenwriter and novelist. He wrote many screenplays like Spartacus, Exodus, and Roman
Holiday. He was part of the Communist Party, USA and he was part of the Hollywood Ten. They were
charged with contempt of Congress and the Hollywood 10 were blacklisted from the motion picture
industry. The reason was that they refused to testify before the House of Un-American Activities
Committee in 1947. Trumbo continued to fight for freedom and write screenplays via pseudonyms. He gave
credit to Spartacus to 1960. Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood actor himself. By the 1950’s, he became a
conservative (from being a liberal) and since that time to the day of his death, he was a dedicated anti-
Communist. He worked with the FBI as a way to stop Communists in Hollywood. He was once head of the
Hollywood actors’ union the Screen Actors Guild. He testified against the Hollywood Ten before the House
of Un-American Activities Committee. Reagan would support the Vietnam War, criticize Dr. King during the
1960’s, and support the vicious War on Drugs during the 1980’s. The McCarthyite era was a dangerous time
for democratic rights and human expression.

Decades ago in Hollywood, black women actresses and entertainers experienced racism and sexism. They
had to go through a lot, but they still persisted to captivate humanity with their strength, intellect, beauty,
and creative talent. In our age, more and more people know about the many contributions of black women.
We are owed black women our lives, because black women are the mothers of the human race. From the
1940’s to the 1960’s, tons of unsung black actresses and musicians were not just in Hollywood, but in
locations worldwide to show their gifts to the world. Ethel Waters was a famous singer and actress. She
was in Broadway, big bands, jazz, and pop music. She was in movies too. Katherine Dunham was an
innovator of black dance. She was a dancer, choreographer, author, educator, and social activist. She
fought Jim Crow segregation and wanted democracy plus tolerance to be made real in the world. She lived
for 96 years on this Earth from 1909 to 2006. Lena Horne performed worldwide too and broke down many
barriers. She was a long time singer, dancer, actress, and civil rights activist. She appeared in television,
theater, and film for over 70 years. She is a famous for singing “Stormy Weather” in a movie. By 1997, she
was in the GAP commercial and she looked very young being 80 years old back then. She lived to be 92
years old. Hazel Scott fought for civil rights and was slandered by the House of Un-American Activities
Committee during the McCarthy era. She left America and returned to America from Paris in 1967. She was
a Trinidadian-born jazz and classical pianist and singer; she also performed as herself in several films.

In addition to Lena Horne, Scott was one of the first Afro-Caribbean women to garner respectable roles in
major Hollywood pictures. She performed as herself in several features, notably I Dood It (MGM 1943),
Broadway Rhythm (MGM 1944), with Lena Horne and in the otherwise all-white cast The Heat's On
(Columbia 1943), Something to Shout About (Columbia 1943), and Rhapsody in Blue (Warner Bros 1945). In
the 1940's, in addition to her film appearances, Scott was featured in Café Society's From Bach to Boogie-
Woogie concerts in 1941 and 1943 at Carnegie Hall. She was the first African American to have their own
television show, The Hazel Scott Show, which premiered on the DuMont Television Network on July 3,
1950. Sister Rosetta Sharpe promoted gospel music constantly. Pearl Bailey and Eartha Kitt sang, danced,
and were in many movies. Joyce Bryant during the 1940’s and the 1950’s was a singer, actress, and she
became very religious afterwards. She supported civil rights. To this very day, people send tributes about
her life. She still lives in America. Before Pam Grier, before Beyoncé, before Halle Berry (who are women
who made strong contributions in their own right), there was the beautiful black woman Joyce Bryant. She
was the originator. Other heroic black women during that era from the 1940’s to the 1960’s (who broke
down barriers and done Black Excellence for real) include: Dinah Washington, Laverne Baker, Sarah Vaughn,
Carmen McRae, Leslie Uggams, Diahann Carroll, Claudia McNeil, Leontnye Price, Rudy Dee, Cecily Tyson,
and so many other glorious Sisters.
The 1960’s saw a revolutionary aspect of filmmaking. It was the time of the growth of the Civil Rights
Movement. There was a decline of the studio system. Yet, more African Americans started to have more
representation in film, TV, and theater. Raisin in the Sun was a film that came about in the early 1960’s
(which was based on the play of the same title by the late, great Sister Lorraine Hansberry) including
Nothing But A Man. Films like Lilies of the Fields, Hurry Sundown, Gone are the Days, and the Learning Tree
included very talented black actors and black actresses. There were social changes involving black people,
women, other people of color, and other minorities. Progressive civil rights laws were passed, women
rights were discussed openly in public, and other human beings protested for their rightful human rights.
Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, and Sammy Davis Jr. were all friends. Dorothy Dandridge publicly
supported civil rights. Marilyn Monroe was a known progressive who believed in civil rights, and for equal
rights. The early 1960’s saw the Kennedy years. JFK’s father had many ties to the elite. Joe Kennedy Sr.
advised FDR. FDR was a 33rd Degree Freemason. Nicholas Roerich (who was a mystic) advised many in the
FDR administration to place the Great Seal on the back of the dollar bill. The Great seal has the pyramid
with the All Seeing Eye.

Joe Kennedy Sr. was also a member of the Knights of Malta and the Pilgrim Society (which is a very
powerful group). The Knights of Malta is an elite Catholic order with ties to many Western corporations
back then and today. In fact, many administrations have members with ties to the Skulls and Bones, the
Federal Reserve, the Pilgrim Society, the Bilderberg Group, British Royalty, etc. Joseph Kennedy stated: “If
Kathleen and her husband were living, I’d be the father of the Duchess of Devonshire (first Lady-in-Waiting
to the Queen) and the father-in-law of the head of all the Masons in the World...” (David E. Koskoff, Joseph
P. Kennedy: A Life and Times). JFK was once heavily supported by the political establishment to be
President. Later, JFK resisted many aims of that same establishment with his policies of promoting an end
to loopholes in taxation, his support of the Nuclear Test Ban, his refusal to attack Cuba during the Cuban
Missile Crisis, and his act to eliminate missiles from Turkey.

Also, by the late 1960’s, the Church of Satan was formed by Anton LaVey. It is no secret that many
Hollywood people and elite politicians were involved in sex parties, rituals, and other activities. That has
been going on for thousands of years. By this time, more of that stuff was shown out in the open in public.
JFK wasn’t perfect and we know of his adulteries. Likewise, John F. Kennedy was right to oppose the CIA on
many issues, to promote the civil rights bill, to tell Israel that it should relinquish its nuclear weapons
program, and to advocate for public health care for the elderly (which could become Medicare). JFK refused
to send a large amount of military forces in Vietnam, but he had military advisers involved in combat
missions. He wanted to make a policy to re-evaluate what to do (and if possible send 1,000 troops home by
the end of 1964 and all troops by 1965).

Recordings of Defense Secretary McNamara and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson both have accounts of JFK
wanting to pull out of Vietnam after his reelection in 1964. Kennedy reinforced his stance for peace on June
10, 1963, when he delivered an important speech at American University. In 1963, President Kennedy
proposed removing the oil depletion allowance, the main tax incentive for oil companies. Estimates showed
that it would have cost Texas oilmen $300 million in profits each year. He also passed the Kennedy Act, a
piece of legislation that especially pinched oil companies, which would have caused them to give up 15
percent of their profits on foreign investments. President John F. Kennedy’s evil assassination on November
22, 1963 proves that we must continue to promote democratic freedoms and oppose the agenda of the
oligarchy which seeks not only imperialism, but the status quo.

There is a long history of the Civil Rights Movement and Hollywood. Many people in Hollywood supported
civil rights back then and some didn’t. Howard Hughes was one of the most racist Hollywood producers in
history. He never supported true civil rights. John Wayne overtly said that he believes in white supremacy
back during the 1970’s in an interview. He was another supporter of the Vietnam War too. John Wayne was
an enemy of truth and a male that I don't respect. The paradox is that Hollywood has a long history of
movies showing stereotypical images of black people and even overtly racist imagery and many other
people in that world also resisted racism. Also, it is important to mention that civil rights grassroots
activists inspired many Hollywood stars to be more progressive not vice versa. Ultimately, the civil rights
movement was headed by grassroots mostly black people (and people of other backgrounds) fighting for

Harry Belafonte, Josephine Baker, Hollywood producer Frank Mankiewicz, Ruby Dee, Lena Horne, Sidney
Poitier, Diahann Carroll, James Garner, Marlon Brando , Burt Lancaster, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward,
Charlton Heston and other supported the 1963 March on Washington (which called for civil rights and
equal rights for all. It had many speakers including the "I Have A Dream" speech made by the late Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr.). In May of 1961, Heston had picketed a segregated Oklahoma City lunch counter.
Heston became more conservative by the late 1960’s because of the Vietnam War and changing social
realities in America. By the 1990’s, he was the leader of the NRA and became a right wing activist. Heston
was right to oppose segregation, but his support of Reagan’s Presidency and other right wing positions are
views that I obviously don’t agree with. It is what it is. Also, it is important to recognize the actors and
actresses who stood up for the human rights of black people. Many actors, actresses, and entertainers
worked overtly and behind the scenes in the Civil Rights Movement. Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, Sammy
Davis Jr., Dick Gregory, and other many other people gave funds, participated in protests, and had
discussions in fighting for equality. Other activists like Theodore Bikel, Dorothy Dandridge, Eartha Kitt,
Elizabeth Taylor, and others were visible to send support to organizations and activists in the cause of
human freedom. Many of these celebrities inspire modern day Hollywood celebrities in the diverse causes
of immigrant rights, opposing genocide, fighting environmental problems, and other legitimate social

The production code ended by 1968, which caused more explicit films to be made in public. There was now
the MPAA film rating system. By 1968 to the present, we lived in the new world. This New Hollywood saw
more films dealing with explicit sexual content and more violence in public view. Movies like Wes Craven’s
The Last House on the Left and Dirty Harry outlined the harsh realities of society. More controversial
movies would exist like Straw Dogs, A Clockwork Orange, and the French Connection. By this decade of the
1970’s, new American filmmakers emerged like Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas,
Terrence Malick, and Robert Altmin. Many directors used their personal views or creative expression in
film. Blockbusters like the Godfather films, The Exorcist, Nashville, Star Wars, and Jaws came about. There
were heavily used special effects. The 1970’s in world cinema saw the increase popularity of martial arts
films via people like Bruce Lee with The Big Boss (1971) and 1973’s Enter the Dragon. Bruce Lee utilized his
Jeet Kune do martial style in film and in his philosophical thinking. Bruce Lee also wanted to show non-
stereotypical images of Asian people in film in general. Back in the day, many U.S. films had racist anti-Asian
caricatures. That was wrong. So, Bruce Lee wanted change immediately, so his community would be
accurately and fairly represented.
Bruce Lee was right to mention the following philosophical advice:

"...Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own..."

Vonetta McGee, Diahann Carroll, Brenda Sykes, Tamara Dobson, Judy Pace, Pam Grier, Carol Speed, and
Jeanne Bell were legendary actresses of the 1970's too. Blaxploitation films were common. By the mid-
1970’s, more sexual explicitly films were shown in theaters. The 1980’s saw home computers, VCR, and
other devices that caused films to have an easier access to a wide audience in America plus globally. There
were many action stars during that time like Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Church Norris, Jean-Claude
Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg made many highly popular
films from Star Wars to Indiana Jones, ET, and to other films.

Bruce Lee

Background information Contributions

Chinese name: 李小龍

Jeet Kune Do
Born: Chinatown, San Movies
July 20, 1973
Alma Mater: University of The Big Boss (1971)
Occupations: Martial artist, The Way of the Dragon (1972)
Philosopher, actor, director,
screenwriter, and producer.
Parents: Lee Hoi-chuen Fists of Fury (1972)
Grace Ho (1907-1996)
Enter the Dragon (1973)
The Game of Death (1978)

This is a scene
from the 1972
movie of Way of
the Dragon.
From the 1990’s to the present, more films used special effects. There was Jurassic Park in 1993 and Titanic
in 1997. During this current generation, there is more recognition of independent production companies to
finance their own pictures. Disney and Pixar developed their animated film projects too. From the late
1990’s to the present, digital cinema technology became common place with DVDs and Blu-ray replacing
VHS tapes. In the 21st century, documentary films rose as commercial genres. Michael Moore and others
made their films. IMAX cinema grew. Denzel Washington turned down the role of Curtis Taylor, Jr. in
"Dreamgirls." The role went to Jamie Foxx. Denzel also turned down the role of Detective Del Spooner in "I,
Robot." The role went to Will Smith. The Matrix Revolutions and the Matrix Reloaded used live action. The
Dark Knight was the first major feature film to have been at least partially shot in IMAX technology.

3-D films regained popularity too. After James Cameron's 3D film Avatar became the highest-grossing film
of all time, 3D films have gained increasing popularity with many other films being released in 3D, with the
best critical and financial successes being in the field of feature film animation such as Universal
Pictures/Illumination Entertainment's Despicable Me, DreamWorks Animation's How To Train Your Dragon
and Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar's Toy Story 3. Avatar is also note-worthy for pioneering highly sophisticated
use of motion capture technology and influencing several other films such as Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
In the 21st century, many African American directors have shown magnificent films from Selma to Fruitvale
Station. During the 2010’s, films that deal with superheroes or comic book have increased in popularity and
financial success (especially as it relates to Marvel and DC Comics from Iron Man to the recent Justice
League film). Also, Netflix has TV shows plus movies independently expressed in the Internet.
Sometimes in life, you have to take your time and read the facts. I took my time to think about the
Mo'Nique situation. A recent article from Salon (in 2018) documented how bad the Netflix deal was
towards Mo'Nique. Her boycott represents a truth. That truth is that tons of black women and
women of color are underfunded, disrespected, and under appreciated by the corporate power
structure in the entertainment industry. Systematic inequality is real and that point is what Mo'Nique
is definitely right about. Many people have slandered her and disrespected her, but she is still
standing and speaking her mind. That's the Baltimore in her and I have blood relatives from
Baltimore. So, Sister Mo'Nique should always be encouraged to speak her mind.
Sansevero Chapel
One of the most bizarre and mysterious structures in the world is the Sanservero Chapel. It is found in
Naples, Italy and legends surround it. It has tons of art with symbolism. Symbols reveal and conceal a
diversity of meanings. The whole chapel is bizarre since it claims to promote spirituality, but it has macabre
displays of human bodies. It is also filled with Masonic symbolism. It was created from the 17th century.
There are many sculptures there. Some believe that the chapel has esoteric, allegorical messages. The
chapel has the bizarre human images with an entire nervous system on display called “Adam and Eve.”
They are referred to as “anatomical machines.” The chapel was created by Raimondo di Sangro or the
Prince of Sansevero. He was an inventor and philosopher. Some people accused him of being a cruel
magician who killed people in order for him to conduct his sick experiments. He was educated in a Jesuit
College in Rome. By 1730, at the age of 20, he came into Naples with the title of “Prince of Sansevero.” He
joined many secret societies. According to Rino Di Stefano, he joined the Rosicrucians and learned about
alchemical rituals. Rino said that he was involved in alchemy. He was also head of the Neapolitan Masonic
Lodge. He could speak Hebrew and Arabic. He also been accused of doing other disgusting things that I
can’t mention here. So, this person was a person with a controversial life. The Catholic Church
excommunicated him from the Catholic Church because of his involvement with Freemasonry. The
excommunication was later revoked by Pope Benedict XIV via the influence of the di Sangro family. His
chapel represented the old alchemical and Masonic views of "illumination."

In the chapel, there is the statue of the god of the Nile. He made the statue of the Veiled Christ. It was done
to show Christ after crucifixion. Many of the sculptures do look very life like. Scholars believe that one
statue is modeled after the Veiled woman archetype. In the veiled woman archetype, it represents wisdom,
Isis, and the usage of initiation. In occult symbolism, Veiled Isis is the ultimate representation of occult
mysteries where the truth is veiled to the profane until true esoteric initiation. With The Chastity on the left
(representing the female principle), Disillusionment on the right (representing the male principle) and
Veiled Christ in the middle (representing the “perfected man”), some believe that this esoterically
represents the hermetic principles of duality to make the perfected being. The masculine and the feminine
energy to form the Perfected Being is a very ancient teaching. It’s like Isis and Osiris uniting to create Horus.
Raimondo di Sangro wanted to overtly show his views and intentions with his chapel. For centuries, many
people didn’t know what he was doing, but this is a new generation. This is the 21st century and more
people know about Raimondo di Sangro. He destroyed his scientific archives before he died. Many of his
other writings were destroyed. Today, he still has mysteries to this very day.

The Post
The 2017 movie of the Post is a drama historical thriller that mentions information about one of the most
important segments of American history. That segment deals with the Vietnam War, Watergate, and the
press’s response to the war. The Vietnam War lasted for three decades from 1945 to 1975. Millions of
Americans and Vietnamese human beings died tragically as a product of the war. Back during the 1960’s,
much of the press was blatantly compliant with the many administrations’ faulty showing of what occurred
(especially during LBJ’s administration). By the days of Nixon, Daniel Ellsberg courageously released the
Pentagon Papers to the public which exposed how the various administrations used deception and
exaggeration in promoting the unjust Vietnam War. This movie stars Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Sarah
Paulson, Bob Odenkirk, Tracy Letts, Bradley Whitford, Bruce Greenwood, Carrie Coon, and Matthew Rhys.
The film showed journalists from the Washington Post and the New York Times who published the
Pentagon Papers. We live in a time where Trump is overt in his hostility towards the media, especially
media figures who disagree with his abhorrent policies (like ending legitimate regulations and supporting a
GOP tax law).

Therefore, this movie being released during this era of time is very ironic. It has been released since
December of 2017. The movie has been praised by Time and the American Film Institute. It has been
nominated by the Golden Globe Awards on six nominations which are: Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best
Director, Best Actress – Drama for Streep, Best Actor – Drama for Hanks, Best Screenplay and Best Original
Score. The movie revolve around the stories of Kay Graham (played by Streep) and Ben Bradlee (played by
Hanks) and the film shows them joining forces to publishing the Pentagon Papers amidst the resistance
from the Nixon administration. Back during those days, many people risked prison for releasing such
information, but Ellsberg took the great step in making the truth known about the viciousness of cruel
Western imperialism.
The Pentagon Papers relate to the Defense Department’s study of the Vietnam War. Ellsberg’s book
entitled, “Secrets” documents the composition of this study. Also, it is important to note the initial
reluctance of media organizations to release the Pentagon Papers. Even the NY Times once used a
temporary restraining order to stop publication. Around the event of the Supreme Court ending the TRO
and allowing publication, almost 20 newspapers nationwide printed sections of the Pentagon Papers. The
White House wanted to use legal action against the Times, the Post, the Boston Globe, and the St. Louis
Dispatch for releasing the information. Senator Mike Gravel read the Pentagon Papers into the
Congressional Record. Anthony Russo risked jail time and supported Ellsberg. The film has strengths. It
exposes the corruption of those in power who perpetrated the Vietnam War. It exposes the seriousness of
why a free, transparent free is important to maintain in any democratic society. We want the press to be
open, free, and not unduly limited in its expression. The film exposes the massive sexism back then (sexism
continues today and we have the responsibility to end it). One weakness of the film was its omission of
Ellsberg’s massive role in getting the Pentagon Papers released into the public. Also, the film omits some
members of the press’ complicity in supporting bad policies in the Vietnam War.
The Major Events of the Watergate Scandal

On June 13, 1971, the Pentagon On June 17, 1972, five men were The Saturday Night Massacre on
Papers were released to show the arrested at 2:30 am. They were trying October 20, 1973 was when Richard
Defense Department’s secret history to bug the offices of the Democratic Nixon fired Archibald Cox. Nixon
of the Vietnam War. It exposed the National Committee at the abolished the office of the special
corruption involved in the war by the Watergate hotel and office complex. prosecutor. Attorney General
Western military industrial complex. Their names are James W. McCord, Richardson and Deputy Attorney
Virgilio R. Gonzales, Frank A. Sturgis, General William D. Ruckelshaus
Eugenio R. Martinez, and Bernard L. resigned. There is more pressure for
Baker (all of them have links to either impeachment in Congress.
the CIA, FBI, or to the anti-Castro

By July 24, 1974, the Supreme Court The House Judiciary Committee Richard Nixon becomes the first U.S.
unanimously ruled that Nixon must passed the first of the three articles President to resign on August 8,
turn over the recordings of 64 White of impeachment charging obstruction 1974. Gerald Ford succeeds him as
House conversations. They reject the of justice on July 27, 1974. President. Ford would later pardon
claims of executive privilege from Nixon of all charges related to the
Nixon. Watergate case.
Back during the 1960’s, only a few brave journalists criticized LBJ’s reckless military policies in Southeast
Asia. It wasn’t until the late 1960’s when a wide spread move came about by more press people to overt
criticize foreign policy. Also, we know now more about Bradlee and Graham. Katherine Graham was a lot
more conservative than Phil Graham. Katharine Graham once said about the Freedom Riders, “The students
will be used by extremists who want very much to see the state occupied by federal troops.” About anti-
war demonstrators and civil rights activists, her opinion was that communists were working in America to
create chaos. (Davis, p. 237-38). Katherine Graham in fact agreed with Johnson’s military escalation of the
war during the 1960’s. She toured South Vietnam in 1965. Bradlee would go along with the LBJ line too.
Many members of the Post were hawkish. The New York Times published the Pentagon Papers first. After
the lawsuit from the Nixon administration, the Post published the information later. The Post at first didn’t
publish them because the Post had more cordial relations with the Nixon White House. When Post’s
editorial chief Phil Geyelin introduced Ellsberg to Graham and Bradlee, both of them snubbed them.

Then, Ellsberg went to Neil Sheehan and the Times. In June 1971, the Times published about three days of
stories before the White House sued and the Supreme Court ordered them to temporarily stop. This caused
a national discussion and the NY Times’ popularity increased rapidly. Ellsberg then sent a smaller set of
papers to the Post. The Post released it and they were sued too. The Pentagon Papers (in the Gravel
Edition-Volume 2, Chapter 3) has a section entitled “Phased withdrawal of US Forces, 1962-64.” There is a
discussion about Defense Secretary Robert McNamara’s plan to withdraw American troops from Vietnam
by 1965. It’s a long chapter, about 60 pages, and it notes that the withdrawal did not happen. But that is
because the phased withdrawal was stopped in 1964 by LBJ who chose to escalate instead. In 1952, Bradlee
joined the staff of the Office of U.S. Information and Educational Exchange (USIE), the embassy's
propaganda unit. USIE produced films, magazines, research, speeches, and news items for use by the CIA
throughout Europe. USIE (later known as USIA) also controlled the Voice of America, a means of
disseminating pro-American "cultural information" worldwide.
The Pentagon Papers were ordered by McNamara. Under Bradlee's leadership, The Washington Post took
on major challenges during the Nixon administration. In 1971, The New York Times and the Post
successfully challenged the government over the right to publish the Pentagon Papers. One year later,
Bradlee backed reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein as they probed the break-in at the Democratic
National Committee Headquarters in the Watergate Hotel. For decades, Bradlee was one of only four
publicly known people who knew the true identity of press informant Deep Throat, the other three being
Woodward, Bernstein, and Deep Throat himself, who later revealed himself to be Nixon's FBI associate
director Mark Felt. So, the Post is a movie that ought to make people open up to research even more
information about the era of Watergate and the release of the Pentagon Papers.
Bilderberg Group 2017
The Bilderberg Group for decades has a large Trump regime. Bilderberg meetings include
influence in politics, business, and other aspects of foreign and domestic policy discussions. HR
the modern international system. Daniel Estulin McMaster, Wilbur Ross, Chris Liddell, and Henry
and other scholars have done great work to Kissinger attended the 2017 Bilderberg meeting.
document the Bilderberg’s long, controversial Usually, the meetings include from 120-150
history. The first Bilderberg Group existed in 1954 people. In 2001, Denis Healey, a Bilderberg group
in Oosterbeek, Netherlands by Prince Bernhard. founder and a steering committee member for 30
The majority of Bilderberg members are from years, said, "To say we were striving for a one-
America, Canada, and Western Europe. Many world government is exaggerated, but not wholly
famous members included David Rockefeller, unfair. Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn't
Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown, go on forever fighting one another for nothing
Angela Merkel, Alan Greenspan, other heads of and killing people and rendering millions
state, senators, European royalty, media leaders, homeless. So we felt that a single community
Pentagon members, NATO leaders, etc. Some are throughout the world would be a good thing." The
also members of the Council on Foreign Relations Bilderberg Group is rather overt in recent years
(CFR), the IMF, the World Bank, the EU, and the about their agenda. They admit that they want to
Trilateral Commission. Some are members of the promote free market capitalism and Altanticism
Federal Reserve, the ECB, and the Bank of (or building the bonds of Europe and America).
England. It has only been in a few years when They desire globalization and economic
widespread coverage of the Bilderberg Group has integration as scholars have documented for years
existed. The 2017 Bilderberg meeting took place and decades. According to James A. Bill, the
in Westfields Marriot in Virginia. That is less than "steering committee usually met twice a year to
50 miles from the White House. This meeting is plan programs and to discuss the participant list."
historic as it comes during the first term of the
Another important message to advance is that while we should reject false conspiracy theories (as not
every event in the world is caused by a conspiracy), we should acknowledge real conspiracies. It is a fact
that many political entities have done corruption throughout human history. There is constant
collaboration among intelligence agencies, diplomats, military, and government officials. Drug and Arms
trafficking is real. False flag operations (even exploited to promote wars) and such plans have existed from
the Reichstag Fire, the Operation Northwoods, Operation Ajax, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, etc. It is
important to expose not only the Bilderberg Group. We must expose Le Cercle, the American Security
Council, the John Birch Society, the Heritage Foundation, and the Council for National Policy (which has
heavy influence among the conservative establishment).

The Bilderberg Group is known for its undisclosed nature of its proceedings. That is why we believe in
transparency and accountability in researching for the truth.
The 60th Grammy Music Awards
The 60th Annual Grammy Awards took place on January 28, 2016. Madison Square Garden in New York City
was the location of the festival. It was a historic time. Many artists with amazing talent musically where
there performing. It is the first time when a Grammy Awards show was held outside of Los Angeles since
2003. The host was James Corden. It was a show that was very political, because of the reality of the world
that we live in. We live in an age where a current President (who disrespected McCabe’s wife, which shows
Donald Trump as the coward as he is) wanted FBI leaders fired, so he wouldn’t be implicated in allegations
of collusion and obstruction of justice. We have a huge amount of women legitimately standing up against
sexual harassment and sexual abuse. We have tons of black people fighting against police brutality and
against racism in general. So, we witness a new era of our time. Songs and people awarded during the
Grammys deal with recordings, compositions, and artists of the time between October 1, 2016 to
September 39, 2017. There are always controversies in dealing the Grammys. One disrespectful comment
from Grammy awards President Neil Portnow was that he said that women must “step up” in order to
achieve success in the music industry. The truth is that women have included leaders and musical geniuses
for thousands of years. Women have always stepped up to the plate to express musical excellence, to
produce, to do amazing performance, and to lift up the human spirits collectively. The problem is that
historically many people of color and women have been ignored, downplayed, and disrespected by the
Grammys. That is why many artists have boycotted the Grammys because of many heinous biases among
its infrastructure. In the 2018 Grammys, only 17 of the 86 awards went to women.
The Grammy Awards had performers and members of the audience wearing white, which expressed
solidarity with the victims of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. This was part of the Metoo movement.
Kendrick Lamar started the show with his song “XXX” Lamar criticized jingoistic patriotism. U2 performed
with him. Dave Chappelle said, “The only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in
America is being an honest black man in America.” It is certainly a historical fact, that heroic black voices
have been maligned unfairly from Dr. King to Fannie Lou Hamer. There were many multigenerational duets.
There was John Legend and Tony Bennett performing. Elton John and Miley Cyrus sang on the stage.
Childish Gambino and JD McCrary sang and McCracy will play young Simba in a Disney live action remake of
the Lion King which will come out in 2019. Kendrick Lamar won the award for Best Rap Album. Many artists
(like Brothers Osborne, Maren Morris, and Eric Church) honored the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting
(which took place on October 12, 2017) and the Manchester, England attack, which occurred on May of

Kesha’s (who was a victim of sexual assault and abuse) gave a passionate performance of “Praying,” backed
by Bebe Rexha, Cindi Lauper, Julia Michaels, Andra Day, Camila Cabello and a chorus of female vocalists all
dressed in white. Introducing the performance, Janelle Monáe assured a captive audience, “We come in
peace, but we mean business.” Janelle Monae called on men and women to work together to end pay
inequality, discrimination, harassment, and abuses of power in the music industry. Monae said the words of
Times Up meaning the abuse of power and the abuse of human beings is over. SZA performed in the
Grammys, but she was snubbed when she is a greatly talented black woman. She is a neo-soul singer whose
music deals with themes of romance, relationships, and life in general. Also, Jay Z didn’t win any awards
despite being nominated for numerous categories. SZA performed “Broken Clocks.” Tina Turner won the
Lifetime Achievement Award and rightfully so. The band Queen also received the Lifetime Achievement
Award. One of the big winners of the Grammys is Bruno Mars, who is a very popular pop artist in our
generation. Also, it is important to show another important point. We know what that point is. The point is
that the contributions of black music must always be respected regardless. Some want to ignore and
downplay black music, but black music is here to stay and it must always be cherished wholeheartedly.
Our value is not determined by a Grammy. Our value is always sacrosanct since birth as our collective black
power (as black love is beautiful) is more important than token acceptance. Many celebrities (like John
Legend, Cher, Snoop Dogg, Cardi B, and DJ Khaled) read for the Michael Wolff book, “Fire and Fury.” The
book is about the life of Trump and his cabinet. It shows a picture of a White House filled greatly with
confusion, chaos, and instability. Hillary Clinton also read from the book, which shows how the opposition
of Trump is part of the Grammys. We should oppose the Trump regime vigorously. Maintaining our
conviction that democratic rights must be protected is honorable. Trump has recently passed a horrendous
tax bill that heavily rewarded super wealthy corporations and the 1 percent in general (via tax cuts and
other giveaways). Respecting Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security is necessary too. Paul Ryan is overt
in making to establish massive cuts to those three great, progressive programs under the guise of dealing
with the "debt and deficit" that many Republicans contributed to growing. Social Security, Medicaid, and
Medicare are great means of a social safety net among middle class and working class people plus families.
Before these programs existed, many Americans suffered total destitution and other economic hardships.
In 1935 when Social Security was first passed, about 50% of American seniors lived in poverty. By 1966,
poverty among seniors dropped to 8.6%. By 1966, only 50% of seniors had health insurance. That is why
Medicare was established in order to give senior Americans the opportunity to get quality healthcare.
Today, Americans over 65 years old experience poverty in less than 10 percent. In 2016, 98.6% of seniors
(aged 65 or older) have health care insurance.
Musicians who won the
Most Grammy Awards in
Georg Solti 31
Quincy Jones
Alison Kraus
Pierre Boulez 26
Vladimir Horowitz
Stevie Wonder
John Williams 24
Chick Corea 22
Jay Z
Kanye West 21
Vince Gill
Henry Mancini
Pat Metheny
Bruce Springsteen
Al Schmitt

According to an analysis of Census date, Social Security keeps 22 million Americans out of poverty.
Medicaid also helps the elderly and the poor too. Yet, Trump wants to encourage states to execute work
requirements for people who need Medicaid, which is classist and authoritarian. Many Republicans lie and
call these programs "entitlements" when these social programs have specific objects, policies, and actions.
Also, Americans pay into Social Security and Medicare throughout our working lives, so these programs are
never "entitlements." It's our own money that we're getting back via these programs. That is why the social
safety net must be strengthened not weakened. That is why some want the ceiling of the Social Security tax
to be lifted, so the wealthy can contribute more to funding Social Security (helping Baby Boomers and
Millennials alike). Allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for lower drug prices has been
agreed upon by people from across the political spectrum. Some want Medicare for all, so a stronger
workforce would exist and reducing health costs. America should never have 28 million people without
health care. Therefore, progressive solutions are righteous and they make sense too.

Also, it is important to maintain our political independence (as it is a historical fact that leaders among the
Democrats and the Republicans for years are complicit in the policies of neoliberalism, unjust wars of
aggression, militarized police, the mass incarceration state, and other evils. Those in power of the one
percent caused these things to happen). Therefore, all of us should always fight against imperialism,
xenophobia, racism, sexism, and all injustices too. Not to mention social activism should never be used as
some trendy fad. Social activism must be an altruistic commitment and should be done out of sincere
motivation. The Grammys is a symbol of the modern state of music and it shows that we must continue to
use discernment (as we are not naïve. We know of the symbolism, the elite ties, and the corporate funding
of the mainstream entertainment industry. I do commend great researchers who has shown excellent
research in exposing the mechanisms of the mainstream industry for years) and fight for social justice. Our
eyes are on the prize.

The 90th Academy Awards

The 90th Academy Awards show took place in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. It has
a diverse audience and new winners of Oscars made themselves known. It focused on important political
issues from the MeToo movement to the rights of immigrants plus refugees. It was filled with debates,
awards, and other events that captured the essence of the creativity found in the industry. There was
humor there as well. The actresses Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph have shown humor as hosts.
Haddish was in the movie Girls Trip and Rudolph (or the daughter of Minnie Rippleton) was in the movie
Bridesmaids. The host of the Oscars was again Jimmy Kimmel. Frances McDormand won the award for Best
Actress. She gave a speech about women’s rights that caused the audience to stand up in applause. Jordan
Peele won the best Original Screenplay for the movie Get Out (which was a horror film about exposing
racism and other issues). Guillermo del Toro won the Best Director of the movie The Shape of Water. Best
Picture came to The Shape of Water as well. Best Actor came to Gary Oldman of his portrayal of Winston
Churchill in the film Darkest Hour. Kobe Bryant won an award for best Animated short film with another
winner too in the same category. Rita Moreno recently presented the Academy Award for best foreign
language film which was the Chilean movie “A Fantastic Woman.” Rita Moreno is a legendary actress.
Tiffany Haddish wore a traditional Eritrean gown to pay homage to her late father.

Viola Davis presented an award too. There was a jet ski with Helen Mirren and Mark Bridges sitting on it.
Kimmel promised it as a prize to the Oscar winner who gave the shortest speech. One important part of the
Oscars was when Lupita Nyong’o and Kumail Nanjiani, who introduced the award for production design.
They made political statements. Each of them said that they were immigrants. Nyong’o was born in Mexico
to Kenyan parents. Nanjiani was from Pakistan. They honored the Dreamers who are here via DACA. The
DACA program is in risk of being gone by Trump, which is very tragic. Nanjiani said that, “To all the
Dreamers out there, we stand with you.” I agree with both of them on their important statements. Allison
Janney won best supporting actress. Cinematographer Roger Deakins won his first Oscar. Keala Settle’s
performance of “This is Me” promoted the views of inclusion, empowerment, and diversity. There was a
Twitter ad that featured women reading a poem fighting harassment and violence against women. Dunkirk
won 3 awards.
Movies that won 2 awards were Blade Runner 2049, Coco,
More on the 90th Academy Awards
Darkest Hour, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,
Missouri. I, Tonya, Get Out, and other films won one
award each. The In Memoriam segment was introduced by
Jennifer Garner with Eddie Vedder (who performed the
Tom Petty’s song “Room at the Top.” It made known of
the people who passed away like Chuck Berry, Rita Riggs,
and other human beings. I mentioned Della Reese,
because she was snubbed from the In Memoriam
performance including Adam West and Glen Campbell.
That was a big snub. Della Reese was a legendary actress,
a spiritual woman, and made history in enumerable ways.
Mary J. Blige performed “Remember Me” from Coco
during the Oscars too. Mary J. Blige was nominated for
Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Score. She is the
Viola Davis is gorgeous with her pink dress on first person nominated for supporting actress and
the red carpet. performing during the same year. Audra Day and Common
Date March 4, 2018 performed “Stand Up for Something” form Marshall. The
Best Picture The Shape of Water Oscars showed how far we have come and how far we
Network ABC have to go in having a society that has justice and true
Duration 3 hours, 50 minutes equality.
Ratings 26.5 million people
Kanye West’s Views
The Kanye West situation proves that must continue to use discernment and always stand up for the truth.
The Trump administration is filled with corruption. There is one White House aide (whose name is Kelly
Salder. She should be fired immediately) was caught mocking McCain in an offensive, vicious way. You have
Michael Cohen being caught in a scandal. Trump blatantly wants the cruel policy of splitting up immigrant
families if they are undocumented. Jim Kelly made the racist statement that undocumented immigrants
mostly can’t assimilate into America or don’t have the skills to adjust to America. That hypocrite White
House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s great-grandfather lived in America for 47 years without citizenship. His
great-grandmother lived in America for 37 years and spoke no English. A large portion of immigration
during the 19th and early 20th century involves people who in many cases didn’t speak English and were
very poor. It is silly and ignorant to demonize someone because they can’t speak English. Donald Trump is
definitely a coward. Pruitt of the EPA is making a mockery of environmental causes and is overtly involved
in numerous scandals. Trump is known for his vulgarity and habitual lying on many topics (not to mention
that he supports waterboarding and other repugnant acts). Therefore, Kanye West is in error to ally with
Trump. Kanye West is also wrong to say once that slavery was a choice, which is heavily offensive to black
people and anyone who abhors the evil of slavery in general. The Maafa was about forcing innocent black
women, men, and children to travel thousands of miles to participate in forced labor without wages for
centuries. Slavery revolved around human degradation, mental abuse, and horrendous psychological
trauma. Kanye West supports a male who is the antithesis of free thinking.

He isn't alone either in disgraceful Trump support. Alex Jones, Sarah Palin, and other right wing extremists
have praised Kanye West because of his support of Trump. Candice Owens has allied with Kanye West (who
obviously has insecurities, hurt, and is being used by far right extremists). Candice Owens is wrong to
compare the Democratic Party to a plantation. Historically, plantations were places where my black
ancestors were abused, whipped, raped, murdered, tortured, and mistreated in others ways as well. It
mocks slavery for anyone to compare one's political views to a plantation. Candice Owens is so extreme
that he called Trump his savior when no one is my Savior except God.

What we are witnessing now is the new generation of far right extremists using lies, historical revisionism,
and other deceptive rhetoric in trying to gain converts to their illogical political agenda (filed with bigotry,
respectability politics, austerity, neoliberal corporate policies, and a basically anti-socially justice agenda).
Owens doesn't believe in the concept of white guilt (when tons of stories, research, and other sociological
evidence document white guilt and white racism fully), and she doesn't believe in the Women's March. She
said that she isn't concerned about the events in Charlottesville (when Nazis and racists violently harmed
protesters and progressive activists), and she has lied to say that police brutality isn't an important issue in
the black community. She doesn't believe in the Black Lives Matter movement either. Owens is the
spokeswoman of the far right group called Turning Point USA (which monitors and harasses progressive
college professors). Kanye West is showing new music and he obviously isn't exposing Trump viciousness.
Right now, Kanye West is silent on the epidemic of black innocent people being harassed by white racists
and crooked cops. He is silent on the evil system of racism/white supremacy. His silent is telling, because he
wants his narcissism to promote profit above black liberation. Real issues involve police brutality, our
health care, education, our civil liberties, workers' rights, foreign policy matters, and other matters that
matter to our community. Therefore, these folks can believe in what they want. I have the right to disagree
with both Kanye West and Candice Owens. The only thing that you can do is wish for Kanye West and
Candice Owens to wake up.

True free thinking is confronting the bigotry and xenophobia of Trump.

True free thinking is embracing integrity and defending the freedom of the
press. True free thinking is also confronting corrupt power and realizing
that true freedom manifests not in embracing a bigoted President, but
embracing compassion plus empathy for the oppressed.
Donald Glover’s “This is America”
There is the new video from "Donald Glover called "This is America." I waited days before I commented on
it on here, because I wanted to study what this issue is all about. Right now, people know the truth. The
video is a representation of glamorizing trauma, but offering no resolution. It is about showing how many
want to comfort white people (in ignoring how tons of black people know what is going on. It shames
expressions of black joy) in their views of black people instead of confronting white fragility and white
racism. Before, I tackle the elephant in the room about Glover (we know what that elephant is), I'm going
to digest the symbolism in the video. The video mixes satire with discussions about race, police brutality,
the gun control debate, culture, and American society in general. The video shows the message that
America since its inception revels in deprived violence, hatred, racism, discrimination, and other forms of
oppression like police brutality. It also wants to make the point that while evil is going on, some people
want to escape reality by dancing or listening to mumble rap (being oblivious to what’s real in the world).
The video is overt in its criticism of mumble rap. The video uses graphic violence to detail the urgent
problems that we face and it promotes the message that we can't be naive about America's evils. Many of
my people plus other human beings have debated its meanings and music is to be interpreted in many

Now, the elephant in the room will be shown here. Donald Glover has been criticized because of the
obvious reason. He wants to show a pro-black message in the video, but he made statements about black
women (from his stand up to songs like "Not Going Back") which I do deplore. I reject any disrespect of
black women. Glover is known for disrespecting black women in jokes and even his Atlanta show
perpetrates the false stereotype of black women being angry and abrasive. In real life, I know tons of black
women who are nice, outgoing, and respectful from friends, co-workers, and to relatives. He had made
jokes about allowing a white woman to call him the N word during love sessions. He admits to having an
Asian woman fetish and he made a disparaging remark about Filipino people. So, he is something else and
he ought to be ashamed of himself. He has made other wildly colorist statements behind the scenes too.
Therefore, the paradox is that he or Donald has a video criticizing America's evils, but he must confront his
own misogynoir and his other errors in his own life.

That is why we can't put celebrities into high pedestals since they are flesh and blood. We face massive
disappointments if people do so. Therefore, Glover is showing many black issues and we have the right to
critique him fairly. Not to mention that his words supporting jokes about rape is heinous on his part. I don't
agree with his jokes maligning black women or having some fetish.

There are many other aspects of the video too. There are cop cars around. He is running from the police in
reference to the Get Out movie theme. He does a bloc boy dance with many kids around him. One man
playing in the video with the guitar has no shoes on. There is a child with a money machine. There is a
reference to a man committing suicide. Kids in the video are masked with recording cellphones. There is a
masked person on a pale horse. SZA (who is a famous singer) is found in the video too. This is America has a
lot of symbolism.

The video “This is America” shows the trauma of anti-black violence, but doesn't offer a solution or a
resolution to end that violence. It shows the reality of America without promoting the revolutionary change
that we deserve. Revolutionary change is the promotion of growing black institutions, ending police
brutality, reparations, pan-African unity, growing black joy as black joy is revolutionary, increasing black
spaces for human expression, and seeking economic justice which is not found in the video because of
obvious reasons. Also, the video shows black people murdering members of a gospel choir when a white
racist murdered members of the church in Charleston, South Carolina. Black people have nothing to do
with the mass murder in Charleston. He won't show white people doing mass shootings since he knows full
well that conservative extremists would criticize him. He wants to be safe and token white acceptance is
not virtuous. He definitely won't show black people loving and uplifting each other in his video either. In
fact, you can make the case that the video uses subtle jabs at the black community to blame us for our total
situation (with the condescending impression that many of us are so blind to what’s going on which is the
essence of respectability politics. The truth is that tons of black people know about the reality of America),
which is ludicrous and incorrect.

People are talking about the Nicole Arbour video which wants to mimic Childish Gambino’s agenda. To be
fair, I don’t agree with Arbour’s video either. She admits that she wanted to make a version addressing
women’s issues instead of those facing black Americans. That statement says it all right there. The truth is
that people can address issues dealing with women and black Americans at the same time. If anyone wants
to ignore or minimize the plight of black people, then that person shouldn’t be followed as a revolutionary.
She shows an offensive image of a black woman breastfeeding and taken away. She sings racist words like
“Get a m____y home” and made the offensive comment of “Got rape in my area.” This video isn’t about
women’s empowerment, but an expression of white women privilege. It is no secret that many of those
claiming to be “white feminist” back in the day were racist. Ida B. Wells talked about this. This isn’t about
demonizing feminism since feminism simply means equality regardless of sex. This is about one person
trying to use a video to omit and minimize the plight of the black collective. In response to this, she of
Arbour made the ignorant response of: "Funny watching some people, who are sick of being silenced, try
and silence someone else's voice. You want conversations, but don't want the other side to speak?," she
wrote. "Don't want racism, yet call racist names in response." She also deleted a racist, anti-black woman
comment of “Black women tears everywhere.” She is wrong on all levels. First, people don’t want to end
conversations, but people want the conservation to be fair. Also, white people should never collectively
show stereotypes about black people when tons of black people don’t use racial slurs at all. Also, black
women and anyone else has the right to speak on any video period. She omits that people have the free
speech right to criticize her video. Arbour’s video is disrespectful to black women and black people in
general. Black people are legitimately tire of cultural appropriated images and those who try to copy black
people’s art and then complain about black people criticizing their defections.

So, we have to show the truth in season and out of season. That means that these words are my thoughts
alone. You can agree or disagree with me which is fine. We’re all human beings here. We should always
honor black women and black people in general, because black women are the Mothers of all human life.
We have the right to be woke. Yet, being woke isn't just found in what we say. It is validated also in what
we do too. Being woke means to love black women, it means to support the interests of the African
Diaspora, it is about condemning white racism in public plus in private, and it means to believe in the power
of the black collective period. That is what we desire.
During the beginning of 2018, popular culture has massively evolved. There is a much more explosive
revelations in public about those who have been caught to be involved in sexual harassment and other
forms of sexual misconduct. From Charlie Rose to Harvey Weinstein, many men have been exposed to have
been outright inappropriate with women in various locations. The abusers seek power and exploit their
power plus privileges in order to harm the lives of innocent human beings. The vast majority of the victims
of sexual harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct are women and girls. Therefore, in order for
real equality to occur, women's autonomy and their human rights must always be respected and protected.
Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct are always wrong and evil period. Many men also have been
victims of these evils, so no one should be mistreated at any circumstance. We have seen since the start of
the film industry, geniuses and scoundrels. There are many celebrities who are despicable colorists or spew
disrespect words. Anyone disrespecting black women is not my ally period. That is why we must always
defend the human rights of black women.

We have witnessed those who have sincerely uplifted human culture and those who have degraded human
beings in a sick, inappropriate fashion. This reality outlines the lesson once again that the Golden Rule is
paramount and treating people with respect is a great tenet to live by comprehensively. Also, it is
important to defend black women as black women suffer both racism and sexism. Now, we will continue to
fight for truth and justice. We reject the bigotry and the extremism of Roy Moore. We believe in health care
being a human right and we believe in the principle that Black Lives Matter.

It is important to comment on the Times Up movement during the 2018 historic Golden Globes. First, the
award show was certainly inspirational. The comments made by the actresses, actors, and activists there
certainly make known the truth that sexual harassment and sex-based economic inequality should end and
it has no place in the world. Oprah Winfrey's speech galvanized her audience and anyone for that matter.
Her speech eloquently via a story outlined the truth that women's lives matter and their stories certainly
matter. Oprah shown the story of Sister Recy Taylor, who was a black woman who was a victim of rape and
the racists in Alabama refusing to prosecute the 6 rapists back during the 1940's and the 1950's. Also, a
black woman created the #Me Too movement which brought more awareness on this issue. Her name is
Tarana Burke. For far too long, tons of women and girls have been the victims of sexual harassment and
sexual assault. For a long time, many rich men (and other males of a wide spectrum of income levels) have
exploited their power in Hollywood, the corporate world, and in a wide variety of occupations to abuse the
rights of women, which is completely reprehensible and evil.

It is our responsibility to not only defend the rights of women, but to speak out against such evils of sexual
misconduct. The victims include people of every background and of every sex too. Also, economic
inequality based on sex is wrong and it should be abolished. We live in a new year and 2018 is a definitely a
time where there is a continual recognition that our human rights are important to preserve and no one
should be mistreated no matter their background. Not to mention that many men should realize that you
don't have to be a brute to be a real man. You can be strong, gentle, discerning, and compassionate and
still be a man. Equality among men and women is what we stand up wholeheartedly. Treating your
neighbor as yourself not only makes sense, but it's the right thing to do. This cause is righteous and we will
forever believe the principle of social equality for all.

Forever, I believe in Black Unity, Black Love, Black Power, and Pan-African
unity too.

Solutions are necessary too. It is not enough to expose problems. It is our responsibility to promote and
enact solutions in improving society as well. One solution is to realize that we all change be leaders. We
don't have to follow one person unconditionally. We ought to always realize our potential for excellence
and our power to be leaders in our own communities. Another solution is to be active in our neighborhoods
and local areas in developing a way to mentor children, to clean up our the environment, to promote
education (I mean real education), to advance conflict resolution, to build up our economic power, to fight
poverty (as a real revolutionary is always dedicated to help the poor and the working class to achieve
economic justice), and to encourage humanity. Another solution is to support or join genuine organizations
that are dedicated to positive, progressive change. It can be a civil rights group, a pan-African organization,
an anti-war institution, or any group of people who want human liberation to be a reality. We need to
research and study constantly too. Change comes by knowing exactly how the world works and be
cognizant of the fact that oppression is real (and we must combat plus end it. Human beings have every
right to demonstrate, to strike, to boycott, to not economically support bigoted corporations, to set up
institutions, and to develop other strategies in getting justice). No change comes without struggle and a
demand. If we see an injustice, we must expose it. People should be encouraged to write their own books,
form their own media, to create their own blogs, and to fulfill their sense of happiness since we all have
equal value. Leadership is found among both women and men. The self-determination aspect of activism
must always be cultivated and grown. We aren't naive about reality either. Like the ancient Roman empire,
America has military bases globally, militarized police, corruption in government, human exploitation, the
masses of the people fighting for social change, imperial wars, etc.

Our problems aren't just local, so we should work in the state and federal plus international level in
advancing the cause of freedom. That means that the life of an Afro-Brazilian person is as valuable of the
life of a black American. International solidarity is always important. ONE GREAT ADVICE IS TO NEVER GIVE
HUMAN LIBERTY. The journey of life won't be easy, but action makes a real difference in improving our

We have to deal with technology, economics, politics, and people in order for us to witness the Promised
Land (filled with social democratic principles of ending police brutality, believing in economic justice, and
loving social justice). That means that we have the power to create our institutions via our own power.
Also, it is important to develop a class analysis. Capitalist elites desire overt privatization of resources and a
suppression of workers' rights. There is massive corporate exploitation of nations overseas too. Therefore,
we have to defend the rights of the homeless, black people, other people of color, the poor, refugees,
immigrants, the workers, women, and the oppressed. We desire justice for all to be made into a reality.

By Timothy